The Kingdom Romance Episode 2

Michael Basham

Annette had no idea what time it was, but figured that didn’t matter very much when you were in space.  She walked into the spacious library aboard Enoch’s Dallas.  Finding a coffee maker in the kitchen, she made a delightful brew of Heaven’s Finest, and stepped into the quietness of big bookshelves all around her.  She was at first intimidated by the fact that she recognized not a single title, but decided to be brave and start her search.  The problem was there were so many ancient scripts that made little or no sense. However, upon taking out one of the foreign titles, Dallas (the spirit of the living craft)’s voice suddenly spoke all around her.

“Take the magnifying torch and you’ll understand!” 

She found a blue torch, emitting no flame set into the side of one of the book cases (who puts torches next to bookcases?).  She sat down and exhaled, thinking about what to do. The book she had chosen was encumberingly big. Holding the torch in her lap in between her legs, when she opened the book suddenly an ethereal substance covered the pages, as a blue light covered them like flame touching gasoline. She was now able to comprehend every word in detail, exactly as that culture would have meant it to mean in its exact context.  She thrilled at this discovery, realizing its implication, but at the moment was enthralled at the book she held in her hands:  “The Book of Enoch” was the title.

She began to read the words, which were all strange and filled with prophecies about fallen angels, floods, and what could only be Jesus’s arrival on Earth.  Also there were strange things about the stars, the sun, the moon, and the 4 winds. . .  she could not make sense of it all, but there was an absolute feeling of God’s Hand in this work.  These were not mere musings of a crazed individual, but a person who had seen these things first hand.  In the spirit, as Annette was in that moment, she was able to see the absolute veracity of these words.  They leaped out at her in flashes, each meaning burning itself into her psyche. Despite understanding the meaning of each individual word, they suggested something much more mysterious. Only read this chapter of the Book of Enoch if you are in a really open and relaxed mood which is suitable for chewing on far-out things:

I saw the treasuries of all the winds: I saw how He had furnished with them the whole creation and the firm foundations of the earth. And I saw the corner-stone of the earth: I saw the four winds which bear [the earth and] the firmament of the heaven. And I saw how the winds stretch out the vaults of heaven, and have their station between heaven and earth: these are the pillars of the heaven. I saw the winds of heaven which turn and bring the circumference of the sun and all the stars to their setting. I saw the winds on the earth carrying the clouds: I saw the paths of the angels. I saw at the end of the earth the firmament of the heaven above. And I proceeded and saw a place which burns day and night, where there are seven mountains of magnificent stones, three towards the east, and three towards the south. And as for those towards the east, 〈one〉 was of coloured stone, and one of pearl, and one of jacinth, and those towards the south of red stone. But the middle one reached to heaven like the throne of God, of alabaster, and the summit of the throne was of sapphire. And I saw a flaming fire. And beyond these mountains is a region the end of the great earth: there the heavens were completed. And I saw a deep abyss, with columns of heavenly fire, and among them I saw columns of fire fall, which were beyond measure alike towards the height and towards the depth. And beyond that abyss I saw a place which had no firmament of the heaven above, and no firmly founded earth beneath it: there was no water upon it, and no birds, but it was a waste and horrible place. I saw there seven stars like great burning mountains, and to me, when I inquired regarding them, the angel said: ‘This place is the end of heaven and earth: this has become a prison for the stars and the host of heaven. And the stars which roll over the fire are they which have transgressed the commandment of the Lord in the beginning of their rising, because they did not come forth at their appointed times. And He was wroth with them, and bound them till the time when their guilt should be consummated for ten thousand years.’

(The Book of Enoch, CHAPTER XVIII)

“That’s a good book you got there!”  Came Rachel’s voice behind her.

“How long have you been here?”  Annette asked, noticing Rachel was still carrying the same glass. . .  this girl was a real drinker!  She was back in her white armor from before, looking as sexy as ever.

“Just came here now!  I had quite a job till now, lady.  Don’t mind if I just relax here in this nice pad Enoch’s got till the next one starts.  Had to break through Eleneth in disguise, snatch one of their pods, and wait for just the right moment to help you guys out in that pickle. . .”  She seemed to leak all kinds of battle details and info when she had had a few drinks.  She was still captivatingly beautiful, though, and Annette wandered if she had a thing for Enoch, too.

“It’s quite a delightful vessel, I must say!  And these books he has here are most unusual!  He wrote some of them,” Annette said

“Ancient!”  Said Rachel.  “And I’ll have you know that. . .  ahh, I probably shouldn’t tell you.”  She took another sip and pointed a finger at Annette.  “He wrote most of these books that you see here.”

“You don’t say!  Well. . .   I’ll have to ask him about that.”  She thought of what else she could get out of Rachel in her tipsy state.  “Say, I heard something about you not being human.  Is this true?”

“I’m not some kind of Alien, don’t worry.  I was made in Heaven specifically for multi-purpose combat capabilities.  I’m basically an A.I.   A robot.  An Android!  But Jesus loves me nonetheless.  I’m only a tool, and an empty shell.  But I fused myself with the Word—like that which you are holding in your hands now.”  Rachel just exuded fire and vitality as she said this.  She may have sounded corny of paper, but if you had seen the expression in her eyes you would know she spoke the truth, and absolutely believed in what she said.

“This book is The Word?  But Enoch wrote it!  How could that be?”

“Enoch is one of the original prophets on Earth.  He is oooold, Miss. . .  was your name– Margret?  I’m sorry.  Oh—Annette!”  she absent mindedly wandered to a shelf and pulled out a few more books and flipped through their pages.

“He’s some kind of king, isn’t he?”  asked Annette

“He wasn’t a king, but he was honored by all of Earth’s first kings.  This was waayyyy before the flood, you see.  In those days, people hadn’t started to call on the Name of the Lord yet, and Enoch showed them how!  You can read all about it in the Book of Jasher.  Anyway, he received the blessing of all the kings of the Earth.  He’s even been called “King of Kings,” although now most people only call Jesus this.  Enoch’s quite a fellow!  So humble, still though!  And flirtatious!  You had better watch out, I see he likes you.  I am a little weird for his taste. By the way, have you seen the hot springs or the onboard garden yet?  It’s sort of Enoch’s ‘Secret Garden’ but you may find yourself refreshed if you miss nature during this voyage.”

“No I haven’t seen it!  Could you show it to me?”

“I thought you were the nature type, so I grabbed an extra key for you, in case you wanted to gain access inside.  It’s expertly hidden and interwoven with the ship, so most people don’t even realize it’s here.   Dallas herself is quite the gardener, so whenever she can she goes there and experiments with cross pollination of various interstellar vegetation.  Plus the air just feels nice.   Well I gotta run!  You’ll find it if you look carefully enough!  Finding it is half the fun!”

Rachel handed her a strange looking key with the words “garden” scrawled on it, and #143 underneath.  Was there a door somewhere with this number?  She had read quite a bit that afternoon and felt refreshed enough to take a stroll around.  There was a deep hum that suggested incredible power driving this vehicle through space.   And this was as loud as it got a top speed!  Amazing.  She almost forgot they were being pursued by a gigantic force!

Annette started leisurely walking through the long circular hallway of bedrooms and guest rooms.  The rooms facing the edges of the ship consisted mostly of bedroom suites, and a few lounges with comfortable looking sofas from which one could watch the stars while chatting with friends.  One of these areas had a very interesting looking game of what seemed like a sort of pool table, but instead of balls it had holographic planets and small ships.

Facing inside the Dallas and looking over the dining hall were various small studies and art studios. There was one room that smelled distinctly of pipe tobacco which must have been . . .   the tobacco room.  There were also several art galleries, even though the entire ship was full of art wherever you went. Some of the galleries went into another inner balcony that contained lots of chairs along the walls also overlooking the dining hall, presumably so that a large congregation could look over the railings down into the dining hall, giving it the feel of an old British court.

