Today I address American citizens who are members of the Ku Klux Klan, are neo-Nazis, those who sympathize with these groups, or similar hate groups. While my speech is directly aimed at this small cult of the American citizenry, my message is meant to resonate with all who have ears to hear, whether they be Republicans or Democrats; conservatives or liberals; the left or the right; Christian, Jew, Muslim, other; atheist or jihadist.


In the wake of the terrible tragedy of Charlottesville, however, I am compelled to address hateful Klansmen, neo-Nazis, and racists, many of whom claim to support the Republican Party and me. If you support me, if you place any weight or substance upon my words, then heed those I am about to say to you.


My message is simple: submit to the Lord Jesus Christ. Bow down before Him, humbly take to both knees, and beseech your Maker to forgive you your trespasses, and in your hearts forgive all those who have trespassed against you. Ask the Lord thy God to enter your hearts and give you the strength to do this thing, which many of you have hereto now not had the courage or strength to do on your own. Pray with all your heart and soul that hatred is replaced by love; that kindness is replaced by strife.


To those who for whatever reason are repelled by the words of Our Savior, I can only say that I am unable to articulate or say loudly enough how little I care if you do not like it. Open your hearts too and experience a miracle. I am not judgmental, but all people will be judged. All people will serve somebody. It is far better to be punished on this Earth than in the next, for on this Earth there is still time for forgiveness. If punished in the next life, there will be no forgiveness.


I am a sinner and a flawed man with many idiosyncrasies. The Bible tells of many flawed men and women – sinners, prostitutes, tax collectors, murderers, adulterers, persecutors, liars – who were still children of God and did His will. If Saul of Tarsus, who literally persecuted Christ’s followers and may have murdered the martyr St. Stephen, could be called upon to become St. Paul, one of the Bible’s greatest heroes, maybe an arrogant, narcissistic, billionaire white businessman from New York could lend a voice of prayer for these modern troubled times.


Stranger things have happened.


Some years ago I listened to a historian catalogue the Communist agents inside President Roosevelt’s White House, and then add, “Republican Nazis could not be found walking on the Earth.” Yet here we are in 2017 facing up to the fact that neo-Nazis somehow find identification with a Republican President.


I have news for you: you are not Republicans. You certainly are in need of a history lesson. The Nazis were not “right wing.” The media constantly refers to the “right wing” and infers racism. This is more fake news. William F. Buckley and Ronald Reagan were right wing. Barry Goldwater, a moderate by today’s standards, was called an “extremist.” The fact is that the Nazis were big government Socialists, which of course is not the right, but the left. They definitely did not ascribe to conservative principles of rugged individualism and a small government that stays off people’s backs. Many of your grandfathers fought the Nazis, with the great George Patton and Omar Bradley, from North Africa to Sicily to Italy to France to Belgium to Berlin . . . and beyond. The “Eddies” who stormed those beaches, pillboxes and mountain redoubts were often small town kids, not elite city dwellers. They were Christian kids who were doing God’s work. Most of the great generals who defeated Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan were Republicans who opposed Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal, but they obeyed their commander-in-chief because they were patriots.


It was the Republicans, not the Democrats, who ushered in the Civil Rights Act. President Dwight Eisenhower offered this legislation in 1957. The Democrats, led by Senator Lyndon Johnson, shut it down. It was only with Republican votes that it passed in 1964-65.


The Ku Klux Klan and its evil offshoot, Jim Crow, were inventions of the Democratic Party. This is not ancient history. Many of them are alive today, and are the ones who shut down Ike’s legislation, and opposed the GOP seven years later. Bull Connor and the policemen hosing down African-Americans in the streets of Birmingham were all Democrats in the 1960s. If you oppose liberal Democrats, why join their most notorious organization?


Plato originated the concept of “political science,” in which men could be trained in a “right way of thinking” and become professional politicians. He was never able to create a mathematical construct that determined just who thought the “right way” and therefore should be a professional politician, and therefore it was not until America’s Founding Fathers came around that the Greek experiment of Democracy formed “a more perfect union” in these United States.


Yet a mathematical construct is available; one that shows that racism is wrong and it is conservatism that is superior to it. In all the years many rural citizens of the Old South lacked education, lived in poverty, and were ignorant, they voted Democrat. Beginning with the creation of the Tennessee Valley Authority, bringing electricity, roads, schools and knowledge to these people, by the 1970s when they were no longer as poor and no longer ignorant, they started voting Republican. Today, with the Internet, in a fully modernized society, it is the South that has risen again, its cities models of urban planning, its region a melting pot of people who respect each other. Recent demographic shifts demonstrate that today African-Americans are leaving Northern cities in droves and moving to Southern cities run by Republicans. That is called voting with your feet. This can be credited to Ronald Reagan and the GOP, who husbanded the South into the mainstream of American society.


If you are a Klansman or neo-Nazi, in the South or anywhere else, you certainly are not part of this tradition. You are a throwback, but I have good news for you. You can be redeemed. You need not be deplorable. Ask God to redeem your sins. Change your ways. Become the best you can be, then return to the big tent of the Grand Ol’ Party. We will welcome you with open arms. As for now, we do not condemn you as deplorable beyond help, but the ball is in your court.


