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The Star, The Truth & The Journey




The Star, The Truth and The Journey by Maria Ramirez


Copyright 2017 Maria Ramirez

Published by Maria Ramirez at Shakespir




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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

The Star Change Everything

The Gist

A Ruach’s Journey

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The Star Change Everything

We are told that Christmas is all about the family, dinners, decorations, the tree, the lights and the gifts, and about the baby Jesus, and Santa Claus. Nevertheless, we are driven by the fact of the gifting season not knowing why it became so hectic and predictable. Not until I became an exchange student and travelled all they way to the middle east, to be exact, to Bethlehem, Israel. But not even a thousand years or two thousand, could prepare me for the journey ahead.

It all started on a winter morning. We don’t get much seasonal change, like in the mainland. The tropical atmosphere of the Caribbean, especially in San Juan, will give you a hint of a cool salty breeze, with light seasonal showers being our coldest weather. But the air is filled with pine tree scent from the exported trees sold in every supermarket and department store. You can see the irony of the nativity spreading house to house as they light up, stating: we believe in Christmas, and this is our favorite holiday. While a few days earlier, they almost kill each other on the national day of the Black Friday.

Tomorrow is the last day of school, and I can’t believe this is my final year. Finally, it’s all over. My class is small, and I am in a small Christian private school; there are only fifty in our class, and most of us are girls. There are only twenty-three boys; easy, you do the math. In our international class, we discuss the differences between culture, beliefs, and languages. Poor Mrs. Jimenez, he puts so much effort to creates for us an experience of each culture. He comes with dishes, costumes, books, arts, movies; some in the class do not take him seriously, but they never miss the potluck once a month. I guess, in some way he is doing something in all of us.

These last few days, after Thanksgiving, we started to talk about Christmas in different countries. How about that, not everyone has the same meaning. Not everyone knows its true meaning, Nevertheless, our teacher is willing to stretch our knowledge and finds the real roots of everything. By the end of the class, he asked a few of us to stay.

“Thank you for waiting and staying a few more minutes after class. I wanted to an extent an invitation for the international exchange winter program, where one of you will travel to a country and study for two months their history, custom, food, beliefs,” said Mrs. Jimenez.

“Sophia, Jorge, and Laura, you will travel to Europe; one of you will go to Italy, and two of you will go to Israel,” explain in detail.

“Are we going alone, Mrs. Jimenez?” Laura asks with great concern. She probably hasn’t traveled alone. This is why I got stuck with her in Israel. I guess, this had worked out for the best, after all, I would not like to be alone in a strange place. So, Laura and I, went to Israel, while Jorge will have a good time in Italy. Great!

On December 10, at the airport, Jorge, Laura and me, took the two am flight to New York, connecting us to Amsterdam, and from Amsterdam, Jorge travels to Italy, and Laura and I will go to Tel Aviv.

A stranger at my side


We are almost there, rushing to the gate, just because Laura decided to eat some famous hotdog. What about New Yorkers and fast food? I can believe it, the taste of ground pork, beef or both, these frankfurter style sausages flavored with garlic, mustard, and nutmeg in a smoke cook style, with all you can think of on top. I like it simple and original, but Laura, she could eat. We took the flyer for their annual eating competition, you never know, she could be the next winner.

So, our flight is booked, and our seats are one in front of the other. Laura took the one with the window seat, with her luck, she ended up next to a cute guy, and I got the hall seat – I hope, that no one seats beside me.

Just before they close the doors, the late passenger boarded. We had to wait a few minutes so he/she could get in. Great! Finally, the passenger enters the plane. I was looking back talking to my friend, when I heard a male voice, “Hello, I think my seat is next to yours,” he said.

Thanks, God, the airline waited for this young man, it would had been so sad to leave and left him stranded all alone. A sacrifice well deserved.

“Hello, I am so sorry to disturb you, I am Kobi,” he said.

“Hi, I am Sophia, but my friends call me Sophy.”

