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Star Kids Team

By Dionis Fernandez

Table of Content


Intro: Hawaii

Chapter 1… Pele and the Mahalo Rock

Chapter 2… Menehune and the Kappa

Chapter 3… Punga Vs King Kamohoalii

Chapter 4… The White Krok and the Jacaretingas


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The story of the Star Kids it’s a simple one. They were 3 kids, two boys and 1 girl with incredible powers, to protect Hawaii and help its people and the world. Well maybe not so simple, this is my story and my brother Wingspan Kid and sister Fairy Girl, my name is Thunder Kid.

It was 40 longs years ago, when I discovered a mysterious rock in the Volcanic Area of Haleakala, Hawaii and our lives changed. I asked my mom for permission to go out to the beach with my younger brother and sister. At first my mom was not too sure, so we came up with a dance and song that we called humbug, if you live in Hawaii or lived there a humbug is a word for pain in the butt and that’s what we became, enough to get permission to go outside and play.

That was an awful dance, it was a mix between hakuna matata and the Macarena with a few spins and twist, and so bad we were all singing different songs. Mom couldn’t help but to laugh and in a few minutes we were on our way to become the next land of the lost explorers. As we left the house I remember my mom laughing and saying, “my goodness I hope they stay in school.” Now I understand what she meant, were did a good job performing out song!

Our home was only 20 minutes from the Haleakala Volcano, according to me but boy was I wrong. That volcano was too far so we just went to the beach and decided to become explorers another day. While playing in the sand a grey cloud covered the sea and rocks were flying. Not too far from us one of those rocks landed in the water. Our reaction was sort of like a turtle hiding in the shell and a few minutes later I had to go back home to change my bibidees because I had shi shi myself. But that’s not the point here.

After going home and coming back to the beach dressed like explorers, we when after the mysterious rock that landed closed by. When we found it; it was a normal rock, nothing special about it, unimpressed I picked up and through it to another larger rock to smash it, when it hit the big rock it was like an explosion and colorful dust covered us from head to toes. Mom was not going to be impressed or surprised when we return home. We didn’t make anything out of it and just went home.

That night when I went to bed, everything seemed normal and when I fell asleep, I started to dream right away. I could hear music in my dream; it was like everywhere I went there was this cool music by Jamiroquai. It was like it was my own sound track. I found myself dancing like there was nobody around, wow: it was incredible and just went I though nothing could be better, it seemed like the world was going in slow motion.

Then I realized that it was me that was moving as fast as light. I noticed that my arms were stronger and my legs too. My hair was longer and I was able to move like never before and not just dancing. The next morning I woke up before my parents did and woke my brother to notice that his hair was longer and looked different, surprised I went to check up on my sister and noticed that even her hair was longer and a different color.

I went to take a shower and saw a small mark I never had. It was like a thunder volt in the palm of my hand but it didn’t hurt. After a quick shower I went to talk to my brother and before I said anything he told me about his dream. Very much like mine but he was able to fly, what are the odds of that. Well I showed him my hand and we look around to see if he had any marks.

We didn’t see anything at first then, there it was. It looked like 2 feathers on his shoulder. I laughed and said maybe you are turning into a chicken. My brother laughed and said no I am turning into a Hawk. We quickly ran to our sister’s room to see and open her door. We could not believe what we saw. She was making her dolls dance with her fingers.

Wow! It was all I could say! She then said and I had a crazy dream. My and brother Ramzees looked at each other and high fight each other and said oh Yeah! Hanuka Matata. Our sister Aylanna smiled and said Saiid don’t get any crazy ideas, we are not starting a justice league. I was stun she could either read my mind or it was obvious what I was thinking.

The 3 of us sat down together and talk for a while; I showed her my thunder volt and Ramzees feathers. She then showed us how her finger can glow on command. It was the best day of our lives. We agreed like many other super heroes to not tell anyone and to figure out how our powers if we had any, worked.

Over the next few weeks we made sure that we woke up earlier than our parents and got home early from school and to the beach to see what we can do. Ramzees was able to levitate and soar and created strong winds.

