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Thinking Righteously Under a Majestic Purple

p<>{color:#000;}. Thinking Righteously Under a Majestic Purple

By Gary Hawkes

Copyright Gary Hawkes 2016

Shakespir Edition


Worthwhile Reasons

Maybe it should have happened by now

Forgetting all the whatevers and the never knowing how

Lasting impressions from the daily grind,

Down in the bowel

Ransack the old homestead for a chance to improve the stakes

Forging an unlikely alliance

While adhering to the ever fake

Slipping on the climb to face the troubling fate

Teetering on the downward slide

Still hoping for the uphill ride

Advantages disappear when waiting for that once perfect time

Climbing slowly out from the deep dark slumber

Uniformed delegates decide when will be the right time to call the number

Fall in line during the splinter seasons

Engage in fruitful debate over all the worthwhile reasons

Fading Soon

Ambling a little sideways while the door is angled to the previous year’s ways

Grabbing the loose groove,

For switch in course as I stumble through the back of the main stage

Waiting in the hall, a tall woman asks if I’ve seen the latest page

Reworked in the latest run through

A perfect match, and soon the upcoming partner

Living by the sea with the great view

Stalling during the in between times

What was meant to be true?

A healthy skepticism over the upcoming task

Anxious to deliver and to avoid feeling the wrath

Fading soon into the clouds

Ask me some time later what it was all about

Maybe I was meant to do more, but there is too much doubt

Turning the tables after a free sailing brief moment

Scrapping off the pride in a wonderful fall

Dried up river bed by the bay beckons the return after hearing the final call

Pushing up the threshold of the lactic acid in the veins

Pondering the opportunity

When’s the next delivery

Weirdness confined in the plane

Slow response twitch progressing toward a reasonable sane

Blanketing the idle ramblings with another seamless page

Final bout to advance to the better unconfirmed date

Rally the alliance against the machine of rage

Fading soon into the clouds

Ask me some time later what it was all about

Maybe I was meant to do more, but there is too much doubt


Can’t help what can’t be helped

True purpose has been felt

Wading through the freedom melt

Don’t talk about what matters

Only focus on fun and laughter

Give in to the next unelected master

No need for intelligent debate

Accept this doomed fate

Follow your master’s lies,

He is the prophet of hate

This clown of the side show

Now the main focus

Hoping to become the ruler over all of us

Why worry about being able to trust

Just give in to his greedy lust

Let’s crash the freedom train and let everything turn to dust

Focus on your party allegiance

Give up on your values

No need for peace

Focus your energy on vengeance

Just give in to the plump, rump, taking a dump

On your life, on your rights

Your new master is Trump

Idle Listening

I over heard her say how much she liked him

I know he’s arrogant, racist, a buffoon and unkind

But I like how he speaks his mind

I like how he doesn’t spend philanthropic dimes

I relate to him,

He speaks to the demon within

Why care for others?

Why treat other humans as sisters and brothers?

He’s the only choice for me as a red

Why would I vote another?

I pondered the questions

Maybe we’re almost done

So why not just give in?

Give in to the serpent wearing a suit

Spit on and persecute those different than you

Embrace the bleak and grey

Forget the rainbow of colors true

Give up your rights so he can buy another house with a better view

Let him continue to win

So we’ll continue to lose

Last Wish

Slipping down the path as a new age scape goat

Swimming away from the past through a bottomless moat

Steady calm during the thunderous rain

Nothing but effort to stay afloat

The dark below entices

It knows what the price is

Longing for that one last wish

No looking back on the broken ruble left behind

Pristine conditions up ahead always remind

Cognitive flexes adjust to the kind

Rejuvenate this helpless, restless mind

The dark entices

It knows what the price is

Longing for that one last wish

Flounder forward with an ever adjusting will

Fostering a passing stimulus toward a better build

Free form spasms to attain the required thrills

Steady day to day rhythms,

Life’s daily drills

Select a new position, a new plain

Reinforcement imagery gives me chills

The dark entices

It knows what the price is

Longing for that one last wish

End of This Line

Left late one night headed toward the ocean

On an old forgotten highway

Brought a little green and a single loaf

Mutually decided that I couldn’t stay

No rumbling change in my pocket

Quick realties, no vacancy if I can’t pay

No more connections this time

Running out of last dimes

Is there redemption this time?

