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Thurin's Story

Thurin’s Story

Edenia Series

Beth Hoyer 2017


In the dark forest Thurin a cat like human male with a cat’s head with ram horns and a Human like muscular moron body with a cursed invisibility status of being always hidden but seen when wearing clothes on his form covering him.

Thurin was working at chopping logs for firewood “Wood to build an addition to the cottage.” He says later.

His wife Nadja, otherwise known as Jacinda was expecting their first child and the doctor known as Wickers was in the cottage helping her birth the baby. Suddenly he heard a wailing sound come from the cottage very loudly through the open windows. Dropping his axe Thurin darted and bounded to the cottage. Inside his wife Nadja, as referred as insisted by Thurin’s blaring, lay on the bed with her fur appearing to be wet from sweating. Her ears indicating she’s a cat like human female like Thurin but was more cat like with the body’s fur and humanoid body were up listening as the doctor he saw put a clawed finger to his snout and handed Thurin, his child. He saw the baby was a male with a form similar to the Evil One’s rumored appearance form but his eyes were a difference color while sleeping peacefully.

Storyteller says “The Evil One was really Barry himself sent to Aire to do a duty for Edenia only to forget that duty and wound up roped into doing the servitude of the High Council.”

Thurin frowned but smiled showing his teeth as he extended a clawed hand to touch his son’s hand. His son cooed and woke up which he gently carried him to his wife.

Nadja spoke softly “He is our only hope of defeating the Evil One and his rule.”

Thurin spoke finding he agreeing with Nadja “Yes he shall be called Angel for he’s an Angel who will bring hope to us all.”


The storyteller’s listeners growled sound of disgusts hearing his story regarding Angel’s aka Nikolai’s birth eons ago in High Council’s cycles. The Storyteller felt annoyance take hold opened his eyes showing them entirely black colored to glare at the source of the disgust sounding in the room. He was noticed glared at Liema who was a Humanoid being of a feminine form with a Highlander’s face with a robe covering her body while having angelic like wings with but black hair despite others of her kind known to not have hair, that was singing away via electronic beeps. Recorder recording this story sensed the storyteller felt annoyance take hold hearing Liema’s voice spoken in a musical tone that seemed odd.

A voice spoke “Can’t you speak something else now?”

Liema wound up in answer to that question sang in response.


Far in the darkness on an island in the castle the Evil One sat in a small rectangular room only having a gold chair as a throne and a small window off his left asleep with head bowed while back touching the throne chair back. Lightening flashed from outside lightening up the room from darkness to day as Barry as he should be known instead of the Evil One’s name slept.

He shook his head repeatedly while asleep and woke up with a start screaming “No!”

A servant of his came into the room with eyes that appeared to not be kind by opening the door too many steps away from him in front of him seated in the chair and walked inside the room.

The servant spoke “My Lord, what is it?”

Barry looked at his servant closely and recognized him as the one he dubbed Talker for always talking to him bravely while the other servants hardly spoke to him and appeared to be afraid of him.

Barry spoke “Dreamed of a birth of a male child with my head and body appearance in a male’s form. I suspect that he would grow up to end my life and my rule.”

Talker spoke “Then My Lord shall we find this child and kill it?”

Barry replied “Drat!” a vulgarity word according to the High Council “Finding the child will be hard for those rebelling Felina will hide him from me.”

Talker spoke “My Lord we will search the land and seek him.”

Barry spoke “He has a name I heard in my dream but I’m uncertain of its meaning.”

Talker asked “What name is it My Lord?”

Barry said “I heard it was Angel but the name seems familiar like I know it from somewhere but can’t place it. Drat my immortality potion causing me to forget things. Oh well perhaps I’ll remember the meaning later once it comes.”

He heard nothing from Talker which he continued “I must think about this situation about this child so leave me to my thoughts now.”

He saw Talker did a bow then backed out of the room shutting the door with a gentle slam. Barry shut his eyes and bowed his head forcing himself to sleep for the sleeping in the chair gave him the ability to see things outside the castle via dreams in his mind. Barry didn’t realize he was gifted with the ability to see via his mind like an All Seeing One God something the High Council recognized and roped him into servitude.


The Storyteller gave a loud Humph hearing Liema speaking of Barry himself.

A voice spoke “Blast can’t you focus your story elsewhere than on me?”

