The Test of Truth and Loyalty

The Test of Truth and Loyalty

A Collection By: Latija R. Anglin

Friends Forever

By Latija R. Anglin

Copyright 2016 Lillian Swain

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Friends Forever

Bianca, Michelle and Vanessa were best friends. It was prom and tonight was also one of the biggest senior after parties of the year. Rebecca Samuels was a popular cheerleader who threw the best parties at her parent’s mansion. The three friends have been attached since pre-school. They were like triplets. Bianca and Vanessa always liked playing jokes on Michelle who was the weakest of the three but tonight they would go too far. While at the party, Tommy Cunningham, star basketball player who is a college sophomore, was a love interest of Michelle.

“Girl look. There goes Tommy. Go and talk to him”, said Bianca.

“I can’t. I’m too nervous. Besides he’s in college. He’s not interested in me”, said Michelle.

“Girl you won’t know until you try. Just go talk to him”, said Vanessa.

“……No I’m not. I can’t”, said Michelle.

“Fine fine I’ll do it. You got the letter you wrote him right?”, said Vanessa.

“Yes I have it.”

Michelle reached in her satin violet clutch and pull out an envelope. Two weeks earlier Vanessa and Bianca persuaded her to write a love letter to Tommy. What she didn’t know was what her best friends put in the envelope before they left for prom. Vanessa walked over to Tommy and handed him the envelope. She turned around and pointed to Michelle so that he knew who it was from. She walked back over to her friends and they watched as Tommy opened the letter. Before he read it there was also a polaroid inside of a naked Michelle. He showed the photo to his friends while they all stood around laughing. They walked over to the girls and Tommy handed Michelle the photo.

“Guess you’re a late bloomer huh?”, said Tommy.

Everyone began to laugh. In tears, Michelle ran outside. Bianca and Vanessa ran out after her laughing.

“Aw cheer up Chelle. Look I’m sorry. It was idea I thought it would be funny. Look, Tommy isn’t your type anyway. He’s a dumb jock with a big ego”, said Vanessa.

“Look you guys that was not funny AT ALL. How can I show my face at school after that?”, said Michelle.

“Girl come on. Everyone is inside getting wasted and messing around. I’m pretty sure your naked picture will be the last thing they remember”, said Bianca.

“Ok ok. Michelle I’m really sorry. I’d never intentionally hurt you, you know that. Come on it’s prom night. I’m sorry ok?”, said Vanessa.

Vanessa wiped the tears from Michelle’s face and she began to laugh.

Friends Forever

“You guys are just awful but I love you guys”, said Michelle.

“Come on. Let’s head back to my house. We can make pizza and talk about whose dress was ugly”, said Vanessa.

The three laughed and hopped into Vanessa’s car.

The tires on the red 1970 Chevy made skid marks on the street as the girls went joy riding drunk They sang their favorite song loudly and off key.

“Fire! ….Fire!”

Bianca turned down the radio.

“Hey guys? You realize this is the last time we’ll get to hang out like this? I mean we’re all going away to different colleges in the fall. This is truly one of the last times we’ll all be together.” Michelle leaned back in the back seat and sighed. “I know. I mean we’ll be thousands of miles apart from one another. It won’t be the same anymore without you guys. I’m really going to miss you two.”

“Hey I’m going to miss you guys too but let’s not bring down the party”, said Vanessa.”

“It’s prom night girls. Let’s live it up!”

Bianca turned the radio back up and they resumed singing along to The Ohio Players hit song. Michelle leaned back up spilling her beer all over the back seat of Vanessa’s chevy. Vanessa reaches down to grab another beer when all of a sudden they came head to head with another car. “Vanessa watch out!”, screamed Bianca. Vanessa cut the wheel to swerve out of the way of the other car, but lost control of the vehicle. They spun out of control when the car abruptly hit a brick wall over a bridge. Michelle was ejected from the car and was thrown through the front window over the bridge.

“Holy shit! Michelle?! Michelle?!”, said Bianca.

“ Oh my god what did I do?? Bianca you see her??”

“There she is!! She’s floating down the river!”

They run to the other side of the bridge watching their best friend’s lifeless body float down the river.

“What the hell are we going to do Vanessa?”, asked Bianca.

“Look B, she’s gone now okay? She’s gone.”

“Let’s call the police. We got to go for help.”