We must understand what is happening today in order to overcome it. The elites of the New York Times and Harvard University may laugh at this theory, but it does not matter whether they agree. It only matters that what I say is the well-known thing that is known by millions and millions of people . . . who know things.


This is the fact that we are part of a great cosmic struggle between good and evil, God and Satan. Both of these entities do involve themselves in the affairs of man. Since the publication of Jean-Jacque Rousseau’s Social Contract in the 18th Century, coming on the heels of the Protestant Revolution, the devil, seeing a new Promised Land called America forming to overcome all he had meticulously done for centuries – Dark Ages, despots, authoritarianism, war lords, idiot kings, plagues – made his play. To counter our successful Revolution and brilliant Constitution, he scourged France with the Terrors, killing priests and noblemen on the bloody guillotines.


As Democracy succeeded, the devil tried to poison it with slavery, but America is where slavery came to die. After the Union prevailed, slavery ended as a free market capitalist enterprise between civilized nations. Today there are still millions enslaved, oddly and ironically virtually all of them in nations run by people of color. What an anachronism! But did God truly favor Abraham Lincoln and the Union? In 1861 if a man said that in four years 600,000 whites would die so blacks could be free, he would have been laughed out of the room, yet that is precisely what happened in real life. An act of God? Yes, an act of God, on American soul.


Today the Klan and the neo-Nazis despise Abraham Lincoln. In so doing you are like the many Old Testament enemies of Israel who God literally determined to be His enemies, and in miracle after miracle opposed in favor of the Chosen People. The Klan has long tried to hi-jack Christianity to justify its evil, just as Islamic Jihad hi-jacks an honorable religion to do the same. Right now you people are no better than the jihadists you claim to hate, even persecute, but again, you can be redeemed. Turn from your sins. Accept love.


As for all you geniuses who flash Hitler salutes, let me inform you that the National Socialists were not Christian, they were Norse mythologists following a man-made Valhalla construct no more real than Venus or Zeus. If you do not believe me, read of Dietrich Bonheoffer, a great Christian who opposed Hitler at all costs, including his own life. Public schools may teach of global warming and the racism of whites, but books on Bonheoffer are still available in America unless the left decides to burn them along with crosses on soldier’s graves and statues of great generals.


Yes, the beat goes on. America made the world safe for Democracy. America defeated Hitler. America deposited the Soviet Union into the “ash heap of history.” America led a technological revolution so that today a native in the deepest jungles of Africa can hear the word of God.


Was all this just an accident, a blip of history? Many feel America is an immoral, unjust country that has stolen all it has from the dark-skinned and impoverished of the world, yet a man with $1 million cannot steal $100 million from a man with $100. If America was so racist, how come except for perhaps Nelson Mandela, the 100 most famous, influential and well-respected black people in history were practically all American citizens? Yes, you are scratching your head thinking who I am missing. You are still scratching your heads, because they are virtually all Americans, from Booker T. Washington to Jackie Robinson to Barack Obama.


So in case I have not made myself perfectly clear enough, if you are a bona fide Klansmen, neo-Nazi, are a like-minded sympathizer, you do not have a friend in me. Become a Christian, change your heart, and then you will find I am your friend. Do as George Wallace did when he went to Dr. Martin Luther King’s old church and asked the black parishioners to forgive him. Heal thyself. God will provide the balm.


Now, I have a message for the great silent majority in America, of all colors. There is nothing that makes a white person who is not prejudiced madder than to be called prejudiced. It was this dynamic, this accusation that you are “deplorable” because you are white and conservative, that drove my 2016 election victory. You can be a white person who opposes affirmative action, Barack Obama and the tearing down of Civil War statues, without being a racist, yet a news commentator who I will not advertise by announcing his name actually said that while I said there were some “fine people” opposing the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville, his network “could not find any.”


There were no “fine people” among the crowd of whites, according to his brilliant analysis. This is part and parcel of a paradigm shift in America, in which white Christian males are fair game for the liberal media, Hollywood, foul-mouthed “comics,” the elite intelligentsia of academia, public schools, and so many other places.


Let me give some examples the news media probably thinks are too true to allow people to know about. Two areas of society in which African-Americans are able to make their swiftest upward trajectory of success are the military and athletics. Conservatives dominate both. Most military and enlisted personnel vote Republican. Who is fairer and offers more opportunity to African-Americans than college and professional football and basketball coaches?


This is the ultimate affirmative action. These men, who by all anecdotal evidence are by a large margin conservative and white, actively seek out African-Americans who they invite to be part of their organizations, and are given tremendous opportunity, free education and a chance at a successful life. The relationships formed by these middle-aged white men and young black men are often described as being like fathers and sons.


This is not simply a patriarchal white-black relationship; it plays out on both sides in the form of great black coaches and mentors playing positive roles in the lives of young white men. Ask any white football player who has played for the great David Shaw of Stanford, or ask white stars like Bryce Harper of the Nationals how he is influenced by Dusty Baker, who has been managing players of different colors and ethnicities for over two decades. We see these examples in the military, in the police force, and in a million other enlightened areas of our daily lives.