“Including focused on your story onto something else than a retelling of one story told over and over to the annoyance of people involving Thurin and his son’s point of origins? It’s annoying having to tell that story with multiple characters’ points of views with names changed.” said another voice.

In response Liema wound up singing gibberish of beeping sounding like numbers her seemingly angry and counting backwards.

Storyteller in response after throat clearing noises sounding within the room including someone’s rude blaring “Tell, a story Tommy boy!’

Tommy boy the storyteller obeyed to speak the story despite sounding of disgust within his voice tone.


Down below in the forest a caravan was slowly traveling through the darken forest. The caravan were all pulled by two animals dubbed Mooers that gave up mooing sounds while driven by Felina seated on the carts that were entirely large wooden rectangular boxes with wooden spike wheels wheeling them over the ground. Felina males sat on the benches jutting from the boxes while holding reins and whips to drive the Mooers moving. In one of the carts lying on a bed Nadja lay hidden holding Angel while Thurin was in front of the cart on the bench with head covered in a hood while next to the driver the doctor Wickers himself.

Thurin recalled within minutes of meeting his son that Wickers spoke “I insisted on you and Nadja coming along with me on my medical caravan and travel with me and my people!”

He continued to recall that Waskir spoke his words in an insisting tone saying “The Evil One that ruled us would find out about Angel like he always find out about hidden secrets among the Felina and send servants to kill him in no time flat if he stayed living at the cottage with his parents.”

Thurin continued to recall that Wickers told Thurin that the excuse to his people outside the cottage was “The baby appeared to have some kind of medical condition that required more doctoring care and that the offspring would have to travel with me while I went around the land giving out my medical help.”

Thurin remembered that he and Nadja went along with the lie to the doctor’s people and got his wife and child safety into a cart with the baby hidden by blankets covering him along with a bag holding some of their most treasured items inside as well. He didn’t comment as the doctor ordered the Mooers through a forest he grimaced with recognition running through him.

He recalled told by someone unsure who “That forest was dubbed Gaul said to be haunted. Felina who came out appeared to have been spooked into silence of never speaking what they saw in there.”

They were really spooked by the Highlander living there after kicked off Humania or Edenia to planet side in Aire and made their home there. The spooking involved mind raping the Felina who reacted with fear and balked telling others of what really happened to themselves. He frowned as the doctor got the Mooers into the forest and sensed he didn’t seem afraid of the rumors said about it but seemed impatient for something by the urging he gave to the animals pulling the cart. In the Gaul forest bands of Felina made their camp there. They believed that Evil One’s minions were too afraid of the forest to enter it seeking out people to do his evil work. The rebels have come to the conclusion due to reported stories of Felina escaping Evil One’s servants by running into the forest and finding the servants’ chase had stopped and noticed that they appeared to be afraid and ran away in the opposite direction instead of going into the forest. They figured that Gaul was a weakness for the Evil One and his servants due to Felina finding them unharmed from the Evil One’s machinations and servants while finding sanctuary in the forest. That’s just something of the Meritanians’ manipulation back then when’s they lived on land before the great flood arrived putting them into the ocean and started an awareness of manipulating people. The rebellion Felina were praying for a miracle to one of the deities their ancient great King Sheik who oath to the Felina before passing away killed by the Evil One that he would have the Felina have help at their greatest hour of need. The killing involved the Evil One saying a coded word to the Meritanians and dumping their king into the volcano bordering an island despite later transported back to the Felina and dying in front of the cat humanoids of some heat burning sicknesses.

The coded words were “You Meritanians dump this victim into the volcano now!”

The Meritanians wound up obeying but they spited Barry by transporting the Felina’s leader to the Felina where he later died in front of them. Thurin stiffened hearing a howling noise and felt the cart come to a halt to see coming out of the forest’s were bands of Felina that surrounded the caravan while armed with weapons that acted threatening towards him and his companions. He heard a familiar roaring noise that sounded very loudly which he stiffened for it was the sound of the Felina’s animal God dubbed God.

Sheik their King said just prior to dying said “Whenever God roared it meant that help and hope has arrived to a bad situation helping Felina out of it alive.”

That roaring was a coded word of a named Human species dubbed Gate Destroyer later, one of the first Gate Destroyers as later referred roaring to the Highlanders that there were visitors to Gaul forest.