Aylanna was able to create force fields and control energies and more amazingly she was able to use psychic powers almost like magic or sorcery. Ramzees adapted the name Wingspan kid and my sister Fairy Girl. I was able to run as fast as light and gain super strength. My asthma became a thing of the past. Because of my quick speed I was able to create thunder. I became Thunder Kid.


Pele and the Hamalo Rock

In Hawaii, Pele is Goddess of the volcanoes, as well as fire, lightning and wind. She was a fierce warrior and protector of her land. There are many legends in Hawaii like for example, people are warn against Pele’s curse. The curse, which states that anyone who takes rock or sand away from the Hawaiian Islands will suffer bad luck until the items are returned. But what happens when Pele herself gives the Mahalo Rock? The star Kids were born.

A few weeks had passed since we found the Rock that later on we learn was Mahalo Rock. We had been training and watching lots of Kung fu movies especially Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. We also played the UFC Play Station game and felt ready but we were still missing something. We didn’t know what to do our how to used our new powers.

One afternoon, bored I asked my mom if I can go outside and play with my brother and sister and she said ok. Outside the sky started to turn grey as if it was about to rain when out of nowhere this woman dress like a Hawaiian worrier appeared out of nowhere. She was wearing a traditional grass skirt and a grass crown with a lei top, long black hair and red pain like a volcano running from her face down to her shoulders and arms. We didn’t know if to run or scream.

It seemed as time stop, and she said “Are you ready?” A bright light covered everything when we were able to see again, it was crazy. I had this cool red and yellow suit with a head gear with a thunder volt on it, red and yellow boots and I would move like a butterfly and sting like a bee with my suit.

My sister had a black and yellow suit with her hand glowing almost like a sorcerer but most impressive was Ramzees. He had a blue and yellow suite with large white wings and he was levitating. At that moment we knew it was real.

The woman said she was Pele and was there to test our ability before sending us to our first mission. She said she wanted to make sure we didn’t get buss up to bad in one scrap or hit chokes of times and that we knew how to protect ourselves. I said “Oh Yeah, you will see what we can do! Bring it on!” Wingspan levitates and said “Today is your lucky day!” Fairy chose not to say anything since she is smarter than me and our brother and knew Pele was not playing.

Before I know she hits me again and I taste blood. Come on, Thunder, get up. Find the stake. Get up. She grabs my hand and spins me around sending me flying. Wingspan sees what she did and like a bullet takes flight after me and before I hit the ground he caught me. The she then reappears next to Wingspan and digs her fingers into his scalp, and lifts him over her head and throws him and before he hits the ground Fairy is able to hold him in the air with her powers.

Pele disappeared for a second and just as Fairy puts Wingspan down. Pele catches her and kicks her from behind at that moment. I was already up and ran like the speed of light and stopped Fairy from smashing against a wall. Before I know I just felt Pele once again this time, she slams her hand into my ribs and I wince, but not before I can land a good kick on her. The pain ripples across my chest.

But I also knew that she felt my kick. I locked my eyes on her and ran around her like a tornado. Wingspan dive towards her landing a good right hand and Fairy is able to create a cage to trap her in. Pele breaks out and laughs and says “You all did very well. You all pass the test.”

Then she pulls her hands down in signs that she is no longer fighting and she appears as she was never in a scrap. We looked at each other and noticed that we were as well like nothing happened. She then told us. Hawaii has a problem, deep in the woods there is a small village of Menehune. They are dwarf like creatures that reside in lush forests, far from civilization.

They are about 2-feet tall and they like to live in mysterious alone. They are excellent craftsman, and can construct anything they desire. They build the Menehune Fish Pond on Kauai in just one night. They need your help. They are being disturbed by something that don’t care and don’t respect other live forms. You all must put an end to it, so that your parents won’t notice you are all missing, use this Jade clock to stop time in your home.

