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The Kingdom Romance Episode 3


© 2016 Michael Basham


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]Thou wilt show me the path of life: in Thy presence is fullness of joy; at Thy right hand there are pleasures forevermore.]

[_ _]

Psalms 16:11

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[_ _]

Rachel’s Mission (What is it exactly? To look frickin’ cool while doing awesome stuff!)

There was no sound through her heightened sensory battle armor, except for the soft tones of her own breathing.  She had been through this course about 6 or 7 times, but each time was a thrill.  Expertly diving into air conditioning ducts and wind pipes, making use of her surroundings to camouflage herself each time a crew member was in the vicinity (this time she had only had to render one of these unconscious, while before honing her skill there had been hundreds), and all the while having a wonderful song of exultation in her heart. All was utter joy.  Getting into the ship was the easy part, but making her way through the entire city sized interior up to the nature-dome up top side was the challenge.  Someone had made the great engineering decision to put all the fighter garages for Starlion on the bottom edges, forcing Rachel to land her hijacked fighter craft miles and miles away from her destination.  There was no rush, though, not yet.  She had left the captain of the hijacked ship asleep, with a look of contentment on his face.  After this she had folded up her flight armor, which was still in the fighter’s airlock.  This was easily translatable into just a simple little backpack the size of a notebook, gently wrapped around her waist and connected to her body armor.  Technology these days!  Even Heaven was making breakthroughs with newer and more compact machinery.   As she made her way through the air duct, navigating the complex maze,  Sapphire’s voice crackled through an encoded transmission: “I have outlined a few possible courses for you to return up here with little resistance, but you’ll have to stay on the alert.  They won’t know who you are yet.  And you will most likely be apprehended if discovered.”

“Ha!  As if they could ever do that!  They could try.  And thank you, I’m fine—this is good practice.  Over,”  she thought back.  Rachel was more or less a living machine, able to tap into any system and take it over, make use of anyone’s own technology against themselves. . .  but in this case she was limiting herself for the sake of training. . .  and security.  The sheer power that had been engineered into her body made it such a shame when she couldn’t find a challenging enough opponent or obstacle to fight through.  If you looked at her though, you might not think of her as such a magnificent ‘weapon of God’ as she was nicknamed by her admirers.  The mystery of Rachel, and part of her allure, was whether she was actually a living soul or not, as there had hardly been such a living, breathing AI/human system ever created.  At least legally, anyway.  Some of the angels had experimented and made their own versions, and gotten in trouble for it.  There were strict guidelines for this sort of thing, and you needed to retain a high Holy-Spirit-Led clearance, otherwise you were playing with fire.  

All in all, this Rachel was a fiery little starlet, and she was on her own happy hunt through one of the most powerful battleships in the Lord’s Fleet.

“What about the driver, did you take good care of him?”  Came back Sapphire’s voice.

“He was like a baby at his mother’s bosom!  If it had been his last moment, it would have been a happy way to die.”  Rachel’s voice was full of glee through the transponder.  It was digitized thought patterns, though.  No one really fully understood how that worked, but you could project your thoughts into any Heavenly piece of technology and whatever you were thinking would be audibly spoken out loud.  It seemed simple, but this invention was really quite a spiritual discovery back in the day.

“Well there’s no huge rush, just take your time. I’m in the Mayor’s office topside, sipping tea with Mr. Ransom here, who sends his regards.   Enjoy your mission!”

Rachel smiled at the thought of the two of them, as she dropped from a very high ceiling, landing more gracefully than a cat several stories down below, among some crates.  They were all quite large, and marked “Egypt.”  Her intuition told her these were something important, perhaps fragile.   They smelled a lot like Earth, and there was sand on the floor indicating they had perhaps just recently been put here, in a hurry.  She didn’t have time to open any and delight herself in whatever the contents were.  At this point in her journey she was in the bottom hull of one of the various command centers that jutted out in the lower region of Starlion.  Starlion’s separate parts were so tremendous and huge, the designers had called these separate areas “regions” and each of these had their own structure, governance, and purpose or ministry.  This one was, among other things, both used in storage and reconnaissance mission housing.

It was a full house, now, as all the scouts had returned from their surveying of the asteroid belt.  That had been a success, too, as they had managed to find a good number of lost souls marooned out there. . .  these all (except for one or two) happily received the Gospel, and were now up on Eleneth somewhere, learning about Heavenly society and ways, from the good citizens up there.  

Rachel closed her eyes and was able to immediately map out the nearest rooms.  She was purposefully not tapping into Starlion’s own network, as they were equipped with some pretty hefty high tech security systems themselves.  There was a small risk of being found out.  So she just used her own encrypted systems to spy out the nearest rooms.  In her mind also flashed the actual blueprints of the entire region, and the quick route glowed light green which Sapphire had keyed in.  The way she had come was in pink.  She loosened up a little realizing there was not a soul around here, in these massive storage areas.  The park areas, garages, and lodges were most likely the places she would have to avoid.

Rachel’s journey through Starlion took several days. Along the way she managed to find a few treasures until finally reaching the last security sector that led to Eleneth.  The passage through this area was heavily guarded, so she chose one of these guards to acquaint herself with.  She studied him for hours, watching the things he liked, where he went when taking a break, and what he spoke about with his friends.   Then she used a hologram to disguise her armor as one of the uniforms of a mid-level security officer from another sector.  There was a risk in this, too, of course. But that just added to the whole thrill of the mission.

Fortunately the Heavens were full of these breaks and rests, almost more than you thought would be necessary. . .  giving everyone enough time for proper fellowship and love.  There was never a sense of haste or rushing unless it was a super emergency.  Even then, people were happy, looked happy, and also were quick to stop and talk to you and spend time with you.  This aspect was something Rachel took advantage of in this situation.

After sharing their hearts like this on a few more occasions, she asked him for permission to see Eleneth.  Her security clearance would not allow it, but these were rules that could always be BENT after all!

GP DATEDIAOLOGE btwn Rachel and Gregory

You have to leave me your seal, though!”   In Heaven they don’t use ‘phone numbers’ but rather the Seal of Heavenly Citizenship. . .  every one having their own unique seal.

“Of course!  And anytime you feel lonesome or in the mood you just give me a call!”

He watched her movements closely and noticed how fit she was.  Without losing any of her feminine curves and voluptuous physique, she had a sort of spring in her step and quickness and adeptness in each of her movements that suggested a great agility.  Her ass was also full and beautifully crafted.  Crafted?  He wanted to say she was human but there was something unearthly and angelic about her.

“Were you ever on Earth before?”  Gregory asked.

“I was, but only in some operations relating to another fleet I worked with in the past.  That’s ancient history now, though!  How old are you?”
“I’ll be turning 1,000 in a couple of years!”  Gregory replied.

“Just a baby!  Well unless you get too tied up in your job, we’ll have to see each other again soon.  I’m trying to get a job in Eleneth, if the Lord will let me.  It’s taking forever to get clearance though, and I just want to breath the air up there and see the nature and stroll around the outskirts of the city, and-

“You don’t have to tell me what you want to do.  I trust you.  I just want your promise we’ll see each other again soon.  You look like the pretty wild type.  If you’re not satisfied with the adventures Starlion is already on, if you can envision even MORE and have something, I want to be a part of it!”

Rachel smiled inwardly, seeing that she had another sheepy potential disciple on her hands.  She would have to take note of this.  Report it to HQ!  They were always looking for the types who would drop out of whatever they were in and go and serve the Lord on some of the higher more dangerous missions.  Later, though.   Rachel was in a hurry now, to catch up with whatever was going on with the outside world.  It had been several days since starting this mission. She had been sneaking around this ship for too long already.  Dating Gregory had been a relaxing recuperation, though!

Having been given the necessary papers, Rachel was led by the guard, named “Gregory” a very sweet former monk of Rus, (later Russia) and one of the first people to become an Orthodox Christian when it came from the Byzantine Empire just before 1,000 A.D.   That great empire fell to the Mongols, and Gregory had become a martyr and died at a young age.  His prodigy survived, however and continued to this day.  It seemed he had a very interesting story and Rachel was sure he’d make a great fighter.  The last millennium for him had been spent doing more quiet activities within the Kingdom, as his spirit was of a very special and unique kind.  However Rachel felt within her “heart” (her very high-tech heart!)  that their chance meeting like this was perhaps the Lord’s blessing and moving for him.  Perhaps it was about time for him to try something new, and this was his chance!

