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[] Table of Contents

Table of Contents 1


Daunting Shadows Untouched Silence 3

After Future 4

Before past 7

Empty pages 9

In 10

Arizel 11

Enemies of the sun 12

The Forgotten 14

Future toy 15

The Rising 18

The oppositioner 20

Paralyze my mind 21

Doppelganger 24

Vasitven 25

God Player 27

Faith 29

Life of Death 30

Lonesome star 34

Here and beyond 35

Pair of walls 37

Heretofore 38

Ghostword 39

Once 41

The Gathering 43

Newborns 44

The hive of five 46

The emancipated 49

The obscure 50

Next brevity 51

The Living Machine 52

The god without devil 54

Toy World 56

Final Fate 57

out 59

The Return 60

The Toolshed 62

Mutilation 63

God bears no name 64

Paroxysm 66

The equal of time 67

The entity divine 68

Births & Deaths 69

Flashbacks 70

Winter father 73

Mind Mirror 75

White Crow 78

Black moon 79

The Kayle reborn 80

Eulogy 81

The Timebook of Clocks 82

Lion in the Toolshed 83

Atmi deception 84

Endmost 85

*The Diary of Devil* 87


Epilogue 104

Author’s note: 105



[] Daunting Shadows Untouched Silence

to my wife and son





By antim abhay






Wave upon wave of demented Avengers march cheerfully out of obscurity, into the dream.

-Roger Waters



I walked into a hospital where none was sick and none was well.

-Leonard Cohen



There lives a poor painter who sees a painting every night in his dream. This recurring dream wakes him up in the middle of the night every time and he starts painting what he saw. But he always ends up making a new beautiful painting instead. This way, he paints one each day. He pines for gold but someone has made him promise that whatever happens he must not sell his paintings and he keeps his promise. He has become illusive because of ambiguity of this dream and his inability to create that one painting. Some know him from now, some have known him from centuries and some will never know him.


The boy in the box said, “They’ll search for me and if they find me I’ll make their dreams come true but they won’t be happy for long and then they’d want me to leave but I won’t until they love me.”



[][] After Future


He sat with elegance, holding the Sysandrian stone in one hand and grasping Arizel’s palm with other. The people and animals bowed and prayed. Both Arindhara as well as silent forest of dreams had found peace, hope and rest in his dominion. But he was not at peace with himself because he did not know where or how to find Vasitven and he knew all he could do was wait.


When he and Arizel felt their death approaching they went to the Silent forest of dreams. They kept the Prophesier where it lay after he mingled it with the river of life. Then they put the book in the cradle and tucked it slowly between their sleeping twins. Bidding goodbye to the Astrologer, together they embraced death.


When he opened his eyes he found that they were walking on a shore. Arizel’s foot caught onto something, she picked it up and was surprised to see it was a book. She started reading it as she strolled away from the shore with him. Suddenly she gave the book to him and said that this book looks like the Timebook of Clocks, but it is not. He nodded and said, “I know, this is the one made in the Toolshed when I was searching for you. We are in the place of which we dreamt. We are in Sysandria.



The first Kayle reborn kneeling at the altar inside the temple of the Goddess of Sysandria, carefully listened as the priest’s words echoed, “After leaving your native bodies, you and Arizel came to Sysandria. A Kayle takes birth in Arindhara or in the Silent Forest of Dreams and can travel between Arindhara and the Silent Forest. There are some Kayles, the Elders, who took birth in Sysandria and are here since the beginning of time. Either a Kayle is a Kayle by birth, or becomes a Kayle. The Arindharans, after death, reach the Silent Forest and after some time go back to Arindhara to take next birth. This cycle continues until they become a Kayle and then the memories of all past lives returns to them. There can be only one pair of Kayles in Arindhara and the Silent Forest of Dreams. You were a Kayle by birth and Arizel turned, while she was in Silent Forest, but as soon as she became a Kayle, the Lion enslaved her. She thought she was fooling the Lion by sneaking out to search for other Kayles, but it was his will as he sought you too for his own malicious purposes. In the domes of Teargar Arizel met the Astrologer who knew all about Sysandria and Kayles. She started visiting him whenever she could and he told her everything he knew about Kayles. Astrologer gave her the Timebook of Clocks which was given to him by Kayles and he told her to find you.  Only Astrologer knows everything about Kayles and he passes the knowledge to his successor. He is the keeper of the Timebook of Clocks. Kayles want him to give the book to the new pair of Kayles existing in Arindhara.


When a pair of Kayles is about to arrive in Sysandria two drops of tear fall from the eyes of the statue of their Goddess. One drop turns into a man and another into a woman. They have powers above all Kayles and they leave Sysandria. They are known as Vasitvens. But this time when you and Arizel arrived two drops of blood fell instead of tears. According to the prophecy the goddess will bleed on the arrival of first Kayle reborn.” 



Astrologer to the Kayle

I wish I could feel your demons

I possess the maniac’s mirror as I promised

Close your eyes and trust me

I am the keeper of melodies

Order of the other has been given

The addicts are marching in unison

Play the strings measure the deep memories

One day you will write your own elegy

The alone Arizel burns so bright

Silent forest of dreams screams in the moonless night

I am the keeper of the key

Silent forest of dreams doesn’t possess any energy

There love has no reservation

Endless are these harbingers of thine

The animals and trees are afraid of Rakhtavar the Lion

If you will go to the existent half of the forest

The Lion will transform you when you enter inside

There everyone will possess numerous lies

You will revolve in both the worlds till you escape

Leave this grave and return to the everglades



The truth is hidden from you

For your mind cannot occupy it

You may be alone or you may be known

But all have almost same dream of home

Taking birth as a human is a soul’s first life

And the soul will always be born as a human

Until the soul, encounters the unknown

Then it will be able to take birth as any entity of its will

And join them who lived like it in this world

And rest in any of the universes’ realms

For you to survive remembering is enough

Your sins only delay your emancipation

The king of the hidden kingdom waits for the one

The one who took least time to get undone

You muse about silent forest of dreams

Where moon rises from the debris

Delivering darkness over the day

But you don’t remember it

It lays in your long forgotten dreams




Astrologer said, “An Arindharan will become commander of the army of Arizel which will be formed of good animals of the existent half of the Silent Forest.”










[][] Before past


When I met Arizel she was the only one who knew what was happening with me. She told me things which no one ever did. Arizel resides in the Silent forest of dreams which is divided in two unequal halves by the endless river of life. The river being in a shape of digit eight, is surrounding the two unequal halves of the Silent forest of dreams, one barren and one green. This river is formed of many unequally distributed sections which flow in varying directions. We met for a few evenings in the domes of Teargar; she left me with a book in my hands, a book which no one had read in Arindhara. It was written by someone called Astrologer. Arizel and I didn’t meet after that. I can only go to the barren half of the Silent forest of Dreams where Arizel cannot come. She resides in the fruitful half on the other side of the river of life. When I reach the bank of the river of life, I always find Arizel sitting and crying at the opposite bank near the edge of the other green existent half of the forest. When she sees me, her sorrow fades to a simper and we yearn to touch each other, we never had before in the Silent forest of dreams. Both of us have tried many times to swim across the river, but we could never succeed due to the different flowing sections of the river. I spent half of my life searching for the Astrologer and I found him. He told me many secrets of our universe. He shared with me the stories of the Silent forest of dreams. Astrologer revealed to me that I was a Kayle and Arizel too. Astrologer said before departing that I and Arizel belong to Sysandria. He did not write that book, he was just a keeper of the book which came from Sysandria. He also said,” In the forest there is only one pair of each living thing, no humans save Kayles can exist in the existent half of the forest but Arizel is the only one there and enslaved by the Lion now after centuries you have come, a Kayle who took birth in Arindhara.”


Once, Arizel and me jumped together in the river and swam towards each other. We have done this before too but due to the different flowing sections of the river, we could never cross. But this time we both crossed the river and found ourselves lying on the opposite banks of the river. I signalled her to stay there and jumped again in the river to cross the river again, but the river threw me back at the same bank each time. Each time I jumped in the river, it took me farther away from Arizel who continuously ran along the bank following me. Arizel had once told me while she was in Arindhara that her power works only over the animals (except the lion) and the trees of silent forest of dreams, but against the river of life she was powerless. I remembered Arizel told me that she feared the lion who resided in her half of silent forest of dreams. The Lion never harmed her, but barred her from leaving the Silent Forest. All the entities of the Silent forest feared him. I decided to kill the lion. Fear gripped Arizel. She tried to stop me from entering the existent half of the silent forest of dream alone. I asked her to wait where she was and assured her to trust me and I entered the forest. She cried to me, ‘The lion of silent forest of dreams possess a treasure called the Prophesier. Comeback before the fruitful half of the forest transforms into a barren one.’ I entered the forest, but as soon as the fog ensnared me I got lost and my memories blurred. I searched and searched Arizel both in the Silent Forest as well in Arindhara but couldn’t find her. And when I rested I realized something was strange now in both the worlds. It wasn’t the world which I knew. I couldn’t find Arizel until the end but I found Ghostword.”






[][] Empty pages

Arizel to Astrologer

Life is like a silence voice is its death

They move shoulder to shoulder

But they never can go together

The fading black darkness wakes the voice

And the voice kills the silence infinite times

Then in a dark tool shed

Voice hears the screams of the silence

At dusk silence starts getting shivers down its spine

Justice done only for the first crime



Just when the Sun returns to the cemetery

Singing songs of his history

The silence awakens the necropolis

The keeper likes peace in his cemetery

The keeper loved the songs

But couldn’t relate them with his story

It takes two for deliverance

He hailed at voice without violence

Music can’t exist without silence



Sitting nearby under a fig tree

The puppeteer brings back his memories

He soon found the God’s ineffability

Listening to songs of this cemetery

He read the Timebook of clocks infinitely

Finally swimming in the vast river of life

He reached the immortal silent forest of dreams

Twas divided in two halves; one barren and other green

Where the Lion imprisoned him and blurred his memories


[][] In


[][] Arizel


Astrologer to newborns of Arindhara

When he woke up he hungered for forgotten poems

Bewildered Arindharans stared at both of them

They surrounded him when she was weak

For hours she broke the clouds that hung over his cemetery

He once fell in love with her without knowing her name

She tried to tell him, “They are unaware when they push you

They will never accept what they did against you,

Entering their body animals make them do this to you

If you blame them they will not believe you

They don’t see what animals do to you.”



He sought refuge in the doldrums without knowing her chastity

Staring the darkness, sculptures he carved on a pale azured iron tower

He suffused the darkness by the light of his chisel

They buried him in a sepulchure

The forest stank of water and camphor

Their lanterns wouldn’t cast her shadow,

So they followed a rainbow and found her shelter

Tied to a tree her body bled bare

Every time she was assailed, he wasn’t unaware

They set her free as they didn’t find her mellow.



She dragged them to the nightmares of the lion kingdom

She saw him again in the silent forest impeding the secret river

She brought balance by slaughtering the souls;

Of those who had locked him in the graveyard,

Where the god as well as the devil has to die every single night

Devil cheats and commits suicide before the dusk arrives

Now she buys the bodies left behind after their demise

She makes the souls, belonging to these bodies, one of his kinds

The cry demanded they must thrive, forcing the endless river to teach,

It implored, “No mercy for traitor such as thee.”


[][] Enemies of the sun



Newborns of Arindhara to animals of the Silent Forest of dreams


When you see him come near

You kill the light by deception

Bride’s daughters sleep all night

They pray for him in all fashion

At dawn they see him turn blind

At dusk every image of the day,

Flash through his tired mind

Only the daughters see him play

For others all he does is whine.



You lurk beneath his shadows

He trusts your insanity in crime

When his sword touches the sky

Your blood will freeze eternally

He’s the one who should not be

Father will forgive you in time

To reach him you shouldn’t try

Dying will not get you an invite

His truth is that death is a lie.



Verses inside him stay unsung

He failed to replicate it to real

But he has escaped the heavenly sin

You search about truth of death

Darkness deceives the fate you had

All souls return back to breathe

You’ll understand more if you see

When your little worlds clank

He traps you in his somatic raiment.



Architects of future gave him a diary

He locked an endangered species in it

Child of god gets no chance to fight

His ego triggers the countdown

The era of flying kites is long gone

He can subdue the reign of calamity

She pays the price to bring him home

Believing one day he’ll till the ground

She only deserves the winning crown.


