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The Devil in every Angel

Daniel Olas

Copyright 2015 Daniel Olas

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With deep sense of appreciation, I wish to put forward my sincere gratitude to the following: Benjamin King, Kristine and Meecko; whose picture had been used in the book cover. Thanks to Nehemiah whose support I really enjoyed through the cause of writing this book. And to many whose name could not be mentioned. However, and above all, my appreciation goes to God for the inspiration.

This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance of character and places and events is coincidental and should be treated as such.

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Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

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“Tomorrow, I won’t be here again, the beast in me must be transmuted to keep the spirit of the dark eyes alive. This time, the sole mission is to maintain peace in the campus. In the past, we’ve caused havoc a lot; we’ve wrecked so many things and have sent so many souls into the world of shadows. And so, I want that same ‘we’ to bring peace and order back to the university.” I paused to caught breathe as I now feel being suffocated due to long moments of talking. To my right, is a young boy of nineteen sitting very close to me; filled with terror as he cuddled his knees to his bosom.

We are just eight in the room that confines us against the realities and all of us share almost the same pathetic story of survival through violence. Being the last to get confined, I was told to share my own story of reality as I may not have the least chance to share it again or go back to the real world.

In this dark room, darkness serves as an escape from the wicked but real world. The room that knows no sunlight; that allows not a fresh but stale air resulting from the long years of staying unkept. “The ‘aroma’ of sweet and fresh urine would be better than the one we breathe in as at now!” I had said last night when discussing the state of the room with one of my inmates.

Corruption lurks in every nook, but I’ve never thought it could be found in a place that is confined from the reality. I believe, reality is a door with a monster behind it and everyone has a door to unlock and a monster to wrestle with. I had wrestle with the exploitation monster in my own way that defies the laws of the land. And for those periods of battle; fighting to get freed but getting deep in the war, I’ve damned and deleted the word justice. I justified myself and that’s what that matters most to me.

Echoes of voices brought the crying of a new born baby. “From where?” All of us have asked each other in bewilderment. This must be the very height of wickedness, I’ve thought earlier. Thinking that a pregnant woman was also imprisoned. How wrong was I when I later learnt that, the lady; not yet a woman—but now a one—was a victim of rape by some prison warden!

So I concluded, there’s no place freed from the vast influence and tentacles of corruption. Even the law keepers are not justified. I have no words to describe them than the one I called ‘the holy devils, the corrupted angels!’ and so, I wasn’t remorseful for being here after all, I’ve came, I’ve seen and I’ve ultimately conquered! “Veni, vidi, vici!” our history lecturer would say after each day’s lecture.

I once read a poem that says prison is the most peaceful place to die. I had taken the poet to be a nincompoop but until I had spent months in here, waiting for a day like tomorrow; I’ve never realised the gospel and naked truth in his line. Exactly twenty months ago, I was the most gruesome undergraduate, a terror personified. With no parents again and the two most important people in my life killed, I only had the faces of those who wished me death during the period of my trials in the court. And when finally I was sent into this place with a verdict of death by hanging, nobody bother to wail, instead, all were smiling and congratulating each other on a job well done. And by tomorrow, none would bother to wail or throw themselves on the floor. It’s normal to see people leaving this place and never returning. You are either freed or condemned. “What a peaceful death!” How I wish just like me, everyone would know the day they would die and how they would die. That is just a reality that every man must try to be cognizant with but I bet, none, who’s sane would try to venture into what I did just to know the in-depth of this important reality—how and where am I going to die?

Before I could know all these, I had to dine with kleptomaniacs, walk with the bad guys, and drink in brotherhood with the dark world… I had to kill my worst enemy—fear! However, this wasn’t on my personal decision because, as a sane person, trying to be the normal human almost everyone is, I was afraid of opening that particular door not to talk of wrestling with the monster behind it.

I don’t care about mystical powers and some cosmic mysteries. What’s my own with killing my worst enemy when I’ve read one hundred and one books on how to manage your fears and stay successful. All I want is a successful career, to live to the dreams of my parents who’s last prayer was that I become a social figure, famous wealthy and a force to reckon with in the society, a lover of justice and God fearing! Unfortunately, it was the opposite; a change of destiny! I was famous, I wasn’t poor when I was the sub alpha of the Dark Eyes, and I was a force, in-fact, a beast to reckon with.

“But before I transmute the beast in me…” after a long pause, I continued. “…I would like to share my own story with you, the transmutation story of a sheep to a wolf, human to a beast, an angel to a demon. I’m going to tell you a story that draws the line between self-administration of justice and murderer, the tiny line between silence and violence, peace and war…”

“You already know my name to be JD, it’s a name acronym—my frat name—that actually means Johnson Dayo; known as Jaydee the sub-alpha, some twenty-two months ago. I’m just twenty-one years of age and oh… I will be twenty-two tomorrow!” I chuckled.

“The only son of my parents, they are late now and…”


“Larry, I just can’t still believe this is happening to me!” that was my first word as I banged the door opened meeting Larry on the bed glued to his phone. Still on my feet, looking at Larry sternly but he seems to be oblivion of my horrifying look.

“And what happened?” Larry said nonchalantly and still working his fingers on his phone. Normally, I would have snatched the phone from him and threaten to break it to draw his attention but Larry is not a guy you can threaten with such, he’s a tough guy; never worried about things that does not worry him.

He’s older than me with two years and in his third year studying Law. He’s fair in complexion, an oblong face with a pointed nose and his lips—extra red—to describe the redness of his lips. Often times I wonder if truly, this Larry is not a Lebanese but his accent and his surname proves him to be a true Nigerian. He’s often teased to have started kissing the very first day he was given birth to. His hair are not that black, in the sunlight, its golden to the eyes but in a dim place with penetrating light, its pale in colour. ‘The boy with a pale-gold hair’ is another way to describe him. He’s jovial and very humorous, though it has caused him a lot of misfortunes. Just two weeks ago, his girlfriend broke up with him because she did not find Larry’s joke funny and she took it personal. All pleading afterwards fell on deaf ears. Since then, Larry has moved on, he’s ladies’ man. He doesn’t have to stick to one Miss hard-to-get kind of a lady. His fairly robust stature with his tallness struck a wonderful balance that leaves every lady to look at him again and again. That’s all I knew about Larry at least physically and for a very long time, I believe I knew everything about this ‘dude’ until…

“Is that all you will say?” I said calmly now sitting on the downside of the bed.

“That’s all bro, since you haven’t still tell me what happened to you!” Larry said raising his head from his phone to and for the very first time, catches a glimpse of his worried friend.

“Okay!” I said, re-positioning myself and facing Larry who’s now half-conscious of my worried state.

“This afternoon, as I was returning from the campus, you know that corner before you get to the old library building?” That was a useless question, but in fact I was trying to make myself clear. Larry has being in the campus before I got admitted; what’s the use then of asking him such question. Ignoring his snub, I continued.

“Three guys crossed me there with their white berets and collected my phone, my wristwatch and my wallet. They only threw my I.D card, A.T.M. card and an empty wallet after emptying the valuable content in it!”

“And what did you do?” Larry cut me short dropping his phone and putting on a stern face

“What the heck did you expect me to do?” I answered him almost immediately his question came out.

“Get up! Get up!! Get up!!!” Larry said, standing up immediately; pocketing his phone, moved to the wardrobe, brought out a beret—a green one—and gave it to me to wear and also tying a green handkerchief round his head.

“What’s all these? What am I using a beret for?” I said totally confused now.

“Doyou still need your phone and your stuffs back?” Larry asked tying the knot of the handkerchief at the back of his head.

“Of course!” I said soundly.

Ignoring my reply, he took a small bag that’s always carried at the shoulder, I saw him putting one thing inside but before I could see it, he has already sealed the bag, hanging it across his shoulder so that the bag sags down at the right.

“Then, you have to follow me now, do what I want you to do and don’t act cowardly.” He said and started making for the door. Before I could tender any other excuse, Larry is already out and making a phone call.


“Larry! I can’t believe you are that bad. A cultist for that matter!” I said as I closed the door behind me that night. Feeling so weak and exhausted, I crashed on a chair that serves as reading chair paired together with a table in front of it with textbooks and lecture notes littering the half top of the table.

That afternoon, after wearing the green beret, Larry and I took the bush path behind the administrative block, later some other three guys wearing green berets as me joined us without uttering a word. We kept going until we reach a rough road—a dusty one—where other two dusty roads joined it, A T-junction. We waited there for almost thirty minutes before seeing some figures emerging. Immediately they were visible, I recognised them to be the three who had collected my stuffs earlier that afternoon.

Immediately they came close, they stopped; not uttering a word but wearing a hard face.

“Give back to him all you’ve collected!” Larry ordered!

Na command be that or na request?” The first guy and probably the boss among the three spoke out coming closer to Larry.

I was filled more than ever with terror and fear. I was fidgeting and panicking.

“Skinny; Larry began addressing their boss. “For this cabal, E don tey wey I don dey warn you” Larry said pointing his index finger and shaking his head. “Your fuck-ups don too much for me to bear. I don dey keep am, but e be like say, you wan taste my wrath. Before I change the parol now, give am all you don collect and mo we dey go peacefully!”

Tarh! One of them shouted! For where? For this movement oh, we no dey drop anything wey we, the White Eagles don collect. So, clear road mo we dey continue our journey.” He said and withdrew back.

Praggy! Na who blend you? Na Skinny? Na who blend Skinny? No be them Dark Eyes? Who Skinny be? No be traitor? Wetin dey happen to a traitor? Larry asked rhetorically

Na die!” The other three replied.

