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Two Sides


Two Sides


Copyright 2017 Rhiannon Dixon

Published by Rhiannon Dixon at Shakespir




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Chapter Two

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Chapter One

The room was a large one, though a simple one.

Framed paintings of deceased rulers, all sitting in line on the same, hard, clean and golden patch of wall. The rest was a dark cream sort of colour, it shone brilliantly under the fancy chandelier above the room. The door hosted a pair of huge doors that lead into the regal and red carpets, up to the elegant looking pair of golden thrones, coated with red pillows.

As usual, the young princess was being awkward. Constantly fidgeting and complaining about the dress her father had picked out for her, never having anything good to say about it. Eventually, the dress was on. Princess Kyella, a young, blue haired Witch, with gleaming orange eyes and a pair of thick, pointy and striped ears pouted again. The tail behind her, striped in purple and orange just like her ears, drooped miserably. “I hate this thing!”

Her father, Neomas, shook his head with a roll of his eyes, as he stood up to examine his pale daughter.

Neomas was a tall man, dark skinned with lovely yellow eyes, a soft shade of green made his hair and small beard, his elegant clothing consisted generally of a regal red. His cape was more distinctive than anything, long enough to meet his knees. Being an elf, his ears were pointed.

He folded his arms, and admired his “work”. “It suits you.” he smiled smugly, before stopping and going back to a roll of his eyes. “Or it would, if you’d start at least trying to represent yourself as a regal Princess.”

“Pssh,” young Kyella’s hand pushed itself forward as she giggled slightly. “Are you kidding me? I don’t wanna be a stupid-”

“You don’t have to be the stereotype.” Neomas shushed the young girl with his response quickly, she started up at him as if trying to think of another response but couldn’t. Before he even got chance to remind her that he’d won the argument, the large door at the other side of the room opened with a crash, behind it a thin man, goggles resting in his neat black hair.

He wore a short, thin, white lab coat. He also wore a soft red jumper and jeans, which looked much more casual than the rest of him. Apart from one more thing, his most outstanding feature. A sleeve was rolled up to reveal a robotic arm, it glowed a soft blue on parts that were the colour, the rest a soft shade of grey.

“Your Highness!” the thin man called, stopping in the doorway to catch his breath. “You’re wanted… Queen Rosetta wants to talk to you.” he stood upright, finally seeming to have caught his breath.

“That child still dares to call herself Queen…” Neomas scoffed under his breath, turning off from his daughter and approaching the young man that delivered the news to him. He turned back for a second. “Are you coming, Kyella?”

“Nah,” she shook her head. “I don’t wanna get stuck in an argument again. I’m gonna see mum and dad!” she announced her plan loudly, picking up her green dress to allow herself the ability to run, dashing past both men at the doorway and down the hall, her striped tail following her frantically as she ran.

Neomas only ended up shaking his head again. “The girl just can’t sit still.” he looked to the young man at his side. “Roderick.” he watched the brown eyes look up at him curiously. “Do you know what she wants?”

“She didn’t really say.” Roderick scratched his head with a nervous laugh and grin to follow. “Probably wants to talk about the war’s progress…” his nervous grin faded and was replaced by a look of sorrow. He stared down at the regal shade of red under his feet. “…I don’t want to have to use the W-0 Series in this war.”

“We may have to, we’ll see.” Neomas’ response was solemn, he placed a hand on Roderick’s shoulder and felt a silent sigh come from himself. He couldn’t think of what to say to give his loyal worker a bit of assurance, surely the action was enough. “Let’s go see what they want.”

The walk through the large palace’s halls felt long and awkward, as not much was said. But after walking the clean, while halls, which had windows to show off lovely views of both the region of Ophida and its towns and nature, as well as some of just the sky. They finally reached the right door, a pad to the side. Roderick clicked a code into the pad and the door slid open.

Inside this light grey room was a chair that largely resembled Neomas’ throne, surrounded by technology, mainly cameras. Across the room in front of the throne was a very large monitor, with a lot of smaller ones on the sides.

On each screen was a young looking girl sat on her own throne, fairly dark skin and dark blue hair. She wore a red cape, with red straps around her stomach area to hold a little bag. Her shoes were also red, but the rest of her outfit was blue, a shirt and trousers, their parting hidden under her red straps.

Beside her was a man that looked much older than her, a vacant and somewhat ‘bored’ expression on his face. His hair was black and extremely curly, his coat a light shade of green, also decorated by strips of blue. Under the coat was a silky set of clothes, all of which were a matching blue. His shirt had some sort of zip on it but the alignment was slightly strange, as it never really went right down to the middle.

As Neomas sat himself in his throne, the girl on the screen’s pointed ears raised up as if she were excited over the arrival. “Thought you’d never show up!” she remarked with wit. “Well, we’re a few weeks into this war now…” she seemed quite affected to speak of the war, her eyes stuck to the ground.

“What do you want, Rosetta?” Neomas asked impatiently, his fingers fidgeted impatiently. “Are you going to make some stupid, greedy demands?”

“Of course not!” Rosetta suddenly seemed flustered and angered by the comment. “What on earth do you take me for?!” She stomped off her throne with a smack of the arm rest, and glared through the cameras on her side of the call. “I was going to call to warn you, progress is slow and there’s too many injuries and deaths. We’re going to end this quickly by releasing Blaine’s newest weapons into play!”

Blaine, the man at Rosetta’s side, still didn’t look very interested in current events. He simply lightly pulled Rosetta back onto her throne to sit her down, then folded his arms.

“Don’t think you’ll win just with something clever up your sleeve.” Neomas said darkly, with a tone of serious warning. “You’re not the only ones with something dangerous.”

“Just remember!” Rosetta’s finger pointed up. “Innocents are not to be attacked! No invasions of the nation’s walls!” her words sounded passionate, she finally sat back somewhat calmly on her throne. Though it was clear in her deep, red eyes that she was still eager to preach that none of the innocents should be harmed.

“Yes… I know.” Neomas nodded slightly. “The war will end when an army is disposed of… The innocents will not be touched.” to no surprise, it was Neomas to cancel off the call, he stopped for a moment to rub his head with his hand.

“…King Neomas?”

“Sorry, Roderick…” the elven king muttered, finally looking up to see the scientist’s solemn and worried looking face, with a curve on his mouth. “I’m dreading to think what this secret weapon is… And wondering when that girl will give in and admit that I’m right.”

Roderick was dissatisfied by the words, but showed it through an innocent pout rather than anything else. His arm with the rolled down sleeve and robotic arm reached up to rub his head. “It looks like we might have to use the W-0 Series. Blaine’s no pushover, whatever he’s got isn’t going to be nice!”

Neomas nodded slightly, silenced by the mere thought of what destructive tools that silent man beside Rosetta could have invented. He caught another glance of Roderick, spotting he still didn’t look so happy. “Roderick?”

“Oh, uh…” he shook his head. “Sorry! I’m just… Thinking of Eevie. If she’ll be upset about…”

“You’re her carer,” Neomas almost roared in his comment, still aggravated by his last conversation. “She doesn’t have much of a choice!” the loud voice silenced the room when it stopped, the grey room full of wires, cameras and technology only buzzed faintly.

Neomas stopped to realize what he’d done, Roderick almost looked afraid, petrified by what could have become a scolding. The king sighed deeply, and shook his head with regret, standing from his replica throne and in front of Roderick. “…I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, your Highness.” the scientist answered quietly, with a nod of his head, which almost tempted his hair into falling in front of his eyes. “It’s not easy right now… Especially not in your shoes.” Roderick turned around for the door, so he never got to see Neomas’ content smile to the comment, but the king wandered out of the room with him regardless.

“I’m going to see to Kyella.” Neomas said bluntly, though he gave Roderick another small smile. “Get them ready if the worst happens.”

Roderick nodded at his king’s orders, dashing down the halls in a similar manner to that of the Princess earlier, his white coat flying around all over the place in the fast pace of his run. He even started skidding down the clean, white halls, feeling like a kid again while he did.

When he eventually stopped reliving his journeys through palaces when he was younger, he went back to a walking pace. Down some stairs at the end of one of the mazes of white halls was a dark, blue mini hall. The large door swished open the moment Roderick approached in, he wandered inside, hands in his pockets.

The room hidden behind the door was huge, the floors all a tiled, light blue, the walls a slightly darker blue, the same as most of the machines and cabinets across the entire lab. There were so many different sections joint up by stairs, three containing extremely large, cage-like containers.

Roderick headed down to the middle of the three, trotting down the steps and across the lab happily, looking around at all the black, blue and grey machines, to see they were all beeping and working. He reached his destination and entered the large container…

Inside was like a totally different area, grass and all. But the most outstanding thing was a huge, colossal dinosaur, laying in the middle. A scar spread from its head, through its right eye and near its jaw. Its scales were some sort of red, its claws and large, sharp teeth were just off from being yellow. It laid pretty casually, at its side, was a girl softly stroking its head, then a boy sitting with his back to the wall, very casually.

The girl pepped up as Roderick entered, she waved excitedly. “Uncle Roddy!” she cheered, the little green haired elf girl stood to run at Roderick with a warm and loving hug. Her black skirt sat only just above her knees, matching the colour of her little jacket. Her shirt underneath was yellow, with a black stripe in the middle. “What’re you doing down here?”

“I uh, have something to tell you.” he looked to the side of the container, at the boy sat there. He smiled at Roderick pretty warmly, one eye sealed shut by a scar laid over it.

His black hair was short at the back, though it almost swept over the eye closed by the scar. His other eye, a shining orange, his hair avoided. His skin was fairly dark, his ears pointed, but not like an Elf’s. It wasn’t as pointed and seemed to point upwards. His clothing was casual too, a grey shirt with some blue linings on the stomach and sleeves, a red circle in the middle of it. His baggy and casual pants matched the blue on his shirt.

Raising one of his hands showed off the many bandages that sat on it, and that this boy only had four fingers. The same applied to his other hand. “Roddy!” the boy grinned warmly. “Why that look?”

“You even sound unsure.” Eevie giggled a bit, she looked at the boy sitting at the tank and gestured he came over. “Come on Ryley! Come here!”

Ryley never hesitated to follow the little elf’s instruction, he stood himself and walked away from the thick glass, glancing at the large, relaxing dinosaur resting in the tank with them before reaching the pair, who he towered over pretty simply. “Sup?”

Roderick’s fingers twiddled together, he swallowed down his guilt and looked between both the young boy and girl he’d been looking after for the past few years. “…We’ve been threatened by secret weapons from Ilpha. Apparently Blaine made them, so I can’t take them lightly…” he took his look of guilt down to the ground, at the three pairs of feet. “I’m going to have to use the W-0 series if we want to stand a chance of letting our nation survive this war.”

Roderick’s solemn voice crushed through Eevie’s heart like it were as frail as glass. She was heartbroken that her dearest dinosaur friend was going to be sent out to fight, but even more so by how her dearest Roddy seemed to feel about it. “Uncle Roddy…”

The black haired scientist’s head shook, he carved an attempt of a realistic smile onto his mouth sighed. “I’m sorry Eevie, I am…” he looked to the taller of the trio, who’s mouth had formed a pout. “Haven’t you been told to go out yet?”

“Nope, but I probably will soon, huh?” Ryley’s working eye rolled, though he didn’t seem so upset. He turned off to look at W-02, the large T-Rex sitting in the large, thickly layered container the group stood in. “Try not eat anybody.” he said somewhat mockingly, despite the low growl that came from the dinosaur’s direction, Ryley only laughed.

“A-anyway.” Roderick looked back up, trying to look as peppy as usual. “We’ll only send them when we have to! When this weapon shows itself.” he saw that Ryley simply nodded, though when they both turned their attention to Eevie, she still didn’t seem to have lifted herself up. “Eevie…” Roderick mumbled the girl’s name softly, the soft pink eyes looked at her uncle solemnly, she attempted a smile.

The tall, dark skinned boy beside her pulled her close to him, and kept an arm around her. He never spoke for a while, but when he did, his voice was soft and warm. “Don’t look so blue, sis… Hopefully, this war will be over before long.”

