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The Story of "e"

An angry, solitary Incel bangs out angry articles from his mancave apartment in Los Angeles. He rents an apartment from a gun-toting Russian. Roger, a sexist-but-progressive publisher employs Victoria-Elizabeth, a feminist journalist, to cover, among other things, the men's rights movement. Roger orders his reporter to give a neutral account of the manosphere, and she gets the inside scoop by bribing Incel with expensive wining and dining. Her ongoing series is popular with both liberals and conservatives, but her plans, and Incel's plans, run into a problem with Nature itself, and Nature comes calling in the form of "e," an alternately all-powerful and under-informed being who himself gets confused while trying to both form relationships with humans and carry out nature's directives. Very little comes off as planned, and, in the end, that's just the way evolution likes it.

  • ISBN: 9780463969212
  • Author: Mel Thompson
  • Published: 2018-08-10 15:20:08
  • Words: 20537
The Story of The Story of