Friends Forever

“Sure yeah let’s call the police so they can get here, smell alcohol on our breaths and found out I don’t have my license. Think Bianca! A DUI just might make that scholarship to NYU go away. We can’t say nothing ya hear me? Nothing!”

Bianca sobbed as Vanessa slowly started walking down the road.

“…….I’m sorry Michelle.”

“Come on Bianca. My house is down the road. I’ll tell my parents we had an accident and that I dropped Michelle off before we got here. Nobody will know a thing. Look, Michelle was my friend too okay? We’re going to go to jail if we get the law involved. Trust me this is the right thing to do.”

The two take off walking for Vanessa’s house. Bianca knew that her best friend’s death would haunt her forever.

In October of 1985, the girls were coming back to their hometown for their 10-year High School Reunion. Vanessa had become a lawyer in New York and Bianca was a talk show host with her own syndicated show in Los Angeles. The two girls always kept in touch over the years, but it would be the first time in a while that they would get t see each other. Bianca pulled up to Vanessa’s childhood home. Being there made her extremely uncomfortable but, she put aside her feelings to her friend. Vanessa was already outside sitting on a porch swing.

“Hey Bianca! She ran up to her and threw her arms around her. It’s good to see you B.”

Bianca hugged her back.

“It’s good to see you too. It’s been too damn long.”

“I know. A lifetime”, said Vanessa.

“So your parents left you the house huh?”

“Yeah. After my mama died my daddy didn’t want to stay here alone so he left it to me. He said this house was for my family when I got ready.”

“Yeah. I heard about his passing last month. I tried to call you. I’m so sorry. I would have been at the funeral had it not been for that storm.”

“Oh it’s okay. Better safe than sorry. ……Well girl come on in here. I done cooked you up a good Alabama feast honey!”

The two laughed, ate and talked about memories of their childhood. Neither one ever mentioned Michelle.

“Girl let me pour you some of this wine. It’s vintage. 1951”, said Vanessa.

Friends Forever

“Oh that’s fine. I don’t drink”, said Bianca.

Vanessa Laughed.

“Girl since when?”

Bianca stared then put her head down. Vanessa instantly knew what she was thinking about it.

“Oh girl hey. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to..”

“It’s fine really it’s ok. It’s just, I haven’t drank since that night ya know?”

“Girl I should’ve known better. I’m sorry. We don’t have to drink this.”

Vanessa put the wine down on the counter.

“Hey let’s go walk some of this food off. Can’t be looking crazy at the reunion girl.”

Bianca agreed and the two left the house. They started up the dirt driveway talking about who they thought they were going to see at their reunion. They were so engrossed in their conversation, they didn’t realize they were about to cross that same bridge from that tragic fateful night. While Bianca was talking about possibly seeing an ex boyfriend, Vanessa began to hear roaring sounds in the distance.

“Hey B…You hear that?”

“Do I hear what?”

“That roaring sound.”

“Hey I do hear it. What is that? Sounds like a car”, said Bianca.

They get closer and see a red car sitting there running.

“More like a chevy. A 1970 red chevy”, said Vanessa.

The girls looked at each other and started to run the other way, but was met by an elderly woman. Vanessa squinted to try and recognize the woman.

“Mrs. Frazier? Is that you?”

“Yes it is. How you been Vanessa? Bianca? Haven’t seen you girls in a long time.” It’s almost like it was yesterday that ya’ll were in my house talking about which Jackson 5 member is the cutest. You know, Michelle always talked about you two and how you were her best friends.

Bianca started to cry.

“Oh god. This isn’t happening right now”, said Bianca.

“You know Mrs. Frazier we..”

Friends Forever

“Stop Vanessa”, said Mrs. Frazier.

“You know I always thought you never had her best interest at heart. You humiliated her, embarrassed her and got Michelle into a lot of trouble. She always letting you convince her to do stupid things including those disgusting pictures and I never knew why. Ya’ll were never her true friends & I knew it was a bad idea to let her socialize. Should have kept her home with me and kept her head in the books. Raising her to be a responsible and respectable young lady and not whores like you two. I just keep thinking maybe my baby would still be here if she hadn’t been out with you.”