“So many people have to get hurt, though…” Eevie’s head shook, her vacant attempt of a smile remained with her. She simply shook her head, she knew that words couldn’t stop what had to be done. “I guess we’ll have to just… Wait for it to end.” she huddled herself closer to Ryley, his arm wrapped itself further around her and held her securely.

A low grumble came from behind them, W-02 even looked concerned for the little elf girl. She turned herself and giggled softly, shaking her head at the dinosaur. “I’m okay. You be safe out there, I don’t want you getting another nasty scar!” she sounded like a mother telling her child not to fall as she said it, the dinosaur simply rolled its eyes and puffed out a little grunt.

“I have an idea.” Roderick grinned a bit. “Ryley, want a mission from yours truly?”

Ryley’s brow raised, he chuckled a bit. “Roddy, you aren’t usually the one for war strategy! You Omia now?”

Roderick only frowned at the remark, Ryley laughed to himself in response, but allowed his uncle to speak afterwards. “Take W-01, see if you can find these weapons. If they’re being used yet. I don’t want to use W-02 unless I have to!”

Finally gaining a serious tone, Ryley nodded at Roderick’s idea, he let Eevie go. He gave her a ruffle of the hair and Roderick a pat on the shoulder as he left the glass tank, heading up a set of the clean blue stairs, and into one of the other containers.

Not long after, a metallic hatch above that container opened itself up slowly, out of it flew a fully sized, blue scaled Pterodactyl. There was a brown saddle strapped onto it’s back where Ryley sat, and it’s eyes were a gleaming green. Lines and patterns of black decorated the dinosaur on wings and neck.

Roderick smiled at the green haired elf he was left with, hoping it would be enough to comfort her. “You wanna come up with me? Maybe Kyella wants to see you.”

“Can… Can I spend some more time with W-02?”

Roderick half expected her to say that, but being the man he was he couldn’t seem to say no. Especially not to Eevie. He nodded a bit, his robotic arm reaching up to scratch his cheek as he sighed to himself softly. “Promise me when I need him you’ll let him go.”

Hesitantly, Eevie slowly nodded. It was clear in her blank face that she didn’t really want to, though she just couldn’t go against the man that put so time and effort into looking after her. She wandered back to the large, scaley creature laying in the tank, sitting herself on her knees gently and petting the dinosaur’s head slowly.

Roderick felt his heart sink, he sighed. He wandered to Eevie for a moment and crouched to her seated height. “Don’t worry… Nothing bad will happen to him.” he smiled honestly, leaning himself forward to peck her head with a small kiss, before standing himself up scratching W0-2’s head and slowly wandering out of the tank.

All the way out of his large lab, and the long, clean and white halls of Ophida Palace, Eevie’s sad smile and solemn sounding words burned themselves into Roderick’s head, part of him just wanted to go back and give the girl all the comfort she wanted, but he had to at least tell Neomas the current situation. He looked out the window, to catch a sight of W-01 and Ryley swoop past at a high and dynamic pace, through the clear skies, even shaking some of the trees at the quick speed.

Ryley’s seated stance on the dinosaur was a confident one, he wasn’t entirely holding on to give himself the ability to look all around himself, turning back was simple while he sat like this. His clothing changed; to armor.

The armor was a navy blue, decorated precisely with patterns of red. His shoulder plates stuck out a bit, and his armor split off in parts to allow the boy movement. The skies he soared through with the black pterodactyl were perfectly blue and clear, soft green leaves and pink blossoms swept across the sky as the duo flew past each tree.

As they entered the larger portions of the forest that separated Ilpha and Ophida, it became clear that this was where the battle was taking place. Many trees were torn down in these parts, taking away the graceful feel of this place and instead making it look very dead. Adding to this was the spilled blood all over the place, though there was a lack of bodies. Probably buried in the “No Man’s Land Graveyard”.

“Hardly anyone’s around.” Ryley grumbled at his lack of success, patting W-01’s back to direct the dinosaur to land, the swoop to the ground was a quick one, anyone that wasn’t expecting probably would have ended up screaming, and it was allowing no more sights to be seen after diving into the shade of the trees. Ryley stumbled off W-01 and stared at the dinosaur with a frown. “You could always use a bit more warning when you do that!”

The dinosaur simply gave Ryley a some sort of sassy look, reaching its hand on its large wing forwards to even shove him, as if telling him to get going.

“How rude, some dinosaurs are.” Ryley made his remark quickly before casually wandering off into the deep forest, the dinosaur toddling after him as if it were taking its first steps. It never took long to come across a source of conflict, soldiers of each nation taking swings of swords at each other.

Anger and hatred applied into every swing of each weapon, blood mercilessly spilled onto the ground. Ryley remained out of the fight, simply observing to try and spot anything suspicious. A secret weapon.

All Ilpha’s soldiers, wearing their regally crimson and mint-green armor, wielded normal weapons, and there wasn’t any strange creatures fighting with them either.

Ryley tilted his head and folded his arms. “Is this whole thing just a scare?” he asked himself, as he wasn’t really expecting an answer from his reptilian partner. Though as soon as he asked, a violent hiss came from the scaley creature, he turned to see W-01 snarling at a group of Ilpha’s soldiers, all bearing some injuries, broken armor, but all with blood on their hands.

“Ryley Sainders…” their ring leader grinned, his voice was shaky, though he brought up his weapon and pointed it to the pointy eared boy. “If I kill you, surely I’ll get paid a lifetime’s worth of money! Then I’ll quit this stupid war.”

Ryley was shaken by the selfish words, this man’s informal voice revealed him as some sort of thug, almost as much as his words did. He reached into his belt and drew his weapons, the armored pair behind this thug didn’t look that comfortable, even starting to slowly step away. Ryley drew his rounded blades, and without warning charged forwards.

The thug of a man drew his own weapon to counter, a large and heavy sword, as they clashed, Ryley got a look at the scarred face and short brown hair. He didn’t pay much attention, and pulled away to let the man fall forwards as he still pushed. As he was about to try land the final strike, he was swept over by the large sword, his armor protecting him from any damage worse than a bruise.

Now taken to the ground, Ryley rolled himself into the right position to throw a kick at the soldier, and threw a slice of the blade in his right hand before things got any further. The horizontal slash never went through the head, but had it bleed terribly, and left this thuggish soldier screaming, bleeding helplessly from the head and growing weaker each second.

Ryley slowly stood himself up, and backed off from the bleeding man, only attempting to drown out this man’s cries and screams, or the blood from his head slowly dripping down onto the leaves and soil below him. W-01 stared out the remaining soldiers, who ran off before long. Ryley’s head shook, he reached forward to hold the pterodactyl’s shoulder to prevent her from providing chase. “Leave them. They’re of no harm to us.”

W-01 stared at Ryley for a while before she nodded. She looked over to the man who thought himself as a threat, quickly looking away again. Ryley dared not to look back over to the subject, instead wandering another way and signaling that W-01 followed.

“Hope thugs aren’t their secret weapon…” Ryley snickered to himself mockingly, looking up through the shade provided by the trees that still stood, at the welcoming blue skies. He soon looked back down, and at W-01. “Surprised we haven’t seen Merlin or Omia out here, if they’re not in Ophida with Kyella. We’ll know if we’re near them.”

W-01 nodded as if she were agreeing, though after Ryley did, it kept longingly looking up to the sky. No matter where the pair wandered, they only heard the clashing and exchanging of weapons and fire, though they were only attacked that once. There wasn’t a single powerful weapon to be found as of yet.

The room was fairly dark, surrounded by shelves on the walls of books. In the middle of this small, dark room was a cauldron, to add to the old fashioned feel that the stone walls gave off. There was a little chalk board on the wall, with one student desk in front of it.

It was stunningly sudden when a spell was fired from young Kyella’s hand, it shot forwards, her father Merlin took a while to notice before he ducked clumsily, the spell throwing itself all over the room by bouncing off the walls. Eventually, the little orange bolt was canceled out by the more powerful magic of Kyella’s mother, Omia.

Kyella really did look like her father. His hair was the same light blue as hers, though it was longer and tied at the back. His eyes however were an extremely light green, almost looking white. His clothing colour choice was blue, a pointed hat that slanted on its side, with red buckles on the hat.

His robes were the same blue as his hat, and his Wizard ears and tail shared the same orange as Kyella’s, though instead of being striped with purple, they were simply ended by the colour blue.

Her mother Omia, though… Her eye colour was the same orange as Kyella’s, but her hair a short purple. Her clothing was the same sort of green as Kyella’s witch attire, which was a small dress, striped purple and orange tights that matched her shirt under the dress, brown boots and a little pumpkin pin on her pointed hat.

Omia’s robe was much longer, though meeting her knees, showed that her brown boots were long and large. Her tail shared the purple of Kyella’s but was simply plain, unlike the other two.

Omia frowned at the destruction the little spell had caused, books had fallen as well as an entire shelf. “Kyella…” she muttered in almost disgust, Kyella looked pretty worrisome at this point.

“S-sorry mum! I am! I didn’t-”

“I know.” Omia said sternly, folding her arms and lowering one brow. “You need to be more careful in practicing spells though… One of these days you will hit your father.”

“It would be me…” Merlin muttered disdainfully, slowly standing himself back up. He shrugged a bit, much more casual than his wife about the situation. “You’ll get this spell right eventually, you have to!”

“My first offensive spell!” Kyella threw her arm up, clearly excited over the manner. She ran off from her little wooden desk and past her mother to the side of the room, pulling a string to turn on the light, which was just a lightbulb that hung from the ceiling. Kyella looked at the mess she’d caused, the broken shelf and the books all over the floor, and scratched her head. “Whoops…”

“Yeah, ‘whoops’.” Omia rolled her eyes irritably, stopping to stare at one of the piles of books for a moment, eventually losing herself to her thoughts. “…Clean it up, fix the shelves. You better be done before I’m back.” the stern woman turned off and left the room, the door surprisingly didn’t slam behind her.

Kyella kept her hand where it was and scratched her head again. “Why is mum so… You know…?”

Merlin laughed a bit and shrugged. “She’s always been the same.” he responded casually, walking over to his daughter and placing a hand on her shoulder. “Let’s clean up here. I’m sure we’ll manage!”

“Y-yeah. Course we will!” the young witch nodded, rushing off to one of the shelves that wasn’t broken, as if trying to avoid the one that was. Merlin puffed out a little sigh in realizing the girl’s plan, approaching the broken shelf, but applying magic to his solution.

Blue and mysterious light surrounded the shelf as it placed itself back together and then to the wall, Merlin muttered some strange words to throw some screws in place, the shelf looked good as new. “…That was so cool!”

“Not really.” Merlin responded to his daughter’s impressed tone with a very casual one, and a shrug. “When you’re older, you’ll know a lot more fancy stuff than that!” he chuckled a bit, though stopped curiously. “…How’s it been with Neomas?”

“Good.” Kyella answered softly and quietly in contrast to her usual loud and excitable tone. She stared at the grey, stone wall in front of herself, trying to imagine a life different the one she’d lead. “He loves trying to get me into some proper princess clothes, but that’s not happening anytime soon!” she giggled a bit, though a bit of guilt overcame her, talking about the man that acted as her father in front of her real one. “Don’t be mad at him.”


“…Don’t be mad at him.” Kyella finally turned away from the wall and stack of books she’d collected, a small looked of fear on her face. “It’s…”

“I could never be mad at the guy.” Merlin shrugged with a small grin, Kyella’s curious, orange eyes told him he had to keep talking now. “Yeah you’re pretty much his daughter and not mine, but… He saved you. And us. You know that.”

The young princess nodded her head, a smile came to her quite quickly, as well as the rush of quite a warm feeling inside her. As if getting something off her chest that’d been there for years. “Let’s keep cleaning!” Kyella insisted, climbing her way up to reach the shelf and carefully placing the books in place, only to have Merlin wander over and hold her in place, also passing her the remaining books to help her out.

Working as a team seemed to have the room cleaned in no time, back to its quiet, small and clean state from before.

