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The Vampire Prince (The WereVamp Princess and her 2 mates)



The Vampire Prince

The Werevamp Princess and Her 2 mates Series


Book One:


By S. R. Dondo


Copyright © 2016 by S. R. Dondo

Shakespir Edition


All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including emailing, photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the author.


This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual events or locals or persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental.


“Balance has ascended in the supernatural world after all this chaos of war.

But a werewolf king and vampire queen cannot rule two different kingdoms by themselves forever.

So a half vampire half werewolf child heir was born after that king and queen consummated.

She shall be gifted with 2 mates, a vampire and a werewolf.

But one of them shall be pure evil, a minion of the devil! And if left to become King, shall cause utter chaos on earth!

The Only way to prevent this utter chaos from happening lies in the hand of the Werevamp child.

So when choosing the right mate to become the next King and her husband, she should choose wisely and carefully. As he will betray her if she chooses wrong.


As the prophet finished reading his vision, he folded the paper and handed it to me the Vampire Queen Sierra as this was after all a prophecy regarding my child, the Werevamp Princess.


Chapter 1



A skinny scruffy figure stood facing a cave known to be the demons layer.

Surrounding the cave lay dead bodies everywhere. Their disfigured parts showed that a ruthless creature had done this to them. The stench was so nauseating and the place was filled with an aura of evilness.

The figure was shaking not from being cold but from fear as he entered the cave.

The cave was huge and filled with thousands of demons, some eating their friends and some planning evil schemes. It seemed that after that defeat from the werewolves, vampires and witches, the demons had steadily recuperated over the years. Their army now seemed to be growing.

The figure was then surprised by the large supply of a pure white thing which was being brought in by some demons and being stashed on the corner. It looked important.

He then heard one of the demons, uttering about how this was going to be the special weapon they would use against the Vampire Queen. It was mostly for when she would decide to utter some powerful words which she had used to previously single handedly defeat the demon king and his army. The words were dangerous as they included the name of a Powerful and most feared messiah who had already defeated their Master the devil. But this time they were going to make sure it did not work.

In the front of the cave, was a big golden throne chair and sitting there was none other than the new demon king son of the previous demon king who was killed in the previous war.

The demon king’s eyes were so red that you felt like you were looking at the devil himself. He had tattoos on every inch of his body.

“I hope you have good news for Me.” the demon king spoke in a loud booming voice, causing silence in the cave as all the demons had stopped what they were doing.

“Um.” the figure said stuttering. He so did not want to be here but the demons had kidnapped his only son forcing him to do their bidding.

“Speak up idiot! If its bad news then I’m going to end yours and your son`s pathetic life by feeding you to my demons!”

After the demon king said that the demons started getting excited about having a new fresh meal.

“My lord we could not find the Werevamp princess at the castle, please have mercy on me and not hurt my son, I promise I will find her if given another chance.” the figure said and knelt down with tears flowing on his face as he knew he was going to face his end soon.

“Ha ha ha ha.” the Demon king started laughing causing the other demons to join in the laughing. Using demonic speed the demon appeared in front of the figure.

“Werewolf! I show no mercy and second chances are given by Losers.” the demon king whispered into the figure`s ears and blew cider smoke into his face.

After doing that, the demon king cruelly snapped the werewolf`s head off causing it to fall to the floor and to be devoured by demons.

“Was that really necessary demon king? If you continue killing all the spies we might end up having none.” A bored voice then uttered with the owner coming out from the shadows.

“I don’t like failures and you better remember that too.” The Demon King then replied threatenly.

“I am confident that I won’t fail in getting my hold on the Vampire Werewolf throne as king but I’m afraid it will be you who fails in playing your own part instead.” The mysterious young man then replied, leaning against the wall cave with a smirk on his face.

“If it wasn’t for the both of us serving the same master, the devil, then i would have enjoyed killing you in cold blood!” The demon King then uttered angrily and turned back to seat on his throne, ignoring the visitor.

“I am after all sure that I am her soulmate as that witch prophesized and you need me demon king. So try to be nice.” The mysterious young man replied.

“Whatever. I summoned you to see that witch again; she is now done with that portion that will hide your true nature.” The Demon King then replied him.

“Oh well, I better go see her then.” The young man then replied dreading this part of their plan which he consented to as his mind was going to be soon tempered with. It was necessary for the witch to clear all memories of him, his dealings with the demon king and his evil nature and keep them hidden in another part of his mind.

He could not risk his little princess mate discovering his devious self before he got what he wanted. Once that witch would be done with him he knew that he would be a totally different person oblivious to the darkness within him, with some missing memories. The kind of innocent person his little mate could trust and love. As soon as he gained the throne, the witch would unlock back his memories and return him to his true self. Then he would bring destruction and mayhem which his craved for.

He then turned and left through one of the secret tunnels in the demon cave heading to see the witch to gain his new identity.

“Werevamp Princess, I’m coming for you and when I find you, you better be prepared to wish you had never been born. Your parents can’t hide you from me forever, I shall avenge my father on you!”

The demon king then angrily screamed with raging fire burning in his eyes.

Chapter 2


“I’m sexy and I know it!”