“What do you mean Mrs. Frazier?…”

“Do you really think I was stupid enough to believe that my baby drowned? I mean it made no sense. When the police found her the next day, she still had alcohol in her system so I put two and two together. You 3 went to the prom together and went to a party afterwards where I assume there was drinking. Now what I couldn’t figure out is how she ended up falling over a bridge near your house and you two had no idea what happened when she was with you!”

“It was an accident Mrs. Frazier! Okay we were scared to tell anybody we didn’t want to get in trouble”, said Vanessa.

“Mrs. Frazier I wanted to go for help but Vanessa said no! She left her!”, said Bianca.

“B shut up dammit!”, said Vanessa.

Bianca begins to sob profusely.

“We’re really sorry. We’d never do anything intentionally to hurt Michelle. We loved her”, said Bianca.

“Did you really? How about you tell her that.”

“……..What do you mean Mrs. Frazier”, asked Vanessa.

Mrs. Frazier pointed behind them. They turned around to see Michelle sitting in front of the chevy soaking wet. She looked at Bianca and Vanessa and begin revving up the engine. A smirk appeared on her pale face.

“Go on baby! Get em’! Get em’ like they got you!”

Michelle pressed down on the gas and charged forward running down her former best friends. Her mother rolled the bodies over the bridge and they watched them float down the river just as they had done on their prom night.

“Now we’ll be best friends forever.

Last Words

By: Latija R. Anglin

Last Words

I pulled into my apartment complex at midnight after a 12-hour shift. I was so tired, I kicked off my work boots and left them in the car. I started up the 5 flights of stairs. Why the hell didn’t my wife try and talk me out of living on the 5th floor? Seeing the numbers 414 on the door you would have thought I was about to walk into heaven. I couldn’t grab my keys fast enough. Once inside I plopped down on the couch. The springs sticking out of the cushion into my behind doesn’t even bother me at this point. After a few minutes I lean forward to check the mail left on the coffee table. “Bills, and bills, and more bills……..James Walker? Why would my mom’s ex send me a letter?

Dear Jason,

I know it’s been a long time and for that reason I’ll make this really quick and simple. I’m very sick, and I have been for a long time Jason. I feel I don’t have much time so my only wish is that I can see you again. Given everything I put the family through, I really hope you’ll consider coming to see me. I’m at Morrow Hospital, Room 5315, the 18th floor. Hope to see you soon.



This is crazy. I mean literally the last time I saw this man I had to stop him from beating my mother. If I hadn’t intervened, he would have put her in the hospital that night. He cracked 4 of her ribs and she couldn’t see out her left eye for 2 weeks. Her blood had stained the carpet because we didn’t clean it in time. Still til’ this day whenever I visit my mother I always step over that spot. What the hell could he want from me now? He couldn’t be after my money but who knows. 6 people living in this luxurious 3 bedroom apartment and my baby Stephanie. My Baby Blue, 1976 Cadillac De Ville. Baby girl hasn’t had an engine tune up since I got her in 1990 and yes, it takes a minute for her to go when the light turns green but even on the worst of days she’ll purr like a kitten. ……No way. He’s not taking Stephanie! I think I’ll pay him a visit and let him know how I feel. This conversation has been long overdue.

The next morning after the kids left for school I went to see James. I had my wife drop me off at the hospital downtown before she went off to work.

“Thanks honey. Don’t worry about me. I got money to get back home.”

“Ok babe. I’ll call you on my break and you can tell me everything that happened. See you later and good luck.”

As I walk into the hospital My nerves were all over the place. Kind of like the very few moments you are contemplating riding a roller coaster but, you can’t change your mind because you’re next in line to ride. Riding on the elevator I got sucked into that catchy elevator music. They should have music when I’m walking up 5 flights of stairs to my apartment while I’m doing the Cha Cha stepping on my doormat that says, “BEWARE OF KIDS”.

Last Words

I walked into the hospital room and I saw this old man literally on his deathbed. I mean the guy went from looking like Tom Cruise to Ebenezer Scrooge.

“Excuse me James?”

“….Oh hey Jason. I’m glad you came to see me. The reason I wanted you here was because I have something to tell you.”

“Wait. Before you say anything I have something to say. Do you have any idea what you put my family through all those years? My little sister is in therapy and I’ll tell ya something else that ain’t cheap mister. My mother lashes out at any man named James because of what you did. We’re still going back and forth to court over her last incident. A 5-year old boy had his juice box smashed and that’s not right.”