Heading toward the end of the line

Maybe the doors were left too far open

Too much reliance on the already strained kin

No going back, the days living in youthful skin

Self-tormented, this lost vessel

Heading toward the lost sea for a final swim

No more connections this time

Running out of last dimes

Is there redemption this time?

Heading toward the end of the line

Just a Few Steps

Long little trek from an old familiar place

Thinking of the times where it was a little easier to put a smile on your face

But it ain’t worth worrying about anymore

Now that we’re still up in space

Heard it was a strange time,

To enter this all too familiar phase

Just a few steps at a time

We’re still trying to find the perfect saving rhyme

A new version takes center stage

We let the crazy take over our minds

Old ties wash away with the iron wind

Echoing off the starry song

Reminding us all of what we did,

How it all went wrong

This new one’s reign will be far too long

The waning days of the great empire

We still sing its hopeful song

Final Spring

Living in the page

Days roll along counting minutes

The stimulus from the excluded daze

Rearranging the broken footsteps forward

Calling on an elevated position during a new spring

More bad reluctance at accepting the present sting

The mountains beckon a return

Challenge to the summit, while the muscles burn

Pandering to an inner voice

Deep inside, what is the proper choice?

There is too much noise

Reaching the summit, the reward is more than coins

Faltering on this hopeful dream

Again alone and without a team

The choice was made without understanding the next scene

Unlearned from the failed tasks

More upcoming, in the fall

Citizens will decide to live with hearts of wrath

Can anything be negated?

What will overcome the splintering?

Too many have already decided

Time to be fully divided

Continue through possibly the final days of truth

As a warm glow of hope is erased from memory

Nothing it seems was learned from painful histories

Enjoying this final spring

Final era of the land of hope

Ending time of peaceful debate

The twilight looms ahead, it seems love may be too late

Enjoying this final spring

Enjoying this final era where the green money rings

It’s been decided by a riotous few

Soon the time to seclude

So enjoy a warm day in our final spring

Thinking about the fall choice

This is the final spring

Here We Are

Hand over the reins

Let’s look to the skies for the acid rain

Throw it all away to give power to the insane

Forget about free will

People with freedom gives The Man chills

Start another war, build more walls;

What great thrills!

Here we are now in America

Devil is in the lead

Consumed with hate and greed

Blissful ignorance he’ll happily preach

He’s got all the cards on the table

Dropping bombs, he’s more than able

Never would anyone say his mind is stable

But who cares about human rights

Pick up a gun and start the final fight

Why try and make the future bright?

Here we are now in America

Devil is in the lead

Consumed with hate and greed

Blissful ignorance he’ll happily preach


Flipping through all that came and went

Remembering the times in the straight line

Before it all came bent

Fuddling through in search of feel good moments

A chance to gain fulfillment

Victory parade passing by while I’m standing on an embankment

Those that achieved

System relieved

Dozing off to avoid what it could be

Possible things are what they seem

Returning eventually to reexamine the deed

Faltering again on a once ambitious song

Mind swells when thinking of this life

Late in the show, still trying to see through the fog

Rambling incoherence

Strict random adherence

Finish the page with another casual mythical reference

Terrible Regard for a United Multi-cultural People (or)

Terrible Rioter Unfit for Major Politics (or)

Truly Rambunctious Unkind Master Politician (or)

Treasonous Rebel Using Money to Pillage

The people clamor to their screens

Excited to see the next scene

Boasting from the stage;

Strange, hateful rhetoric

Nonsense formulas

Unbelievable conclusions

Full of contempt

He is us, we are him

Completely, absolutely, full of sin

So happy for him

Lies, hate, morbid stupidity

The new form of conformity

Is this the chosen one?

Not to save

To pillage, to burn

Send outsiders to early graves

Such a nice suit

This must mean he knows what to do

Confused are the compassionate


This is the new direction

Toward the dark

The once great is losing its spark

Rallies planned to make the obvious choice

Who should pay for making all the noise?

