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Tinsel Terrors (A Rom Com Short)

Jenny Jorgenson—or Miss Jenny as she’s known to her Kindergarten students—couldn't be more ready for Christmas vacation. But before she can experience the joys of The Most Wonderful Season of All, she has to get 127 five-year-olds to remember their lines for the Kindergarten Christmas program and make sure no one knocks the scenery over—not that that’s what happened last year or anything. Jenny also dreads showing up at her best friend Cheryl’s annual holiday party without a date—for the fifth year running. The only bright spot in her life, at the moment, is Mr. Sanderson, who teaches next door. He’s cute, he’s smart and he’s terrific with kids. Unfortunately, he’s made it clear he’s not looking for love. This sweet romantic comedy is PG rated.

  • Author: Mazy Morris
  • Published: 2018-11-06 20:45:09
  • Words: 3645
Tinsel Terrors (A Rom Com Short) Tinsel Terrors (A Rom Com Short)