“Your mother can’t get all angry now.” Merlin grinned, a small chuckle escaping him from the thought of his words, he looked back to Kyella with a look of childish mischief. “Hey! Wanna try that spell again?”

“Dad! Are you nuts?!”

Merlin shrugged, letting his chuckle continue and looking around the fixed up little room. “We fixed it up fairly quickly, we could do it again if we had to!”

Kyella’s eyes rolled, she even started laughing too, though she folded her arms and stopped, with a small smile left from the chuckles. “I’d like to practice this one in a bigger room so I don’t break as much!” she insisted, her smile became one of confidence. “Or Roderick’s lab!”

“I’ve told you no to that last one for a reason…” Merlin scratched the back of his head, a look of some sort of unsureness came to him. “If you hit one of those dinosaurs with a spell you’d know!”

“Pssh,” Kyella swung her arm to throw the comment aside. “I could work away from them!”

Merlin shook his head again, to show that his answer hadn’t changed. “Training hall, then. Come on, we got stuff to learn!” he was almost more eager than his daughter to get out of the cramped little room, he dashed to her and then to the door, down the pure and white halls. But being who they both were, the pair both managed to get a bit lost before they actually reached the hall.

Before they went in, Kyella looked up at Merlin curiously. It was clear in her eyes that she had a question to ask. Merlin ignored the lovely sight of the gorgeously clean white halls, and the view outside the window that lead off into the famed lake within Ophida’s palace walls, to look at the curious eyes of the princess. “What’s up?”

“Do you know anyone from Ilpha?” her question was quite casual for being about the nation that her own was at war with, though her curious look saddened a bit. “Like… Like Roderick knows that Blaine guy.”

“I’m afraid not, Cookie.” Merlin’s smile was soft, his voice remained in its usual relaxed sort of tone, he reached his hand up to scratch the orange, fluffy ear on the side of his head. “Though I’m certain this war is hard for them… I know that they get on.”

“I hope they don’t have to fight.” Kyella sounded serious about her words, her mouth curled into a pout. “That would suck.”

Merlin only nodded, eventually reaching to his side to slowly push open the big, white door beside him, with the golden door knob and decorated around the edges with golden patterns, similar to the ones on the armor of Ophida’s soldiers. “It sure would… But c’mon, let’s at least try get this spell learnt. Then I’ll let you worry about the war.”





Chapter Two

Ilpha Palace.

A lot of red to it, on the walls, carpets, even the frames of the windows and curtains. Rosetta’s throne sat at the end of a large room, that lead out onto a balcony to give her a perfect view of all of Ilpha, and it was just above the maze of gorgeous gardens the nation was known for.

Her throne was quite large for her, in width and height, sitting on it, her feet never touched the ground. The room was filled with large portraits, curtains hanging near to them to be able to cover them and keep them safe.

On this side of the room there was a small golden platform that lead up to throne’s section of the room. Right across the big room, the throne faced a balcony. Down from the platform, the other half of the room was floored with a very soft, red carpet.

There wasn’t much for furniture in this big room, it was very spacious generally. Though near to the door was a pair of large pillars from the ground up to the ceiling, they shared the same red colour as the walls around the room.

The dark skinned elf queen’s glance slowly turned to the man standing at her throne’s side, Blaine looked as vacant as usual. But it never took him long to look back. The sleepy looking, green eyes stayed as they were, but his brow raised questioningly. “You’re awfully quiet, Rosetta. You have been since that call with Neomas.”

Rosetta’s head shook, she ran a gloved hand through her dark blue hair and chuckled softly. Her eyes drifted over to the balcony and her thoughts remained distant. “I feel sorta bad.” she said briefly. “For bringing up your weapons.”

“A scare isn’t a bad idea… It gets them on edge.” Blaine’s arms folded, his expression remaining as plain as ever, looking to his queen with a tilted head. “They’re probably going to be taking careful actions now.”

“I guess you’re right…” Rosetta sat herself forward, her chin resting on her hand, a confident and snarky grin curling onto her face. “They will be on edge. We can mess with them now!” she let a fairly loud laugh escape her, shifting her pose again and smacking her throne’s arm rest softly. “Blaine… Can I have a look at the weapons?”

“Of course, my queen.” Blaine’s voice sounded delicately happy for the first time, he reached out his hand to allow it to Rosetta. The young queen placed her hand on Blaine’s and allowed him to gently pull her off her throne.

“After you.” she grinned happily, allowing the man wearing the light green coat, with lines of blue carefully decorating it. The short coat tried to catch a breeze in Blaine’s quickly paced walk, though being so short it never really managed.

Rosetta had to make some fairly fast paced steps to keep up with the tall man that acted as her assistant. The halls they walked down were an extremely regal red in colour, they were lined with golden boards, and occasionally decorated by a golden pillar to stick out the wall.

Occasional doors appeared, they were obvious with black frames and door knobs, patterns of dragons on both sides of the double doors. They eventually reached a certain door which Blaine pushed open, and held until Rosetta walked through it.

The inside was one of a large room that lead off into more rooms, green tiles to make up the floor, a similar green to Blaine’s coat, the walls a hint of grey. In the middle of the large room to start off the labs, was an extremely large generator, its tank showed off many small lights spinning and bouncing around excitably. Blaine wandered over to the tank on the flat flooring, in front of it stood a fairly short man, wearing some sort of science uniform.

“Lylen?” Blaine announced his arrival to the man casual, placing a hand on the man’s shoulder. Lylen wore large black gloves that went up to his elbows at sat over his sleeves, his boots were the same.

His coat was white, his shoulders and top of his chest marked by black, it formed an interesting pattern. His eyes were yellow, but difficult to see under his thick, green lens glasses. His coat was almost like an apron, a plain black belt sitting around his stomach. “What’re you doing in here?”

“Checking on these bad boys.” Lylen grinned, hitting at the large tank beside him, and then looking into it. “The Pixles… I can’t wait to let them out.”

“I’m hoping we won’t have to.” Blaine’s words were stern, his arms folded, and he looked down to his side at Rosetta, as she finally caught him up to stand at his side. She looked around the large room, machines and computers spread out all over the place, all sharing the same sorts of grey-green colours.

“Your Majesty.” Lylen greeted his queen with a very casual voice, and even a slight bow of respect. Rosetta simply responded with a small wave.

“Yeah, hi!” she spoke quickly, so she could walk to the tank and look inside it. The Pixles were off all colours, they all still bounced and flew all over the tank. On close inspection, they were quite literally small balls of energy, with little eyes.

Rosetta couldn’t help but smile, looking at them, she placed her hand on the glass. “They’re sort of cute… I’d never guess they’d be so dangerous.” she looked to Lylen, as he straightened his green glasses. “Which is why I’m not letting you command them!”

“Oh, so harsh.” Lylen’s words were dangerously sarcastic, even he looked over and into the tank, interested in watching the little balls of energy bounce off each other. “Each one of them… A thousand points of elemental energy.” he looked to the side, at the actual generator itself.

The machine was massive, fairly round in shape and full of different buttons and cables. It even had its own little keyboard for commands to be inserted into. “Only a monster could survive a hit from one!”

Rosetta even gulped at the way they were described, she looked to Blaine to see his arms folded, and that he was staring into the tank gauntlessly. Knowing him, daydreaming and probably considering what circumstances would have to occur for the Pixles to be released.

That, or the obvious daydream of his daughter. “Energy so carefully stored… And linked to the generator.” Blaine said as if he were in a trance, shaking his head to snap himself out of it.

“This is why I feel bad for scaring Ophida!” Rosetta pouted, finally looking away from the tank and catching a glance of Lylen, who went back to looking pretty smug. Her eyes locked onto him and squinted, she put her hands on her hips and let her heel tap the ground loudly. “Lylen! What’re you smirking at?”

Lylen looked at Rosetta, retaining the smirk. “Did you hear? Our soldiers said they’ve already dispatched Ryley Sainders! They must be terrified right now!” the little man chuckled, his arms folding. “I hope I’ll see some action before this war is over!”

The words brought a stern look of distaste onto Blaine’s face. He looked out into the other side of his large lab, at one of the large metallic doors that lead to another room. A sigh came from him unwillingly. “Lylen…” he mumbled. “Wherever you end up, I’m going with you. I don’t want to risk everything blowing up.”

Lylen simply shrugged, with a little grin. “Hey, it’s just what I do.” he glanced off to the lab’s entrance curiously, and back at his queen and mentor. “Did you hear that we lost one of our brutes to Ryley?”

“I did now…” Rosetta muttered somewhat angrily, scratching her cheek. “But that doesn’t matter!” she stomped down her foot commandingly, shaking the attention of both men in the room straight to her, as she began looking between the two. “What matters is that we stay in the game, no matter what. Losing this war will let Phelia down!”

Blaine’s head nodded slowly, he kept his focus off on nothing in particular though. “Rosetta…” he looked at his young queen to see that he’d caught her attention. “I’d like to enter the plains of battle myself, soon enough.”


“Areana will be here for you… She can still look after Kimmy while she looks out for you.” his words were warmer than usual, he looked down to his feet. “Speaking of which… May… May I be excused? To go see her?”

“Of course.” Rosetta nodded happily, reaching up an arm to pat the tall man’s back. “Tell her I said hi! I’ll just stay here in the labs for a bit longer.” she turned herself round to look at the smaller of the black haired men, Lylen’s being much shorter and a bit neater than Blaine’s. “Let’s have a look to see that everything’s up to scratch!”

Lylen nodded slightly, his raised brow and small smirk sort of said that he just wanted that bit more times in the labs. As Blaine began wandering off, Lylen let something cross his mind quickly. “Blaine!” the tall man stopped, though he didn’t turn. “…Tell Areana I said hi, while you’re there.”

“I will, Lylen.” Blaine responded with a small smile, not hesitating to make his way through the rest of the lab and to the grey-green metallic door, which slid open instantly for him like it were in a rush to let him through.

His wander through the regal, red halls of the palace was casual, as he never saw a soul on his walk. He eventually, after trekking through halls and upstairs, reached the room he’d searched for. He pushed it open softly, looking inside had him look much more peppy and excited than usual.

Inside the room was a large bed with green covers, blue walls and curtains to match, soft green carpets… And a little crib. Opposite the bed was a flat screened television, a few bits like games consoles and DVD player that it could hook up to.

Sitting on Blaine’s bed was a woman with soft, orange hair, tied in pigtails on both sides of her head, the rest of her hair flowed down until it was tied again. Her eyes were large and green, her ears pointed only slightly, not too long. She wore a purple gown, it was lined neatly with pink in places.

In her arms was a little girl, short red-brown hair, gleaming yellow eyes, and exactly the same ears as the woman, Areana. The little girl wore a plain and simple, purple dress. The moment the door even made a sound the baby girl started pointing and gesturing towards it, spotting Blaine made her cheer out happily. “Papa!”

“Hello, Kimmy…” the smile that formed itself onto Blaine’s face was a warm one, he didn’t take long to wander into the room and carefully take the little girl from Areana, sitting himself on the bed at the woman’s side before cuddling onto Kimmy protectively. He lost himself in pleasant thought, eventually looking to Areana, managing to retain his smile. “Has she been okay?”

“As okay as usual.” Areana responded simply, an approving smile on her face, she was reaching up a slender hand to pat one of the pigtails tied on top of her head, then bringing it back down to lean on and relax on the bed of green covers. “As usual, she kept asking when you’d come back, though.”

Blaine’s head shook, he looked back at the girl on his lap, despite the orange dawning of the sun outside the window, cloaked in a misty shroud of clouds, she was still as peppy as ever. Her gleaming yellow eyes looked up to him eagerly, her small and frail hand reached up to touch the small amount of hair that rested on Blaine’s chin. “Puzzles?”

“You want to play with your puzzles, do you?” Blaine responded to the little girl’s question calmly, a fitting look on his face. He slowly looked back to Areana. “You can head off if you want… I don’t want to keep you.”

Areana nodded a bit, allowing a soft smile to curve onto her mouth. “As much as I love watching you play with your daughter…” for a brief moment she leaned a little bit closer just to pass Blaine a very quick, one armed cuddle, before standing herself from the bed and making her way off to the doorway.



