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Two Professionals

Two Professionals




By Hiranya Borah






Copyright 2017 Hiranya Borah


Shakespir Edition


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It is a fictional story of a ‘one night relation’ between a young lady professional and an old male professional where the young professional seduced the older one for the vested interest of the Company where she was working. She was able to make the old hack tow in her lines. But who had the last laugh? Please read the book to know what happened after that.

I thank all my friends and relatives for their encouraging words. I am thankful to my family members for their constant support. My sincere thanks are always due for Shakespir for their support.



Chapter I: Project Funding

A project for developing an infrastructure for a particular project was solely funded by our bank a few years back. The slow progress of the project due to some avoidable and un-avoidable circumstances caused a major headache for the Government and for the bank. A Parliament question on undue delay of completion of the project, prompted our bank to send a fact-finding team to the site of the project. I was selected to head the fact-finding team by our bank.

When the team led by me reached the airport of the state capital where the project was to be implemented, a team from the implementing agency joined us to explain their point of views on delay of the project. The nearest town of the project site was about five hours journey from the Air Port of the State Capital. A group of officers led by senior officers from the implementing agency tried their best to impress upon by us through all possible means. It was so blatant that one young officer of our group whispered at my ear, ‘I think there are many rotten eggs in their urn.’

I smiled; but did not say anything.

The agency had arranged accommodation for our team. Considering my seniority, I was accommodated in the best hotel available in the town. The hotel, though they claimed to be a Five-Star hotel, it was not better than a three -Star hotel of Delhi. The rest of the team was accommodated in a three-star hotel.

The actual project site was about ten KM away from the town where we were accommodated.

I was mandated to see only part of the amount funded by our bank.

Chapter II: The Friendly Young Lady

A friendly young lady, a member of the official delegation of the agency, approached me with her extending hand for exchanging a handshake. ‘I am Anurupa, Executive Manager looking after, IEC based at the project site for last three years.’

Shaking my hand with the lady I asked her, ‘What is IEC by the way?’

‘Sorry sir, I should have explained before you had asked what IEC means. IEC means, Information, Education and Cooperation among all the stakeholders of the project.’ She said with a glimmer of confidence.

In the next few hours, I noticed that she was taking extra care of my comfort once we have introduced to each other. She tried her best to develop an intimate relation with me as early as possible. I also encouraged her in her efforts; though I hoped, she did not know about my reputation as an old hack of having my inclination towards beautiful ladies from any class of society.

Chapter III: The Shortcomings in the Project


There were lot of discrepancies in execution of the project. The loan taken by the agency was not properly utilized. A stern action had to be to be taken against the agency. However, I understood, if I would point out all the discrepancies at the field itself, our lives might be in danger considering the fact that the town is infested by thousands of antisocial elements. The agency might be able to arrange a stage-managed attack on us blaming the antisocial elements. So I did not want to allow them to read my mind by the agency till I reach my HQs at Delhi.

The inexperienced young officer accompanying me told me in camera, ‘Sir, why you are not allowing us to point out the discrepancies we have discovered in their files!’

‘You enjoy their hospitality. You will learn many things in the process.’ I told with a arrogant smile in my face.

I saw anger in his eyes. He probably lost faith in me. He might be thinking that I had already been sold!

Chapter IV: The Discussion


Finally, we sat for our discussion with the senior management of the agency after scrutinizing some important files relating to the use of the funds provided by our banks.

In my opening remark, I told, ‘I am thankful to all of you for extending your cooperation in finding a workable solution to expedite the pending work. I understand the field problems faced by your agency in executing the project. My juniors will tell you some of their observations. But I assure you, those are not result of some fault findings on our part, but our efforts to find ways and means to achieve our common goal of completion of the project without further loss of time.’

I hinted that even if my junior colleagues would give some adverse observations, I would mend those in such a way that the agency would not face any unfavourable action from the bank. The senior management became happy to hear my assurance. The senior most officer of the agency whispered something to the young lady, Anurupa who all the time kept an eye on me for last two days. She left the room immediately, with a lovely voice, ‘Excuse me.’

