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The Wave and Other Short Stories






The Wave and other Short Stories

By Ronecia White








































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Copyright by Ronecia White, 2017


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Table of Contents


The Wave


Second Chances


The Weekend


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The Wave



A man dressed in all black stood in front of a large bomb as an eerie smile came across his face, as he pressed the button on the device.


“It’s time for my power to rise.”


In the state of California there is a high-tech agency that is now under red alert as the workers now trying to find a way to stop a man known as Atlas Moore. A woman who looks to be in her mid-forties stood in front of a large screen as it times the wipe-out of an entire state.


“Agent Jackson I’m going to need you to I’m going to need you to assemble your team.” Sara Martin said.


“Are you positive ma’am?”


“It’s the only way to stop Atlas. You have 48 hours before the bomb goes off releasing a massive, tidal wave that will destroy the state of California and many more. Bring them, Now.”


In downtown L.A., a young woman by the name of Diana Cane was in her apartment thinking about what she wanted from her life.


“You know it’s stupid to break into an assassin’s home.” Diana said not even turning around to the man in her house.


Allen chuckled before he continued. “You are good Ms. Cane but I’m here to offer you a chance to but those skills of yours to good use.”


Diana finally turned to him with an annoyed expression. “What do you want from me?”


“I’m agent Jackson and I’m here because I need your help to save the world from, a man who wishes to make it his own.”


Diana raised her eyebrow. “I care because.”


“Because in less than 48 hours a bomb will go off that will create a massive flood that will wipe California clean off the map.”


“If you want to know who you really are meet me here in 9 hours. “Allen said giving her a card before walking out.


“One down, one to go I’m taking a vacation after this.” Allen sighed before heading to the local bar in town.


In a run-down looking bar, there was Leonard Palmer was sitting here working on the details of his next job; he turns to see agent Jackson sitting next to him sipping on beer.


“Well, well, well agent Jackson long time no see, here to arrest me again.” Leonard asked.


Allen let a smirk cross his face before answering. “Hello Palmer, it such a shame you use that genius brain of yours for bad; actually, I’m here on a favor.”


“Do tell agent.” Leonard said


“Atlas Moore has a bomb that will go off in less than a few hours and flood the entire state and possible more.” Allen explained.


Leonard rolled his eyes at the man next to him. “How does this benefit me Allen?”


“Easy help us stop him and we wipe every computer that has any information; on you that includes any criminal records.”


“Can’t argue with that when do we start??”


“Now. You’ll have a new playmate on this mission.”


Leonard held a look of confusion. “What do you mean playmate?”


Allen chuckled before walking away. “You’ll see be at the agency in 3 hours tops no later.”


It didn’t take long for Diana to make it to Wave Rider headquarters she decided this would be the best way to figure out who she is. Diana saw a man with Allen he looked in his late 20’s he cared a smug look on his face.


“Ah Ms. Cane I’m happy you could make it this is your new partner Mr. Leonard Palmer; he’s going to help us stop Atlas.”


“Hello Palmer word of advice don’t’ get into my way and there won’t be trouble.” Diana said crossing her arms.


Leonard’s eyes widen slightly before his trademark came into play. “Feisty one aren’t you, don’t worry I’m here to disable the bomb.”


“Good job agent Jackson it seems like you got the rookie here.” Sara said as she made her way to them.


“Who are you?” Diana asked.


“I’m Sara Martin the leader of the Wave Rider organization, we monitor and contain any threats to the planet Earth.”


“As agent Jackson has explained a man named Atlas Moore has set off a defense mechanism; that will flood the state and possible more. You two are here to stop him.” Sara explained as she motioned them to walk over to the large screen.


“Where is his location now?” Allen asked his superior.


Sara sighed as she ran a hand threw her greyish hair before answering. “Our sensors have found him in his corporate building in Central Valley, we suspect that the bomb will be there as well that’s where you three come in.”


“How are we going to get in?” Leonard asked the older woman.


“Well, Mr. Palmer this is where your skills come in; they need three replacement for the clean crew.” Sara said.


“Do we have a ride to get there?” Diana asked.


“This is the hover craft you’ll be taking and your IA will be Gi, she will help guide you to Atlas. Now go we don’t have much time left. “Sara said walking away from the group.

The three walked aboard the spacecraft and as they strapped themselves in Allen was setting course to their destination. As they flew dark clouds started to fill the sky and heavy winds.


