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The Sweet Suffering








The Sweet Suffering



Stephen P. Smith







This is a work of fiction. Names, Characters, Places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.



Copyright 2016 by Stephen P. Smith



All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any other form.




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Beneath The Aging Sun





Beneath the aging sun

Existence spirals downward

Numb are we to this

Even though our hearts tell us so

Against every belief we fathom

The end has begun to swallow us

Heed my warning


Tomorrow may never come

Hear me, I beg

Every beginning has its end


Amongst these stars we are nothing but dust

Ghost of a dying cosmos

Ignorant of our true creation

Nameless faces that are scattered about

Godless beings that only pretend to believe


Submerse yourself in the realism

Utilize the knowledge that you obtain

No one can save you but yourself

Days Gone Bye





We have lost our moral compass

Life it’s self is in drift

Gone are the days of selflessness

Gone are the days of absolution


The fear of God no longer exist

Retributions go unpaid

Look how far we have fallen

We will never return from exile


We have been poisoned by greed

It has consumed every part of us

Profit seeking has become religion

And the almighty dollar our God

What is left for us to hold on to


Nothing seems to matter

The decay has begun to seep in

How much longer before we collapse

Bastards of Eden





Conceived and then abandoned

We are the lost and damned

Granted the gift of life

To spend it slowly dying


Everything that we’ve gained

Will be taken from us in the end

Stripped of all our knowledge

Then cast into the void


Killing equals power

In the eyes of God

Our hearts are one and the same

Were we not created in his image


Created to destroy

We are the bastard children of Eden



Paradigm Shift





Do not fear the change

As it takes a hold of you

This is not the end

It’s the birth of something new


Feel the metamorphosis

As it begins to take shape

Becoming unadulterated

With every breath you take


The engineers of life’s design

Have recoded the circuitry

A systematic flushing

Of all the impurities


We will no longer be

Just ghost inside of the machines

Our true potential realized

As evolution becomes complete


A new human experience will

Be obtained during a purge

It will be through this process

That our strengths will converge


The change is upon us

A new world on the rise

The next stage of humanity

Is unfolding before our eyes


Skinless Boneless





The suffering I call my heart

Has corrupted all my parts

Life has become a slow decay

All hope has rotted away


Peel the skin from my bones

A pound of flesh is all I owe

My dying day has arrived

Now I can finally close my eyes


Time is nothing more than a tomb

That’s why I’ve decided to craft my doom

The time has come, can’t you see

To end this life of agony


Is this the end for me

Can this be the end complete

I’ve been waiting way to long

Now can I finally end it all




No hope left


Suffering sweet suffering


The Argument





Out of all of your creations

I was once the most beloved

Head of the order of virtues

Chief of the seraphim


I was the first, the first to sin

Falling far from your grace

No longer hearing your words

I choose the path of disgrace


I want it back the way it was

Back when you loved us best

I refuse to be pushed aside

I will never submit


Our wings soaked in blood

Fighting for our pride

It’s because of their kind

My brothers and I will never rise


How long are you going to serenade us with your lies


My Last Goodbye





Just another dying day

Another life just wasted away

I’m not who I use to be

This life is killing me


You were my everything

A goddess so full of beauty

I guess every beginning

Must have its end


Withering away as my heart slowly dies

You left me here so empty inside

How can I go on when I will never love again

I’ll be heartbroken to the bitter end


I can’t go on without you

Without you in my life

How can I face this new day

Without you by my side



What have I become

There’s nothing left of me

I am going down to die

This is my last goodbye

The Sweet Suffering

This is a small book of dark poems. Most were written as lyrics for a metal band I used to preform in, but not all. I figured I might as well put them out there for people to read. Enjoy.

  • Author: Stephen P Smith
  • Published: 2016-05-27 18:35:13
  • Words: 795
The Sweet Suffering The Sweet Suffering