Oya, suck their blood!” Larry said and turned back

I’ve heard it countless time; I’ve never witnessed it before in my life where a human is being stabbed to death by a fellow human. Larry face was down while the gruesome murdering was going on. I saw all with my eyes opened in terror. Skinny, their boss was stabbed at the centre of his head, at his heart; he didn’t last thirty seconds before he died. The other three were stabbed simultaneously in their stomach and was left to die also. Of all these; one thing drove me insane… they sucked their blood!

“Nice one! One of Larry’s guys said after sucking the boss’ blood. “Chai! Fresh blood!” the other guy said cleaning the blood stain in his mouth

“Dark Eyes!” Larry said raising his hand with a shinning dagger and his face down.

“We see everything!” The other three chorused

“Its 3-0. That’s the scores. Brothers? Good day!”

“Good day boss!” The other three said and made for different directions. Larry, for the first time raised his head and started going without uttering a word save for my stuffs that he handed over to me. I had to start running after him as he increased the speed of his movement. I caught up with him only at the bar where he had gone to drink to calm the beast in him.

I had wondered why he wouldn’t go home straight but did not ask him. I got the answer when I got to the room and observed that all the whole places has been scattered, most of our clothes has been carted away! They came for him and thank goodness, he did not go home straight.

“Did you just call me a bad guy? Larry said looking at me sternly. Now I was fear-stricken, because I’ve come to know who exactly Larry is.

“No… n…o…no!” I stammered. “I was…”

“Did you not have your phone back? Your wristwatch and your money? And I still look like a bad guy? If you’ve called me Robin Hood, I wouldn’t have bothered but a bad guy?

Now, Larry is being jovial again!

“Oh sorry! Never knew you were Robin Hood of this campus!” I said giggling… Giggling with terror! Larry chuckled.

“Here in High Hills, I mean in this very campus, one thousand of them White Eagles no fit do anything to me!” “Why then did you run? Why didn’t you come home straight?” I said feeling relieved a bit.

“You would have being dead by now!” Larry said re-arranging the wardrobe. For some minutes I was silent. Realizing the naked truth in what he said, I knew Larry must be one witty bad boy, he saved my life. Actually, he might be immune against White Eagles attack but I’m not and again, I would be the sole target if they should attack us in the room.

“You are right!” I said giving the green beret back to him.

“I know! I know I look like a beast, like a devil this afternoon, that’s just the spirit of Dark Eyes” He closed the wardrobe, putting one leg on the bed; he continued—

“In this campus lies the reality. Out there, there’s no reality but a total fantasy or a paradise you may want to call it. This place builds you up for the coming war. You don’t need to look for the world, the world is here; it’s a universe in a city! The bad, the good, the beasts, the wicked, the angels, the naïve and all sorts of them are here!” Larry re-positioned himself, standing and facing me with his hand in his pockets.

“I joined the Dark Eyes two years ago. I’m not really the boss as you may presume but those guys you saw in the afternoon are lower in ranks, so to them, I’m their boss!”

I became more curious than ever now. I want to know more was the facial expression I put on.

Larry walked to one corner of the room where we do keep our provisions. He took a cup, put some cornflakes and add water. He stirs it a little with his spoon and drank a mouthful amount directly from the cup. He walked back to the centre of the room, sat down at the lower edge of the bed still stirring the cornflakes.

That night, I became more afraid of Larry but relieved again that Larry has never mentioned it to my hearing or ask me to join his cult. Larry must after all be a good guy! How wrong I was as things gradually unfolds; all the whole thing was a set up even the killing. But now, Larry wants to tell me more about the Dark Eyes.

“Vampirism, as you have watched today, is a core activity of the Dark Eyes and that must be undertaken by every of its member!”I became disgusted and showing the sign of throwing up.

“You meant, you’ve sucked blood too?” I asked irritatingly.

“Else, I wouldn’t have being able to save your sorry butt today! White Eagles are only inferior to one cult in this camp, and that’s the Dark Eyes! All other ones are nothing to them. Blood sucking, made us the Dark Eyes superior to them!”

“I won’t say much again but few words to send you into your thinking and reasoning world.” Larry continued as he gulped down the last content in the cup.

“The Dark Eyes henceforth will haunt you until you become one of them but understand it now that, White Eagles or other craps cant haunt you again; not after you’ve worn the green beret! In this camp, you can’t sit on the fence for a very long time. You have to belong somewhere, stand for something or your intimidation would continue as eternity! As a good friend, I offer you a free membership to join, don’t make them force you to. Good night!” he dropped the cup on the table besides me and went straight to the bed, covering his blanket; I know Larry is not going to say anything this night again.

And yes! I have being sent into my world of thoughts. Larry has left me alone with my thought. I would decide for myself now or they’d decide for me later.

But all these years, I’ve looked at Larry to be innocent, gentle and a good guy. He never stays up late in the night, I’ve never caught him smoking or drinking to stupor. Though he’s ladies’ man and flirts a lot, he’s a lover of just one girl. In fact, Larry is just like an angel. He had paid my tuition fee the first year I got admitted. He bought me clothes and provisions and has gone to advice me never to join any cult on any ground. Throughout the course of my first year, I experienced nothing called intimidation. I was free,happy and enthused to be in the largest learning society until… another angel appeared; white, brighter, more caring and loving angel walked into my life. Since then, Larry’s kindness has somehow diminished. No more buying of provisions and clothes. He does give me money for my handouts but never a pocket money again. He doesn’t care whether I read or not, whether I failed or passed. Something he doesn’t do in the past year.

I never thought about that in as much as I have someone doing it in his stead. All my thought was; it was the Lord’s doing, making sure my parents’ prayer over me comes into fulfilment. A kind of when people roll of their mat, God lays his own rug adage. Never knew I was living in total fantasy—a delusion! Now that I’m faced with reality, I must decide, a decision to survive must be the decision but I’m not done yet with my own investigations. It continues tomorrow’s morning!


For more than a week, I could not lay my hand on any useful fact about the Dark Eyes. Many people did I consulted; persuading them to tell me what they know about this cult—the place where reality lies if I have to believe Larry—but a lot of them couldn’t tell me what I wanted to hear. They either tell you that the cult is too sacred to be talked about or some flimsy excuses that insinuates the false truth that the cult doesn’t exists here in the campus.

Confusions and complications set in as the weeks progresses. Larry rarely talks to me again. Most times, we don’t even see each other for three to four days. I can’t even explain my situation to myself anymore. The picture of the killing still traumatizes me and even sometimes, I found myself dreaming about it.

After a month of total confusion and utter perplexity, I made a decision to accept Larry’s offer… but there’s one person I’ve being hiding things from; I’ve kept her in the shadows and pretending all is well with me. She’s the angel that has replaced Larry in so many ways. She’s Kate—my girlfriend.

One major reason I haven’t joined the cult is her. If it were to be me; I would have because, I want to get rid of all the confusions and traumatisation very fast.

Kate is in the same level as I; studying Biochemistry. She’s fatherless but she doesn’t act as if she has lost him, even though his death is still fresh—three months ago—in her heart. Her father was assassinated by some presumed position seekers who won’t go through the right protocols. She was left with her mother to enjoy the wealth of their late father and husband. Her father was the commissioner of Police of the state. A position that has taken him almost his entire life to attain; Striving through hard-work, diligence, honesty and loyalty. Maintaining his integrity and upholding patriotism. He was sent into the world of shadows when the state ‘kleptos’ could not cope with his integrity and principles; something that stands as obstacles in claiming some positions within the state.

All of these are what I knew about Kate’s father and his death. Those who killed him and did not care about how patriotic he has been; I don’t know about. This and many reasons have kept me from telling Kate what I’m passing through. I don’t want to hurt her and I always want to protect her even though little or nothing can I really do if such days should come. Now, I have the chance, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t still be able to protect her. But I must tell her, I must let her know that it wasn’t intentional, it wasn’t on a personal decision; I’ve being manipulated to choose this decision. For a month, I’ve being too perplexed and confused to choose on my own, I’ve being driven to the point where their wants overshadowed my needs; a point where my will power has gone nought and now, I just have to say ‘yes I do!’

“You must be out of your mind Dayo! What did you just say? Join cult?” Kate shouted sweating profusely. This would be the first time of me seeing her so furious. Her eyes were bulging, flashing red all over. It signifies anger and I know that.

I felt the whole campus screening on me as Kate took her anger to the very peek—

“What do you want that I can’t give you? Do you want to jeopardize your future? Do you think you can protect me with that?” Kate said with tears now forming in her eyes.

I was dumb-folded. I couldn’t even say anything. I was just looking at her as she finally broke down in tears. I couldn’t console her to stop crying. And all I could do was to turn to the door and walk out. I know that wasn’t the right thing to do, at least I should have calmed her and explained better to her and see if she would understand but instead, I was filled with anger. Seeing her crying was something I couldn’t stand and that anger I’m filled with would be vested on Larry and so… I walked out.

Defying the weather—a heavy rain—I stormed out of Kate’s lodge and dashed straight to my lodge. As I walked in the rain not minding the heavy drops on my body; only one thought kept flashing through my mind—kill Larry! And I was ready to carry it out. Nothing is going to stop me. No! Not even my conscience.

I got to my lodge late in the night, drenched with anger and water. For the first time, I didn’t knock. I tried the knob but the door has been locked. I banged the door with annoyance shouting ‘Larry’

“Who the heck is that?” was the voice that came out of the room.

“And who the hell are you expecting? I shouted back clinching my fist. “Oh Dayo! You are back!” he said. After some few seconds that seems like hours to me; the door gently opened. As Larry peeped through the door trying to say welcome I guess; I grabbed him by the neck and pushed him back into the room. I closed the door and locked it with the key—I was determined.