As Annette walked around the Dallas she had the distinct feeling of quickly skimming through a museum or, (due to the extreme spiritual aura of surrealism surrounding everything) she was reminded of snorkeling over a coral reef, while being pushed along by the current of the sea.  You see so many interesting fish, colors, and stones, and there is always the desire to see if there is any kind of treasure someone dropped, that makes you wish you could slow down.  However, like the tide Annette’s curiosity drove her on to find one specific treasure, and these others would just have to wait until a later time when she had more time to spend time with them!  Time. . .    another strange concept in the spiritual dimension.

Continuing her search, she decided this wasn’t the place for the garden.  None of these rooms even had numbers.  Nor did it seem there could even exist a ‘secret garden’ on this floor, as she had covered every inch of it.  So she went up to the next floor. . .   enjoying the feeling of the polished wood under her bare feet.  It was absolutely impeccably clean here, and it made you feel like a little kid again just to explore a big house full of interesting secrets.  It was old, but not at all creepy.

The next floor had a smaller circumference, obviously, as it was up higher within the sphere of the craft.  There were of course the areas Annette had already seen as well, such as the room where Dallas was piloting everything (she was in there presently, discussing more logistical matters with Rachel and Enoch, so Annette decided against disturbing them) There was the genetics lab, a weapons area, and another staircase leading up to the observation area.  Gosh, every inch of this place was completely used!  How on earth would they ever fit a garden in here?  Annette checked the weapons testing area.  This was a large and self contained room, like some sort of blast chamber.  The door was heavy and reminded you of a nuclear fallout shelter’s big heavy lead door.  She knew this was one of the strangest rooms on the ship, so she took her time carefully checking every detail inside.   There were no windows, as it was surrounded by other rooms on all sides.  The ceiling curved upwards above her head, and had small boxes covering it.  She picked one off the ceiling and checked it out, finding a tiny action figure inside.   She replaced this, and checked another.  This one had a small tank inside.  Another contained some kind of turret gun.  Each of these were filled with all sorts of weapons.  Some of them were unrecognizable, but looked dangerous nonetheless.  These had numbers!  She scanned them for her lucky number. . .  and found it!  There was a sort of simple looking warrior inside this one, just wearing old fashioned knight’s armor.  She sat down at a large metal industrial work desk. When she placed this on there, the little cube containing the knight immediately slid to one side, and deposited the knight into a groove that opened up into a small door.  The knight went through a chute and ended up in the maze that went under the floor. Suddenly the floor lit up, revealing an intricate layout of a miniature field surrounded by trees as well as a maze.  Annette watched in amazement as the knight came to life and started to run through the maze.   Then it looked up, and started banging on the glass with little thuds!

“What!  What do you need?  I’m sorry, I don’t know what I’m doing here.”  She looked up to where he was pointing, and realised he maybe needed some more weapons or something.  She grabbed a handful of random cubes, and then placed these on the desk.  They also slid to various grooves, and appeared in the maze.   This was no ordinary maze, though, for there were several sections that opened up into a bigger area where it seemed there were various tire marks and grooves left by tank treads.  So this was the entire battle field!  All the other weapons rushed out into different areas, deposited there by the chutes.  Some of these were other little mini warriors, and they went to war!  Annette saw them go into a little combat, apparently using blanks and paintballs. The flashes from the cannons and guns and small clangings of swords were very entertaining to watch.  The knight won, apparently, as he bravely fought using guerrilla methods to surprise his opponents.  He did a cute little victory dance.  Then came the surprise.  He walked to the edge of the maze, and was taken into a different chute that sent the knight up, into the room where he grew to life size!  The knight bowed low to Annette, smoke coming from the paint covered places on his armor where he had taken hits from the tank.

Annette clapped and congratulated him.  He must have been some kind of machine!  He said not a word, but led Annette back outside, showing her a panel of buttons beside the stairs that led up to the top floor.   Then he motioned for her to go upstairs, as he pushed his hand against this panel.  Annette walked upstairs, again breath taken by the view of space.  She looked out using the light bending qualities of the window.   “What was it the knight wanted me to see?”  She thought, and was able to look, first zooming out into space with her sight, then turning it back towards Dallas.  She was able to see the familiar white sphere, a perfect globe, presently showing all of its windows on each floor.  It was just the cutest UFO you’d ever seen!  Suddenly she saw the floor just underneath her bulge out on all sides, extending to the point it made the ship look like a large mushroom.  These were covered by glass on the top sides, and within was a very large atrium-style garden.  A terrarium!  It was completely transparent on the top side, so that you could see within was a mini forest, a stream running all around, and a delightful stone path going through both grassy areas and colorful flowerbeds.  There was also a miniature lake on one end.  It was sectioned off, too, into 3 parts.  One was vegetation from a tropical setting, one was a bit colder looking with pines and fir trees, and one was just weird looking. . .  totally alien and possessing strange blue colored plants and purple trees, but some of these she recognised from Malacandria, which must have been why Enoch had that present  of ‘dirt’ from there.  This is where Dallas would’ve used it!

The physics seemed impossible, of course, but somehow at this point impossible was becoming quite commonplace, and so Annette set off downstairs to find the entrance to the garden.   She hoped she wasn’t in trouble for fiddling around with Enoch’s toys, but heard their voices unchanged in the pilots quarters, so that most likely things were A-OK!  There was now a breeze coming from a hall just beside the genetics research lab.  Once she found the source of the breeze, a refreshing warm air blew through her hair and dress.  She walked into this quite spacious garden, the steel floors opening out into a wooden porch, where she found some Japanese style outdoor slippers neatly placed down on the stone path.  She walked into the tropical zone and spent the next several hours having a little exercise.

Above were the stars, and the sun — strange combination, to see the sun with no blue sky!  However the mini atmosphere in this garden created a very unique sensation, giving you a sense of both being outdoors and indoors at the same time.  There was so much intensity here, mixed with a great adoration for the little and small things.  She found the same attention to detail in this large area as she found in the house, with an obvious overabundant amount of care being given to the placement of each stone in the path, and each tree, and each patch of flowers.  A few areas were a bit more wild, but these were almost purposefully so.  It was the kind of garden perfect for having little kids run around and play hide and seek in: little girls could bring their tea sets, and boys could go and look for bugs and strange creatures in the creek, living under one of the small wooden bridges.  She found a few patios stocked with drinks and snacks, and there was definitely a place for quite a few people to enjoy things out here.   It made you wonder what purpose this place had.  The ceiling went up quite high in the outer rims of the garden, however the entire place was not perfectly circular.  Some edges almost haphazardly were pushed further out from the ship’s center, giving it a wild and organic ‘added on’ structure.  The very structure and skeleton of the area had in itself a living and organic feel to it.   Maybe this ship really was alive in some sense! 

Annette found the “Northern Zone” to be quite cool, and was delighted to find a large and open hot spring area in a wooden mini-lodge on the edge, among some tall trees, connected to some spas and Jacuzzis. A computer panel on the wall of this place had a reading ‘Season:  Fall, Moderate Climate’  on it, suggesting they could have a Winter, too!  How nice it would be to sit in your outside hot spring and enjoy the snow. . .  watching the stars and planets zoom by.   The spa was hot, so Annette took this opportunity to strip down to her underwear and do as they did in Estonia—get all hot and sweaty, and then make a run to the cool refreshing water of the nearby lake!   She had tested the waters of the lake to be rather cold, but they would be perfect after getting incredibly hot by the hot coals in this room full of steam.  This was something she hadn’t done in quite a while, and it was incredibly rejuvenating.   As it turned out, in the spa there were more of the ‘Enochian Bathrobes’ as Annette had dubbed them, almost as if this place was some sort of gigantic hotel with its own logo –Royal blue with gold laced patterns on each piece of fabric, freshly pressed.

The lake was also filled with little fish, and a fisherman’s shack on the opposite end.  She had spent enough time here, though, and decided to take a quick look at the 3rd ‘alien area’ before returning to Dallas..   This garden offered you a sense of taking a break from the rest of the compact space ship. . .   and although she had no idea about the science behind it all, and where this would be hidden when it was time to close it back up, she was beyond caring at this point.  There were birds, fish, chipmunks and rabbits hopping around all over the place, and that’s not to mention the strange and odd creatures living in the 3rd, more alien area.