Leonard turned Diana looking at her with questionable look. “So what brings you here assassin?”


Diana rolled her eyes at him. “None of your business convict just stay focused on the mission.”


Before he could respond back Allen beat him to the punch. “Hey don’t make me babysit you two if we fail this; can be the second worst thing that can happen in US history.”


“What’s the first thing?” Leonard asked.


“The election of 2016 that was a nightmare.”


That caused a laugh from both however, Allen was concerned that they won’t make it in time to stop Atlas.


The three made its way to Central Valley each of them took their positions in the building. Leonard gave a scan of the building and has detected the bomb should be on the roof.


“Okay we have to get up on the roof and deactivate the bomb before anyone here knows what’s up.” Allen said as he swept up along the floor in the lobby.


“We know we get in stop the bomb then we bust Atlas.” Diana said making her out of one of the hotel bedrooms.


“Well hurry up and get to Atlas’ private elevator, it will take us right to the roof. I’m shutting down the security cameras now. Leonard voice.


“On our way Palmer good work.” Allen voiced.


“Well know duh now hurry up you’ve got 10 minutes before the alarms go off.”


“Copy convict.”


“Roger that.”


As the agents meet up they made there was up to the roof of the building; however, what they didn’t expect was them seeing Atlas Moore himself standing near the device looking very smug.


“Look who we have here Wave Rider agents what do I owe this pleasure.” Atlas said walking toward them.


Atlas let out a whistle and his body guards came out and grabbed them.


“We’re here to stop your plans rich boy now tell us how to stop the bomb.” Allen said glaring at him.


Atlas has stopped pacing around them and let out a menacing chuckle. “That’s where you’re wrong I have a vision and to make it come true everything has to go.”


“Your willing to kill thousands of people just get what you want.” Diana shouted.


“A small price to pay but don’t worry in less than 24 hours I will rule over this nation.” Atlas said as he walks toward Allen.


Leonard scoffed. “Here I thought I was the crazy one.”


“No, no I’m not crazy I’m just an idealist and this where it starts.” Atlas said as he whipped out a knife stabbing into Allen’s stomach.


Both Diana and Leonard frozen in shock as they see their teammate fall limp onto the floor.


“As for you two through them into the prison down in the basement, I have other plans to attend to.” Atlas laughed walking away and leaving the distraught new agents behind.


Down in the basement Leonard and Diana sat on the floor looking down not knowing where to go from there.


“This is not how I thought this would go.” Diana said softly.


Leonard turned to look at her giving a blank expression as she continued. “I gave on this mission to help find myself and Allen was going to help me. He saw more than an assassin.”


Leonard let out a sigh before responding. “Yea that’s Jackson for you always willing to see the good in others.”


“Is that how you guys meet?” Diana asked.


“Yes he was supposed to arrest me but he had other plans. Though I was a criminal Allen was always there for me.” Leonard said looking ahead with a new determination.


Diana a small smirk appeared on her face. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”


“Yea it’s time to get the hell out of here and stop this freak… for Allen.” Leonard spoke finally looking at Diana


Diana nodded her head. “For Allen.”


Leonard took out a rubber band and clip making it into a slingshot aiming it at the release button opening the cell door.


Diana turned to him looking impressed. “Simple but useful.”


That caused Leonard to grin at the ex-assassin. “Of course now let’s go stop Atlas.”


They ran off to take the elevator back up to the roof upon making it there stood Atlas and him men standing beside him.


“I see we haven’t learned your lesson yet either way you already lost.” Atlas said making the necessary changes to the bomb.


“Not while we’re still here.” Diana said getting into a fighting stance.


“We’ll see about that boys go downstairs and kill everyone.” Atlas ordered.


“Yes, sir!” The body guards yelled running off to do their boss’s order.


Atlas took off his jacket as he made his way to Diana. “I can defeat them myself.”


“Bring it rich boy, Leonard go shut off the bomb.” Diana yelled as she was engaged in battle.


As Diana was fighting she was starting to lose the energy to fight and Leonard was having, trouble trying to stop the bomb.


Atlas kicked Diana in the stomach pulling back her hair he growled. “It’s over you’re all dead Just like your friend.”


This caused a new fire to erupt inside Diana and she pulled out the knife she had tucked into her back pocket. Diana slashed his arm releasing his hold on her and Diana took that opportunity to slice his throat open and tossing him off the building.


“That was for Allen.” Diana whispered as she turned away from the scene.