Before Larry could stand up, I grabbed him again, holding him tight with my two hands by the neck. Larry was shirtless, that gave me the advantage of strangling him better. Larry’s two hands were on my arms as he chokes trying to free himself.

“You think you can ruin me and go scot free huh?” I said with anger and this killer instinct overshadowing my mind.

I let loose one of my hand from his neck just to return it with hard punch on Larry’s face. I released the second hand as Larry fell to the ground. Quickly I made for the knife at the corner of the room.

Larry rose up with his nose bleeding already. He was staggering trying to maintain his balance. I quickly grabbed him again holding one of his arms as I pushed the knife through his stomach. The sharp thrust of the knife made Larry to look up—starring into my eyes; his eyes full of sarcasm of ‘is this the worst you can do?’

Still holding the knife in his stomach and placing my left arm on his shoulder, I said—

“Now you can go rest in peace and let me face my future! Say hello to my Dad…” Larry cut me short. He started laughing hysterically. His laugh became so irritating, I have to remove the knife and stand back. Larry didn’t fall down as I expected, he only bend over holding the point where I had stabbed him.

For few seconds, the room was dead silent. I was terrified. After a while, he stood up; his eyes bloodshot. I knew right there that the end has finally come. Then, he started coming close to me, his fingers transforming into a punch. I was scanning him—his face, his eyes, his hand, his robotic movement. Larry was shirtless so I could see the build up of his body. His veins were already rising as I could see again the fast thumping of his heart. Every of the step he made, makes me feel closer to death. I could only say my last prayer.

I wanted to talk but my fears suppressed my speech. I could only murmur words that I don’t know. I couldn’t even hear my murmurs. The thunder clapped and there were lightning. Larry was like the thunder god. Running is useless so I was transfixed unable to make a move. The only thing I was able to think of is throwing away the knife and of which I did—that could means my fast ride to death’s island.

“No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper!” And there was another lightning and thunder clap. Larry’s voice was like thousands of bees buzzing. Then he grabbed my neck with one of his hand with the other hanging in the air with a punch. Now, it was his own turn. I tried to set myself free but his one hand was far stronger then my two hands. I gave up trying!

His punch landed on my forehead and immediately, there were blood stains on my face, dripping from my forehead, passing through the isle of my eyes to the nose and finally stopping on my lips. I tasted my own blood and it wasn’t sweet. Still holding my neck; he formed another punch and in no time, landed on my left eye! I went blind! I wanted to cry but tears refused me. I wanted to die but I was still breathing.

Larry released his hand from my neck and I went sprawling on the floor. This time, my forehead is now bleeding profusely with my left eye shut; I could only wish for one thing and that was death. I was down groaning, holding my left eye when Larry came upon me again. He jerked me up, holding the collar of my shirt—

“How dare you try to kill me? Have you forgotten who I am? You bastard and useless orphan…”

I found my strength.

I jerked off Larry’s hand from my collar and gave him a punch on his cheek. I was infuriated by his last words. He called me a bastard; a useless orphan, and I was ready to prove to him the bastard spirit in me. I was transformed psychologically and I went psycho.

Now it became clear to both of us that one person is going to die in this room. I scanned round the room looking for a weapon and I found a bottle of bear lying close to the reading table. I picked it up breathing heavily, waiting for Larry to stand up. I bent down, beckoning on Larry to get up—

“C’mon! You son of a bitch! Let me show you how useless and ruthless an orphan like me can be!” I said gritting my teeth. Larry unaware of the weapon in my hand stood up to face me and I quickly administered to him. I sent the bottle crashing on his head.

There was outpour of blood as Larry went back to the floor this time crashing heavily and not uttering a word. I dropped the half broken bottle in my hand, breathing as loud as the clapping of the thunder. Larry was lying on the floor in the pool of his blood.

I stood there looking at him and for a very long moment, I thought I had conquered my worst enemy. The candle in the room gradually went dim so does my eyes and my spirit. I fell on Larry and went unconscious.


I was being chased. These men I knew not. I’ve never seen them before neither have we met; but they seem to know me as they screamed my name ordering me to stop. I defy their order. My life is at stake and I must do everything to stay alive. I kept on running—running to nowhere in particular. These men wore mask and they were with pistols, cutlasses and daggers. They keep on shooting towards my direction. I scraped through the bushes but fatigue is now setting in. The men are getting closer and closer.

Finally, I fell down panting unable to stand up. My legs were already heavy unable to carry my helpless body. They came closer to me also panting. One of them removed his mask and it was Larry. He pointed his gun at me and said—

“The game is over. Your time has elapsed. Say me well to your poor parents and Kate’s father” He pulled the trigger and…


I woke up sweating! My heart was thumping very fast. It was a dream—a nightmare. I sighed heavily and then for the very first time became aware of where I was. I was on a bed; a drip was injected to my right wrist. My head was bandaged, so does my left eye. All my body ached. It all looked like I’ve being bed-ridden for days.

Just then, I was about to lay back on my bed when I noticed someone sitting adjacent to me. He wore a black T-shirt, a black trouser, a black sun-shade and a black beret. He sat down crossing his leg. I was frightened. The attire looks exactly like the one I saw in my dream. The T-shirt has a big eyes ‘gocked’ out of its socket and under it an inscription that reads “WE SEE EVERYTHING”. I tried to remember the place where I first saw the inscription and my instinct tells me that I’ve heard that slogan once somewhere but I couldn’t recollect as my mind was not been able to be fixed at a particular thought. My mind jumped from one thought to another. Words failed me and I was speechless.

The picture in my front looks horrifying. I was just starring into the sun-shade trying to identify the person who has decided to hide himself in it. The thought of him being Larry sent shiver running down my spine. That very thought brought flashback of yesterday’s incidence. Just then, he removed his sun-shade as if he knew what I was thinking. Looking at his face, he doesn’t look familiar so I sighed and re-sat even though I wasn’t sure if this person is not danger himself.

“We brought you here!” The guy said looking rogue. His face is rough, with stitches on his left brow, his jaw and his cheek. I guess that’s why he wears a very dark sun-shade; to hide his ugliness. His voice isn’t friendly neither his face. I wonder what then could be friendly about him—his character? I’m definitely going to hate it.

“And we know who you are!” He said trying to smile but he looked uglier. His beards are not just helping his facial attitude. All I could `make of his face is this ‘killer-with-no-conscience-face.’

I tried to talk but words kept failing me. I could only open my mouth and close it again.

“You don’t need to talk. We know everything. You are Larry’s friend, your name is Dayo. You are an orphan, a sophomore in this camp!” He re-sat himself putting his two legs on the ground and sitting forward. Now, I’m more than scared. Beads of sweat are now forming on my forehead. He continued—

“We know that recently, you’ve being requested to join a particular society—the most powerful one and that you took part in the ritual killing…” I cut him short and for the first time, I found my words.

“Ritual killing? How? When?” I asked trying to get all the answers at once.

“Keep calm and listen. The killing of the White Eagles is not a vain killing. It has connection with you. Something you can’t keep running from” He paused then he wore his shade again standing up from his seat and coming closer to my side.

“We know how obstinate you could be. Take this and have a look!” He handed over to me my phone and gave me a paper that was neatly wrapped.

I unwrapped the paper and I was shocked to my marrow. What I saw was something I wouldn’t believe if I was told. My picture was scanned on the paper and a bold “WANTED” was printed on the top. It contains my information even my lodge address and a price tag was fixed for anybody that can give correct information about my whereabouts and that can lead to my arrest. As if that wasn’t enough, I opened my phone and I saw the video of last night incidence. I saw myself holding Larry and punching him. The video also shows where I broke the bottle on his head. I felt something wrong with the video. Those scenes where he was punching me were excluded and there were no audible voices to at least caught what was been said in the process. This must definitely be a set up. But by who? His voice interrupted my thought.

“Dayo, you’re a murderer!”

His last statement set me aflame with anger and I was about to pull off the drip from my hand when he added—

“The best place to show your anger is not here. Remember you’re wanted…” I cut him short.

“Wanted for what? I did not commit any crime. This is a set-up and am going to prove my innocence” I said with my voice getting louder.

“You think so?” he asked rather sarcastically than curiously. He started making for the door.

“I don’t care who you are. I don’t want to know! Just tell me where Larry is, I need to talk to him…” his laughter cut me short. He was laughing madly. He didn’t say a word as he turned the knob of the door; he looked back and said—

“Larry is dead and you are the killer. That video is evidence. And less I forget, my name is Bobby because you’ll still need to know me…”

“And how do you expect me to believe that Larry is dead?” I countered.

“Tonight, at your lodge, his funeral rite as a member of Dark Eyes would be carried out. There you can get to see your beloved friend whom you murdered!” He said and started laughing sarcastically as he walked out and locked the door.

Against all medical advices given to me by the doctor, I insisted on being discharged that afternoon. I requested for my bill and I was surprised to be told that my bill has been taken care of by some people who faked to be my family members. I knew Bobby was the one. I also asked if another person was admitted last night together with me who has injuries on his head. But again, I was told that I was the last patient that got admitted last night. This made me to believe that the Dark Eyes has taken away Larry. Whether he’s dead or alive, tonight; I will confirm it. But before then, I need to see Kate.


I went straight to my lodge to change my dress but I was surprised when I met the room properly arranged. I was expecting it to be upside down following the drama of last night. There were no traces of blood, broken bottles or disorganised items. It was neatly put together. Quickly, I wore my cloth, put on a head warmer and a sun-shade to cover my injuries and dashed out of the room. I was terrified.

Kate couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw me. She was crying when she finally saw my eye. I managed to console her telling her that am okay. However, she insisted on knowing the cause of all injuries—

“What actually happened Dayo?” why don’t you call me? Who did this to you?” She asked continuously as tears formed in her eyes.