They walked through the gate, still deep in conversation.  Gregory was still trying to figure out how old Rachel was, but this was an impossible task (she didn’t even know the answer.  Her body was only a few years old, in fact, but her systems had been forged in a secret place and installed by secret hands.  Who knew her true age?)  In front of them stretched out the vast forests near one of Eleneth’s little suburbs.  Mountains and hills ahead showed off more trees and rocks, all land that had not really been settled yet.  There was apparently a lot more work to be done on the countryside, to make it even more inhabitable, but perfect weather and temperature made it a wonderful place to just go out into any random remote location and have a nice campfire, sleeping on the grass and watching the stars fly by.  The precipice they came to was looking out over the tremendous river of life’s waterfall as it fell with full force into the deep chasm going into the energy systems of StarLion.  When not sharing these waters with some other folks in need of its rejuvenating energies, the Starlion used them for an energy source.  This was one of the most incredible energy sources in all of creation, for it came directly from the Throne of God Himself!  It’s light dazzled the eyes and when it flew through the air it created the most refreshing mists that rose up into the sky, making the air full of life and an aroma that just healed any wound to all who smelled it.

“This is as far as I go today, I’m afraid.  Well praise the Lord, this place is so wonderful!  I just know He has a great plan for this place, and its people, and for all of us!”  His eyes were aglow with the sight before them, and also with something he had deep in his own heart.  Rachel picked up on these details, although her interactions with him were blithe and energetic.  She embraced him, thanking him for his help and they kissed once more.  The eternal roar of the waterfall had its effect on this kiss, making it feel endless also – – – but at last he returned to his post at the entrance.  There he was commissioned with all sorts of duties, but today was a slow day as most of the focus of the ship’s crew was on other matters.  Apparently in his spare time he was busy writing poetry.  “I’ll have a lot of inspiration now, thanks to you my dear Rachel!”  He said, and turned and walked away.

Rachel stood there, waving him goodbye and then quietly thanked the Lord, meditating with Him.  She had a way of relating to Him like no one else did, as she could completely empty out her entire memory and cybernetic brain and completely inundate herself with Him only, and His Word.  She stood there, feeling His power surge through her.  At that moment she could have fought off thousands of demonic warriors and hardly sweat a drop, the power was so immense.  But in this case she was using it to refocus all her love and adoration back into God, her body riveting slightly as she felt that love returned into her being a thousand fold.  This was definitely what she had been made for.  Her prayer was just “anything, Lord, take me. . . “  prayed in a very passionate voice!

There being no great rush to get to Sapphire, Rachel walked through some of the outlying farmlands and pastures, dressed in her own armor.  This was the most relaxing for her, and her hair lightly blew in the wind.  In one meadow she met some kids playing some elaborate game with horses and simple bows and arrows, shooting targets they’d made all around the trees.  They invited her to join them, and this she did, practicing her horse riding skills for a few hours.  They sat down by a small stream and took out loaves of bread and German sausages and cheese, very much also enjoying their new company, this mysterious warrior woman (they were all boys, aged around 11 to 14).  She then took this opportunity to gather some information about events in the town.  They offered her some of their lunch and told her the news.  There would be a big gathering of people in one area, to celebrate the recent victories (Eleneth’s folk loved to celebrate on just about every  occasion imaginable!). . .  that should offer enough time to slip into the downtown more or less unnoticed!

She felt her adrenaline rise at the thought of yet another daring infiltration.  No matter how many times she did it, she never got sick of it!  She was rather old school in her approach, too, as she didn’t make use of any overly sophisticated means to make it through security and slip by unnoticed other than the good old fashioned James Bond methods (she loved those movies).    Quick reflexes, sex, and high tech weapons!  However if ever caught in a fight, she was an out of control fighter, razing even the highest ranking enemy soldier to the ground in moments.

These boys looked like aspiring future warriors, she decided, and so before leaving them she gave them all a quick class.  Just for a couple hours she instructed them in precision aim with their bows, and gave them a few pointers on hand-to-hand combat techniques if they were every to lose their horse and get into a fist fight!  These they had fun practicing on each other, creating quite a ruckus there in the forest and meadow. Rachel sighed, watching some of them getting the tar beaten out of them (laughingly, though—they were not able to get hurt in their present spiritual state),  realizing  retrospectively that this was probably not the best thing to show a bunch of rowdy youngsters!

Since they were so distracted, she took this opportunity to disappear into the branches, and practiced her leaping ability, going from tree to tree.  These were some of the highest and oldest trees in Eleneth, and had been taken directly from the Heavenly City.  She got as close as possible to the township and waited for the majority of the population to head to the opposite side, to whatever festivities they had planned.  She took this time to scope out the town, which she had just traveled 2 days through the starship just to reach.   ‘might as well enjoy my work!’ she thought.

Rachel found that one of her favorite hobbies was people watching.  Not in a creepy way, but sometimes she would just sit there for hours, plugged into a security network somewhere, and watch myriads of people going about their daily lives.  It was  a useful hobby!  She could pray for many of them, and if any looked sad send them some key-powered energy prayer of joy.  Often this would have an immediate effect, and that soul would never end up knowing why.  This was a practice she took great delight in, but today it was just her own two eyes at work.  The branches and leaves rustled lightly in the wind, as evening set in.  Some amazing fireworks were going off, which were accompanied by a mini airshow by the Eleneth pilots.  These were also quite amazing to watch, as they performed various acrobatic stunts, but Rachel was sure that the MOST amazing point in the whole show was the best time to sneak by, so she took advantage of this moment.  Her white armor was great for reflecting light in such a way that made it very difficult to see her fly past when she ran.  It was like a light blur, or as if time had distorted around you for a few moments.   She had chosen a route through the less inhabited business district, and made it to the area where the government offices and houses were.  Living here was so pleasant that most people kept their work and their homes on opposite ends of town, giving themselves adequate time to walk and enjoy the little mini-journey.  There weren’t any cars, and if you were in a huge rush you could grab a horse, but everything was scheduled in this way to keep life from ever speeding up so fast.  There was literally more time than most people knew what to do with, which lent to some practices and habits that were arguably counter-productive.  However the entire loving atmosphere lent itself to the help of any lost souls who were given a chance to find the Lord here.  The latest additions were the pick-ups from the asteroid field.  This way they would never feel left out or disconnected, since there was always enough relaxing going on everywhere that people had enough time to include them and stop and chat with them and overall just make them feel loved and appreciated.   There was real work to be done, as well, including a military buildup, economic factors (faith is the coinage of the Heavenly Realm, but there still is an economy!) as well as the whole construction projects that were underway to not only develop the town and its outskirts, but to help other similar ‘Planedomes’ make theirs just as nice.   Eleneth was special, though, because its very foundations were cut from the New Jerusalem, so that always helped a place to feel special!  Its inhabitants were by no means perfect, but they possessed a special blessing for any who chose to journey within their city limits.

Rachel figured most of the ‘officials’ of the town were at the festivities, so she risked just strolling in without sneaking.  Besides, sometimes there were strangers browsing about these parts, anyway!  She had to resist the temptation to just bask in the beauty of the setting ‘sun’ and the gorgeous effect this had on the little quaint European style alleys and neighborhoods.  It was all so beautiful, it looked fake.  Even though Rachel had never had an Earth life, it still seemed that these kinds of beauties just were not possible.  Every leaf, every flower, every bead of water glistening on a spider web (yes there were spiders, but they were nice). . .    even the little mailboxes and their placement beside the road with such care and attention bore a feeling of love and care for even the little things.  Some kids ran by, rushing to make it to the fireworks before the biggest part of the show ended.  The one or two adults she passed by didn’t give her enough notice to be of any risk, as they too were engrossed in the spectacular light show.  Fighter ships were flying in formation and dividing into patterns and firing dummy missiles  creating crisscrossing shapes and (harmless) laser beams all over the place.  The sky was lighting up in battle, yet the type of demonstration Heaven had was not all noise and confusion, but somehow fit perfectly with the dusk and ‘quiet of the day’ once again reminding everyone that these were also Life giving energies and not just for the sake of destruction upon the evil ones.

“Always good to be reminded of that,”  thought Rachel, flexing her muscles, knowing the strength she possessed to exact perfect judgment on any fallen entity.  When it came to battle she was, well, a machine.

