Trump, Obama, Hillary and the Beast

This book is about Revelation, Armageddon, Islam, Donald Trump, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. It explores the relationships among these subjects and how world events are affected. Two great battles are described in Revelation. One is the physical battle commonly known as the Battle of Armageddon. The other battle is spiritual. This is the battle of Good versus evil; or Satan’s attack against God. The time has arrived where God has lost his patience against this strengthening attack from many directions. That battle fast approaches. God’s battle against evil is with a two-edged sword as he rides the white horse of conquest. This two-edged sword suggests the physical battle and the battle of faith. God will prevail in both cases. In that process, however, there will be times of tribulation and horrors. In our current situation, certainly Donald Trump will be the leader who will defeat the evil physical enemy on the battlefield. This book describes how Donald Trump will likely be directly involved in this battle. It also describes and identifies the three beasts of Revelation and how they are related to Satan in his quest to defeat God. He will fail. When you read the information in this book including the 35 specific articles you will understand all those involved in the war and why the outcome must be the way it is. Probably the greatest surprise is the unveiled identity of Babylon the Great.

  • ISBN: 9780463498149
  • Author: Will Clark
  • Published: 2018-10-27 17:45:06
  • Words: 42333
Trump, Obama, Hillary and the Beast Trump, Obama, Hillary and the Beast