After a brief silence, I decided to tell her everything but I started by dropping the bombshell—

“Larry is dead!” I said almost crying.

“What… Larry… Dead… How?” she asked holding my hand and looking curious.

For another brief moment, it was complete silence as Kate kept starring at my eyes. I was only able to gaze at the ceiling. Transferring my gaze from there to the plasma television and the electronic gadgets—the DVD, the home theatre and the cables. From there I moved my eyes to the wall of the room. It was adorned with frames of art and posters of celebrities. My gaze moved next to the corner of the room, there lays a table and a chair. A mirror was placed on the table and the other parts of the table filled with cosmetics, pomades, perfumes, creams and all those accessories of ladies. My next point of gaze was the floor. It was tiled. The design of the tiles reminds me of the kind of flowers I use to paint back then in my secondary school days. Such flowers don’t exit. They’re abstract. You just start sketching and finally, you arrived at drawing a flower. The painting too is not definite, you just keep on applying different kind of colours and later, you found out that what you just drew was artistic. The tiles were artistic.

From the floor, my gaze was transferred to Kate’s eyes. I could only see one thing in her eyes—myself! Not as a beast, not as a psycho but as Dayo; the Dayo I used to be. And that’s Kate’s wish for me; to be that easy-going man who has got that future ambition. I guess things have now changed. I’m now a murderer. And of not just anybody but my only friend, my helper, my angel—my heaven sent. I don’t know if Kate would ever forgive me but I just still have to tell her.

“I killed him!” I said with tears rolling down my face. Kate quickly cuddled my head into her bosom as I wept profusely. For few seconds, I was weeping in Kate’s bosom, soaking her dress with my tears. I raised my head and wiped my right eye. Eventhough my left eye was bandaged, tears were rolling down from it. Being blind doesn’t prevent you from crying. Kate eyes were already red by this time, she was weeping for me!

“Kate, do you believe I can kill Larry? I asked though I don’t know if Kate would ever say yes or no. I was relieved when she said nothing. Yes would meant Kate does not trust me; I don’t know if I would be able to handle that. No; on the other hand would mean that Kate does not know me—I’d be drenched with guilt I’m sure.

I stayed back in Kate’s lodge that afternoon as she helped me to remove my bandages and replaced it with another one. My forehead was stitched so the only thing she does was just to change the wool and the plaster. She nursed my eyes with hot water and rubbed some balm on it. After this, she bandaged it back. I ate also after which I fell asleep.

“Now it’s my turn to take revenge!” I said with my eyes bloodshot and my veins pumped out of my skin as I jerked Bobby to the wall holding him by his neck. I dashed him rounds of punches, leaving him to sprawl on the floor with pains. Then, I brought out my pistol pointing it at him—

“My greetings to Larry and Kate, to my Dad and Mum, to all the Dark Eyes members. I would soon join you!” I said pulling the trigger. The bullet was released with its sound echoing. Just then, the siren of the police started wailing.

I woke up to hear the police passing by while their siren wails. It was yet another nightmare. I wiped gently my face with my palm and sighed. I looked at my wristwatch and it was past eight already. I tried to figure out what the dream could mean but I wasn’t able to… my thought has been overshadowed with fear. Kate wasn’t around at this time, and that worsen my state of anxiety.

“Is Larry truly dead? Is Kate going to die too? Dark Eyes members? What’s my business with them?” These are the questions that crashed into my thought and it raised my nerves and curiosity. “I need to find out!” I concluded. Just then I remembered what Bobby said about Larry’s funeral rite tonight. I need to get to my lodge as fast as possible.

Immediately, I jumped out of the bed dropping a note for Kate telling her that I need to make up an appointment somewhere—I knew that will further raise her suspicion of me being either a killer or a cultist. But who cares? I need to find out what became of Larry and my own fate at the hands of Bobby and his gang. Before leaving the room, I took Kate’s kitchen knife and hid it at my back covering it with my cloth and off I went running.

“I’m not going to put up an easy fight with them… even if they’re going kill me; I must kill one and its going to be Bobby.” I said to myself as I ran faster.

About few metres to my lodge, I stopped running and started walking fast. At the gate, I stopped; putting my ears near the gate to eavesdrop any sound but I heard nothing. After waiting for a while, I pushed the gate opened gently enough that it didn’t make a noise. I tiptoed into the compound and was watching my steps until I got to the middle of the compound. Suddenly, candles were lighted right from the entrance of the gate to the entrance of the door. I was in the middle as the lighted candles were on my both sides. I was horrified. I did not hear any single sound. The compound was dead silent. I was panicking with beads of sweat forming on my forehead even though the weather was cold and freezing. I was transfixed; I couldn’t move any of my legs again. The only thing I did was to touch my knife. I was relieved a bit to still know that it’s intact. The whole compound was dark saves for the area the candle light shone on. Still, I couldn’t see anything not even our co-tenants. Does it mean that all the whole students went for night class or what? Or they’re in their room fear-stricken and unable to come out or utter a word? That made me to remember last night, as Larry and I fought, no single student came knocking to ask what the matter was. There and then, it became obvious to me that the whole escapades have been a set-up. But my anger wasn’t a set up. Maybe my anger was a catalyst to their plan. I sped up the whole thing. I had swallowed their bait—hook, line and sinker! I knew if I would ever escape this, my chances are very little. At this point, my courage failed me since the beginning of the episode. I have to retreat. I need to run away—away from the campus. Fear of the unknown, unseen and the untold set my leg into turning back. But just then, a voice came through and I recognized it to be Bobby’s voice—ugly as his face, lacking sweetness and sympathy.

“So finally you’re here!” he chuckled but I didn’t say anything. “Now it’s clear that you love your friend Larry and at the same time wants to cover up your crime of murdering him…” I cut him short.

“You’re a bastard Bobby and a coward! A worthless beast! Show your damn ugly face and I will show you how it feels to kill a friend!” I said gritting my teeth and putting hand at my back; ready to draw my knife and fight.

“I’m afraid you’re not only going to kill me but kill all that are here too. Save your strength for what is to come!” He said and started giggling. His speech brought terror on me. What is that thing to come? My question was given an immediate answer. I saw faces immerge all wearing masks, with this same black T-shirt with ‘gocked’ eyes. All were holding clubs. About nine of them stood at the entrance of the door and nine of them at the entrance of the gate. At this sight, I feel like urinating in my pant. I remembered quickly my dream of these men wearing mask. So finally, they’ve come. Are they going to kill me or what? I kept asking myself as my lips shakes and my tooth chatters—as if I’ve being caught by harmattan cold.

“You have two choices. Either to go inside and see if Larry is dead or not, or to walk out of the gate and escape from our hands forever! Am only afraid these men won’t allow an easy passage. You’ll need to fight your way through!” Bobby chuckled again.

“Oh! What an end!” I lamented as tears rolled down my eyes. “What a twist of fate! I had come to this school to be someone in life; to fulfil my dreams and ambitions. I had never bargained for this. I have done all my best to avoid joining cults or running into their troubles. I never knew I was living with a devil, with a beast that was set to devour me and render me futureless. At this point in time, I could only say my last prayer and ask for forgiveness from my parents for not becoming what I promised them that I would. I could only forgive myself for not reading between the lines in time. My own life has been tales of woes; of survival and a gruesome end. And nobody would ever investigate my case. I’m not rich. I’m just a helpless orphan who has no family background that is traceable. Now, I have to accept my fate. I must fight till I lose my breath.

Summoning all my courage and wiping off my tears, I managed to ask— “And no alternatives except these ones?”

“Look, am afraid the alternative is as bad as the options…” I cut him short. “Tell me!” I requested hardening my voice.

“Okay! The alternative is you stay there and say your last prayer and you’d be shot dead… what about that?” Bobby added calmly.

“I’d rather die courageously than allow you bloody beast take my soul easily… am going out of the gate!” I said drawing my knife silently.

“Very well! Your wish… you can go!” Bobby said laughing hysterically.

I started making for the gate, walking slowly and counting my steps. I have no idea of what’s going to happen or what I’m able to do to them. What I’m sure of is this—I’m going to die; no doubt about that but I’m going to take one with me!

The men started raising their clubs and beckoning on me to come and pass through the gate. I focused my attention on just one out of them, and I’m ready to kill him. My thought was however a total delusion. I thought they’d come one after the other but they all came once. Three of those men pounced on me battering me with their clubs. I fell to the ground with my face full of blood. I could feel pains in all part of my face. I felt my skin is being torn away. I was groaning and yes indeed, I was in pains; in great agony!

I’m not losing hope. I’m not just going to die like that. My knife still in my hand. I managed to stand up staggering. My view became vague. I could only see blur men but I was determined. My plan came to reality when one of the men came alone. I was bending down when I saw this vague image coming towards me. He raised his club against me but I got hold of it. I was holding the club with the little strength left in me. He was trying to release the club from my left arm but my pains were far stronger than his pleasures—he couldn’t free it.

Just then, I noticed the other coming towards me. My right hand hangs down with the knife lacking strength. I couldn’t raise it up. The other men kept coming. By now, they were a yard away from us and they’re already rolling their clubs ready to batter me again. Gathering the rest of my strength, I screamed and raised my right hand. I stabbed first his left eye and quickly removing it out, I stabbed the other eye. The blood that came out of the eye splashed on my face and the man let out an agonizing cry. Blood was gushing from his eyes. He went sprawling on the floor shouting “his eyes… his eyes.” I’ve just got him blinded.

