Timber Plantation Shutters

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Timber Plantation Shutters are lightweight yet very strong. They have a uniform grain for a beautiful stain finish. They are the perfect material for shapes including sunburst, ovals, rectangles & rakes.

Timber Plantation Shutters also have superior gluing and finishing properties providing excellent insulation in the home. Timber Plantation Shutters are available in 63, 89 & 115mm in an extensive range of colours
and stains.

Timber plantation shutters are suitable for internal window furnishings but is not recommended for bathrooms or wet areas. Timber Plantation Shutters are made with A-grade Timber with a uniform grain for a beautiful stain finish.

It does not warp, is lightweight yet very strong and has a 3 year limited warranty for colours. Stains will fade in hot sun without window protection and have limited warranty. Louvre sizes are 64mm, 89mm and 115mm available in 22 colours and stains.



Timber Plantation Shutters are a renewable resource. Careful hardwood forest management ensures free harvesting is done responsibly, balancing wood growth with timber removal. Each year the United States grow about twice as much hardwood as it harvests.


Plantation shutters feature better quality materials and workmanship than standard shutters. If you are selecting timber, it should never be pine, but instead should be the finest wood from sustainable forests. The hinges and joints should be strong enough to handle years of opening and closing without sagging.


The plantation shutters of today offer the many practicalities that previous generations have found so useful and the modern look and innovative techniques of today. Plantation shutters are able to be fully adjusted in order to allow more or less light, offer privacy, and can even have some insulation benefits.


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Timber Plantation Shutters

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Timber Plantation Shutters Timber Plantation Shutters