Diana ran over to Leonard who still having a hard time getting it to stop the bomb. Rain and wind start to pick up at an increasing speed.


“I have no idea how to turn this off.” Leonard yelled over the roaring thunder.


“Will reversing the wiring stop it?” Diana asked.


“Yes but it will also blow up the building.” Leonard answered.


Diana shrugged her shoulders. “Moore ordered his henchmen to kill everyone the only people left is them and a jet is sitting right there.”


“Good point start up the jet and I’ll set it to blow this place.” Leonard said as he got back to work on the bomb.


“You got it.” Diana yelled as she ran to the jet.


Leonard finished rewiring the bomb he gave a smirk before running in the direction of Diana.


“We need to leave now.” Leonard said turning to Diana. Diana pushed up the lever and took off.


As they got further away they saw the Moore building blow up in and a thick fire lit up the sky. Diana and Leonard turned to each other and smiled knowing that Allen would be proud of them.


“Let’s go home convict.”


“Fine by me assassin.”


2 Months Later



After the mission with Atlas Moore Diana Cane and Leonard Palmer were rewarded with being the new top agents at the Wave Rider organization. Diana and Leonard was sitting in their new hover craft as they sat getting ready for their next job.


“So were to convict?” Diana asked Leonard.


“Martin wants us over in New York some nut is building something to get in contact with aliens.” Leonard said starting up the high-tech ride.


“Do we need to resurrect Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith.” Diana laughed.


Leonard could help but let the laugh escape him. “Don’t quit your day job assassin.”


The hover craft took off into the sunset as the two most uncommon people in the world were able to become something better and finding their true self.
















































Second Chances


Most people tend to judge you just because the way you look and act. What about if you’re born with a power you can’t control? That’s what this little school is for St. Dominic one classroom holds seven students one each caring and different ability. Lady Karen is the headmistress she found each child, abandon by their family or just simply lost in the world. Who knew the next day will start a whole new journey? 




Each one holds a special gift Lisanna and control, create and manipulate fire. Crystal is a telepath she can control anything with her mind. Chad had super speed and as to be the fastest man alive. James can teleport to any place in the world at any given moment. Daphne has the power to send out emotions and controls them. Bella has the ability to bring bad luck to her enemies. Finally, Nani her ability is the most powerful she can stop time and space. 


Lady Karen was in front of the class telling them about a legend of a place where, all things supernatural are safe and peace is everywhere. Long beautiful gold and silver towering into the sky clean sidewalks and friendly people living in peace, not worrying about being an outcast to everyone. 


“This magical place is called Sinagard a home to all the supernatural and where non-magical beings can cause no harm.” Lady Karen explained to her students.  



Lisanna Heart rolled her jade colored eyes before responding. “Well if this so-called place isn’t on Earth then where is?”  



“Yeah Lady K. how do we know this awesome place is even real.” Chad asked scratching his head. 


A small smirk pulled up to Lady Karen’s face secretly hoping someone would ask this question. “Well Ms. Heart I’m so glad you asked, the portal to Sinagard opens every ten years on top of Mount. Decker.” 



“Lady Karen when will the portal open again?” Crystal asked while letting her pencil float up in the air. 



“Another good question it opens tomorrow and that leads me to my next announcement, all of you are going to Mount. Decker and will head to Sinagard.”  


“Wow, wow what! Lady Karen you cannot be serious?” Daphne yelled.  


“I’m very serious, but remember the portal will only be open for 20 minutes after daybreak so you have to hurry.” 


“So will there be a leader on this little expedition?” Lisanna asked flicking a fireball into the sky. 


“Yes Nani will be leading you to Mount. Decker.” 



Lisanna froze in mid-movement when hearing the quiet girls name her face began to turn a bright red while an angry growl was released from her throat. “What why!?!” 



Daphne frowned seeing her friend so angry. “Lisa please calm down there’s no reason to get upset.” 


Lady Karen let out a sigh of frustration before continuing. “Lisanna, Nani will lead because she has the best training record and she is more than qualified to everyone there safely.”  


Lisanna huffed out a thing of smoke but said nothing more, while Nani had a surprised look on her face, she would have never thought she would be the one to lead everyone to a new beginning.  


“With that said I want all of you to start packing and be ready in the next

45 minutes because a bus will, be here to drop you off at the trail and furthermore I want to say how proud I of all of you and I know you’ll have a great new life.” Lady Karen expressed whipping a tear from her hazel eyes. 