“Hello, Sophy, I guess we will have some time to get to know each other,” he said.

“I guess!”

So, we sit down and buckle up for the flight. This will be a long trip.

“So, are you from New York?” I ask.

“No, I just came to New York to study, I am just going back for, it’s vacation time, I reader spend it with family,” he said. “And you, you are not from America, where do you come from?”

“Yes I am from America, but not the mainland, I live in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico,”

“You have a beautiful accent, and unique features. Long black Asian hair, red golden skin, rare black almond eyes. A strange combination,” he said.

“Well, the Island it full of ethnic variety. My family, one part is Italian, and the other Mongolian, so we have a mix of European and Asian taste.” “Is everyone from Israel, have blue eyes, and dark hair and strong feature as you?”

“Sort of! My family is from Bethlehem, Judea,” He said.

“Are you on vacation as well,” he said.

“No, my friend and I, we are traveling as exchange students for an international history program. We have to learn and study the culture, custom, and beliefs each country, in this case, Israel.”

“What kind of culture are interested in,” he said.

“Well, what about the stories from Bethlehem, the Star, the birth, the Magi, are there true?”

“What do you know? What do you believe?” he said.

“I don’t know; I think everything is all a big, fat commercial scam to sell. I know Jesus is real, but I don’t know about the star who lead so Magi to Bethlehem to worship him.”

“Do you trust Christianity, as you know it? He said.

“I think so, why?”

“Are you willing to listen with an open mind?” He said.

“That is what I am here for, to find, to understand, and to learn from other culture,” I answer him. I am interested in what he had to say, even if it is out of charts.

“Ok, yes! Please tell me about your country,” I said.

“Let’s start with what you know about the Star, and just the basic, simple fact,” he said.

“Well, just only the facts, right, ok. Let see; some Magi or Wise Men saw the start rising to the east. The saw it and follow the star until they arrive at Bethlehem, they went to worship the newborn king.”

“So, facts are, some wise men, kings, or Magi saw the star rising to the east. Do you know that our ancestors’ travels guided by the stars? Just like today, many sailors learn to navigate by the stars even if they have GPS technology; it is needed to learn them well. There is also in Asians history that talks about how they knew who the child will be destined to be an emperor. For particular star name as the King Star, it is view at the day of birth of a child; that child is marked to be a leader in their culture.”

“So, if they Wise men came saw the star, the probably were skillful astronomers,” I said.

“Yes, when we go to David’s Psalms, in the nineteen, it said all the glory and God’s work is being told without language, every day and night. There is knowledge!” he sais.

I wonder if that could be the case of the Star.

It has been several hours, and we are almost out of energy, we have talked and talked, about culture and his life in the city. It seems like so little time spending time with Kobi, that I forgot about Laura. She dozed out the hold flight. We exchange numbers, and he made me a map of the top places I need to go in a chronological order of the story he wants me to find.

After arriving in Israel, Laura decides not to travel with me; she wanted to spend the trip with the boy she had met in the airplane. This is not okay! Ditching me like this, and putting me to do all the hard work is not nice of her. How I miss Kobi right now! But this won’t stop me to find the truth about the star and to learn everything about their culture.



I had an Oasis for a hotel, in Bethlehem. The food is taste full and its people very charming. I went to the market, which is they way, you can taste the colors from each spice and herbs; vegetables and grains, cheese and wines. It a fabulous feast! Then, there are flowers of many kinds, and you can see flowers fields and fruits trees everywhere. I stop at each stand tasting everything and trying to talk with the farmers and staff at the market. There was a table with the most delicate, romantic, heavenly flower, it was pure, light as clouds and bright as the sun, and it is called the Star of Bethlehem. Me and my dictionary and the translator app, nothing best said tourist.