I heard my bestfriend Tiana sing in the bathroom. For me it was not innocent singing, it was more like a let’s annoy Rose and make noise day.

“Shut up Tiana I’m trying to sleep here!!” I shouted hoping she heard me.

But noooooo she just had to come to my bed and start singing more into my ear while shaking her hips.

“Tiana I swear if you are not careful I will strangle you in my sleep!” I said to her feeling irritated that my beauty sleep was now ruined by my roommate and bestfriend.

“Oh please like you could hit a fly, you’re like the angel of saints.” she playfully and innocently said to me.

I wanted to tell her she was all wrong as I was the most powerful and feared creature in the supernatural kingdom.

I was the half vampire half werewolf princess and in short called the Werevamp Princess. I had my Vampire side named Luciana and my wolf named Ashyla. I had both vampire and werewolf powers so I was unstoppable.

“I want Her Blood Now.” I heard my vampire side Luciana angrily snarl in my head as she wanted to go back to sleep. My vamp side had no sense of humor, was grumpy and thought humans were an irritation to her and just needed to be gotten rid of by drinking their blood.

Unfortunately for Luciana, I did not drink human blood but drank synthesized blood as my Vampire queen mother, banned the drinking of blood from humans and started a company which created free synthesized blood for Vampires.

My wolf Ashlely was the chattier, caring and funny one. Let me tell you they were both irritating.

“Roselyn did you hear what I said.” I heard Tiana’s voice say interrupting me from my thoughts.

“Oh sorry, just got distracted.” I answered her snapping out of my thoughts and blocking my vampire side Luciana as I would never hurt my friend Tiana.

“I was saying that today my friend we have become women. Do you know what day it is? “She then said to me.

I looked at her confused as I did not know what the heck she was blubbering about.

“Ow.” I pretended to say to her after she hit me on the shoulder even if it did not even hurt.

Apparently Tiana and many of my friends thought I was human. I had a witch who once did a human appearance spell for my mom, do the same for me for safety reasons so no one recognized me.

I was a lucky princess as my Mom the Vampire queen Sierra Wolfen and my Father the Werewolf King had allowed me to live 21 years of my long life as a normal human but it was mostly for my safety.

Apparently some demon prince now demon king was after my life for the death of his evil father the demon king who once tried to enslave all creatures Vampires and werewolves. Staying at the castle was not safe for me as there were apparently some spies for the demon king lurking there.

So i got to high school which I hated and now I was going to college as just like a normal human, I could grow up but my aging stopped when I turned 18.

“Oh brother, today I’m going to college!” I shouted to Tiana now realizing what she was talking about.

“Yes Roselyn and you always say I’m the slow one.” she said pointing an accusing finger to me.

I looked at the time and quickly ran to the bathroom where I started cleaning up.

I looked into the mirror and saw my crystal blue eyes which I got from my mom shining brighter than ever. My dad had green eyes so my eyes turned green whenever my Vampire or Wolf side took over.

Wonderfully enough I had golden blonde hair while my parents both had black. Apparently my mom told me that because of my wolf having a golden colored fur I also got the same color for my hair just like my dad having a black wolf fur and his hair being black.

I quickly ate my breakfast and luckily I could eat food because I’m half wolf.

Apparently my wolf Ashlely was still resting so that is why my head was so quiet and at peace.

“Hey I can hear you, you know that right?” I heard Ashlely say in my head while waking up.

Oh boy there goes my peace and quiet, I thought to myself as Ashlely my wolf started blubbering all this nonsense about mate mate mate that is all that wolf ever talked about! Mate this, mate that, I was now sick of this mate business.

“Ashlely I’m really sorry but I’m blocking you.” I said to her as I just wanted peace and quiet as tomorrow was my 19th birthday. I was going to go back to the castle to celebrate with my parents.

I took my bag and put everything that I needed.

“Tiana let’s go!” I shouted out loud to Tiana who even though she woke up first was still not ready.

“Hold your horses, I’m already finished!” she shouted back to me but I knew that was far from true.

45 minutes later…

“I’m done, told you I would finish sooner.” she said to me while climbing down the stairs.

Luckily for her, I was a patient person and also knew her like the back of a book and we were now really late.

“I saw that!” she said to me as she saw me roll my eyes at her.

“Rose you need to know that a girl should always take her time if she wants to look perfect.” She said to me while taking her small mirror and checking her face.

“You do know that we are now both late on our first day at college?” I said to her as we both climbed into my car.

“That’s the price of beauty and also okay to do if I have a best friend who drives like a maniac.” she innocently said to me while putting her seat belt on.

“How dare you, I’m so offended and my driving is perfectly normal.” I replied her while faking to look like she hurt my feelings.

After saying that I quickly stepped on my brakes and sped the car like I was in a racing competition.

“I always wonder how you never get tickets for speeding.” I heard Tiana say as I quickly stopped the car as we had arrived.

“Well what can I say, I have my ways.” I said to her in a mysterious voice just to be dramatic and she just rolled her eyes at me just like I had done to her earlier.

I looked at my best friend and couldn’t help but smile at her as we had been friends since kindergarten.