Everyone got up from their seats and started to head to their rooms and pack but before Nani was able to leave Lady Karen pulled her to the side, giving the timid girl a warm smile.  



“Something on your mind Nani?” Lady Karen asked her. 



“Why me Lady Karen? Why not Lisanna or James or even Crystal!? I can’t lead them to the portal.” Nani said will a sad expression on.  



Lady Karen took a moment before speaking. “Nani I know you’re scared and this is a big responsibility, but I believe in you I know you can do this.” Nani looked down and spoke in a soft sarcastic whisper.


“Oh yeah how?” 



“Because out of everyone you are the wisest and determined, understand Nani it’s not only and power you have to know that judgment is everything.” 




Nani sighed once again before nodding and heading towards her room. Lady Karen placed a hand on her shoulder giving her a smile a mother would give to her child to let them know everything would turn out alright.  



As everyone was packed a small silver bus pulled up to the school and everyone climbed aboard waving goodbye, to Lady Karen and thanked her for all the support. After an hour on the bus the driver gave off a loud gasp of air and the pass out. The bus rolled over and the loud screams of frighten children filled the air, Crystal lifted her hand and stop the bus in mid-roll. 


James held the side of his head before calling out to the rest of his friends. “Hey is everyone okay?” 



Everyone groan out moans of yes and whatever’s. Lisanna got up and ran over to the driver seat where the now deceased bus driver laid. “Great just our one chance to have a better life and our bus driver is dead!” Lisanna yelled out in fury. 



Seconds after stepping off the bus it burst into a giant flame destroying all their personal items, and memories. 



“Great, just great what else can go wrong in this little adventure so Nani what now.” Lisanna asked rudely.  



“Calm down Lisanna we have a map all we have to do is follow the trail and we’ll make it to the mountain so we can enter the portal.” Nani said calmly while looking down at the map. 


“See Lisa, Nani has a plan we can still make it.” Daphne cheered.  



“Yea whatever.” Lisanna replied crossing her arms. 



After three hours of hiking in the wood everyone was being to feel on edge especially Lisanna believing she should be the one to lead them to their new home.  



Lisanna growled in anger as her negative thoughts seemed to grow with every step. ‘I don’t get why this quite nobody is the one in charge it should be me!” 



After another hour of walk Lisanna cracked a large flame came around her making everyone back away in fear. Nani however stood her ground and gave the hormonal teen an unimpressed look as she just rants. 


“I’ve had it! I can’t take this anymore I know for a fact you have no idea where we’re going, I have no idea why Lady Karen placed you in charge.” Lisanna shook her hair and eyes being covered in flames. 


“Maybe because I won’t lash out like a small child calm down, if we keep going in this direction we can make it before nightfall.” 



“No I’ve had it will you I’m going my own way and if anyone who wants to come will with is free to follow.” Lisanna said walking away from the rest of super powered classmates. 



“Daphne, Bella, Chad, you go find Lisanna and make sure she doesn’t get hurt and meet us at the halfway point which is less than forty minutes away going southwest.” Nani instructed them. 



Nodding the head off in the direction of the fire diva and talk some sense into her. Only 10 minutes they found Lisanna just sitting on a rock filing her nails.  



“ ‘Bout time you losers showed up come on there is a shortcut we can make to Mt. Decker in an hour after dinner, if we keep walking this way.” Lisanna smiled at them then turned to start walking down the path.  



Chad zoomed in front of her in seconds giving her a serious look which wasn’t often given how he is so carefree. 



“Look Lisa I know you’re used to getting your way but this is serious if Lady Karen thought putting Nani, in charge was a good idea then we should respect that.” 



Lisanna huffed and rolled her eyes at the older boy not thinking about the consequences that can come from her fast actions.  



“Oh please Chad, I’m a better leader that Nani anyway it should have been me anyways.” 



Bella rolled her mixed colored eyes thinking the shallow girl was way over head. “Get over yourself Lisanna! This isn’t a popularity contest this is about all of us starting a new life so we don’t have to hide anymore.”  



Daphne sighed before she spoke. “Lisa you’re my best friend but I don’t want us to miss out on the chance to, go to Sinagard we all deserve to have peace of mind.” 


As much as Daphne cared about Lisanna and would do anything for her she wouldn’t miss her chance, to have a better life and not live in a world who thinks she’s a threat or a freak. 