My phone rings, It’s Laura. She wants me to go with her to the Kairos, and stop the meaningless quest, for her it is all a myth and legend to control people. I disagree, I am not a religious, not even a perfect Christian, but there is something that needs to be set right. On the other hand, I don’t want her to be alone, with some stranger she met on a plane. I just try to finish this and catch her on her way to Kairos.

Continuing my journey, I went to the Sea of Galilee. The bus was full of group churchgoers, this made me fill at relaxing all the way, they took me in as one of the family. Which was nice. Later, on the list of places Kobi set out for me, I went to the manger, at the Inn. Here is where its suppose to establish the star over the city. I look around, and the place gives such peace, I couldn’t even describe it. Why my thought drift in hope to see him again? Stop, stop it… it’s no use I just want to see him again.

Leaving the manger, I walk to an open field, and I lay on my back to look up and see the heavens. I close my eyes and wander in my heart.

“Can you see the star over you?” he said. My heart race like thousand horses.

With my eyes close, “I can see everything on my head,” opening my eye to look at Kobi.

“There is no flower as beautiful as you,” giving me dozens of dozen of Star of Bethlehem, “I saw your interest in them,” he said.

“Come, let’s eat.” We went to a Cottage nearby where he had set up a marvelous view to see the sunset.

“Do you know that we are at the begging of a day? We have a new day at sundown; twelve hours of the night and twelve in the day.” He says.

“No, I didn’t!”

“In my culture, some days have to mean, also some month, and years too, but the are all the same, to be set apart, like on a date. The same happened with the stars, the heavens are full of them, some are fixed, and others travels around us, they move like on a dance very gratefully, but God has to make dates for them. He gathers them to tell a story. Abraham went out with the Lord, and he asks him, if you can reckon in the heavens, like in a book, and tell from the stars what they proclaimed, you will know the seed of you heir. The Promises that will bless many nations.”

“Do the Wise men knew the same story,” I ask.

“I believe, that it is possible that they probably learn it from Daniel, who was Babylon. In each culture, there are stories of a King, or Semi-God, or Redeemer and Son of God, that from the stars each nation after the tower of Babel, when their languages confusion became, they just knew the story, and told it. They didn’t have the prophets then like we did.” He says.

“I can believe it, all this time, how patience and merciful he is.”

He looked at me and took my hand to his heart, “There is another date set,” he says.

“I want you to meet my family, it will be good for you to understand what are we waiting,” he says.

“Can I ask you, why are doing this for me?”

“The Star just marks the begging, and also will mark the end, you most know the truth.” He says.


Family Night

It almost went the days, and not a word from Laura. I am concern about her; the journey is almost over, and she hasn’t answered her phone. “Laura, please call me back, I hope you are alright!”

Kobi picked me up at the hotel. I must be dreaming! The stars brightest the night. I haven’t seen so many stars in the skies. We drove for almost out of the city, to a vineyard nearby, at a distance, the house was filled with lights matching the heavens. When we arrive, all his family came to welcome us. They spoke little English, Imagen with my accent, but we manage. Kobi gave me the big tour of the farm. What great love the gave to the family and taking care of the land.

At dinner, I sat beside his mom, next to me his sister, and in front of me some cousins, uncles, aunts, his grandparents and at the end his dad. Pretty standard table setting. They start the blessing before we eat, and sings a few songs. At the end of the dinner, Kobi’s father began to relate grace for the rest day, and how delightful is rejoicing in it.

“How delightful is bless he who comes in the name of the Lord!” His father signs.

“Kobi, what do you mean that it is still more date?”

“God sets dates for us, our people, a feast to be exacted, but each has their meanings. They are all at harvest time, as well as what the Messiah had and did fulfill, almost all.”

“Like the star, of his birth, was that part of the dates, feast?”

“Yes, we have three, and possibly Jesus was born at the begging of Passover, and also died on Passover. But that feast to has another meaning, a proposal for the bride. The second is the feast of weeks, where the law was given to Moses, and also the Holy Spirit, but too has another meaning the promises of return with a gift from the groom, to prepares a place to live. And the last one, is the Feast of Tabernacles, is the coronation of a King, the resting place, the wedding feast.”