“Ah Porterfield college here I come.” I thought to myself as I read the huge college sign.

Chapter 3


After finding a parking spot, I went to the reception area with Tiana to register for our classes. Thanks to my maniac driving we were not that late as many students were still arriving.

Sadly for me I was studying for a different degree to Tiana’s. She was studying to be a Fashion designer while I was studying to be a politician since I was going to queen one day. So I was not going to see my friend for the rest of the day.

After hugging her, I started walking to my first lesson.

“Welcome to college.” I thought to myself as I saw the huge class filled with hundreds of students unlike at high school were we had small classes.

But I couldn’t complain as the Boys were all hot enough to look at.

I started looking for a sit and was invited by a girl with strawberry blonde hair like mine to sit next to her.

“Hey I’m Felisha.” she said to me and I also told her my name with a friendly smile.

Our lecturer, Mr. Donald came in and started lecturing.

The bell for lunch then rang and Felisha took my hand and led me with her to the cafeteria where we met Tiana with also 2 new friends she had made.

“This is Clara.” Tiana said to me pointing to a girl who was wearing a black leather jacket and skinny jeans. She had this bad girl look about her that you knew to never mess with her.

“And this is Vanessa.” Tiana said pointing to the other girl who had raven black hair. After that Vanessa quickly gave me a bone crushing hug meaning she was one of those people with a bubbly personality.

I introduced them to Felisha and we then found a table to sit.

While looking around the cafeteria I was surprised to see that the cliques were already forming from the cheerleaders, the nerds and the emo’s.

“Guys I think we are the normal clique.” I said jokingly to them and showed them the cliques.

“It’s like high school all over again and the same cheerleader bimbos, not that all of them are like that.” I heard Clara say causing us to burst into laughter.

“Guys I need to tell you that today I almost died and went to heaven. I saw this gorgeous guy while I was going to my next class.” Tiana started saying to us with a dreamy look on her face.

“Tiana you always say that about each hot guy you see.” I said to her with a knowing look that she just wanted to hook me up on a date. Apparently Tiana always had a date each Friday and was always surprised by me not wanting to date anyone.

So she was always looking for ways to make me get a boyfriend as she thought it was unhealthy to not have a boyfriend.

“Rose this time I’m actually serious, this guy is so H.O.T that I wouldn’t mind being his date for one day, but sadly I heard that all the cheerleader bimbos have their eyes set on him.” she said to us with a sad voice surprising me that she was actually not trying to set me up on a date.

I then saw Tiana look behind me with a mesmerized look on her face and I then saw Vanessa and Clara doing the same while now fanning their faces.

“Oh my goodness it’s him!” I then heard Clara say causing me look back and see what they were looking at.

I looked behind me and was surprised to see this hot gorgeous sexy handsome etc. guy walking into the cafeteria.

All the girls in the cafeteria with me included were practically gawking at him with our mouths slightly open.

He had perfect charcoal black curly hair, perfect eyebrows, beautifully sculptured nose and ears, teasing delicious kissable lips and the face of a male supermodel.

Everything about him just screamed beautiful and perfection.

“He’s like an angel sent from above.” I heard Clara say snapping me out of the undressing trance.

I was really surprised that I had actually found myself being mesmerized by a guy. The way he walked was so flawless and what tempted me the most was this dangerous aura he had about him.

I then saw the head cheerleader Kendra and one of the prettiest girl on the campus standing up and going to flirt with him. I felt a twinge of jealousy causing me to look back at my friends as I knew he would never go for someone like me.

Tiana gave me the, I told you so look.

“Fine I guess you were right about him being hot.” I said to her.

“Rose.” I saw Vanessa look at me with wide eyes after we had chatted for a moment.

“What.” I said to her surprised by how she was looking at me.

“His staring at you!” I heard Tiana whisper to me.

“Stop lying to me Tiana.” I said to her.

“I’m serious just look back and see yourself.” Tiana said to me excitedly.

I looked behind me thinking that they were lying to me but was surprised to find myself staring at those beautiful crystal oceanic blue eyes again, which just reeled me in like a magnet.

It felt like we were staring at each other for eternity and we were the only 2 people. My whole body felt so alive and my heart had stopped beating, luckily I was half vampire so I would not die.

I was surprised to see him looking at me with love and desire.

WAIT a minute did I just say love? I shouted to myself and removed my gaze from him. How can he love me when we’ve just met?

“Omg I think he likes you.” I heard one of my friends say.

This was just so overwhelming and I could still sense his eyes on my back.

“Guys I’m going to the computers for my next lesson.” I said to my friends as I just needed some air and to think.

I also had never had an experience where a guy liked me as I always liked to be invincible. I stood up and could still feel him looking at me.

I quickly got out of the cafeteria and while walking in the passage way to the computer room I could feel him following me.

Chapter 4


I reached the computer room chose a computer in a row which was empty. While sitting and doing my work suddenly I saw him come and sit to the computer next to me.

I was really confused because right now I was wearing what fashion girls would call disgusting which was slacks, a t-shirt and a hood jacket. I didn’t even bother with my wardrobe as I would have to go through all that nonsense when I returned to my princess duties.