Under the orange ferns, all kinds of odd hairy and furry animals burrowed little homes into a strange spongey looking earth..  They weren’t all aliens, though, as a lot of the animals here were from other areas.  Each area was sealed off, but connected through little gates that somehow kept the temperatures and climates separate.  These gates were exactly like the Japanese MON that you’d see in a Shinto Shrine.

Although Annette enjoyed this scenery also, it was just a little bit too weird for her at this point to dwell in for too long, and so she quickly walked through the path, then jogged the entire 3 areas again, making it around in just 20 minutes!  That’s still quite a lot of space for a ‘space garden’ on such a small little spaceship.  There was definitely some trick of physics at work here, she decided.

As if on cue, as she was about to step back into the interior of Dallas she heard the soothing but commanding voice say “All hands on deck!  Battle stations!”  And as soon as Annette got back into the ship she saw the strangest sight:  the entire garden was being compressed and pushed into her view as if it was some camera trick of a slow zoom combined with a camera on a moving track.  And then the door closed and all trace of the garden vanished.  So much for the vacation!  Annette rushed to the pilot’s room, and almost smashed into Rachel.

“Ah, scuse me!” she said.    Her eyes were full of energy.

“What’s happening?”  Annette asked, still overly relaxed from her expedition.

“What do you think?  Battle!  We’re going to go into an asteroid belt soon, and must slow down our flight speed considerably.  This will almost certainly give us a taste of Eleneth’s firepower, as their faster more manoeuvrable ships will try to catch up and overtake us.”  she rushed downstairs, her blond hair flowing wildly as she moved.

“Godspeed!”  Called Annette after her, before she disappeared down the stairs back towards the garage.  She stepped into the room to find the embodiment of Dallas herself doing about 30 or 40 jobs at once, the navigations on the screens going wild, analysing and calculating thousands of pieces of information.  Enoch was bent over the star charts and gauging the distance to the Comet they had yet to cover.

“It’s the last obstacle we have before we make it there. . .  if we can make it through this then we’re home free!  I’ll go watch the battle from up stairs!”  Said Enoch.

“Lazy!”  Said Dallas, her voice shaking the room.  “You’re letting a girl do all the work?”  And it was strange, because Dallas didn’t even need to move her lips to talk.  The voice permeated everything and seemed to come from deep inside your own body when you heard it.  She was truly the Spirit-of-the-Craft!

“I’m going to enjoy this, too!  Rachel makes these kind of star wars look sexy!” Enoch was already heading up stairs.

“Ahem”  replied Dallas.

“—almost as sexy as Dallas makes star wars seem, of course!”  He added.  Then, turning to Annette, he added: “Are you coming?   You can join us if you like!”  Enoch seemed like a kid who was about to go see some long awaited movie.

“Want me to bring some popcorn and cokes for us?”  She replied in jest.

“Mmm!  That sounds so good right now!  OK I’ll go get it, you go ahead upstairs and watch Rachel’s show!”  And he ran downstairs.

After getting comfortable in the large plush chairs again, and letting her mind merge with the glass so that her vision was able to look in any direction she chose, she was surprised to see a vision of a massive city, with golden clouds surrounding giant mountain peaks and castles built on top of these peaks, reaching impossibly high.  The perspective involuntarily zoomed onto a porch that extended out like a sword, and had a royal wedding in preparation stages.  She heard Jesus’s voice speaking to her, filling her with encouragement and joy, and she couldn’t stop grinning suddenly, although she felt silly because of this.

“You are invited to come and be My Bride, Annette. . .”  The Voice spoke, and added, “And the Home you will live in for ever and ever is My Father’s House.”  The love was overwhelming, and answering a deep yearning she’d almost forgotten she’d even kept for so long.

“But first I need your help, My Bride-to-Be, for you are to obtain great riches, and great status in the eyes of all of My subjects.  Thus I have decided to bless you with a quest, and a mission. . .   the details are not important now, but I will lead you and guide you through this quest and its many twists and turns, as long as you just keep saying “Yes” to Me.  This is your first chance to say yes!  What do you say?”

“Of course it’s Yes, dear Lord!”  She replied, and the vision was zooming closer and closer to a Man of Light who was directing various servants and working with a team to prepare the wedding.  Unfortunately, however, this vision was fading even as it zoomed up to His Face, and it blanked out, being replaced by a gigantic asteroid that was hurtling directly at the ship.  Annette yelled out in surprise, but this asteroid disappeared in a cloud of smoke as a sudden blast of light coming from all around the ship flashed and blew it up!

Enoch came in at this moment, rushing as though he was missing the first scene of an awesome movie, handing Annette a large ice cold coca cola (it wasn’t coke, though. . .  it was far more delicious and invigorating!  What True Cola should have always been!)  She took a handful of the warm fresh buttered popcorn and felt so happy and warm from the previous vision, that she didn’t even mind when Enoch scootched in perhaps a little bit closer than she’d otherwise have allowed.  Her heartbeat increased but she told herself this was merely the action.

Asteroids were now either narrowly missing them or being shot to smithereens by Dallas’s state of the art laser beams.   Often showers of pebbles would rain across the surface of Dallas, but hardly cause more than a sound of gentle rain.  It was hard to look at anything else besides these massive rocks, because of the dangerousness of it all. Some of the rocks were city-sized, and they had to manoeuvre around these at incredible speeds.

“Do you know where these rocks came from?” Enoch whispered, his voice low and helping to soothe Annette’s nervousness.  It was a rhetorical question.

“No,” she replied.

“These are all that remains of an ancient water planet, once a part of your Solar System called Tiamat, which was destroyed in an ancient war.  There is a lot of ice in these asteroids now, as a result.  Oh, Tiamat!  How we loved you! I was not there for the days of this cataclysm, but some old friends told me the tale. Also some of the Fallen Angels who came begging me for help long ago had been influenced by this Great Civilization. . .” Enoch interrupted himself suddenly. “Look out!!   Dallas!”

“Thank you, I know what I’m doing!”  Whispered Dallas’s voice around them. She had a tone of great concentration, as the entire ship started spinning upwards, as though it had lost control. Moments before colliding with one of the larger rocks, a shield of fire enveloped their craft and immediately melted anything that came close. They finally stabilised after boring a tunnel through one the asteroids. Dallas had left her voice transmission on and she could be heard wheezing after this. It must have taken a lot of energy to do what they just did! “Please don’t tell any more stories, it was distracting me!” Dallas said, catching her breath at last.

“Got it, dear. Bringing back too many memories, no? We’ll just stick to the present moment

Annette thought of quoting the C3P0 Star Wars quote: ‘The chances of navigating an asteroid belt are 3,000,000,000 to 1!”  But decided that would be way too corny.  Besides, those figures had to be wrong, as they were indeed navigating successfully through this asteroid belt! 

So now instead she relaxed her vision on the window view screen and willed her vision outside of the craft, then turned it around to look at themselves from space. The entire ship had become pure pearl white, obviously to protect against any damages.  The windows were one-way, or perhaps cameras?  There was no time to ask. 

Just then she saw the bottom part of the ship open up and out slipped the familiar sight of Rachel in her fully clad space ship.  It was not a ship you so much rode in as much as wore, and that made perfect sense for the perfect battle weapon Rachel apparently was.  She flew alongside the Dallas, until the first sign of the ‘Enemy’ appeared.  These Enemies were all friends of Annette’s, and she hoped no harm in any way would come to them in this dangerous course.  Lagging quite far behind was the mega titan craft, The Starlion, but ahead of this were drastic numbers of very agile and yet heavily armoured starships. Countless more were being deployed from Starlion’s many open garage gates and were now expertly weaving their way in and out of the rocks, perhaps even better than Dallas was! The ships reminded you of an F-15 except it had all kinds of wonderful looking add-ons and even fabric-like material that gave them the appearance a sort of royal knight’s horse decorated for battle

‘Dallas, you’re going to have to press in!  Don’t let the girl do all the work!’ Enoch said, but his voice still calm.  He had his arm around Annette now. What an expert at taking advantage of the situation! Annette hadn’t even noticed as she had been so focused on her remote viewing. She didn’t try to wiggle away from him, though.