“The star is going to be present to guide us as well?”

“Yes, only who lived in light and truth, will not be shaken on that day. We will discern the times and the seasons, as the Wise men did.” He says.

“The is the best love story written!”

“The star is about hope, love, family, grace, mercy forgiveness and judgment,” he says.

Getting closer to me, Kobi, hold my hand while looking at the sky.

“If you live looking at the heavens, to the kingdom, you will live in the kingdom, and by the truth of the Spirit.”

Ring, ring … my phone at an inopportune moment. Laura!


Couldn’t say Goodbye!

Laura and I, meet at the airport, she changed so much.

“So, what did you do? And please don’t tell me you did your homework” Laura says.

“Yes, I did!”

“No way, we are almost graduated and what truth that brought you. Life is short, and you most live it.”

“Life is not about what you just said. Come on; Life is what you decided to be!”

Laura arrogance made her life free at her will. I never knew what she did, where she went or who she was with, but she was change. As my life did, I was not the same; sadly I had to move on, came back to reality, and back home. I wrote to Kobi, saying goodbye. The journey back home, I decided to write down everything, remembering every detail from the begging. It was a long way back and felt like a dream.

I can not say goodbye, not even today, on the final day of school. Graduations. My life six months ago had meaning fewer thoughts and shallows view of life. Now, I want to go back to where it started.

At home, arrive a gift. A bottle of wine, and a wine glass. No note on it. I sat down on looking at the sunset.

“A new day starts today…”

“Indeed it is a new day, Did I told you about the cup and the wine?”

I close my eye so tight, believing it was just a dream. “No.”

“The wine is a symbol of his love, and blood for the new covenant. It was a marriage proposal. In my culture, if you are given a cup of wine, and you drink it, you are the bride for the groom. The only date left is the feast day.”

Flower of Bethlehem star rain all over me, as he takes my hand. We see each other’s souls, and with a glass of wine in his hands.

“Will you drink?” He asks.

I took his hand, drink from his wine and sealed it with a kiss, while he said, “We are going Home!”

The End.




























The Gist


Is 2030, San Juan – Rich Port, is the last city standing on the central hemisphere. It’s almost 15 years of the last World War. Nothing could not have compared to the devastating losses the world surrounded, and it was compared to the darkest era in the ancient’s society. We have not learned from their failures; they had the core to knowledge and science, something that we can not even comprehend. The ancient knew the secret of the root of language, the language of creation, they mastered and overuse it. They turn the gist of life into a ruthless tyranny, and for millennials, the man had been looking for a way to restore Earth vitality, as once before.

“You have to let me go, Luma, there is nothing more to do. The doctors had done everything in their power to make me comfortable this past few months. And I, I am good now, I am not afraid anymore, honey let me go, please!” with a weaken whisper Nina said to her husband, with her hands over his heart.

“I will do everything to make you better, you’ll see Nina, I will find a way,” Luma taking her hands, pulling her in into his closer. Her head over his right shoulder, his arms surrounding her fragility.

At the end of the platform, Space Commander Joe Rid, the lead of the Omega Division, knotting at Luma, waits for Nina to get into to shuttle. Luma is saying his goodbyes looking as she is carried in. There are more than burdens in Luma’s tears, as she departs to space, he turns to his thoughts and deeper in, speculating through his mind the paradigm of the puzzle. The map to the ancient wisdom, healing and the sours of energy, he had to vision through his arts.

Later that day, at the Vision Gallery, Dr. Mario Sandoval, leads scientist and researcher of new technology and communication department from the Alpha division. Step into the hall room where Luma was welcoming the audience, and with a brief introduction, he turns and starts the movements of the show, as a melodic rhythm the audience senses awoken.