It was the most beautiful Jade clock I had ever seen. Before Pele left I asked her, is there any way that you summon the great warriors The Prodigy, BJ Penn Or The Blessed One, Max Holloway to train us a little just in case. She smiled and said tomorrow at the same time here be ready.

The next day just as agree we were outside in the back of the house waiting on Pele to show up, when again it seemed like time just stopped. Then a warm hole open and there they were, The Prodigy and the Bless One. We were amazed to see these two amazing Hawaiian warriors in front of us. We must have spent like 5 hours training with them and turns out it was a week long. Then before the session finished Pele reappeared and gave us our orders. We were to go to Menehune Fish Pond on Kauai and help them as soon as possible.

[*******************************************************************************]Menehune and the Kappa

So it’s been about a month since we got these cool powers and awesome suits but it’s now time to go to the lush woods and find the Menehune Fish Pond on Kauai. So as soon as we got home from school, we got our homework done and our chores. Mom was really surprised to see how we have changed in the past few weeks. She is beginning to get curious but thanks to our Jade clock, she can only assume that we are just finally growing up. Just as we were about to ask mom for permission to go outside and play, Ramzees approached me and asked. “Hey Saiid, why do you think Pele chose us to defend Hawaii?”

I must admit. He caught me off guard with that question. I didn’t have an answer and honestly; I had yet to think about that. So, I told him that once we help the Menehune people, we will ask her! We finally got permission from mom and we head to our room to get the clock. We sent it up and as the time stop, the bright lights cover everything and we transform into the Star Kids.

We pull out a map and figured out the easiest way to get to the Fish Pond on Kauai without being spotted by too many people. Since Ramzees is not able to fully flight; I grabbed him and spun him around as fast as I could. I threw him hard and far so that he can soar and with my sister’s help he could be stabilized; while she used her kinetic power to create a warp and transport herself, while I ran.

Once we arrived we saw everyone very sad and down. Their crops were destroyed as well as some of their huts while others were damage. Some their creations were on fire and some of their people were working to rebuild their crops and huts. We were greeted by their chief Mene. Very sad, he said that they have been attacked every night for the past few nights. He said that at first he was not sure who was responsible but that some of the children were saying that at the pond there was some kind of creature chasing them.

Our pond is our main source of life, with fish and water. The water we used in our huts and for our crops and daily life. Our pond is sacred so we didn’t want to believe that some malevolent force was living in it. As the chief I assign some of our Menehune Warriors to be on watch over night.

Thing were calm for a few nights then they were attached and to their surprised the children were telling the truth; turns out that the Kappa was living in our pond and in our forest. The Kappa was attacking out village as well as other village nearby such as the Papakolea. Wingspan told the chief that he had read about the Kappa and heard about the Kappa but was not sure why a Kappa would be in their village and travel so far.

The chief told us that he was just as surprised! According to the legends the Kappa is rough humanoid in form and about the size of a child but this one was much taller. Its scaly reptilian skin ranges in color from green to yellow or blue. It is known that the Kappa inhabits ponds, lakes and rivers from Japan. They have the body of a tortoise, a beak, and the limbs of a frog, and has a hollow filled with water on top of his head.

While they are primarily water creatures, they are believed to occasionally venture onto land. The cavity must be kept wet when the Kappa ventures out of the water, or he will lose his powers. They have webbed hands and feet. They smell like fish and they can swim like them. They are very aggressive and loners.

After spending hours with the chief and helping his village, we headed towards the woods by the pond and within a few minutes we encounter the Kappa. This was not a common Kappa; this one was the King Kappa Wappa, who many thought was no longer alive since he had not been seen in years. When he saw us he ran deep into the wood and made us chase him. We follow him to a remote area where 2 more Kappas jumped up from a stream to face us; the area was wide enough for a fight and not hurt others since we were there to help the Menehune people. 