Chapter V: The Party


After our successful discussion, the agency arranged a party in honour of the visiting team led by me. The party was attended by all the senior officers from both the organisations. As expected wine/ whiskey/ vodka flowed like water. Best of the dishes were served to all the guests. The beautiful lady took care of all my needs during the party. As I am not taking any hard drinks, I could observe every member of both the parties minutely. The inexperienced young officer of my team was seen in a cosy position with a young lady of the agency against whom he was emanating venom few hours ago. The other members of my team were also fully sloshed. I smiled to myself and uttered to myself, ‘God save this country!’

The party was over by 11-30 PM.

Chapter VI: The Unholy Compromise

The young lady offered me to drop at my hotel by her own car after the party was over, despite a car was waiting for me to take me to the hotel. My other colleagues had already left for their hotel as their hotel was a little far off from the hotel where the party was held. As most of them were fully sloshed, they needed helping arms of few ladies to lead to their cars. As I had not taken any hard drinks, I was fully aware what was happening around me.

My hotel was hardly one KM away, I knew, I could have gone by myself alone. But I was insisted by the young lady to come with her in her car. While driving, she said, ‘I am always attracted by middle aged men.’

‘But I am always attracted to young ladies only.’ I retorted.

‘Does it mean, both of us are converging towards a same point?’ She smiled mysteriously.

‘I also hope so.’ With a naughty smile, I told her.

Within five minutes we reached our hotel. She picked up my folder with some official documents and proceeded towards my room.

As we reached the room, she said, ‘I am so tired, I am not feeling like going to my quarters. It is about three KM from here.’

‘Is someone is waiting for you?’ I asked her.

‘No, I am staying alone. But I do not want to disturb you. You are also tired after a hectic day in the field.’ She did not show any sign of leaving.

‘I shall be happy if you stay back, instead of going to your Quarters driving alone at this time.’ I told her, showing some concern about her safety in my voice.

‘But I do not want to disturb you.’ She smiled without any sign of leaving my room.

I stood up from my seat and I slowly went up to her to take her in my arms; but not before putting off the lights.

In the early morning, she told me, ‘Sir, I am leaving before someone comes. I am coming again with a draft report at ten. You have to leave by eleven to catch your return flight. I shall remain grateful to you for giving me an opportunity to serve you well.’

Before I say something, she left.

When she came with the file at ten, I signed at the dotted line without even reading what was written on the papers. Once I signed the file, she said, ‘Thank you sir. Kindly forget what happened yesterday night! I am not a bad girl, but I am a true professional in my work. Unfortunately, probably you are not. I heard, experiences make a person perfect, but my experience of last night, gives me a different idea.’ She smiled triumphantly. I did not see her eye to eye.

The cars arranged by the agency dropped all of us at the airport much before time. Luckily flight was on time.

As all of us waiting for the boarding, we were so ashamed about our deeds and behaviour on the last night; none could see each others’ eyes.

After boarding the aeroplane I thought, ‘The young girl by the time must have understood that experience always matters in dealing with the corrupt persons. My sign on her document must have vanished by the time. She also must have realised why I put off the lights in my room before I took her in my arms. My subordinates will also realise why I am paid more than them. Hope, the young officer under me, will appreciate my patience to react at appropriate time!!’


The author is a Government servant and a man of vivid experiences derived from his official postings across the country, travels across India and numerous visits outside India. He is presently placed at New Delhi.


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Two Professionals

It is a fictional story of a ‘one night relation’ between a young lady professional and an old male professional where the young professional seduced the older one for the vested interest of the Company where she was working. She was able to make the old hack tow in her lines. But who had the last laugh? Please read the book to know what happened after that.

  • ISBN: 9781370312443
  • Author: Hiranya Borah
  • Published: 2017-01-21 18:35:10
  • Words: 2072
Two Professionals Two Professionals