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There's A Burger King Next Door. Let's Go!

There’s a Burger King Next Door.

Let’s Go!


Mario V. Farina

Copyright 2016 Mario V. Farina

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“There’s a Burger King next door. Let’s go!”

Bob Sanders and Annette Thompson were at the Brandywine Outdoor Café in Springfield having lunch. Service was slow. so, to pass time, Bob opened the Internet on his Apple phone and held it so he and she could view the screen at the same time.

“Here is a cute game we can play while we’re waiting,” said Bob. “It’s called The Date Game.”

“How does it work,” Annette asked?

“It’s intended for couples like us. The objective of the game is to test how compatible we are.”

“We’ve been dating for over a month. Shouldn’t we have played this game before now?”

“Good point! Next time I’ll open this game on the first date.”

“Oh? Are you thinking about the next time already?”

“No, just kidding,” he responded smiling. “The first question is, ‘what are your five major interests.’ Mine are sports, hunting, space topics, making things in the shop, and motorcycles, but not necessarily in that order.”

“Mine are fashion, cooking, history, shopping, and famous people; like you, not in any special order.”

“I don’t see anything where we match,” Bob commented. “But I don’t think that matters much, people are often intrigued by learning something from another person that they admire very much.”

“I’m sure you’re right,” said Annette. “What’s the next question?”

“Are you frugal? I’m not exactly sure what the question means. I try to live within my means. There is a balance of about $2000 in my credit account but, I have a limit of about five thousand. I don’t hold back a great deal when I want something. I charge it.”

“I think I’m a little more conservative than you are,” Annette replied. “I have a balance of a few hundred. I pay the minimum each month, but I make sure that I don’t increase that balance a lot. I don’t buy everything I want. But if the want doesn’t go away, I’ll buy it at some point. Do you believe in saving for the future?”

“I’m only 28. I haven’t started worrying about the future yet. I think people should start thinking about retiring when they’re about 50.”

“I’m a little different there. I think the time to begin thinking about retiring should be in your 30s.”

“Were a little different there. The next question is,’ what are your thoughts about home ownership.’ I would like to own a home as soon as possible, certainly within a few years into marriage. I rent now, as you know, and I don’t like it much.”

“You and I are the same, there! I think newly married couples should buy a home as soon as they can.”

“Before or after children, along?”

“Before, I think. I’ve heard that bringing up children is very expensive. Having a child too soon might make it very difficult to save for a home.”

“How many kids would you like and how many of each?”

“Two, a boy and a girl.”

“That’s how I feel! The next question has to do with sense of humor. I think I have a sense of humor,” said Bob. “How about you?”

“I think a sense of humor is essential in a relationship. How do you express your sense of humor, do you like jokes, funny stories?”

“I like funny stories. I like puns also.”

“Puns! Those are supposed to be the worst kind of humor!”

“I know. But I like to hear people groan if I’m able to think of something punny!”

“Do you have a favorite pun,” Annette asked?

“Yes, I do. Here it is in my Facebook page. You can read it if you want.”

She looked where he was pointing and read, “Mickey Finn died penniless and there arose a problem as to who would pay his burial expenses Patty wouldn’t do it, neither would Sean. But there was a person who had been a very close friend of Mickey’s. His name was Huck. He rose to his feet and declared, ‘Huck’ll bury Finn!’”

The both smiled. “That’s a groaner,” she commented smiling.

“Say, where is the server,” complained Bob?

“We’ve been waiting a long time,” agreed Annette.

“This next question is not in the game,” said Bob, “but let me ask, what kind of restaurants do you like?”

“I like Burger King most,” she replied.

“Amazing, so do I,” exclaimed Bob! “I don’t care how we scored in the game. I’m convinced, now, that we couldn’t be more compatible. There’s a Burger King next door. Let’s go!”

They waved bye at the oncoming server as they left the café.

There's A Burger King Next Door. Let's Go!

  • ISBN: 9781370070725
  • Author: Mario V. Farina
  • Published: 2016-10-01 05:05:07
  • Words: 846
There's A Burger King Next Door.  Let's Go! There's A Burger King Next Door.  Let's Go!