Coming to the mayor’s house (or was it the meeting hall?  Dang it I forgot!) she ventured inside, finding everything very still.  A grandfather clock ticked away, and the sound outside was well muted to just a dull thudding sound every time a huge explosion occurred.  She enhanced her ability to scan everything, just for future reference, and saved and stored it for later review (not just picture taking, but thorough research and scanning of all books, papers, objects and their fingerprints and possible usages and recent movements etc).   These eyes could do it all, no problem-o.  It was a  pleasant task, too, because the house was filled with the beautiful light from outside, coming in through the crystal windows and drapes, making everything feel so homey and comfortable.  She felt so at home, here, although this was her first time here.  Hearing some voices upstairs, she quickly walked up them, feeling herself get very  relaxed suddenly, recognizing who they were.   There was nothing like knowing you were about to meet some very good old friends to rejuvenate your spirit!  She had been in the thick of vigilant ‘alert mode’ this past few days, and this was going to be a very wonderful  and filling fellowship, she just knew it!!

“Rachel!  Welcome, welcome,”  the first voice to greet her was Ransom’s, as she stepped into the room.  Sapphire was the first to hug her, though.  Then came a few unexpected attacks of love from a couple more friends—other warriors and captains of various starships who she was not expecting.  The Cathar captain, Calumous, as well as an elite warrior angel she had briefly had a love affair with (who shall go unnamed in this report due to security factors) plus a number of others.  All were enjoying a private party here, along with a couple of the governing council of Eleneth, whom Rachel was not as well acquainted with, yet seeing them here made her know they must be quite nice folk!

They had apparently been here already for some time, but were just getting started.  Sapphire whispered in Rachel’s ear the details of what she’d missed, and what was being planned.  The next missions were going to be crucial, and would require all available support.  The Dallas was to —

“ Don’t let me disturb you two, but isn’t it a sin to make two of the most beautiful ladies on this ship go off into their own little clique??”  Butted in *****  who, in between slaughtering the wicked powers of the air’s armies, took great delight in courting ladies and breaking hearts.  “You are robbing the rest of the fellowshipings here, girls!  Let’s go fix some drinks downstairs for a second round!”  And he grabbed them both with a jolt that only he possessed (being a master of the arts in electricity in all its uses!).   The 3 of them went downstairs, and he jovially started pulling out drinks from all the multitudes of cupboards and wine holders and fixing them up, adding a spike of an electrical charge with his finger  ‘to do the trick.’

Mostly he just looked pleased with himself to have successfully gotten these two absolutely shockingly beautiful babes (as he always referred to any woman he was after)  in private.

“You know the Heavens are His Footstool, and He’s been looking for some massage experts, and my talents could make your hands offer Him all the more pleasure!”

“ Yes, we know, ***, but then who would take the credit for your amazing works?”  Sapphire actually had no clue how to deal with this guy.  She was one of Eleneth’s original saved souls, a church girl-turned-free spirit that had originally convinced the entire city to Go on a mission for God on the Earth, leading to Annette’s original recovery.

Rachel challenged him to a dual of electrical wits, however, and pretty soon they were at it again, just like old times.   He could make her go to Cloud 9 just by looking at her, and she was the perfect vessel for him.   Angels crave the Word of God above all, and the vessels that carry this are considered Very Holy.  Thus Rachel was a total sex magnet for all the Host whenever near,  but that was just a minor footnote.  They were attacking eachother, to all onlookers, but this was their secret way of making love (publicly).  Sapphire figured this out soon enough, though, and taking the rather unfinished tray of drinks upstairs, she laughed as she gave the report:

“ I hope no one here was expecting any kind of sophisticated report from either Queen Rachel or **** for the next hour, but anyway here are the drinks we tried to make!”   and all in the room chuckled and laughed, thanking her.
The very important “Council”  went on for quite some time, and at last the fireworks and festivities outside also died down.   It was very much like the parents having a break while the children played at a party.  Not that the parents were all that mature, though!  Ransom seemed to be the most natural one to chair this meeting, though, and when all important points were covered he had everyone retire to their quarters for the evening.  This was the Mayor’s house, and it was also a great guest house for people coming for the purpose of  Heavenly politics.  Eventually it was just him and Sapphire again, in the room.  Though he was technically a great deal older than she, the two had grown quite fond of each other and were perhaps falling in love!  They were sitting on the mayor’s chair, both holding a wine glass and talking in soft voices when suddenly Nancy burst in the room.
“Have you seen what they did to the living roo— Ahh, excuse me Mayor!  I’ll just be getting home now!”
“No no, come in!”  Sapphire found herself a more appropriate place to sit while the two Eleneth governing servants talked.

Nancy was in her late 40’s, a former Church Christian who had not quite let go of the old ways, yet, but was still very sweet.  She just had a large amount of respect for decency and order and the way things ought to be (as she put it).  Her husband had been a pastor on Earth before, about 100 years ago.  They were still together even in Heaven although there were no formal rules binding them;  only their own choice.

Sapphire, who was not tired in the least went downstairs, saw the downstairs floor in a bit of disarray (thanks to the lightning fellowship just a moment before) and decided to take a stroll in the quiet air of the city.  Her purpose here in Eleneth was getting the public ready for what she knew would be their biggest battle, and Annette’s arrival would hopefully encourage them.  Looking out into the stars above, she could almost make out the tail of a comet that was coming into view, or was it her imagination?  So much had changed since coming here so long ago.  Would their mission be a success?  Ransom had mentioned their collaboration with some alien races.  Wouldn’t that confuse people even more?  This wasn’t anything entirely new, as they had done this before on Alien worlds, but what they were talking about was unveiling these races and their existence to the people of Earth.  How would Earth people take that?!  Since Eleneth was primarily a spiritual creation, it would not appear before these races.  The details of this were kind of confusing, and it had taken a long time for him to explain.   Furthermore, there would be some resistance, as Earth apparently already HAD aliens on it!  These were ancient aliens, from the old days, but were now coming back to the surface from their deep underground layers.  Large enemy ship movements had also been detected around the solar system, hiding behind moons of several planets and in the rings of Saturn.  It was only a matter of time before all out war would happen.  The good news was though, that these races were on the run.  Most of them were now confined to this solar system, and the rest had been beaten down to subjection by “the good aliens” . . . Sapphire knew little about all this stuff, as she was a “Heavenly Girl” and didn’t really care that much, but from now on she would have to care.  This was the reality that was upon them!

She looked around at the remainder of the festivities.  There was a lone fighter jet parked in the middle of the town square, with tons of confetti all around it.  It had been quite a party!  Being the somewhat out of control and adventurous type, she peeked inside to see if anyone was in the cockpit.   She heard something rustle in one of the nearby taverns, and noticed one of its guest rooms with a window carelessly left open, some clothes hanging draped from the side–  a pilot’s uniform!  ‘So. . .   he looks busy,’ she thought, also thinking she may have heard the passionate moan of a female voice inside also.  ‘Only one thing left to do, then!’  and she walked right up to the craft, climbing up the ladder to see if these were the kinds of controls she was used to (She was a big fan of the pilot simulators).  The seat was a little bit tight for her, as the cockpit was outfitted perhaps for a smaller pilot.  Either that or her womanly features were a bit overdone (I.E.  A lot of junk in the trunk) .  She flipped on the switches, as they had designed some of these to retain the old Earthly fighter jet shapes and kept even some of the old navigational system.  The sleek and dangerous looking craft lifted off into the air, and Sapphire gasped at the sight of all of the land around her being pulled away in just a few moments.   It was so fast!  She kept it hovering there, for a few moments, using its thrusters both astern and in front to keep it there while she surveyed the landscape .  She saw the Mayor’s house and one room was lighting up with blue lights flashing.  It was obvious enough who was in that room!  Below her the pilot came running out, clutching a blanket and yelling something, but he was too far away to be heard.  Sapphire looked at the control panel and saw that the security clearance keys had been left there.  If she wished she could exit through the force field above!  This was amazing. . . what had this guy been thinking to leave all his stuff out like this?   On second thought, it must have been quite a beautiful woman to seduce one of the fighter pilots who were usually very in charge of their game.   Probably he had been showing off his ride and got carried away, Sapphire thought.