James begins to chuckle.

“Oh this is funny? Little James will be scarred for life.”

James replied, “No Jason it’s not that. It’s just that you have always been this dramatic.”

“Oh that’s not even true at all! I mean…..ok yeah there was that one time at Chuck E Cheese but the little girl stole my tokens but other than that I’m as cool as a cucumber.”

“Cool as ice”, James said laughing.

“Look man I didn’t come here to walk down memory lane with you so what is it that you couldn’t have called and told me over the phone.”

“Jason, I’m your real father.”

“………Excuse me?”

“I’m your real father. A month after you were conceived I went off to the army. Your mother never told me she was pregnant until I left when she wrote me a letter. Honestly we were young, 16 and 18. When I came back home she was already dating someone else, and he took on the role as ‘Dad’. After he died your mother made me promise not to say anything because you were so broken up over his death.”

“Ok wait. This is way too much. Why are you even telling me all this now when you’re about to die?”

“Jason I didn’t want to leave this earth without you knowing the truth and hearing it first from me. Look I was a bastard. What I did to you, your mom and sister should have never happened. There’s absolutely no excuse for my behavior.”

“Man you got a whole lot of nerve telling me this. I come here on my day off my wife wasting gas money. Stephanie don’t got that many miles left on her to be riding to far out places. I mean

Last Words

what the hell man? You’re about to die so I got to go through losing a father twice? What are you the bearer of bad news?”

“…You’re right. I should have told you sooner. But I…….wait….Who is Stephanie?”, asked James.

“Stephanie is my baby. My Cadillac De Ville. Vintage condition. 1976. Baby Blue. Rides smoother than ice cream melting down your hand on hot day. Don’t think that you can just tell me you’re going to die and try to sell my baby to pay for your expenses.”

“Oh lord. Look son. I’m not after your car. I don’t want money. I promise. Look I’ve been keeping up with you. I know all about your kids and wife. You 2 have been working hard to support those babies. I’m proud of you. You didn’t do what your old man did and abandoned his family. You turned out just fine…no help from me.”

“……Look man don’t beat yourself up about it. I mean even though you were a monster we did have some good times. Talking about people while standing in line at the DMV was always fun.”

James chuckles.

“Yep you’re definitely my son. Sense of humor and all.”

Jason smiles.

“…….Sooooo. What you got planned tomorrow. Heard you going to see JC.”

“Who is JC?”, asked James.

“You know. JC? Jesus Christ? I heard he’s a phenomenal guy. Does great work. Tell him I said hello. I’m a big fan.”

The two laughed and spend the rest of the day together as father and son.

I was so excited to get home and tell Erica. I ran into the room to wake up my wife. She doesn’t like to be woken up after a long day at work but this is important.

“Hey honey? Honey!”

“Oh my god. What is it Jason?”, asked his wife Erica.

“Hey honey. You up?”

“….Ok Jason what is it? And this BETTER be good.”

“So I went to see James today.”

“Oh yeah. How’d it go honey.”

“You know what? At first I went in there thinking that I was going to curse him out and leave but being the open minded person I am I gave him a chance to speak his peace.”

Last Words

“Mm hmm. What did he say?”

“‘Babe…the man is my father! I mean after all these years he was my actual birth father all this time.”

“Wow really? It’s kind of sad that he’s dying. He should have told you sooner so that ya’ll could have had more time together.”

“Yeah but all is forgiven. I kind of felt bad for the guy. I mean he said he knows about you and the kids and that he’s proud of the man I’ve become. We spent the rest of the day talking and laughing. I’m going to keep going back everyday until his last one.’’

“That’s good baby. I’m proud of you too.”

“Thanks babe.”

“Good. Now let me get back to sleep. I have to go to work in the morning. And make sure you get those nasty work boots out the car. They always smell like raw cheese.”

“Baby that smell is hard work and motivation.”

“………Just get em out. Goodnight.”

The next day Jason was getting ready to go see his father before work. He heard a knock at the door and told his oldest daughter to answer it They proceed to yell from the kitchen to the living room.

“Hey Jamie who is it?!”

“I don’t know dad! Some guy in a black suit. Might be the FBI!”

“How do you do? I’m Jason may I help you?”

“Hello sir. I’m Mr. Copperfield. I’m your father’s attorney.”

