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World War 3 Intel

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Spies from all nations go everywhere, engaging in covert operations, looking to gain some kind of small advantage over their adversaries. In fact, spies are even spying on their own country’s allies. So you would think that if there is a credible source of highly relevant and critical information they would use it. That is what this article is about.

This brief will touch on some information that is important to every person on the planet. If you are an intelligence operative, you would especially do well to pay attention to it. This war talked about here will be the worst in world history and will kill billions. This war will include the unleashing of all types of weapons of mass destruction upon mankind that are available to the desperate combatants. It will also touch upon the reason for the war.

Read these details. Then I will explain the supporting information behind these claims that are more than just predictions. Even if you choose not to believe what is said, keep reading, because you will certainly be entertained at the mere possibility of these occurrences.

The EU to Ally with Israel, Then Betray Them

There are so many countries that hate Israel for no good reason. They hate Israel simply because other countries hate Israel. (More on this later.) But the European Union, led by a new charismatic leader, will build their military and offer their “help” to Israel with some seriously significant strings attached when Israel sees that they are betrayed.

Russia and Islamic Allies to Invade Israel

Israel already knows that Russia, with the help of their Islamic friends, will invade them. Russia wants a warm-water port. That is why Putin is so tight with Syria. Russia will roll over a number of other countries on their way to invading Israel.

But since Israel knows they are coming, they will be ready for them. Tiny Israel will defeat them.

China and Its Allies to Invade Israel

China will also take a massive, insane stab at Israel with a gargantuan army that will number 200 million. This bloody conflict will also be won by Israel, but not without massive casualties on an apocalyptic level.

It is important to note that this coalition, led by China will include other nations from the far east, suggesting that some of the nations that are opposing China in 2017 will end up becoming their allies during this maniacal effort.

Even though the fact of these future defeats are known by many, the attacks are still going to happen. Yes, China, Russia and their allies should forget about being involved in such a war, but they won’t.

Damascus; Capital of Syria to Be Destroyed

Damascus is one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world. It is the capital of Syria and may be the largest city in Syria since Aleppo has been degraded during their civil war. Damascus has never been destroyed in the past, but it will be. This event may, or may not be a part of World War 3, but it is going to happen. If this does not happen by WW3, it will happen during it. This may seem like a comparatively small event, but it is another event that will prove that what is being said here is true when you see it happen.

The United States to Decline

The United States has been the top superpower for many years, yet America will not be a factor in the coming World War 3. The reason for this decline is not yet known, but certainly there are a number of ways that could happen; such as Economic Collapse, Outside Invasion, Isolationist Policies, or a supernatural event.

Why Should I Believe This?

You can trust this information because this information comes from an infallible source. The Christian Bible not only foretold many events of history, including recent ones, it still foretells of these things yet to happen. Just like it foretold of the Jews returning to Israel in 1948. (Ezekiel 37) This was an amazing event, because the Jews were out of their land for thousands of years. No nation in the history of the world has held together for such a period of time without their own land. Please do your own investigation of the Bible. Don’t listen to those who say it is old mythology. They likely have never even opened a Bible.

Don’t take my word on these events. Please look them up for yourself:

EU, led by Antichrist, betrays Israel (Daniel: Chapters 9 and 11)

Russian Invasion (Ezekiel: 38-39)

Armies Gathered for Armageddon (Revelation: Chapters 8 through 16)

The Burden of Damascus (See Isaiah Chapter 17)

The United States: Not really mentioned anywhere. Speculation is that something big happens to the US between now and the time of Armageddon.

Why Will this War Start?

The real root cause of this conflict is not over a small piece of land that no one was interested in until Israel came back and God blessed it. It is a war of hatred. Sadly, the origins of this conflict goes way back to ancient times. It goes back to a feud among relatives. To get the story, check out Exodus Chapter 19 or lookup Abrahamic Covenant. In short, Isaac and Ishmael were Abraham’s sons. Isaac became the father of the Jews, while Abraham became the father of the Arabs. God made six covenants with Israel, establishing them as a special nation. The Arabs have hated the Jews ever since. Mohammad created the Islamic religion in the 1400s, and the unsolvable Middle East has managed to drag the entire world into its conflict.

Why would God Foretell the World in the Bible About this War?

The Bible is a type of “owner’s manual” for those who trust and believe in Him, but another of the main themes of the Bible is to offer proof of the truth that belief in His Son, Jesus, is the way to eternal life. Yet, many, if not most people spend their entire lives on Earth looking for anything and everything except God. They sometimes even become angry if someone tries to enter into a discussion with them about God. They even make laws in many countries banning discussion about Christianity. So that is why God allows bad things on Earth to happen to people. Because no matter how bad things are for people on Earth, they in no way compare to the seriousness of our eternal destination after our life, because eternal means forever. The purpose of everything that happens on Earth is to change the minds of people; to get their attention. Even the judgments of God are done with the intention of love. That includes World War 3. It will be the last chance for most of the inhabitants on the planet to change their minds. At the appointed time, God not only allows man to unleash all their evil upon each other, but He releases a series of devastating supernatural curses upon the world in a time of judgment known as the Great Tribulation. You can read about these in the Book of Revelation. (See Chapter 17)

Why Won’t Others believe All This is Going to Happen?

We see it increasing more all of the time. A lot of people choose what they believe based upon emotion, not facts. They listen blindly to others who they want to believe. They become angry if someone disagrees with them. They think those who disagree with them are “haters”, when in fact; that person may be the only one who cares about their soul. So it is becoming increasingly evident that many will not bow their knee unto God Almighty no matter what. If you think you might be one of those people, pray to God for the faith to believe in the truth.

What do I do Now?

First of all; trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior from sin. God sent His only Son to come to the Earth and die on the Cross as a sacrifice for all of our sins. Those who believe on Him already have eternal life. Continue to learn more and grow your faith in God. Read the Bible. Join with church group that preaches the Bible and believes in the Bible so you can learn all you can.

Thank You

I pray this short article will make a difference in your life. It is just a short overview meant to introduce you to a new life with Jesus and a Christian worldview. There are so many important things in the Bible that I can’t begin to even mention a fraction of them here. So please get a copy for yourself.

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Unclassified: World War 3 Intel

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Unclassified: World War 3 Intel Unclassified: World War 3 Intel