He still wants more toys

Not enough to aggravate and annoy

Alienate, incarcerate

Threatening demolishment all who conflict with his fate

I’m watching it all from the side lines

As the race speeds toward the end of the line

We’re watching it all from the sidelines

As he makes this our final time


Strange midnight visions stored for later

Harboring what is lost

Forging again as new

Benign boasts about what is the best way

Adhering, the questioning

Followed, the reckoning

Sun’s rays reassure

Awaiting, awakening, which to possibly venture

Quiet scribbling continues

Dark recesses yearn for new stimulus

Passages between deciding how to get off the train

Speeding past the broken

Stopping near the hopeful but forgotten

New roots planted

It has outlasted

Joining together for the final great troupe

Proclaiming the eternal love as the last light beams through

Gospel of Love

A few easy miles that will soon build to greater and faster

Experience the world and breathe with the gentle dancer

Fuddling in luminary solitude

Desperate for another

Coins dropped, left behind

Quite tokens for another brother

Message says to heal the wounds

Tempted with another plate after the next moon

Slowly slipping in the current with wild blue skies above

Faint whisper of hope is received from the Gospel of Love

Late Afternoon Hiccup

Confronted the logic of the twisted and disgruntled

Certain about the abilities

The turmoil about to rumble

Facing a debilitating fate, while we can’t help but stumble

Through the scene to the next hopeful dream

Wickedness washed away with the hope of a new team

Wishes that won’t come, lasting in the obvious

Long lost, the continuous drive of being in the mean

It all fades far too fast

Smoldering youthful aspirations

Over the distant memories, yearning for the past

Present in this moment, this hour

Familial connections bound fourth with new love

Reclaiming the power

Purple Seed

Slowly meandering across the far west

In search of a worthwhile quest

Haven’t seen much, but maybe the next mile will be the best one yet

Lagging consistently further behind

Realizing what it means to be of this kind

Time forgotten

On an old plan that’s gone rotten

Strayed optimism of what was meant to be softened

Clarity in vision, a hopeful dream

Relentlessly pursuing a worthwhile fight in this dormant purple seed


Building bridges toward a town called Nowhere

Steady footsteps to the place where no love is aware

What was it that was supposed to be fair?

Unexplained time with old wisdom becoming more rare

Send it all away in a rocket past the moon

We might get there on a distant afternoon

It ain’t too pretty, and it’s hardly ever right

But I’ll be over just a little too soon

Pondering too much in the land of fixed luck

Circus came by last week, but the show kind of sucked

Costumed people in the parade leaving early

Hoping just showing up, will win ‘em a few bucks

Send it all away in a rocket past the moon

We might get there on a distant afternoon

It ain’t too pretty, and it’s hardly ever right

But I’ll be over just a little too soon

True Son

Gather together after the twilight

Quiet fire, dancing, songs,

Food and laughter

Those rallied in the contentious fight

Open feast under the stars

The crowded city lights left behind

Discussion, new hope

Old histories to always remind

Following a different stream

Cutting ties to walls

Promised from the deceitful

A golden steal

Affirmation at current direction

Praise to those following the true son

We are not done

Our sun has not yet set

Questioning the motives

Of the man on the screen

Wills of the masses are not to be ignored

Attempts to prosper in the waning days

Rise above all the crazy and obscene

Pajama Party Fiasco

One side embraces the night

Yearning for the end of times

Unwilling to compromise,

Willing to kill the light

Recruiting other doomed players to join the final fight

Scarred land

Division and factions

Destitute permeates

Splintered debates, of the once great

How can we recreate?

