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The Visual Imagery, Artemis & Life

The ancestors of western society had a belief system that satisfied both the needs of society and the individual need for spiritual satisfaction. The 'Life, Death and Artemis' series is an in-depth academic study of one part of that belief system, embodied in the Goddess Artemis, a member of the Greek Pantheon. This purpose of this series of volumes is to present an analysis of the imagery, cult practices and beliefs in Artemis, in order to extrapolate the intrinsic nature of the goddess, culminating in the view that the forces and the course of mortal life in all their complexity were anthropomorphised in her. These volumes contain the results of the examination of three thousand years of belief and practices; analysis of over seventeen thousand images; three and a half thousand references to Artemis in ancient texts; and much modern academic commentary, in order to piece together a coherent picture of this once important aspect of western society and its beliefs. The series consists of several volumes; the first addresses the diverse imagery of Artemis; the second addresses the cult practices; and the third addresses the perceived active role of Artemis. Reference material is presented in a separated volume This first volume, 'The Visual imagery, Artemis & Life' is an examination of the diverse imagery related to Artemis, a discussion of both the diversity of representation and the commonality of the themes expressed in the art and artefacts related to Artemis; demonstrating the correlation in the imagery between Artemis and Life. Subsequent volumes examine this relationship in greater detail, within the practices and beliefs as documented by those who practiced Artemis worship.

  • ISBN: 9781370749201
  • Author: Mary G. Galvin PhD
  • Published: 2018-01-28 01:20:07
  • Words: 28592
The Visual Imagery, Artemis & Life The Visual Imagery, Artemis & Life