I could see some jealous girls now giving me evil eyes like I had snatched the hot sexy guy from them. I decided I didn’t want to have any fights with any one so I took my things and moved to a computer further from him.

After doing that I looked and saw that two girls were now fighting each other to sit on the chair I had just been sitting and also tried to flirt with him. Surprisingly the hot sexy guy didn’t return their flirting but took his things and came to sit on the sit next to me, with his eyes never leaving me.

“Was he intentionally trying to bring trouble of a pissed off female population upon me?” I thought to myself while staring at him in a confused expression although secretly I was enjoying the chase.

That expression soon turned to more gawking, as this dude was so good looking and I couldn’t help myself.

He caught me staring and I couldn’t help but blush as I was really embarrassed.

“Um why are you following me?” I suddenly said to him and couldn’t help but get lost again in his hypnotizing eyes.

“Well love how can a guy not be allowed to follow such beauty as yours.” he then said to me in this smooth velvet voice that had a nice British accent that would have made my knees go weak if I was standing.

I was now blushing more and to tell the truth I had never had a boyfriend or dated as I believed it was stupid to fall in love with someone when you knew you were going to find your mate. It just led to more heartbroken issues.

“May I have the honor of knowing the name of such a beautiful angel such as you.” he then said while slowly taking my hand to kiss it and I felt tingles all over.

WAIT A MINUTE!! Tingles.” I thought to myself and could see by the look on his face that he had also felt them.

“Soul Mate, Soul Mate.” I could hear my vampire Luciana chant in my head after breaking the wall I had used to block her in my mind. This was actually a first time for me to actually feel her this excited and happy.

I breathed in his delicious scent and found out he was a vampire so that is why the way he walked was so flawless. Weirdly enough Ashlely the one who always talked about mate was too quiet.

“Are you sad that our soul mate is not a werewolf?” I then asked Ashlely my wolf, in my head but received no answer. I guess she was now ignoring me and I did not even know what I had done.

“Well…if you want to know my name then you are going to have to do something for me.” I heard my voice say but with a flirting tone to it as Luciana had taken over while I was distracted and was now in control of my body.

I could also see that my mate was a little surprised by my eyes changing to green and my new attitude.

When I Roselyn was in control I was being shy, innocent and blushing but my Vampire Luciana had a confident attitude and knew how to handle the men she wanted. She was a vampire female after all.

I knew Luciana was going to cause me trouble by being in control but a deal was a deal.

When I was 15 years old I had made a stupid deal that if our mate was a human I would be in control when we met, if he was werewolf then Ashlely would take control and if he was a vampire then Luciana take control.

So that is why Luciana had taken control but only for 1 day to do whatever she wanted.

“Anything for you love?” he replied but was stuttering a bit as Luciana was biting and licking her lips while looking at him.

“Kiss me.” I whispered in his ear then quickly got off my chair.

“That is if you catch me first.” I said while grinning and quickly ran away from him heading for the girls toilet but he quickly caught me and pinned me against one of the lockers.

My whole body felt so alive having him so near and I could see desire and passion in his eyes. He started kissing my neck leaving trails of electricity wherever he kissed.

He then gently touched my face and passionately kissed me.

As his lips touched mine I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. Electricity was buzzing everywhere all over my body and I never wanted this kiss to end as our lips were moving so cynically.

As he released me from the kiss he looked at me and said in his hypnotizing sexy voice,

“Where have you been all my life?”

“I’ve been waiting for you.” I truthfully responded him with my voice sounding a bit husky and inside I was full of joy at finally finding my mate. Every werewolf or Vampire was supposed to find their mate from the day they turned 18 and I had to endure a whole year waiting for my mate.

It was then to my horror that I then saw a tattoo of a crown with a Vampire tooth inside start appearing on his right shoulder and luckily he did not appear to notice. It was the tattoo mark to represent he was now the destined Vampire prince as my mate. But how the heck was it appearing so fast only because we kissed and touched as that tattoo mark was supposed to appear only after we did the marking ceremony! In werewolf culture after finding your mate, the next step was the marking where you accepted each other as mates and the male had to bite the female on the neck.

And I was truly not ready for him to know that I was royalty and a princess before the marking ceremony. So I quickly pressed my mouth back on his and used my other hand to graze his shoulder causing the mark to become invincible. It was a power given to Royalty when we wanted to hid ourselves and appear normal. I guess since he was my mate i could also do the same on him.

We then continued kissing there on the lockers. I will not complain as my Lucas was a hell of a good kisser. My legs were now wrapped around him and my back was leaning against the lockers.

As the bell rang I had to force myself to end our make out session.

I was a little bit late as when I let him go I looked and saw that many people were standing watching us and had seen us kiss.

Worst of all my friends Felisha, Vanessa, Clara and Tiana had also seen this and where looking at me and Lucas with their Jaws open.

“I will see you later angel.” Lucas whispered in my ear causing sweet chills all over my body and left me to face the mob alone.

He even had the audacity to wink at me as he was leaving.

Apparently he wasn’t the only one to abandon me as even my vampire self-Luciana gave me control back.

