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Table of Contents

Title Page


Chapter 1: E-Wall

Chapter 2: A Nation at Watch

About the Author





What decent man enters another man’s house without his permission? What man can even truly call his home his own when anyone can come in to it, do what they wish, dispose of what they wish, and complain when they are asked, then told to leave? His home is no longer his.

The last presidential election in the US (2016) revolved around this question in part, and the solution offered by Donald Trump was quite controversial. Build a wall on the Mexican border and make the Mexicans pay for it. Now we have the Mexicans complaining about water resources agreements, and with some justification. They certainly will not pay for it and the statement was largely bombast anyway. Did Trump plan an invasion of Mexico to enforce compliance? Certainly a bad idea. Was he going to use trade war and economic extortion? Our country is in a bind financially, has no resources to waste, nor good will to waste in such a callous endeavor. It would be more divisive than the Vietnam War, lead to further degradation of American domestic tranquility. Yes, an absolute political calamity. Trump wants to modify trade policy to protect America’s prosperity and sovereignty, but a vindictive and hostile policy is not advantageous to anyone.

This is an open letter as essay to the current administration and to concerned citizens. It harks back (harps back if you are hostile or prefer) to some favorite ideas of the author to fix life here in America. I hope to keep this short and sweet (bitter and sour if you see it that way.) Back to Table of Content



Chapter 1: E-Wall

The Great Wall of China, Hadrian’s Wall made of stone or modern concrete as a substitute is hardly economical nor required. We need visual observation posts and electronic countermeasures that the Coyotes (guides) cannot disable or evade. Such a wall will in no way affect the flow of water into the Rio Grande drainage area, and would nullify any attempt by Mexico to use that ploy to impede the construction of the wall. We also will pay for the wall ourselves. We might charge a transit fee going both ways across the border to help finance it, but my plan uses American (Yankee) ingenuity, killing two birds with one shot administration (already paid for assets used for double missions.)

We already have ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) stations along the border. We hook these up to towers and ECM (Electronics Counter-Measures.) These electronic sensors must be placed discretely and concealed. They should be drawn from requisite devices already used by the Armed Forces, CIA and police. Bulk purchases and the cheapest devices possible will keep costs down.

We will set it up in rings. The outer ring will be the first line of detection and requiring great stealth in emplacing it. It will generally use data burst technology (wireless radio) with some cable between nodes (array of sensors linked by fiber optics or co-ax cable buried underground.) There may be sparse longer runs to the inner rings or command towers or posts. Second and third rings will follow with the towers and ICE command stations (known positions to all) with visible sensors. We will use military and perhaps some police and intelligence assets to set up the first ring. We integrate military and intelligence training into the mix. Training expenses apply to wall expenses (two birds with one shot):

OUTER WALL: Military units such as SEALS, Delta Force, Army, Marine, Air Force, Coast Guard Special Forces, Army and Marine snipers and scouts have special training in stealth, reconnaissance. Under cover of night and bad weather, they will plant the outer ring as both mission and training deployment. Their commands must do this in such a way to keep costs down to a minimum by doubling training with mission costs, two birds with one shot. Good work will be rewarded with commendations and promotion as in normal duty.

SECOND WALL: Army Rangers, Airborne, Marine units specializing in reconnaissance, some intelligence and police assets perhaps will deploy these units. They could include relay stations to pick up signals from the Outer Wall, more powerful sensors in general (in the electrical power input and output sense.)

THIRD WALL: Engineering units: Army Corps of Engineers, Sea-bees (Navy), Air Force units should use trucks and equipment to build a detection wall closer to towers and ICE stations where these stations can detect attempts to sabotage, tap into or otherwise impair the sensors. It is good training for engineers to work at night. While their work will hardly be invisible to citizens and non-citizens alike, they can still use stealth and tricks to protect detection assets.

For example, a reconnaissance in force unit reconnoiters territory for enemy assets. They stop by some bushes or gullies or trees. Secretly, snipers and scouts slip out of the column and slip away to set up a reconnaissance post. Alternately, reconnaissance teams can be recalled by slipping into the column without detection, hiding their existence from the enemy. The column could also pick up intelligence packets with info that recon teams are passing along to command without using radio. By this means, a reconnaissance in force company, battalion, regiment or brigade could be used to cloak the existence of an extensive intelligence network covering thousands of square miles. Moreover, the assets would inform the brigade what traps or ambushes might be in store for its outriders, or even assaults on the brigade, battalion, company itself. Reconnaissance in force should never get bogged down in battles, other than brushing aside sentries at crossroads, bridges, etc. Their job is to recon, break up enemy communications to keep their existence hidden and to impair enemy C cube I: Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence.

