To Discover New Music

To discover new music

Sebastjan Videtic

2017, Shakespir Edition

Protectionism is the defense of the original national knowledge before the new knowledge. In music protectionism often forcing listeners to listen to unsolicited music, which is reflected in earnings. Adapting to the market, national original knowledge update and imitate the fashion trends. Benefits here are good, the music is very similar to one another. Listeners are like this music. With the new knowledge the listeners we cause, both new and old music listeners. Which results can be exploited. And here are the greatest benefits. In this case, we are attacking tradition and everything else with new knowledge and new products. In music, this is the discovery of new instruments and sounds. Forget the guitar and drums. And we need to discover new tunes. The imagination of discoveries. We must cleanse the lessons learned. With imagination to draw new musical instruments and make them. The border is not. Do not be linked to the environment in which you are. Imagine you that musician on a spaceship with higher developed beings. In this position you have to do something more sophisticated. You see previously invisible. You’re in another time, you elsewhere. Free of national original knowledge. You were born on a spaceship, we are in 2500, you got 25 years now, around you is more senior races, more capable and more complex. You have chosen for the musician on a spaceship. Start from this. You freed from the limits imposed by time and place in which you live, you’re alone with your talent. Now you can maximize yourself. Your new music will you like it, with the wording they like also the mass market.

To Discover New Music

  • ISBN: 9781370758807
  • Author: Sebastjan Videtic
  • Published: 2017-01-18 08:50:08
  • Words: 281
To Discover New Music To Discover New Music