“I will only take over today when my Lucas is with us. I don’t want to talk to your crazy human friends.” was what she said to me in a robotic tone.

I always knew my vampire self was evil but I never thought to this extend.

“Rose darling I am not evil I’m just what you call a vampire snob.” is what she replied to me in my head.

“Plus if I’m evil then that also means that you are also calling yourself evil as I am part of you.” she continued saying causing me to roll my eyes at her.

When Lucas was out of sight my friends started screaming and luckily for me it was happy screaming but they needed to stop as they were hurting my poor sensitive hearing.

“Guys please stop screaming!” I shouted at them causing them to stop.

“When did this happen? You guys only met today?” Vanessa asked first.

“When he followed me to the computer room.” I answered her not knowing how to answer that question as humans could not understand the mating bond.

They had to go on dates etc but for Vampires and werewolves, once you knew the person was your mate then it was a done deal. You just knew he was the one you would spent the rest of your life with.

“How did this happen?” Felisha asked me.

“Um he just sat next to me, we started talking and just hit it off.” I responded lying to them as I could not tell them about him, Lucas my gorgeous Vampire, being my soulmate and they bought it.

. *****


Unknown POV


“Alpha, the rogues have been spotted, there’s about 20 of them. They are about to cross and leave our land.” I heard my Beta mind link me.

“Can you stop them before they escape and how many pack members are with you?” I asked him.

“I have about a thousand pack members and yes we can stop them.” I heard my beta reply.

“Good because I want those rogues brought to me ALIVE, they are going to regret ever messing with me.” I said to him with authority then turned off the mind link.

I then let out a huge angry growl as this rogues had killed about 2 small children in my pack who went out to play in woods. I could already see red in my eyes and they were going to PAY!

Just as I was about to turn into my wolf and go to make the rogues wish they had died, I started feeling a sharp pain on my right shoulder.

“Aaaaaaaaarg.” I then yelled as the pain was so intense, it felt like a sharp needle was being used to scrap on my skin.

The pain then came abruptly to a stop. I looked at my right shoulder and saw a golden crown tattoo there with a wolf inside.

“Mate!” I heard my Alpha wolf howl in urgency then I started blacking out and my last thought was,

“Crap! He found her first!”


Chapter 5


“Luciana Wolfen!” I used her full name so she knew I was angry because of some thought she had passed on to me as we walked to my next class. Apparently she was planning to mate with our mate today, while in control.

“If you dare let me lose my virginity tonight, I will personally make myself go and drink blood from a smelly skunk.” I said to her with a serious voice.

“But he is our soulmate! It’s just the same thing as being married. So why can’t we just mate with him sooner? “I heard her whine at me in my head.

“Yes I know that but let me remind you of the promise we made to our mother. We promised her that we would not do the mating ceremony with our mate and would wait until after we introduced him to her.” I said to her reminding her of our promise. I understood my mother wanting to get to know our mate before we mated as once a couple mated then there was no going back and you would be bonded forever. Heck I did not even dare tell Luciana that I instead even wanted a wedding first before mating as she would not understand.

. “Fine, I will let you continue thinking like those humans of yours. But please don’t forget that you are not like them.” she said to me with a sad voice which made me want to apologize to her as it was in our female vampire nature to quickly want to consummate with our soulmate after meeting him to complete the mate bond.

“But we can still do the marking ritual and have him mark us.” I said to her wanting to please her. The marking ritual was not permanent and could be broken any time. It was how mates claimed each other to let others know they were taken. Once marked we would both be able to know the location of the other, a marking tattoo would appear on our bodies to show we were mated and as the male, Lucas would gain new powers to protect me, his other half. Luckily for me, he would not be able to read my mind unless I let him.

‘’Okay then.’’ my Vampire-self replied and i was glad to feel her excitement. As after doing it, we would be totally connected with our mate and all females would know he was ours.

We would then both be able to know the location of the other; a marking tattoo would appear on our bodies to show we were mates.

As I was going to my next class English I started smiling as I knew Lucas was in that class as I smelt his delicious scent. Luciana who had just been sad was now excited to see her Lucas and quickly took control.

But just as we opened the door my blood almost boiled with anger as right there straddling my soul mate was none other than Kendra the head cheerleader.

MINE!” I heard my vampire self-Luciana snarl lowly, causing Lucas to see us and go into a shocked state. I also knew Luciana was about to go and rip Kendra’s head off.

I quickly took control from her, while Luciana was furious with Kendra, I on the other hand felt hurt but at least I was calm.

“Bitch he is not yours as you are not even his girlfriends plus why would he go for you when I can give him all of this.” Kendra said to me pointing to herself, I guess she had heard when Luciana had snarled “Mine!”

While she was saying that I saw Lucas getting out of his shocked state and he quickly pushed Kendra off him causing her to fall on the floor and glare at him. Lucas ignored Kendra and started giving me a pleading look but I turned my heard to the board and ignored him for the rest of the lesson.

“Rose please just talk to him.” I finally heard Luciana say in my head after she had calmed down.

“Wow you forgive easily, I thought vampire females were the ones known to hold grudges for long periods of time.” I scoffed at her disbelieving that she wanted me to just forget what happened and talk to him.