“Lylen passed on a little ‘hi’ for you.” the man’s voice remained fairly gentle, though the smallest chuckle escaped him. “While we’re thinking about kids, I bet he’d love to see you.” his words seemed to warm Areana’s smile up even more, she headed off for the door and walked out.

“See you later Blaine,” she said as she left. “You have fun while you’ve got chance!”

Blaine watched the door slowly and softly shut, before looking back down at Kimmy, to realize the little redhead still had her hand on his chin. He raised a brow and chuckled softly. “What’re you doing, young lady?”

The young girl only responded with a cheeky smile and an innocent giggle, she still didn’t move her hand… Until, she was forced to, while reacting to being softly tickled on the tummy by the man that she called her father.

Her laughter was sweet and soft, when Blaine’s fingers stopped rubbing her tummy, he simply sat her on the bed for a moment to go grab the puzzle she wanted to do, bringing to back and sitting back on the bed. He lifted Kimmy to sit her on one of his knees, as he sat with his legs crossed.

Kimmy looked to her side and tugged the green coat Blaine was wearing, staring at it curiously for a while. “…Coat?”

“Daddy’s not too warm, sweetheart.” his voice remained as soft as before, he reached forward and dragged the little box closer, pulling the lid off and pushing it to the side. “We haven’t even started this one…”

“Corners!” Kimmy almost demanded, throwing a point at the inside of the box, particularly at the top-left corner piece that she’d managed to spot instantly. Blaine set her down on the bed gently so she could reach the puzzle herself, she picked up her desired piece and slotted it into the box’s corner.

“Well done, Kimmy.” Blaine’s congratulations were proud, he laid himself on his bed comfortably so he could have a good view of the inside of the box. “Corners first… Let’s find all the others, okay?”

Kimmy’s nod was an eager response, her hands dived and scrambled through the pieces until she ended up sliding each corner piece into place. She looked quite stuck at this point, she looked back at Blaine with a pout, pointing at the box quite desperately.

Blaine smiled simply, his nod was a slow one. He reached forward to hold Kimmy’s wrist softly, and reach into the box with her. “Look at the shapes, Kimmy…” Blaine pointed his finger forwards while still holding the delicate little hand, the little girl was interested to know what came next. “They fit together.” Blaine placed Kimmy’s hand over a piece to have her pick it up, then helped her slot it above the bottom left piece in the puzzle.

The puzzle slowly came together, to reveal a picture of a lion, clearly illustrated for the eyes of a child. The lines of the drawing were bold, and almost looked like crayon. “Lion!” Kimmy’s hands clapped together as she cheered, she crawled her way around to look at Blaine, and grinned happily.

“Roooar!” the child pounced at her father, he never entirely predicted it and ended up thrown off the bed making sure to catch his daughter, though she continued to imitate the wild cat she’d just finished a picture of.

Though as the orange light slowly faded into the dark of the night, she eventually stopped, laying herself on Blaine’s chest and staring at the man with drowsy eyes. She ended up yawning, even closing her eyes. “Sleepy…”

Blaine smiled softly, sitting up carefully and cradling the girl into his arms. “I know you are, baby…” he said softly, stumbling up slowly and wandering through his comfortable carpet, to the side of his bed, where a little crib sat. He set his daughter into it gently, taking the time to carefully tuck her into the little blue sheets, and leaning forwards to gently kiss her cheek. “Good girl… Sleep well.”

With his soft words said, he stood himself up, looking down at the little girl that meant so much to him before slowly heading for his door. He wandered out with a smile, closing the door behind him but as soon as he shut the red door behind himself, he ended up with his back pressed right against it.

Right on the other side, Lylen stood, a clearly unhappy and steaming look on his face. Blaine’s eyes drifted around the red halls, up at the golden pillars that stuck out the walls, before looking back in front of himself and breathing out. “…You look like you’re going to yell.” he sighed, his usual misery quickly came back to him. Though he grabbed Lylen’s cheek to stop him from doing anything. “But not here!”

Blaine ended up dragging his student, by the cheek, down the lovely red halls, until they got down the stairs and in front of the doors that lead to the labs. “What? And where’s Rosetta? And Areana?”

“Throne room.” Lylen mumbled with irritation, his hand clenching itself into a fist, the rubber on his black gloves making quite an unpleasant sound as he did so. “Those idiot soldiers forgot to tell us that Ryley had a dinosaur! They forgot!” Lylen’s rage built up, rising up to its boiling point.

Before allowing his student to explode, Blaine tugged on his ear to get his attention again and looked at him calmly. “Lylen… Did this dinosaur do any damage to our army? Are we suffering at the moment?”

Lylen’s pause left him only with an irritated look, he puffed out a sigh as his shoulders slouched down warily. “Not much…”

“Then calm down a bit.” Blaine instructed simply, with a small shrug. “From what you said earlier, I think Ryley did more than the dinosaur!” Blaine managed a small chuckle, finally opening up the door for the pair to wander in and be surrounded in the softly lit, pale green surroundings of the lab.

Tiled flooring beneath them, and darker, solid and metallic walls. He continued his speech as the pair made their way to the main attraction of the lab; the huge generator. It hid the largest part of the lab behind itself, there was a small opening at the side of the machine full of different computers and components to lead to it.

“Perhaps we can do more than throw them a scare.” he suggested in his usual bland tone of voice, but it was clear he was thinking of exacting the scores of what went on outside the nation’s walls.

“Without telling Rosetta? How very unlike you, Blaine!” Lylen’s tone became a mischievous one as they reached the large generator, he retained the dark looking grin.

“Please, she doesn’t have to know everything I do.” Blaine’s head shook softly, he pressed a code of buttons on the large machine, it beeped a few loud times before releasing just two of the small balls of energy from the tank. They hovered around the men that stood in the labs, clearly waiting for an order.

Blaine stared at the blue and yellow balls, his arms folded themselves casually. “Go on the battlefield and cause some mayhem for Ophida.”

Like soldiers taking orders from their general, the little energy balls flew off through the door together, quicker than someone who wasn’t paying attention to them could notice. Blaine put a hand in his thick, black, curly hair to scratch his head, and looked at Lylen. “I’m certain they’ll be spending a while working us out… Roderick might be smart, but he’ll never see this coming.”

“I suppose they can’t really hide a dinosaur so well…” Lylen sniggered, looking over to the door that lead out into the hallway as it silently slid itself shut. “I feel we’ve got an upper hand now!”

Chapter Three

Feet covered in armor all chattered along the dirty battle ground together in a pair, Omia and Merlin wore their noble suits of blue armor, decorated with elegant red intricacies. Still managing to run at an extreme pace. Their well-known ally swept over their head, seated on the blue dinosaur that he’d tend to get around on often. The skies grew dark now; the day was cutting out, but the group had to remain full of energy anyway.

“So,” Merlin yelled quite loudly to have himself heard, trying not to distract his direction of running to end up running into a tree. “Remind me what Roderick said he saw on the camera?!”

“A wave of water.” Omia’s response was only just loud enough to be heard, her deep orange eyes slowly looked at her husband, she wasn’t ready to play games. “Out of nowhere… Followed by a jolt of electricity.”

As Ryley and W-01 made a quick landing, the group reached the location of the incident, and were left with nothing but the sight of dead soldiers, mostly of their own nation, though there was a soldier from Ilpha spread out here and there.

Merlin seemed to look away from the massacre, despite the lack of blood from most bodies. “A wave… A wave killed most these people?”

“Apparently.” Ryley nodded a bit, walking away from his trusty transport and crouching to one of the bodies, flipping it over quite hesitantly. “See… No blood.”

Omia grew more angered and suspicious, her arms folded, and her glare grew even more intense. “Ilhpa don’t have magic users… Do they?” she asked, aiming the question at Ryley, expecting him to know. He stood, not turning to look at her.

“Not that we know of.” he muttered, finally taking the time to turn. “But, what else could cause a wave of water? Out of nowhere?”

W-01 seemed to be growing wary of her surroundings, as well as looking off to Ryley with concern quite often. He was speaking to the others so didn’t seem to notice, however.

“Crazy science stuff?” Merlin suggested with a large shrug of his shoulders. “I bet it’s crazy science stuff.” he felt a hit on his arm, even with his armor on he felt like the hit really did hit his arm. He looked to the woman that hit him with a frown. “What?”

“Now’s not the time, for comments like that…” Omia muttered seriously, turning back from her husband and at the young elite that came with them. Ryley’s single working eye stared onto the ground, he was lost in his own mind thinking what they could be dealing with.

Though that was the last thing Omia worried about. “Ryley!” her shout echoed through the dark forest loudly. She pulled the large staff off her back and shot it like a gun, a large and powerful spell of some purple aura threw itself in front of Ryley, to defend him from the bolt of electricity that set itself on hitting the boy.

The two powers clashed together, stopping each other and causing a loud explosion, which shook down some trees as well as throing Ryley backwards a bit. “Never dawdle on the battlefield!”

“I know, I know!” Ryley shook Omia’s comment off, turning around to try spot what tried to hit him. Though, there was nothing in sight. He didn’t want to turn to risk another attack. “What the hell was that?!”

The group were anxious and positioning themselves for battle now, even W-01 looked ready to fight. Even after getting back to back with each other to see from all angles, the team saw nothing. “This is getting weird,” Merlin muttered. “Maybe it was a spy?”

“Your suggestions are getting stupider.”

“Even I agree with her!”

Merlin frowned at both comments and rolled his eyes dramatically. “Just suggestions, guys.” he went back to a mutter, looking ahead and through the darkness that the trees cast on them, only getting a glimpse of the dark and starry sky.

The next attack came through, this time a wave of water, out of nowhere… Just like Roderick described. It slithered through the trees, though as it came closer, it seemed to multiply and gradually roar louder. W-01 threw out a squawk, and flapped her wings frantically to get in the air, and shook her foot as a signal.

Ryley caught on quickly and leapt up, grabbing the blue dinosaur’s foot and looking down at the others. “Quick, grab on!” he ordered, Omia was the one to take hold of Ryley’s foot, which left Merlin holding onto her at the bottom.

Though W-01 couldn’t seem to get up very high, the large blue wings flailed to keep the group in the air, but clearly struggled. Merlin never made a comment on his struggle to hold on; the bottom half of his body was caught in the wave that tried to catch them all, and now tried to pull him away with its mighty current’s strength. “G-guys!” he finally shouted, just loud enough to be heard over the roaring water. “I’m slipping!”

Omia only just looked down to notice her husband was still in the water, she made her efforts to try position herself to pull him up; an arrow flew at his hand before she could do anything. His armor protected him but he lost his grip, the Wizard helplessly threw his arms and legs about in the large current of water. “Merlin!”

“We’ll go for him!” Ryley insisted suddenly, Omia still gripped onto his leg, he climbed up onto W-01’s back. “Fly after him, quick!”

The flight wasn’t as fast as usual, it allowed the team above the forest for a view of the current situation, and above them the gorgeously starry sky, the moon shining vibrantly above them. It was strange though, as the large mass of water eventually faded in what seemed an instant. Dropping Merlin off near to a heated battle, only able to try and catch his breath.

No warning, Omia let go of what she held to stay on, and made a solid landing to the ground, throwing spells out of gestures of her hands at the soldiers near Merlin, simply presuming in the darkness that they were going to harm him. She made a quick dash to her husband, and even caringly cradled him into her arms. “Merlin… Are you alright?”

“Y-yeah…” the wizard panted quickly, looking to notice Ryley land with W-01 near the pair, but not taking long to look back at his wife. “Just… Just peachy.”

“Sorry… I didn’t notice you were struggling earlier. I-”

A hand reached itself up and onto Omia’s mouth, Merlin chuckled quietly. “Don’t. It’s alright, I’m still kicking…” as he finished his sentence, his blue hat landed itself on his head, Ryley chuckling soon after.

“You almost lost that.” he said quickly, looking outwards. “That was nuts… That must’ve been magic!”