Now we come to a trickier part of the wall laid out in the the next chapter. Back to Table of Content



A Nation at Watch

The Donald is faltering in his attempts to keep his campaign promises. Did he ever really intend to enforce them, or just say whatever was needed to corral the vote? The troubadour siren of the Trump campaign, Ann Coulter, is turning against The Trumpster. The Republican Party was against him from the start as a general policy but had to recoil before Red State disaffection. The opponents were planning the impeachment of Trump before he was elected, after the election before taking office, and after he took office. Forget about the fact that it is impossible to commit an impeachable act when not in office, that is not the point. What cannot be done at the election box must be done in the kangaroo court. Coulter is just a defeatist traitor as well. Where did Miss Christiana get the notion that Trump was the last best hope for America, the world, for Coulter, for Melanie or even himself? Who is the last best hope for the world, Mrs. almost Bob Guccione Jr (porn magnet son), mini-skirted tease on Bill Marr liberal roasts, NYC girl with all your gay friends (fag hag), and a woman who admittedly stabbed her first boss in the back because she disagreed with his policies? Do the initials JC ring a bell for last best hope, Ms. Presbyterian?

Before I go on, let me tell you an anecdotal story that may seem out of place to you, but that I consider at least indirectly à propos to matter under consideration:

Called to court duty as happens to so many of us, the case was put before the jury. The defendant, whose driver’s license was suspended for many infractions, was found in his car on the side of a road after some kind of accident or stall out. He was in the driver’s seat, not at the wheel. The police arrested him for felonious operation of a motor vehicle. His defense attorney, somewhat smarmily told us that his client had a right not to testify on the matter, and that we could not convict unless evidence beyond a reasonable doubt was testified to and offered as evidence. The police testified to the facts. No one saw him at the driver’s wheel, no witnesses found to place him there.

We went to the jury room. All thought he was guilty, but could we prove it? Why did he not testify in his own behalf? My ex-lawyer brother-in-law says that lawyers will not put ex-cons on the stand, because this allows the prosecution to impute their character, their past convictions coming into play. It is not legal to prejudice the jury by bringing up former behavior, as this is not directly related to the case, unless imputing the character of the witness (defendant) is in play. Could we assume he was the driver based on circumstantial evidence? We adjourned, called the court back into session to find out. The judge said that we could assume nothing, that not being evidence. The prosecution and police there in the court looked pissed off. We came back with a not guilty verdict. The police at hand to remand the defendant to custody or whatever there for, sneered at us in disgust. I felt guilty as I thought him guilty. Then I became angry and resentful. Why?

Suppose his pal drove him, got in an accident, but with a driving record almost as bad as his pal. He did not want to increase his insurance, hard up for cash, or maybe have his license suspended again for driving recklessly after police investigation? Why did the defendant stay in his car in the passenger seat? The car was his. How did it get there? The cops would come back to him. He might as well stay there, clam up and not rat out his pal. Can I prove this? Can you disprove this? Isn’t this improbable? No, I can easily imagine such a scenario. It is in play. You might imagine a few other scenarios.

Well, look, convict him anyway for covering up the crime of leaving the scene of an accident that the defendant aided and abetted. He was not on trial for leaving the scene, nor aiding anyone from leaving the scene. He did not leave the scene. We must judge on evidence and with witnesses or solid evidence. The evidence was not there. Only God can punish people for crimes committed in general. And that is because he is omnipotent and omniscient and creator of men. To give men such power would be an outrage to justice, leading to gross injustices.

We have city governments using excuses to aid and abet violations of the law. Coyotes do not make it easy for ICE to catch them. Relatives who may be illegal or not help these illegals out of family loyalty or self-interest. Illegals are being used for election fraud. The big cities have been controlled by Democratic Party machines for generations. Dan Rather claims no proof of fraud. How could there be when the big city machines have large portions of the population of states, control county governments and so county courts, have a great say in state legislatures, have say in state court appointments? And how about Hillary being outraged by Trump questioning the fairness of American elections? Hey, Hillary Fraud Clinton, does the name Al Gore ring a bell? Was the Kennedy election made possible by fraud in Chicago? The consensus is yes. Nixon chose not to push. How about the Pendergast machine stuffing ballots to get go to hell Harry Truman into the Senate? How about Truman pardoning convicted Democratic machine ballot stuffer in Kentucky? How about the outrageous LBJ and very likely murderer getting into office? The evidence is strong that LBJ was a ballot stuffing murderer. Over the period between the Civil War and today, the power of the Democratic Party has progressively pushed out Republicans from big cities and this is a known fact. Such people as Mayor Lindsay, Rudy Giuliani, must play ball or face trouble. Let a few R’s get in office to make it look good. Why risk stuffing ballots, when making it look good takes pressure off the corrupt machine?

Now can I believe the possibility of Republicans stuffing ballots? Very easily. Maybe George W could say to himself (assuming he was guilty of anything), “That makes us even for Jack Kennedy.” The point is that Hillary Clinton and her pals are outrageous frauds to condemn Trump for questioning the fairness of American elections. Does the name Tilden ring a bell, Hillary? But technically, that could be considered to be legal, maybe. The Jack Kennedy affair in Chicago was indisputable fraud. We also have Annie Coulter opining that cheap maids, laborers without legal recourse, help the greedy Republican cut costs. Left wing, right wing crapola! The reason why Mexicans have no jobs in Mexico is Mexico’s fault. That goes double for the good ole USA. The reason? The leaders have no decency, honor or integrity.