“Would you like to drive, oh Thou Great and Mighty King?”  Came back Dallas, but at the same time their speed noticeably quickened through the asteroid belt.  Rachel had already left their side and was hard at work engaging the starfighters. Annette saw her emit energy charged beams at them, easily dodging their volley of gunfire. The first ship she launched her attack at was caught in a brilliant orange-glowing spider web-like substance, which glowed orange, effectively stopping it in its tracks.   

The cool thing was the way she manoeuvred around the rocks, though.  She sometimes would run alongside an asteroid using her legs, and then use its momentum to jump up and attack and dismantle a ship to the point it was deactivated, or greatly slowed down.   She was doing nothing to destroy any of them, but they were being effectively hindered from catching up with Dallas.

The vision zoomed back towards Starlion, and Annette was able to see inside the topside Eleneth’s dome. Within was the almost completely out of place quaint looking countryside. The waters of the River of Life still serenely flowed along, sparkling as they always did with children playing along its banks.  But just outside this the Starlion was having its own challenge carving out a path through the massive stones and rocks of the asteroid belt.  These were largely being shoved aside by some sort of gravity control device.  As soon as the ship got too close to any rock, no matter how large it was it would be pushed out of the way as though it were using some sort of a magnetic force.

“This is the Lodestar Weapon, Annette!”  Enoch said, his voice full of excitement (people around here sure talked with excitement a lot, noted Annette) this is the way people can move objects using electromagnets. You will individually be able to use this weapon just using your mind once its faith has been activated to that extent. Your future will be full of literally moving mountains by the power of God!  It’s a very cool weapon indeed.”

In truth the sight was both magnificent and terrible, as this battleship was a fearsome thing to be pursued by– moving sleekly, and ever on during its grand march through the storm of endless suspended rocks.  How brave the crew of this ship were!  And how could it be they were actually doing this just for her!

Sapphire’s voice came blasting in through the telecom, echoing through the large open observation chamber where Enoch and Annette basically just looked like a typical couple on a date in an empty movie theater, eating popcorn.

This time it was a ‘video call’ and Sapphire’s huge eyes flickered into focus, filling the entire screen, interrupting the vision of the Starlion battling its way through the asteroid belt.

The interesting thing was that Annette could immediately detect that this was another human spirit, and not a flesh human.  The view was super high-focused definition, and she could see every pore of Sapphire’s skin, and every freckle.  But these had some kind of vibration or density that just told you it was not really ‘there’ physically – yet.  That’s what Annette was, too!  They were both Saved Souls, here in space, involved in this amazing struggle.

“I’ll be needing Rachel’s help back here when this is over, if you don’t mind!  I hope you took good care of her!  And you’re welcome for getting your dear and lovely behinds safely off of Malacandria!”  She talked rapidly, and had an extremely cute voice.   She was strikingly beautiful, and perhaps just 16 or 17 years old.   She had also a sense of excitement (there it was again) and revolution that Rachel also possessed in her intonations. 

Enoch didn’t even answer Sapphire, but just nodded. 

“And another thing!” Continued Sapphire.  “When are you going to start hanging out with girls your own age!  You’re shameless!  Well, anyway if you have the promised package for me you can have it sent to my house tomorrow.  And let’s see, what else. . .”  She exhibited the faintest glimmer of a ditzy teen just at that moment.  The camera also, apparently being held in her hand went farther away and showed a very lovely young girl, with beautiful light brown hair, wearing simple shorts and a tight t-shirt.  She just absolutely exuded sexuality as well.  How could this be the girl that set things into motion on Eleneth?  They would never have listened to a girl like this!  Those people were . . .  churchites! 

“Ah yes!  Take a look at this!”  And the camera whipped away from showing them her beautiful form (which the jealous side of Annette was thankful for)  and at a window.  Sapphire’s fingers pushed aside the drapes to reveal the downtown area of Eleneth, where troops were marching and gathering all available souls to battle.  A large banner read “For Annette!” and some people were standing around a podium listening to an orator give a speech.  Above the podium was a large screen with the words he spoke being displayed, and these were being immediately also printed onto leaflets that were then being passed around.  The words that Annette read told her the whole tale of what was taking place in this city.  The people were using her as a pretext for going to war!  Genius.  This meant they were more or less just using her as a figure head to get the masses geared up and ready for a new battle.  There was no way these people would ever had gotten their minds wrapped around a complex interstellar cosmic plan at this time, not at the rate things were moving now.  So!  But this would most likely paint Enoch in a bad light. . .  Didn’t he care about his reputation?

Enoch laughed, when asked this, and simply said “If you ever think twice about your reputation, that’s the last time you’ll ever be of any use to the Lord!”  And he kept watching the “movie”

It shifted back to Sapphire again, and she smiled sweetly and waved goodbye.  “Thanks for all your help, Enoch!  See you around later!”

They watched Rachel continue some of her acrobatics in space, and the cunning ways in which she effectively stopped even a single fighting craft trying to reach Dallas, until they finally pushed out into the outer regions of the asteroid belt.  At this point, Rachel simply grabbed one of the larger fighting ships and inserted herself into it, after hijacking its control hub and communications equipment so that no one would know what was going on…  She disengaged from her outer shell of flight armor, and with a smile she expertly, using what could only be described as multi dimensional Karate (you could not see her movements, it was more of a blur of whirring sounds and punches and kicks!), rendered the entire crew of about 5 persons unconscious in a few moments. Rachel then steered the hijacked craft back towards the Starlion. Then the vision pulled out and the deep of space was all they saw.

“See you back at Eleneth, guys! Once we settle this matter!”  Rachel’s voice poured into the room.  Annette was somewhat relieved, but at the same time amazed at how they did business up here.   Enoch looked thoroughly entertained, and got up, stretched and looked down at Annette.

“Well!  How did you like it?”  He asked her.

Credits rolled up on the screen, against the black of space, and some very beautiful orchestral cinematic music came in to accompany it.  Annette looked at Enoch with a look of bewilderment in her eyes.

“This is Dallas’s sense of humor, Annette. You’ll get used to it. Great Job, Dallas!”  he called, and the walls reverberated back:  “Wait, there’s an encore!”

The Dallas had stopped at the edge of the veritable wall of stones from the asteroid belt, and within this was an enormous shadow slowly getting bigger and bigger, until at last the entire Starlion just exploded through the dark cloud of asteroids directly in front of them, practically filling their entire view.  It was like a massive great white shark breaking out of the surface of the water to swallow a little baby seal.   Why weren’t they evading it any more??  Enoch got up to see what was up.  Then the enveloping voice of Dallas came around them:

“I’m not driving any more, Enoch—YOU drive!”  Enoch looked at Annette and said “not again! I apologize, Annette, sometimes she does this.” He went downstairs. Annette laughed at the nature of Enoch’s interactions with Dallas.  It was very similar to a marriage relationship, and they were quite familiar with each other. She thought how nice it was to be so close to these people, to the point you actually saw them with their own personal incongruences and flaws.

Left alone in the viewing chamber, she kept watching the dire situation. The Starlion with its terrible glory and power, weapons all exposed and ready to attack was now about to overtake them.  Who knew what was up?!  Maybe it was a mistake to come out here, Annette decided.   Look at all the trouble she’d caused.   It seemed the people of Eleneth were going through a lot of trouble to get her back, not to mention the fact that they’d gone through so much just to pick her up in the first place.   What a waste of resources!  Wasn’t the Heavenly Society and Kingdom or whatever concerned about saving and protecting the environment?  How about the wastefulness of transporting all this equipment and personnel across the galaxy (or wherever) this?  She was just about to get up and tell Enoch to let her go back, to avoid any more conflict, when suddenly the approaching battleship stopped suddenly.  Only the asteroids which had bumped off its bow kept moving towards them. Annette thought she could see the people inside the front of Starlion moving around. . . they were literally that close.   Also some of the fighters themselves in front of Starlion had frozen, and Annette could definitely see the pilots inside.  She zoomed further to see the expressions on their faces, and they were all of shock and awe.  Then she realized they were not even looking in her direction, but at an angle above the Dallas.   Annette turned her perspective the other way and soon her face resembled all the pilots’ and other spectators on board Starlion.  Just above them loomed an incomprehensibly massive dark shape of what appeared to be a planet, surrounded by silhouettes of small menacing looking objects, pointed directly at them.  In the middle of this planet was a single yellow eye, with black scratches across it.   Asteroids were trailing from it, as if it had just emerged also from the field of asteroids.   What the heck!!! 