“Pleasure to meet you Mr. Copperfield. You want to come in and have a seat?”

“No thanks I can’t stay long. I actually have a bit of bad news. I’m sorry but your father passed away last night right after you left.”

“What? His doctor told me he had a few more days. Damn man.”

“I’m really sorry Mr…….”

“Brooks. Jason Brooks.”

“Mr. Brooks. My condolences to your family. Your father did leave one thing for you. Everything you need to know is in this manilla folder. Again, I’m very sorry for your loss.”

“Thank you Mr. Copperfield you have a good day.”

Jason sits down on the couch while his family eats breakfast.

“What is this some more bad news? What is he gonna tell me my mom is my aunt or something and my real mother ran off with the circus?”

Jason opens the manilla envelope and begins to read the papers.

Dear Jason,

By now I have passed on and you’re reading this letter. In this folder contains information about my estate, cars, house, businesses, stocks and bonds. Everything is worth about 10.7 million dollars. I’m leaving everything to you. I just want you to know that I love you very much. We’ll see each other again one day.


Your Father.

Hey Erica, Kids! Ya’ll get in here. Go on and pack your bags because we movin’ on up like the Jeffersons!

“Baby what are you talking about?”

“Erica my dad passed last night but he left me 10.7 million dollars and all his properties and businesses. Baby we’re rich!! No more minimum wage. No more springs sticking my ass out the couch.”

“No more sharing a car!”, said Erica.

“Daddy now my doll babies can have clothes!”, said his youngest daughter Eve.

“‘That’s right baby. No more naked doll babies.”

The Brooks family celebrate their new life while Jason looks out the window and up at the sky.

“I love you too Dad.”

Saving Sabrina

By: Latija R. Anglin

Saving Sabrina

Every few decades the next generation is expected to take over and keep the family legacy going. Sabrina is the daughter of Queen Salem and King David. Her father tragically died when she was younger in the biggest war of Zion. He was killed by another soldier. There was no one to cover him from behind while he fought off a Xenon. Xenon’s were from the country of Xena and they lived miles away. There countries were separated by the bridge that is at the end of the Nampier Forest. They were often in conflict over possession and money. These battles took place every couple of decades when resources would start to get low. Sabrina remembered a soldier bringing back her father’s hat that he wore in combat. Her mother never even bothered to clean that hat. She kept it as is with the blood and dirt stains and she set it on a mantle in the castle after his funeral to honor him. Sabrina was very close to her father. Queen Salem always said that, “When the King died, he took a piece of the princess with him.” Also, inherited from her father’s side, Sabrina is a fairy. When she was born her wings were abnormal being triple the actual size of a fairy’s wings. Her father said, “Her wings will give her great strength and power when she’s older and ready to take her mother’s crown.” He was proud and named her Sabrina.

After her husband died, Salem never remarried and took on King David’s responsibilities as well as her own. Fighting in wars and also being a mother at the same time eventually took it’s toll on her and she made the decision to start grooming her young daughter to take her place. She felt she would soon become exhausted. Queen Salem has wanted to portray the perfect image even as a child. Her mother and two older sisters kept things perfect and in order. That’s the way she liked it. She would soon come to realize that not all things can be perfect at all times. Sometimes you have obstacles that get in your way. Sabrina was going to have to prove to her mother that she could handle the pressure.

One day Sabrina was exploring in the Nampier Forest when she came across a witch. Witches were very rare in Zion but was known for stealing magic and powers of those who were born with it. Sabrina had her back turned when the witch crept up behind her and grabbed her. Able to break loose, she turned around, pulled out her sword and prepared for battle. She had to be careful because witches were very tricky. She swung at the witch once and missed. The witch quickly bolted to the top of the trees until Sabrina couldn’t see her anymore. She looked around and suddenly heard her mother calling her. She looked behind her and saw her mother standing there. “Sabrina, it’s time to come honey. That’s enough exploring for today.” Sabrina nodded and walked over to her mother. The Queen embraced her daughter with open arms. Unbeknownst to Sabrina, this was a trick. It was a mirage disguised by the witch. Once Sabrina wrapped her arms around who she thought was her mother the witch cackled and and summoned her henchmen that grabbed Sabrina. She was caught by the witch and outnumbered. The witch waved her hand and performed a spell to steal Sabrina’s power. She fell backwards onto the ground and watched the witch and her 2 henchmen fly away.