She had always wanted to try one of these things in real life, and in truth she found the set of coincidences quite amazing.  Could there be a reason for this?  Without further ado she pressed forward on all the booster controls and was pushed back by the thrust, the sudden burst of speed also filling her with adrenaline.  The force field zoomed into view and all sensors showed green, as in – she could pass directly through.  This was a real physical glass, made of the most powerful substance available to all Planedomes, being made out of the same crystal substance mentioned in the Book of Revelation (the Sea of Crystal Glass)  and this was also the protective covering for the New Jerusalem Herself.  So  it was not something you could easily pass through, but these very expensive top of the line fighter craft were equipped with teleportation technology, which they could use to pass in and out of walls such as these without any problem.  It was all automatic, and required a lot of security clearances, but apparently this guy had these, so she was good to go.   There was a moment of vision displacement, and she was able to see the future and the past at the same time for a split second (all teleportation also deals with time travel after all!  Space/Time are closely related!)  but then all was normal and she was floating in space, seeing both Eleneth’s Planedome underneath, and the rest of Starlion’s edge points and gigantic rockets, as well as the two smaller ships that had separated from Eleneth on either side, flying in formation.   Their speed was increasing, and suddenly Sapphire felt a small surge of panic as she realized she may be left behind the fleet if this ship wasn’t equipped with the same class of space thrust.   She checked the systems under ‘system properties’ in the computer, and was quickly assured of her competence speed wise.   “PhwwwuuuuffF!”  she sighed, relieved.  The fleet was indeed gaining speed, and turning at a very slight angle.  The other accompanying smaller craft formed a line behind, and these were all shapes and sizes.   A few of these registered in Sapphire’s trained sight as ‘purely physical craft’ and others were making a transition to becoming this way.  Indeed Eleneth herself was designed to be one of the first major ships in the Lord’s Fleet to make this transition once the two dimensions were fully overlapped.   Some spirits were more spiritual, and some were more apt to make that physical crossover than others.

Sapphire played with the various abilities of this very agile and very capable ship, taking it all the way around Eleneth’s complex and gigantic frame.  She noticed a few other ships flying around, too, some making repairs and some just enjoying the view from out here.   They were definitely heading towards a comet by now, which had a large debris field they would attach themselves to.  It was heading right back into the inner part of Earth’s Solar System, and according to Ransom they were going to follow its flight path until a certain distance and then make a course for Earth.  They could expect very strong resistance, too!  Sapphire couldn’t wait.  She had decided that spiritual warfare and interstellar warfare was going to be her life’s purpose, long ago.

Just then a ship came zooming up to her, blocking her. It was the familiar sight of the White Pearl shaped Dallas, and it stuck out a few of its signature arms, flying out of the side compartments, waving at her.  It was obvious who was at the controls. The comms burst in around her
“We got our eye on you!”  Came Enoch’s silly voice.

“You guys have a lot of nerve coming here!”
“No it’s ok, I got a check you would be out here with one of these portal-openers.  Do you want to be a good security breach and help us find a way in?”

“You know it’s not until tomorrow that Annette was supposed to arrive!”  Sapphire quipped

“Aww, it’s practically tomorrow, already!  C’mon!”  He really had no sense of keeping the protocols.  That’s what they were about, though, and that was what the Lord had blessed them with—a whole heck of a lot more freedom than the average Heavenly citizen!

“Ok, fine.  I was just enjoying the view, too. . .   but it’ll have to wait.  Follow me!”  Sapphire set the console to open up a portal for the two ships to fit through, and within moments they were back inside Eleneth once more.

Above them, the comet was growing huge, its core just beginning to melt from the heat of the sun, and glowing light blue from the reflection.  All the dust it had collected from deep space was being washed away, revealing its beautiful interior frozen watery mass.

Now Dallas’s voice chipped in “I do apologize for Enoch’s behavior and pushiness, miss Sapphire– this was completely uncalled for.  I have hereby sentenced him to silence restriction for the remainder of the day.  But would you now be so kind as to lead us to a place we could lay low a bit until it’s time for the event?”

The real event hadn’t even happened yet.  They were trying to make a big deal out of the victory in space against the Prince of Persia’s armies (which was the occasion for all the fireworks and air force display), so that no one would notice that “ahem, by the way Annette’s back, and we’re friends with the former kidnapper Enoch again.  Everybody’s friends, no problem, let’s focus on the war effort!  PTL!   And that would be it.  Annette had just been the bait to get them off Malacandria (that lazy mission!) and into the battle frontier once again!  But the Father was definitely interested in all differences being reconciled among His children, and it was a high priority for this to be settled before new things happened.

Sapphire landed the fighter craft deep in the mountains, somewhat separated from the rest of the populace.  Dallas set down for the first time on this turf, and opened out the entire garden, to ventilate some of this fresh Heavenly air into its portable soil.  This made the ship look sort of like a large upside down umbrella, with large robot legs hoisting up a white dome underneath.  It was a rather queer but interesting sight.   Sapphire got out of the ship, hoping that by now someone had told the pilot the reason for this ‘borrowing.’   He had hopefully rejoined his lady until Dawn, which was soon approaching.

The sky began to lighten slowly.  It was not just dawn, now, but it was also the light of the comet flooding the entire landscape with an amazing light bluish-yellow tint.   As everyone (except for Dallas) came out onto the pine-needle covered ground and stretched as though they had just gone on a long road trip.  This ragtag band of wild ones caught up on the plan, and exchanged the latest silly stories.  It seemed there was always so many fun things to talk about between them, even surrounding all the work they would have to do.   Rachel showed up, too, blasting down with her enhanced flight armor, that very cooly folded itself back up into a little convenient backpack.  In her hands she held a few objects.  “Annette, I think these are yours!”  and she handed her some packages which were loaded with more things than could possibly have fit inside such a small package.  It was a compression bag, Sapphire realized!  She had heard of these.   Very cool!  Lightweight, and able to carry 100X the mass of its actual size. You could fit an entire room into one of these, and it would still weigh a feather.   Sure helped to keep clutter a nonissue on these long spaceflights!  Annette had been wearing the same dress since the beginning of her journey here, and was very thankful for the returning of her old things.   There were also quite a few books and other treasures that she had missed.

Enoch set up a large canopy complete with fold up chairs, as though he was a true camper at heart, and quickly started a campfire.  A few more friends arrived, and among these were an increasing number of Cathars, which were involved in some of the high-tech research and development operations that their team would certainly need.   Annette suddenly blurted out “What is this, a new group of mercenaries or something?”  Noticing the somewhat clandestine yet revolutionary way these people were talking and trying out weapons and exchanging ideas.

“You weren’t told?  My, Enoch has you in the dark still, it appears!  Well Annette you might as well know—we aren’t here just to have a picnic,”  munched Cray, a tech wizard member of the Cathar band.  He looked like he was having  a picnic as he took big bites out of his jumbo chili hot dog, with the works!

A few more helpful voices spoke up, and helped Annette to understand their role as a sort of ‘Fifth Column’ among the rest of the Heavenly Kingdom.   There were various political bodies in the Heavens besides the Arch Angels (Humans were even destined to judge these), but they were setting up a revolution (for Jesus) and it was to totally revamp the way things were done.  Primarily the focus was to spearhead the Enemy’s dark domination of Planet Earth during the End Time.  But this would  require a great number of sold-out individuals who were ready to volunteer their energies to help this endeavor.  For now they still had to operate somewhat in a secret manner, but had already captured the hearts of all the public officials and ship captains and were working with them.  It was just a larger challenge to get the Heavenly masses to accept and back such quick changes on a dime as these mercenaries would be required to carry out.

“So you still want to join us?” Asked Enoch, who was dressed once more in his ‘robe of humility’ covering battle armor underneath, just as he had when he’d first met Annette here.  That had seemed like eons ago, but really it was only a month or two since that had occurred.  Time was difficult to gauge when you were traveling through space.   Had it been that long?  Longer?   Annette actually hadn’t kept track, either.   The only way she knew what was going on was her sleep patterns and diary entries.   She looked around at these who had done so much for her.   Hadn’t Eleneth’s people done more, though?  They risked more!  They even had their entire city take off and fly after her when she’d been ‘kidnapped!’  But perhaps this was all the Lord’s plan . . .   She wished she had more time to sit and talk to the Lord about this, and get His thoughts on all of this and what it meant.   Here, though, were people who were seemingly belonging to a different caliber all together, and who wanted to serve the Lord even if it meant sometimes being misunderstood by the masses of Heaven.   The Lord was going to reward those who gave up the most, right?  And here was a chance to give up everything once again.

“I’ll go with you!  But just give me a little time to pray about this.”  She said, quietly.  Whereas the last time Enoch had prayed with her she felt a new life dawn, this time it was almost like a second death of sorts.   She could return to this city and be its treasure, again, and be sought after by all the nobility here on a regular basis (it wasn’t like she didn’t enjoy all the attention of every rich family wanting to give their sons to her!).  Maybe she could even just go back to that library and continue as if nothing had changed.  But really so much had changed.

“Definitely!  A smart choice.   If you walk too close to the city, though, they might find you and convince you otherwise!”  Rachel said, looking up from the campfire.  She had a whole bag of marshmallows, was busy roasting one to a firey crust!

Sapphire gave her a big hug, and offered to come with her.  “If you need a prayer partner, I’ll be on call!”  she said.