He heard the sound stop followed by a loud male voice speaking “Halt who goes into Gaul?!”

He stiffened as he heard a loud wailing sound coming from the cart which he recognized the sound coming from his son Angel sounding not of distress but sounding like he wanted attention.

He continued to stiffen as Wickers spoke loudly “A new hope has been born to Felina that must be helped to survive to end the Evil One’s rule!”

He felt a hand on his shoulder looked to see Nadja behind him holding Angel that removed her hand and joined him at the bench which he saw Wickers gesture towards their son.

He frowned as Wickers spoke “Our great King Sheik kept his word that a miracle will happen which has happened with the birth of a male, form similar to the reported Evil One who must be raised to fight him and end his rule.”

He heard nothing more from Wickers but the familiar male voice speaking “You heard him and his words which I agree on what he said!”

That voice was of a Highlander hiding trying to influence the Felina to allow Thurin and family to come into Gaul towards their hiding spot where they could do their dirty business of medical manipulation.

He heard Wickers speak “Thurin, you and Nadja and child must get off and go with them. I have duties as medic to bother staying here. I and my people must not know the location of where Angel will be raised while living here but we will spread the word of our great King Sheik keeping his word of a miracle that happened.”

He didn’t comment heard Nadja speak “I must get our bag so hold Angel please.”

He didn’t protest as Nadja handed him Angel which he held and forced himself to get off the cart using the ladder to find himself surrounded by Felina who appeared to be scrutinizing his son he held in his arms that had his face and arms shown despite wrapped in a blanket. He stood and waited as Nadja came into view carrying a large sack by rope handles and went to join him. Thurin stood watching as Wickers got his cart and two others following to turn around and went out of the forest out of sight as he stood surrounded by Felina still eyeing him with scrutinizing looks by their narrowed golden eyes.

“Thurin wound up to grimace hearing the familiar roaring noise of a Gate Destroyer as Liema or her species the Sora called them and not of the Felina’s god despite them thinking that back then created by a plague on planet Earth when it was the High Council’s manipulations. It’s recalled the Highlanders landed on the Aire an Edenia’s colony world. The Highlanders started this group High Council and started manipulating things including fashioning Gaul forest as their home before the flood of the oceans arrived and made islands in Aire including dumping the Meritanians that were land based into the ocean. Excuse me manipulated by the Meritanians again saying that joke.” Tom said as there were snickering laughter soundings in the mind of the inhabitants of Jinks Montreal’s residence in New York City in planet Aire as it should be called now.

Tom was seen again grimace hearing the sound of a cat’s excited meow followed by finding a fur ball onto the dining table despite cloned Jinks Montreal aka Barry Jinks yelling at the cat “Oh! Get off you stinking cat!”

Barry Jinks wound up silent again as the cat obeyed to go to Tom’s lap to tummy sit onto the male’s front despite Tom’s a clone of the original Tom kept contained somewhere which the inhabitants wound up to again hear from Liema singing away beeping noises.

Liema was singing “Continue the story, it’s amusing.”

Tom or clone named Nicky obeyed despite officially taking the Tom name.


Back at the castle Barry heard the roaring and grimaced from the noise waking him up for it hurt his ears and caused him to feel a feeling that bothered him like he was forgetting something. The Meritanians once they gained speech admitted mind wiping Barry’s mind of Edenia’s purposed duty for him to do and manipulated him against the Highlanders. Sort of like a game of chess something the Highlanders found amusing and played with the Meritanians before realizing the plants were sentient enough to talk and communicate.

He spoke out loud “What is causing this ear paining roaring?”

Pausing he spoke in a loud tone nearly shouting “Find Seer and bring him to me now!”

At his order servants standing outside the room left their positions. Barry muttered word that’s vulgarity not suitable to be heard and stood up pacing back and forth in the room to hear a door opening sound.

He looked with distaste to find only Talker there who spoke “There’s a rumor going around heard that this Angel will end your life and rule once he has grown up enough raised under influences by the rebels.”

Barry bellowed “Not if I kill him first!”

Thunder boomed outside as in answer to Barry’s words as Talker without a word left the room slamming the door with a heavy bang sound. Barry wound up rewarded when Seer arrived a gender bender Human of both male and female with organs inside including appearances of that outside-


Barry Jinks interrupted “Spare me of that tale involving how disgusting the Seers’ are and their predictions coming true and tell me something else now Tommy boy.”