“ENOCH!!”  She yelled.

Dallas herself (the little cute person) came rushing upstairs, to watch, her face exhibiting a look of amazement.

“Annette, you are about to see something insane.  These are the forces of darkness!  They have cloaked themselves here, knowing the Lord’s armies were going to come to the region of the comet.  Now we shall see Starlion’s first major interstellar battle!”

“Well who are they?”  Annette asked, not really knowing what to say in her disbelief.

“They are known as the followers of the ‘Prince of Persia—‘   the ancient fallen angels which have bred many more armies throughout the galaxy.  Now they are being contained here, and so we must face them.”

“Contained where?  You mean this asteroid belt?”

“No, I mean this region around Earth.   Yes, partly the asteroid belt.  We should have checked more deeply for their presence here. . .   it’s partly my fault for hastily trying to get to Point B (Just taking Eleneth/Starlion to the comet) and forgetting the importance of checking for any threats.  They use pretty good cloaking technology, though.   Now watch!  Eleneth is engaging already! 

Annette was comforted by Dallas’s calm explanations in the face of this very monumental space battle that was just now going to take place.  Using the vision enhancement of the observation glass, she was able to more deeply take a gander at the scope of the Enemy.  This Cyclops planet was vast and its accompanying armada beyond number. The smaller craft all reminded Annette of jagged broken pieces of glass, some glowing with the same dull yellow as the eye, encompassed by a murky brown color. However, this was no planet.  It was separated into four parts by dark gashes running across it’s surface, and more enemy fighters poured out from these. Now this would be a fight in which the armies of the Lord were actually quite outnumbered!  How was it that they were supposed to win this!  Were they actually going to engage the Enemy here??  Annette had seen the shock on the faces of the Starlion personnel, and wondered if they were really ready to face such a foe.  There were clouds of demonic host, and if you were to look closely at their forms, you would be nauseated in disgust for their hatefulness and even the twisted and wretched form of even their craft.  It seemed they were built in a way that was trying to be ugly, almost unnecessarily so, with patterns of skulls and death and spikes and some of them even sporting decorations of throbbing, pulsating entrails (tubes in this shape) and the human body turned inside out . . . just nasty details beyond description.  Finally Annette had to stop watching through the visor, and just opted for a normal spectator’s view, without plugging into the glass’s higher vision.  She felt exhausted.

“Not to worry!  We’ve already called in reinforcements.  They should help us to withstand the Enemy, although it may take a little while for them to arrive.   For now we are to engage in evasive maneuvers, using the asteroid belt as cover,”  Dallas said, with her intelligent and expert (but still nerdy and cute) voice.   “You won’t need to worry, we’ve been in far worse situations than this before.  Enoch’s gotta drive in these situations, I need to get him to increase his piloting skills.  He’s gotten a bit lazy lately.”

“Oh so that’s why you stopped the ship.  I thought you were being mean.”

“No way!  I wouldn’t do that.  He’s gotta handle situations like this more often.  I know he likes it, anyway.  Are you hungry?  Feeling tired?  Can I get you a cup of coffee, or would you like to retire to your room?  I think this next battle may overwhelm you.”  Dallas was not exactly comforting even in her efforts to be hospitable.

“I’ll just watch for now, and see the start of it.  Yes, coffee would be delightful.”

“O.K., I’ll go back to my room and take some time alone there.”  Annette was even surprised at her own level of . . .   faith.  Yes, that’s what it was!  She had a lot of faith, and she only just realized it now, against these impossible odds in front of them.

Dallas regained her full stature, (about 4’ 5”!)  and her eyes were full of pride and surprise at Annette’s change of confidence.  

This girl was really something else, thought Annette.   She gave her a big hug, her classic hug that lasted a really long time, and then finally left to go grab some coffee from downstairs.

Meanwhile above them, it was clear that the battle had begun.   Lights were flashing, and lasers exchanged between the two armies.   The Eleneth/Starlion’s troop had far superior technology, but were severely outnumbered, so their strategy was retreat, attack, retreat, attack until reinforcements came.   When would that be?  Annette wondered.  She figured they just had to wait a few hours.   She really had no idea about this kind of stuff, and was becoming intrigued.  She wished Enoch were there to explain things (in a way that made sense)  as Dallas was rather spacy in her approach and outlook, perhaps from being so cloistered aboard her ship.  This ship was really just an extension of herself and personality, the more Annette looked at it.   – and Enoch was like a child that lived on it!  How could one be so old, so ancient and yet behave the way he did?

Finally she gained the courage to zoom in to the details of the battle, despite having to look upon the horrific visages of the enemies.  Thankfully none of the good guys were getting hurt, as their shields were holding incredibly well.  Their weapons burned through the Enemy like butter, but the problem was the Enemy was like a wave of doo doo coming at you, and even if your gun could pierce the doo doo with no problem, it was still all over the place!   Gradually the armies were heading backwards, back to the asteroids, and already Starlion herself was readying a new defensive attack to cover their escape.  Enoch took command of the Dallas’s movements, and went in for quite a killing spree, showing no mercy whatsoever.  It was just remarkable what this little ship could do, launching also two androids aboard some of the smaller ships in the garage, releasing incredible amounts of energy and light in all directions, searing through all who came close.  A few times one of the enemy pilot’s bodies would come brushing up against the glass, their hateful empty eyes staring out into space before they blew apart.  It was quite a violent spectacle, but Annette was intent on facing the ‘guts’ of the new reality she was in, realizing she would also have a part to play in this war some day.

Finally Dallas returned with some coffee and biscuits, taking her seat beside her.

“You know, we’ve seen some amazing things up here. . .   and are so happy you came to join us!  I just wanted to add too, that those words you quoted in faith were just what we needed to help turn the tide of battle.  The reason I took so long was I needed to reinsert myself momentarily to the craft, adding my increased faith I had received from talking with you a moment before into the ship.  Now this thing is like . . .  like a chainsaw with millions of hot glowing diamonds shooting off of it into all directions!  Watch!”

And indeed this was the case, as the sprays of light were not only light, but some sort of whirring power around Dallas that launched very small but deadly projectiles, tearing through the Enemy.  Enoch was simply driving up and down the waves of Demonic Hordes like a lawnmower, sending these things in all directions and mowing up the yard, so to speak!  Mangled shattered chunks fo the Enemy’s fleet could be seen everywhere, littering the vacuum of space. Eventually it was decided they should go and regroup with the rest of their friends, since they would at this rate mop up the entire Horde, not allowing any of their less experienced friends any chance to test their skills.

They ended up spending a few weeks in the wilderness, there, giving Starlion’s troops ample time to regroup and send out devastation missions against the horde, which was (due to their ‘planet ship’s’ immense size) unable to follow them entirely, but sending smaller teams of their more elite fighters to root them out.

During this time Annette was able to learn a little more about the nature of this enemy, and found out these were the ‘Wandering Stars’ mentioned in the Bible.  It was hardly a star, but the size of the Enemy Mothership was certainly near the size of Earth’s moon in size.

At this point, the people of Starlion were able to come and befriend Dallas’s small rebel crew. Rachel and Sapphire came forth as well.  The political trickiness had just been getting the previously lackadaisical saints in the city of Eleneth to want to fight!  The leadership of Starlion’s Eleneth included Mayor Ransom as well as several navy generals from the lower decks of its superstructure. These met together aboard Dallas to discuss the next step. Now that they were out here, though, all their attention was on fighting this enemy.  In fact this was one of the smaller ‘Wandering Stars, ‘ less of a threat than some of the rest of the Prince of Persia’s fleet, but it was hindering them sufficiently from accomplishing their task.