“I will never be angry with my Lucas. I already know that just as we opened the door, that girl Kendra had jumped on him and straddled him by force to hurt us as she was jealous we had kissed him instead of her. So my grudge is with Kendra for messing with what’s MINE!” Luciana replied me.

“So you mean Lucas was not cheating on us.” I asked her.

“Oh Rose you silly thing, you should know that Lucas is our soulmate and he will never be able to want another female besides us.” Luciana chanted in my head causing me to smile.

We were still in class and I was still smiling inside from being happy to know that I was going to be the only girl Lucas wanted.

“I’m going to talk to him now.” I said to my vampire self-Luciana but she took control before I could turn to Lucas and talk to him and pull him out of his misery.

“What are you doing?” I asked her as she was the one who had said that I should forgive Lucas and talk to him.

“Oh my poor innocent minded Rose, I have decided that I want him to beg as I am not a Vampire princess for nothing.” Luciana said to me with a mischievous glint in her tone.

The bell rang and I quickly took my bag and quickly got out of the classroom before Lucas could stop me while pretending to look angry and hurt.

I guess you can say Luciana was a very great actor as she even added the tears to flow on my face. I could feel Lucas following us. I reached my car and just as I was about to open my car door I found myself pinned against my car by my deadly gorgeous soulmate Lucas.

“Roselyn my angel.” he said my name while looking at me with a pleading look. I guess he found out about my name from people at school.

“I’m sorry if I hurt you, I don’t want to ever see you cry because of Me.” he continued but now with a pained expression as he wiped away the tears on my face.

His pained expression almost made me want to tell him that I was not angry with him and my vampire self-Luciana was already satisfied when he had said Sorry.

“I promise you that as long as I shall live.” which was a long, long time since he was a vampire.

“You will always be the only girl in my life that I’m in love with and want to be with even though you might think we are moving too quickly. I can’t be blamed for falling in love with you at first sight.”

“That girl Kendra meant nothing to me and can never be compared with you.”

He then gently caressed my face and looked right into my eyes.

“Will you be my girlfriend?”

After his sincere speech I could sense he was telling the truth and so I flashed him a smile.

I moved closer and quickly hugged him.

“I love you too Lucas and yes I will gladly be your girlfriend. Plus I want you to meet me at exactly 8:00pm by this huge Willow tree in Forestry Park.” I whispered in his ear.

I quickly let go of him, stood up and climbed into my car leaving him speechless.

Chapter 6




After that speech he made to me.

I Angelina Roselyn Wolfen was actually still going to do the marking ceremony with Lucas tonight and it was better I just got that out of the way.

But firstly I decided today was the day I was going to tell my best friend Tiana everything. It was time she knew the truth about me as I had also once promised myself that if I ever found my mate, I would finally tell my best friend the truth. It was getting tiring, having to always hide things from her. Plus i wanted her to accompany me to the palace tomorrow to finally see my parents.

When I arrived I saw Tiana was already home and sitting on the couch watching Gossip girls. I could already feel my palms sweating as I was really nervous about how she was going to react.

If she freaked out on me and threatened to tell the police or something like that I was going to have to erase her mind. Another thing was I was still worried about Ashlely my wolf. I could feel her presence in my head but she was not saying anything.

“Don’t worry about Ashlely, just talk to your human friend.” I heard my vampire self-Luciana say to me.

“Tiana.” I called to my best friend.

“Hey Rose so I heard about what that girl Kendra did but don’t worry I’m going to have a talk with that Lucas guy because no one hurts my friend and gets away with it.” Tiana started blabbering to me.

“Tiana don’t worry about that, Lucas apologized to me even though it was not his fault and I’m now his girlfriend.” I said excitedly to her while going to sit on the sofa she was sitting.

We looked at each other and started screaming together like crazy teenagers.

“Wow my innocent Rose is really growing up fast.” Tiana said to me pretending to use a motherly tone causing me to laugh.

After our laughter died down I then decided now was the time to tell her the truth.

“Tiana, there is something I need to tell you.” I said to her with a serious face.

When she saw the serious expression on my face she quickly shut her mouth and looked at me to show she was listening.

That is why I always thanked God for giving me such a wonderful best friend like Tiana who understood me very well. She was like my younger sister and I really cared for her. Right now I was also a bit worried about what she was going to think about me.

“Tiana, I’m a half Vampire half Werewolf princess by the name Angelina Roselyn Wolfen.” I said to her after taking a deep breath.

To my utter amazement the girl just bust out laughing.

“Oh Rose that is the craziest thing I have heard you say. I think watching too much Vampire movies is getting to you.” she laughingly said to me.

“Tiana I’m serious.” I responded her causing her to stop laughing and stare at me.

“Prove it.” she then said seriously to me.

I used my super speed and quickly went to the kitchen where I made a sandwich in 1 seconds then I came and stood in front of her.

She first stared at me with shock then she started stuttering,


Was what she said then she continued staring at me in shock and I was now really worried for my best friend`s sanity.

After a full hour of her staring at me she suddenly came out of her shocked state.

“I don’t know what to say and I’m utterly speechless for once in my life.” she said to me.

