There's Always A Way

There\‘s Always A Way

Joseph Foromo

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There\\\‘s Always A Way

There are times in life that we come to face our toughest challenges. We tend to lose our strength and hope at this moment. Many give up, and some rise up. This is not something we learn from school, to remain strong and stay positive. It is all in the heart. These tough times should strengthen our wisdom, our faith and belief. Giving up should never be an option, giving up is like giving your whole life away. Nobody ever said we will have an easy ride in this life. Nobody ever promised us paradise on earth. No human kind will ever reach to the highest top of the mountain without any sweat, life is not a magic show you know. We have to work hard to be at the top. We have to learn to accept and live with disappointment some times. Yet we should never let anything put us down, the only time you have to go down on your knees is when you pray. I believe that we go through all these challenging situations as a test, a test from the almighty to strengthen us for the near future. When you go through these difficult times, know that you’re not alone. God is always around, in spirit and in our hearts. Go down on your knees and give thanks everyday. Believing in god is not going to church everyday. Many people go to church these days for all the wrong reasons. Even the preachers don’t preach the truth no more. They tell us lies and take away our money. In these days you don’t need nobody to come and read a scripture for you in order for you to change. Change must come from within your heart. One should never give up. We fail in life, countless times even, don’t ever let that hold you down. Learn from your mistakes, that’s how we grow. There will always be people talking about this and that, let them. Do not let anything that they say distruct you. You are your own seed, and unique, brought to this world to stand firm on your roots and spread. Do not let this crazy world change you, do not let nobody change you. The money, the materials, of this world, none of that. Stay true to who and what you are. Many people take life as a marathon and they ain’t winning, because they all end up in prison, or buried. I always ask this question (What happened to the dream?). I see we fail to support each other, yet we claim that we are one. We fail to hold hands, but we claim that we are one. Lets fight!!!!! For what is right. Lets fight for success, lets fight for a better living, lets fight for change, lets fight to create a better world for the next generations. I know it’s hard, but we will get there if we truly are one. I believe there’s always a way. A way to find the brighter day.

There's Always A Way

A short poetry. Inspirational words i combined coming from the bottom side of my heart.

  • Author: Joseph Foromo
  • Published: 2015-09-26 18:20:05
  • Words: 544
There's Always A Way There's Always A Way