Lisanna felt her flames building up in here hands but took a deep breath before talking. “Look I understand that but, I can prove I’m a better leader than Nani just watch.”  


With that she continued down the path the other signed and decided to follow her and if the worst, came they could always turn back and try to connect to Crystal’s telepathy and regroup. Walking through three different paths after dinner they were sure the, short ebony haired had no idea where to go next.  


“Okay it’s been an hour and no has said anything due to the high tension, but I can’t bite my tongue anymore admit Lisanna were lost!” Bella yelled in the short girl’s face feeling her eyes blaze over a dark purple.  


Feeling her own temper rise and her overwhelming pride she lashed out herself. “I do too know shut the hell up and just follow me I know what I’m doing.” 


Not wanting to get into a fight Bella walked away in mid-step her heighten sense caught the smell of a storm brewing in the sky. Then a moment later a loud thunder roared through the area making everyone jump in shock, and a light rain started fall down on them. 


“Great now it’s going to rain what are we going to do now!” Daphne whined in frustration knowing deep down following Lisanna was a bad decision.  


“Okay before you girls start to throw a bf let’s make a shelter and see if we can wait out the storm, then catch up with Nani and the others.” Chad as he raced across the forest breaking tree bark and gathering other items to help build the much-needed materials. 


“What why Guys we can still make if-” Before Lisanna could finish her thought a hand came to her face quick holding her face in shock doing nothing but looking at the angry girl. 


“Shut up, shut up! Do not say you know where you’re going because you don’t, the only reason why you’re doing this is to try to show up Nani!” Bella screamed out making the ground underneath them sake. 



“Bella please calm down you’re going to cause an earthquake” Daphne pleaded with the other girl. 


“NO! I’m so sick of her you think just because of your looks and pretending to be the best, you could bs your way to the top well let me tell you something suga’ you can’t!”  


The more Bella yelled it became harder to understand as her southern drawl started to surface. Rolling his eyes Chad had enough of the petty argument he decided to step in before it came violent.  


“Alright meta-divas calm down and start helping because fighting in a storm isn’t going to get us anywhere, Lisanna start getting wood, Bella you’re with me were going to start packing everything together and Daph try to send your waves of emotion so we can see if Crystal can pick up on them.” Chad said to the girls each doing the task they were assigned. 


On the other side of the forest Nani and the other were resting in a cave waiting out the storm so they, can continue to the mountain. They less than a few hours away and would have made it closer the bad weather didn’t kick it.  


James looked into the fire before letting an irritated sigh knowing that splitting up was a bad idea, but knowing Lisanna if they would have stopped her it would have turned violent. “Hey Nani do you think the others are okay? I mean Lisa isn’t the best when it comes to things like this.” 


Nani sighed running her had threw her long red hair. “I’m sure Chad and Bella could handle it that’s why I sent them they may be free spirits but, push comes to shove I know they can stay up.” 


Crystal sat up from her spot and turned to Nani with a small smile. “You know I see why Lady Karen gave you this job, you’re good in situations like this.” 


“I guess but-” 


“I know I read your mind during the lecture.” Crystal said smiling while Nani gave her a deadpanned look as James just gave off a small laugh.  


“All jokes aside you a brave and strong person and it takes a lot of courage to do this.” Crystal praised the blushing girl.  


“Thanks Crystal that means a lot to me it really does.” Nani said smiling at her friend. 


Just as Crystal was about to respond she felt a surge of energy run threw her body she felt Daphne’s emotions of distress across the woods. They were in trouble and need your help fast. 


“What’s wrong Crys?” James asked raising an eyebrow.  

“It’s the other they’re in trouble they need help the fort Chad made won’t hold up for long.” Crystal said. 


James and Nani jumped up in shock this was bad they were stuck in a bad storm knowing not only will they not survive but, even if they do they won’t make it to the portal.  


“Okay Crystal if you can still sense Daphne than you and James can teleport to them and bring them back here, Chad won’t be able to see since it’s dark.” Nani said look between the two. 


“Can’t you just-” 


“No James I won’t stop time that’s too dangerous and when everything is back, it’s not a guarantee that it will still be the same year.”  


James and Crystal stood there silently but nodded at her James held on Crystal teleporting them into the direction of their friends. As they landed they can feel the wind whipping against their skin and the rain pelting them like small things of hail during the heavy winter. Lisanna, Chad, Daphne and Bella were bunched up together trying to keep warm. Crystal and James ran to them trying to pull each one of them to their feet. 