The Queen was getting worried. Sabrina should have been back hours ago. She sent a few of the town’s messengers to search for Sabrina. Queen Salem tried to keep her thoughts positive but she knew she would have to also prepare for the worst case scenario. The

Saving Sabrina

messengers came back that evening to the Queen’s castle with Sabrina in tow. Sabrina was weak and slowly losing consciousness. Queen Salem knew what she had to do. She often worried about Sabrina being a target since he would one day become the Queen of Zion. The Queen was ready to step down from her throne and have her daughter take over but first she had to save Sabrina. The country of Zion would be lost without a leader. She would embark on a quest to the bridge where she would perform a spell to reverse what the witch had done and bring back Zion’s future leader to life. She packed a bag with materials she would need. Time was also crucial. She had to get to the bridge before sundown tomorrow or else Sabrina would eventually die. There was no time to waste.

The very next day, Queen Salem woke up at the crack of dawn. She had to get moving if she was going to make it to the bridge in time. She was also worried about her health as well. The Queen hadn’t gone out on this type of quest since Sabrina was a little girl. She was physically tired but she would have to push through to complete this journey. The first stop was the West Babylon Mountains. Queen Salem’s first task was to gather the blue soil, which is to calm the soul, in the mountains. This seemed like an easy task until the Blue Poison Dragonflies came out to defend their rare precious soil. She pulls out her sword and fights off the predators being careful not to get bitten. She knows once the poison hits the ground it is no longer harmful but if bitten the poison will quickly spread throughout her body and most likely she will parish.

After leaving the mountains the Queen came to the sand right before you come into the forest. The sand is to cure the body. She is to take the blue soil she gathered and the sand and mix it together in the leather bag she has with her. The Queen must be careful of the Sand Ink Beetles. The beetles move very quickly and they release black ink on the sand that turns it black in an instant. If this happens you must wait for a rainy day to try and get sand again. The rain comes once every 37 days. The Queen already has a bag ready to scoop up the sand. She quickly gathers the sand away from the nest of beetles. She got just enough before dozens of them arrive turning the yellow sea of sand into a black sandy surface. Queen Salem sits the bag on the ground and ties the top. She shakes the bag and sits it down again. Once she opens it the blue soil & the yellow sand have created Green Argon Dust. This is used to clean spirits.

Queen Salem crosses over the sand into the Nampier Forest. From here the Queen is to gather Lavender from the trees. This Lavender will protect her daughter’s mind and clear away negative thoughts. Before she does this she gathers sticks that have fallen from the trees on the ground to make traps for the Screeching Sarans. These are birds who use the Lavender to keep warm during winter and also to nest when the mother is about to give birth. As she climbs a tree a Screeching Saran peeks over. Once she starts to get higher the bird flies out. She sticks out the trap and it traps the the saran instantly. She does this a few times until she reaches the top. She gathers the Lavender and jumps down to the ground. She puts the Lavender inside her bag with the Argon Dust. Just before leaving the forest she sets the Screeching Saran’s free and continues on her quest.

Saving Sabrina

Her next stop is the Cold Crystal River. By this time, it is almost sundown and Queen Salem must hurry. Here, the Queen must gather a red and purple crystal. These are to restore life. With the net she has with her she will scoop the crystals out of the river. She must be mindful of the Dagger Fish that will cut through the net while she is gathering the crystals. Using a couple of her spears she sticks the fishes so that she can gather the crystals quickly and move on to the bridge. She pulls her spears out of the fish and they quickly resurrect and swim back down to the crevices where they often hide to seek and surprise predators and unwanted ones who desire their crystals. The Queen is exhausted by now but she has enough strength to make it to the very last location on her quest.