Tom sensed Barry Jinks was disgusted with a Seer’s prediction regarding one Barry himself which got Liema again singing as usual to hear her counting numbers. Tom sensed she was angry again to that rude interruption by Barry. He wound up speaking the tale further in response.


In the Gaul forest Thurin with Nadja and Angel followed the Felina group to their camp as thunder above boomed with lightening flashing.

He heard one of the Felina yell “Move it the Evil One is mad again and he’ll bring the water storm again!”

Cats are always not fond of water in case one wants to know hence the Felina assuming Evil One could control the weather when’s he didn’t. Thurin didn’t protest as the Felina quicken their pace which he exchanged Angel for the sack from Nadja and then discovered the Felina’s camp was a big humongous tree that had a hole in its trunk near the ground which they had to step up to get inside and discovered a ladder leading to down into the ground. Thurin frowned as he saw that the ladder ended in a passageway with additional Felina gathered around the entrance that allowed him, his wife and Angel access through. He discovered only three of the Felina followed them inside the tree cave while the others remained outside. He followed one of the Felina who gestured for him and escorts to come along by hand gesture walking down an apparent hill in the passageway to come to an end sensing various lights leading to a large cavern below steps where he saw the Felina’s camp was next to a slow moving river that was appearing to be traveling through the rock walls on the ground. He saw various cloth tents gathered in the large cavern in a spot along with various firelights of campfires and torches hung on walls. Thurin noticed armed Felina pacing around the camp as various Felina did their work.

He spoke to one of the Felina escorting him as they paused from walking down the steps “What’s with the guards? The Evil One’s servants from rumors said about them haven’t bothered to enter Gaul due to been seen with fear sensed from them.”

He heard in response “The guards are there for we got a problem. We sensed that Gaul is hiding people that aren’t Felina due to seeing things around the forest and in here that indicate their presence but there have been no sighting of them but they’ve been raiding us for our supplies unnoticed and unseen.”

Thurin didn’t comment in response as he followed the Felina with Nadja carrying Angel to a tent which the Felina pointed a finger at him and then at the tent before walking off. He went inside finding it was large enough for standing room and contained two cot beds which he set down the sack and frowned as Nadja sat down on one of the beds looking upset.

He stared at her as she spoke “I do hope that those unseen people don’t kidnap Angel so find out what they been actually doing as quickly as you can. Thurin, dear Angel is our only hope.”

He wordlessly walked out of the tent and went to an armed Felina standing nearby and spoke “These unseen people what have they been raiding for anyway? I have a son who’s just recently born and I do not wish these people to take him away.”

He heard in response from the guard “I don’t know but their various when it comes to raiding us for items and that includes kidnapping people as well. They haven’t seemed interested in taking our offspring yet but only focused on adults who reportedly have come back reeking of some odd scent on them. It varies on when the kidnapped Felina return and it varies on whether their male or female. Also those unseen people have always just before a raid given off an odd noise along with an ability to extinguish our sight lights blinding us in the dark before their mysteriously turned back on.”

That noise was involving a siren alerting the Felina of visitors arriving something the Highlanders couldn’t figure out the source and still don’t know what it is despite giving that caved dwelling an inch of scrutiny. Thurin frowned as he sensed Nadja behind him listening to the talk while holding Angel by the smell of her scent always making him want to mate.

Thurin heard an awful sound and heard a Felina yell “Raiders arriving!”

He turned around and clutched Nadja tightly in his arms sandwiching Angel between them as the fire lights all around them went out plunging them in the darkness making the Felina blind. It appeared the Felina can’t see in the dark despite that ability passed down onto humanoids nowadays. He heard noises that sounded like Felina grunting in pain to him followed by feeling something hit him on the back of his head hard and felt himself slipping towards the ground going unconscious while hearing Nadja yell with pain in her voice something he didn’t catch before darkness of nothingness overtook him.


Thurin came to finding himself lying on a cot feeling a bandage wrapped around his bald head which he jerked open his eyes to see Nadja sitting on the bed next to him looking like she was crying.

He noticed that Angel was out of sight spoke weakly “Nadja where’s Angel?”