“How appealing, said Dr. Sandoval. “The rays of lights in a soft prisma and the whispers note, invoke my state of awareness, is deeper in the subconscious mind. The five senses readily alert are welcoming in a to a wakeless phase. This ambiance scent created, and recall, and bring forward a pallet of taste, the memories of all in me,” Dr. Sandoval out loud mentation.

As soon as the show ended, Dr. Sandoval draws near to Luma. Evaluating aspect from de pieces of the show ever.

“One day, and we will, we could reach a level of awareness that could impact each frequency and bring to the surface the deep understanding hidden in them,” Luma aspire. “Thank you all for coming, good night.”

Dr. Sandoval, with his sight fix in one of Luma’s work, exclaim, “Perhaps, I could be to you in some assistant. You have done a marvelous work!”

Luma looks around, and the salon was empty with only the guard outside, at the main door. Walking toward him, “thanks!” “Did you not notice the exhibitions had ended?” ask Luma.

“Oh sure, I am sorry for my intrusion, I am Dr. Mario Sandoval, from the Alpha Division,” – Reaching in salutation.

“May I ask you, were your theory come from, to such splendid achievement?” Dr. Sandoval.

“The ancient Egypt had been more than an inspiration to me. I know they had had some knowledge far more advanced than ours, – in a lower voice – if only I could finally find the gist, I could finally puzzle in the last piece.”

“What do you know about implosion, Luma?”

“That will be a source of any kind from within the elements, rather than an explosion that is a source created from the outside.”

“Right!” “You see Luma, my work is also base on the ancient technology, and I will like to share my work with you over lunch tomorrow.”

Luma skeptic of the proposal of Dr. Sandoval, creating some resistance, “I, I can’t understand why your invitation, but I consider it for another occasion.” Luma replay.

“Here is my card, consider it an open one for tomorrow, I will be expecting you, whenever you decide,” walking toward the door.

The next morning, Luma step into his studio, working on a formula to continue to merge the sensorial elements without success. “What will be the equation missing, or am I missing an element, which I have not consider?” “Luma, Luma, think!” “I need my Nina with me; this loneliness is breathless.”

“Breathless, breathless…, that’s it, the breath of life, the ancient breath of life, the source of energy, is life itself!” “The life that comes from within, IMPLOSION!!!

Rushing to Dr. Sandoval, house. Luma could take his thought out of the verse from the book of ancient knowledge, the first and for most wisdom book from the begging of time, the Torah!

At the door, his anxious and desperation almost at the point of an outburst, Luma, press the doorbell.

“I expected to see you sooner, Luma the great,” with a persuading smile.

“Language, is language, the key!” Luma shouts.

“I knew it! Come, come, let me show you my work.” Dr. Sandoval guided him through the corridor of his laboratory. At the end of the hall, he opens the door. Luma could not believe his sight.

“You see Luma, your work had been the key to my research for the last two years. The scientific method of the implosion through the elements of nature had been the ancient core of their wisdom. Once I understand the movements from your work, I apply it to the earth meridians, which is the source of magnetic expression and land communication network.”

He continues, showing how Luma’s artwork had shown him the secret language he needs it to understand and translate the secret messages from the ancients.

“I need you know to convert the last pieces of the writings – showing Luma the engraved stone, on top of the table.”

“The far most incredible art,” Luma express with trembling smile and ecstasies.

The revealing of the last puzzle came from the hope stone, the ancient of the ancient, found in the place of rest of Joseph, the great prince of Egypt, a Hebrew Israelite. Once Luma and Dr. Sandoval, completed the sequence formula, they went to the Omega Space Command Center, to retrieve Nina, Luma’s wife. The delicate time press on to the sensitive occasion, for the sake of Nina’s health. Once in space, Dr. Sandoval looks for the time of the meridian movements, that way he could link the system to the energy its energy sources.

“Welcome to space Dr. Sandoval, and Mrs. Luma, we didn’t expect you so soon, but we are thrill to have you on board,” said Commander Rid.