“That’s fine, I think I had better focus on this one a little bit on my own.  You are truly a wonderful friend, though.”  And left into the pine forest.

Cray stood up, stretching his back once more.   “Ahh!  You guys, we look like some kind of weird cult trying to coerce someone into joining something they know nothing about!”  and he started to throw rocks in to a nearby stream.  The light was now so bright you could see all the fish and turtles quite clearly.  A nice breeze was blowing by, making everything even more beautiful.  The temperature was perfect.

“I don’t think so–  she knows.  But if she saw the full glory of what she was being offered right now, she’d lose a part of her reward.  ‘more blessed is it to believe having not seen’ after all!  And maybe that’s why the Lord didn’t have her come to the Heavenly City New Jerusalem yet?  I think He’s still testing her.”  Sapphire said, watching the fire.

Enoch came up to the fire, set a boot on it to test the durability of the metal (which was virtually indestructible, and he knew that, but it was still fun to see how it didn’t even get hot from direct exposure to fire).

“Any of you guys got a guitar?  This is the perfect place to praise the Lord!”  He said.

“Ahh, Annette’s got one.  Let me run and see if I can’t find her.  It was among her other things!”  Rachel said.

“Yep, you’d be the right choice to hunt someone down in the forest for sure!”  laughed  Cray.  He was definitely a geek, but still had the inability to suppress joke making on a regular basis.

“OK, I’ll go find her!”

Rachel zoomed through the forest, delighting in any excuse to utilize her fine huntress like skill, not making a single sound on the fallen branches or any place.   Man, they sure could use some foresters out here to clean up!  There were woodpiles set here and there, and the remains of forts that children had built.  At last she found Annette, who was deep in prayer.   The sound of Enoch’s voice singing and playing a guitar could be heard, though, anyway.  “So!  This is pointless, I knew he’d do that!”  Rachel thought, but Annette didn’t seem to notice.  Instead she was kneeling, praying wholeheartedly.   Rachel remained unnoticed due to the fact Annette’s eyes were closed tightly shut.   Just then, the figure of a Man could be seen, holding her in His arms, and comforting her.  Rachel saw the same passion in His touch that He showed her, and that told it all.  “This is going to be a mighty Bride!”   She realized, and thanked Him silently.  She barely overheard Annette’s whisper, praying an acceptance prayer and taking in all his comfort and strength.

Annette was trying to hear the Lord’s Voice at this important moment, but it seemed she was just too emotional to hear anything super clear.  Instead she resorted to certain Bible verses that came bubbling up in her memory from the recent training she had made herself undergo.  She had quite an arsenal of verses by this time, being the reader that she was.

However, the words that bubbled up were almost supernaturally clear.  It was unusual for her to remember something in this much vivid detail:

Forget your own people, and your father’s house;  So shall the King greatly desire thy beauty:  for He is thy Lord;  and worship thou Him.  —

[_ _]

The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure hid in a field;  that when a man found, he hid, and for the joy of finding it went and sold everything that he had, and bought that field.    —–

[_ _]

Whoever will save his life will lose it. . .   whoever will lose his life for My sake will find it. . .   what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul?  Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?    —–

[_ _]

If you will be perfect, go and sell all that you have, and give it to the poor, and you will have treasure in Heaven.  Then come, follow Me.—-

[_ _]

Everyone who forsakes houses, brethren, children, or parents, for My Name’s sake, will receive a hundred fold and inherit everlasting life.”

Whosoever he be  of you that doesn’t forsake everything he has cannot be My disciple.”

Wow!  What a body of evidence!  Taken from God’s Own Book, it must count for something!  Annette felt much better knowing that there were more ways than just hearing a direct revelation from God to find out what He wanted her to do.  She was still new to all of this, and it had the thrill of realization that, “wow God is talking to ME!”  which many older Christians seemed to have lost.  It was amazing!   She took a few more minutes just to sit there at that log and thank God, just meditating on His love and feeling the whole wonder of it all.  The wind was blowing the leaves on the trees around, and the sound of music in the distance made her feel even more at peace.  ‘I will live on the Edge for Him,’  she thought.

Rachel returned to the fire, seeing the happy bunch, with Enoch already playing Annette’s guitar.  “Well!  You sure are familiar with her, aren’t you!”  She chided Enoch.

“Hey weren’t you on silence restriction for the rest of the day?”  added Sapphire, poking Enoch.   He took this opportunity to lovingly poke her back, using the guitar.  He was definitely lacking any retort.   He was in the middle of song, and once you got Enoch singing a song on the guitar by the campfire, any one could tell you it was nearly impossible to get him to stop.

That was completely understandable, as the song Enoch sang had immense power to it.   He sang of ancient tales, wisdom and lore which none present were old enough to have known, except maybe from school.  The song was deeply intertwined with the whole story of Creation Itself, and it seemed the trees themselves were swaying to the music.   A mysterious wind started blowing everything around, which was most unusual for this area.  Usually wind was kept under strict control.  Eventually the Cathars (that jovial band) who were present could contain themselves no longer and started to dance.   Nothing formal, just the type of dance that is the expression of utter and total joy, and mirth, thinking up new ideas and moves as they went.   By the time Annette returned, it was practically a bunch of gypsies doing silly games around the fire.   One would make up a dance move, then another would have to copy it and add another move, followed by another and another.  In all there were around 15 people total, so the dance moves got pretty ridiculous and difficult to master.  Everyone cracked up when a dancer would forget the moves and screw up.  Annette watched this, thinking “Yeah, sure that was the right decision!  Team up with these guys!  They are definitely the future leaders of the world, heh!”  But finally she joined them, too, forgetting all her cares until it was time to head into town.

Ahh, the meeting. . . the festival. . .  to describe it in detail would only be writing out a report.  How simple these formal occasions usually are!  And how silly that these are the types of things that are usually reported en masse.  The people of Eleneth joyfully received Annette again, and were awed by the change that had come over her.   She was announcing things in faith, in Christian Faith and as a new member of the Kingdom which were never heard from her lips before.  The crowd gathered there cheered, and clapped in support.  It wasn’t that they agreed with her decision to completely ‘forsake all and join the Lord’ as this was something that these folk were not ready themselves to do. . .  it cut them to their hearts to receive this kind of challenge, as her witness was so strong.  These were folk of a very traditional church breed, and it would take a lot more than one of their saved souls (in fact Annette was their only saved soul) to get them to wish the same kind of fate upon themselves, but nevertheless no one could deny the glory and grace the Lord had put on her.  It was completely obvious: she glowed with the Lord’s love and exuded a new kind of . . .   sense of adventure that even surpassed theirs.  She spoke words loud and clear on the megaphone, her voice echoing all the walls of the town square:  “My family, friends and loves:  I have decided to go all out for Jesus!  I want to even put your dearest kindnesses and gifts on the altar for Him, and am willing to try ‘whatever God has for me.’  I know this is not traditional, and I know this is not what maybe you hoped for me.  I realize your love for me, and care, and the fact that if it wasn’t for you I would still be lost.  I thank you, and . . .  I must go!  I issue out a call to all who will listen – – – “  at this she saw Ransom flash an expression on his face and mouth the words ‘be careful!’ so she tried to tone down her words a bit.   The warning earlier had been to keep track of the mission, and not to give in to the emotional temptation to stir up the crowd.  They were very needed still, and had their own mission to carry out, very separate from Annette’s.  So, she took the hint and just said “I would like to tell you how much that I love you!  Let’s all fight this war for Jesus together!”   and lifting her arms, praising the Lord, the entire blue outer shell of Eleneth’s protective glass lit up lighting blue.   Everyone cheered once more and praised the Lord, as an incredible song played out of nowhere—it seemed the city itself was singing!   Jubilant resounding chords of Heavenly music continued for some time, as the entire city felt the pure direct love of Heaven coming into it, filling everyone there with God’s love and power.  Whoever was there disapproving of Annette’s decision to leave was forgetting these feelings, and having the utter power of praise flood into their hearts.

After a long time of praise, at last it was time to get ready for an entirely new job, though, and in closing the mayor gave a speech about this.  Mayor Ransom was a genius when it came to getting people to focus on something they were not necessarily interested in jumping in to, using as his momentum the energy Annette’s performance had generated.  They were definitely psyched.   He reminded them that their faithfulness to carry out this mission would end up changing the whole history of Earth forever.

