Their Crazy God

This book is a revelation that God has a plan for your life, and it is your duty and entirely your responsibility to ask, inquire and investigate to ascertain what his purpose for creating you is, and you have to do this thing before taking off on the journey of life otherwise you will regret it.because God is good at keeping quite and silent on the destiny and purpose for creating a man until such a man wake up to ask about it Such answer on purpose and fulfillment can only be gotten through koinonia, yes through a close intimate relationship and fellowship with God, you will wait on him in fellowship and keep waiting until you get the signal. This book also wants to reveal to you, that answer you got through fellowship cannot be actualized outside fellowship, you don’t expect to achieve a mission handed over to you through fellowship outside fellowship It is not possible, and that is where people get it wrong.but the devil is against our fellowship with God, he is always afraid of it, he is jealous of it and will do everything within his power to take a man away from his fellowship with God. He is aware that outside fellowship with God, the mission becomes impossible, He is on a lighter note reflecting his hatred for God and also revealing his unending and insatiable appetite for greed, covetousness and the determination to usurp authority over man from God, therefore he will use every subtle means to achieve this, at any point or stage in a man’s mission on earth where he was able to dislodge the man out from fellowship with God, the man’s mission is terminated and becomes unaccomplished. But the God we serve is a crazy God, the author, the master planner, the way maker, and the finisher of our faith who does everything and puts every mystery at work to ensure that his mission is accomplished for those in fellowship with him.

  • ISBN: 9780463719879
  • Author: Anya C. Anya
  • Published: 2018-11-09 03:45:06
  • Words: 36882
Their Crazy God Their Crazy God