The King Kappa’s face was scrunched up in anger. He slowly drew his long nails slowly pointed at us and screamed and his war cry indicated that they were ready to hurt us.  All the while, Wingspan was clutching his fist firmly and gazing at the second tallest Kappa, who we believed was one of his oldest children. Fairy Girl bent down and stretched her back. The King Kappa looked at her like, what the heck is she doing? We are about to fight and she’s over there doing Yoga! She turned her neck from left to right and popping it with a series of clicks in rapid succession. She then, proceeded to do the same with the rest of her body as she loosened up the rest of her body.

Then I see Wingspan levitate and said “Don’t hold back Fairy, We are going to break them.” The King Kappa shrugged his shoulders, smiled, and slowly brought one foot behind his back. He put his weight on it and brought an open palm up, Wingspan touches ground and said “Wait.” He then put his hand up to say “stop”. Like a confused puppy I turned my head in curiosity, because I am sure that the King Kappa doesn’t know what that mean. 

As all of this is going on I’m thinking to myself, where is the music I was hearing when I first got my super powers. Then I realized that the music was in my head the whole time so I started to sing space cowboy by Jamiroquai. My sister Fairy Girl could not help but to laugh. She then with a winning smile said “One…. two…”

I rushed at the King Kappa. He dipped and weaved right as I was about to reach him and punch him. The King Kappa blocked the attack with his arms with a shriek the other Kappas attacked. I became a hand to hand fight and the Kappas attempting to catch Wingspan and Fairy reached, punched and kicked. Wingspan sidestepped to the right just enough to miss all the attacks and landing a hard kick to the liver of the tallest Kappa. Fairy Girl sidestepped to the left and felt the long nails of the Kappa passed inches from her face.

She used the kinetic power to lift the third Kappa and throw him into a tree. Swiftly I punched the King Kappa in the solar plexus, knocking the wind out of him and stunning him for a brief moment. The fight had taken Wingspan and Fairy Girl dangerously close to each other, despite their counter offensive. As the King Kappa was in the floor and the smallest Kappa stuck in a tree I ran to aid Wingspan landing a right hook punch on the left side of the tallest Kappa that he was facing.

Fairy Girl used her power and built a strong cage with big branches and rocks around the Kappa that she was facing. That Kappa was knocked out cold when he hit the tree. Despite the attack on the tallest kappa he kept fighting back and the King Kappa was still open for more attacks though he was stun he was not done.

The quick blow had opened the King Kappa up for another attack was follow with Fairy Girl using her powers to hurl about 10 stones at the King Kappa, which he deflected with kicks and sending the rocks back hitting Fairy Girl in the stomach, doubling her over. When I saw this, I almost lost it and ran as fast as I could and started punching the King Kappa with jabs, hooks, upper cuts and straight punches, landing knees to his torso and elbows, so fast the he could barely deflect any of my attacks.

I became so angry that I wanted to take his life but we were taught to respect all lives. But I had to put him down and followed that up with a quick rising uppercut to put him to sleep. When I looked over to Wingspan, he was bleeding from his mouth.

He looked at me and Fairy Girl: he jumped up spinning and covered himself with his wing and threw a spinning back kick that landed right in the face of the Kappa knocking him out and sending him flying toward the Kappa in the cage. Fairy Girl opened it fast and trapped the two Kappas in there and built another trap for the King Kappa. After the fight we looked around and there was a crowd watching the fight. The Menehune villagers were looking in shock.

I approached the King Kappa with the Chief and my brother and sister. The King Kappa looked down in shame. Before we said anything the King Kappa said. “We are sorry for all the damage we created and pain and suffering we caused. We were forced to leave our lakes, ponds and rivers by evil forces. Some of our people died and we are just trying to survive and find a place new place to live. Our survivors spread to other islands and places in search of areas to live.”

“We are not as mean and as bad as people think. We are misunderstood creatures like many others. We just want to live in peace and quiet and be happy with our love ones.” The Chief then look at the King Kappa and said, “Let me give you some water, your bowl is getting empty, King Kappa; there is enough land high for all of us to live in Kaho‘olawe is a big island were you can bring your people and live in peace; our God Pele can help you if you ask!” I didn’t want to interrupt but being that the conflict was resolved it was time for us to go back home.