These people remain a part of each other’s lives for as long as they live. This is love. This is America.


But the rest of society is too often political. The left says the right are racists. They know this is not true, but of their own free will they . . . say it anyway. Instead of focusing on solutions for America, they put up false narratives like the removal of Confederate war statues, or the lie that most white cops are racists. Look around your large cities. Many cops are not even white. This is something the Taliban does, the Nazis, Mao Tse-tung’s China during the Cultural Revolution, Pol Pot in his ridiculous “Year Zero” purges, or even in today’s North Korea.


They say that just because you oppose the removal of one of our beautiful statues, that makes you a Nazi or a Klansman. In today’s culture; in Hollywood, the liberal media, left-wing politics, among foul-mouthed comics, in academia and public schools, white Christian males are the last targets, “fair game” for any evil, unhinged barb that can be thrown at them. Then they wonder that white conservatives express frustration and anger at these lies. They do not actually wonder. They do it on purpose to try and get whites to become violent. Perhaps it is God’s greatest gift to man that he has infused these embattled souls to remain peaceful all these years.


What is perhaps even more disturbing is that so many whites allow themselves to be targeted, as they genuflect before the god of political correctness and self-hatred. Trust me, if you hate yourselves, the rest of society will follow. Africans, Jews and many other races can verify this tragedy. Yet their manhood, their American heritage, their birth right is taken from them as they just idly stand by and let it happen.


The left utilizes the worst tactics of the 1960s protest generation, which was then and is now fueled by Marxist organizations. Just read Barack Obama’s own book, his paean to Saul Alinksy, who praised Satan in his book. They tell us Adolf Hitler told the world in Mein Kampf what his plans were. These books told us what their plans were, but Charlie Rose and Tom Brokaw told us they did not know what Obama was all about. Well I did. Today Marxists like George Soros fund groups like Black Lives Matter, the Antifa movement, and Occupy Wall Street. All they do is polarize and tear down, burn and destroy. This has been the Marxist tactics since “Red Emma” Goldman during World War I. These people use our laws and freedoms against us. Groups like Acorn and Planned Parenthood use the cover of “social services” as cover to talk poor black women into aborting their children. It is not a coincidence that African-American birth rates are declining.


Learn your history. Planned Parenthood was started by Margaret Sanger and the KKK as a legal means to eliminate the black race from American shores, along with homosexuals and the feeble. It was the inspiration for Adolf Hitler and Mao’s genocides.


What a few decades ago would get a person thrown in jail for treason during the Cold War is now the accepted politics of the Democrat Party. These new rioters, Antifa, Soros’s Marxist goon squads, are just Bolsheviks and Marxists under a new disguise. Disgraced by history, beaten by the good and the decent, they re-appear as does the devil, in a new uniform, with a different appearance . . . but always on the side of evil. Communism did not really “lose” when the Berlin Wall came down; it just morphed into new left-wing causes like racism and “global warming.” What is its result? A better life for African-Americans, who are kept in eternal states of victimhood, left to die in “gun free” zones run by liberals, murdered in genocidal numbers in Obama’s Chicago, and other urban hellholes?


No, Communism, Marxism, Bolshevism; whatever pejorative you wish to call it, never dies because the devil never dies. It calls all that is good evil. It must be opposed.


So if you are of the far left, perhaps my words will reach into your hearts. If so, congratulations, you will have taken the first step towards becoming a real human being. You never supported me and I don’t expect that you will, however. But the neo-Nazis, the Klansmen, the David Dukes of America, you who do say you support me, who say you are Republicans, let me again reiterate that I do not seek your support and I am not your friend.


How dumb are you to even think it possible I side with you? My own daughter converted to Judaism and is married to a Jew. I am an avowed admirer of Israel and a rock solid supporter of Benjamin Netanyahu, let the media lies and stupidly say I give you a “dog whistle.” I do not know if that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard . . . but it probably is.


No, I am not your friend, but you are not irredeemable. You can be saved, forgiven and justified, just as was Saul of Tarsus. The truth shall set ye free. Accept Christ, turn from your old ways. You call yourselves superior? Then do something superior. Make a superior product that your fellow man wants, needs and is willing to pay for. You live in America, the center of capitalism. If you cannot achieve such a thing here, well you may not achieve it anywhere. Invent a superior product. Make superior grades. Run a superior business or a superior charity.


I conclude by quoting from Psalms and John Wooden’s “Pyramid of Success.” Every morning state, “This is the day the Lord has made.” Pray that on this day you will do that with which is acceptable in the eyes of God. Drink deeply from good books. Do something daily to help another person, often a stranger.


Open your hearts as the slave trader who became a Christian did, and you will find that where you are now blind, then you will see.


Thank you, and may God bless America.
























This is the speech President Trump should make.

  • Author: Steven Travers
  • Published: 2017-09-07 23:20:14
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