“Take all the time you need.” I gently said to her as I knew her human mind was really trying to process this.

“So are you going to kill or drain my blood since I now know your secret?” I then heard her say out of nowhere.

“Why would I kill you? I’m still the same Rose you know just only adding the supernatural part.” I answered her but not believing, she had asked me such a question. But I could not blame her.

“Wow so can you fly?” she then started asking me out of nowhere in curiosity.

“Nope, Tiana I’m half vampire half werewolf not an angel.” I then said answering her playfully.

“Whoa you mean that Angels also exist?” she then said to me in wonder.

“I really don’t know, they have never been seen before. I only know of Vampires and werewolves.” I said to her.

“So are you still afraid of me?” I asked her after a full minute of us staring at each other.

“A little bit but your my best friend and I’m just going to have to accept you for who you are.” she said to me and gave me a hug which made my day as I was really happy.

“If you want I can just erase you mind and make you forget I even told you this secret.” I said to her wanting her to know she also had another choice.

“Heck No! Rose don’t you even dare do your mumble jumbo vampire thing on my wonderful brain.” was her wonderful reply to my question.

My best friend was one in a million

Chapter 7


As i sat on my bed in my bedroom preparing for my meeting with Lucas my Vampire mate, my phone quickly rang interrupting me.

“Hello Mom.” I answered it already knowing it was my mother Sierra Wolfen the Vampire queen. While I answered the phone, Tina came in and started doing some of the packing and I offered her grateful smile as I did not want to be late.

“Hello honey, me and your father we really miss and can’t wait to celebrate your 19th birthday tonight. My baby is growing so fast.” I heard my mom say.

“Oh please mom I still have 500 more years to live.” I said to her.

“I know, but still you are growing too fast.” I heard my stubborn minded mother say.

“Ok mom, I also wanted to ask if I could bring my best friend Tiana as I told her today about us.” I asked my mom anxiously awaiting her answer.

“Sure honey I would love to meet this girl whose been befriending my daughter.” I heard my mom say causing me sigh a little with relief.

“But I’m sending more guards and a limousine to collect you.” my mom added.

“But mom I can take care of myself perfectly fine.” I said to her not wanting to be surrounded by more bodyguards than I already had. Yep one of the conditions my parents had given me to go live the human life was that I agree to have 2 body guards one a Vampire and the other a Werewolf.

Vampires and werewolves used to be enemies but my Parents marriage of a Werewolf King and a Vampire queen united them, so it was no longer unusual to find a vampire and werewolf working together. My guards names where Kellan the vampire one and Zack the werewolf one.

They guarded me 24/7 and luckily for me they were good at not being seen and kept hidden, sometimes I even forgot about them as that’s how good at being invincible they were. I called them my shadow guards. And now my mother wanted to bring more when the ones I had were already enough.

“Tell that to your overprotective father, he is the one who told me to tell you that as he is worried about the demons getting to you.” she said to me and I knew she was telling the truth as my mother also sometimes complained of father over guarding her as she had more guards than me.

“Plus both your father and his wolf told me to tell you that you are in so much trouble and that he’s going to have a man to man talk with your lover boy very soon.” I heard my mom say while laughing but i felt something was off or bothering her.

“But how did he find out?” I then said to my mom really shocked that they knew about me and Lucas already.

“Honey your father`s wolf Jake sensed it since he is connected to your wolf Ashlely. That is how he knew and he also told me to tell you that he will soon want to have a talk with that Vampire lover boy of yours. To just show him who is in charge.” My mother informed me causing me to roll my eyes playfully at my father. I guess I would always be his little girl and he was probably going to be hard on Lucas for not being a werewolf.

“So am I going to meet my new son in law tonight?” my mom continued to ask but I sensed something in her voice which I could not decipher. Like she was nervous or something.

“Um mom I haven’t told him.” I said to her in a whisper

“Oh why darling, he is your other half and he deserves to know.” my mother answered me in a motherly voice.

“Mom, I’m afraid of him treating me differently. You and I we both know that’s the reason why I also decided to live with humans. At the castle I did not have real friends because they were always after my royal status and some of them despised me saying I was an abomination since I was half werewolf and half vampire.” I said to her and wiped some tears that where now falling on my face.

“Oh honey I know the past hurts and I never wished for any of that to happen to you my baby. But please just try and tell him. He is now the Vampire Prince and needs to know that so he can start his responsibilities.” I heard my mother say.

“Ok mom I will try but at least you and dad got it easy as you both were royals.” I said to her.

“Oh please honey, I had it very very difficult. You know my story from how I was supposed to assassinate your father and how when we mated we had to face our fathers who hated each other.” My mother said to me making me remember the story she told me about her and dad before I was born.

The demon part always scared me and I always hoped I would never get to cross paths with those vile creatures. But my mother ever since as a kid used to teach me about the Creator, the one who helped her to defeat the demons last time so I knew what to do if I crossed paths with them.

“Ok mom, I remember and anyways why are you phoning me when you could just have mind linked me” I then said to her.