“But not a caster to be seen…” Omia mumbled, she still sat herself on the ground to hold onto Merlin. Though her eyes shifted around the area nervously, fearing another attack. Not on herself, but on Merlin. “Ryley, Merlin…” she mumbled. “Did you see it?”

“See what?” Ryley’s head tilted curiously, he looked to his side at his blue companion, who just shook her head, clearly unsure of what Omia meant.

“Forget it.” the witch sighed, finally deciding to stand up, but standing her husband up with her, supporting him with an arm around her shoulder. “I’m going to kill the bastard that fired that arrow!”

Ryley scratched his head unsurely, looking around the group and seeing nothing but ominous paths leading through the large forest. He looked at Omia. “Maybe… We should let Merlin go back and catch his breath.”

“Merlin’s fine.” the wizard pouted, though he was clearly still attempting to recover from the shock and physical drain of the event.

“No, he’s right…” the witch sighed softly, she never really warned her husband when she shoved him onto W-01’s back. “Take him back and let him explain what happened… We’ll make our own way back when we figure out what’s going on!” she watched to dinosaur’s agreeing nod, just before it started its flight more casually this time.

Through the whole thing Merlin never really got his own say in what he was doing.

“Right,” Ryley shrugged with a slightly nervous grin. “Where do we even start, Omia?”

The purple haired woman stared up at the starry sky for a little while, what was running through her mind was clear. She turned to Ryley with a stern look. “We need to make them try that again… And take them out. No getting out of it this time.”

The words were a little unnerving, but the boy shrugged to agree with her plan. They wandered back the way they came, the ground beneath where the sudden wave of water was had become extremely sticky, and there were plenty of trees toppled over.

It was while they were trying to wander through the sticky mud that another jolt of electricity fired at them, Ryley hit it back with one of his two curved blades, with blue hilts and black blades, though he hit the attack back, nothing else seemed to happen. Even when they reached back the point from before. Even though they’d still not seen their attacker.

It took hours for the pair to decide to head back, their walk back was slow paced and uneventful. All the soldiers were either in another area of the forest or really had started dying out quickly. Reaching Ophida’s grounds, the pair were checked by a guard at the large and secure metallic gates before it opened itself for them, and they wandered through their nation’s streets.

The clean and bright pavement was being dirtied by the muck left on the pair’s feet. Each house they passed had the lights out, probably a family inside sleeping, thinking nothing of the war and what was going on.

The houses almost looked like cottages, comfortably square in shape, though all of them had two floors to them, and a strong, stone roof of varying colours. Even stores were the same size, just wearing signs to distinguish themselves.

Even from the gates of the kingdom they’d be able to see the huge palace set at the end of it, encased in the walls and yet standing up tall and proudly, above everything else in the kingdom. The architecture was very rounded, the red building coated nicely with golden trimmings on each rounded roof.

And branching off from the middle and onto one of the walls of the kingdom was a huge stone bridge, it seemed to lead to some kind of yard up there.

They finally reached the palace, there they felt obligated to clean their armor’s feet before they entered, then working their way through rooms of soft carpets and halls of white darkened by the skies outside the windows. They finally got to stairs that lead them down into the labs, it was strange to see that pretty much everyone was in there.

Roderick of course, but also Eevie, even Neomas and Kyella. Omia paced forward through the sliding door that lead to the lab quickly, Ryley caught himself running to catch the woman up. The clunking sound of the armor on the hard, tiled flooring caught everyone’s attention easily.

“Omia!” Roderick was the one to call her name, his tone sounded like one of greeting, but as she stomped closer he got more nervous little by little.

“Where’s-” the witch stopped herself, by looking on the table the group crowded around; Merlin lay on in pretty comfortably, sound asleep. Omia was defeated by the sight, and looked down in her own shame. “…What happened?”

“As soon as he got here he just collapsed in W-01’s tank…” Roderick answered with a small shrug, he looked over to the tank that he mentioned with a small frown. “I never saw how he was when it happened, but I think he just needs a little rest.”

Omia nodded slightly, somewhat lightening up, though stepping closer to the white, wheeled, long table that her husband lay peacefully on and softly took hold of the unconscious man’s hand.

Neomas looked to the pair with a hint of sympathy, not stopping Kyella from running from his side and to Omia, allowing them to speak of what they needed to. The elven king looked at Ryley, the boy noticed the stern look quickly and knew what to expect. “Ryley.” Neomas started, folding his arms and raising a brow. “Would you tell us what happened?”

Ryley loosened himself up with a casual shrug before he started his story. “Well, Roderick was right. The attacks came from nowhere… We got there and there was nothing but an entire patch of bodies.” he kept going, telling them about the jolt of electricity that almost hit him, the sudden wave that carried Merlin for a small distance just to tire him out, the disappearance of the attacks after one was hit back.

“Are you okay?” Eevie asked in a soft and frail voice, she was comforted by the confident smile that Ryley threw at her, he gave her what would have been a wink if both of his eyes were working.

“Sure I am, sis. I’m not the one we should worry about right now.” he chuckled softly, turning his attention off to the little black haired man that looked after himself and Eevie. “Roddy… You got anything from that video yet?”

Roderick’s head shook, he reached up his regular arm to scratch the back of his neck, a little sigh escaped him. “I’m going to be studying it for a while. For now, though…” he looked down to the tough blue floor beneath him. “Tomorrow, I’m going to have to send the rest of the W0 series out there if we want to last against… Whatever they’re using.” he looked off at the biggest tank in the room, his brow raised ever so slightly. “A wave like that is just like a splash to W-02, after all.”

Neomas nodded slightly, seeming quite confident in the idea. He noticed Eevie still looked quite upset about it all, though decided not to say anything to her. “That’s tomorrow, though.” he looked at Ryley, less sternly than before. “You need to rest… You’re going to be out on that battlefield much more often. That goes for Omia and Merlin, too.”

“You got it, your Highness.” Ryley nodded in respect of his king’s words, and looked off beyond the group to glance at the small family behind the king and Roderick, they hadn’t changed much from before, Omia still held Merlin’s hand softly. He looked back to the group. “Well,” he shrugged. “I guess I need to go catch some Z’s.” he held out a hand for Eevie to grab onto, and looked back at Roderick with a bit of concern. “…Don’t be keeping yourself up over this. Make sure to rest too.”

Roderick nodded slowly, though he was distant in thought and it showed while he stared off at the wall, nothing in particular. Ryley tugged Eevie softly to signal her to start walking out of the lab with him, they headed out at quite a leisurely pace, the door slid open and shut accordingly to their strides.

Neomas’ arms remained folded, he stared off at the door, then looked back at Roderick. The scientist was still lost in his own thoughts, the king then turned his attention to the family of witches and the wizard behind him, to see that they still hadn’t really changed position. He wandered over slowly. “Omia… Do you want some help getting him to his chambers?”

She shook her head. “Only getting his armor off so I can carry him.” she looked up at her king somewhat obediently. “And… Maybe taking the armor up to our room too.”

Neomas nodded simply. “It shall be done… I’ll get some help for you.” he looked at Kyella, who seemed awfully quiet through this entire portion of time. She wandered over to the king, his arms unfolded themselves so she could hold one of his hands softly.

“I wanna go to bed.”

He nodded again, taking no time to start walking. Though, his pace was quite slow compared to his usual confident stride, his cape still found some flow to it. Kyella’s feet toddled after Neomas’ tiredly, though she was keen to make it to her room without being lifted up.

It was as the door opened and the pair left that Roderick was snapped out of his small daydream. He looked around to notice everyone was gone, until turning behind himself to see Omia, and of course, Merlin still laid on the table. “Want to make yourself useful?” Omia asked him, finally letting her husband’s hand go.

Roderick shrugged slightly, and eventually nodded. “Sure.” he curved his mouth.

“Help me get this armor off Merlin… I want to get him in his own bed as soon as I can.”

The scientist nodded, and stepped forward to the opposite side of the desk to Omia. Without words, the pair started stripping the armor from the sleeping wizard, knowing how strong it was just dropping it off onto the floor. It made a very loud thud with each piece, though nothing seemed to even attempt to wake Merlin up.

Eventually, the help that Omia waited for arrived, just as the last piece of armor was dropped onto the blue tiled ground. She simply nodded at the guards that had shown up, picked her husband into her arms and carried him out of the room in her own armor. The guards let her past before entering to pick up all the armor and leaving out with it, following after Omia.

When they all left, the lab went silent. Not even the large containers with the dinosaurs in them were making sounds; they all slept soundly. Roderick looked around the large, silent labs as he wandered over to the computer he’d be staring at for the past few hours, and pressed a button on it to run the tape again.

He studied it closely, not allowing his brown eyes to slip away from the big screen for a minute. He even stared at it as he sat down on the wheeled chair in front of the computer. “Still, I don’t see…” he mumbled irritably, and went on to restart the tape. “Where does it come from?” he started typing commands into the computer, zooming into certain spots and watching the recording over… He felt obligated to study it until he got what he wanted.


Chapter Four

The morning was shining extremely brightly, despite how early it was. The sun shone brightly on the nation of Ilhpa, the bright light cast through the large windows was harsh, and extremely blinding, but caused the gardens to look as beautiful as they should always look.

Though, the mood inside the palace wasn’t as bright as the skies outside. Rosetta stood at her balcony, leaning on it, with a deep frown on her face. Looking through the maze of bushes and bush carvings couldn’t even distract her from what was said yesterday. That Blaine wanted to go into the war.

She stared out into the skies, and found herself jump slightly when someone opened to door and headed into her throne room. “Areana… Hi.” Rosetta greeted, trying to sound casual, though her hand sat on her chest retaining her initial shock from the orange haired woman’s entrance.

“Sorry, for startling you, your Highness…” Areana chuckled slightly, shutting the door behind herself and walking through the large, red room, and over to the balcony with the young queen. “I just came to check on you. Are you okay?”

The young queen’s hands flew all over the place, as she tried to look as comfortable as possible. “Of course!” she overdid her eager and joy, throwing up a thumb. “Just peachy!”

“…Your Highness?”


“You’re only wearing one glove…”

Rosetta took in the words and looked to the hand she threw the thumb up on, she somewhat panicked, dashing off to her throne and looking around it desperately. Eventually sinking herself hopelessly onto the golden seat, letting out a large sigh. “I… I left it in my chamber…”

“You’re usually much more organized than this…” Areana curved her mouth in her comment, her arms folded themselves, a single finger silently tapping the silky, purple material on her arm. “I know something’s wrong.”

Rosetta remained hopelessly sprawled on her throne, Areana had to walk over and peel her off, then sit her queen on the throne properly. “You know you can tell me.” Areana cracked a warm smile, her hands resting on the queen’s shoulders, her green eyes staring into Rosetta’s gleaming pink ones.

The dark skinned queen smiled softly, looking away for a moment then looking up at Areana again. “I… I’m a little on edge. Blaine said he wants to go out and fight soon enough. I’m just… Terrified of losing him.” her words lowered her pointed ears and had her lose her smile, it replaced itself with a miserable frown. “He’s been the one to help me rule properly since I had to… Heck, he took rule when I was too young.” Rosetta almost slumped miserably, but stopped herself.

“He’s not exactly weak now, is he?” Areana found herself chuckling, partially to try comfort Rosetta a little more. She took her hands away from Rosetta’s shoulders and put them behind her back. “It may be an advantage to let him, you know… They’ve dispatched Ryley, so we can show them our elite.”

Rosetta couldn’t find a way to disagree properly, but an argument slipped into her mind. “What about Lylen, you want him out there?”

“Not really… But it’s something I can’t stop him doing.” Areana’s tone became a quiet and saddened one, she looked off to her side to hide her emotions. “It’s his job… And… He’s another advantage we’ll have in this war.”

Rosetta was silenced by the woman’s noble words, and only nodded slowly, a serious look suddenly glued onto her face. “Then… I’ll let them in when the time is right. For now, I have some telling off to do! To those two, to be exact!”

“Telling off?”

“They let out some of the Pixles without telling me!” Rosetta pouted deeply, her hand without the glove on it slammed onto the arm rest of her throne. She ended up shaking it, as it hurt a bit, but kept her pout.