Once we got home, we thought it was pretty late but because of our Jade Clock’s power time slows down and warps; so, when we got home it appeared that only 5 minutes appeared to have just past. We got home and stop the clock and when to take a nap in the beach lay in the hammocks. After a good nap, Pele appeared and told us that we did a good job helping the Menehune people and the Kappas.

The Kappas were granted the blessings to live in Kaho‘olawe Island. The Kappas were forgiven but first they had to help the Menehune villagers to restore their pond and lives.” We were happy to hear that things were better and everyone was happy before she left, she told us that next time Hawaii needs us, she come back to us. Meanwhile she told us to keep training and getting better. She also said that if we needed her; she can be summoned with the clock and calling her name.


Punga vs Kamohoalii

We had been training for 3 months and learning about our powers, Wingspan without anything bad happening in Hawaii or anyone being in danger. We were training with the great warriors, BJ Penn, The blessed one Max Holloway, the spider Kendall Grove, Brad Tavares and Hapa Travis Brown. We had learned not just Mix Martial Arts and the art of fighting but we also learn how to hone our senses. One day while training we summoned Pele and finally asked her how come we were the chosen ones.

Pele said “well it takes a special set of people that cares for Hawaii. The chosen ones must be related, 2 boys and a girl. They must be compassionate, smart, kind, and good people with no hate in their heart. It is a decision made by at last 6 out of the 10 Gods of Hawaii and once your time is up, you will have memories of it but the people will not remember the events that took place. You are not here to be worshiped; you are here to protect Hawaii. With that being said I need you to go to Niʻihau. There a war going on between Punga and Kamohoalii.”

We had heard of the stories about Punga but we thought Punga was Maori myth; he is described as a supernatural being. He is the father of all strange and ugly animals such as lizards, sharks, and manta rays but Kamohoalii is the king of all sharks, and has gain control over all sharks. Honestly I didn’t know what to expect but we understood that it was not going to be pretty. Mom has been in a good mood and dad is always working and very relaxed.

As matter of fact we were supposed to go surfing with him that weekend. We were all looking forward to go surfing and to Jack Johnson’s concert of that Friday as well. It was a great weekend with the family. But before that very well deserve weekend he had to go to Niʻihau. Quietly while my mom was reading a book in her hammock, we sneaked into the house set the Jade clock and after the bright lights cover everything, we transform into the Star Kids. We pulled out our map notice that it was pretty far, but not for our sister. She used her kinetic power to create a warp and transport us to Niʻihau.

Once we arrived the beach looked all buss up, palm trees knocked now. Chair and tables destroyed and a lot of junk. Then from a house near the beach we heard a voice. She ran to the voice and it was a young woman. She said her name was Lilo Kaii. She in a low voice she said Punga and Kamohoalii have been sending their creatures to fight in the shores, the sea and the land. She said “they have been destroying everything huts, house, establishments, stores and anything they touch. Punga took our chief from makai when he went to ask if they were ready to stay pau. It’s very sad, our people are afraid and no one wants to come outside their houses.”

Then I asked her, why are we talking in a low voice? She said “because if either one of them hears us, they are going to come in here and destroy everything looking each other to keep fighting.” I had heard enough and told my sister and brother, we must go outside, find them and out a stop to this. They both agree. We followed the path of destruction and after finding a few Sharkmen, Iguanamen and Turtlemen un-responsive; we knew we were on the right path. I took off running and found them. I turned around and got my sister and brother and told them that they were fighting in the lowest south point of the Island.

When we arrived to the scene, Punga was using the environment to his advantage, he ran to a big boulder rock jumped and did a back flipped onto the rock and pushed off towards Kamohoalii.  The maneuver sent him front flipping towards Kamohoalii and just before he reached the king shark, Punga flattened his body out, feet first landing on the head of the king shark.