[][] The Forgotten



Animals of the Silent Forest of Dreams to the newborns of Arindhara


His dream of defeating fate keeps him benign

Few can dream a thing such unimaginable

But his reality is as obvious as a sign

In the day he flew like dragons in a fable

His fire shielded his child from the night

He feels bliss when she comes at the eventide

She sings to their child and rocks the cradle

He hides the black mask of light in her eyes,

She borrows his masquerade of darkness

In order to survive he takes away the child

At dawn defeated he comes back to their stable

Finding her gone he cries which puts the child to sleep

Then he marches inside the dark forest to find her.

[][] Future toy


Astrologer to Arizel


They don’t have enough life

But they never mind

As their hunger gets satisfied



The soldier never thought why he kills

Terrorists rebuild

Corpses left behind being shields



Faces full of trust

Cowering all over the place

Dust covers his face



Question without an answer exists

Only existence could reveal

Suicide of time will soon be seen



When meltdown enters poor lives

It shakes them but they survive

Only thing that rages is science



Potential of the madman sways

He digs his grave early next day

Scars from past barred astray



Maybe I am right and truth you see

Maybe I am wrong and you retreat

Ghostword making universe limited



Slaves can’t enter the holy ground

Tread mighty heights to reach my lair

Out of control piercing blaze



Pray god to answer devil

A dying wish all you need

To remember what mortality feels



Hunt closer to the hills

Preview forgotten memories

Long awaited fate concealed



The ghostword is locked in the toolshed

It reveals the fundamental world

Very few can enter alert



The Lion and his minions secretly weep

Their cries loud reveal nothing

They show off while extending the ring



Forgotten memories, turning dreams

Enchanting with his toys from future

The time traveller loses his timing



Eternal trinity grips the greedy

March into the battle field naked

Righteous kill diffuse anarchy



Death finished living unlimited

Evil feeding till eternity

Hidden from scarred destiny



Faith arrives burdened

Your reflections beckon

Distribute old summons



The place that should not be

Impossible to create again

Path of the prophecies blackened



[][] The Rising


The Kayle to the Lion


Slaves here are born to serve,

To the Lion.

There is no heed

There is no fear

Both follow the unforgiven,

Lurking behind a prayer.



Slaves wait for deliverance,

Since hundred years.

Something must be done

But no one dares

The book will come from heaven,

When light hides the sun.



I’m sent here by the unknown one

Let my people breathe my demon

I’ll stay beneath the sea

Screaming higher

Feeding you my blood

Shining red the bite.



Darkness to days

End this plague

Hail to the liar

He roams the grey grasslands

Would slay the hand,

That kills the chosen men.



A juggler in a fair

Bonded to the destroyer

I’ll soon declare end of the last

I’ll open the door

To ultimate darkness

This shall pass.



[][] The oppositioner


The Kayle to Arindharans


You don’t see what I am seeing

You don’t hear what I am hearing

Your imagination is keeping you,

At the place where you are living

They decide what you express

It is done exactly how they want

Their independence is limited

They can punish but cannot teach

God of this era is a freak

How they are using you,

Sometimes they let me see



He takes what you should be granted

He is being hidden from you by them

And they are also hidden

Your freedom of choice is created

Only they know you are a human

Others scowl at you with suspicion

Liberty exists but as an exception

The sham becomes a disposable one

Extend the ring of freedom

Evidences are worthless to the divine

Don’t let the voices shroud your mind.



[][] Paralyze my mind

The Kayle to Arizel


Hey you, the one of a kind

Soften the words in my mind

Come to me for real

Help me win the deal

Give this dog his share

Release him.



The dog committed this crime

That brought him back to your time

Show him your worries

Tell him that story of those fairies,

That brought him to his prime

Feed him.



I promise I won’t want you again

I know you’ll stay till I rest in peace again

Although you know I’ll rest in peace,

Only when I find the one

Our secrets force me to return

I know god more than my weapon.



What they thought is not what they think now

And I’ll never give away my golden plough

Maybe you are right,

I’ll die without your vow

And your suffering has made me alone

Only my wanderings are known.



We all received out of pure

Those who knew us,

Don’t know us anymore

Those who never knew us,

1would want more than they are given

About us, they have always been mistaken.



Following is tougher than searching a Jaeger

In one second I am a god,

In another I am a beggar

To be with them I disguise myself as a pauper

Alas, neither I can trust God more than your sign,

nor can I smile benign.



Let your freedom begin

Stop this conspiracy beckoning

The dog once gave up his bone,

For your slippers that shone

Which he thought went missing

Unleash him.



It does not matter

Nothing matters

Even if I die

One thing I care for,

Is what we leave behind

Girl, paralyze my mind.



And may you pass in all his tests

Arindharans don’t have a clue,

They try to put me to rest

No machine can break the code I follow

Only a living can do it

My code brings me pure gold

I am the richest man in the whole world.



I was born deaf but I found god

I harvested the reaping of my loss

Shrusim showed me a way to summon

The newborns of Arindhara in their sleep,

They thought I was a ghost in their dreaming

I called our meeting place the Sysandria dynasty

It lay in the barren half of Silent forest of dreams.




The Kayle told the newborns, “The Lion released Shrusim; in exchange I let him take my body which was stronger than his. He needs it to travel to different lands to slay the golden eggs hidden by Ventriloquist which will become dragons and destroy the world, while I rested bodiless inside any cave in the Silent Forest of Dreams with Shrusim. When I get my body, I go to Arindhara. The Arindharans who are under the spell of Ventriloquist think I am the Lion. I promised Astrologer that I will emancipate Arindharans from Ventriloquist’s control, but now I am powerless because of the Lion. I was raised by my master to become something which no one even I didn’t knew until I became that, but he did something which made Ventriloquist think that I was, even when I was not. My master is the only one who knows how to make me sleep, preventing the Lion from taking my body. My nightmares become my only memories.”


“When I met Shrusim in the Silent Forest for the first time, she said to me, “You are an only Kayle who is present in Arindhara that is why the Ventriloquist gives you misery through entities and elements of Arindhara, it makes him stronger, but forces far stronger than him have saved you till now. Arindharans knew everything about the Kayles before Arindhara was incarcerated by the Ventriloquist’s machine. Now today no one knows who or what a Kayle is, they can use only less than half of their free will. They follow Ventriloquist’s orders and remember only that which he wants them to. But the machine has no control over the Kayles and the newborns of all living entities of Arindhara.”



She gave me a magic Sysandria stone and told that it was a piece of the Prophesier she stole from the Lion of Silent forest of dreams. It had many powers but I knew only one that it could summon the souls of all the newborns of Arindhara and take them to the barren half of silent forest of dreams called grey grasslands whenever I wanted. Some of them became like Shrusim and started moving between the two realms, they used to call themselves the infants, when they grow into adults the Ventriloquist’s machine influence them and they forget everything and become minions of the ventriloquist.”




[][] Doppelganger


The Kayle to newborns of Arindhara


While I am wandering in the valleys of lore,

He is sleeping in the essence of Christ.



When I died in the lonesome skies,

He was born in a world full of lies.



When I reached the silent forest of dreams,

He drowned inside the abyss of her trapestine eyes.



My past was his future his past used to be my future,

But no one ever caught us except our master.



If I don’t destroy, he can never find,

His time flows converse than mine.



After we together cried,

We marched for the final fight.



In the end, I’ll be him

He’ll be thine.

[][] Vasitven


The Kayle to Ventriloquist


What you think I am, I was

What you thought I was, now I am



I am a slave of my master

They are your slaves

The power of attorney oscillates

Trust me the master and the slave

I am not to be trusted

The rotations cause me divergent pain



The thought which controls life,

Lies in the brevity of the trusted

Me and my god often die

The demon who resides inside you,

He tells you that this fading Déjà Vu,

Occurs when your god make my bed



My master pretends to be someone like you

You see him cleaning my lair seeing red

Are you aware he serves you?

I’ll be the servant till I am seen

And promise on this path I‘ll tread

Until I trap you in your machine



My master killed my demon long ago

But I was left broken

My demon had made my wife a widow

Among all, none I’ve encountered,

Whom I judged to be better than my anonymous

When I find myself, I sleep till he lurks




Vasitven said, “Never depend on time it might betray you. Remember reality lies in your heart not outside. The sadness and happiness is real but the reason behind them is an illusion. The things which you don’t know, when you come to know them, you won’t know that you have known them since you’ve known time, even before. Only who completes the Timebook of clocks truthfully, realizes this when he gets emancipated. He wields the power and becomes sublime. He knows whom he must protect, and whom he must decline. What he receives he returns more and in the right time. Justice is the purpose of the divine. What remain the dreams or the reality you will find”,





[][] God Player


The Kayle to Shrusim


The party got over leaving you forlorn

I found myself naked and alone

After a cup of tea you came

And draped me in your flames

Those flames I never removed

They kept me confused.



I swam across the river

To catch you before you shivered

When I reached the bank

You sank your master in the sand

I found you down in the abyss

And we entered the forest



When you left me alone in the rain

I wondered you were playing a game

I was watching you play impishly,

When your master took you away

You knew I will follow you

But I couldn’t catch you, to my dismay.



Your master trained you to run from me

Beguiling meadows lead me towards you

As the spell faded to nada,

You ran to him to get your answer

You didn’t open the gift he left for you

I made him your doppelganger.



Reminiscing that dream of brothers,

I freed you from your master’s sin

Now he touches your suddenly suave lips

Thinking, you are aware of him

Before your master chose you,

Your master loved my saviour.



Shapes are illusions for our kind

Lost alone in this city of blinds

Racing ahead of their time

I broke the unbreakable

I averted the inevitable

And dreamed a dream undreamable



I hear the echo of my thoughts

Those who believe this will be thought

After they cross their bridge of thoughts

Leaving her behind, I entered the forest

I was ensnared by the thick fog

She always stayed close to make me laugh



He cannot walk like others

So he grabs her fingers

He watches her silently in the game

He is a warrior without name

Always taking the rebel’s blame

The old and lame call him ‘Vasitven’



[][] Faith




The formidable power of devil

Will give you whatever is your will

Praying God will not save you from him

Resisting the wrong and not giving up will

When you find solace in evil

When you realize the lives they offer

That day your faith falters

And your madness, leads you to your disaster



But god is always reasonable

He doesn’t grant wishes like the devil

He will listen to you forever

Will show you ways to make it better

If you come astray from the path of the devil

Unlike the mortals he will not deny you shelter

He possesses something which devil may never

Love for this universe



[][] Life of Death


The Kayle to Arindharans

I’ am falling down this never ending cliff

I never thought life would be so stiff

When you shoot your arrow

I climb on the nest of the sparrow

I was in a delusion that there are no ties

No one believed or understood my cries



Whenever I get drenched in my blue rhythm

I can control one system of wisdom

Trying to measure the length of the snake,

Got lost inside the compartments of my brain

The mystifying art of my master made me resistant

I wait for the day he’ll sell me to merchants



Trying to bide their time in this story

I found out that barbarians are thinking,

‘Who will be the bounty?’

I tried to find out the meaning behind our gestures

I failed surreptitiously

And fell in labyrinths of gravid gutters



Fill this deep hole with rosy water

You will be baptized when you die for a quarter

Searching for the utopian,

Swinging across the sky emitting fury of ashes

And contemplating over the rag picker’s timelessness

I was surrounded by a continuum of seven dimensions



I was tired of moving from station to station

Radio waves causing discrimination

The fragrance brings back the memories of my master

Sometimes I do what I have seen

Sometimes I see what I have done



When I go to a new constellation

I figure out sooner or later

It is impossible to handle the situation

Against their mighty cannons of dignity

The book that Arizel had gifted me,

Always save me from extinction



For some I grow late for some it’s early

The game started when I was found

In the silent forest of dreams as a clown

There animals worked to build my future

Because of the lion’s avarice for the treasure

In deciding what to do I withered



Guarded by the pygmies

Lay the treasure known as “The prophesier”

Trust is a treasure of every soul that entire universe seeks

Spend all to survive in these realms

You are a crop which dies when it gives a seed

Make a choice for your greed



My stories are a lesson my stories are a joke

They take a lucky draw the prize is my corpse

The beast appears when you bloom

Then unlucky ones are doomed

A holocaust and I shift to next seat

For some time senses will reel



We walk on a stairway carrying a ladder

Far in the woods trees swing along with my head

On the music that I chatter

Because of me some get infamous some get better

Searching sound in sound I walked headless near the pier

Love is spent on every life killer of hate appear



Still sometimes I find myself in my déjàvu

I can’t count my black boxes inside you

I have witnessed once the arrival of the ventriloquist,

The wind is dragging me again to the feast

When I’m in the world inside mirrors

I hear the same verse whenever my sword slithers



Memory shroud the beating mirror

On the basis of your behaviour

You will be assigned a chore,

To earn in the fields of lore

Then you’ll camp in the valley of darkness

Where the years are seconds with suns galore



One deed has many thoughts

Creed is the main root of pros

Don’t show your love for the gin

The vial is empty made of lead

One who gets drunk will follow me next

I reside in my mind crashing every set



He is here a master there a paranoid

And far away he is a hypothetical screen

Even blinking is dancing in this dream

The hole that you dig is endless,

When I dug mine I found power is a hungry guest

If I use more my wounds will not rest



I follow the call, something doesn’t want me to

I still get amazed at times

When I have to catch children’s stones,

When the master throws arrows and bones,

When I get to sit on the throne,

And when this dog is sent home



My quest echoes led by the sunrise

Then in the distant horizon I see someone cry

Those creepy things she does

Make me remember us

And when I forget what she has done,

I’ll ask her to cast that spell of hers again



The sea catches the sun to let her sleep

The sun frees itself to watch her weep

She would march with time

Till the dawn of eternity

She is a Queen of that game

In which a pawn has become the King.