They came rushing and the clubs kept landing on my head, my back, and my face; in short all my body. My knees were hit and at that moment I thought my bones are going to be broken. So, I’d be going to heaven with broken bones. The knife in my hand fell and so does my whole body. I went crashing with my face up. Landing on the floor, I thought within myself, “Mission accomplished!” I was wrong.

“Stop! It’s enough!” Bobby said from the darkness. Some men have already taken away the one I stabbed. My eyes were going dim. I was experiencing an excruciating pain all over my body. But dead in the middle of my agony, I was smiling. They’ll live to remember this night.

As my view became vaguer and my eyes going dimmer, I caught an image of one of them removing his mask; he looks like Larry but just then, I passed out!


The splash of water on my face brought me back. I was too weak to say anything or make any move. Before now, I thought I was dead, waiting to see my parents and Larry—though I’m not sure if truly he’s dead or not. Just then, I noticed that my two hands were tied to two stakes that leaves me in the middle sagging down as I could not stand up upright. Blood was dripping from my nose and mouth.

It was dark, so dark, I couldn’t see anything. I was gasping for breath. But then, who had come to pour me water—this must be the forest of the ghost, maybe I didn’t make it to heaven, so I was dumped here by angels to suffer for my sins; at least that was what I could think of but the aura of this very place smells of earth… I’m not dead after all; I had only passed through its island.

Every second bring me closer to death. After a long moment of agony and perseverance; of holding back from death even though that was my wish—to die—and hanging on to the tiny fibre of life… Long moments of loneliness and pains, of last prayers and wishes; the men with masked faces emerges again. This time, they were not holding anything.

They came from different angles—in two(s) and three(s) did they all come. They started gathering around me. In no short time, I was in the middle enclosed in a circle of masked men. “The ultimate end!” I thought. I knew within me that, these people either kill me or they sacrifice me to their god. That moment, it came to me that I had been the sacrificial dog all this while. All those things that Larry has been doing were on purpose. No wonder, when Kate took over, Larry was forced to stop. Hence; the genesis of my end. From my fight with Larry to this present moment; it has been a set up. I swallowed Bobby’s bait so easily!

The answer is not farfetched. I was trying to prove my innocence, stay pure and naïve—never wanting to take risk; though I was taking without me knowing. But here am I today, am no longer pure and innocent. I’ve taken risks and so, I’m no longer naïve. Still, I haven’t taken any risk, I’m still pure and naïve—at least as at now—and very innocent. However, not after tonight’s drama.

One of the masked men came very close to where I was, lighted a matches and ignited some woods—a pile—that has been put together. Immediately, there was light enough for me to see six metres away from my position. Another man came—not from the ones who circled me—bringing a chair. The chair was something I couldn’t describe. The colour of the chair was black, red and green. My soul couldn’t hold on any longer as my groan grows louder. Ironically, my pain and agony was their source of joy and pleasure. They laughed at every of my groan and yell.

A figure emerged from the darkness and I recognised him to be Bobby with his black beret. Everything about him is ugly even his movement. And deep down in my pains and agony, I grew more hatred for him. Another figure followed him but I don’t seem to recognise who he is. He’s also masked.

Bobby sat down on the chair and the man that followed him stood close to him.

“The Dark Eyes!” Bobby called out. “We see everything!” The rest chorused.

“Tonight… Bobby began again. “We add to ourselves, another member—a brutal one as you all knew what happened some hours ago.” He paused and I can see those men in circle nodding not uttering a word.

“But before we begin, unmask!” Bobby said. And all the men removed their mask save for same man standing behind Bobby. This made me to start thinking who that man could be. The thought of him being Larry arose my heartbeat.

My eyes were focused on him. After unmasking themselves, they brought out—each of them—a green beret and wore it. Then, Bobby stood up stretched out his hand and a man brought him a calabash. On receiving the calabash, the man started coming towards me. He looked me in the eyes and smirked. Next, he tore my cloth into shreds. My stomach and my chest were left bare to the sharp thrusting fang of the cold. Thereafter, he moved back to the circle. As this happens, there came from nowhere any sound. Everywhere and everything was dead silent.

Bobby started coming towards me with the calabash. He got to my front, inspecting my face. After some while, he started talking—

“Dayo, now you can’t run. Not after tonight. You’re now one of us. With the content in this calabash, I offer to you power, wealth, fame and respect. With this calabash, you’re no longer ordinary; you are now extra-ordinary. Today, your wine changes to blood and meat to flesh. Today, you become one of us. You’re now a Dark Eyes member. The most deadly and mystical fraternity!” he said laughing out hysterically.

He opened the calabash and brought out something like paste. He gave it to me to eat and I obliged. The paste tasted like a mixture of red oil and grounded but un-cooked leaf. He then gave me a kola-nut. As I ate all those things that would give me power and fame—if I’m to believe Bobby—my hatred for him grew.

Ironically, Bobby was caring this night… he brought his handkerchief and wiped the blood away from my nose and my mouth.

“You see Dayo; the life we live is followed closely by death. When you toy with life, death takes over. You toyed with your life this night but death didn’t take over. You have just survived what many couldn’t stand. Your life line is thick. People like you would make a good member. People who doesn’t value life as a precious gift but as an instrument for acquiring power, wealth and fame; People who can die courageously fighting for what they believe in, people who had killed their worst enemy—fear! And their worst fear—death! On this basis, you’re not joining as a member but as the second sub-alpha of Dark Eyes. Thus; the opportunity to suck a high ranking blood. The blood of the masked!” With that, he turned back and started laughing again and whistling as he nods his head in rhythm; and back to his seat.

The blood of the masked? Who could be the masked man? The thought of him being Larry sent cold running down my spine. I was thrown into a complete perplexity. I wasn’t given much time to think about Bobby’s last statement as my attention was shifted to the masked man who’s now coming towards me. He was wearing a long sleeved shirt. Few yards to where I was, two men from the circle joined him. He rolled off the sleeve of his shirt. One of the men gave him razor blade. He collected it and tore himself. The second man brought out a glass cup tied in the middle with a green piece of cloth. The blood was allowed to drop into the cup in quantities. Just then, the two men started coming towards me with the cup.

Within me, I’ve decided that I’m not going to drink that blood. And I’m going to do everything to seal my mouth even if it means me biting those men’s finger. They calculated my thought and another man joined them. I was weak with my hands tied. Little could I do to stop them. They grabbed my mouth and forced it open; wide enough to swallow three heavy morsel of pounded yam. The third man empties the cup into my mouth. I had no chance of spitting it out; thus with ease, the journey of the masked man’s blood into my stomach was.

I thought everything has come to an end. How wrong was I. another man brought out an iron with its front having crossed bar. On these bars was inscripted “Dark Eyes.” They dipped the iron inside the fire and waited while it heats up. Am about to be marked.

The masked man started coming towards me with the iron. The iron was already red—extremely hot. The man stood in my front with his left arm holding the iron and his right hand holding the edge of the mask. I was terrified but I remained calm. I have seen enough in these past hours. Death—as ugly and terrifying as it is—has been my only companion during those deadly moments. Yet, it has refused to take me. My death; I concluded, is therefore not in the hands of these fellows. And with that, I braced up for the unknown.

Removing his mask, lo and behold; my friend Larry—has been the masked man. I was too shocked to say a word; too weak to release a drop of tear. I was dumb-folded. I could only open my mouth wide. I couldn’t even think of anything. This is the very height of betrayal. So Larry was after all not dead. “What a friend!” I finally thought but I was interrupted…

“Their wants overcame our needs!” Larry said and before I could give a thought to what he had just said, he pressed the hot iron against my abdomen; below my navel and I let out an agonizing cry…


I woke up yelling. I have being dreaming. My breath rate was very fast and loud, it could wake up a sleeping child. I then tried to move but my body aches. Just then, I noticed that I have being in the hospital. My head, my chest and my stomach were all bandaged. Blood was being passed into my body through a drip. I guess I lost a lot of blood in my dream… wait… if I dreamt of being initiated and now, I’m in the hospital being bandaged all over… there must be a connection! “I hope the dream is not real… I hope I was being hospitalized for malaria”—those were my illusory thoughts. I was soon to know the truth proved beyond the shadow of doubt.

Everything in this room is totally different. I can’t seem to remember anything save for my dream… as a matter of fact, my head aches badly … maybe it’s because of the head ache—I hope so! The drawer beside my bed was filled with all kinds of beverages, fruits and medicines… “Who the heck is eating all these?” I thought to myself again.

I tried to think of some things—of which I don’t know—but nothing came into my mind except the dream that woke me up. The dream brought a lot of questions running in my mind. “So does it mean I have being initiated into this deadly cult?” Finally I tried to come in terms with the reality—as ugly as it is. “Larry? So he’s alive?” I thought again and right there the door opened and my body was transfixed… “Could this be Larry?” No! It was the doctor that walked in beaming with smile with his stethoscope around his neck and a note pad in his hand together with his pen.

“Welcome back Mister Dayo! Its good you’re awake.” The doctor said inspecting my two eyes. This time, my left eye has healed and I can see with it very well. This—among many—added to my worries. Why would the doctor say it’s good to have me back when it all seems I was admitted into this place just last night. And again, my left eye was still swollen last night, what kind of balm then did they use? I was perplexed. As the doctor made to leave, my confusion forced me to ask him a question—

“Doctor, for how long have I being here?” The doctor turned his face back and looked me in the eyes. He gave a faint smile and said—

“For two weeks; you’ve being in a coma. You’re just waking up now.” He said and was about to leave when I asked him again.

“How? Two weeks! I thought I was been admitted here just last night and again, what prompt me into going into coma?” I asked looking curious.

“Mister Dayo, you’re still very weak now. Save your strength okay. But, you were not admitted last night—if that’s what it seems to you—and you going into coma was as a result of numerous injuries you had… I have to leave now!” And he started going. Just as he was about to turn the knob I asked again another question—

“Who brought me here?”