Speaking of the matter, the pair in question wandered in and they both looked quite aware of what was to come, quite ready for it. Rosetta stormed off her throne and pushed Blaine, though it hardly moved him, and did the same to Lylen, who ended up having to step to stop himself falling over. “What on earth were you two thinking?!”

“We can’t hide them forever.” Blaine shrugged slightly, his eyes rolling off to the side. “Anyway, it’s impossible to release them all at the same time… They’d destroy the forest.” he paused, looking down at his steaming queen with a raised brow. “And probably both nations near it.”

“That was never the plan!” Rosetta kept her infuriated pout, staring between the two like a teacher telling some children off in class. “It would have been nice to know, though!”

“It’s done, calm down a bit.” Lylen shrugged off the queen’s anger without much problem, his tone even sounded fairly sarcastic. “We’ve both shown our weapons off now…”

“Around fifty men were killed by those two Pixles. Twenty of which were ours!”

The words threw a horrified look of shock onto Blaine, followed by a look off to the side of remorse, though it didn’t seem to affect Lylen in the slightest. The smaller of the two folded his arms, with a slight shrug. “I guess it’s a nice ratio.”

“Lylen!” it was Areana to scold him, which seemed to be the only thing to knock some sense into him, he gained the frown of guilt at last. “Please… Just realize that destruction isn’t always the way to win. Tactics can change it all, too.” her calmer statement got a tiny nod out of the young scientist.

Blaine finally looked back, and down at the angry queen in front of him. “Rosetta… I’m sorry.” he said quietly, she looked up to him in slight shock. “I just wanted to act instead of playing this constant game of luck with the regular soldiers.”

Rosetta finally eased up her anger, and smiled at last. “Alright, fine… Just… Tell me next time. Okay? I don’t want them to think I’m out for blood!”


“Right, now that that’s settled…” Areana looked between the two curiously. “When are you two planning the join the fight?”

Lylen shrugged, looked to Blaine for a moment then back at Areana. “Tomorrow, probably. Or perhaps the day after…”

“Soon enough, basically.” Blaine added. He looked off to the balcony on the other side of the room for a moment, a little distracted by it. “I’m just tired of sitting behind the lines and letting the others get themselves killed…”

“I get that.” Rosetta frowned, wandering the other way for a moment, staring around the room full of frames and paintings inside them. “But for now, I think you should stay with Kimmy. While you’ve got the chance.”

While he was shocked at the suggestion at first, he easily agreed. He nodded, even bowed himself respectfully, before scurrying off for the door and dashing out of the room. “Never seen him move so fast.” Lylen sniggered to himself, though he clearly understood why. “What about us?”

“Do what you want… And if you’re going to let a Pixle out, tell me this time!” she threw a quick glare at the scientist, he held up his hands in some sort of surrender, she backed him off again. Though, she ended up wandering back to the balcony and staring off outside, into the bright daylight again.

However as soon as she did, the door suddenly slammed open again, causing her to jump just like before. “I just wish you’d learn to knock!” she pouted, turning to see one of the younger members of the science department, a labcoat that was too long for him, and the same green as Blaine’s. Though it didn’t have the blue patch on the shoulder. The young scientist’s hair was messy, short and brown, his glasses rounded and large.

“…Landen?” Lylen’s hands met his hips, his brow raised at the younger scientist. “What’s up? Did you break something again?”

“Sh-shut it Lylen!” the young scientist flustered at the comment, though shook his head to shake it off. “Your Majesty! Ophida… H-have sent more dinosaurs out! A-a-a… A Ty-Tyrannosaurus Rex included…”

“What?!” Rosetta perked up, her hand clenched into a fist, before she stood upright and pointed forwards commandingly. “Then, now’s a good time to send some Pixles to play with it!” she grinned a bit, and looked to the man with thick green glasses. “Lylen?”

“It’d be my greatest pleasure.” he sneered, pulling up one of the long black gloves as if preparing for the button pressing of his life. “All of you, come!”

Areana shook her head at the boy’s enthusiasm to let one go, but never made a comment on it. She was the one to walk beside him, behind them Rosetta walked alongside Landen, who seemed pretty anxious to be walking next to the queen. His arms stayed close to himself, and he tended to look straight ahead rather than at her.

The walk eventually took the four down to the labs, Landen rushed ahead and through the green, metallic door, he pointed up to an active screen, a bit smaller than some of the others. “It’s destroying our soldiers…”

Lylen’s hands sat on his hips, on his black belt, he strode through the green lab and reached the screen, staring at it with some sort of serious disgust. His mouth curved slowly, and eventually his teeth grit like a wild animal’s. “And they call themselves the nation of peace…” he scoffed, looking back to catch sight of Areana staring at him, worried plastered onto her face.

He made a quick approach to her and took hold of her hands gently. “I’m not heading out there to get eaten by that thing.” he looked through his thick green glasses, to see he’d caught a small chuckle out of the woman. He kept his soft hold on her hands, and looked round to Rosetta. “How many do you want to send?”

The queen’s arms folded, her high heeled boot tapped on the ground while her view drifted up to the high green ceiling. She squinted, her tongue sticking out while she made a count on her fingers. “…Five.” she decided, suddenly putting them behind her back. “It might be a bit dangerous, but no more than a huge dinosaur!”

Areana shook her head with a silent chuckle at the words, watching Lylen slowly let go of her hands and smile at her softly before he wandered over to the big green generator, he tapped in a code, soon after five little Pixles slipped out of the machine, all looking amongst each other and bouncing on their spot happily.

“Pixles!” Lylen caught the attention of the little balls of energy, looking between them there was a green, red, black, yellow and brown in this set. “Get out on the battlefield and deal with these dinosaurs!”

The little group of five went back to happily bouncing amongst themselves before flying off through the door. Through the red, regal halls of the palace that never once caught their quick paced attention, they were quick to make it out of one of the palace’s windows. As if they’d taken this route a million times before. They never really had a set formation, they kept spinning and swapping places, though it seemed to be the red one of the set that stayed at the front.

They swiftly flew their way through the graceful nation of Ilpha, clearly not impacted by the beautiful sights around them, flying over the gate and into the daylight and forest. Trees only flinched as the small group of five flew through them, only occasionally brining a leaf off the trees.

They stopped someway through their journey, and gathered round in a circle. They bopped up and down as little squeaks came from each one, as if they were discussing something. They eventually banded off separately, the red Pixle flying right through the trees, looking around to spot what it was looking for.

It never took it long to spot some battle, between some regular soldiers of both nations, it shook itself up and released a large flare from itself and onto the fighting soldiers, the fire was hot enough to pierce through the strong armor that they wore, the pain in their cries and screams were definite. Much like the incident before, the Pixle didn’t seem to realize who it was attacking, so soldiers from both nations suffered the hit.

Though the Pixle left right after, as this wasn’t what it was looking for. It stayed at a quick pace like before, but halfway through its flight it was hit and sent flying off course. It smashed into a tree, hardly making a sound, though it felt the hit as anyone would. It slowly rose back up, shaking off to see if it could still see what hit it.

A purple haired woman with the purple ears and tail of a witch, staff out eager for battle, even some blood on it, though she was riding something. A sort of reptilian creature, spikes on its back lined just right for someone to be able to sit on it, leading from its shoulders to its tail’s tip. Its feet were fairly large and consisted of thick claws, the same brown as the spikes on its back and the horns on its head. Its base colour was a soft green, though its eyes glowed a soft pink.

The Pixle shook angrily, making chase on the witch and her dinosaur companion. It shook to charge again, releasing the devastating fire, only to have it thrown back by the witch’s magic, the little red Pixle simply faded, quicker than someone would see.

Omia tugged on the dinosaur to have it stop running for a moment. She looked around sternly, clearly on alert now. She looked up, then back around herself. She took a radio that was strapped to her dinosaur’s neck and pressed a button on it. “Ryley, it happened again. Fire, out of nowhere this time. Be on your toes and keep a keen eye out.”

“You got it!” the young voice spoke through the radio, though where he was at that moment was some sort of mystery.

Omia slotted the radio back into the pack, and patted the scaley creature she was riding on to have it start moving, but it walked this time. “Stay alert, W-03.” the witch instructed sternly, looking off to her side and staring at a point of the forest, that looked drenched. Trees were toppled, the grass was missing, the soil was still drying. She looked away from it soon after, feeling a shudder.

It never took long for W-03 to start running again, to take Omia into her next crowded battle, where she could help the soldiers of Ophida and slay the ones of Ilpha. Above them swept a close and much too familiar ally, though a shot of electricity followed, W-01 was carrying Ryley in flustered panic of the constant shocks throwing themselves at them.

The little yellow Pixle that followed them was keen to at least hit the patterned wing of the Pterodactyl, but just couldn’t land the hit with the constant dodging and panicky movements.

“01!” Ryley shouted out over the sound of helplessly riding one part of the sky, slightly shaking his companion. “Snap out of it, it’s okay! Just keep flying!”

From behind them and on the ground, a large and extremely powerful green light threw itself where the electric was coming from, the Pixle being lost in the blast without chance for anyone to see it disappear.

It was when she realized the electricity stopped that W-01 settled down, finally flying herself properly again. “Thanks, Omia!” Ryley waved off his comrade as W-01 took him on a swift flight just above the threes, shaking the leaves restlessly and making a lot of noise while doing so.

On what was probably the other side of the forest, W-02’s vicious massacre of Ilhpa’s high or lowly ranked soldiers continued, whether they were slaughtered with a bite, a stomp or a rough smack of the tail never bothered the colossal beast, he was just set on doing what he was sent to do. He wore a torso of armor, his tiny arms given small holes to get through, the armor never went past his stomach.

The guns, swords, everything just seemed to be doing nothing. W-02’s yellow glare met the eyes of a particular soldier, of tanned skin and straight, black hair. And obviously elven from the large, pointed ears. Though unlike the rest of the Ilpha soldiers, his armor’s secondary colour was black. And on his face, was a touch of neat, black facial hair. The man wasn’t intimidated by the beast at all, he simply folded his arms and wandered closer. “You’re quite lethal, aren’t you?” the man scoffed, a sly grin forming on his face. “Let’s see how you handle what you can’t hit.” the man approached, while the rest of the soldiers backed off and readied their guns and bows.

W-02 almost immediately charged forwards, turning halfway to get a swing of his tail in, though this mysterious soldier jumped a few steps ahead, onto W-02’s tail and running up it, onto his back. The dinosaur roared ferociously, rolling onto its side to throw the man off, before he got chance to roll over the soldier roared out a command. “Earth Pixle, now!”

The ground beside W-02 rose up and threw him over, smashing him through more trees then one could count, his slide to get up only broke a few more. His fierce roar came back, his reptilian eyes scanning his small surroundings for what might have thrown him off.

But, his violent instinct returned to him, he charged at the soldier that was giving him so much trouble again. The soldier grinned, dashing right for the dinosaur, while succeeding in stabbing a broadsword into his toe, being kicked off for miles and smashing through a tree.

W-02’s vision caught a glimpse of a small brown thing, floating about near him. He suddenly bit forwards, but barely missed it. Though it could never react in time for him to bite at it so suddenly again, he felt nothing crush in his jaws, but no longer saw what distracted him. Though, he soon found another distraction, and turned to a calling voice.

“02!” the voice was Ryley, just to be heard while fighting the sound of W-01’s huge blue wings flapping to stay in movement. “You’re on a massacre over here, tone it down a bit, kay?”

A lowly growl escaped the beast, he ended up wandering off into the forest, causing large thuds and crashes with every colossal footstep. Ryley shook his head, and tapped his ride’s back softly to signal her to land.

When she did, he dismounted her with a leap, looking around this devastated part of the forest. Looking around at the soldiers in bits, the trees thrown down, though glancing through the trees, he caught sight of the man in black armor. The sight of this particular man seemed to throw the shudder out of his system of all the corpses in bits around him.

He never said a word, Ryley stormed through the forest to reach the tree the man was recovering at, drawing one of his rounded blades and holding it’s blade as he usually did, what others might call the ‘wrong way’, and stuck the red blade into the tree, his arm resting on the man’s neck. “You should have prayed you wouldn’t see me out here…” Ryley scoffed, his words suddenly bitter. “…Dad.”