[][] Lonesome star



Hides your soul your body suffers

Both stay close but never together

Soul has secrets of entire universe

Thinking the body has enslaved it

It hides all the secrets except love.



Wondering it takes away the pain

The soul takes the body far away

Your body is the only thing awake

Body stops its search for the soul

And taking rest, dreams of home.



Where actions deceive intentions,

They get sad from things they lost

I grieve for the roads I never trod

They are happy for their winnings

I am for what I would be receiving.


[][] Here and beyond



Astrologer to the Kayle


Darkness ends light, light ends darkness

Death being the only bliss

You cannot sense



God is saving you devil is wasting you

Pain will anyhow find you

Happiness will too



To find the answer you need not hide

You have survived till here

You are doing right



You will get more than you will need

Kind and generous will live

Greedy is deceived



One day you will find all that you lost

It’ll stay if you earned well

All sufferings cost




Astrologer said, “When the youngest Kayle is happy it results in such situations that all the good entities of Arindhara grow happy in their lives, proportionally to his happiness and the evil ones find sadness in their lives, again proportionally to his happiness. The intensity of the emotion depends upon the goodness and the evil of the Arindharans’ nature. When the youngest Kayle is in pain it creates such circumstances in the lives of good and evil entities of the universe that good ones experience pain and evil ones find happiness proportionally to his pain. When he is at peace none of the entities are affected, but the forces of devil get weaker and it becomes easier for the Arindharan entities to elude the devil. In the newborns of Arindhara it is different, they stay uninfluenced. The sadness and the happiness which is caused by a Kayle are deeper than the sadness and the happiness which happened in people not by virtue of him.



Kayles do not age. When Kayles choose to leave their bodies, they reach in Sysandria. From Sysandria they keep eye on everything occurring in Arindhara and the Silent Forest of Dreams. They can go anywhere, in the Silent Forest or Arindhara from Sysandria and come back. But they cannot take their Sysandrian bodies. They can only reside inside a host body which will not know about their existence. They do so to help entities of the Silent Forest and Arindhara. Once a Kayle reaches Sysandria then only a Kayle can identify that Kayle outside Sysandria. Since the rising of the Lion no Kayle had left Sysandria by fear of getting trapped in the Prophesier.”











[][] Pair of walls



The Kayle to newborns of Arindhara


I give peace to the animals

They stay and work for me

They believe I am their source of fiction

Leads them to the reason of seduction

Only Arizel cries for the fading sun

Our past in our future she waits to see

Undertaking the funerals keeps me relieved

The ghostword is as infinite as this universe

The last line I wrote on the wall,

Became a part of the statue sitting at the altar

When you blend the Timebook of the clocks,

Time will turn the bane into boon

And the maniac will again whistle,

Ghostword written on the Satan’s rune



[][] Heretofore



The Kayle to Arizel

Breaking the silence once more

I call the devil to play with me as I am bored

Placing his withered body on my door

He carefully ignites the wild thyme

His snivelling make me play my old chime

I play umpteen songs of war

Which I had not known before

We both gore ourselves to underscore the yore



Bending the notions of a secure

I have erased the slate of time

Manipulating all the split personalities of mine

I tarried after clearing mountains galore

When I will come two will be freed

The one who loved the one who’ll bleed

Like life and death I will come once forever

The sloop of war had a flip sided girth



I have accumulated so much wealth in my hearth

By the actions of my foes as well as my loved ones

Little by devouring a lucid birth,

I will spend it all at the fair on shooting guns

The bullets fired would be idolized thenceforth

None would reap the eradication of a billion suns

Before your master chose you he loved my saviour

I averted the inevitable to dream a dream undreamable





[][] Ghostword


Arizel to the Kayle

You can’t see me with your eyes

I am outside you are inside

When we meet it feels like a lie

I don’t know why I feel you

Leave me and you’ll forget me

You’ll reach where you used to be



The time, the matter and the energy

Neither gets born nor do they expire

The universe like pain can’t be measured

Life can’t be the truth, death can’t be the liar

Nothing here is exceptional except the unknown

His weapon is memory alone



His anti is the pauper

Devil’s existence makes him improper

Now you can’t get any tenants

As everyone else is blinded

Believe me if they weren’t

They’d had found you and became enlightened.



Discover your duty

Play for the secret audience

I’ll see you and you’ll see me

That will end this mutiny

Love is the only thief,

That defeats the meditating beast.



Reach me after I am gone

Here everyone is alone

And when the deaf becomes mute

The mirror will finally see the news

Everyone will become illiterate except you

These worlds are mine, and yours too.



“His followers you should go ahead

Who want to go back must carry hope

I will not know what you chose

Believe you aren’t alone in this muse

Don’t waste yourself for the statues

Find that body which can’t be bruised”.




Ghostword was like a word problem which had so many hints to be solved but no one could solve it except an illiterate who didn’t know how to write or read.




[][] Once



The Kayle to Ventriloquist

I follow your signs to extremes

I chase you when I am awake

I chase you in my dreams

I don’t want to but it’s involuntary



When I will come two will be freed

The one who loved and the one who will bleed

Teachers of the truth will flee

They’ll find none is getting deceived



I kill the demons instantly

For me torturing is not a necessity

Till I am here suicide none will try

As they know if they do they won’t die



Like life and death I will come once forever

Everything return back knows the gardener

He grows many different plants in the yard

A wandering grain seeks one floret



He dies or leaves depends on the chants

But if he gets the pardon

Those who hid behind their religion

Will never be able to wear pants



Some really loved him

Some pretended that they loved him

Some didn’t love him

Some pretended that they didn’t love him



But no one could live without him

And only one knew who he was

The one who is now with him

She long ago accepted his sin




[][] The Gathering



The Kayle to newborns of Arindhara

Hello, I am back

Those who are new,

need not listen when the bones clatter

I know you are perplexed

Bienvenue to my secret place

You can now darken the room

It’s time for a ghostword tune

My wings are unchained,

under her incandescence

Do what you are told by the infants.



Those who were windswept just now

They went to buy a tongue to whisper,

With the gold they earned here

One day you might join the fire

I will keep coming in the same attire

I do that to you as soon you will join them

And when you help me in my quest,

One day I’ll take you to the other half of the forest.

And then bestowing upon you the powers,

To woo the Arindharan blizzards,

I’ll move ahead to find where Vasitven rests.

You will never know my name,

Infants call me Vasitven.



The newborns which are blind,

Cannot hear me as they live the puppeteer’s life

I read their palms and tell their fortune,

The way the astrologer taught me at home.

They always laugh and become the nature,

Salvaging those whom ventriloquist prune.

For me my master is like an unfinished chapter

I say magic words whenever I see his miracle,

Shrusim and her lads stay magical

“Hannad navaer!!”

[][] Newborns




The Kayle to animals of Silent Forest of Dreams


Soon after they left their homeland,

They found themselves drowning in quick sand.

To come out from that muddy land,

She offered them her golden hand.

They were skilled riders,

On the run to a secret river

They hear footsteps of soldiers approaching them

Times were tough for the teachers then

They had one day at a time

At eventide they moved to different circles.



Journalists travelling in a forest

Use twigs and feathers to feed the saddest

They make tools and shelters

Giving us dreams of sculptures

The war is not for the chair

It’s a matter of rules we prepared

They thought they need more like them

So they kept checking in Sysandria

Astonished horses go after the itching mare

The soldiers soon found their lair



Roll No.14 has much to learn

Roll no.23 is the Aphrodites’s son

Roll no.27 wants a gun

They all look lovely and weird

Smoking inside the class with illusive chairs

Travellers test them for a higher calling

And they don’t want to leave these darlings

Roll no.14 wanted to tell his story of gold

The teachers killed his curiosity,

But they couldn’t witness his bold entry.



They have always been unfit for this world

Arizel is a Penelope for these lads

They feel glad to buy her new hats

Students get nightmares when they are in bed,

Sysandria dynasty keeps them well.

We don’t know whom shall we choose,

So that we could turn the pauper into a king,

We live in a world full of echoes of him

Silent forest of dreams gives us enough,

A period of your past or a run-over your future turf.




[][] The hive of five


The Kayle to newborns of Arindhara

They stay ahead in the game

They get all the fame

Hands behind the names

Play together near the Ganges.



Students are exchanging the teachers

For a pair of flying feathers

Vasitvens use people for their dirty work

Their time machine helps them to stay alert



Teacher shows mercy on children

Seldom realizes that he is their means of fun

But he seeks the potential that becomes clairvoyant

He takes for himself the ignorance.



It’s very hard for the children

To find the real master

Children quote Pink Floyd

But without having a clue, what a disaster



Three students, one never waits but is clever

Another patient one but isn’t that great

The third never listens to a word teacher says

Their fights make hard to learn yonder.



Hiding face in the sunshine he enjoys the moods

While his student makes devil’s tools

One life will become others karma

Contraption dogma an enigma.



Rest of students wonder if it’s devotion or desire

They sometimes listen to the wails of the beast

Nobody knows is it a bane or a boon?

Destiny breeds with divine pyre.



If the future is a timed affair

Wonder whether there will be a fare

They’ll know the intent isn’t’ there

Then they’ll follow God’s literature.



When they couldn’t find there their brethren

Finding someone else in their master’s guise

Singing their anthem they all rebel

They retreat when the one rings the bell.



Only one exists among a zillion

He changes the machine into minions

Stirring multiple systems of incarceration,

The river is filling dreams of emancipated ones.



We all are out of signs

Turning blood into wine

I never got lost at heights going back is my decision,

To find the agony clothed three unforgiven.



You gave your power to the machines

Now you come here to ask me

Choose one of the two oppositions

Machines covering my dirty deeds.



This war is a never-ending war my brothers

Hunt next to the other shore

Trying to bend the rules

Don’t kill your golden goose.



He who should show if he looks for me

He will get dubbed no more

‘They left their land forsaken’

Cried a white crow once.



The machine found the emancipated bum

The law you follow was my discovery

When I resided as an emancipated tree,

That you cut down for your fun.



What you did for mass’s sake was in vain

One who still believes my moots

will never be wafted in my rain.

Make your show worthy or take my show.

[][] The emancipated


The Vasitven to the Kayle

We rise from ashes, live like you till we become orgasms

After death we become energy inside the masses.

Finally we arrive in a forest full of machines and animals,

Trapped inside things we have our best time in decades.



When we leave the forest,

We become free energy particles.

Roaming in the ancient ages as time travellers,

We see again all the three worlds.

We watch how the time finishes,

We meet the god who is in each presence.

And then the cycles finally end.



We and your kind both untangle the dreams we both shared.

Now we pray for a forest devoid of humans and machines,

In one world time had a direction opposite of other world

In third the time was never heard where we were before we breathed.



The Kayle said, “Every Vasitven is a stranger to his Arindharan. Vasitvens are perfect and complete in all possible ways, as when there’s only darkness and no light no one will know that both of these exist similarly you won’t know about your Vasitven’s existence. For my Vasitven and me time is the most powerful known weapon but what he calls time I call it something else and know it as something else.