Leader of the night

Deceives, pleads

Promoting the virtues of living a life of greed

Boasting his love of hate

The great joy of war

Letting others fight and bleed

He says we need even more

No hope is offered

No love is given

Happy he is to control all of them

A proposal is made

Choose another to lead

One who doesn’t deceive

But the proposal is denied

Let’s get on this crazy ride

Happy they are to bring forth Hell during their time

The agents subdue the dissenters

Join us or you will no longer prosper

There is no other choice

He does after all make the most noise

He will bring forth unyielding toys

And send off to war

All able bodied girls and boys

Praise your new leader,

There is no other choice

Splendid Enchantment

Going on a final tour of all that once was great

Details got a little muddled so I showed up a little late

Forged ahead in the mortal compromise

Leaving behind a country home

Displayed a lack of regard for structure,

So continued in a solitary roam

In the distant south,

New rumblings of the proper divide

Separate and designate, then let growth die

Embrace this moment of light before the darkness takes over

Will the hope survive the flood?

The burden may be too great on our shoulders

Stubborn persevering in spite of it all

Preparing for the rising after it all falls

Orange Face

Sitting on the bank of a river bed, pondering

Consulting some ancient wisdom

Mind continues wondering

Good times outlasted, a precarious and enchanting time

Debilitating sensations until comfort with an invigorating rhyme

Outlast to a glorious fate

Soaring through the light, to a journey that won’t be too late

But, here for now, one of many in the village

In the vast land of prosperity and pillage

Exploring new ideas to encourage a wholesome unite

Can we get together, out of the darkness?

And back into the light

Hands held in a spirited embrace

Bound together for the quickened pace

Outlasting the opposition

Disguised as a wise man with an orange face


Taking the stage to a slightly boisterous crowd

Over estimating the numbers

Soon the grumblings start to get loud

And warnings against our deep dark slumber

Few facts, little to back anything up

No one seems to mind, eager they are to drink from the golden cup

Pointing fingers, “THEY are the ones to blame!”

But, I’m just like you, we are one in the same

His resume, very plain

No history, but of privilege

No work, but of discussion

We praise this wise man’s council

Regulars are ready for submission

Acting on the calls to cast out those unwanted

Sitting on his new throne, arrogance flaunted

Soon, the inner turmoil of the masses rises to the surface

Why did we do this, this is not our purpose



Flail relentlessly in the ensuing ditch

Hide, in the ride

Grab a hold, on this perpetual downward slide

Fly high, soon, above the sky

See new hope from connected eyes

Enjoy this, the final frontier

Basque in the glow of our twilight,

From which we never want to veer

Soon, the dismal choice

Good, decent, or just plain rotten

Are we able to listen above the noise?

And finally the sound

Hearts ache to get another go around

Bound together, until our salvation is finally found

Toxic Clowns

Babbling incoherent messages from a long and distant familiar plane

Asking; what’s the next step to realize the pain

Fight the tyrannical misfits who operate outside the sane

Then mark me down for another go

Upholding the words written on a long lost cosmic page

Bad vibes coming down

Time to find a new place in another town

Before the new plastic man takes the stage

Putting everyone down

It’s better just to keep on moving

If you wanna be Heaven bound

Processing the new man in charge of the land of the free

Wait, not quite yet, we may have a better destiny

To avoid the wrath of the greedy, vengeful hypocrisy

Cast aside our difference in belief in red or blue

Live together in more joyful sound

Loving harmony, love is true

Bad vibes coming down

Time to find a new place in another town

Before the new plastic man takes the stage

Putting everyone down

It’s better just to keep on moving

If you wanna be Heaven bound

Strange Message

The crippled masses eager for change

Cast their choice for new age wickedness taking center stage

Similar to what came before, in other places

A disciple of envy, wrath and rage

Truth no longer a concern

WOW! How much money he has “earned”

Loyal servants to the Old and Grande

Hide their doubts and cast their vote for this new age capital man

Despite the frailties, despite the loathing

Bow down do they to this new tyrant

Who cares where he is going?

Brothers in arms till the party’s end

What a strange message to send

The other is worse they sigh sheepishly

The other one will lead to our depravity

So the vote is cast

For the disciple of hellish lust for wrath

His nightmare visions may finally come to pass

Too eager are we to take that chance

The Good Deed

Who is this strange new figure?

Although not really new

Always a misfit, a joke

An arrogant buffoon but now the one seeking the great final vote

Why is he in the lead?