Eventually people headed back to their houses, after a long period of hugs and love and words of adoration to each other, especially Annette.  Enoch was there, in the corners of the group too, and was again welcomed into their community ‘all hard feelings forgotten.’   They would still be talking about the miraculous things they’d seen for weeks to come. . . until the NEXT major events would start.  All the people of the city were assured of this one thing—the fact they’d been wiling to embark on this journey outside the walls of New Jerusalem was an incredible thing, and not at all usual.  Sapphire was at a loss to explain how they had decided to do this.  They were all such ‘homebody’s.’  None of the people there were the type you’d expect to be willing to go on a giant quest across space, especially if it required fighting and challenge!

In Ransom’s speech, he explained that the city was to prepare for a major change—a somewhat physical one, as they would have the first stage of their ‘merging’ with the physical.  Some spiritually aware  alien races were on their way to join forces with them!  There were of course loyal to the Lord and supportive of His cause.  One interesting fact you may not be aware of is that the destiny of the Human Race is to spread the Gospel to the Stars – not just to Earth, but to Alien Races as well!  Many races only know God at a distance, sort of in a Buddhist way.  It is rare to find any who are intimate with God.  Thanks to Salvation, though, Humanity has had a chance to know Him on an intimate level and could now journey into the Heavens to explain these truths to them.   However, first the Battle for Earth would have to be won!  First the Accuser of the Saints would have to be cast down!  Then they would be freed to journey throughout the Universe with the message of Salvation unto all.

Some races of aliens were aware of this already, though, and these were the ones who were going to join with Eleneth to present themselves to the Earth.  Eleneth/Starlion’s purpose was two fold:  one was to equip the Saints with power and anointing for the Endtime.  This mission would be primarily carried out by the thousands of legions of warriors in the lower decks.   Many would also be invited to come and visit a Heavenly Warship, to see that the life God had in store for them for eternity wasn’t so ‘out there’ and was much more compatible with the overall majority of Humanity than most people thought–  however the schedule was that the people of Eleneth themselves would also be willing to become fighters for the Lord, too. . .   and build up their own private military force.   Besides one incident of a missing star fighter, their present air force was quite commendable.  But they would need about 50 times the amount of fighters in these ranks to be really successful in the coming battles.

The second purpose of this arrival upon the Earth was to have a fight against the Devil himself, and to bring down much of the present rulers of darkness.  They were to collaborate with the angels and other militaries of the Earth (who were Heaven’s)  in assisting the Saints, and to rescue more lost souls before the Battle of Armageddon.

There were many preparations to be made, but Annette was so relieved after this big ‘presentation’ that she took the first horse carriage back to the Dallas and went right to her room, pulling out a Bible.  She was exhausted, but also felt so hungry for more input.   She felt the Words just seep into her entire soul.  She sat on the balcony of her room (when parked in an open area like this, not only did all the windows open but each room had a spacious private balcony also!)  She sat, sipping some wine and read 1 John.  The Words leapt out off the page and truly spoke to her deeper than the most precious words from a lover.

7Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God. 8He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love. 9In this was manifested the love of God toward us, because that God sent his only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through him. 10Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins. 11Beloved, if God so loved us, we ought also to love one another. 12No man hath seen God at any time. If we love one another, God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us. 13Hereby know we that we dwell in him, and he in us, because he hath given us of his Spirit.14And we have seen and do testify that the Father sent the Son to be the Saviour of the world. 15Whosoever shall confess that Jesus is the Son of God, God dwelleth in him, and he in God. 16And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him. 17Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world.18There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. 19We love him, because he first loved us.

Outside the private festivities of Enoch with his guitar continued, as now Dallas was parked in a large open field where also some of the Cathars gathered their fighters as well as another band, the Magnus.  These were all well practiced in the arts of sword fighting and hand to hand combat, so as some enjoyed music and fellowship, many trained in the fields and exchanged battle tactics and tried their skills on each other.  Everything had an interesting aura of both rest and movement at the same time.  This place was hurtling through space, most likely now joined in a gravitational field with a comet heading towards war, and from the looks of it it just looked like the happiest coolest place you could ever dream of.  Come to think of it, so was Earth all these years, and yet people never really thought about that.  Earth was a ball rotating through the cosmos around a giant ball of fire, spinning at thousands of miles per hour!  That’s pretty dramatic too!

She focused on the warriors outside, fighting each other for practice.  They did pretty well!  Each expertly wielded his or her sword so as to not decimate their opponent, but still it seemed they were using full strength.  The martial arts fighters were also going all out, yet none seemed injured.  A lot of them were chanting things as they fought, using names of high ranking Angels and even places in the Heavenly Realm as battle chants as they fought!  These were warriors of a caliber Annette had never seen before.

She walked inside to see if there was any literature available.  On board Dallas they did have computers that accessed the Internet on Earth, but there was no way to do anything in a way that affected it in any way, such as post comments or create public websites.  Earth was still not allowed to communicate this directly with the spiritual dimension, but word on the street had it that even the internet would be invaded by the full direct contact with the spiritual one day.  So you’d have youtube videos of other dimensions and blogs written by ghosts popping up all over the place soon!

Annette checked Wikipedia on ‘Cathars’ but then saw that Enoch also had a few books on them.  Quite a few, actually!  He also had some angel studies on the Magnus and their history.  She went and found their latest works, and noticed they were in cahoots with some Christians on the Earth, named ‘The Children of David’ in spirit.  Enoch’s file on these was under this title:  WARRIORS CREED.  She sat back on a large sofa in the library, somewhat overly relaxed from the wine, combined with the sound of beautiful medieval melodies coming from outside.   Her eyes scanned the data table (Heavenly iPad!)  as she reclined there.

(Annette’s thoughts in parenthesis:)

We are soldiers. We are conquerors. To fight in our Lord’s wars is our calling. This is our destiny: to set back, to defeat, to conquer, and to completely rout our adversary.

(The Lord’s WARS?   The Lord has wars?  Well of course He does, but what a far cry from the Jesus advertised by Mainstream Christians!)

[_ _]

We are aggressors. We are attackers. We are overcomers. This is our calling and our commission.

We are an uncompromising threat to Satan’s realm.

We are an aggressive, invading force, conquering the Enemy’s territory.

We are tough and mighty in spirit because we have a tough and mighty God. We are strong in Him and in the power of His might.

We will take the initiative and get the upper hand.

We will fight this war to the best of our ability. We will give it all we’ve got. We will fight with heart, mind, body, and soul. We will win the war.

(What was this?  People on Earth talked this way now?  Why. . . they would be deemed crazy or fanatical!

We will learn to enjoy stamping out the Enemy and rescuing ourselves, our brethren, and the lost from his clutches!

(Like me!  I was lost. . .  I know what THAT feels like.  Awful!  Meaninglessness and hopelessness all around you!)

We will take over the world for our King and Husband and Commander in Chief! This is our goal and this is our focus. This is what we vow to live and breathe and fight for every day.

(Wow they have some nerve.   They’re almost like Pinky and the Brain!  Thinking that they can take over the world, Eh?  “Same thing we do every night, Pinky. . . “)

We will scare the Enemy back to Hell, because we are channels of the full power of God through our use of the undefeatable and invincible weapons of the spirit that He has entrusted to our hands.

Our attitude toward the Devil will be one of a seasoned veteran fighter who is not shocked or surprised or overwhelmed by the Enemy’s tactics, a fighter who has been through the worst and has won, and who knows that with the power of the spiritual weapons, any attack will end in defeat for our adversary!

(Veteran fighters. . .  Most certainly many of the saints and people Enoch has been brushing shoulders with would be considered that.  It goes without saying there must be a few Christians left on Earth that might be considered veterans too.)

We resolve to use all of our firepower and to put down his forces completely.

We will wallop him, assault him, bombard him, combat him, blast him, confuse him, and finally obliterate him.

We will take active steps to grow in wielding our weapons of love and unity, which are some of the prime weapons that will help us to win disciples of all nations and to win the world for Jesus.

We will take up the undefeatable weapon of praise and use it in every situation, no matter how we feel.

We will brandish our weapon of prophecy, and through it, have foreknowledge of the Enemy’s attacks, and thereby chart the course to victory.

We will skillfully use the weapon of loving our Husband intimately, until we are known as His intimate brides who are victorious in every battle!

We will wield the weapon of humility, even at the times we least feel like it.

We will diligently use the weapon of focusing on the power, and will put down all attempts by our adversary to distract and confuse us.

We will charge with the weapon of the keys, knowing that their power is unequaled and victory is guaranteed.

We will rely on the weapon of prayer, exercising and stretching our faith in this area as we claim the miracles promised to us.

(These are not all things normally labeled ‘weapons’ . . .  I need to learn more about these!)

We will rely on full possession by our Husband, for though we are weak, He is strong in us.