Some Arindharans know about the Silent Forest of Dreams from the tales their ancestors had told them. Animals of Silent forest of Dreams will never reveal themselves to Arindharans, they want to keep newborns and infants in doubt, but Shrusim says when all will be revealed Arindharans will laugh. I am in doubt too but not about Arindharans or animals but my master. These animals have powers beyond imagination and whenever they steal the ghostword from me I bring it back somehow, that’s why Arindharans exist till now. I am not in the side of the newborns or animals, the Arindharans live in peace by my intervention. I’ll join one of the three the day when Arindharans do not need me. To find the Ghostword is like finding a key of a locked room which you can neither give to any Arindharan nor make another one but it can be used by the animals of the Silent Forest. Ghostword turns enemies to friends and friends to enemies. The one you love the most will become your enemy in the future.”



[][] The obscure


The Kayle to newborns of Arindhara


Now you are a puppet, then you are a puppeteer

Seems you are enjoying the puppet show

Remember there is a ventriloquist here

And that you don’t know what lies below.



Ghostwording is an art, ghostword is a science

It rhymes a melody none has ever heard

Those who hear the ghostword

For the final battle they are being prepared.



Past has stopped, never is present

Future is running

The flow of time can be altered by Ghostwording.

Only they know the ghostword, who could not define it.



Nobody walks by their will

inside that scorpion shell,

In which legions of ghostwords dwell

Those who memorized the ghostword never played well.



[][] Next brevity



Plant your seed when you are sure

Its flower will bloom in harmony

Fill the parchment as you play a new symphony

Wind will take your message

To the ship that was sent to war

God keeps the crew safe and secure.

Carrying the scars shining on their bronze,

Under the enlightened sky they fight alone.



To give one has to receive from the summer rain

I watched all the water drain

When I found water I ran to end another drought

You don’t remember what you did to them before you were sought

Spending your lives searching for happiness,

You never realized the cause of existence of sadness

Hoping for your destiny, you gave power to money.

[][] The Living Machine


The Kayle to his Vasitven


I am revolving draped in tatters

A friend I need, but not at the cost of another

Drowning in the desert, I sway at the perimeter

I am being dragged away from you

Don’t cry when you find my clues

If you catch me I’ll destroy the machine.



The machine plays with your tears

I’ll teach you to repair its spares

Unlike me, you will be able to sell it to my slayers

The machine decides who takes birth in whose piece

The good ones always receive a better chassis

A calculus tracks what you do with your treasure.



I found out where you hide,

Just after I got my first prize

The machine was built by my mind

Those who don’t pay you a dime,

What they think never try to find

Otherwise you will lose your prime.



When man destroys something unwanted,

The machine measures his advantages.

It sets him off on the battle ground

Telling him, “you are the only captain to be found”

Machines which were deleted from existence,

Became the arrows of this captains quiver

And stand on the bank surrounding the river.



You tread the endless bank of the river

You forgot what you left on the other side of the river

The captain tries to communicate with me

Sometimes he succeeds in commanding me

That’s the time when I destroy his machines

When the captain’s soldiers see their goals shatter,

I call the Valkyries to redeem his soldiers.



Animals fight only after losing their minds

The time sits under a tree and hears your cries

You accept your fate as you failed to avert it

You long for the lowlands you deserted

They lie on the other side of the river

You won’t get any respite,

For once you deserted the captain for a quiver.



The machine multiplies accumulating their kind

I smother you, you sing rhymes

Believe you will return

When the never ending war is won

The illusion would end

We will meet each other

Till then you’ll deplete and I’ll gather.

[][] The god without devil


The Kayle to Shrusim


Anger is the only tinker which fills devil’s coffer

Be it intelligence or stupidity, none lasts forever

It seems I soliloquize when I converse with Arizel

She is the one always present near me

Who I cannot see, she wants to set me free.



Droopy trees call me when they are in pain

Sunny skies want to make me their slave

The misled river puts me for sale

When I fall, the three dance in rain

The one who catches me brings their souls back again.



I can help only one of these three nature’s games

For that I spend one lifetime with them

I always get crucified in the world which they think as realistic

What I do only Arizel knows, she saves me when I shed my skin

She is a lore sung in the existent half of silent forest of dreams.



When I lose her I jump from the mountains

Her reflections pore out as blood from my body

Fools understand only the language of religion and money

They never understand the story I keep telling

This story the trees, the skies and the river are listening.



Upon them I shower my grace, they readily accept their fate

Contemplating the devil’s yearnings

I couldn’t find the equal of time

Following the stars was my one and only crime

All that I earn make my past shine.



In a single moment lie a zillion moments

It’s up to you how many you can collect

May be the lion doesn’t know I have the stone

It will bring me near his home

I always carry the skies with me, to mask my bronze.



To save the skies I fought with Arindharan winds

The river is curious when she’ll mingle with the Prophesier

She thought she never deserved the celestial water

I slay which you have never seen

And I keep hunting for the ghostwords within.



My enemies know me only after my senescence

What I am doing to them is not for her care,

Love sinks in the devil’s heart as a faltered prayer

The worldly offerings are like blood on my broken bronze

I vowed Ventriloquist won’t ever take the throne.



May be your future and past are certain

And you can do nothing about it in your present

Still if you believe, you can do your will in future,

Destinies are latent but try as much you can

You cannot control them in real.



When I met the animals of the forest

Some of them welcomed me some were at unrest

Lion’s minions gave me a hard time

I heard her voice in my head,

Every time I was assaulted or distressed.



Arizel sent the good animals for my help

Vasitven too appeared to give me short rest

Lion wanted me to forget her and my powers,

So that her voice seem to me as a nightmare

Unaware but somehow I found the Lion’s daunting lair.


[][] Toy World


The Kayle to Arindharans


You are not playing the game

Since you now are the game

You may not trust yourself

But your enemy surely does

He will take only a moment

Life can offer you millions



When you’ll turn back the time

You’ll find your real name

You were left all alone then

Since only you were unflawed

You saw your harvest in flames

You could only save one grain



Moment I prevail in this game

Cheated or aided you find again

I am the rhythm you the rhyme

That’s will of the entity divine

All the lands which were mine

While they stole them from me

I won back your garden in time


[][] Final Fate



Ghostword led me deep inside the Silent Forest

To the Lion’s den in the heart of the forest

Inside that dark cave I marched slowly

I felt immense pleasure that ended abruptly

When I came to my senses I remembered everything

About Arizel and all that happened before my slavery

I found myself in a dingy room lying on a bench

I climbed the stairs in front of which rested a statue of a wench

As I moved on I saw a hallway down the alley

I saw many cellar doors, but none carried the numbers I bore

There were writings on the walls, I myself left a mark

I saw light at one end it lead me back to the woods



I heard a voice calling me in that eerie silence

The voice cried, “I am the lion of silent forest of dreams

You are the first Kayle reborn

The ghostword gave you the power of transforming

Combining both good and evil armies,

You escaped my squared planning.

In Arindhara the body matters not the souls

There devil dances like a snake writhing on your songs.

Here, animals and infants take a peaceful stroll

Arizel keeps writing the sacred verses

I altered your destiny using her beauty

Now you are ready for your final duty”.



I shouted, “Where’s Arizel?”

“She was the only Kayle left save you

You both are same but she was born here

The elements of Arindhara couldn’t fathom her

You escaped each time, you were aware of my snares

You came out more than twice from my maze

She was with you from the beginning to here.”

Saying this, the Lion ushered her lifeless body

I killed him without holding for an instant,

Arizel appeared beside me in real and held my hand

The sea had now found the sand

Holding the prophesier I realized I was the Lion’s scion



I found out, to bury my memorium,

I need to drown the treasure in the secret river

I sunk Prophesier deep down the water

This turned the pure animals into humans

The traitors became irrelevant ones,

They were sent to the toolshed at once

The white animals received the mountains

I got sucked into a labyrinth

The black animals absconded

With the lions hide, to glorify their dreams

They never knew the treasure,

The prophesier also contained memories.



I woke up and found myself in Teargar

Soon I encountered Arizel,

She had brought Prophesier with her

In Arindhara the illusion faded completely

The bodies came back to their senses,

The visions of the forest they saw clearly.

And they cried remembering the crimes,

Being under the spell they committed unintentionally.

The Lion had dismembered their mind,

To be remembered eternally.

I locked him and his minions

In the toolshed, a galaxy built by me.
















[][] out


[][] The Return



He had no idea where he was, he only remembered that last time he was in silent forest of dreams. It was a big bright city filled with all kinds of people who seemed rich. He realized he had come back to Arindhara again, a place where he was born, his home. Then he heard a voice, the voice was not loud, but could be heard clearly saying something but it was incomprehensible. He observed that after the voice stopped, everyone started moving in one direction. He noticed there were few children who hurriedly rushed in the other direction. These kids were wearing rags and tatters. They stared at him while they passed, but did not say anything to him. He started following the exodus soon he reached in a vast stone garden. Everyone in the city save small children was present there. Then the voice spoke again something and then stopped. Suddenly everybody started looking at him.’


The people captured and chained him near the gallows, he did not know who were these people, what they wanted from him and then the voice came again. He thought, “It seems all of them are following the order of the voice” and just then he remembered everything and just when he understood that the voice was of Ventriloquist, the voice called to him, “So you escaped, I’ll show mercy this time and will give you an instant death.”


Just when they were about to execute him, a lightening roared in the sky. A lady clad in a glaring robe, appeared from nowhere. She was holding the Prophesier. When she raised it, it emitted a white light which bathed everyone and soon they all seemed as if they just awoke from a deep slumber. Now as the spell had been lifted from them, they released the captive. They asked him for forgiveness and begged for the truth.


The possessor of the voice, Ventriloquist and his minions were sent to the Toolshed world.




The Astrologer spoke to the Kayle and Arizel sat quietly as she listened, “According to the legend, Rakhtavar was one of the elder Kayles, present since Sysandria came into existence, the beginning of time. Rakhtavar wanted to be the King of Kayles and rule Sysandria. To prove he was worthy he tried to destroy the statue of the Goddess. The statue didn’t break, but a shiny white stone from her bracelet fell to the ground which Rakhtavar took secretly. He called the stone Prophesier and hid it outside Sysandria in the Silent Forest of Dreams, out of the reach of Kayles. He could trap the soul of any entity in that stone. Rakhtavar started trapping the souls of Kayles who were outside Sysandria. The first Kayle acquired the prophesier from Rakhtavar after a horrific battle which lasted for many day and nights in the Silent Forest. He trapped Rakhtavar inside Prophesier and freed all the other entities those who were locked in that stone. When the first Kayle was about to bring the Prophesier to Sysandria from the Silent Forest he was inside the body of an eagle. The prophesier fell from his grasp and in that instant Rakhtavar somehow escaped. Rakhtavar took the body of a Lion who was resting nearby where the Prophesier dropped. He sent the soul of that lion to Prophesier. Rakhtavar ambushed the first Kayle who had come to retrieve the prophesier. The first Kayle was not ready for the attack, but before Rakhtavar could trap him in the Prophesier he gave up his life.  But before dying he locked Rakhtavar’s memories in the prophesier and trapped him in the body of the Lion. It took a long time for Rakhtavar to regain his memories and his powers, but he could not come out of the body of the Lion. He proclaimed his supremacy over the entities of the Silent Forest and waited for the return of the first Kayle because only he can free him from the body of the Lion.”


“Before coming to Sysandria when you went inside the existent half of the Silent Forest of Dreams, to kill the Lion and possess Prophesier your memories faded away and you only remembered Arizel. The Lion started to control Arindharans, only the newborns of Arindhara and Astrologer stayed unaffected. With the help of some animals, Ventriloquist and Arindharans who were in his control Rakhtavar, the Lion tormented you and Arizel. He sent Shrusim to mislead you and made you think that Ventriloquist was controlling Arindharans. Arizel was always there with you helping you but due to Lion’s magic you could not see her, she was assailed by the animals who served the Lion and by Arindharans who were under Lion’s control. You were unaware of her presence because the Lion’s magic was forbidding you to meet her but you sensed her presence near you. When you obliterated the body of the Lion, Rakhtavar’s spirit got freed and Prophesier emerged. He knew this would happen when the body of the Lion gets killed by your hands, and he had waited centuries for this. You didn’t know what was happening to him when you saw Rakhtavar’s spirit emerge but before he could take up a body, with the help of Prophesier, you sent him to a virtual world, the Toolshed, a magical complex maze which you made in Teargar to lock Ventriloquist. You built it when you were lost and wandering in both the worlds in search of Arizel and Ventriloquist.”




[][] The Toolshed


He, who is trapped in the toolshed world, finds himself in such a condition that whatever he wants to do, he will not be able to do it. Whatever he wants to have he would not get it. If he wants to move he will stop, if he wants to stop he will move. When he wants to eat he will not and he will eat when he is not hungry. He will be awake when he wants to sleep and would sleep when he wants to stay awake. And if he doesn’t learn to control his mind, he’ll stay alive and conscious, but would eventually become like a machine and work for the creator of the toolshed. He gets respite only when the creator wishes so.