The question was something he was not expecting now. He was shocked to hear me asked the question. But just then, the door opened and a voice came through—

“We did!” The voice sounds familiar but I’ve not being able to see the face. “Thank you doctor… you can now go!” The doctor left and the owner of the voice emerged.

If my left eye hasn’t healed, I would have said it’s because of the partial blindness I’m experiencing but the two eyes—as at this moment—are working perfectly. That robust and tall figure, that man with pale-gold hair. That fair man with reddish lips. The man I thought I had killed; the man I stabbed but was laughing. The man whose blood has given power rise in the Dark Eyes; that man called Larry owns the voice.

I was too bewildered to talk. I could only look at him as he strides gently from the door to where I was. He picked a chair and sat close to me. For a long moment, we were both looking at each other. I wanted to talk but I don’t know what to say, whether to say I’m sorry or just walk him out of my sight. But I was filled with remorse than revenge. What my mouth couldn’t do, my eyes took over—tears rolled down from my eyes. He removed his handkerchief and wiped off my tears. He also cleaned his eyes.

“Am sorry Dayo!” Larry finally said. I wanted to talk but he signalled to me to keep quiet.

“Sometimes…” Larry began what I called orientations and facts coupled with secrets of secrets. He opened my eyes to things I wasn’t seeing before. He broadened my perspective and he changed together, my view and mindset.

“Fate does have its way against our destiny, sometimes ahead of our destiny. Each ever one that comes our way, we just have to accept it as our own life and we must live it.” He paused, touched his head and that’s when I noticed the injury he has from the result of my breaking of bottle on his head. It was stitched and plastered I later learnt.

“The journey of us men started with a struggle and it ends also with a struggle. Throughout, we’re made to strive and strive until we bid this life goodbye. What we become while still living is determined by our parents, ourselves, our associates and even our environment. Of all these, circumstances is the biggest and most deadly determinant of destiny. Most people on earth today, are mere victims of circumstances. I’m one so also are you…?” I cut in—

“How?” I asked re-adjusting myself on the bed. He stood up, walked to the window and opened the curtain and holding the bars of the burglary, he began again—

“The sunlight is meant to bring brightness to the world, to chase away darkness and shine light to our way. It baffles us that this same sunlight doesn’t last all day. Soon, it fades away and darkness comes in. the darkness on its own part supports the evil and the wicked. During this period, many are victimized. The darkness represents to an extent our ignorance, innocence and naivety. Your ignorance, my ignorance gave way for them to victimize us.” He paused, wiped his forehead and continued—

“Dark Eyes is the evil in darkness. It’s the Lucifer of this campus. It eats into our morality, innocence and purity and it turns us into a guilty beast with no morality. And that’s why; when we kill, we don’t feel bad. Life to us, is not precious. It’s an instrument—a weapon—for acquiring power and wealth. When you can’t acquire these things then, you’re no good living on this earth. Hence, the reason why you have to belong somewhere and stand for something. To us, life is meant for fun, exploit and now. We don’t care about the future. The future of yesterday is today. The future of today is going to be tomorrow, thus, our reason for care-freeness.” He sighed loudly and turned to me.

“Dayo, Dark Eyes is evil. I regret ever being part of it. You may want to ask, why joining them then? Well, you were set up, so was I. I didn’t join on a personal decision. I did more than what you did to escape them. I ran away from the campus and I killed two of them but here I am today, a sub-alpha of Dark Eyes. Now, you must listen to me more carefully; you need to have a plan B concerning this evil society. Mine is to kill Bobby and run away completely.” He drew closer to me.

“They will certainly demand for a sacrifice as time goes on. Your closest person would be demanded. Mine was my only brother. Against my wish, Bobby sacrificed him. Yours might be me or Kate.” I cut in—

“Why? You… you are a member! And Kate? Certainly no!” I said looking worried, curious and furious. I was filled with angst.

“Listen carefully. I shouldn’t be telling you all these but we’re now brothers; brothers in victim. Bobby never wants anybody to attain the position of alpha. Hence, his killing of every sub-alpha after a while. He wants to get rid of you quickly and that’s why you’re also a sub-alpha. Our godfather requested your membership and that’s why you are a member now.” I cut him short again—

“A godfather? Who is he? I was more than perplexed. I was in utter confusion.

“We have a godfather but now, you can’t know. As I was saying, every sub-alpha Bobby kills, he adds to his power, you must be able to kill every member of Dark Eyes including the godfather.” Larry looked at his wrist watch and his countenance changed.

“Look J.D, that’s your new name; I gave it to you as part of my process in issuing you a full membership and because, you drank my blood. Henceforth, you won’t be seeing me again as Bobby now haunts for my soul desperately. For now, you’re safe. And for this reason, you must start devising your plan.” He paused, sighing and looked around. He went back to the window and drew back the curtain. He came to my side touching my finger—

“It might interest you to know that, this same Bobby killed Kate’s father. The assignment was given to him by our godfather. Kate, henceforth, is yours to protect. Killing Bobby would avenge Kate’s father’s death.

I was shocked to hear the words coming out from Larry’s mouth. It was hard to believe. “But who the hell is that godfather?” I thought. “Is he a spirit or a kind of ghost or an invincible god?” Larry interrupted my thought—

“I have to go now. I’ve given you enough facts—ones that are true; proved beyond the shadow of doubt—and now, you must use your brain. Always watch your back. I have completed my mission and that’s why Bobby is now after my soul.” I held Larry’s hand as if telling him to stay with me because, more than before, I’m scared.

“We are still going to see. But the lodge belongs to you now. I’ll be hiding out till I’m able to kill Bobby or he kills me. J.D, you must strive to get out of that darkness if it means drenching yourself with guilt. Because; here, the best justice lies with what you do with your revenge. The only person that can justify you is you. Violence breeds violence but here, violence brings victory and justice. Take care of yourself.”

Larry dropped some money on the drawer and immediately made for the door. He turned the knob and looked back; he nodded in affirmation—trying to say ‘all is true’—and went out closing the door behind him.

I was filled with darkness. I was covered in nought. I felt void and my soul crawls in the abyss of fear eventhough Bobby said I’ve killed my worst fear—death—but I’m afraid, there’s a fear greater than the fear of death. That fear is the fear of unknown. Death is known—it’s inevitable—but the unknown, nobody knows. What next?—I don’t know. What are going to be missions as the new sub-alpha? How many lives would Bobby send me to ruin? How many am I going to kill? How many bloods am I going to shed? Within myself, I know I’m going to be brutal. But how many innocent lives are going to suffer for my guilt? How many is going to taste of my brutality? How am I going to administer justice through violence?

My answer came rather fast than I expected. As the weeks progress, things unfolded. There were changes; a total evolution. I became a murderer in no time. I wore the cloth of brutality and I was filled with no pity but violence; with no conscience or morality… my soul was filled with evil to the brim—all in the cause of justice.

But all these didn’t start until I was drained of hope, my reason for living was taken away and my future punctured. Until I was given a reason to become a beast; all the opportunities of becoming a dare-devil, until I was made to go wild. Thus my transmutation tale began… from a sheep to a wolf!


I spent another four weeks in the hospital recovering from my injuries. I never set my eyes on Bobby for those four weeks. “He must be busy haunting for Larry!” I had thought one of those days. The only people that came were members of the Dark Eyes. They all came trying to be friendly but deep down in me; I was filled with revenge and I thirst for their blood. Their presence alone contributes to my melancholy and I was filled—more than ever—with hate resentments. Within me, I know, these are the souls that are certainly going to taste of my brutality. Souls that’d witness my complete evolution from an angel to a devil and that’d certainly be caught in my fang. Of all of them, my heart seeks desperately after Bobby and the invincible godfather—as it seems.

I was recovering fast physically but psychologically, I’m still bed ridden. Even after I had made up my mind to take revenge against Dark Eyes especially Bobby, I can’t still seem to fantom the sincerity in what Larry told me—my heart tells me that all he said were not true. However, I was healed psychologically and the truth in Larry’s word were confirmed when Kate came visiting—for the first time.

“My fear isn’t that you are now a cultist; my fear is if you’ve not joined the same cult that killed my father!” Kate said after hearing out my stories of how I was set up including Larry being victimized and finally my initiation. I was however, careful not to mention Bobby as the killer because I wasn’t sure—as at now—if Larry has been telling me the truth. But now, I have a proof to rely on. Kate’s father was murdered by students of this campus. To cover my knowledge of what she has just said, I put on an expression of surprise—one that prompts me to ask her a question—

“How did you know? And do you know the killer?” I asked. Kate kept silent for a while. She was starring at the window while I was looking into her eyes—I was searching for an answer. After a long moment of silence, she finally spoke up.

“They wore mask that fateful night. They were eight in number. They killed all the policemen on guard. I learnt that bullet has no effect on them. They wore black round neck. In front of the cloth is an eye gocked out of its socket; with a bold inscription—“WE SEE EVERYTHING

I was shocked and my heart-beat increased. Yet, I tried my possible best not to show it out that I knew those things she was talking about. I must protect Kate and protecting her entails me keeping things like this from her. Kate went silent for another short moment. I’ve spent four weeks in this hospital and one of those things I’ve learnt is reading through people’s mind. Now, at the end of those four weeks getting ready for my discharge; I can guess people’s thoughts almost perfectly. And I didn’t make mistake guessing what Kate was thinking of. She was flashing back to that night. She had gone home a day earlier to say hello to her parents; something she enjoys doing. At the end of such visit, Kate would be loaded with provisions and money; after all, she’s the only daughter. Half of such provisions and money belongs to me. But that night was different. It was the night the elephant fell and never rose again. The night of terror, of weeping and gnashing of teeth, of total sorrow!