We will depend on the weapon of working with our spirit helpers, and through them be all that our Husband needs us to be.

(Claiming yourself to be in such a high and mighty position with the Lord. . .  some real bold statements here!  But I feel Jesus is calling me into bridal-hood also. . .)

We will unleash the weapon of the Word on our adversary, and not rest until he is defeated.

We will lead the way and be the attackers, the aggressors, the conquerors!

We will persevere, endure, and triumph!

Reading this made her realize there were indeed some fighters down there, who really believed in finding Satan and casting him down!  Below these words were pictures and histories of the various Fallen Angels who were brought into subjection and chains by these people, even before their time in some cases.  She saw a ‘Timeline of the End’ which was living and moving on the page (some of Enoch’s Books had this living aspect to them) and realized that indeed the specific dates were not set, and this book was designed to account for this.   The date of ‘The End’ was in question marks, and behind it began ‘The Millennium’ which she was vaguely aware of.

Enoch stepped into the room and plopped down on the sofa beside her, apparently having left the wild festivities and activities outside a little early.

“Doing some research, I see!  Find anything?”  He said, blithely.
“Yes, there are always new discoveries I’m making, every time I have a chance to do so. . .  it says here these ‘Cathars’ you’re working with are connected to some people on Earth called Children of David who are trying to take over the world!”  Annette was good at quoting info she’d just learned, and organizing it.

“ Very good!  Indeed, the Cathars were all wiped out hundreds of years ago in France, but they had a prophecy that they would come back in the Time of the End and help take over the world!  They are some of many other spiritual forces for good that are endeavoring in this mission.  They work through the Children of David, who are a bunch of Christians on the Earth that are indeed joined to this destiny!  We don’t know exactly what God has planned for them, but this is part of our mission- –  to find and assist them wherever God calls us.  The battles are going to be heavy, and you are going to be needing some rest before the real training begins.”  Enoch said.
“Wow.  I’ll definitely do more research later, for sure.  Are we going to leave here soon?  I think our mission here is done, is it not?”  Annette asked.

“Yes, it is.  Our work is finished, for now.  Next thing we’ve gotta do is take you to meet the King in person!  I’m sorry for the delay.”  Enoch poured himself a bit more wine, offering Annette some more also.

“Delay?  It’s been like, a whole YEAR since you promised to take me to Him!  You guys kidnapped me!”  She gladly accepted some more wine, but was in the mood for some light-hearted chidings.  She enjoyed having “Witty conversations” as she called them, with Enoch.

“AWWWW!!   Let me explain…”  Enoch started off into a long retelling of all that had taken place.  And they continued this way for a while, until at last the comet passed between the sun, bringing a sense of night there.  The internal light systems also dimmed on Eleneth, giving all the warriors an appropriate chance to exit the ship without drawing too much attention to themselves.

In all their small flotilla consisted of about only 10 ships.  Dallas, plus 4 Cathar personal fighter craft with 5 Magnus Pods, each with their own self-contained ‘mobile home’ partitions inside.  These were true rovers in the Heavens, who enjoyed the feeling of travel and expedition, and brought a little bit of Heavenly comfort with them wherever they went.  Some of them even had kids with them!  These hadn’t been so present for the festivities though, as they had been expecting a quick departure at any time during their visit.  Departing from Eleneth was an easy task now that all differences had been settled (except for a few old bottles that hadn’t quite grasped everything yet, still living in a few old ruts).

Passing out of the realm and gravitational influences of the gigantic comet, and large battalion that had now joined Eleneth/Starlion to accompany her on her voyage, the small group of warriors led by Enoch went zooming out into what seemed like deep space, away from the solar system, past the asteroid belt, past the outermost orbits of the planets, and past a few “secret” demonic clusters (they had quite a few now, in the solar system hanging out here and there) which were very easily discoverable by superior Heavenly detection technology.  Earth was lost among the stars, only a distant speck, and then the sun too, became a far away little dot.  At last they were farther away from everything than Annette had ever imagined.  From now on she had no idea what to expect, and strangely felt no fear, but a lot of energy and happiness about the idea of Actually Going To Heaven.

“The Voyage Home” was how this trip felt, and it was as if the ship was not so much traveling through space as elevating through Space.  It was a most peculiar feeling.  Also the great distance of the ship’s journey had an effect on your soul, as the star alignments changed, and the various astrological influences were changing.  Whereas Annette had always felt herself to be a Sagittarius, and by “felt” she most certainly was fitting this kind of character. . .  now some of her habits were shifting.  She no longer wanted to behave in exactly the same way, or follow the same routine.  On board Dallas for this journey through the stars she had developed a certain course of action which felt comfortable.  It wasn’t easy processing all this new info, and she needed ample time to study and meditate on things, and take long walks!  And the many mysteries on the ship gave her plenty to do.  One of her favorite pastimes became the training courses with Dallas’s robots and weapons.  She never got sick of this, as there were so many possibilities and combinations she could engage herself in.  She was really finding that she had the ability to perform quite gracefully on the battlefield, which before would have been an impossibility.  She never tired of challenging herself on a new route and with new weapons, and requesting Dallas to up the ante in resistance.  It almost felt more fun the more impossible it was!

This was still the Spirit, too, and so she knew the danger of injury was nonexistent, but it just all felt so REAL.  There was the thrill of running through a large tunnel with a Civil War-era rifle knowing that at any moment a large enemy was going to pop out from one of the many trap doors.  And if not there, then there were the multitudes of round spinning laser turrets that filled the little mini “sky” of the practice field. . .   there was no fear of hurting the ship if you fired a weapon, since the walls were protected.    This was all sheer fun and entertainment- – –  although Dallas told her “you are actually progressing much further than expected, your score matches up with so and so  and this Heavenly angel warrior, and . . .”  Annette wasn’t even interested.   She just enjoyed the thrill of throwing herself into the fray, and losing herself in the mission (of which there were many, almost making Earthly video games seem like a bore and a chore in comparison).   She felt that her first words to Jesus would be “send me to the battlefront” and almost thought they should turn the ship around and go back to the warzone on Earth. . .  but whenever she rested and thought about it, she knew this was a very necessary thing.  Heaven was calling her!   It should be an impossibility, but then again so was everything else in her life now!

Let’s see, what else happened during that voyage?  Not much that I can explain here, as the overall life was quite quiet, with Enoch being wrapped up in either his own projects and studies or some meetings with the colleagues on the other craft.  He seemed to leave Annette to herself, which was unusual.  At first he had seemed to be super focused on courtship with her!   He had several other missions at the time, though, and by ‘mission’ of course Annette realized he was engaged in quite a few extra curricular activities with some of the angelic forces in their little flotilla there.

Though the ships were separated physically, there was almost no end to the exchange between them, and especially in coming to Enoch’s craft, where it seemed most of the goodies were.  It was explained that this ship had a reputation Universe-wide, but for what reason Annette was still at a loss.  It was only until the day she discovered the StarGate deep within the library that she knew. . .  this was not just a ship, but it was a living gateway to an entirely separate universe, or realm.  She was not permitted to journey through this, though.
“You’ll have to go through the necessary tests and get clearance for that!”  Came his voice from behind her, when she had accidently pulled one of the levers leading to the Gate.  Annette felt like a little kid caught with their hand in the cookie jar, but he was not at all angry.  He sat her down back on the twin sofas by the fireplace deep in the heart of the library (the Stargate was on the opposite side of this) and explained to her the whole of the situation.

“You will be given a totally free pass soon, and then you will really see the action kick into 6th gear.  But for now you are still a newbie, and are not permitted to journey to the higher realms yet.”  He held her hand while he spoke, and although Annette had decided to not allow herself to have any such thoughts about Enoch, knowing he was most certainly involved with. . .   well she decided not to think about it, even. . .   but despite this she still felt intoxicated just looking in his eyes, and felt his attraction for her, also.  This did an even more drastic job in ‘turning her on’  (dare she even use such a secular term in this place) . . .  she tried to focus on what he was telling her, though, without slipping into her own girl-emotions. . . .   truth be told it felt like dying and becoming a spirit had little effect on her more natural down-to-earth moods and passions.

“Heaven is in multiple realms, with an intricate system for organizing who is allowed to go where and see what.   In some ways, you are only seeing the baser or lower realm versions of this very ship.  To go through that door would be in one sense to step into an alternate reality of the same place, except in a higher and more glorified sense.  You are only able to see things now in a manner very similar to what you are used to on Earth.  But this is not a demotion in any way.  You are going to be sent right back to Earth, and you need to be able to identify with the people there.  Some people are so Heavenly they are no Earthly good.  Parts of you will always be in the Highest Realm, once Jesus gives you clearance.  But the other part will be to exist in the lower, temporal realm and to give you opportunity to communicate with everyday normal people.  So you don’t freak people out when they see some kind of shining bright angel!  Things up in the higher realms take on a much more wild appearance, sometimes.

