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These are Stories? A Short Collection of Shorts

B.G. Carn

Published by B.G. Carn at Shakespir

Copywright 2017 B.G. Carn

Shakespir Edition

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Table of Contents

In Raw We Trust

All For Love

Run Away

About B.G. Carn

In Ra We Trust

Ammon sat on his knees for the last time, praying to the sun god Ra for mercy. Ammon had prayed to Ra for the past six consecutive nights, asking him to spare his sister Tadita. Tonight would be his final plea, for the Pharaoh’s men would come for her at last light.

When Ammon finished his prayer he stood. Suddenly his head began to swim, his stomach began to cramp, and he broke out in a cold sweat. The world started to spin and Ammon felt his body go lax as he teetered backwards and fell. The darkness that had crept into his vision now slowly swallowed him.

Ammon awoke in a vast jungle. Green foliage surrounded him. He sat up, head still spinning, and stuck his hand out to touch the most beautiful red flower he had never seen.

“I see you like my plants,” said a multicolored bird atop a tree.

Ammon snatched his hand away, startled by the talking bird. “W-W-Where am I?” Ammon asked.

“You are in the garden of Ra.”

Ammon sat there with a dumb expression on his face. He wondered just how hard he had hit his head.

MY garden,” Ra said.

Realization started to bloom in Ammon’s mind.

“You have a favor to ask, so ask it.”

That snapped Ammon out of it. He stood up quickly and regretting the action decided to sit back down.

“Uhm, if you would be so kind, great and mighty Ra, my sister needs your help. She is to be taken away tonight by the young Pharaoh’s men. I do not want that for her, she deserves to live a life of her choosing.”

Ra swooped down from his perch atop the tree and found his way in front of Ammon. There he transformed into a large man. He sat down crossed legged and laid a dagger in the space between Ammon and himself.

“I will grant your sister a reprieve, but there must be a sacrifice.”

“Anything, I will do anything for her.”

“You will kill yourself with this.” Ra pointed at the dagger sitting on the ground.

Taking in where he was and what was being asked of him, Ammon hesitated for only a second before he grabbed the dagger and unsheathed it. He placed the point at his sternum. As he went to push the blade into his flesh Ra placed his hand on Ammons at the hilt. The slight touch stilled Ammon’s body and mind.

“No, you must do it in front of your sister after you have killed all but one of the Pharaoh’s men with it. You will let him know that I have done this for Tadita and Tutankhamen must honor you.”

“I will do it. You honor me with this task and I thank you for giving Tadita the life she deserves.”

“Now go.”

Those were the last words Ammon heard before he awoke in his home once more. The night sky a black backdrop to the horrendous events that were about to take place. Ammon knew the Pharaoh’s men were to come for his sister any minute. He held his dagger made of iron from the sky and prepared himself.


All For Love

It was time for Shawn to relax. He slid onto the dusty baby blue couch and slowly laid himself down. He placed his head on the brown and tan teddy bear pillow. Leaning over and snatching the remote from the trash covered floor, he switched on the TV. The alien like blue flicker accompanied with the soft, cool breeze coming from his open sixth floor window lulled Shawn to sleep.

Shawn awoke with his face stuck to his pillow. He must have drooled while he slept because his mouth was void of saliva. He peeled his face free from the crusty grasp of the pillow and threw it to the floor. Shawn used his now half asleep left arm to push himself up.


The entire room was spinning and a steady thump was setting in his head.

Shawn dug into his pocket for that beautiful blue pill he knew would make everything cease.

“AH- HAH! I found you.”

Shawn slid from the couch to floor on shakey limbs.

Kicking all the garbage out of the way, he spotted just what he needed. He grabbed for the latest addition of “Babes! Babes! Babes!” and set it right in front of his now folded legs. The pill was in a small clear cellophane wrapper; Shawn placed it on the magazine. He grabbed for his lighter atop the tiny TV and pressed it to the pill. The crackle of the pill was music to Shawn’s ears. Shawn poured the granule contents of the cellophane packet onto the magazine. He used his handy lighter to turn the pile into a nice neat line. Now all he needed was something to snort it with.