“Why don’t we just do the job for them?  I saw how much this little craft can do!”  Asked Annette, over dinner one “evening (no day or night in space!).”

“Because that would not allow our people to do their own job.   This is their fight now!”  Sapphire, who had joined them that evening for dinner, spoke with that same old revolutionary fiery energy.  She was really psyched, for sure.  This was the battle she had been waiting for so long.

“Plus we got enough medals already.  This ship is loaded with them!  Getting too heavy for dear old Dallas!” Enoch quipped, between taking long drags from his pipe.

“Excuse me, who are you calling old? “ retorted the little person of Dallas herself.  She  had disengaged, as they were resting the ship on the back side of one of the asteroids.  A few of the people from the political council of Eleneth had also joined them, and they all chuckled.

That night they would all have quite a big job to do, as Eleneth had at last readied her largest assault yet, composed of some of their newer fighters.  The Starlion itself would use its main cannons to deliver a deathblow to the planet’s core system—the “Eye” which was itself also a weapon.  The comet was on its approach to this sector and they would need to hurry it up a bit if they were to catch its orbit.

Mayor Ransom got up, having finished a big bowl of Dallas’s famous beef stew.  “A tremendous feast!”  He exclaimed, and thanked everyone there, going to the library for a little browse around.  He and Enoch were old friends by now, apparently.  His associate Head Governess Nancy joined him, also thanking the gathering for their kindness, love and patience with the somewhat ridiculousness of their town.  However, as they had explained in an earlier meeting, the Lord had something very very special planned for their entire population.  Something that would alter the World’s history and have a major effect on the events off the Endtime.

Dallas had some of the other members of the council help with dishes, leaving Enoch and Annette alone there.

“What is your mission, Enoch?  I am still confused as to where this is all going.  I know who you are now, and have read up on your true past.”  Annette decided this was the time to get some answers out of the horse’s mouth!

“Ahh, curious child.  Well I’ll tell you a secret.   Never grow old—you gotta be a baby to go to Heaven, if you think you are wise in yourself then you’ve lost it.   I don’t know what I’m doing any more than the next guy.  Out here in Space as we further the Lord’s kingdom and wage war against the Enemy, we all live by faith.  We only have His Word to go by, and from the beginning I was nothing more than a simple channel of His Word.  You’ll want to stay close to His Word, and in doing so you’ll become a channel yourself.  You’ll become a living weapon, like Rachel is!  Except, you won’t be a robot!”

“She’s a robot?!” she asked in surprise.

“She’s what we call ‘ascended A.I.’ which the Lord is bringing up to human likeness and fullness, but she has to complete her mission as a powerful tool in the Lord’s arsenal first.  She is nothing more than a tool, too—a beautiful one.  Heavenly technology is all good, wonderful, beautiful. . . there is nothing perverse in any of the creations of the Lord.   No mistakes.  Your spirit is going to fuse with the Word and become a new creation for His Glory as well, if you choose.   What’ddaya say?  Y/N?” Enoch talked with a strange mix of seriousness and humor. Annette was slowly getting accustomed to it, but had to focus to catch everything he said.

“Of course yes!  I’ll do anything for the Kingdom!  I want to be a part of this, more than anything in the whole world!!”

“OK then there’s a lot of use for you!  Welcome aboard once more.”  And he got up and left to the kitchen to help with the dishes (his favorite past time).


In her room again, Annette ‘communed on her bed with the Lord’ as had been her custom whenever there was a free moment.  These were busy and exciting yet also restful days.   Somehow she felt even more at peace in the midst of battle and action than she did during the most lazy times back home.   But where was home now?  It really felt like ‘The Lord’s Will is my home!” (as the Jesuits say).  She was thankful for this experience, and wanted more like it.  She had tasted blood and now would never be able to go back!  The Enemy’s blood, of course.  If there was a place for her in this gigantic battlefield, she was hoping to be sent to the very front line.

She prayed deep within her heart, lying there.  She also felt sexy doing this but was not sure if that was ok or not.  It just felt so unchurchlike, to have these feelings during prayer and prophecy, but she couldn’t help it.  She had not yielded to any advances of Enoch or any of the other guests who had come to Dallas during the meetings and battle preparations.  That was in deed the reason, she thought —  “I’m saving myself for marriage!  I want to marry the Lord. . . “  and as ridiculous as that sounded, it was true.

The meetings had been very fruitful, and interesting, and at times they would fill the entire dining room and every seat on the upper floor, looking down.   They were always filled with cheer and singing in between, as the drinks were served and the generals and warriors were quite jolly people, if you got a whole room of them together.  Some of these had been quite the ladies men, as well.  Annette was flattered by several proposals and invitations for joining ‘this or that troop to train’ or ‘come to our planet, we need a princess’  and a few who just shyly but sweetly offered her flowers and then didn’t even know what to say.  To these she was most taken and would sometimes take little walks around the garden with them.

But now, having amassed their forces, it was time to focus on the battle.  This was the big day, in fact.  So big, that there was little more to do than just pray, and commit everything to the Holy Spirit.

“Lord I don’t know what to do in all of this, but You have shown me such great promises I can’t hardly look back now.  Please take me and use me in any way that You wish.  I’ll do anything for You!”

“Anything?”  she heard Jesus’s whisper almost audibly now, as He made Himself so tangibly near to this new bride.  “I can do a lot with that word, you know!”

“Yes, anything!  Just keep me close to You, that’s my only request.”

“OK!”  Jesus said,  “When this battle is finished, I am going to bring you back to Eleneth for a short time, so that they will feel they have won a trophy for their battle.  The battle is Mine, and you do not need to worry about their performance.  I am going to fight this battle.  I just need to see some courage among my fighters.”
“Oh. . .  Kay,  Lord!  I’ll go back.   It was nice to be on this journey, while it lasted!”  Annette sighed, now feeling quite. . .  well relieved.   She wanted more, though.  She was hungry!  No, something else  She felt a deep longing for another sort of fulfilment.

“I’m not finished with you yet!!  I have a LOT more for you.   You’re not going to stay there.”

“Oh. . .   really?  I don’t know what to do, Lord, but my times are in Your hands.”

She wrote some notes down in her prayer diary, which glowed bright as she inscribed the words from the old ink quill on the desk in her room. . .   this miracle didn’t always happen, but it did when she needed the most strength of spirit for something major.  This must have been something major!  She looked out her window, and in the distance between the many multitudes of brown and grey rocks she could see faint glimmers and blasts and explosions of skirmishes.  The Enemy’s main force was waiting just outside, though, knowing that sooner or later they would have to come back that way.  These battles were quite fruitful, though, as some of their loyal fighting squads did a bit of scouting and ended up finding some old abandoned space stations hidden inside some of the larger asteroids.  These contained old forgotten histories and lost battle plans.  There were even a few people marooned in this area (spirits)  and they salvaged these.  Having passed away in some accidents, they were very thankful to be picked up and lent their skills and abilities to the larger fleet.  The fleet had grown, too, as Starlion had several detachable proxy-base craft that disengaged from the main hull, offering  more manoeuvrability and strategic domination when the battle would come.    These were awesome and sleek looking, covered with gigantic blast cannons, and their absence gave the Starlion herself an even more ‘ready for action’ form, as great guns and war cannons also extended from the regions where the proxies had previously been lodged.  Now this was one mother of a mothership! 

Annette hoped she could help in any way possible, although she knew her power was small.  ‘Strength in weakness,’ she sighed, and continued to jot down messages.  There was a power in just listening to Jesus, she found, despite her inability to retain every detail that He told her.   She felt her relationship with Him was affirmed and this gave her confidence most of all.   She finished her entry for the day, and set the prophecy book aside.  It was already full, so she decided to go ask if they had any more on board.