“Like Ezekiel’s Wheel?”  Annette asked, trying to say something— anything to show she was listening.  She was listening, sort of.  Without realizing it they had come closer together on the sofa there, the fire lightly crackling and making the heat feel even more intense.

“Yeah, sorta like that!  You probably have to go back to your duties now, right?”  (that’s what Dallas was calling the next mission on the training fields. . .  it was hardly a chore to accomplish!)  Enoch kept Annette’s stare, though, and it was an almost subconscious choice, or an act of giving in, that made her continue to hold his hand and look-  she hadn’t been expecting this, but now against her own better judgment, she leaned much closer until there was just a tiny fraction of distance between them.  “You might be late for your duties, you know. . .”

What ensued was all the more passionate because of the suddenness and unexpectedness of it all.  They kissed before the fireplace for a long time, not like unpracticed lovers, but like two people who haven’t done it in the longest time, finally breaking loose after being the desert.  Enoch himself was shocked at the power of Annette’s will and spirit, not expecting this at all. . .  until now he had played the cool one, in control, but at this moment it felt their spirits joined, even with just one kiss.  This was most unusual!  He tried to reach for his wristband, to monitor some of what was taking place in this exchange.  He himself had not expected it, and was somewhat caught off guard.  Then again, it may have been to distract her from the Temple Gate, which was the actual specific Stargate Annette was about to step through.   Had she decided to do this, the entire mission would have been jeopardized and their resources would have had to be directed into helping her in that area, as the Temple area was like a massive spiritual time bomb waiting to go off.  Someone like Annette barging in would have made all kinds of things happen.

Yes, that’s it. . . I had to distract her, _]he thought, as he kissed her.  His power though, it seemed was not what it used to be.  [_Or could it be?   No, that’s impossible!  There had been one other lover in the Heavenly Spaces which had a similar effect on him, but that was a very experienced Lover of the Lord.  This was just a Newbie!  And she was already . . . infiltrating him!

Soon Enoch had Annette in his arms and was carrying her up the steps, still kissing her.  She was all over him, and her passion was out of control, at one point almost making him lose balance on the steps.  All else was quiet, except for a few guests using some of the facilities for some art projects or something.  Annette lost track of her surroundings, and when she found herself plopped on top of a bed, she just felt the thrill of desire, and wanting more love.   The two loved without holding anything back, Enoch at first gently but then with Annette’s forceful hands grabbing at his own clothes, he with equal speed helped her to become totally unclothed.  He realized he was in a situation where he wasn’t sure what to do anymore.  They were both lost in this wildness in the moment, and unable to even think about stopping.   Not a word passed between them, until it was over.  Their souls seemed to join even before their bodies did, but when this happened, Annette felt the flood of all of Enoch’s spirit pour into her.   After all, no matter how spiritually sensitive this guy was, he was still merely fucking a spirit, and she was an insatiable spirit at that.  The feeling was of many fears and unknowable things being replaced by confidences and wisdom, and she also realized she was pulling Enoch into her world for all eternity, also.   Then the ‘physical’ act came.

. . . and that’s something you could learn the intimate details about in any romance novel!   But For Now we have more pressing matters to address- –  namely, what exactly occurred in the early morning hours after the preceding events were completed.

It was called “Morning” because it felt as though everything before It was like darkness.   The light that flooded through the windows, filling the entire room was like no other.   Many people who attempt the description of Near Death Experiences or even Heavenly Visions have difficulty in putting it into Earthly terms.  Well the Light that was pouring everywhere and making everything glow with an aura of pure love and peace was not ethereal in the least.   For indeed, light that doesn’t illuminate what is there is really in fact darkness after all!   But this light was causing all the objects in the room literally become activated, in the sense that you could really define their entire aspect.  And the treasures that Enoch had in his room were numerous enough that Annette was able to just lie there, looking at all of them and gazing at their detail without even realizing the great change which had taken place.   At first she had just felt the night before’s effect and a sense supreme satisfaction.  She figured that was what it was.   But soon Dallas’s windows all began to open up, the curtains being drawn back, and the Source was made very visible.  It was a clear gold wall emitting powerful golden light to the point that it took a little while for her eyes to adjust.  Before looking away, though, she was able to see that this wall stretched beyond her vision’s limits, and on its outer surface it had many intricate patterns and buildings which were compact and closely fit and joined together, yet reached out into space quite far.  They seemed to be approaching one of these large buildings.

Annette’s eyes struggled against the strain of looking at something much brighter than the sun to try and capture the whole vista before they got any closer.  They were definitely still out in space, somewhere, and there were other large objects around them also–  gigantic rings encircling the city, with vast cities within, plus large landscapes of green and blue oceans, facing the Golden City.   The curvature of the rings suggested it was stretching all around the City.    There were other large craft out in the orbit of It, too.   Or wasn’t this a Her?

She knew they were at last at their Destination, and her whole soul and spirit and ‘spirit body’ were thrilled with joy.  It was the same feeling a child gets when going to Disney World  X 1,000,000.  And more than that, it was really like seeing your true home for the first time.   Although, she could have sworn she’d seen this before, in a forgotten memory.

She looked around the room again, noticing for the first time also that Enoch wasn’t there, but this didn’t bother her.  She needed time to experience this on her own and perceive it accurately without distractions, and he had been. . .  quite a distraction!  She felt his presence in the room, however, and noticed everything in the room was beginning to have an almost more real than real look to it.  She didn’t know how to explain this, except that all the paintings on the walls and the stone jars with their decorations and little mini treasure chests that were open, showing their diamonds and strange golden contraptions (one was a little globe with a map of an unknown world, the words written with what could only be described as diamond font—  a very fine writing that appeared to be precious stones, but it was too fine to have been crafted by any earthly jeweler.)  In any case, now with the Light of the City flooding into the room, all these objects took on a terrific new vividness that made you stop and want to appreciate them even more.

We could go on like this for a few hours, or even a few days or weeks, just describing the minute details of everything there was to take in as Annette at last was able to perceive the Golden City New Jerusalem, floating there in Space and surrounded by Her accompaniment, and all the various machinery and protection apparatuses (as She was still under construction, truth be told!)  .  .  .  but then we would hardly get along with the events that were following and the pressing and urgent matters soon to take place!  The first thing Annette felt, though, to make a long story short, was that this was not some Land of Ethereal Light where you just felt love and nothing else, but a place that was Lighting Up Stuff. . .  and that this Stuff was the Everlasting Treasure that you would probably need Time Everlasting to fully experience and everything.  There were a lot of treasures in Enoch’s vessel Dallas which also begged attention, having been ‘activated’ like the Ring of Power when it is put in a fire, revealing its ancient writing of the Elves on its face.

At last Annette stepped away from the window, making her way back to the hall.  She suddenly realized she had forgotten to put on any clothes, and started to return to the room to retrieve these. . .   but then noticed a strange silky and wispy white material was covering her body.  It was so light she couldn’t even perceive its presence until consciously looking at it, but this material seemed to move around as though it was underwater, and barely touched her skin.  It almost looked see-through, but it was indeed covering the right places and ‘tangible’ enough in those areas that she felt comfortable to go out.   Some of the team had regrouped with Dallas and they were meeting in the Dining Room.  Everyone was wearing these same gowns, except for those wearing their armor, still, but even the Cathars in their armor had the material underneath.

“Welcome, Annette!  You’re just in time!   I hope you like your Spiritual Garments, finally visible in Heaven’s Light!”  Said Enoch, standing at the head of the table, with the hugest grin possible.   He and everyone else there were all just as happy as she was, she could tell.

The meeting was just about how long they’d stay, where they’d meet afterwards, etc.   It was literally the same way families talked before going to a theme park and splitting off into different groups.  The  plan was to meet at one of the 12 “Pearl Gates” after a few weeks, just in case anyone lost contact.   This was going to be a time of great pleasure and seeing old friends and family, but it was also a part of the mission, and they were here to recruit more of the “Vanguard” . . .   among other things.  It was almost difficult to even think about ‘mission’ at all, in the presence of such joy and peace!  But it was still wartime!

[_ _]

Let all those that seek Thee rejoice and be glad in Thee:  and let such as love Thy salvation say continually, ‘Let God be magnified.’

Psalms 70:4


  • Author: Michael Basham
  • Published: 2016-07-13 12:05:11
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