“C-crystal, J-James! You came for us.” Bella stuttered out from her formally pink lips that now has a hint of blue to them. 


“Of course were getting you guys out of here now come just hold on to James and I we’ll get you back to the cave.” Crystal said pulling Chad and Bella to her side as James held on to Lisanna and Daphne.  


“Alright everyone holds on tight. “James instructed he closed his eyes focusing on the cave where Nani was waiting for them to get back.  


When they returned, Nani had more food already done and extra blankets and sleeping bags out for the others. Gathering the three around the fire that sat and ate and filling them in on how much longer it would take to get to Mount. Decker before the portal to Sinagard opens. 


“Thanks for coming to get us Jimmy boy didn’t think you had it in you.” Chad said to James giving him a small slap on the back.  


James let out a deep chuckle. “Well I couldn’t let my best friend turn into a popsicle, beside it was Crystal that sense Daphne’s emotions she was able to track you guys using her telepathy.” 

“You guys did great out there all of you now get some rest because were up at 4’o clock sharp, to hike up the mountain early then James can take two sets of people at a time to get to the other side.” Nani said.  


Just when everyone was about to say goodnight Lisanna stood up from her spot and looked at everyone, with a look of shame and regret. The concern looks on the faces of Daphne and Nani spread while James, Chad and Bella just muttered under their breath.” 


“Before we go to sleep I just want to say I’m sorry. I put everyone lives in danger and miss out on our change of a better life style.” Lisanna said rubbing her hands over arms hoping it would bring comfort.  


“All I wanted to do is prove that I was able to do something right, but I let that idea cloud my better judgment and for that I’m so sorry.” 


This apology shocked everyone Lisanna isn’t known for regret or to apologize the girl was normally confident girl would have head standing tall even if she has made the smallest of errors. Nani walked up to her and pulled her into a hug this caused all the other teens to smile at the pair.  


“It’s okay one of the important things about being a great leader, is admitting that you were wrong so you can learn from your mistake.” Nani stated wisely still smiling at the smaller girl.  


“Thank you Nani, really Lady Karen was right to choose you.” 


“Okay now that One Live to Life moment is over I say let’s sleep” Chad said making everyone laugh before falling into a deep sleep hearing the rain slowly come to end as each small drop hits the earth. 


An alarm that was set woke up the powered teens and they ate then continued to their destination, each one using their abilities to try to make it make it closer. After an hour, they reached Mt. Decker earlier than expected and now for them to cross over to the other side so a new life can begin. 


“Okay James I want you to take Lisanna and Daphne, Bella and Chad then you’ll come for Crystal and I last.” Nani told the teleporter.  


James started to teleport each group over the side of the mountain and when it James, Crystal and Nani reached, there stood Lady Karen smiling over at the group. Over the past century the headmistress has never been more proud of a group of students then she was at the moment. 


“Congratulation with three minutes to spare at that, in less than a few minutes your new life begins and new amazing things will happen.” Lady Karen said smiling down at her former students. 


They all smiled feeling pride and joy as they’re headmistress spoke so highly of them they continued to listen to her speak.  


“Remember every struggle and hard time that you have faced, because each one of those has made you stronger.” As she finished speaking a larger green-blue swirl stood next to the older woman and threw it they saw beautiful sky reaching building, clean streets and smiling people walking everything looks so peaceful and it’s everything they could imagine and more. 


Lady Karen spoke softly. “It is time my children, be happy in your new life.”  


All the super powered teens all went hand-in-hand into Sinagard where they would start a new life and they would know all of their dreams would come true. 


When they walked in they saw three people in large silk robes will accepting looks on their faces, looks they have never gotten from the people on Earth.  


“Come our new children this will be your new home.”  


Now into their new journey they can now overcome any obstacle they may surface, knowing that there will be people just like them and will accept them for who they are.  











































The Weekend


In front of Dawson high school four friends are talking about their upcoming weekend. Ryan Lawrence, was trying to convince his friends into staying in an abandoned house.


“Come on Nathan be a downer man this is going to be awesome.” Ryan said to his best friend.


Nathan Cross was use to his friend’s crazy ideas but this one was, finally crossing the line. He HdeH rolled his sky-blue eyes.


“No you sick freak. I can drink at my own house; why would I go to an abandon house?