“Now, let me take care of the Polygonal Vertex System (PVS) for you, place it into its position, and connected to our hub, that way Doctor, you can have access from any location in the space center.” “Ready to see your wife, Luma?”

“You have no Idea,” Luma joyfully express.

“Indeed, you have no Idea! – Softly turning to his guard. For Commander Rid intentions were not as it seems.

Commander Rid took the PVS into his secure location. Dr. Sandoval login into the system, and created an access code and a hidden backdoor, not trusting the Omega philosophy, he enables full access to Commander Rid.

“Ready to full PVS spectrum launch,” Dr. Sandoval commands.

“Going into launch, on 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, set the outside Beamer, and go for PVS network link,” Commander Rid command.

“No, no, no,” Dr. Sandoval shout to Rid, “What have you done!”

“The Omega Division has taken over the control of the PVS, and there is no need to for you, escorted Dr. Sandoval, to his private chambers as well as our guest Luma.”

Now, Dr. Sandoval and Luma, as well as Nina were securely on the EM unit. Rid had all along the Urim stone; he will use it to weaponized the PVS,” Dr. Sandoval explained.

“The Urim Stone is an energy stone, we don’t know what will do, many says that is a weapon, which that is what Rid believes, but others have different view of what the stone is,” answering to his Luma’s question.

“But, if that is the case, the PVS is not build to be a weapon, it is an extracting device to harness pure energy. We need to tap into the system,” Luma suggested.

Dr. Sandoval took his phone and tapped into the system, but without success; the security level of the Omega system had override even the hidden backdoor he created. They shout calling Commanders Rid.

“We will initiate the security sweep on earth, locating nuclear weapon on the surface, every weapon will be linked and destroy for the safety of our nation, Dr. Sandoval.” Rid explain.

“Commander Rid, the PVS it was not built for weaponry, it is a harness device, and I know you have the Urim stone, do you honestly think that the stone is a weapon?” Luma explain. “There are many frequencies in the world, and none is for military purposes, in fact, if it is used wrongly, you could be damaging earth itself.”

“As well as you, I have a study the ancient, and the Urim Stone is the ultimate weapon.”

“You will see!”

Nina’s in her unconsciousness took Luma’s hands. Rid pressing the launch button; the red emergency light turns on. The PVS came in link with the magnetic meridians and pulsed a sapphire light into the atmosphere. The earth shakes about a few minutes by a great intensity. A great cloud took all visibility from space. In the space center, Luma, his wife, and Dr. Sandoval lay on the floor.

“The vortex has worked,” Dr. Sandoval said.

“The Urim Stone, I think is the healing stone, the missing knowledge from the ancient. The builder stone, and the cornerstone of the book of books.” Luma exclaim.

Luma took his wife in his arms; she slowly opens her eyes, “I saw the Him,” Nina said.

“Who?” Dr. Sandoval and Luma ask.

“The Creator is Here” Nina affirm.

Looking through, the window, the clouds of lights, the sounds of winds and storm, a man in the center on a white horse.











The Ruach’s Journey

More than six thousand years of light had passed since the Ruach people arrived on Terra. Ganeden, was our home, the mother of all earth, the first creation. For almost an eon, the story of our ancesters had been told generations to generations. Ganeden was a place of most beauty, where all the celestial beings revealed the eternal heavens. The animals are in harmony living together among us, and the harmonious winds sang the endless song. The people lived caring for the earth, which it produce overflowing fruits and the seeds of life.

The resettlement of our Sept to Terra occurred when malignity entered our world. When it started to spread, Ruach-Elohim resettled his people to this eartly place, similar to ours, inhabitad with beautiful but primitive being call Adamarians; the transition was not easy, the burden of the fall carried a dispirit, but to create new dwellings on Uranas, the eternal place, he most first has to end the dark forces of the Alvenian.

The battle began after the resettlement, the Great Spirit Ruach had to travel to every settelment conquered by Alvah


Almost two thousand years had gone by, but most of our people had journeyed back. On earth, the one’s who remains, the ones who were born in this habitat, they have the need to be enlightened for the first time.

