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Cover Art: Penrose Trinagle 

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and similarities to persons living or dead is a coincidence.

Canadian ISBN:978-1-988261-08-9 



Dedicated to John Bee. Without his proofing this’d be an incoherent babble.


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Sugar, Beauty and the Chosen.


chapter one Three-way 


Pretty girls getting away with murder.  


Politicos who had a single issue, ads and simple reflex-conditioning voters. (The chosen) 


Meanwhile, the palpitations from food-coloring, sugar and news-porn weren’t helping.


Life was super-communicator distractions, what was available and beyond.


Another fast hit of TV-drama even if TV did watch you more than you watched it? Fast-food feeding frenzies?


The big problem was simple solutions. Anything else was work, you see.


Smoking is bad? Ban smoking; make lynch-mob, strip money from hapless.

The obvious multitude of benefits of changing your diet to meet the conditions got ignored.


Better diet would help everything, but lynch-mobs were both very simple AND profitable. So guess.


Officially, the police weren’t assignation squads. If you had anything the elite wanted or wanted to curb… Different story.  The pajama-people were freelance justice-workers. Broke ones, and hungry. 


Hustlers looking for a lynching to score on got cameraed as fink-fodder; they were next in line for a burn, one way or another. Recruited as terrorists, mostly.



Live by it, die by it. Score, destroy and fear, the easy way.


The way was open and you will not be denied. Even if creating ghettos with leaving the mess behind was all you did.


Marauding vandals; clueless ones. Muggings went on.


The easy way. Super-coms; corrosives and Big-bro.




chapter two      Lazy, simple goals 

First: Put a mild shock between boy-rats and girl-rats in heat and there’s a lot of guys who won’t put up with that much trouble.

(The non-copulator effect)


Second The simple way works. Super-simple ways. 

Sugar was popular, beer did the job; pretty girls always got first look. Stealing was fast and easy. Hard to argue with instant payoffs. 


Meanwhile, trying to talk people out of applied cheap-thrills is a waste of time.


Pretty girls took advantage of reflexes. Both sugar and salt were hard-wired in. The easy way was to steal one, not work to buy.


If lazy didn’t kill you, the easy score did. Like TV, not work. 


THIRD Strike three? If you got this far and there were thousands of the power-mad egging you into their political objectives; and from birth on.


“Suicide today and get millions tomorrow!” was hammered in; it worked often enough, especially with the 1000 year-old manuals. God’ll give you millions next week if you die for me today. 



score, destroy, fear.


The Score Winners make moves and score. 


The need-to-bleed drives things into their heads. (Learning the hard way.) 


Passionate. Stuck in the move-vanity-paranoid cycle. Bigoted; only they are allowed to do this and it’s secret.


Destroy: power is all.


Fear: Everything. It might be dangerous.



This is what you live in. Applied vapor-world. 

Now make the right choices or we all croak.

Good luck.


Morality is the current game-law.

People that play politics game for power.

They won’t care what happens to you.



Simple culture intelligent design. Another morality tale. an 1000 word essay of doom+gloom. An e-book with gifs and a description of mob-rule culture. Lots of applied snivelling and a very easy read. Problems, yes? Names? No.

  • ISBN: 9781370466528
  • Author: Kevin Williams
  • Published: 2017-07-23 16:50:09
  • Words: 704
Three-way Three-way