I was right, Kate was flashing back. I confirmed this when tears started rolling down her eyes. I quickly drew her close to me; wiped her eyes and buried her head in my bosom. She sobbed for a while then she wiped off her eyes. Still holding her two hands, I asked—

“Do you recognise the killer?” She nodded and said—

“I do but I’m afraid…” I cut her short. “I’m here to protect you Kate. You can count on me!” Kate chuckled filled with sarcasm.

“Dayo, you can’t! For so long I’ve always wanted to tell you that, I have being the target of those same people for a while now. Just recently, I escaped them. They’re after my life. That same man that killed my father is back again, after my own soul. I’m not safe neither are you.” I cut in again filled with rage.

“And who’s that son of a bitch?” just then, the door opened and Bobby came in wearing his all black.

Kate’s gaze and my own gaze shifted to Bobby who stood gallantly at the door way. I wasn’t seeing Bobby, I wasn’t seeing a murderer; a killer. Because from what Kate said, Bobby is clearly the killer. However, I managed to suppress my anger and remained silent while I noticed that Bobby and Kate’s gaze were fixed. They kept on looking at themselves. Kate definitely recognizes Bobby.

I was forced to end the terrifying silence when I had started feeling uncomfortable.

“Ehm… Kate, can you please excuse us?” I managed to say. “Of course! I’d be waiting outside!” She said taking her bag and she made for the door but Bobby wouldn’t make way. Kate was then forced talk—

“Can you please make way for me?” Kate said with her voice shaking already. “Sure! But next time, I won’t!” Bobby said fiercely and stood away from the door. Kate then went out; not to wait but straight to her lodge—she loves her life.

“And you bastard son of a bitch… what do you think you are doing?” I asked fuming with rage.

“The same thing I should be doing!” He said and he chuckled.

“Where’s Larry?” I asked again

“Oh Larry? I should be asking you. I learnt that he’s been coming here for sometimes now. So, where’s he?” He asked sarcastically and started coming towards me.

“Now, I see that you are nothing but a cheap assassinator. A murderous beast!” I said sitting up on the bed.

“Aha! I guess as much! Kate and Larry have been feeding you with lies! With baseless facts…”

“That you killed Kate’s father and you’re after Larry’s soul!” I cut in. Bobby removed his beret and his sun-shades and for the first time, I saw one thing that’s beautiful about him—his hair; neatly carved and black. So does his heart—I concluded.

“Rendezvous 21:00. At the end of the road that leads to the main theatre hall. Today, you’d be discharged. Get yourself prepared for the unknown.” He said; wearing his beret and his sun-shade. He looked at me, smile and nod his head. He then turned back and went out.

“The unknown?” That was the first question that intruded my thought as Bobby left. However, I made up my mind that whatever the unknown might be… I’m not going to allow Bobby buy my mind over. I’d take my revenge and nothing’s stopping me not even the fear of the unknown. Not even God nor my dead parents. I’d killed my worst fear and in the process, I’ve buried my conscience. To the earth, I shall toast the blood of Bobby and every Dark Eyes member. This is my decision; my choice and I’m not going back. With that, I prepared myself for the unknown.


I got discharged in the evening. I left the hospital and went straight to Kate’s lodge. The mood Kate was in that evening wasn’t good at all. Her eyes were red and her face looks gloomy.

On opening the door, Kate stood up, came towards me and said—

“So, my fears are real. You’re now a member of that evil society! What an irony! My supposed boyfriend is now part of the ones that haunts me…” I cut in.

“No! My membership means your security and freedom. Being there now puts an end to every haunting of your soul!”

“Dayo; you don’t understand. That guy this morning is a dare-devil. He’s a beast; a murderer. He was the one that shot my dad. He was wearing beret and sun-shade. Just before he shot my dad, he removed his sun-shade. He killed him…” and she broke down in tears. I drew her closer so that she buries her head on my chest. Raising up her head and wiping off her tears, she said—

“Baby, promise me; even when I’m gone, that you’ll still kill Bobby.”

“Stop it Kate! Knock it off! You? Die? Who’s going to kill you? Bobby? I’d have killed him before then…”

“Then do it now! You need to take your revenge fast! My life and Larry’s life is at stake. You’re the only one that can salvage us. Please do something fast…” And she broke down again in tears.

Kate wept profusely that evening but I managed to console her and assured her that I’ll kill Bobby even before he makes any moves again. I’ve forgotten so easily that Larry told me that, I’d have being able to kill all Dark Eyes member before I can kill Bobby and that’d take time. However, I had made up my mind to jump all protocols.

I left Kate’s lodge and went straight to my lodge. What I met increased my fear of the unknown. My room was neatly arranged. No cobwebs, no dust—as I was expecting. It’s been six weeks all together; those times I spent in the hospital. The last time I came here was a month and two weeks ago… from these, I knew that I’m into a society that’s bigger than what I have being imagining.

In the middle of my bed that has been laid; was placed a green beret and a gun—a pistol, a round-neck shirt that has this gocked eyes and bold inscription on it. A note was dropped on the pistol and it reads—“Rendezvous 21:00; Main Theatre Hall Road!” From the note I knew it was Bobby. It’s getting late so I have to prepare.

In no time, I wore the cloth and the green beret on my black trouser—I’m now a member; a sub-alpha. I holstered the pistol and covered it with my cloth. I was ready for the unknown. Before I went outside, I made to blow off the candle that was lighted even before I entered. Just then, I saw another note and it reads—

“Today might be my last day on earth. Because as I write, I have death strangling me right here. For this, you might want to know that our godfather is the Vice Chancellor of this University. He gave Bobby the assignment of killing Kate’s father. Today, Bobby adds to his power bank as he’s the death that strangles me right now. Promise me therefore dear friend, that you’d take revenge on my behalf. Blood flows in Bobby’s vein that makes him an immortal and open to death—kill him. Forget not Kate, that’s all you’ve got to protect now. Protect her with your life! In death, I remain your friend; Larry!

“Nooooooooooo…” I screamed and jerked the door opened and I started running towards the main theatre hall road. One thing that occupies my mind was to kill. How many am I going to kill?—I don’t know but I’m sure my bullet would send some of these beast crashing on the floor including Bobby.

I got to the location and all the members were already set. Bobby was seated on his seat as usual and I noticed that there was another seat but unoccupied. I stopped, removed my pistol and started walking towards Bobby. I passed through the line and got to the middle. I pointed my pistol—holding it with my two hands—at Bobby. I walked a bit closer and stopped again. I was filled with mixture of rage, terror, fright, angst and curiosity.

“You murderous son of Lucifer! Where is Larry before I’m forced to pull the trigger?” I said furiously.

“How many years is it going to take us to blend you properly? Or don’t you have regards for the one seated on this chair. Am the Alpha of this frat! Bobby said with anger building up in his voice.

“And who cares about Alpha. You’re nothing but a common killer. I asked again, where’s Larry before I put one of this men down.” I said pointing the gun in the direction of one of the members. However, I was surprised to see all of them removing their own pistol and pointing it to me.

“Ease up brothers! He’s your superior; remember. He’d blend in soon! And you Jaydee, Larry’s here but before you see him, listen to this…” Bobby paused and there was complete silence.

“There’s a lot you don’t know! You think you know all things. You dare challenge me again and I’ll get rid of you! This is a fraternity that’s bigger than you! You’re either for us or against us!” He paused again and continued. This time, my pistol was pointed at the earth.

“Larry has become an outlaw. He had betrayed this brotherhood and death is his judgement—our constitution reads so. If today, Jaydee; you betray this brotherhood, the same fate that befell Larry would be yours.” He said, stood up and walked some steps towards me and said again—

“Dark Eyes sees everything; even your thoughts. Don’t try to do what you’ve being thinking. It’s more dangerous than death and hell fire.” He concluded and walked away.

Just then, some men drew Larry into the middle right in front of me. They dumped him and all of them left, leaving me and Larry—half dead. I went on my knees and I raised Larry’s head up whose face was full of blood. His nose was bleeding and his mouth. Each cough brings out blood.

“What did they do to you?” I asked filled with pity and rage. Larry managed to smile but his smile has no beauty again. Everything is giving way to death.

“Forget it! Did you read the note? Larry asked coughing and spitting out blood. “Yes I did!” I said. He smiled again and nod.

“Bobby has to die… Kate has to live…” Larry held my palm and went cold.

Larry died a victim even after he had dined with darkness. So, not everybody who had killed his worst fears is a victor. Not everybody who takes life as fun live to enjoy it but the ones who live this life with ease never wanting to know beyond what they knew—but then, that makes them vulnerable to victimization as in my own case. But sadly, even we that know all; with all our knowledge, our understanding and even our supposed wisdom—not wisdom but craftiness, cruelty and conscience-damning attitude—are still haunted every day. Something we’ve all learnt to live with the rest of our life—guilt!


Larry was buried and his funeral rites were performed. His family did theirs and the cult did their own too. After Larry’s death, a big party was thrown for all the members and non-members alike. It was two days after Larry’s burial that the party took place. I refused to go as I still mourn Larry’s death. However, my revenge draws closer every second.

I never ceased to be Dark Eyes until the last straw broke the camel’s back. I was in my room reading a book— its being more than two months I read any book last; in fact, I don’t attend lectures again. My future has been taken away so their lives, I’m also going to take away. The best justice Larry said, lies in what you can do with your revenge— when suddenly my phone began to ring. The caller has no name. I decided not to pick it but on a second thought, I picked it. The voice over the phone was feminine—

“Hello, is that Dayo?” The caller asked. “Yes! And who I’m I speaking with?” I asked.