My family and I had moved to the wilderness to seek the Ruach way and leave the yoke of this earthly bound behind. We are a small family unit, my mom, Dara; my dad, Peter; my older brother, Immanuel; and Fe, my little sister. We were born on earth. My Mother, every light down, on the open sky describe the beauty of our dwelling before we end up in earth. Our story is written as forth shadowing, so we can know our beginning and the promise of a future, as she tough us the Ruach way.

After so many years living among the native, their culture and beliefs has become part of us. See, we have a way of living, and is aht its simplest; our culture richness is found in the in the life essence our ancesters, the earth, and every living creatures. We had influenced over the earth to become more like us. But there is some oppression from the Alvah people that dwells on this earth. The Alvah are descendent from our fallen people; Malignity fuse with one of our ancesters, Alvahem. In the beginning of times, he was eager to rule, a trait that is not in our nature, and by created an army, he began to conquered our world. Before the resettlement, he escape to Terra where he of the Terranians. They also can come to Urana, if they decide to rebirth and leave their life. Their journey is very challenging to them, once they decide, they have to leave everything behind and start learning as a child among one of our families.

We were in the wilderness, and it was a cold night when we leave Carmel Valley, on the northeast side, from the southeast land, a far as two suns and a mid-day travel to the closest port. The ground has its own agenda; it was slandering upon us. There is no escaping what nature was thriving that day. But we continued looking to find a way through to cross the deserted road to Armon, the river city. On Terra, our elders set hidden passages for our people, to make our journey preparation back to Urana. Armon is one of them, but to acquire the knowledge of our ancestor and elders, we have to submerge our life into Armon depth.

The moist filled my toes from the gloomy day. The heaviness on my feet made the road a training camp. Everything has changed; I was no longer in the comfort of the known. The days has lost its colors; only the grays govern the skies, and shadows create the panoramic view. It was like time had stayed still, for most of the journey. On the distance, the mountains covered in white, like curtains slowly filling every inch. Everything looks less; you can see the undress nature waiting, waiting in sorrow, waiting in silence.

“We are close.” Mom said.

My family couldn’t explain, but I could see shambles in their eyes. We had never seen the unbalance season’s form the great move of the planet. Where we were, the unbalance of nature never took place, to be in the tropics had it advantages, and at least this was one of them.

As we got closer to the port, I felt the salty wind; it was so much like home. For a moment, the rushing images captured my attention; there were nowhere to hide from this emotional roller coaster. I wanted to felt the warmth of the sun, the ocean breeze, and the grit under my feet. For a moment the comfort of the old life came, does this was something to think about? Sometimes, when you are just in that place where you have to let go of everything that it’s holding you backs and just believes. This was one of those times for me.

This world came with so much, and that much it gave; that the Alvah only took what they think was theirs ⎯ everything! They are all misers in all their aspects, and that is not the Ruach’s nature.

Each step to the port came as brainwaves pointing out as needles reminding my yesterday, brainwaves that can persuade like ticking clock. After a while, I was in front of the bridge, and that changes my heart tune to a melodic sound, unheard and satiates every bit of my soul.

The sound of the winds emerges at sundown, with harmonious vocals impinging each note captivating my every sense. The more I move toward the end of the bridge, the intensity of the notes was like arrows invading my body. I thought it was my inner vision, but when I saw my family in awe; I realize this was real.

“How this can be, I had never seen such wonders,” I said.

“This is what our ancestors talked about converging with Arnon,” said Dara.

“Do you remember this: ‘look into the lights that led your soul, you heard the sound of drums, that’s the sound of beauty, the sound of aweigh. Our mind as one with him, As we raise our hearts, we’re calling home, we are calling home. Yes, we are the sons and daughters; we raise our voices, hosanna.’ – Can you see now?” Said Dara.