The maneuver caught Kamohoalii off guard as he was recovering his wits, once again. Punga gave him an apologetic shrug, mid air.  As if to say, “sorry” for what was going to come next. Punga used his momentum in a creative, instead of piling into his opponent; instead, he jerked to the right and swung around and kicked Kamohoalii. Kamohoalii was put on his butt after violently being thrown across the shore. He skidded and tumbled along the ground, uncontrolled.  He was stopped by another one of his sharks, about five feet from a fishing spear.  A groan escaped his lips as the pain from the attack started setting in.

Kamohoalii looked up and his eyes opened with surprise. As Punga was starting to walk away thinking that he won the battle but Kamohoalii was not going to give up so easily, so Kamohoalii sprang off his feet, ran toward Punga and hit him directly in the chest with his shark fin. He followed by another spear attack with his fin, another, and another to build momentum. When Punga was on the floor from the attacks, Punga looked around confused but got back to his feet and caught Kamohoalii by his fin and started to spin him in a whirling tornado, tossing him across.

But in the process of spinning in a tornado and their speed increasing fast as Kamohoalii whipped his arms in and out, losing control of the rotation and being also thrown into a rock. Both here left unconscious. Luckily we didn’t have to fight neither one and both were tied down. Pele was summoned and she took both of them back to her volcano were they both would become prisoners until they put their differences aside and can coexist with each other.

Pele looked to the sky and thunder struck everyone that was fighting putting a stop to the fight. She asked to gather everyone up in the beach that she would take care of them once they woke up. She told us to go back to spread the word that everything was going to be fine and help people with their house and to clean up.

Once done, she said we were clear to go back home. After everything was clean and everything was back to normal we were ready to leave Punga woke up and attached Kamohoalii once again. This time the warrior jumped as high as he could, knees angled down toward Kamohoalii. But I ran as fast as I could and jump kick Punga in the air. Wingspan already in the air dive down towards Punga spinning like a screw in the air and covered by his wings, hitting Punga as he was falling from the fall. Fairy was able to move Kamohoalii from the way but in the process he woke up and ran towards the water and went to dive in to escape. I ran after him and caught him just in time. Wingspan and Fairy were able to help Pele hold Punga. All the villagers came up clapping and celebrating. Pele then asked ask Punga “What are you doing down here?” Punga visibly upset said “Your out of control pet here, came down to my land and killed some humans and other life forms. We must protect humans and other life forms. There is no room for this kind of behavior. People started to go missing and a great shark was spotted swimmers were being torn limb to limb. His son Nanaue is not the only monster that should be fear and I came to put an end to it.

Pele knew that the people of Waipio were killed by Nanaue and they did not know that it was he who was actually killing his friends while in shark form. Nanaue escaped but was caught and is now living in a jail in the volcano and so will is now Kamohoalii. Pele asked Punga that next time there is a problem to come see her and she promised to fix it. Now with everything behind we could finally return home and Punga could go back to Maori Land.

  • The Lolong the White Krok and the Jacaretingas

So it’s been about 6 months since we got these cool powers and the awesome suits. We have learned so much and ground so much it was incredible. We were doing well in school and I no longer needed my asthma pump which was even better because honestly, I felt like an old man. Like the one telling you this story. We help the Menehune people in Kauai and the Kappas. We also help solve the problem with Punga Vs King Kamohoalii. We help around the Islands with other issues like the turtles that were lost at sea in turtle Island.

It was cool to see Fiji and help the Fijian with their flying dinosaur, thank goodness it wasn’t real and that it was poachers trying to drive people away so they can hunt anything and everything in their island. There was also a time when a cruise ship got stuck and ran out of gas near Tunga and we help them get back to land, but as time went by we also knew that some we might have to return to the United States because of our father’s job. None the less every day we did everything we could to help in Hawaii and round the island.

One day we got home from school early. A tsunami was heading to Indonesia, people were very worried because a few years back another tsunami had hit that area and chokes of people died and disappeared. We were wondering if we were going to see Pele and if she was going to say something about helping over there. Mom came home early from work and told us that we needed to help her at the supermarket and to secure everything in the house because tsunamis are very unpredictable.