Ryan stood up lighting his blunt. “It’s called a bucked list dude we’re seniors now we have to do, something exciting before we become boring ass adults who hate life.”


Nathan’s girlfriend Lisa North, muffled her laugh before responding. “Ry, you already hate life.” Lisa said.


Ryan gave her a pointed look. “Exactly imagine how much worse it will be when we’re 30.”


Dani Fleming laughed at her friend’s banter, though Ryan did make a good point it was their last chance of freedom before going out to college.


Nathan gave Ryan an unimpressed looked before asked him the real important question.


“Alright where is this house at anyway?” Nathan questioned.


Dani and Ryan shared a wicked grin as she responded.


“Glad you asked it’s the old house on Adams Street.” Dani said.


The couples became pale when they heard the address. Rumor was that the house is haunted by the former owner, who was a known as the Happy Killer in the late 90’s.


“Are you two out of your damn minds, this isn’t American Horror Story!” Nathan yelled angrily at Ryan.


“I know so Evan Peters won’t be there to kill you with a smile, and Lisa I’m sorry Evan Peter’s won’t be there to kill you with a smile.” Ryan smiled as he threw his blunt away ignoring the flip off Lisa gave him.


“Don’t be wimps meet us there at seven sharp, we are off to buy lots of booze see ya!” Dani yelled out to the couple.


As they watched them disappeared down the street, Nathan watched Lisa shaker her head in her head in her tiny hands.


Nathan looked as his girlfriend. “You know this is the consequence of being friends with stoners.”


Lisa and Nathan were on Adam street still waiting on Dani and Ryan to show up, ten minutes later the couple came up to them huffing and puffing.


Lisa glared at her friends. “Seven sharp, huh?”


Ryan collapsed on the ground with a loud groan. “Yea, give us a break, we had to run from an angry pit-bull.”


Dani leaned against Lisa for support. “I hate the hood.”


“This isn’t the hood it’s suburbia.” Nathan said smirking at them.


Ryan and Dani glared at him glared at him before turning their attention to the old house. It had broken windows in different areas, and the red paint was still peeling off the walls.


“So what are we waiting for?” Lisa asked.


On cue a group of the popular kids from their high school pulled up to the house.

Britney Lake the most popular girl in school stood beside her boyfriend Allen Smith.


“Let’s get this party started losers!” Britney yelled. With that a loud smash was heard.


Dani broke a beer bottle in front of the gate and yelled. “Okay boys and girls it’s time to party!”


After an hour of drinks and smokes all the pervious worries seem to vanish from the young teens mind. Britney took Allen upstairs into the bedroom so they could have some fun, unknown to them a man was hidden in the room.


Screech was heard and the two teens broke apart to see a man welding a knife swiping at the young girl’s face. A loud scream ripped through their throat’s. Running down they fearing for their life.


“STOP! Stop everything, their someone here.” Britney yelled.


“What? Don’t be crazy it’s just us.” Lisa said unbelieved tone.


Allen shook his head. “No, we’re being for real so weirdo with a knife is up there.”


Britney shook her head in frustration. “Doesn’t even matter we’re out of here! You losers can stay if you want be we are getting out of here.”


The rest of the guest followed Britney out of the house.


Ryan sighed before saying “That was a bust.”


Sitting on the couch the four friends started question the house. Nathan took another swing of his beer, before turning to his best friend.


“So, what’s the real story on this house?” Nathan asked.


“Back in the 90’s there was a guy who lived here seemed friendly kind, average neighbor but very isolated; strange things started happening around here teenager, kids and other random people just started to go missing.” Rayan started.


The others leaned in more wanting to know more about what their friend was saying.


“It wasn’t until one day a boy just about our age came running out the house in pure terror, escaping the wrath or the mystery killer. Next day cops can by the search the place to find the man gone however, what they did find was the bodies of the missing victims.”


Lisa held on to Nathan’s arm. “What happened to the killer?”


Ryan continued. “No one knows he was never found but people say he might be living under the house or haunting there’s many different rumors, either way he’s still here in this very house.”

Ryan made a loud slam on the table before laughing at his friends who screamed in fright.


“Man, you guys are just too easy. “Ryan laughed.


The others glared at him not liking his sick sense of humor.


“You’re an ass Ryan!” Dani yelled at him.


Ryan made his way up the steps. “Yea but you like it, I’m going to the bathroom back in a minute babies.”