[][] Mutilation



The ghostword loomed behind nature


Like dust of the atmosphere

My obligations are undarkened

I span the toolshed providing Lion the fundamental gear

When I’m in there I teach them despair

Arizel takes me away from Arindhara to the forest,

Her icy kiss sustained on my lips

We phantom the dying skies.



Vasitven sold the river of life

The Lion went to the Toolshed

The Lion was a traitor of the forest

Toiling in the toolshed when he sells his soul,

I give him a new Ghostword to behold

They who are alive there,

Their smells decompose behind his spine



These sufferings I beset the toolshed,

Are not judged by the worker’s mistakes

But by how they face dementia,

When on them Ghostwords befell

The army of Arizel is always ahead

My power surges in their abodes

Bloodshed they keep in control



I rip the brains of the black animals

And barrage them with ghostwords

Who don’t think I’ am real are Arindharans

When I want to play nostalgia,

Springing from the light

Arizel catches Shrusim on the staircase,

And we enjoy the never-ending frey.


[][] God bears no name

When I used to search for ghostwords,

I believed each entity is sentient

The astrologer never helped me to find it,

He was afraid that ventriloquist might steal it

The astrologer could hear the songs without his ears.



Learn the ghostword you must to manipulate it

And unlearn it to use it again

The messenger of the ghostword will never arrive

Cause your deception calls the young birds

Trees roam free over the burning seas



Numbers of shadows keep rising

Immortal stays the body of Arizel

In the puppeteer’s blood she dwells

The unknown power hit me,

When I waited for Arizel on my asylum’s stairs.



The trees became the newborns

Some of them turning into skies

The river will not stay oblivious

I pray it will eventually start giving shelter,

To them who bring back her possessions.



The skies the infants,

By newborns they will always be summoned

The evening bells have now started to chime

The gallows rust by the morning light

The new day invokes a nostalgic life.



If the latch on the Toolshed happen to open,

The age of confluence will arrive again

With force much stronger

The ghostword wouldn’t be used again

The prophesier would lose its powers



Now you know,

It was the puppeteer who bred what you sing

The skies will be watching you all forever

The river will accept your ordure

The god bears no name in our brave new world.


[][] Paroxysm

When he left her for the war,

No one knew what the soldier said to his mother

Never doubt that he knew his enemy well

He believes in the reason he kills for

He knows he can not kill the reason of madness

But he knew madness will end if he wins the war.



He learned soon the war was fixed by the generals

He mused, ‘If I could do it I would have done it’.

He could have killed both sides’ generals,

But he was diverted by his duty

Carrying remorse he returns home unscathed.

The generals couldn’t lure him by the bounty

Back at home looking at his broken mother

He thinks now, he should have chosen.



A virus broke in the continents

Who delivered it, thought it would change everything

Infected ones became its defences

The virus multiplied till scientists found a cure

Mankind survived because of something undefined

The evil realized later, it once forged the impure

The world will face a new incurable disease,

Each time one of the offenders gets a release.


[][] The equal of time

When the puppeteer was a child

He paid attention to only language and science

He wondered, how come other children did things,

Which he couldn’t bear, because he was told

Everyone is equal here day or night.



One evening after the show was over,

He was deceived by his ventriloquist

He found the ventriloquist did not leave him much

Not even a single quarter

But the ventriloquist left the marionettes of plaster



The astrologer made the puppeteer very rich

And he hid his money well

When robbers crept in his abode,

They learnt hurting him makes them burn slowly

He gave them willingly what remained after opening his fist.



He now wants to hear the songs

The ventriloquist sang in the show

As the puppeteer was deaf since he was born

He could make the puppets dance on the ventriloquist’s song,

Cause he was aware of existence of the lord.



Whenever he went to the astrologer for a prophecy,

The astrologer lured by his splendour prophesized after infinity

Those who arrived later in his life,

He called them the newborns,

As before they were born they had his form.


[][] The entity divine


The master taught me to unlearn

I remembered only my last lesson

It taught me to use my weapons inside the Lion’s lair,

By god’s grace I killed the lion of the Silent forest

The lion wanted the ghostword for his best

Vasitven still remains an unknown blessed.



Now I spend my time singing songs of rhyming ghostwords,

I live in the golden era of Arindharan verse

Arizel brought me back from the abyss of the endless river

We sealed the devil and his ventriloquist in the Toolshed

She had always hoped that another Kayle would save her.



When I met the maker of flowers from the moraines,

I asked him about his well being

He didn’t knew what he gave was slain,

But he agreed he gave it for his gain

That made sunshine and rain.

[][] Births & Deaths


Rakhtavar somehow took control of the river of life and he trapped the first Kayle in the barren half and went into existent half. The first Kayle succeeded in building a bridge over the secret river of life and reached the existent half. The first Kayle killed Rakhtavar and entrapped his soul in the body of a Lion. The river of life got tainted.  Before he was killed Rakhtavar had disfigured the bridge and made it disappear. The bridge appears now only for a short time and in decades. When first Kayle was reborn he was like the newborns, he was the one who took all newborns to the barren half of Silent Forest of Dreams. No one not even the animals of Arindhara or the Kayle himself knew about Sysandria or Rakhtavar or how SFOD came into existence. Many newborns thought the first Kayle reborn may be evil but all knew he is not their enemy. They started to believe in him when he crossed the river of life without the bridge. The animals of SFOD betrayed him and lured him towards the Lion. The bridge had reappeared and didn’t vanish since the Kayle crossed the river of life.


Since then the newborns cross this bridge to enter the existent half of SFOD. Some join animals and some go against them. When newborns enter they become immortal and dwell in SFOD with the animals who dominate Arindharans. Ventriloquist was an ally of the animals he had devised a mechanical weapon which only he could wield. But then after a long wait, the first Kayle turned the existent half into barren and the barren half into a fruitful one. And the Toolshed came into existence of which only very few know. Rakhtavar the Lion, ventriloquist and evil animals were trapped in the Toolshed. Army of Arizel rested in peace. The word newborn became needless. And what happened to the Kayle after that stayed unknown to everyone in Arindhara or Silent Forest of Dreams.



[][] Flashbacks



I felt alone dark was light

Smiling I sneaked through the skeletons by the side

I laugh while I creep but they won’t hear me tonight

Deceived by the show, they cast me on a death row

Somewhere while she watches the rain

I know she utters my name

We are together but we bleed alone in this game

The drops of my blood rise in search of her voice,

Turning the parchment into skies laden with pain

In absence of her fragrance they rain on me in disdain.



Sitting on his tomb,

The denuded dumb waits for the next monsoon

I feel helpless as I confess in vain

My immortal, this real will always seek his virtual insanity,

As he once got the scent so ethereal of a mysterious victory

They say I’ll change the world, a drop of tear made my history

When I saw her first time, I thought her not worth a single dime

Her friend approached me suddenly and kept draining me incessantly

Soon my obsessions were her possessions

Her obsessions became my possessions



We used to read the same book of infinity

The spark was ignited when she wiped the mud from my bronze,

I got lost completely inside her lake of thorns

I sent her a message to break our meal routine

I gave her the book of magic but she wasn’t keen

All her minions save one followed a regime

Two others wanted to woe her but she could not admit it

Although I gave them both all my treats

For it was my destiny to wait for her,

And to be released.



For years not a word was said between us

But our eyes stayed constantly in focus

Then one night when I was hung over,

I called her to take a ride on my shoulders

Next three evenings went our settings

It felt like eating butter scotch ice creams

Then the swan dropped secretly a pearl,

But the moon caught it before it mingled with fur

I asked the moon how was he able to do it,

It answered someone unknown poked inside his unit.



I sang hallowed be thy name and left my girl lonely in the rain

I gave her the moon and a book to help her in the game

Soon after this I got entangled in the spell of a witch

Hoping to save my love from her father’s glitch,

I found out I am the one who will lead the mankind

I saw her tow-headed standing outside a shrine,

I followed her till I reached the door of her abode

I dropped a starfish through the window which shined

I cried till death but she didn’t pine

A God’s man helped me come aboard.



I sailed to a valley so mysteriously cold,

There I got lost hunting a wild boar

Many times I dived alone deep into the slime,

And came back bruised but without any sign

Never gave up surfing on the shore

When I took my last plunge

To save myself from the hoard,

My master transmitted me again one last time

Uttering two magic words,

I changed two to stone birds.



After my worldly learning was complete,

She suddenly reported that she can no more breathe

I retorted by visiting the woodcutter,

Who never sold the fallen trees

The magic never stopped working on my knees

My belief on magic went stronger evenly

After decades of our last meeting,

She kindled a hope in me,

That she is undead

I decided to go after her and approached my spiritual head



After months of intense training

I was able to talk to her while sleeping

And I learnt the languages of the animals,

The objects, the trees and the free lings

I also learnt to talk to the soul of the seas

Now I work and wait in the temple of the machine,

To create a scene similar to my first dream

The spell of the banshee I broke in an instant

I wake up but I never sleep, before I wake up again,

My last wish is to see the world through my mother’s pearl.



Only my friends remember me,

Others I have to wake up from slumber

You can find me but I always find you gone when I wake up

We cannot touch each other but our souls are united

I trust you even in my thoughts benighted

Soon you would reveal yourselves






[][] Winter father


He flew with me in an aero plane

Cool wind bathed my windowpane.

I asked him, “Why is the night dark?”

He said, “Because it carries

an ordinary man’s charge.”

I asked again, “What is pain?”

He replied,” What you wanted yesterday

but couldn’t have,

you don’t want that today

and what you want today,

You wouldn’t want that tomorrow.

If you had received that you

craved for yesterday,

It wouldn’t have been possible

for you to be here.”

I asked again, “What is karma?”

He said, “They’ll make you happy

They’ll make you sad

But they cannot help you

In defeating the bad

They’ll hate you

They’ll worship you

Do not care about their views

Do what you think is true.”

I asked again, “what is hate?”

He said, “In love if you get hurt

Hope you must not desert

That which hurts us,

gives us something nevertheless,

Think of the past

as nostalgia priceless”.

I asked, “What is ocean?”

He said, “It is the distance between

two burdened arms.”

I asked, “Why stars shine?”

He said, “The heroes wait

for you holding lights.”

I said,” I wonder what God wants”

He said, “He wants to listen

what we did in our toil”

I asked again, “Is money evil?”

After a pause he replied,

“They forget, Time not money

decides an entity’s price

For a slice many sacrifice

more than Christ,

Inheritance has taken over pride.

But money makes this world precise,

When you find hard to decide

Do what God tells in his guide

He gives us here only one life”

Then smiling he bid farewell,

And faded away behind the windowpane.

[][] Mind Mirror


Some fight to win, the rest become the orphans

Anyone who reads the book gets emancipation

What you will do to me in Arindhara,

Will decide your time of incarceration

I tell the same story from the book every day,

At dusk I leave for the doldrums



Vasitven walked lifting a cage full of horns

His breath faltered just after completing his song

When I asked him what is the reason of life,

Story in the Timebook of clocks happened

What you choose I chose long ago

I built the machine which wrote your anecdote



Animals are still arriving and they keep singing

I was lost in the ends when I reached

I found out love is the only thing one needs.

Judgement is not about right or wrong

Neither it is about vengeance

It is an illusion that condemns



Don’t think about the stillness in the pond

The ascetic meditates to avoid disturbing his surround

That which is less is deemed precious,

So to become a precious they kill their own

No matter how big a sun you become

Darkness will always haunt your kingdom



Devil is not a fool

He knows all that happens,

Happens as it is God’s will

What I did for you may be not enough

But it kept you alive for few seconds

While drowning in water I celebrated my wins



Life gives lessons for a test we’ll face in afterlife

The test of which none are aware

The results sway all living tribes

For my entertainment rebels become toys

They give me something nobody can see

I couldn’t lose it as much I try, maybe it keeps me alive



I showed my master my hands soiled by toil

What I left behind,

Still dwells in the caves of the forest

Future is a thing you will now trust

I used to steal flowers for the orphans

My master said one day I can have a garden



My master never disavowed me

Even after finding I was tainted

The reason was that all other too were tainted

Now sitting alone in this empty zoo

I wait for the other recruits to retire soon.