He heard a gasp from Nadja who looked at him and spoke “Angel was taken, yanked out of my arms by some kind of force that felt like an urge to give him up towards someone. I heard an odd howl after that which Felina said they never heard the unseen visitors make that sound before and it seemed to them that it was a call of victory by the voice tone. They think the unseen got what they were seeking hence the noise heard.”

That urge was a Highlander using coded words towards the Meritanians before they rebelled saying “You Meritanians of Aire will give me the baby.”

The coded words were “You Meritanians of Aire.”

Something the others of the Felina and Humans figured out eavesdropping onto the Highlanders and used before the Meritanians got fed up with that uses status and started complaining without words as in rebelling.

Thurin groaned and spoke “By the Summerland, only God knows what the unseen will do to him.”

“Summerland is speaks for Edenia according to Thurin broadcasting that to Me.” spoke Tom.

He stared at Nadja who put a furred clawed hand on his hand on top of his chest which he gripped.

He heard from Nadja “Hopefully we’ll get him back as soon as possible I’m hoping.”

Thurin spoke “That’s a problem with that. You heard the guard it varies on when kidnapped people are returned along with that the unseen indicated that they found something they were seeking by the noise they made after getting Angel in their grips. I fear we won’t get him back till he’s grown enough to seek us out.”

He heard a familiar howling noises of Felina frowned hearing it and sighed to shut his eyes figuring out that sleep would help him only to hear howling noises of Felina calling to battle. He got up from the bed with Nadja running with him and darted towards the noises to see Felina gathered in a circle around a tent that was collapsed and covering movement of a figure struggling to get out from underneath there.

He heard comments among the Felina “The figure didn’t smell like Felina to us. That person seemed similar to the odd scent found on kidnapped Felina.” which he continued to watch as Felina grabbed the tent and thrust it aside.

He stiffened as the figure was revealed who bent down in some position covering the head with hands and arms with hands similar to Angel while wearing some odd clothing.

He heard a voice sounding odd speaking in a voice tone reminding him of males “Don’t harm me I’m harmless and I surrender to you now.”

He heard one of the Felina yell “Stand up stranger and let us take a good look at you now!”

He eyed the figure that stood up showing an odd face that reminded him of Angel’s facial appearance of smaller eyes but felt creep out viewing that figure that eyed him with a glare. He found the figure was in a male form while having hands that were appearing to be twin to Angel’s. He frowned eyeing the figure a male he figured as Felina around hissed various emotional reactions.

He eyed the male who spoke “Your not the only ones suffering from the rule of the one you dub Evil One.”

He again heard hissing sound from the Felina in response which he walked forwards towards him breaking the circle ranks and stood near the Highlander via identification later as the male again added “I’m friend of you and not foe.”

Thurin still clad in his masked gear and clothes spoke “Who are you?”

He heard from the Highlander “Let’s just say I’m just a messenger of those who wish to be your allies.”

He again heard the hissing spoke loudly “Quiet now!”

He heard silence from the Felina in response to his shout order-


Barry Jinks interrupted “I already know the story of the Highlanders’ first contact with the Felina as their referred as so talk something else.”

Tom glared at Barry Jinks seemingly lengthy ignoring multiple ahem sounds till he got Liema giving off a loud vibration that made his teeth chatter in response.

Barry Jinks was heard by Tom to be seen glared at Liema while snarling loudly “Quit that now! This is my home you’re living in! I gave you permission to live here! Don’t make me kick you out!”

Tom glared at Liema with annoyance only to eye Barry Jinks in response to sense anger from the male only to hear from her singing in response “Confess your crime to the Forgiver now.”

He gave up an Humph sound shut his eyes in response only to open them as a memory came to his mind put there by the snickering Meritanians finding it funny to sicken clones with memories of their predecessors. Ugh.

Thurin's Story

Tale of Nikolai's birth. Tale of his father Thurin and first contact with the High Council's minions the Highlanders. Tale is told by a clone of Tom Mindbender Thunder to people listening while in Jinks Montreal's residence. Telling tales is a must involving the natives of Aire according to the High Council.

  • ISBN: 9781370338733
  • Author: Beth Hoyer
  • Published: 2017-07-30 17:35:08
  • Words: 4531
Thurin's Story Thurin's Story