“Together we became one in that old lullaby.”

“Ah, I remember, every night you came and every night I dream about a beautiful land, where everything shines, and the winds could take me everywhere I wanted to go,” I said.

Turning, I saw mom’s pearl necklace in a blue-sky glow.

“Mom, mom,” shrieking at her.

I saw the lights flowing through and around her. Suddenly, she cries out humbling herself to the floor. Raising her sight to the heavens, a peaceful gesture of understanding transforming her eyes, like taking out fish scales; the light was healing her eyes.

“I can see!” Dara said.

“Honey, what can you see,” Dad said.

Peter, my dad, he dropped next to her, gently caring her to his heart. Then, they both were cover with the light, like a cocoon or sphere. You could see them through. Both, holding each other, crying, but as they sang the song once more, the lights grew stronger.

“What we can do, Edna,” said Fe.

“Let get around them, and hold our hands together,” Immanuel said.

“Let’s encircle them, laying one hand on our shoulders, and the other over them, quickly!”

Pulling like magnets once we gather around them I saw the sky releasing clouds of lights. I perceived thunders as a drummer’s rush; it was like if I could hear everything. My pearl also got brighter, as my brother pendant and my sister ring. Jeweleries given by our grandparents before they journey.

I felt my eyes been open with a grinding pain. My brother drops facing the earth, close to our father, as my sister hands were covered in flames with that same blue-sky glow, but she didn’t felt it burn. Her eyes were shut facing the sky. After I had seen all this, my sister getting closer to me laid her hands over my throat. The tastes of honey and lemon rush through, but what happened next, startle me. How can a song taste so sweet, and how can a tongue foster this; a burning fire assembling such palette, coloring the sky?

“I can see, I can hear it, I can taste it, and even I can inspire the scent that animates my soul,” I said.

“I can not control this cathartic expression inside of me!”

“Sweetie, we can all see it, there is nothing now we can not hide,” Dara said.

“This is our language, is given to us before we get to Arnon.” Taking my hands. “Sit down, Sweeety,” Dara said.

We all sat at the end of the bridge; time flew, until we could saw the awakening of the day.

“The bridge to Arnon is the transition, we are living behind our earthly bindings to become complete. Each one of us had to make that choice alone.” Peter said.

“We are free and fill with the breath of Ruach-Elohim.”

“No, we most rest, before we continue to Arnon,” Peter said.

“Dad, what would happen if we didn’t choose to live earth?” Fe ask.

“The person who do not deiced to be set free from the enslavement of this earth will have until an appointed time. We don’t know when, but we are aware; that time is pressing forward. This land is dying; the Alvah had consumed all, and soon this earth had to rebirth.” Peter sorrowful answered her.

“I once read, about nature bearing. This talks about one who was fertile and becomes unfertile, but once again became fertile by the healing of the breath of life. Once it’s healed, nature will seek it course to rebirth. And that is when the path to Urana will come,” Mom explain.

“Every Ruach has his or hers path to choose from, but once the time had passed, they will miss the door,” Peter said.

“How you can know the times?” Fe said.

“When our travail begins!” “It is said that once it comes into terms, the body will be prepared for the new life arriving.” “Is like planting a seed, its breaks in the soil, reaches for its nutrients, and then its sprouts,” I said.

“See the earth shaking, the oceans moving, the weather changing, there is no harvest, nor animals, everything is amorphous. That is why we had to leave; our home is calling us, only there we will be safe forever,” Mom said.

“Let us rest, we have a new day forward us,” Dad said

After we gather all things, under the stars, we stayed. Looking to our near distance, we could see thousand among thousand of families behind us passing through the bridge. The sky glows in awesomeness, as we see our people gather for the first time. The night was full of Aura Borealis coming from the sky and the blue light release by our people. Nothing compares the wonders, music, dancing the song of Ganeden.

The next day, all around our camps were greener, the land glows in multi-color, and I could smell earth scent once again.




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