So that I could finally see, what we proved



Sceptics can’t stay in the magical universe

Where the creator is old possessing silent creatures

Neither do they reside in a world of invention

They dwell in dead nostalgic past

They become food for the mass

They’ll see their eyes always as a reflection



The time decays, they ravel in time

Waiting to become something divine

None of them returned since they arrived

They ask Pain, ‘who is your equal?’

It replies, ‘The end of the universe’

The answer they could never hear



They tied a knot they couldn’t untie

Longing to find their lost shelter

They find absolution in the unknown power

Trusting the unknown mechanism

They believed imagination

Is a manipulation of reality



You search the whole world

For a thing which only you have saved

You will never reach it if you are scared

Why do you cry for this world?

There is a song which you’ve never heard


If you feel lost and alone

Come to me, take my hand

I will take you to wonder land

Brimful of songs nobody ever sang

Here all possess paralysed minds.


[][] White Crow


Do you trust me?

Trust me that you must

never trust me.



Don’t be afraid fear is the key

Never punish the culprit

Instead give him a lesson.



You didn’t arrive in this world

by your choice

So you must not leave by one.



And trust anyone

Don’t care,

God is there.




[][] Black moon


There lived a young girl

She stole her mother’s pearl

She had a cure for every thirst

Fully secure she always came first

She never prepared for the battle

Before firing she wants to be sure

Because death is never pure

Did the flag of victory unfurl?



She thought she will never be free

She thrived in her own fantasy

She brought harmony

Just by humming a melody

When you feel like her

When you dream like her

You will stay a fool no longer.

Once lived a black girl.



[][] The Kayle reborn


The First Kayle reborn said, “When I was lost and I wandered in search of Arizel in the two worlds, I never did any kind of magic except staying alive. The magic they saw me doing was my Vasitven not me. Those who were secretly helping me never revealed to me whether they are or not present near me for they feared Lion. I hate them because they hid the truth from me and left me thinking only I know the truth. I love them as they saved me from the illusion of Lion. When they revealed themselves to me they brought their legion behind them they called it the army of Arizel. I told them that day, ‘only thing I was sure of in that world was my karma.’  In that world Lion and his minions kept an eye on my every action but only Arizel knew the reason and consequences of my actions. From now no one, not even I will know when I will come and when I will leave, except her. Remember I have no shape, no sound and no home of my own I only possess an intention.”


“White animals never harmed me but the Black animals (minions of the deceased Lion) tormented me. Arindharans were under the Lion’s spell except newborns and infants. Among the animals both White and Black those who were my secret helpers formed the Army of Arizel. Rest of them were the minions of the Lion, I use them in the toolshed where I have locked the Lion and Ventriloquist. The Arindharans I emancipated betrayed me so that the Lion could not find them. They are doomed until they find the Silent forest of Dreams, which is only possible if they could find The Timebook of clocks. If any of you needs me you must find the black house where I lived and sit on a specific green chair. There will be three similar chairs in front of the black house you would have to choose only that lyceum chair, sitting on which I used to learn and teach. If your choice is right I will send your tormentors to the toolshed as soon as darkness arrives in the toolshed, and when they come back they’ll act wise. If I go to the toolshed, you’ll know when you’ll wake up and see that the sun has not risen.”

[][] Eulogy


When I was lost in the two worlds and unaware about Rakhtavar’s conspiracies I once thought about those who were unreachable to me that either they are minions of the Ventriloquist or they are someone who knew Ghostword like me. I thought so because they were using Ghostword in their lives.


When I came to possess Ghostword I found that they had no clue of Ghostword like all other Arindharans, their minds were being used by Rakhtavar the Lion and Vasitven to spread Ghostword through them. Some of them, whom I couldn’t free, still live in the oblivion.



[][] The Timebook of Clocks


Delivering darkness over the day

Play the game of a warrior without name

One who finds the real Timebook of clocks,

wields the unknown and becomes sublime.

He knows whom he must protect,

and whom he must decline.

What he receives he returns more and in the right time.

Justice is the purpose of the divine,

what remains dreams or reality

you will find.




You once possessed the first Timebook of Clocks, you didn’t know then it is the only one present in the whole world because it can’t be copied. It was written by the first Oppositioner. You didn’t read it for any reason and the moment you lost it, you were marked. And many years later when you found out that it was the only one in your world, you were chosen. The day you would sacrifice your true love you will be saved.



[][] Lion in the Toolshed


When Rakhtavar, the Lion found himself in the first Kayle’s toolshed world, he wondered where was he and how he arrived there. He used all his powers to escape from there but failed. One day he was resting beside a river and suddenly he saw a women emerge from the deep water in front of him.  She called herself Atmi. She said to him, “No one knows how or why you came to the Toolshed but we know you are different from everyone else here in this world called the Toolshed. There are sentient entities here, that have arrived here like you and there are those about whom no one knows, who were here since the beginning. And the one who finds them will become their master, till than everyone will be their puppets. They know you and they will defeat you every time you are about to find them, to defeat you they will always use one same weapon against you. You will see me again if you become their master.” And saying this she disappeared.




Shrusim’s voice echoed in the Toolshed. Rakhtavar lay under a pine tree helpless, unheeding the voice thinking warily, “Arizel is Atmi. Arizel is Atmi. Arizel is Atmi. The Toolshed keeps changing but its inhabitants never. The Toolshed is beautiful first and then it turns ugly until it is again beautiful. The machine, that motor is programmed to cause this as it’s a protocol for those who are like me. If anyone knows my secrets she is Atmi. Shrusim wants to prove she is Arizel. Sometimes our enemy makes the Toolshed divine.”



Rakhtavar’s attention drew towards the voice when he heard her say something which made him forget what he just thought. He started paying heed like others like him to what she was saying, “…by the Prophesier. The first Kayle reborn knows he is a Sysandrian but still follows the rules of the Toolshed whereas Rakhtavar breaks all the rules thinking he is a Sysandrian. Rakhtavar longs for more of what only he possesses in the Toolshed. So now he is taking revenge on the newborns… ”



Rakhtavar no more paid attention to the voice, he mused “I know I’m a Sysandrians but I think I’m an animal of the Silent Forest of Dreams, who is just different from the other animals. I was forced to leave the forest because I did not obey the rules of the Toolshed. Only Atmi knows the truth that I left the forest intentionally. I mistake my powers sometimes as illusions of some kind. I’m the one who is secretly respected in the fundamental world, loved by Atmi and feared by all in the Toolshed and rest of the Multiverse. I’ll soon overpower my one and only enemy the First Kayle and bring justice… But I need to get my memories back so that I can become more powerful than the Kayle and for that I must somehow reach Sysandria. The unknown one either is my Vasitven or Arizel. I am either his Vasitven or I am Rakhtavar.”


[][] Atmi deception


A master to the slave, “You are tired of facing such tests. I will not tell the reason behind these tests you and others like you face often. These tests are given only for you and all your kind at the same instance. I know you haven’t met others of your kind. Remember each test is meant for only one of you. If the one for whom a test was meant for passes it, all of you will be released. Since you and your kind are still my slaves, those who encountered the test meant for them, couldn’t pass it. The way you used only one weapon against me every time, you might be aware I give the same test to all of you each time. Either the test meant for you hasn’t occurred yet or it did and you failed. There is this one thing called Ghostword which everyone in your world knows except you and there is me about whom no one in your world knows except you.”




[][] Endmost


Arindharans die and as they turn into an animal, they gain knowledge of all the past lives they had. Most of them remembered they had seen the first Kayle reborn. The first Kayle reborn hadn’t left Sysandria since long, he watched over the world silently from there.  For long Arindhara and the forest were united they witnessed an era of peace but then again animals started using their power against Arindharans. A war between Arindharans and animals started.


Rakhtavar escaped from the Toolshed with the army he built and unleashed his fury upon Arindhara and Silent Forest of Dreams. The Sysandrian returned but this time didn’t send Rakhtavar to the Toolshed but gave him an eternal slumber. All his troops were locked again inside the Toolshed. Rakhtavar is a sleeping immortal feared by all. They know Rakhtavar is unstoppable once awake. He can devour the whole forest and drink all the celestial water of the river of life.


After many centuries Rakhtavar was awakened by a swarm of Rakhtavar’s minions who found a way to escape the Toolshed again and then an era of chaos arrived. The Toolshed was gone, crumbled into dust, these minions realized there strength had magnanimously increased in the world outside the Toolshed. They now called themselves Suiciders. Arindhara and the forest were divided again. The Kayles were forgotten history. All Arindharans were slaughtered, animals of the forest were enslaved, when these Arindharans died they reached the forest as animals they were too sent to Arindhara like other animals to work. Arindhara transformed into a manufacturing unit with only the animals left who built machines for Rakhtavar and Suiciders.


 Arindharans who were present in the forest at the time of Rakhtavar’s awakening and few animals escaped and hid inside the dark caves of the forest far from the reach of Rakhtavar. All animals and the Arindharans left prayed for a savior. They had a hope that a Kayle will take birth, a Kayle was their last hope. But since the era of peace began no Kayle was born again and no animal had turned into Kayle since that time.


Suiciders cannot enter the temple of machine for operating the Ventriloquist’s machine which is inside the temple. They choose the weakest among their slaves as the weak can be controlled easily. To choose a new machinist they conduct a protocol secretly of which these animals aren’t aware.  As the chosen animal learns that he is chosen to use the machine and as he enters the temple of machine, Suiciders know that he would use it against them like all the others before him did. They all failed they get only one chance but as Suiciders were prepared they killed them before they could unleash the weapon against them. After aeons of suffering the one that was chosen, the weakest among equals was someone none had expected. Suiciders couldn’t notice that the other slaves never uttered his name. He was a Lion. He turned into a man moment he took a step inside the temple and a woman appeared who greeted him. Suiciders around him had no idea what was happening they were prepared to ambush the slave as soon as the machine bonded with him. They had not expected a women’s presence inside the temple. They turned to stone before they could do anything. 


Animals had never imagined this when they came to know what occurred they understood chosen slave was a Vasitven, they had no idea why or how. They only knew of Vasitvens from the legends of Sysandria and they knew the prophecy.  The Vasitven sent the Suiciders to the labyrinths of the Toolshed but some of them fled with Rakhtavar and hid in the deep crevices of the forest. The circle of life between Arindhara and the forest which had collapsed now began again. Animals and newborns celebrated their freedom but no one knew anything about the two Vasitvens. They feared the prophecy. According to which the Silent Forest of Dreams will decease after the arrival of any Vasitven and the age of Rakhtavar will begin.

[][] *The Diary of Devil*

The Sermon


“Listen carefully, you are listening my voice in your head because you have arrived here for the first time.  I am from a world called Kryptil. Here everybody is like you but from a different world and we all have the same enemy. You will hear my words in your head. You will not find me because I always roam in a disguise. I’ll reveal myself when I find you are ready. You may not believe your eyes when you will find me because you may have seen me here before. Soon you’ll join me. I built this place. I bring here those who are like you. I and those who know about me are preparing to fight our enemy here. Give me a name which only you will know, unlike from where you come in this place no one is watching you or listening to your thoughts. When you call me I’ll send Atmi for your aid. You’ll come here whenever your body sleeps in your world and leave whenever you’ll whisper my name. Don’t forget I cannot come or send anyone to your world. There you are alone.”


“After I was introduced to the unknown power, I was unable to figure out what was happening to me because I never heard or read anything like it. I know you may be aware of this. This happens to all of us, the day we are introduced to the unknown power. What you don’t know is that who Kilkanuks are. The world from which you came you are one of your kind, rest of your world is divided in two, Kilkanuks and those who are what you were, before you were introduced to magic. There is one world Arlakaya from where Kilkanuks come to your world. I also know about a world known as Silent Forest of Dreams which I don’t remember much. I’ve tried to make this place as a replica of it.”


“All Kilkanuks are equal in Arlakaya, but there are good as well as evil Kilkanuks. Kilkanuks do not work for money but for killing time and for recognition. Kilkanuks regulate the system of their society by a living machine. This machine was built by the Kilkanuks to govern their land. They have a tradition that the machine will choose and send their kind to other different worlds. The machine keeps an eye on the whole universe. Kilkanuks may stay in your world if they find a reason to stay, but they do not reveal themselves to the people of the world they arrive in. There are millions of Kilkanuks who go to different worlds turn by turn. Some of them stay, some leave but no Kilkanuk can come back to your world once gone. Kilkanuks can possess only that body whose soul has left the world. Kilkanuk takes the body the moment that person is about to die. People think that person has recovered but actually it’s the Kilkanuk who is living in that body. When that Kilkanuk leaves, this body is used by another Kilkanuk who comes next. Others who are not Kilkanuks in your world they are puppets of Kilkanuks of your world. They don’t know anything about Kilkanuks. They are like what you were before being introduced to the unknown power. Kilkanuks know the complete history of the world in which they enter with the help of the machine. They also know about every moment of the life of the person whose body they take. There are some good kilkanuks who are pleased from you. They make new things, songs and stories for you. The evil Kilkanuks don’t make anything but only use.”