And how about whether CIA operatives were pushing drugs in Vietnam? The statute of limitations is past. Intelligence agencies are masters of red herrings and disinformation. As long as the red herring is viable, no conviction is possible by legally valid means. Do I believe CIA operatives were pushing drugs in Nam and later? Yep. Is it in the secret charter of the CIA to push drugs? Likely not, why the incriminating documentation? So Richard Helms was likely technically correct when saying the CIA was not involved in drug trafficking. How about MK Ultra and burned evidence, Mr. Helms? Would we be surprised if CIA hitmen were freelancing as well for extra income? There is the matter of red herrings and proof, of course. We do not wish to malign reputations, though we have our opinions. But opinions must be clearly stated as opinions.

Getting back to a nation on the watch. We hook up our sensors to the Internet through the Web. We also hook up sensors to police, certain organizations such as American Legion, Kiwanis, VFW, should they wish to volunteer. I am absolutely against any churches, or other religious bodies getting involved. Trump requests volunteers to monitor various sites along the border. This is scrambled by ICE. We offer very high standard encryption software to volunteers for their computers. Even if the system is broken into, the scrambling by ICE as to who is watching what will be a great problem to snoopers. One isolated arid zone of Arizona, New Mexico, West Texas or Southern California looks quite like many other places in the same zones. This is all volunteer stuff, no money from the government’s coffers. If the Red State folks complain about deficits, lawlessness on the borders, government entitlements, and lack of self-help, they can put their eyes and ears where their mouths are and help. We certainly do not exclude the Blue State volunteers either.

As a man with years of experience in this kind of stuff, looking at monitors of pretty much nothing for the most part, can be trying. People should only volunteer for as much time as they can honestly bear. If you cannot watch, limit your time on watch. We should offer training films on how to catch and recognize infiltration techniques. You must have seen those pictures of snow leopards and lions right in front of your face in the photograph and how hard they can be to detect. Well trained snipers can sometimes be right at your feet with their Ghillie suits and escape notice.

Anything that increases the average American’s Internet security is a plus. Identity theft is a nightmare problem and must be stopped. If we cannot keep secure lines to our own citizens with topnotch(?) equipment and software, some ass kicking has to go on somewhere.

American Legions (and other organizations) can set up rosters and maybe training seminars to improve performance. After some months we should have contests with prizes. If you spot the sniper, SEAL, sneaking in to update, check, replace an intelligence array, you win a prize. Maybe in the volunteer spirit, Burger King would supply $100 gift certificates (Hey, the money donated would be spent at BK), Sears a gift card, etc. to go along with the prize(s). If no one catches the SEAL, the prize goes to the SEAL. Am I kidding? No, I am not. I told you I have lots of experience at this. Imagine a camera with fogged up screen at 3 AM after 3 to 11 hours of on duty time. Santa Claus might drop by from the sky, flip you the finger, and still deliver toys to all the offices in some cases. How about that 747 Jumbo jet with lights on, navigation beacons active off Siberia, that was somehow shot down without being warned off? Is it possible humiliated Russian operators shot it down to cover up that it got so far into airspace that was protecting itself from a nuclear holocaust courtesy of Uncle Sam? Maybe so! How embarrassing! (Oh, yeah, the fighter pilot claimed he wagged his wings or to that effect. “What me worry? proclaimed Captain Alfred E. Neuman Park Chung He. “He’ll never shoot me down, the clown!”) Looking at monitors and screens with nothing much going on gets to you after a while.

It comes down to this, we either secure our borders or write this country off. The Internationalist clique do not care. We must maintain local autonomy at all levels. Each man is a sovereign power in his own person, each, city, state, country. It is great to cooperate when conflicting interests are at play, otherwise mind your own f’ing business. We even have the rotten, corrupt, UN butting into our zoning laws.

Thank you for reading this essay. Back to Table of Content


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My current biography and contact links are posted at Shakespir.com/profile/view/EdRochon. My writings include essays, poetry and dramatic work. Though I write poetry, my main interest is essays about the panoply of human experience and knowledge. This includes philosophy, science and the liberal arts. Comments, reviews and critiques of my work are welcome. Thank you for reading my book.

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The Wall

A brief preface opines the problem of a country that cannot control access to its own territory and proclaims the essay as an open letter to America. Chapter 1 proposes a 3 layer ECM (Electronics Counter-Measures) wall set up by military units as part of their training to get double use of expenditures. Snipers, SEALS, special forces units set up first wall in stealth. Rangers, airborne, Marine reconnaissance units set up second wall in stealth. Corps of Engineers, Sea-bees, military construction and engineering units set up third wall, using stealth techniques too. These are hooked up to ICE stations and towers set up between ICE stations. We expand assets that we already have and use them to make the border airtight. Chapter 2 discusses legal and political problems on the immigration matter. We make USA a nation at watch. We hook up reconnaissance through ICE to the Internet, help secure volunteers' computers that include individuals and organizations such as American Legions, VFW's, etc. They volunteer some time to secure the border. We offer prizes if folks can spot SEALS, Army and Marine snipers at work. If they cannot, the sniper wins the prize. This will stimulate interest in watching those boring monitors, listening to those boring microphones out there.

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