Where is his history of good deeds?

Who are those that think he can lead?

Questions go unanswered day after day

Nothing his followers say make sense

Do they really want his way?

What is the appeal of the dismal and bleak?

Why is hope and optimism viewed as weak?

Who is this man, and why is he in the lead?

What will it take for us to seek out the good deed?

Better Bet

We limbered past an old hang out

Near a place of solace

The woods nearby felt like a quiet abandoned forest

Heated discussion over the next best course

The previous path ridiculed and a lethargic remorse

What to be in this wild wonderful metro

Bind together to try and find a better place to go

Or move with the flow

Caged up stimulus revolts but still too much to know

Soon a quiet conversation underneath the stars

Bad vibes shaken, hopefully,

Is it time to go far?

Illusions and presumptions call out for a new quest

Pain in the chest

Some kind of noble journey to propel a better bet

Broken Down Mazda

Got so broke, I had to donate plasma

Failed opportunities, or maybe it’s just bad karma

Fill out an app for the low income place

But there’s a waiting list,

So maybe it’s time for a taste,

Of the homeless life

Constantly in strife

Working constantly just to get this life right

Don’t know any more about a future looking bright

Maybe I can scrounge up a few bucks and live in the back of a Toyota

Or buy back my old Mazda

With the broken engine, rock through the window

Beat to shit; a metal piñata

Still hope for change

A way to get away

Get this life to rearrange

All that’s brewing here is negativity and rage

A new dumb shit with orange skin and a snake’s tongue

Is presented the golden trophy on the Grand Ole’ Stage

Help me understand this place

Help me set our course on a different plane

What a strange world we’ve inherited

Exploiting every resource till the planet is suffocated

Grow and grow till there’s no room for more

Then grow even more

Keep the pampered, self-serving atop their golden throne

Bow down,

Everything you have and are; they righteously own

The better paths are known

They’ve already been shown

Demon infantry block entry to any better path

Choose your path well, it may be your last

Soar above all the dreams that have flown

The Man in the Red Hat

She asks me what I think about the change coming

Standing from afar watching the slow decent

The strange new culture budding

Transparent messages

Defiant isolation

Are we ready for freedom to be done?

The clown show performs again in a town near you

Then reminds its followers

Only evil likes the color blue

Faithful disciples

To the man in the red hat

Leave behind the childish illusion of peace and love

It’s time to give more to the fattest of all fat cats

What am I thinking about?

Watching the slow decent unfold

How did it come to this?

Why did we allow ourselves to be sold?


When we need something

They do nothing

When we proclaim something

They ignore the sting

Desperate exhaustion following the confusing set of laws

The mind recoils, the body jerks

Trying to adhere to a regiment so flawed

But, diligently moving

Moving toward, whatever can be known

Flying high above the clouds

The experience of life is the reward

Stand firm against the oppressors of dreams

This was and is the land of opportunities

Do not give into the preacher of hate

Disguised as a business man

Work with fellow brothers and sisters to make a plan


Just take a little bit

Then take the trip

Through the voyages of the spacemen

On the lost starship

Then diligently spread the word

About all it is that you have heard

From the meandering adventures

Of the people on the third

What a joyous time it is!

Say the dreaded haired, freckle faced woman wearing all white

If you say the right words, I’m yours for the night

I’ll treat you right

And might I say that your body is tight

Flip a coin to decide which way

Or think of something worthwhile to say

Otherwise you’re never getting out of here any day

Pander to an obvious oblivion

Face the future, or just turn and run

Into the open arms

A fine woman of charismatic charm

Roll up the sleeves and get to work on the farm

A new identity

Strange memories

Follow the true son in order to forgive the inner deformities

Resolve the issues during the final stretch of the trip

Focus needed while periling through the farthest reaches

Traveling at a breath taking clip




Thinking Righteously Under a Majestic Purple

  • ISBN: 9781370547951
  • Author: Gary Hawkes
  • Published: 2016-08-18 20:50:09
  • Words: 4095
Thinking Righteously Under a Majestic Purple Thinking Righteously Under a Majestic Purple