The man, Ryley’s father Kyler, only chuckled weakly, his entire body stuck to the tree that was hardly standing behind him. “Ryley…” he mumbled, even with a slight roll of the eyes. “Cut your old man some slack, will ya? Your big scaley friend just tossed him into a tree, after all.”

“He should have gotten a bite of you before I told him off.” the boy scowled, his voice still oozing with bitterness.

The two stared each other square in the eyes, the intense feeling of the moment rising with every second. “…But our battle won’t be today.”

“What’s the matter squirt, you scared?”

“Shut it!” Ryley responded by breaking his usual patience and allowing his anger to push at his father’s neck harder with his arm, his teeth bared like that of a wild animal. “I’ve got nothing to be scared of, looking at you!”

Though Kyler remained unshaken, he pushed himself from the tree to stand level with the boy. “…Now, tell me. What’s keeping you from fighting me right now, while we’re alone?” Kyler’s eyes drifted off to the blue dinosaur a few yards off, watching the scene with a tilted head, occasionally distracted by the piles of leaves scattered around it. “Well, almost alone.”

“You’re hurt.” Ryley answered bluntly. “I don’t want to kill you… I just want to beat some sense into you. What’s a fair fight if you’re hurt, anyway?”

“Hm…” He muttered lowly. “Very well. I guess I’ll see you later, I have some soldiers to help.”

“Don’t get hurt, or I’ll take it as you using excuses to avoid it.” Ryley’s words were near to emotionless, he turned to go back to his partner and didn’t even turn to watch his father slowly limp away from him.

“Thanks for the lovely goodbye!”

Ryley rolled his eyes, finally reaching his partner, and tapping her shoulder for a moment to grab her attention away from the insects crawling around on the tree beside her. “Sorry about that, 01. That guy and me have something to settle.”

W-01’s stare was blank, it was clear she wasn’t really aware what Ryley was trying to tell her. She simply squawked out happily instead, just happy that he’d come back instead of wandered off. Ryley chuckled with a short roll of his eyes. “Well, come on. I want to make sure 02 isn’t tearing down the forest!”

Chapter Five

The labs of Ophida were quiet, extremely so.

All the W0 series were issued out onto the field, and had been all morning, as it now drifted over to lunchtime. Making the lab even quieter, Roderick had fallen asleep on his main computer, seated on his chair, though fallen forward onto his keyboard, his head on its side trying to be comfortable and find some sort of ‘pillow’ on the large blue machine.

The main entrance door slid open quietly, Eevie stood on the other side. She wandered into the large and quiet lab and caught sight of her uncle, sighing and shaking her head.

She wandered closer, her rounded black shoes tapping themselves on the tiled floor, before reaching her carer and shaking him softly. “Roddy… Wake up!” she insisted quietly. He mumbled and groaned to resist, but she kept up the fight and shook him again. “Come on, get up!”

“Huh…” The sleeping scientist eventually pushed himself up, stretching out lazily, yawning casually and staring tiredly at his elven niece. “Hey, honey.” he mumbled, bringing up his robotic hand to rub his eye tiredly. “What time is it?”

“You should have been up hours ago!” Eevie pouted, stomping her foot and folding her arms. Unlike usual her voice was almost a scold, but it still wasn’t that threatening. “You stayed up again, didn’t you?”

Roderick was silenced by Eevie’s questioning, he sighed and held up his regular hand in surrender. “Yep. I did.” he admitted with a frown. “I just don’t feel ready to let myself rest yet, Eevie.” his arm dropped down onto his knee, he spun himself away from Eevie and went back to staring up at the large monitor in front of him, still presented with exactly the same footage he was reviewing the night before, of the sudden gush of water. “I still don’t know what it is.”

Slowly, Eevie approached her uncle further and wrapped a soft cuddle around him. “You won’t figure it out if you can’t use your head.” she whispered to him, with the softest giggle to follow. “Just trust me, get yourself sleep when you need to, you’ll be completely on par to keep looking the next day!” she nuzzled onto his ear affectionately.

“…You’re right, Eevie.” Roderick’s voice almost lost its tiredness, it was fairly well hidden by determination. He brought up a hand to gently hold the arms wrapped around him, looking up to see Eevie a little. “Want to stay with me today?”

“Mhmm!” she nodded eagerly. Though, after looking back to just see what in the large and blue lab was behind her, she let go of her uncle and stared to the other side of the room. “…Something’s beeping.”

Where she looked, stuffed away in a small indentation into the wall was a set of shelves full of all sorts of chemicals and even devices, but separating the two, in the middle, was a big, black machine, which was the culprit of the beeping sound.

It had a small green flash coming from it too. Roderick turned himself around and stumbled himself from his chair to come and get a closer look, he shook his head and tapped a button on top of the thing to make it stop beeping. “Just a little indicator, hasn’t gone off for a while!”

“Uncle Roderick?” Eevie stepped closer cautiously, staring at the mechanical noise-maker with deep confusion locked into her eyes. “What is it for?”

“Have you ever heard of the Mirror Realm? Been taught about it yet?”

“…No.” her head shook slowly, her green and curly hair finding a way to swish around while she did. “What’s that?”

Roderick chuckled at her innocence and current naive state, but knew he couldn’t just stop and not tell her anything about it. “It’s another Realm, just ‘beside’ ours. As its name suggests, it’s a mirrored version of our own world… But the thing about it is, both worlds it’s beside affect how it looks. So, it’s sort of like a mix between two worlds.”

“Does anyone live there, Uncle Roderick?”

“…I’m not so sure, actually!” he scratched his head with a small chuckle. “This thing picks up activity coming from this area in that world, and it’s beeping either means that it detected movement, or that the other world beside it has shifted…”

Eevie was now eager to learn more about the Mirror Realm, she was keen to know if there was people living there, and what they were like. But as she went to ask her next question, the doors to the lab loudly slid open, from the other side Omia stomped her way through until she came closer to the pair already in the lab.

“…Angry as usual.” Roderick mumbled with a scratch of his neck, he looked to the witch with a curious blink. “What’s up?”

“These little ‘natural disasters’ are getting outta hand, you need to figure out what’s going on here, smarty. I don’t think we’ve ever lost this many in so little time.” she huffed intensely, looking to his side to see Eevie, looking no more happy than she did before. “But to look on the bright side, Merlin’s awake. Still fairly weak though… I need someone to look after him.”

“I guess I’m not staying with Uncle Roddy today, huh…”

A hand reached onto Eevie’s shoulder softly, she looked to her side at the man that had put it there. “Don’t be too upset, Merlin needs you more than I do.” he smiled, patting her back softly. “Go on, if anyone’s good at looking after everyone around here it’s you!”

Eevie couldn’t help but smile at the encouragement, she nodded her head with a warm grin and made a confident dash off to the door… But, her curiosity got the better of her. Omia was always tense, but it felt like she hadn’t said something yet. She stayed at the doorway, in the brightly lit, clean and white halls of the Palace of Ophida.

She couldn’t entirely make out the conversation, it had gotten too quiet at this point. But she didn’t hear much she was very interested in, being so uninvolved with the war herself.

She almost hoped she’d bump into Ryley while she walked down the halls. Not only to make sure he was alright, but secondarily to ask him if he knew anything about the Mirror Realm, and if it had anything to do with the war. Though, it seemed that he was still out fighting, because she never even came across a trace of him as she traveled the lonely halls. They usually bustled with servants running all over the place, but since the war started they walked around much less, and even spoke amongst themselves a lot less.

Hopefully when the war was done and over, they’d all be back to normal. Happily dashing all over the palace to make sure everything was right, clean and safe.

After her shower of thoughts, Eevie pushed open a black door, slipping inside it and closing it gently. Turning into the room she saw a fluffy red carpet, red trimmed with a golden colour on the walls, and a large TV on the wall, with a long and black soft chair in front of it.

Right at the back of the room, under a window with closed curtains was a large double bed, with the red on the duvet and pillow cases that covered the rest of the room. Resting on the bed was Merlin, in a thin and dark blue robe. He smiled at Eevie as she wandered in. “Hey, champ.”

“Hi.” Eevie greeted softly, with a small smile to go with it. She wandered further into the room and to the bed, taking out a hand and receiving Merlin’s in return. “Are you alright?”

“Just peachy.” he answered with a chuckle, a small sigh escaping him as he allowed his head to fall back onto his pillow and left himself staring up at the ceiling. “Well, other than the aching and the headache.”

“Don’t worry, it’ll be okay.” Eevie placed her other hand on top of Merlin’s, sandwiching his hand between both of hers. She watched the pale green eyes look back at her, and a smile curl back onto the wizard’s face. “I’m gonna be looking after you today, after all!”

“Well, at least you won’t hit me for saying something stupid…” he joked with a grin. “Omia does that all the time!”

“I know she does.” Eevie giggled softly, shaking her head a little. She wasn’t really showing it, but it was painful to see Merlin in this state. He was still being himself, joking and smiling, but it was even clear that he actually had to try stay this way, he was clearly in a lot of pain. “Do you need anything?”

He suddenly looked a bit confused, as if trying to decide to himself whether he actually did need anything or not. He shrugged softly. “…Painkillers?”

“Haven’t you had any yet?”

“I was going to, but before she could give me any they called Omia off to go fight again.” he explained bluntly, and almost sounded disappointed. “…They’re right there, next to the convenient glass of water she left me too!” he looked across the room, in front of the long chair was a little table, with the exact pills and water he mentioned.

Eevie couldn’t help but giggle at his wording, and at how she found it quite cute that Omia had left him the glass in the first place, stepping across the fluffy and soft red carpet to get to what she was asked for and then coming back.

She placed the pills in Merlin’s hand and then gave him, in his free hand, the glass. “Thanks, kiddo.” he smiled honestly, counting the pills in his hands and dropping two into his mouth, swallowing them down with ease after taking a sip of the water. “Could you put them back?”

“Sure.” Eevie nodded, taking both of the items back from him and putting them where they came from. She came closer again and sat herself down on the soft and fluffy carpet. “Just go to sleep if you need to, okay?” she insisted with a smile. “You need to rest well in this state.”

“Hey, don’t worry about me, kiddo.” the wizard chuckled warmly, the concern shown for him was clearly appreciated. He sighed softly, and laid the back of his head back onto his big and soft pillow, staring up at the ceiling above him. “They dispatched the dinos today, didn’t they?”

Eevie nodded slowly, the thought of it was haunting. W-02, she loved the large and scaley beast with all of her heart, but she knew that he was extremely dangerous out of her presence without a reason to hold back his savagery. “And apparently… The same disasters as the one that hit you are getting worse, and even killing off more of our army…” she mumbled, her pointed ears flopped down and she stared down to her knees.

Hearing her words had Merlin shuffle restlessly, he wasn’t so sure how to comment. He pouted to himself, still considering that not even he knew what it was yet. “I hope Omia spills the beans to Roderick.”


“She saw something, right after we got caught up in that disaster.” Merlin sounded pretty eager about wanting his wife to say something to at least Roderick. “She never told me and Ryley though.”

Eevie brightened up a little, knowing that it was only right that she would tell Roderick, and that he’d be able to use that information to help him understand what was going on. “She will, she’s not dumb!” Eevie cheerily anticipated, a large grin curling onto her face. “But for now… Me and you need to focus on… Well… You!”

“I am pretty important.”


Just outside of the room, was the pitter-patter of tiny feet running through the halls, young princess Kyella was making a dash for her own reasons, and when she passed Merlin’s room and reached a corner, made a skid to reach around it. As she did, she managed to thud right into Roderick, while he was coming around the same corner.

He easily managed to support her to stop her from falling down and injuring herself on the hard flooring, though let out a jolly laugh as he did. “Woah,” he started, letting his laugh finish. “What’s the rush, Kyella?”

“Sorry, Roderick.” the princess’ mouth curved, she stood in front of the man and dusted herself off, before standing a little awkwardly. “I didn’t want to walk, like Dad always says.” she commented on the situation, only making Roderick laugh again. “Are you getting anywhere with that research?”

