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The Theory of God

“To all haters and to all lovers “


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The theory of God

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About the Author

Chanchal’s first novel, Simple Boy, written when he was twenty-five, received immense love from the readers. Since then he has written a number of novellas, essays and children’s books .

Chanchal was born in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh(India), and grew up in different cities, as his father was in Indian Army. He now lives in Noida, with his family.


Finally, humans are saving the protector “the god” by killing god’s own child.

I sat on my bed after taking bath and took the newspaper, written that, “27 killed and more than 100 are injured in terrorist attack”. It hurt me and others too, who thinks and feels like me.

I was thinking who is God and why people kill others, in the name of him, at the same time when they all obey the God but in the name of different name.

That day, reminded me a conversation with my daughter too. So, theory of God is about that conversation and some thoughts on that day.

Chanchal,17 march 2016

The theory of god

To all haters and to all lovers

What is religion? Why people divide others in the name of god and at the same time believe that god is one? This question always arises in my mind, whenever I see the people hate each other and fight each other in the name of god.

There are many gods exist in this beautiful world like Krishna in Hinduism, Jesus Christ in Christianity, Mohammed Prophet (he was a messenger) or Allah in Islam. God is called in different name in different religion. Every religion has its own sign and everybody has a different way to pray to the god.
Gods does good with the good nature of people and bad with the wrong people. Who builds this world with his own hand and create the earth for people to live.
People believe in this theory and still divide the people in the name of religion. Still they kill another religion’s person. Some people don’t become agree with the inter religion marriage. Sometime in some places people divide others in the way of like wearing cloths (burqa, veil), having the beard, carry the turban or wearing the kadas and sometime wearing the bikini or swimsuit can change the people’s mindset and it can divide the people. And still they believe in destiny and in creator that god creates all the religion and people. And they divide at the same time. Why? This question always arises in my mind.
Is killing the other religion person can make the religion’s perception good in the mind of the world people? Is this the tribute to the god? Can it make the god feel good? How can the god feel nice when somebody die?
When god doesn’t divide people at the time of giving the oxygen to the people and Sun’s light reach to the every person at the similar way and others things too like rain, moon, stars, river and sea etc. then who are we to say that he is Hindu or Muslim, Christian or Jews?
I remember an incident when my daughter (Sonia) who was 8 year old few years back, asking for my help to clarify the doubts as she was confused about the god after seeing the differences in the society and riots.
She asked me, papa who is god?
I replied: he is the creator of this world. he is the supreme power.
Her second question, he made us too?
I replied: yes.
Sonia: he made trees too?
I said: yes.
Sonia: we are Hindu isn’t? And our god is Krishna.
I said: yes, you are right.
Sonia: Jesus Christ is also our god?
I thought a minute because I wanted to give my daughter a knowledge which would help her to maintain equality among the people and the religion. And I wanted to define the god, because through god, religion becomes. God is the sign of the religion.
I said: kid, every god is yours. No matter which religion you follow. From your childhood, I am telling you that I am Hindu and you are Hindu and our god is Krishna and Shiva etc. if I would tell you that you are Christian then you would easily follow the Christianity and your god would be Jesus Christ. You born in the Hindu family and that’s why you are Hindu and because of the same reason you follow the Hinduism.
Sonia: if I will pray to Jesus than he will make my wish full?
I said: I don’t know that he will or not or Krishna or Shiva will or not, because our destiny is in our hand. If you do something, then only you will get that thing. God only create us. He doesn’t create future or our tomorrow. If we do right, then we will get good things in this life. And if we will do wrong things then we will get punishment in this life only. This is nature law. And it is same for everyone.
Sonia: papa why they have called Muslim or Christian?
I said: they have just different name of their religion. Like we are called Hindu, they are called Muslims. It is just the combination of different alphabets. Which make them called Muslim and us Hindu. After all we all are human being and one. And some stupid people divide us on the religion. In the end, I think religions are like the caste only. In almost every religion there are castes, take an example of Hinduism there are many castes like JATTS, gujjars, Brahmin, pundits, baniyas etc. Shia and sunnies in Islam. Human being also creates the different castes in human being according to the way they wear clothes or pray to their gods. And they divide us in different castes like Hinduism, Islam, Christianity or Sikhism etc. they all are like castes but called religions, because every caste has its own difference like the religion.
Sonia: like some aunty wear the burqa (veil) or some bhaiyas (brothers) wear kadas or cap.
I said: yes, you are right. It is like they have the different personality. They have different fashion to cover up them self. They feel comfortable in that. Some women wear bangles and some veil so then naths (Nose ring) and saadis(Sari) or wear the skirts, jeans or bikini, because they feel good. If people try to recognize the religion by seeing them, that is their fault. If everybody starts wear same cloths and speak the same language. Then what will be the meaning of “different” word then. There is a difference that’s why there is much curiosity in this world. That’s why people go to the other country and enjoy the culture and tradition there. That makes life interesting. But some people don’t understand this and think themselves that other are not like us and killing them can make their religion proud.
But how can the god feel god when some die, this is puzzle. Because who make us and create us. How can he feel good when someone who is created by him die or kill? And the blood spots come on his name.
Sonia: so, papa why people don’t understand this and kill other people?
I said: because they are stupid to understand and coward to put curtain on their wrong deeds. They don’t understand that “god creates all and we divide all”.
Suppose there is a black board in this room. Now you can kick or spit on this. But if I will write the lord “Krishna” on the board, then you will see the god on this. Then it will become respectable for you and you will start seeing god on the board. Earlier, nothing was like the same here. And if I will rub it and write Allah then you will start seeing god on this. Then this will be respectable for the Muslims, and if I will rub it again and write the Jesus Christ on it. Then Christian god will start appearing on this. So, it depends on us what we see. If everybody starts imagine that suppose “Hindu guy imagine that “OM” is written on the Muslims or Christian people. Then they start feeling that they are Hindu too. And then they will start giving respect to other. And it is same for the other religion too. If they start imagine that their god’s sign is written on the chest or body of the other person. Then they can feel that everybody is same”.
People have to understand this. That it depends on us to see the Krishna Shiva, Allah or Jesus Christ in everybody. Because he lies inside everybody, and if they are killing someone that means they are killing their own people and god. People have to understand that he is everywhere and in everything.
Prophet Mohammed lies in Gita and Krishna lies in bible so then Jesus Christ in Koran. It only needs us to see them there. Because when by making the mosque we see the “KHUDA or ALLAH” there, and in temple only we see the “BHAGWAN” and “JESUS CHRIST” in church. Then just imagine that this world is temple or mosque or church.
Our conversation ended there and my daughter sit quite for a while and then I asked her.
What you think now who is god?
She replied. He is everything and in everything. I am seeing Krishna, Shiva, Allah and Jesus Christ in you. If I can’t see the god here with in me then I can’t see the god anywhere papa. These were the words of that girl.

People have to believe in one thing “humanity” and think that religion is divided like the castes. Killing each other is like killing the god himself.

In the end “God creates us and we divide all”.

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The theory of god

I sat on my bed after taking bath and took the newspaper, written that, “27 killed and more than 100 are injured in terrorist attack”. It hurt me and others too, who thinks and feels like me. I was thinking who is God and why people kill others, in the name of him, at the same time when they all obey the God but in the name of different name. That day, reminded me a conversation with my daughter too. So, theory of God is about that conversation and some thoughts on that day. Chanchal,17 march 2016

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The theory of god The theory of god