“Look, you don’t need to know me but now, you must hurry to John Williams lodge!” And the caller dropped the call.

“John Williams lodge?” I thought aloud. Just then it came to me that, Kate’s lodge bears that name. I was shocked to the marrow. What could have happened? Is Kate ill or what? Or has Bobby finally carried out his wicked plans? I quickly forbade the thought. Next, I jumped to my feet and opened my wardrobe to take a shirt. I wore a white round-neck shirt and a black hood on it. I quickly reached out for my gun, checked the bullet and seeing that its loaded, I dipped it into my trouser as usual. I did not take with me the green beret… damn the beret!

The time was around eleven in the night and the moon has decided to stay back and rest in the clouds. Everywhere was dark. Damn darkness! I’m now a member of that same darkness. I ran through the darkness damning the distance, I kept running till I reached Kate’s lodge. I was panting heavily and loudly. I got to the entrance of the lodge and the look on everybody’s face didn’t tell of something good. Kate’s co-tenants were all outside with tears rolling down their eyes but where on earth is Kate? I quickly ran in… and opening Kate’s room door, I was not shocked, I wasn’t surprised or frightened and I wasn’t furious… I was emptied! I felt like I’m dead. Kate was lying on the floor in the pool of her blood.

I walked gently from the door to where Kate’s body was laying helplessly. I excused the ladies in the room. I knelt down, raised Kate’s head up and she opened her eyes though half closed. Kate was stabbed severally in her stomach and her face also has swollen. She has been beaten to pulp before they stabbed her as if that was not enough, she was also raped.

Smiling, she said—

“Bobby has finally gotten me! He raped and stabbed me together with his boys” Kate said slowly as she gasped to catch breath. “Baby… Remember I told you… you won’t be able to protect me…” that word set me aflame with anger.

“Now, it’s peaceful to die in your hand… promise me… you’ll avenge my death…” she said as she gasped again.

“Yes… I will… but you’re not dead yet, we can still make it to the hospital…”

“It’s late already…” she gasped again as blood gushed from her mouth. She nods her head remorsefully and said—

“What goes around must surely come around!” And her head slowly slumps as her skin went cold.

At that moment, I became nothing. Bobby has emptied me completely. He has taken away my career, my friend and my love. What then am I living for? Revenge! The reason for my living is now revenge. I’m now living for nobody, for nothing but to kill. Bobby has carried out his threat, now it’s my turn to carry out my own.

Just then, a friend of Kate came in and gave me a note saying it’s from Kate. I tore it open and it reads—

“Silver knife—the death that kills all Dark Eyes even their godfather. Open my drawer and you’ll see two of that silver knife. It’s yours to use if you must kill Bobby and the Vice Chancellor. Against this knife, their charm works not.”

I opened the drawer as she instructed and I found these two silver knives. I took them and also dipped them into my trouser. I looked at Kate’s body on the floor but tears refused me. I was surprised that I didn’t cry at both Larry’s and Kate’s death. My pity has gone so is my conscience. It’s not going to be an understatement if I say I had lost my scruple at this juncture! If at the death of these two important people in my life, I didn’t cry, then, I’d be more than brutal at killing my targets.

Picking up my phone, I dialled Bobby’s number. It rang and he picked it—

“Jaydee… Why didn’t you?” I cut in.

“Spare me those trashes! A wolf seeks after your soul tonight… prepare for the war you’ve being asking for!” I said calmly but with terror-filled voice.

“Who the hell do you think you’re? Tonight, you’ll join your poor parents in hell. At the usual place; main theatre hall road. There, your fate awaits you!” He said as his voice sounds like a thunder and he ended the call but I wasn’t afraid. Not after all I’ve being through in the last two months. But I’m sure of one thing; I’m going to end Bobby’s life tonight no matter what!

I left the room and out of the lodge without uttering a word. As I got out of the gate, I made for the main theatre hall road. I started running even in deep darkness, I could make my way. Soon enough, I was close by, so I stopped running and I started walking. As I got closer, I could feel the thumping of Bobby’s heart. He’s being expecting me anxiously. I got to the place but things were rather unusual. The men didn’t form a circle; rather, they formed themselves in rows—five on a line, twenty in total. Bobby stood at the back of the last row. The men were masked and they all held knives, cutlasses and daggers.

“I hope you’re prepared for this Jaydee. I’ve tolerated you enough. Now, I’m afraid I’ve to declare you an outlaw; a betrayal of this frat. Death is your judgement…”

“Save your words. You’ll need to explain to Larry and Kate when you get to heaven. I’m here to kill not to talk!” I said as I drew my two knives silently.

“Take him down!” Bobby shouted and the first row started coming towards me.

An unusual spirit came over me. I felt extra-ordinarily powerful. My eyes went bloodshot and my muscle rose. I brought out the two knives bending down a bit and looking up at the men as they rush towards me. My stance was like that of a were-wolf ready to pounce on his prey. Two of them rushed towards me with their cutlass but I was too fast to be cut by their cutlasses. I sliced their neck both. The three drew back and I rushed towards them; stabbing one right in his forehead, the other at his heart and the last one at his Adam’s apple.

I fought and I killed. I stabbed and I sliced. To the earth I toasted all Dark Eyes member’s blood that night. I killed with passion as I screamed at every strike of my silver knives. I removed my hood but my white has turn to red—I don’t care! I’m now facing Bobby eyebrow to eyebrow.

“You’re a beast Jaydee… one that I’m not scared of! Wherever you got those silver knives from; I don’t care but you’ll never understand why…” I cut in.

“Why what? Why you killed Larry and Kate? Why you murdered Kate’s father? Why you sacrificed Larry’s only brother and the reason why you ruined my life and my career…” Bobby cuts in.

“You’re but an ignorant fool; whose passion has blindfolded him from reality. Who told you Larry has a brother? Kate father killed my father, he also aid in sending the V.C to jail some years back. That bitch you called Kate jilted my brother Henry, millions of naira and also sent killers to eliminate him. Your worthless friend Larry raped my only sister and killed her also. She was Kate’s friend. Kate aided Larry in doing so. Do you know about that? Do you know that it was Larry that requested your membership and he had always wanted to oust me and become the alpha of this frat? He has manipulated you into believing him and turning me to the devil. If you’ve not heard… the Vice Chancellor is dead! Larry sent assassins after him or why do you think we killed him now? He committed the highest treason ever by killing the godfather. And you never took your time to know why Larry and Kate were that close? They were lovers before…”

“And how do I believe you? You’ve taken away my future and I have vowed and sworn to take your life…” Bobby cuts in.

“Knock it off Jaydee… I’m a god. I can’t die. On this, I offer you a way of escape…” just then, the siren started wailing. The police are here.

“And that’s the escape Jaydee! The police net…” I cut in. “I don’t want to escape! I want to die!” I said. “But before then, I must kill you; it’s a mandate!”

I drew Bobby to myself unexpectedly and thrust the knife into his stomach.

“You justified yourself and I have to justify myself also. It’s all about revenge. Goodnight bro. Tell Kate and Larry, mission accomplished!” I said and I withdrew the knife.

Bobby fell on his knees holding the point I had stabbed him and said what I called his last words—

“You’ll never understand Jaydee… you’ll never… you’re now the evil in this campus!” He gasped and gave up the ghost.

I knew I had to kill Bobby but I’m now worried if I haven’t killed for the wrong reason if I would have to believe what he has said. It means I had being living with evil without me knowing. I had been treading in darkness all this while even when I thought I was still pure and I haven’t lost my sense of morality. The life I lived in this camp has been a planned one with me having no control over my actions—I swallowed the bait so easily due to my ignorance. That ignorance was my darkest darkness! But then, am I guilty?

“You’re under arrest young man!” The police men said and pointing their gun at me. I dropped my knives and raised my hands and said—

“Oh you’re here. I’m ready to go. I’ve being expecting you guys but where the hell have you being since these killings have started…”


“Bobby was never wrong about what he said before you killed him. He was right!” A voice from my behind interrupted. He was one of our inmates and he has kept quiet all through the time I was narrating my ordeal.

“How did you know? I asked looking back.

“I used to be a member of that cult and I was the second sub-alpha to Bobby. Larry is the devil in the darkness. I’m a prisoner because of him. He sent me to kill Bobby with those same silver knives but I failed and Bobby got to know… then, I was on the death row of Dark Eyes… I surrendered myself to the police to escape the hands of these people. Police net, no doubt is an escape net for the evil ones.” He paused and came closer placing his hand on my shoulder.

“All members of Dark Eyes were victims even Bobby… nobody wants to be evil not even the bad guys but then we’ve being victimized and so the choice is no longer ours… the decisions we make is theirs! You are a hero for the feat you were able to carry out. I therefore advise you as a fellow ‘victim-man’ to transmute not the beast in you as you have said earlier. There is peace in the campus now that all Dark Eyes are gone because we are the evil in that camp and you know that.” He concluded and went back.

There and then, I decided to die with the beast in me. A great sacrifice I’m about to make. But just as he has said, I’m a hero. I saved the university with my ignorance. If I had known all before now, I would still be in the campus and Dark Eyes will continue in its existence—and day after day, the evil would grow stronger and stronger!

I’m not guilty after all… I only brought peace through violence and ignorance with the aid of my transmutation to a wolf and a beast. A hero I would say I am!


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There are few things that quickens the change in human nature: Betrayal, Victimization and Emotional blackmail tops the list. If a young innocent undergraduate, a once naïve and pure guy can turns a wolf, a daredevil and a beast hunting down every soul that has betrayed him... Then this' a story that tells you that every human carries a beast in him and every angel, a devil.... Once we stop taming it...

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