What seemed to be a minute turned into an hour and Dani made the decision to go up and check on Ryan.


Nathan gave her a stern look. “Be careful up there.”


No more than five minutes Nathan and Lisa hear a loud scream, running upstairs they see the most horrifying sight. Both Dani and Ryan was lying on the floor dead, as a tall man who looked no more than in his late 40’s licking the blood of the knife that no doubt belongs to Dani. The man turns to them giving the couple an evil smile slowly making his way toward them.


Nathan grab on to Lisa arm as they ran faster down the hall way as the sound of maniacal laughter, echoing out of the walls.


“Hurry up! We have to find a way of here.” Nathan yelled.


Lisa gave him a destressed look. “How all the door is locked and so is the windows!”


Slowly closing his eyes in agony thinking about his best friends being, killed by a mad man.


“Well we’re just going to have to find away or will end up like the others.” Nathan says. That laugh followed through again before speaking.


“Run, run as fast as you can and as much as you, want but you’ll never escape me.” The killer spoke


Lisa and Nathan hid in a large storage closet in one of the room, Nathan pressed his hand over Lisa’s mouth to stop her cries of terror. Only hearing the drops of the water coming from the sink drop after drop after drop.


Nathan looked at Lisa who was hugging her knees up to her chest he spoke softly. “Some start to the weekend huh?”


A small smile came across her teared stained face. “This was supposed to be the weekend of the century. No little siblings no parents just all of us here having fun.” Lisa said in a hushed tone.


“Yea now it feels to be in A Nightmare on Elm Street movie.” Nathan joked lightly.


Lisa stared at him for making that type of joke, so she just shook her head in irritation even though she couldn’t hide the amusement that danced around in her eyes.


“Come on let’s get some rest while, we have the chance we’ll need all our strength to get out of this hell hole.” Nathan said pulling Lisa into his arms.


Lisa leaned into him before responding. “Right.”


After a short few hours Nathan shook Lisa awake and placed a finger over his mouth telling her to keep quiet.


“I haven’t heard anything for a while so lets you use this time to get out of here.” Nathan says.


Opening the door quietly as possible they made their way out of the room, and into the hallways once more trying to make a break to the front door. However, they were stopped by the sight of mad man with a sadistic smirk on his face as he twirled a blade in his hand.


The killer grin grows wider. “You didn’t think I wouldn’t find you now huh piggy’s?”


Rage took over Nathan’s face. “Who are you and why the hell are you doing this?!”


The mad man let out a small laugh. “Me? Names Jacob McKnight, the Happy Killer, why happy killer you might ask? Well my job always puts me in a good mood. As to why it’s because I can and no one can stop me.”


Shaking his head in disgust Nathan told Lisa to run, bewildered for a moment she stood there in hesitation.


Nathan shook her before yelling. “Don’t just stand there run!”


Lisa looked at her boyfriend one last time before she took off in the opposite direction, not looking back as tears of sorrow ran down her face.


Jacob sighed before rolling his eyes. “You know playing hero doesn’t work right.”


Not answering Nathan ran full force at the killer but not getting far, Jacob threw the knife that landed right in the middle of Nathan’s throat as he slowly made his way on to the floor.


Jacob walked over to pick up his knife “Well that was no fun, time to find the girl so I can watch ESPEN Lakers are playing.”


Lisa almost made it to the door until she felt her hair being tucked and was thrown against the wall. McKnight gave of an evil laugh as he rubbed her face in what seemed in an almost affectionate way. He lends in the violently shaking her and whispered to her ear.


“Game over.”



























About the Author

Necia Raye is an aspiring short story author and novelist and she is earning a Bachelor of Creative Writing at Full Sail University. When Raye isn’t writing, she is just like everyone else. Just trying to pay one bill at a time and catching up on the whole 12 seasons of Supernatural; on Netflix. Check her out on her Twitter page for updates on her projects. https://twitter.com/RoneciaWhite



The Wave and Other Short Stories

This is a collection of three short stories that capture different story patterns. The first will be about how two completely different people must work together, to stop a villain from flooding the Earth. The second is about how a group of super-powered teens makes a journey; to make their way to a mountain in order for them to finally find acceptance and obtain a second chance at life. Finally, the last one is going to be about four teenage friends go off to have, a weekend of fun but ends up not going their way.

  • Author: Ronecia White
  • Published: 2017-07-30 23:35:10
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The Wave and Other Short Stories The Wave and Other Short Stories