The hallways were quiet, but had a feeling of expectancy.  There was the sound of goodbyes below, as their guests were on their way out.  Apparently the meeting had been a success, and all talks were finished.  The general populace of Eleneth was doing its duty and satisfied, however they would not like the fact that Enoch was around, maybe for a little while. . .   it would require a Heavenly Court Session to clear things up.  They had had their precious treasure stolen after all! 

‘If only they knew the Lord as well as I am beginning to know Him!  They would never behave this way,’ thought Annette to herself.   Anyway this mattered little now, as the battle was about to begin.

Even as she walked around the ship, she could feel the Lord talking to her ‘If you could go anywhere, do anything, become anyone, what would you wish for?’  and her first feeling was surprisingly, ‘I would be here, doing this now. Thank you so much, precious Lord. . .’  and seriously she did feel this way, despite the challenges.  It was amazing to have perfect contentment in Jesus like this, which was a sort of state she wasn’t used to.  Most people around her were always asking God for stuff, never satisfied.  She had begun to pray in a new way now, lifting up people up all around her.  She started to see the meaning of the Word:  The true leader is a servant of all, yet only felt herself becoming smaller, just a tool in God’s hand, so to speak.  What power!

The fleet moved back into the region where the Prince of Persia lay in waiting, and immediately all of space was in flames around both parties.  Dallas kept herself in check on the battlefield, keeping back as much power as possible, only assisting  the newer fighters where needed, like a father training a child to ride a bike with no training wheels.  This meant she was zipping to and fro from skirmish to skirmish, wherever a great need was present.  Annette had a real long ‘heart to heart’ talk with Dallas before the start of the battle, which basically supercharged her already premium abilities.

The gigantic eye kept trying to blast a death blow to either of the large battle ships of the Starlion, but each time it began charging up for this  a certain guardian force would launch powerful bombs into it’s ‘retina,’ thwarting this attack.  The Heavenly Attack Ships did better than was expected, and it seemed the battle was going to be over soon.  They might not just be newbies after all!  Some of the fighter pilots already started to cheer and sing victory praises throughout all the intercoms.  The largest assault brought the ‘Prince of Persia’ mothership to a standstill, ceasing its rotation and system’s functions.

At that moment, though, the entire core began to glow red from deep within, and everyone heard in their very essences the cries of millions of enemies still inside, all possessed by an overlord prince fallen arch angel.  His face appeared in a gigantic hologram in an awful sneer, and a look of utter madness in his eyes.

“YOU FOOLS ARE ALL DEAD!”  He cried, and even as he said this the entire planet-ship exploded, in a blast which would have simply annihilated just about anything around it.  Annette, who was watching this take place in the observation deck shielded her eyes, tempted to fear the worst.

But at that moment it was as if time had stopped, and the light of the blast remained still, then glowed dim.  The entire zone around the blast was frozen—Chunks of planet were stuck in their dislodged positions, and red magma underneath could be seen.   Flames that had begun belching forth froze in midair as well, like a very high definition picture of a solar flare.  This was no picture, though.  It really looked as though time had stopped!

The masses of enemies who were not in the frozen time field were in disarray, panicking.  They all fled in every direction, but the Starlion/Eleneth fighters remained where they were, stunned.  Everything became quiet on the communications, for that moment, save a few voices  in disbelief going ‘Wha-??!!’

Then a glowing face with long yellow hair greeted them, being projected into every individual fighter’s vessel.

“Greetings, brothers!  Don’t be afraid!  I am a servant like all of you.  We would like to politely request that all ships in this area retreat to a safe distance of about 1,000 kilometers away from the blast zone.”

As the voice spoke, gigantic glowing orbs of light appeared all around the battlefield, there to escort them out of the blast radius.  They were actually ships, but it took a while for one’s eyes to adjust to the bright light covering their outer shells.  On the sides of these ships were inscribed the logo of one of the Arch Angels.  The largest one appeared beside Dallas, it’s front facing them like a drawn sword, bursting with power and light.  It’s shape was long and sleek, like a sword with multiple blades and crystals at the far end.  In the front window they could see its captain, waving at them.

“IT’S MICHAEL!”  Shouted Dallas, her jubilant voice practically shaking the entire craft.

“You mean the Archangel Michael?!”  Annette had heard about this. . .   the Archangels were not just winged angels, but highly decorated top warrior captains of the Lord’s Space Armies!   Even Lucifer himself had been one of these, until he had tricked 1/3rd of the host of the Heavens to go to the Draco star system, where he officially received the title “Dragon.”

The Arch Angel waved at them, smiling from cheek to cheek.  You could tell this guy just loved doing this sort of thing, too.  He repeated the message again for everyone to clear the area, as the time distortion field was about to run out.   Basically he had just temporarily stopped time in this limited space, which was a secret weapon only the highest host of Heaven were permitted to use to such an extent.

Michael’s ship itself led the Dallas out first, and the rest followed.  Eleneth/Starlion took the longest, but as soon as the distance had been covered, behind them was the blinding flash again, this time unable to cause any harm.  The numbers where quite phenomenal.  Not a single outfit had been lost, save for a few technical blunders and malfunctions made on the part of green pilots.  Now the entire fleet, spread out in a 2000 kilometer circumference did a victory flight, in this huge arc, and all voices could be heard singing, led by some of the Archangel’s chief praise choirmasters.  This music bent the space around them in such a way that sent tremendous bursts of light and visions of ‘Perfect Space,’ or the ultimate plan for the future of the Galaxy, where every inch was full of light and love and under the complete rule of the Lord.  Each ship was treated to a panorama of unbelievable love and joy, uniting the very fabric of space into perfection—until the song ended and the bleak post-battle field returned into view.  This was not a sad sight, though, as they realized that the song had also decimated all survivors which had tried to escape.   The surrounding space was filled with the fallen’s dead bodies and twisted wreckages of the enemy ships.

Michael himself game on board Dallas for a quick hello, and to try some of her famous stew, apparently!  He wore a white cape over clear gold and silver plated armor.   He was really quite humble, as it turned out, but it was almost like seeing God Himself walk into your living room, as Annette could hardly look at him without wanting to kneel and start worshiping . . . God of course.  Suddenly the way John acted in the book of Revelation made a lot of sense.

“I haven’t had a battle like that in. . .   well when was the last time we fought one of the Prince of Persia’s fleets?”  Michael asked Enoch.  They were in front of the fireplace, beside the library.  As soon as he walked into the ship, all the armor and relics began to glow and some of the very old mysterious vessels even displayed hidden old words written on the sides of their vessels, their words jutting out in gold hologram form, into the air.  Everything was even more mystical looking in there than usual.

“Hah!  Don’t ask me!  You guys are all over the place!  That guy sure is a hindrance, isn’t he?”  Enoch obviously knew this angel going way back.  They had even been written about in some of the ancient texts, in many early Earth dramas concerning the Sons of God and fallen angels.

“Well don’t get too comfortable yet, your guys’ mission is just beginning out here now.  As soon as you’re in alignment with that comet, things are really going to start rolling.  It’s going to be on an alignment course that is going to cause some severe disasters on the Earth, and these will be due to many of the battles you will face.   The enemy will know where you are and where to ambush you.  Call on me for help at any time things are getting to heavy!”  Michael looked to Annette and kneeled, kissing her hand.  “And you my dear bride of the Lord, are welcome to call on me for assistance whenever you like!”  He regained his composure, and then looked around , as if he was forgetting something.   “Ah!  Where is my stew!”

“Almost done, Captain! . . . You know how sometimes Dallas takes her time cooking things.  So where are you headed next?”  Enoch asked.

“That’s up to Headquarters.  These days things are heating up.  We are charged to stay on course with you guys, and not let too much distance pass between us, as some of the larger encounters are expected to occur in this region. “  He enjoyed the scrumptious beef stew that everyone seemed to love (Annette actually couldn’t taste anything THAT special about it, although indeed it was very delicious). 

“This is FANTASTIC!”  He said loudly, making sure Dallas heard him from the kitchen.

“You know she’s always been a big major fan.  She follows all your public endeavors for the Kingdom!”  Enoch said in a low voice, not wanting to embarrass Dallas.  When she was walking around like this she was unable to maintain full control over all the ships sensory equipment, so she could not hear Enoch’s words. 