Queen Salem finally makes it to the bridge at the end of the Nampier Forest. She walks to the middle of the bridge, takes everything she gathered and begins to arrange them in the correct order. She spreads the green argon dust in a circle. The she places the Lavender aligned on the outside of the circle. Last, she places both crystals inside the circle. She kneels down and begins to say the spell as instructed. “I come to you as I ask you to protect one’s mind, body, soul and spirit”. Once forward and once backwards. Once completed her daughter rises over the horizon. Her beautiful wings reflected off of the sunlight and the colors seemed to create a rainbow that stretched over the country of Zion. She comes down to her mother’s feet, bows down and plants a kiss on her hands to give the gift of healing as Queen Salem is exhausted from his day long journey. She picks up her mother and flies back to the castle with her in her arms. Queen Salem smiles as she knows that the future of the country of Zion will be in great hands when her time comes to be Queen. By the time Sabrina got her mother back to the castle she was completely worn out. She could feel her declining health getting worse and she felt it was time that she steps down as Queen. She told Sabrina that she felt she wasn’t going to be here much longer and she asked if she was ready for the responsibility to be Queen. Sabrina knew she had no choice but she had to eventually take over. Her mother’s reign had run its course and it was time for Sabrina to take leadership. Sabrina grabbed her mother’s hand, kissed it gently and left the room for her to rest.

A couple of days later a ceremony was held to crown the new Queen of Zion. Salem was sad and also proud. Proud that the country of Zion couldn’t have gotten a better leader but sad that this day came quicker than she anticipated. After a speech about generation, changes and the future the Queen stood up. She slowly took off her crown and asked her daughter to come before her. Sabrina did as she was instructed and then knelt down. Queen Salem placed her crown on her daughter’s head. She looked out amongst the Zio’s and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Queen Sabrina of Zion.” The crowd begin to cheer with excitement. Sabrina turned to the crowd to see the look on the Zio’s faces. She was proud to finally be the Queen of Zion but the moment was bittersweet. Although her mother never said it, Salem was dying and didn’t have much time left. A party was planned for the new Queen outside. Sabrina walked her mother to her room so that she could lay down. Sabrina told her mother that she was proud of her and that she would do her best to make her proud as the new Queen. Her mother smiled and gently touched her cheek. She looked at her daughter and said, “I had a dream last night. I talked to

Saving Sabrina

your father. He said it’s my time. Come tomorrow I’ll be gone. But I want you to know that me and your father are going to be watching over you every step of the way.” A tear rolled down Sabrina’s face. Salem wiped it away and said, “There’s a party downstairs for the Queen. You musn’t disappoint them. I’d rather you not be here when I take my last breath. It shouldn’t happen that way. And remember this isn’t goodbye. We will see each other again someday.” Sabrina hugged her mother one last time and told her that she loved her so much. Then she thanked her for making her a strong person. “I’ll see you later mom. Say hi to dad for me when you see him.” “I sure will” said Salem. “Now go. Enjoy your party and celebrate. Sabrina got up and left her mother’s room. One of the messengers was waiting outside of the room. “Henry, my mother has told me she’s ready to go. Be sure to come and get me after she takes her last breath. I want to immediately start making arrangements soon after.” “Yes, Queen Sabrina.” She walked down to the party and consulted amongst the Zio’s while people congratulated her on her new position. The party lasted until the wee hours of the morning. At 3:15 am Henry the messenger came to inform Sabrina that her mother had just passed away. Sabrina made an announcement to the Zio’s that their former Queen had died and the information on her home going would announced later in the week. The Queen ended the party and headed up to her mother’s room. She looked at Salem’s lifeless body lying there so peacefully. “Coroner left shortly before you came up Queen”, said Henry. “She passed in her sleep peacefully.” That’s all she really wanted Henry. To be at peace.”

“So, grandma saved you mommy?”, said Dana.

“She sure did. Your grandmother was a special person. The true definition of a leader. She prepared me to be the Queen of Zion and one day I’ll do the same for you Dana”, said Sabrina.

“I liked that story mom. I wish I could have met her.”

“Me too honey. But she’s been watching over us in spirit and when you become the Queen of Zion she’ll be right here with you.”

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The Test of Truth and Loyalty

In my collection, THE TEST OF TRUTH AND LOYALTY, I have three stories: "Friends Forever", "Saving Sabrina" and "Last Words". In "Friends Forever", Michelle thought that Bianca and Vanessa had her best interest at heart. I mean after all, they were her best friends. Bianca and Vanessa will soon find out what Friends Forever means when they try and cover her disappearance. How far would you go to save your child? That's what Queen Salem had to do in "Saving Sabrina". She has to go through many obstacles to get to her daughter but many things plague her along the way. People say you have to forgive in order not to hurt anymore, but, n "Last Words", Jason has to decide on what he wants to do after finding out a family secret his mom kept from him.

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The Test of Truth and Loyalty The Test of Truth and Loyalty