Timi and the Honest Fat Rat

The Beauitiful Story Series

Timi and the Honest Fat Rat

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Timi lives in Dakota with his parents. He is five years old. He is hungry. He went to the kitchen and took four slices of bread. He put the bread in a flat plate and returned to his room. He placed the plate on his well made bed and climbed onto the bed. And then he began to eat the bread.



After one slice, he was thirsty. He ran to the kitchen to get a cup of water. A fat rat tip toed into his room and made away with two slices of bread. It carried the bread and ran quickly out of Timi’s room to the living-room. It hid the bread behind the big chair.

Timi returned to his room with the cup of water. He was surprised to find only one slice of bread remaining.

‘Did I not leave three slices of bread in this plate?’ he thought.

He wondered for a while with the cup of water still in his hands. Then he remembered that a fat rat ran into their apartment a few days ago.

Timi kept the cup of water on the tiled floor and started looking for his missing bread. He looked under his bed but didn’t find them. He looked inside his wardrobe but there was neither the slices of bread nor the fat rat in there. He ran to the kitchen, and searched every corner but found nothing. He was getting fed up and about to give up when he remembered he had not searched the living-room.

He ran into the living-room. He looked behind the television stand but found nothing. Then he bent down and looked in the space between the big chair and the wall.

‘Wow!’ Timi exclaimed as he saw the fat rat munching on his bread. The fat rat had eaten one slice out of the two it took.

The fat rat was too startled to run for escape. It couldn’t believe it would be easily found.



‘No, no fat rat! Why did you steal my bread?’

‘I’m very sorry,’ the fat rat apologized. ‘I was dying of hunger and needed something to eat urgently.’

‘But you’d have asked me and I would have given you one slice,’ Timi said.

‘You mean it? Do you really mean what you just said?’ the fat rat asked in amazement.

‘Oh yes, fat rat.’

‘Thank you, Mr. … Mr. Only that I don’t know your name?’ the fat rat said.

‘I’m Timi.’

‘Timi! Wow! Thank you, Mr. Timi. I hope we’ll be friends from now on.’

‘Oh yes,’ Timi assured.

The fat rat couldn’t believe its luck.

Timi returned to his room. As he was about eating the remaining slice, his mother, Kemi, came into his room. She was surprised to find Timi with the bread.

‘Naughty you. Who asked you to go take the bread? Don’t you know it’s for your father?’

‘I’m so sorry mum. I was hungry.’ Timi pleaded.

‘Next time you’re hungry, let me know. OK?’

‘Yes mum.’

His mother nodded and left. As soon as she’s gone, Timi went to the kitchen to get a cup of water, and took it to his new friend, the fat rat.

A week later, Timi’s mother returned from the market and was preparing to make a pot of soup. She boiled the meat and fish with sweet smelling spices and turned it into a bowl.



The aroma filled the whole apartment. The fat rat had not eaten since last night. It was very hungry. The sweet aroma from the kitchen made it hungrier. It called Timi and told him about it.

Timi thought of what to do. He had eaten his breakfast and did not remember his friend. He felt bad. He went to the kitchen but his mother was not there. He took the big fish-head from the bowl, placed it on a plate and took it to his friend. His friend couldn’t believe its luck. It was so happy that he jumped round in jubilation.

As it was about munching on the fish-head, Timi’s mother returned to the kitchen. She found out that the big fish-head was missing.

‘Timi, Timi come here!’ She called.

The fat rat felt the anger in Timi’s mother’s voice. It was afraid of what would happen to its friend.



Timi answered his mother’s call. He was so afraid.

‘What happened to the big fish-head in this bowl?’ Timi’s mother asked.

Timi was too afraid to talk. He doesn’t even know how to explain what he did. At that very moment, the fat rat carried the plate with the untouched fish-head to the kitchen.

‘I’m very sorry ma, it’s my entire fault.’ The fat rat spoke up.

Timi’s mother, though angry, was surprised. She had never seen nor heard of an honest rat.

‘I was very hungry, and being a friend in need, he brought this for me to eat. Please ma, don’t punish him. And don’t harm me; rather, let me leave this beautiful family alone. Kindly tell Timi to open the door and let me leave,’ the fat rat pleaded.

Timi’s mother walked to the living-room and opened the door.

‘No, no fat rat, don’t leave. Mum, please don’t send it away.’ Timi cried. “It’s my friend.”

Timi’s mother closed the door. She looked at the two friends for a while and then said:

‘Timi, you don’t have to steal because you want to help a friend. You should have let me know of your friend’s need. And you, fat rat, you’re an honest rat. And for this reason, I’m going to build you a special home and would take good care of you henceforth.’


Timi and the fat rat jumped up jubilating. They were very happy and expressed their gratitude to Timi’s mother.

“Thank you mom!”


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Timi and the Honest Fat Rat

  • ISBN: 9781370652341
  • Author: Don Vin
  • Published: 2017-05-19 19:35:08
  • Words: 1141
Timi and the Honest Fat Rat Timi and the Honest Fat Rat