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sketches from life & clips of dreams





by Sky D Sky






Copyright by Sky D Sky 2017



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Let’s make it clear at the beginning, I’m not philosopher nor poet.


In fact, I am nothing special, just an ordinary …


With an ordinary life.


But hey, sometimes I like to dive my head in the pillow and dream away.


Sometimes I just go to a nicer time in the past.


Sometimes, if I gather courage, I step into a better future.


However, I mostly just close my eyes and watch.


I look a little at myself, or imagine people around a little.


And that’s it …











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through the window

reflecting in her belly button

gleam of moonlight











shimmering stars

slip out from the pockets

waiting for the sun


on a road to nowhere

lighted trail behind














invisible imprints of time

his fingertips


We wait for a miracle to happen. Then miracle happens and suddenly ceases to be a miracle. So we start waiting for a new, real miracle. And so on…

I hope one day we’ll realize that we were the miracle every single minute of our lives.


along the road

shimmering in the moonlight

an empty bench







What you are you to me, I am to someone else, someone third is to you and so on. Maybe, I can’t tell this for sure, but sometimes it seems so, that we are here together only seemingly. Sometimes I think that we all live in our own worlds created silently on our own cushions. If I am wrong, can you explain how is that the words we said and that are engraved so deep in my memories never existed in yours? Oops, is it just me writing nonsense again?


on a photograph

veiled top of Mt. Fuji

for me unattainable

like the hat I used to see

on a head among the clouds




I don’t have tattoos

  • only on my heart


I always walk with my head up

  • despite the wind that may catch me unprepared


I believe


I believe in angels, dreams and numbers

  • I believe in everything


Still, I don’t trust anyone


I write

  • to myself


I talk with me often

  • in my dreams

  • about the dreams


I write numbers

  • on the boards and on the pictures


Wherever I go, I send postcards

  • to the Universe


Stretching my thoughts I can reach the clouds


Searching for myself I travel through the distance and time

  • slowly, defying the fear of flying


circles in a puddle

over the fence

infinite blue

“Good evening, teacher and Merry Christmas!”, I heard an unknown male voice behind my back while I was staring at the refrigerator full of milk and cheese.


I turned around. Two guys, two very well-known faces were standing there, smiling at me.


I know one of them. He was a student in my school few years ago and I remember him from the hall. I felt that there was something strange in their combination so I was confused, especially because I couldn’t recognize the other, who (I strongly felt) should be more important to me.


I didn’t hide my surprise but I tried hard to mask my confusion making a wide smile with a question: ” So, how are you? It was so long time, as if we haven’t met for the centuries.”


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  • ISBN: 9781370903771
  • Author: Mish D Sky
  • Published: 2017-06-04 02:20:12
  • Words: 4297
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