Three Short Stories for Soul

p={color:#000;}. Happiness: Lost and Found

What happens when you can’t find your favourite dress in the wardrobe or when you can’t find your Specs at its regular spot ?

Well,you either freak out, mourn and whine or go on Ninja mode to search and find it. Till we succeed, your precious thing is lost, right ? But deep down, you are optimistic of finding it again and confident that you have not lost it forever.

In the above case, you might start searching the other compartments of your wardrobe,or comb your entire apartment before you finally find your dress or specs.

Well, for most of the unhappy souls, just remember that Happiness is like the missing dress or specs; though it might be missing from our life but we haven’t lost it forever. It’s currently in some temporary missing state and can be found when one sincerely searches for it.

Unfortunately, in case of happiness, we don’t follow the approach we used in finding missing items, we instead try to search happiness in some external thing or place.

Shouldn’t we start our search for happiness within ourselves first, the place where probability of finding it again is very high.

In most cases, they still reside within us, though they might be hidden under the debris of all negative or stressful thoughts.One prominent approach for discovering your happiness would be through a cleaning exercise like introspection and meditation. This approach will do to you what cleaning your home, removing piles of clothes to find your dress would do to your mind.

So, next time when you feel unhappy, just remember happiness is still alive but hiding somewhere inside you and all you have to do is to perform treasure hunt inside your mind to get happiness back .

It would be great to hear you say it out loud: Happiness: Lost and Finally Found !

p={color:#000;}. My thoughts on Thoughts

Every day millions of thoughts run wildly in our mind. We quickly classify them as a positive or a negative thought.

Every thought has a lifespan. Their entire lifecycle (Birth, Life and Death) happens at mind level.

Ideally based on the hierarchy of creation — Human should master Mind, which in turn should master the thoughts.

But in reality, the control flows in the exact opposite direction where — Thoughts control your mind which in turn controls you.

To escape from the clutches of miseries brought out by our thoughts, we instinctively search for a quick solution from various sources like internet or through teachings of prominent Life Coaches. One common solution prescribed by these professionals is — Control your Mind.

But, does controlling your mind really work?

Honestly, I find this concept be more like a myth, though it might work for some but is definitely not a retail solution. Is it really possible to concentrate on a single thought for long? What this method clearly tries to imply:

Use your Mind to Control your Mind.

Just to reiterate my point, let’s do a simple exercise: Try Telling your mind to not think of Monkey and surprisingly very soon your mind will present many thoughts related to Monkey. You can’t stop mind from producing thoughts.

It is the Karma of the MIND to produce thoughts.

You, despite being the official master of mind cannot control the birth of these thoughts.

Is there an Alternative, then?

Though we can’t control our thoughts, we can definitely observe our thoughts. Once identified, let’s not judge them by labeling them as GOOD or BAD. Just accept them as they are without fretting about it. I know it’s easier said than done but remember – ‘Controlling your mind’ is not simple either.

To make it simpler, let’s imagine ourselves to be a Sky and all our thoughts as clouds.

Now there are white clouds and dark Clouds floating in the sky. Just like our thoughts even clouds has a life time and they come and go, but does sky go with the cloud? No they don’t, right.

Be like a SKY, let your thoughts like clouds come and go; Stay firm and don’t go with your thoughts.

Not convinced?

Ok, I am sure most of us believe in God (maybe not all).

We all try very hard to follow his/her teachings. Won’t it be great to imbibe and practice some of God’s qualities. The point here is not to proclaim ourselves as the indispensable GOD and I am not talking about Love, forgiveness and all the regularly featured ones here but instead keep it relevant to whatever I have been speaking so far.

We as humans are his/her creation and in some ways God is our Master. In God’s context, we humans are like thoughts — Some good, some not so good. Humans live and die, God observes each of us but never becomes judgmental or gets distracted from performing his/her duties.

So, let the thoughts flow in your mind freely and instead of analyzing just observe them and move on.

p={color:#000;}. Shadow: My Teacher

There is a lesson to be learnt for us humans from almost everything we see, hear or even feel in our lifetime and Shadow is no exception.

It is well known that an object cast a Shadow when the light falls on that object. We all might also know the theory behind it (For those who don’t know: Thank god we have Google and Wikipedia to read up). I won’t talk about the scientific aspect of it and instead would like to present the spiritual (I am not sure, if it fits into spiritual definition though) angle of a shadow.

Every human on this planet experience many dualities in his/ her lifetime. Some of the key dualities includes: Birth/Death, Success/Failure, Inhale/Exhale etc. These are like the two sides of a coin. No matter how lucky you are, once a while you will always experience the unwanted of the dualities.

Let’s take — Success- Failure duality to explain the spiritual perception on Shadows.

Consider, Light = Success and Darkness = Failure.

I am sure it’s easy to correlate these values and now we also know that Shadow is alive in the presence of Light and disappears when darkness take over. Some people believe — In Failure even our Shadow disowns us.

However, I beg to differ. My view goes something like this:

Success (Light) makes one energetic, enthusiast, optimistic and even opportunist but it also makes one easily prone to not so cool things like — insensitive and arrogance. This is where Shadow comes into picture.

Shadows are nothing but our built-in mirror, which shows us the reality and helps us to keep check of our actions. It helps us to track of our behavior and play a key role in maintaining our successes while staying humble.

Whereas in Failure (Darkness); most of our actions are controlled and measured hence we don’t need a mirror (Shadows) to keep a check on oneself.

Let your Shadow throw some light on the present reality of your life and help you to Recalibrate wherever necessary.

BONUS: Why do bad things happen to good people ?

Hello All,

I am happy to introduce a fictional character named — Baba RaoDev (RDB)

The fictional conversation between Baba and his follower is from one such Pravachan (Sermon) session conducted by Baba RaoDev.

Bhakt: Why do bad things happen to me ? What should i do about it, Gurudev ?

Baba (smiling): You already know the answer.

Bhakt: No gurudev, i really dont know the answer

Baba: Hmm..ok, Let’s try this — Have you ever used a Matchstick.

Bhakt: Yes, Ofcourse I have used it many times.

Baba: Good, Then tell me how do we light a matchstick ?

Bhakt (Beamingly): We rub the matchstick on the rough surface of box and this friction lights up the stick.

Baba: Can’t this principle work for humans as well ? Just like Matchstick has no option but to face the rough surface to ignite, we humans have no option but to face bad/tough things in life to grow and improve.You just have to ‘Forget fear and embrace uncertainity and tough situations with a smile, Like a BOSS

The End

Three Short Stories for Soul

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  • Published: 2017-03-07 14:05:08
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Three Short Stories for Soul Three Short Stories for Soul