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Two - A Notion Now Gone Blue


Two – A Notion Now Gone Blue

© 2016 Barbara M. Schwarz


Purple Eyes Publishing (PEP)

the value of knowing


ISBN: 978-1-910774-97-7


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On the front: “The dance of delight – steps to insight” 2016.


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Stop and start break your heart, natural flow now to impart – the arrow dart ahead to what originally lead – a little inkling thought – to see it as a sport and to race right through into an endless blue.



Two – A Notion Now Gone Blue


The wind whistled through

The cold felt blue

And you stopped what you do

To look at life anew


A notion now gone blue

The rut was frozen to

exasperations you renew

to see it all through


Beyond a post in ocean blue

you rhymed as if it were all true

the manner life now view

the element of you


The twist and sense to redefine

The dance that further

anodyne discussions

can design

a happier sense of time


and so you struggled to

equate with what you knew

with what the others do

when all around an ocean blue

cover now a sense of



dissolved to just one thing

how could you now distinctiveness

bring, when you saw it all so

connected – the arched alliance

so affected – and then stood there

corrected with what you simply saw


a notion that a simple fall

into an ocean blue

could be the end of you


and in a moment to refrain

to wonder now on earth’s terrain

I heard your voice speak plain

your spirit just the same

before you entered just to gain


a notion now gone blue

the time you seek to re-accrue

when memories flood back to you

of how you used to be

out in the open sea


what is your wish

your petri-dish

is not here anymore

however much you implore

you still hear the thunder roar

you still the ordinary explore


and then you start to see

there’s no dichotomy


Two – a notion now gone blue

that split your heart ‘into’

to feel the rush of life in you


the in and out exchange

the simple thing you rearrange


the inner outer vision

a life without collision

all now meld to one

entirety song


for how could you prolong

what you thought was right

or wrong, when you start to

see, great shifts in reality


a notion now gone blue

that the sea swept over you


a notion in despair

that you ever were lost

to fresh air


a notion now you see

that quite deliberately

is factional reality


Two – a notion now gone blue

that life would ever confound you


True – a notion now glue

a sense to see it through


The notion gone blue

It always takes two

when life tangoes with you !!!



Purple Eyes Publishing


It’s back and forth from south to north and then you start to see, you jig to life so free and life matches perfectly every little step with which you seek to re-connect a sense of flowing through – all image to renew – a sense of total blue – the ocean as a crew – to spring to life anew.


Two – a notion now gone blue – how energy accrue – you give a little bit and finally get the wit to let it all fly through to pastures grand and new.


Two - A Notion Now Gone Blue

Blue - the stop and start of you - the notion now gone true - that swept away all you do into a sea so blue - the sky became it too - the source of all renew - when reversed the blue that cascaded down on you - became a different thing: a fertile source with which to bring - colours to your Spring - in the all the listening you knew: two, was royal blue.

  • ISBN: 9781910774977
  • Author: [email protected]
  • Published: 2016-11-02 15:35:08
  • Words: 615
Two - A Notion Now Gone Blue Two - A Notion Now Gone Blue