“Well honey, I can’t just leave my phone to end up growing spider webs. It needs to be used plus I always need it to talk to my human friends. And remember no sleeping with that mate of yours, as that means you will complete the mating ceremony and be bonded forever. I first want to be introduced to him.” she reminded me using her motherly tone but if felt like she was hiding something from me.

“Ok mom i will do so and we are only doing the temporary marking bond. So see you tomorrow and bye.” I said to her and turned off my phone to be lost in my thoughts.



Chapter 8



I was really nervous but luckily my vampire Luciana was in control as I would have already backed down if it was me. Right now I was standing under the huge Willow tree, in the middle of a forest park. I chose it for privacy as not many people came here mostly because they were afraid of rumored mountain lions. Well I was a half vampire half werewolf not human so I was not really afraid of animals.

Tiana had walked me up to the place, helped me set up everything and left.

I looked at my wrist watch and as the hour hand struck 8:00pm I heard footsteps of someone arriving.

“Hey, thanks for coming.” I then quickly said to Lucas my wonderful mate, after hugging him.

When he looked and saw the sleeping bag, blankets and things set up under the tree, he looked at me with one of his brows up in question.

“So angel, um what are those for? And why are we in the middle of the forest at night?” he then said to me in question.

“The things are for us. I am sleeping with you here tonight as,” just as I was about to finish explaining Lucas interrupted me thinking i meant to mate. But i instead, truly meant actual sleep after the marking ceremony as my mother once told me about how she felt drained of energy afterwards,

“Angel don’t you think its too soon, I still have some things about me that you need to know.” he gently said to me but I could see he was trying hard to fight his desire for me.

But then I also knew he was talking about me needing to know he was a vampire since he did not know that I already knew.

Although he had misinterpreted my meaning, i was truly touched that he cared about my feelings. So I walked up to him and linked my hands around his neck and decided to ask him the question which I already knew the answer to. It made him freeze on the spot just as he was about to place his mouth on mine.

“You are my soul mate aren’t you?”

That’s was the question I had said to him causing him to react like that.

“How do you know that?” Lucas then said and to my disappointment quickly moved away from me.

I was not giving up and wanted us to do the marking bond tonight.

“Are you a Hunter?” I then said taking one step closer to him.

No response but he just stared intensely at me.

“A witch?” I continued while taking another step.

“Ooh you’re a werewolf aren’t you?” I then said pretending to be excited while reaching him and wrapping my hand back around his neck.

“No.” I then heard him respond at last.

“Aw if only you were a werewolf?” I then responded faking to be disappointed.

“Why?” He then curiously asked me.

“They are hot of course?” I then said lying to him as I thought he was much hotter.

I then heard him sigh and I knew he was afraid to tell me he was a vampire as he thought I would reject him since to him I appeared human because of the witch spell.

“I’m a,”

“Vampire.” I finished the sentence for him while I letting my fangs out and was now scraping them on his collar bone while wrapping my hands around his neck.

I first felt him stiffen then he looked at me with wide eyes while I just smiled looking at him with my fangs showing.

“But you…human…how…vampire…when.” he then said to me stuttering and not making sense.

“Witch spell.” I said to him and saw him understand then he gave me the most angelic smile ever.

It made me feel a little bit guilty that I had not told him that I was not only a Vampire but also a half werewolf too and the Princess. I was just afraid he would treat me differently like other supernaturals treated me once they knew who I was. It was either he would despise me for being a powerful hybrid or he would start bowing down to me and acting like a servant because I was his princess. I didn’t want to have my soul mate acting like that as it would really break and shatter my heart to pieces. I wanted to always be his equal. Mother had told me to just tell him the truth but I was afraid and would tell him when I was ready. We were going to be together forever after all.

But no, I could not let our marking be based on lies, so i decided to tell him the truth and get over with it.

“Lucas, I have something to tell you.” I then whispered to him while placing my head on his chest.

“Yes my angel?” he then replied leaning to look at me.

“I am the famous Vampire Werewolf princess and my name is Angelina Roselyn Wolfen.” I then whispered to him while dreading how he was going to react.

“Really?” he then said looking at me with wide eyes.

“Yes really and as my mate it seems you are now a Vampire prince.” I then said to him moving and grazing my hand over his shoulder to reveal the royal tattoo mark of the crown with a vampire tooth inside.

He first looked at the mark and then stared at me with wide awed eyes.

“Wow,” he then said to me.

“So does that mean that you still want me even though I am a hybrid half vampire and half werewolf?” I then whispered to him.

“Of course, why not my angel.’’ Lucas then whispered using his hand to pull my face up and kissing me.

“Now Lucas stop wasting time and hold my hands, so we can start the marking ceremony. I want to be yours and you mine.” I demanded to him as he looked at me while smiling and I smiled back.

“Your wish is my command my angelic rose.” he whispered sexily into my ear and took my hands into his and started reciting words.

“Do you Sierra, accept to be my mate? To be completely connected and bonded to me.” Lucas then said while looking at me directly in the eyes.

But before I could answer, a menacing sound then roared loudly from the forest making both me and Lucas become as still as stones.


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The Vampire Prince (The WereVamp Princess and her 2 mates) The Vampire Prince (The WereVamp Princess and her 2 mates)