He stood up and wavered still a bit dizzy. He walked into the kitchen. How he loathed those plaid pink walls, they always reminded just where he was and what he was doing. Pictures of Sadie painted red and blue accompanied by the backdrop of those damn walls flashed through his mind. Shawn decided he needed to get what he came for quickly so he could block Sadie out once again.

“ Straw, straw, straw….sweet.”

Shawn had found the last piece to the puzzle and was now going to claim his prize. Shawn bit the straw in half as he sat back down in front of his masterpiece. He shoved the straw up his nose and leaned in for the most beautiful love he had ever known.

Tiny granules flew and Shawn could taste the chalk in the back of his throat. The lick of a finger and a swipe where the line used to be produced the very last of his treasure. He ran his finger across the top of his gums and smiled as he eased himself back up onto the couch. He was now at peace with his one true love.


Run Away

Breathe in and out, in and out, in and out. That was the mantra Sadie continued to repeat in her head as she walked through the doors of Eau Fraiche, the newest restaurant in town. Sadie found the maître de and sat down at the table that had been reserved for her and her blind date. Sadie liked to be early to everything and so she had about ten minutes to sit, debate, and shame herself for going on this date.

Just a few moments later the server passed by and offered a greeting, asking if Sadie would like something to drink.

“Sure, uhm… I think I will have water and a Jameson on the rocks please,” Sadie said with a nervous twinge.

As she sat and waited for her date to arrive, Sadie would peek at her phone every now again to text her best friend. Kacey had become such an important part of Sadie’s life since she moved across the country. It was not an easy move and Sadie knew no one when she finally made it to Los Angeles. Kacey was the very first person to be kind to Sadie in an entirely new world, and Sadie loved her for it.

Naturally Sadie was hesitant when Kacey had mentioned setting her up on a date. With a bit of pressure, Kacey was able to push Sadie into a blind date. It was about time Sadie stopped looking backwards and started looking forwards.

Fifteen minutes later and Sadie was checking her phone again, but this time she was looking at the clock. 7:07 p.m., her date was late.

“Hello there, Sadie,” a familiar voice said.

Sadie whipped her head up from her phone. The man she saw was the only one who could make her blood run cold. David. He stood there looking handsome in his grey three piece suit, and black tie. His short, tawny, brown hair was slicked back into a pompadour and his emerald green eyes were staring through her.

“I think I like this name better than the last, or even the one before that,” David said

“H-h-how did you find me?” Sadie wanted to slap herself for letting her voice shake.

“I have my ways. You always talked about how you loved California. From there it was easy to find your alias. You’re far too predictable. Don’t you know that you can’t run from me?”

David slid into the chair across from her. He grinned and continued the explanation of his evil master plan. “Now my dear, we WILL enjoy our dinner together and then I will take you back to Augusta.”

As Sadie sat there in shock, the waiter stopped by the table and David ordered for the both of them. As soon as the waiter was out of earshot, Sadie whispered, “Look, just let me go and we can split the take from the last job.”

“No,” David stated blatantly. “I want it all.”

Sadie took a drink of her Jameson to calm her nerves.

“I’m not giving you all of it, I did the work.”

“I don’t care. I took the fall, so I deserve the entire pay day.”

Sadie couldn’t give him everything, she needed it. She had left the business for a damn good reason and she was not about to give up her biggest pay day.

It’s a good thing she was always prepared. Sadie grabbed her clutch and pulled out her Beretta Pico .380 and touched it to David’s knee under the table.

“Now listen, I’m going to get up and leave. You on the other hand, are going to stay here and have a nice dinner with yourself. Don’t bother trying to find me again; I won’t be so predictable this time.”

Sadie left the restaurant in a rush determined to leave her past behind her.


About the author

B.G. Carn lives in a small studio apartment in the” biggest small city” in the United States. If she is not writing, hiking, singing, or working on homework, she can be found snuggling with her best friend Foo. Foo is not only her best friend but her home defense as well. Six foot long Savannah Monitors tend to freak people out.

These are Stories? A Short Collection of Shorts

  • Author: B.G. Carn
  • Published: 2017-05-01 02:50:08
  • Words: 1812
These are Stories? A Short Collection of Shorts These are Stories? A Short Collection of Shorts