Michael laughed in a big deep and satisfying way. “All glory to the Most High!” He said, and stood up, his giant cape filling half the room as he turned to go.

Their time limited, and the angels also having many more missions to complete, they slowly made their way back downstairs to offer farewells.  It seemed they had so much to share and so many inner stories between them, that it was hard to just say hello and goodbye so quickly.  All the way down to the departure dock, they shared little bits of information and laughed at some inside jokes from many millennia ago.  Annette delighted in seeing the love shared between these two men, and seeing that she had really grown quite fond of Enoch, despite his quirks, she was happy to see others interact in such a way with him. 

It didn’t seem like he needed to use the portal through the garage, but for the sake of ritual he stepped back through the airlock and onto his own Arch Angel ship, which was definitely from a much higher realm or dimension.  In other words, he could have easily just teleported on and off of the ship.  But this would possibly have freaked out some of the more physically bound occupants on board Dallas, which is what they call in Heaven ‘pulling a Jesus’ (when you suddenly teleport right into the midst of some of your friends who are not expecting you and surprise the heck out of them!)  Also there was a special respect and delight in just doing physical things in Heaven which was not only an expression of humility, but deference to Creation as God had made it, with rules and laws.  Not that these were unbreakable laws!  Only if there was a special reason would they ever make full use of their heightened spiritual powers.

The glowing crystal sword ship disengaged from Enoch’s Dallas, and went high up above to group with the rest of the angel fleet amassing in a massive slowly rotating halo pattern. These then joined together to form one giant mothership with Michael’s craft at the helm, and with a flash they were gone.

Annette hadn’t wanted to interrupt any of the conversations during the Archangel’s visit, but now she had her chance to ask.

“Is everything ok, oh princess?”  Enoch asked, noticing the look on her face. He found himself more and more enamored with her inquisitive nature.

“Yes, I just wanted to ask you why the Enemy was called the Prince of Persia.  Who the heck takes a name like that out into space like this anyway?”

“Oh, that’s because we were fighting Aladdin in there!” replied Enoch, watching to see how gullible Annette was.

“Seriously!  What was the REAL reason for the name?”  She took this opportunity to give Enoch a well deserved slap, (for a good many number of things she had been counting up during this past few weeks) but he expertly dodged and leaped to the railway exiting the garage.  All around them were empty airlocks, except for Rachel’s, who was apparently taking this time to lounge in the garden.

“It was one of the ancient Prince of Persia, but not an Earthly prince—a prince as in a demonic principality. As the old scripture says: ‘We wrestle against powers, against the rulers of darkness, against principalities’ or something like that, I forget how it goes  (hmm, I really need to review my memory verses!)”  Enoch was always talking to himself like this whenever you got him in a good mood, like an eccentric old professor.  “The word principality here refers to a Demon King, such as the one that the Messenger Gabriel was hindered by in the book of Daniel.  Michael’s the one to call on if you’re in a sticky situation with them—he knows exactly how to handle them.”

“Why didn’t we call him earlier?”

“Take a wild guess.”

“Yeah, for training, right?”  Annette said with a sigh.  She was always being drilled like some ancient Chinese student by his kung fu master.

“Ahh, I have instructed you well, my young apprentice.” Enoch said with a mock Chinese accent.  “Well there were of course a few other reasons, but that was the biggest.  Later on, however, we will need to call on them a lot more.   The days for training are over, I’m afraid, like it or not. 

“Wait, so tell me —  what is this demon king doing out here?  They care that much about us?”

“These guys are expert at hindering and slowing down Heavenly operations.” Dallas chimed in.

“So there’s a whole group of them!” Annette said. She was getting interested.

“Indeed, and you can see why we have a lot of mopping up to do in the stars. This particular body is related to the (formerly) magnificent Ultra-Body of Fallen Archangels dubbed “Mystery Babylon.” That’s the power we have to face in the coming days.  They are merely the powers which gave authority to the ancient kingdoms on Earth since the Babylonian times.  That tower of Babel was no joke, either.  They were trying to reach a specific point in the sky to make these demonic entities cross over into your dimension completely.   Hehe, actually that would be MY dimension—you’re in the Spirit World, honey!  Anyway, they are now doing this in our day with some underground projects, the most famous in your news is called CERN.”

“The hadron experiment! But aren’t they looking for the God. . . particle?” Annette seemed to answer her own question. “Oh O.K. I think I’m seeing where you’re going with this.”

“A hadron collider, yes.” Enoch replied.  “That’s for the public’s eye, but there are of course many secret projects, and through these projects the governments of the world have again made ties with these ancient evils.  Untold horrors are going to cross over into the physical dimension soon.”

The room fell silent as Enoch trailed off, then breaking the silence once more, he said:

“Alas, it is now time to get going!  We have a comet to catch!” he said with a wink, as  if it was such a cool thing to say. . . ok, it was a cool thing to say, just a little corny the way he said it! He was just charming enough that he could get away with it.

Annette felt like she’d gotten enough for now, although this was all very interesting.  She thanked Enoch again for his explanation, and suddenly realized her exhaustion again. She got up from the place she had been hunkered down near the stairwell to return to her room, but suddenly felt faint. Everything faded away for a moment, and when she came to, she was in Enoch’s arms.

“Let’s get you to your bed, sweetheart!” Enoch said cheerfully, and Annette wondered where he got the energy. She sighed and pretended to faint again so he’d carry her all the way back to her room.

Indeed, she was very depleted of all energy however and actually did once again drift off to spirit sleep, which is much more intoxicatingly fulfilling even than physical sleep if you’re going to be completely honest about it.

She opened her eyes, roused by the sound of Enoch gently closing her door. From her window she could see the fleet going into overdrive, along a preset course through the stars.  The angels had equipped each fighter craft from the Starlion with a new feature —  rotating ‘battle crystals’ which never ran out of energy. Annette’s smartwindow filled her in on the info that these awesome scintillating stones that orbited each ship now also added 10 times the power to each and every weapon on board.  It also made them glow with a new unearthly and Heavenly glimmer of energy.  Dallas didn’t get one, but Michael’s gift to Dallas had been an activation of many of the ancient mysteries and secrets in the treasures already aboard the ship.  Those would require checking out— later!

Annette undressed, took a shower and brushed her teeth (was this necessary?  Nah, but it felt good).  She wore her favorite new evening bathrobe, the same style as the others, but dark red interwoven with black and gold designs.  She was going to ask Dallas for new clothes, but at the moment they were amply supplied with bathrobes.  It really made everyone who wore them look like they were on a gigantic cruise ship on vacation.  She sat down on her bed and went into a deep state of relaxation.

She had been given an old fashioned tape cassette voice recorder to take notes of what she prayed and received from the Lord. Enoch was a big fan of these old retro technologies, saying that they helped one to appreciate God’s creation “through limitation.” Annette was slowly learning how to appreciate this. Setting it beside the bed so that it lay inches from her lips, she then stretched out on the covers and began to whisper the words that Jesus spoke into her mind. It was surprising how naturally He could talk through her, as though she had always channeled His Voice in this way:

“Come to Me and be still. _] [_Your mind is reeling with all there is to do, and everything you feel you have to learn now and accomplish. _] [_I have given you a job, and that is an elevated position and I will need you to remain humble. _] [_This is why I have you in Enoch’s house right now, for though he is a great King in My eyes, he is still humble at heart, and small in his own eyes. _] [_This is what every great person needs in order to be of any use to Me. _] [_Satan was great, so was the Prince of Persia and many of the other Fallen Angels. _] [_But they ceased being small, and they ceased being humble. _] [_They thought in their beauty that they were sufficient in themselves, so they forsook Me, and now look what happened. _] [_Just allow Me to reign in your heart, and be at peace, and do not look at yourself. _] [_Keep your eyes on Me and you will never have to worry about a thing! _] [_I love you so much!”


“Through the power of the keys, every scripture and promise. . . can be activated on your behalf.”


–The Key Promises



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