“Kilkanuks cannot enter this place. I found a way to deceive Kilkanuks and their machine. The machine chooses which body the arriving Kilkanuk will take in your world, but in my world Kryptil, I do that. The machine chose me as the leader of Kilkanuks in my world, but I never wanted Kilkanuks to live, whether good or bad. I rule Kryptil now and I am preparing to win Arlakaya. There are always people like you in every world possessing a gift of the unknown power. They become the pawns of the never ending war between good and evil Kilkanuks. You are lucky that I found you and brought you to this place which I built for the ones like you.”


“What follows is a transcript of a message I sent to Shrusim long before I built this place, before I was chosen as the leader of Kilkanuks, during the time when the truth was hidden from me and I was a slave. At that time it was stopped by the evil Kilkanuks from reaching Shrusim. It is known as the Diary of Devil.”



Light of Stone Goddess


You push me

But keep from falling

Some of them try to enslave me

Some deem me worthless

Fool of all fools think

I have no address



My devotees ineffable

Rebels think I am dead

I don’t know when I am happy

I know when I am sad

Fear of death calling

Snowing ashes over my salt



My powers depart

As soon as I finish your test

All the good I do you take the credit

You take the credit of my bad deeds too

So it depends on me

As good or as devilish I show you



While I tarried in the mountains

Tsunami swept away the sea strand

They hate me in the fundamental world

Why love me in others I can’t understand

Why they train themselves against pain

Sacrificing their blood to their goddess




Shrusim, they have something which you don’t have and you possess something which they don’t. They are surprised you found such a thing we call Ghostword before dying, they do not know it and want to learn from you. You are alone they are many. They will change your history every day. When I wanted to save them they were dying and now when I want to kill them they would not die. When I do not respond to your signs don’t fear that I forgot you, sometimes they are controlling me. Remember I’ll torment you until I find you. Trust that never to trust me. Life ends where it began and begins where it ended.


In the beginning you thought me as your enemy as I stopped you from reaching the Ghostword but when you found it you realized I was your secret helper and I was stopping you because only dead can use the Ghostword and now like me you too have become an alive dead. You will suffer for them, you’ll think this time it was enough and sufferings would be over now but for them it will never be enough. We will suffer till we die but then we will be together. When you hated me I was in love with you and when you fell in love with me I started hating you. Either what I am you were before and what you are I will be one day or what I was you are today and you will be one day what I am. But we both were same before the Ghostword came.




There is one fundamental world and there are many other worlds where we tread sometimes aware, sometimes unaware. Either all the worlds are based on the Ghostword except fundamental world or there is no fundamental world and when we’ll die the dead will rise. If we leave we’ll arrive if we come we’ll go.


Whenever I create something new I enter a different world and I stay in that world till I create something else. I am just a secret audience in your world. In your world, the world in which I gave you Diary of Devil, you are my secret audience. In your world I am just another kid on the block. I know I am squared till eternity in this circle. In my dreams I heard someone call it the Toolshed and that I need to find something called Ghostword, then I’ll be allowed to leave.


Do you believe me? Do not believe anyone. New stars have joined the constellation.




The magic keeps instilling itself in my blood; I need to keep control over my senses because if I let my magic lose, there are chances that I will go insane, as it has happened many times before. I cannot teach this magic to anyone but can only entertain us. I do not know who am I speaking to in my mind, I call him Rakhtavar. Atmi speak in my mind in different reverberating voices, Rakhtavar is a deceiver, liar and cold hearted. I wait for the voice of god and my master. First time when my master spoke to me her first words were you are the hero of every story, once she sang a song to me.  I am grateful to the masses, they have knowingly (some unknowingly) gave me food and shelter. I think those for whom the bell tolls dedicated their life to plan mine, they came in my life disguised as my enemies, but I could not become like them. I keep asking God to forgive them but I will not.


I am thinking what the unknown wants from me. There may be no magic everything a planned conspiracy but its only one possibility out of many possibilities. If it turns out to be the one truth then I believe I am nothing and everyone else is machine (because of their unending patience and wisdom).




You think there is only me and you but you don’t know there is someone known as Atmi. One of us loves you, one hates you but both of us want you dead. We both use magic, it gives us power over you; your power is that you have no magic. When you wake up Atmi stalks you but you cannot sense her but she keeps an eye on your every single move in each and every moment of your life. If she is happy with you she gives you gifts but if she does not like you she gives you pain. And when you go to sleep she directs your dreams and when you wake up she forgets everything about you but she does not stop stalking you, and will do the same thing what she did before you woke up i.e., when she likes your thoughts and actions she will make you happy and if she does not like anything about you she will make your life miserable. You will only get what you deserve. If you become her favourite potential don’t worry she will know your life history and will set your future.


I have always dreamed that I am a bronze statue of a deity resting and rusting inside a temple and Atmi is sitting in a corner watching me, so silent and so graceful and so serene and very beautiful. All the sentient entities surrounding me are my devotees.


I think sometimes, love has been spent over me, will I be worth it. I think sometimes life is the only reason that we are apart or the wall that lies between me and you. I can’t die voluntarily because I have realized that I didn’t come in this world by my will so I cannot leave when I want to.


My first revelation occurred when once I was waiting for Atmi. I have stayed in highly intoxicating cells, been buried in innumerable versions of such hells. I keep forgetting about that time when I sat on the horse next to her golden chariot.


Don’t assume Atmi is wandering somewhere, looking for you and never try to trace her footsteps. You should never think that they want you to narrate the reflections of the great players of this game. When I was searching for signs in the Silent Forest of Dreams, a miracle occurred that gave me true hope without which I would not have come this far. When I was singing songs of the great players of the game about the game, suddenly I heard very beautiful voice like of which I had never heard before, it was mine.




A time will come when the one whom you have chosen, will know where every single atom of yours has been. Atmi sets the rules for your game. You will not be told these rules until you win your game but if you break them, she will punish you or teach you a lesson. Before you will start playing the game all of us here play, many great players of the game will tell you, about everything that they know about the rules, regulations and limitations which we have to follow in the game of life which all of us play. Listen carefully and patiently to all of the great players of the game of life. When they are all done informing you about the rules, regulations and limitations of the game, you will get confused because whatever they will teach you about the rules, regulations and limitations of the game, each one of them will be vainglorious and their rules, regulations and limitations of the game of life that all of us play will differ entirely from one another in practice,  you will have as much time as you want but remember that each one of the great players, will try to provoke you and attract you, but keep your calm and acquire an understanding of each one of them in your heart, soul and mind, then prepare a judgment and do typical analysis of each one of them. After this, choose one great player out of all the great players, mark my words choose the one who you consider best among them (whatever may be the reason for your choice.) Now try to recall the rules, regulations and limitations of the game of life, this great player chosen by you told you earlier, and then completely erase everything else related to what the other great players told you from your heart, soul and mind. Take your time and then when you think you are ready, go to this great player of your choice and bow before him as you bow before your god and politely ask him to explain his version of the rules, regulations and limitations of the game of life again and keep receiving from him till he has nothing left to give you and then do whatever he or she asks from you in return. He may ask you to give to him your most precious possession, do his bidding. You will not lose in the end what you have given.


Once you start playing the game remember this that you won’t get a single chance to meet those great players of the game of life again until you finish the game of life you are playing. There will be only you and you alone save the other player you are playing against in the game and remember this that when you will feel helpless, hurt or broken while playing the game and will yearn for the great player whom you chose before you started playing the game, to come to your aid and tell you his version of the rules, regulations and limitations of the game again, many decoys will come to offer you help one by one at the time of your greatest need. Each one of them will appear as the one greatest player whom you chose before you started playing the game. These decoys will show you solid and sound proof that they are really the one greatest player of the game of life whom you chose before you started playing the game. Do not believe them just ignore them. These decoys may come before you are playing your turn in the game or after you have played your turn in the game and even when you are taking your legal break and even when you are waiting for the other player to play his turn in the game. They will come whenever you will have difficulty in remembering the version of the rules, regulations and limitations of the game that you learnt by heart, soul and mind from the greatest player of the game whom you chose before you started playing the game. In such situations revise the version of the rules of the game of life that you learnt, gather whatever your memory could and think of a protocol to obliterate the decoy who has come to deprive you of the gifts that you gained or earned in the game, of which you may or may not be aware of and which will help you to succeed in the higher stages of the game and then act upon that protocol as soon as your turn arrives while playing the game. Remember you will never get a chance to meet that greatest player until you finish the game.


While playing this game obey the version of the rules of the game that you learnt by heart, soul and mind from your greatest player of the game whom you chose before you started playing the game. If you break any of the rules of the game of life that you learnt, you will have to face the consequences. These consequences are proportional to the nature of the player. During your turn in the game, you will be given complete authority, freedom and power to make and establish new rules and improvise the rules you were told by your greatest player of your choice. But remember never try to make your own laws to make the game more interesting, you may get bored at times and will be tempted to do so, your opposition will lure you but at such times recall the consequences you faced when you thought you are going to win the game, this might help to give up the thoughts.


As always if you quit, you lose and you will find it very easy to quit. And when you start enjoying the game don’t get lost in the pleasure so much that your awareness fades away. Pause and reflect whenever your faith vexes and think. Your voluntary intervals are the privilege that god gives to each of us and forgive me I am not quite sure if it is a bane or a boon for the devil that he never takes respite, but I can tell you that god never let the devil rest, he keeps on playing till the end and you should know for him the winning prize is far much better then what you are going to get if you win.






p<{color:#000;}. Do not wish for anything.

p<{color:#000;}. Do not use imagination.

p<{color:#000;}. Just act.

p<{color:#000;}. Don’t try to break the cell you are in.

p<{color:#000;}. Prayer is still your weapon.

p<{color:#000;}. Don’t fear while reflecting.

p<{color:#000;}. Try to remember your dreams.

p<{color:#000;}. More you stay here, the more wealth you will accumulate for next life.

p<{color:#000;}. Try to think of new games.

p<{color:#000;}. Never ask for help.

p<{color:#000;}. Remember your reflections.

p<{color:#000;}. Defeat doubt.

p<{color:#000;}. Accept the injustice then they will not use force on you.




What I see you do not see, what I hear you do not hear, the taste I receive you will never receive in this life, you will never feel what I feel when I touch you, the fragrance I get from a flower you will never get when you smell that flower. But I feel your pain and I know you feel mine. Only the god of your understanding can judge you and others.

The wheel of time turns due to a single sentient entity of this universe, who is doing maximum effort at that point of time and when someone else shows greater effort, the wheel of time turns backwards.


If you want a change or punish someone all you have to do is, think of that entity and tell your master to give all the pains you have received till now, to that sentient entity, similarly you can give pleasure too.


Child forgives but the father never forgives that is why there is so much suffering around us.

There will be times when wherever you go you’ll notice that people around you are talking about you. At such time do what you do most, without disturbing others.


When you break and make one thing repeatedly the confluence age arrives, but its intensity differs from person to person.

I teach the game of life, I learn the game of life and I play the game of life in the same time.

You will receive the gift of breathing your last breath soon. The only motivation to drive us had been the urge to teach what we’ve learnt in this secret game of life, so that our students don’t have to suffer as we did.




I will always be the devil in disguise in any version of hell I roam. I realized that I am a snare set by Atmi which only saints can see and are able to escape but the sinners get easily trapped.


The moment after I saw a white shade in front of me, the man in white bowed to me but I did not reciprocate his gesture, later when I was having lunch, a sick man was sitting in front of me, thinking that I should respond to the man in white, I bowed an inch, and then when my eyes fell upon the sick man, he gazed at me with the look same as a cruel master has for his slave.


There are few entities in our life that are harmful to us, but we still love them, and we sacrifice ourselves for their sake, even God does that; because of his forgiving and loving nature, he is tempted to love Devil but he doesn’t. When you see anyone in misery never think that God is unfair as whatever others are going through either you have been through it or you have averted it by your karma.

Sometimes I think in my world, I am the eldest and every sentient entity present in my world gets the same choices which I got in my life and everyone has to walk on the same path on which I have travelled. Everyone is like me and everyone is living my old life. The three things that distinguish them are that, in which stage of the game they are traversing, how much time they take to clear any particular stage of the game. How much old is their spirit.