“Your mother just gave me some very… Interesting information.” he responded eagerly. “It’ll be very helpful when I piece together what it means.”

“…Then what are you doing now?”

The question seemed to embarrass the man a little, an arm reached back to scratch the back of his neck, and an awkward giggle escaped him. “I… I only recently got up, I need some afternoon breakfast!”

“…Oh.” Kyella sighed to herself shaking her head, but she did giggle a little since this meant that he’d performed his usual habit of staying up too late doing his work and research, and falling asleep uncomfortably at his computer, or somewhere in the lab. “Well, good luck with your research Roddy!” she cheered, before making another mad dash down the hall.

Her next dash managed to go uninterrupted, until she ended up back at the throne room and made one final slide to appear before the mighty king, her adoptive father Neomas. Though, rather than land in gracefully, she managed to fall and flopped into the throne room onto her face, and laid for a little bit before raising an arm.

Neomas sighed to himself hopelessly, before getting himself up from his throne to pick the princess back onto her feet. “Are you alright?” he asked, while the hopeless tone of the sigh remained with him, he was clearly concerned.

“Yeah.” the young witch confirmed with a slight grin on her face.

“And, what were you dashing around the palace for anyway?” Neomas asked, one of his thick and green eyebrows raising in his questioning. Though he did quickly notice a change in the girl’s mood, she’d formed a pout, and stared down at both of their feet.

“…Everyone else is doing all they can to help right now.” she began quietly, what would be a usually loud and peppy voice had gone extremely quiet and frail. “And I’m sat here doing nothing. I wanna help Dad… I’m sick of being so useless!” as she uttered her last words, she looked up at her father with watering eyes, and a quivering lip.

In a breath, Neomas tugged the girl into his arms, just as she began a soft sob, a slight sigh escaping him. “Kyella… You’re helping more than you know.” he heard only a mumble of her asking why, and knew that he had to go on to lift her spirits. “You are the very reason that many members of the army still fight. Especially your mother and your father…” he pulled away slightly to hold her shoulders and look into the large and orange eyes.

The girl sniffled, but stared back, starting to smile a little. “Your positive personality, your gorgeous look…” he began the praise before finding an easy way to conclude it. “You, they fight with your safety in mind. So really… You’re helping just by being you.”

This time she threw him into a hug, while still sobbing a little she was clearly doing so happily now. “Then… Then I better keep being me.” she giggled softly.

“Yes, you should.” the king chuckled, after she’d let him go he stood up and briefly looked around the large and fancy throne room, before looking back down at his princess. “Well, you seem to be lost on what you want to do… Why don’t you pick up a magic book and study for a little?”

The thought of studying definitely didn’t seem to appeal to her, but Kyella knew that there wasn’t much else that she could do right now. “I guess.” she shrugged. Though smiled up at the king one last time. “Hey Dad… Thanks for that! I needed it.” she winked at him innocently and made another of her mad dashes out of the throne room, whether she crashed into someone again or managed to fall onto her face was a mystery.

Neomas shook his head to himself, only thinking that he was glad to have such a lively princess at his side, and even to have one in the first place. Though losing his positive thoughts, he sighed to himself and wandered off to the side of his throne room, flicking through some curtains that hid a balcony, and staring out into the forest that had become the war’s battlefield.

“If only we knew how they were conjuring the disasters…” he mumbled to himself. “I’m certain that the W0 series is giving them as much Hell as we need them to right now, though…” from where he was he could see rustling trees, but could distantly spot the large beast that was W-02. If he were closer, it would be plainly obvious. His stare became some kind of desperate, only hoping that the tides would soon turn to Ophida’s favor.

Leaning into the next evening, the forest remained as war-torn as ever.

More trees falling victim to either being trampled by W-02, demolished by the disasters caused by the Pixles, or just savaged by the soldiers on the plains. No exception to this rule was Lylen, he was actually probably the worst of all of them.

A carefully lined and hidden set of explosives hid under the ground, and at the right moment the black haired man flicked at a button on his armor’s belt, causing the explosives to go off, and of course, soldiers and trees alike blowing to bits with them. He seemed pretty pleased with his work, though looking over his shoulder he saw a member of his own army staring at him unsurely. “…What?”

“Watch what you’re doing with those things,” the soldier warned and as he walked past threw a light smack on the back of the boy’s head. “You’ll end up taking half of us out the way you’re going with those!”

“Pfft,” Lylen rubbed the back of his head after his scoff, watching the armored soldier head further into the forest, and likely to his death. It wasn’t a fun job out here, using the explosives maybe, but not tearing people apart and watching soldiers head out just to end up dead, or fatally wounded.

Lylen sighed to himself, looking at where his last set of explosives had gone off, knowing that it would attract more of Ophida to come running to only the same fate as the last set. “If only I could catch the dinosaurs.” he mumbled to himself. He’d reminded himself that they were around, and started making his way through the maze of both destroyed and intact trees. Having to hop over some, and climb over others. Spread around was an occasional body, some weren’t whole.

Wherever he went he could hear the battle raging on, and a beep on his belt, letting him know that some of the explosives that he’d had planted were nearby. While he was a little crazy on using them, he did know to check who was near them, and in this case had to leave the opportunity since only llpha’s soldiers were around this area. This squad seemed fairly unharmed, which was a change.

They marched on together, being cautious and very quiet. The reasons were obvious, but still confused Lylen, he’d never seen a squad being so careful until now. They weren’t even trying to talk, only communicating through signals.

Though when one took a quick look to his side, nothing could prepare anyone for what lurked on this side of the forest.

Fairly close to Ilpha, the largest of the beasts protecting Ophida pounced out of a carefully chosen hiding space, not hesitating one bit to throw a chomp of his jaws at the soldier that noticed him, effortlessly tearing the armored body in half and swallowing half of it, the other half thrown away like a ragdoll.

The other soldiers knew nothing other than to attempt to kill the beast with the weapons they had, guns and swords seemed to be merely scratching the surface of this monster, it took another lunge to try bite another soldier, though this lucky soul managed to dive out of the way, and in the process threw a scratch of the sword across the creature’s already-scarred eye, causing it to bleed, and the beast to roar and stagger in pain.

“Get out while you can!” Lylen threw out the order as soon as he could, the soldiers never even tried to question him and made their run for it, Lylen knew his explosives were around here, he just needed the beast to step on them.

“Come on, you overgrown lizard…” Lylen muttered under his breath, drawing the beast’s attention by firing shots at it with a very small gun, he knew he’d angered it instantly and started to run. The signal on his belt beeped out its warning, and Lylen had reached a safe enough spot to set them off soon after.

As the beast trampled onto the right spot, Lylen flicked the button on his belt and watched the explosives come to life, engulfing the beast in a roar of smoke and explosive damage. He stood proudly, waiting for the smoke to clear and show him his reward for this on-the-spot plan.

Though through the smoke, the beast emerged almost unharmed, there were notable scars where the explosion must have hit hard, but for the most part it was fine.

Upon emerging, the dinosaur swept forwards to attempt to bite Lylen into its jaws, he threw himself back to avoid it but ended up helpless and on the floor at the point, having tripped on a toppled tree behind him.

He crawled as far backwards as he could, as the creature stared at him spitefully, it came in for what seemed to them both like the boy’s final moment, but another surprise slashed it in the face and staggered it to the side, it almost fell on the impact.

Armed with a large and bulky sword, it was Blaine to have swooped in at just the right moment, he looked off to his side and held out a hand to help Lylen up. Lylen never took long to accept the help, and get pulled to his feet. “Blaine, I…”

“You need to get out of here, this thing is too dangerous.”

Lylen knew that he couldn’t argue, not only was he stuck in this state of shock, but Blaine’s face and voice told him that this was no time to disagree; he was dead serious. Only a sigh to himself to resist, Lylen nodded, and climbed over the tree that had tripped him up before running off into the forest, away from as much violence as he could get away from.

Blaine watched his leave, and as he turned he saw the large beast bearing its gruesome fangs at him, clearly ready to pounce. Blaine was left in his usual emotionless state, holding the bulky red bladed sword in front of him. “Now, let’s see you play with someone more prepared for you.” he taunted slightly, the smallest smirk coming to him.

Knowing better than the first attempt, the large orange dinosaur swung round to throw a whip of the tail at Blaine, he managed to catch hold of it and hold on, despite the violent swinging to try and shake him off. He struggled in climbing onto the beast’s back, but before he could cause any damage or chip away at the armor on the beast’s torso, it rolled onto its back and crushed Blaine underneath itself.

The maneuver would have surely been fatal had he not been wearing the armor, though the move did cause a serious cause of aching pain to course through his whole body. When the dinosaur stood back up, he knew exactly what to expect, and rolled off to the side as it attempted to bite him while he lay on the ground.

Now on his stomach, Blaine only just stood himself up when he was swept into the animal’s next bite, this one catching his upper left torso. The bite wasn’t even at full strength yet and had pierced through the armor that had protected him from this monster’s full bodyweight, but the jaws were too strong for the armor, crushing through it without problem.

He could feel life falling out of the arm that was caught in the beast’s mouth, and couldn’t react any other way but to scream when the beast chomped down, though just as it did he forced his sword into its mouth, catching its upper mouth, the damage forced it to drop him, and stomp around in a panic with the bulky sword stuck in the top of its mouth.

Blaine’s arm dripped endlessly with blood, as well as his upper left chest. Though he knew he had to use this chance to flee, and that Ilpha had still failed to take down the main threat against them, even when Blaine tried to take it on.

His rush through the forest was fortunately short since the events that had taken place were so close to Ilpha. He could feel his steps getting weaker, every breath, his head spun more and more.

Reaching the large, protective and black gates, he was immediately welcomed with concern, the guards at the gate taking him off to a medical ward in the nearby palace as soon as they could. It was surprising that even in this rush, Blaine still managed to stay awake.

The ward he was dropped off in was nice, white and clean before he’d arrived to drip some red onto it. The beds were neatly sorted into two rows, a pale green duvet and pillow on each one. In the next room was an operating room, which could be seen by the wide window beside the door on the furthest wall of the room. The guards dropped him off, and as soon as they left a doctor wandered into the room.

This doctor was quite thin, a dark tone to his skin, messy black hair with a streak of blue in his fringe, rolled up sleeves of his knee-high white coat, underneath it the typical pale green scrubs that a surgeon would wear. His shoes were like slippers, his eyes were a bright green.

“My god,” the doctor started before he’d even got a proper look at the man. “What happened to you, Blaine?”

“…That dinosaur… The big one…” his voice was a mumble, and his stare locked onto the lifeless hand that sat on the bed in front of him, only continuing to mess the sheets up with more and more red. “…We had a scrap.” he sounded even more blank and lifeless than usual.

“I see.” The doctor didn’t sound impressed at all, but knew his duties, and sighed to himself. “Well, I better get this armor off you and wrap you up before you pass out.” he shrugged, beginning the procedure.

Though removing the armor was quite the task alone, he did manage, and then took no time at all to both disinfect the wounds, even with a painful grunt or two, and get the wounded man wrapped up. “Queen Rosetta is not going to like this.”

Blaine shook his head with the slightest chuckle. “She doesn’t like anything to do with this war…” he looked up slightly at the man, gaining the usual blank look he wore. “…Are you going to tell her, Keaton?”


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Two Sides

Neighboring kingdoms Ilpha and Ophida are entwined in various business trades, intended to live in peace. Tensions rise when King Neomas feels uncomfortable at the rule of Ilpha's new young queen Rosetta. The tension breaks into war when Rosetta declares war on the king, she believes that her sister wished for the kingdom to expand their land. To conquer. The war has raged on for a little while now... But the kingdoms are to be faced with odd things happening, even forcing them to team up temporarily to solve the issues. Will Rosetta learn to call off the war, before destroying the much-needed ties to the kingdom of Ophida?

  • ISBN: 9781370024858
  • Author: Rhiannon Dixon
  • Published: 2017-07-22 22:05:10
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Two Sides Two Sides