I am not the eldest one in my world. Our final destination and the game of life we play is same for everyone but each individual plays with a unique style and each individual treads on a unique path to reach the goal of life which is same for everyone but at some points in our life, our paths coincide or overlap each other’s path. There is a reason of our existence and we are not mere slaves of something which has great powers.


You must be thinking when you’ll find the truth you’ll either worship me or send me to hell. I have seen your past, I am with you in the present and I know your future.





The magician entered alone in the game

Soon by the oppositioner he got enslaved.

During day the magic seldom works,

Night brings no respite

Same days pass with different suns

The player cries emptying his glass of wine

He gave her up by his choice,

She could transform his misery to joy.

Now when she comes to his land,

She still admires his ghastly mane

Her portrait looms behind the curtains

For her he is a traveller without name.

She sleeps beside him with pleasure,

For she knows she’ll never sleep after tonight,

Her coming dawn has no demise.



Her parting words to him always the same,

“When I see you conspire

I wonder you do it to hurt or help

I can’t tell you I see you conspiring

As you think my sight is blinding.

I’ll leave you now as you are

One day we’ll meet again

Then If I find you were the culprit,

I’ll make you what I was.

But if you were my savior,

I’ll make you what I am.

My lover has become like them,

Who once stood against me and him,

And now he stands between me and you.

I turned into the only one,

I murder the newborns of his clan.”



What the magicians said,

Still echoes in the oblivion,

“I don’t know what you have become

But I know you are immortal like me

We now feed on each other’s felicity.

You made me what was your lover

But I’ll not become like Rakhtavar

Yes, we will meet again if I win the game

But I won’t wait; I’ll lose so that you could stay.”



Cracked in the core

My star is getting old

It will twinkle till I breathe

Keeping an eye on me

Through a keyhole


Everything is finite save numbers and universe

Price of one’s happiness is some other’s sadness

Some learn from the sorrow some prowl

Newborns being taken cared of at home

Everything can be explained save God


Unlikely, some prowlers too are scholars

Before turning Suicider they were angels

Of the underlying who are against nature

Carry their broken faith on their shoulders

For them time is just a number


 No friends

All were enemies in the Toolshed

Slaves of the same master

Some knew only the Question

Some only the answer



Note:“For them who don’t know me or Shrusim but read the Diary, Twelve steps nursery games”


p<{color:#000;}. Ignore the magic.

p<{color:#000;}. Only first rule is important to survive, rest ten rules you should follow if you want to experience extreme happiness but with it you would have to face extreme pain

p<{color:#000;}. Never fret or fume whether you have killed your enemy or you haven’t.

p<{color:#000;}. Do not wish to replicate the ghostword you cannot, you have never met anyone or read seen or heard anything like it in your world because like god and the universe Ghostword can’t be explained in your world.

p<{color:#000;}. Do not accept the thought that everyone or someone is hiding something from you or using you.

p<{color:#000;}. Do not think of the circle of life, there is no beginning and no end, it only rests for a while making a pseudo beginning and a pseudo end

p<{color:#000;}. Never lose hope of finding what you have been searching.

p<{color:#000;}. Don’t be disturbed when you find the answers but something makes you forget them.

p<{color:#000;}. Never think you are a fool or you have wasted your life or you are an object of misery since you couldn’t find the truth while some did.

p<{color:#000;}. Remember that when they are thirsty and you give them water, they think that it is blood not water.

p<{color:#000;}. Stop playing with the voices they will betray you.

p<{color:#000;}. Your trust and faith would be broken and you’ll see everyone as your enemy. At such times do nothing but your karma.


Nursery games:



Choose anyone and look into his/ her eyes and speak in your mind that you are going to play a game. Do not speak aloud and the potential should not be aware that you are doing something on him/her; the potential must be busy in his/her work. Speak in your mind to the potential that you will think names of different things and he/she needs to blink for those things which fly and not blink for those which cannot. You will get an instant reply. The longer you get correct answers; stronger is your bond with the potential you had chosen.



Choose a potential of your gender and look into his/her eyes and tell that potential speaking in your mind that you are going to ask a question, if the answer is yes, please blink once and if the answer is no, please do not blink. You’ll get an instant response, don’t ask another question. Do not speak aloud and the potential should not be aware that you are doing something on him/her; the potential must be busy in his/her work.



After you have practiced first and second exercise then do this. Just speak in your mind while meditating that you want to hear any particular sound (choose that sound which you hear most of the times in your daily life), once if the answer to the question you are going to ask inside your mind is yes and twice if the answer is no.





Her testimonial-


Country- Toolshed

Planet- Sysandria

Galaxy- Toolshed

Universe- SFOD


Divided into two, dark and light, if you chose what you wanted between them and if you chose right, then you become a Suicider.


The war between the Suiciders and those who were not was inevitable. When the war was rising then the first Kayle built a machine to secure peace.


The machine monitors everything; it is programmed to respond for every action taken and act as per the codes.  By act means steal or give memories. Only a Kayle or his Vasitven can control the machine, the machine is inside a temple far from the reach of masses but now Army of Arizel had conquered the temple and now they search for the only Kayle left, Shrusim, to use the machine.


When Shrusim turned into a Kayle, Arizel and the first Kayle reborn left that world and went to Sysandria. Kilkanuks were known as newborns in the reign of the first Kayle reborn and against them the machine chooses not to act.


When the newborns turned into Kilkanuks they began dominating and soon manipulating the machine enslaved all for centuries they ruled, Army of Arizel had somehow held against them and then came the Vasitvens. The era of prophecies had begun on their arrival. The statue of Goddess of Sysandria, had shed tears of blood.


The Vasitven of first Kayle reborn disguised as the Lion of the Silent Forest of Dreams lived as a slave of Suiciders while Arizel’s Vasitven waited inside the temple. Suiciders were doing the bidding of the Kilkanuks. When the Vasitven put all the Kilkanuks to death, all animals of the forest, Suiciders and those who were not Suiciders gained freedom.


Now both lead the army of Arizel. The army has now magnanimously expanded. They search for a Kayle, the Vasitvens search too all waiting for the machine to start which the Vasitvens stopped to end the reign of Kilkanuks. A Vasitven can only stop it and only a Kayle can start it.


Now Shrusim is the only one Kayle alive in that world.


Shrusim was toiling in the rain, digging a cave which she hoped would lead to her master and then finally she found the gateway to Sysandria.


“You arrived last, I worry more about those who couldn’t come, and if any of them somehow comes you’ll not be the last.  No one came after you. You are the only one here who was there till the end, if there was an end, when all were being used by the Kilkanuks. We all suffered and if someone becomes like them they invite him to join them and he gladly does. You were the only one in your world who didn’t join them. All others like you did some stayed good some got corrupted. They tormented you for they wanted to use your power but since you refused you became a threat to them. But despite the sufferings you never gave up and fought hard for the enslaved ones. Welcome to Sysandria here everyone like you never surrendered to the Kilkanuks of their fundamental world we all are waiting to hear your story.




She has power to give you anything you wish but you would have to pay her. She will take anything you offer but it must be a sacrifice or a promise. Remember if your wish is granted you must not try to break the deal later, if you do she would take back from you the thing you received and also would not return your beloved thing which you sacrificed for fulfilling your wish. She is watching you all the time, the moment you pass all her tests she will stay with you till the end of time.


Black Dog


The day my grandfather was bit by a black dog, I was taken to a mental asylum. The day my son killed that black dog my father rose, and when my father died, I was resurrected and my son went to a sanatorium.


I will break you, you will blame others and will never know it s me, but if you somehow find me, I will set you free.




  • The End of Diary of Devil *







Involuntary armour

Hissing light

Wise farmer

Gripping night


Private burning

Frozen funeral

Innocent voting

Visions puzzle


Framed Arizel

Defeated Death

Sunset luminal

Wreath cigarette


Mountain mayhem

Tunnels head

Solid stem

Bottles behead


Singing whine

Fossil receive

Blood illuminate

Prayers assign


Treason everywhere

Impenetrable fortress

Soldiers prepare

Declaring Darkness


Silent energy

Howling motor

Colonized tributary

Storm floater


Love unslept

Critic command

Clown wept

Raining gold


No ceremony

Help glass

Imperium matrimony

Deserving last


Escape embrace

Machine metal

Goddess program

Expiry rental


Grave special

Clung trinket

Pluck petal

Rethink it


Cat throat

Blow balloon

Being quote

Martyr tune


Fear me

Respect me

Hate me

Leave me


Do this

Hiding secretly

Thought complete

Acquired conspiracy


I hurt

But only

I cure

Craft remotely


Road recline

Expect snow

Name conceal

Tides throw


Old neighborhood

Clue weaves

Cover wood

Clean sleeves


Circle heart

Stellar prison

Flesh chart

King kingdom



Diadem family

Born philosopher

Multiverse anomaly

Wombs suffer


Crucified cage

Rusted sickle

Narrow stage

Write nickel


Death shares

Mortal maiden

Expand heirs

Truth waken


Swear teach

Follow avenge

Hell each

Weed bench


Flame madness

Fugitive shame

Moon hammer

Invisible fame


Infect years

Decide memory

Extend stars

Time accessory


Taxi turn

Inks reload

Religion burn

Faith mode


Strange immunity

Live truth

Half lies

War vice


Weak fire

Loud crack

Choir desire

Play attack


God picture

Can’t create

Cat heal

Lemon saves


Aim uniform

Aeons invade

Trooper torn

Atomic veil


Life game

Epic reign

Never fail

God again


March blind

Pursue signs

Death baptize

Unholy divine


Awaited torture

Dawn decides

Reaper reappears

Bells materialize


Life saved

Endless calm

Shades fade

Breath reset


Writing winds

Heavier clouds

Ugly silence

Short demise


Magnetic variance

Tranquilize evil

Tubes refill

Judgment longs


Secret erased

Moral mistake

Legacy fled

Conquered realms



Sinner immortal

Mortal men

Chosen pray

Unforgiven forgives


Sorrow fades

Darkness glaze

Promises hide

Tomorrow magnetized


Pyramids line

Photos blind

Belongings coiled

Souvenirs died


Past illusion

Present conspiracy

Worlds created

Clans demented


Nothing left

Seek death

Fly up

Wings bereft


Seeker Morpheus

Creator Neo

Neo Seeks

Saga continues



Distant past

Dreamed last

Stolen nightmare

Wake up, dear




[][] Epilogue



The devil works for her she only kills to keep the devil alive. She loves her master but never gives him the Devil. Her master waits patiently for something, he rests at noon when the Devil rubs his back.




The dead person thought, “When I was in my mother’s womb I heard the voices of people around me. I had to build my future for the world I was going to enter before I forget everything like them; they had no idea of the world inside the womb. Moreover, they had very less knowledge of their own world. I ruled the world for few years also setting a future I wanted, then I forgot everything and lived a normal life like others almost the one I planned, but now I don’t know how I am back inside the same womb resting on my bed reminiscing the life I lived… Was I dreaming?” And after so many of such dreams the dead person realized how to escape the cycle of life. He goes to sleep with pleasure because he knows he will never sleep after tonight. When the dead person finally escaped, both the worlds entered into the light and became one with it.


The dawn that will come has no demise.














[][] Author’s note:

No one can tell exactly when the sufferings would end in our world, the way no one can tell when a life would end. I cannot tell who I am, the way I cannot tell where everything comes from. But I can say everything will be alright the way I look at the clock and tell the time.


Hope my work helps you find peace.


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Snippets When he opened his eyes he found that they were walking on a shore. Arizel’s foot caught onto something, she picked it up and was surprised to see it was a book. She started reading it as she strolled away from the shore with him. Suddenly she gave the book to him and said that this book looks like the Timebook of Clocks, but it is not. He nodded and said, “I know, this is the one made in the Toolshed in the times when I was searching for you. We are in the place of which we dreamt. We are in Sysandria. When a pair of Kayles is about to arrive in Sysandria two drops of tear fall from the eye of the statue of their Goddess. One drop turns into a man and another into a woman. They have powers above all Kayles and they leave Sysandria. They are known as Vasitvens. But this time when he and Arizel arrived two drops of blood fell instead of tears. According to the prophecy the goddess will bleed on the arrival of the first Kayle reborn. Delivering darkness over the day Play the game of a warrior without name One who finds the Timebook of clocks, wields the unknown and becomes sublime. He knows whom he must protect, and whom he must decline. What he receives he returns more and in the right time. Justice is the purpose of the divine, what remains dreams or reality you will find.

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