Ramzees and Aylanna went with mom to the supermarket while I stay home helping my dad. While at home I realized that there was a lot to do, so I went to my room and got the Jade clock. My dad looked at it and said it was cool. I told my dad that we were the Star Kids and showed him. He was shocked, so I told him, Dad tell me what needs to be done and how and I can get it done in a few minutes and meanwhile you run to our neighbors and tell them get their things ready that help is on the way.

By the time Mom got home from the supermarket everything was done and secured. My dad was surprised with what I was able to do, as Ramzees and Aylanna walked through the door, he walked up to them and hugged them and told them that he was very happy and proud of them. They had no idea that he already knew. Ramzees then turned the radio and Tallulah was playing by Jamiroquai. Then all of the sudden the song was interrupted by an emergency broadcast.

The broadcast informs everyone that they have located the reason for the tsunami, he indicated that a fight between Kanaloa: God of the underworld and Ruler of the ocean and a Giant White crocodile was the reason. According to the broad cast White Crocodile defeated Kanaloa and left him for dead. It was also reported that the White crocodile was not alone that he was with some other species of crocodile know as Jacaretingas.

Jacaretingas are a Crocodile-like monstrous humanoid species that live in oceans, seas, underground lakes, and underwater caves. They are known in their normal for as Jacare Gators. The Jacaretingas are usually green skinned, darker on the back and lighter on the belly and don’t like light. They are very aggressive and only follow alpha leaders, but at the same time they are not loyal to anything or anyone other than their own clans.

The reported then informed everyone that the White Krok was a man name Chicklet Masticao but he hated his name because in Spanish it translated to chewed gum. He was from the Philippines also known to be a scientist, highly intelligent with great knowledge in the fields of genetics, physics, biochemistry, and herpetology. He has a large gator pond, where he has a giant salt water crocodile name Lolong. With a passion for wrestling, he wrestle under the name Lolong the White Krok. As a wrestler, he was known for having incredible strength above human average and endurance for pain.

While working with his crocodile Lolong one day he stepped into his pond not knowing that the water was contaminated with chemical waste from the nuclear power plant from Japan. He turned into a 22 feet long White Crocodile with superhuman powers as a result of exposure to mutagenic chemicals, allowing him to transform into the Giant Croc. When Lolong transformed into the Lolong the White Krok, his strength increased to superhuman levels, likewise, his speed, stamina, agility, and reflexes. He became highly resistant to injury due to his thick, scaly hide, allowing him to resist punctures and lacerations from ordinary weapons and firearms. In addition, he gained the healing abilities which allow him to quickly recover from wounds and regenerating lost limbs. He also has a powerful tail which he can whip at high speeds.

My mom looked at my dad as the broad cast ended and said, “Oh my goodness, so what’s going to happen now. Is there something that the Army, the Marines, Navy or Air Force can do?” My dad looked at my mom and said “well because of the tsunamis, there isn’t much they could do and but I know someone can and will, The Star Kids.” My brother looked at me and my sister and just walked to our room while my parents stay in the living room.

My brother then asked “what was that about? Does he know?” I told my brother and sister that I told him because it was necessary and our dad is right. Ramzees then said “well we need to go and do some research, look for videos and information about this so call Lolong and Jacaretingas. We should meet back in about 1 hour.”

After 1 hour doing research we met again and Ramzees told us that reptiles are cold-blooded they are sensitive to drops in temperature; a sufficiently cold environment will cause his metabolism to slow drastically and become dormant if he is exposed to cold temperatures for too long. Aylanna informed us that Jacaretingas have a soft spot on top of their head and like to evade direct flashes of lights. Well when I told them that Lolong standing on his back legs was about 14 feet tall with an 8 feet long tail and 2,500 pounds, simultaneously they ask, “Can we ask Pele for help From the Blessed one and the Prodigy.” Ramzees then said, “Maybe they can do the fusion dance like Goku and Vagita and turn into the mighty Prodbless.

So we had no other choice we activated that jade clock and as we transformed into the Star kids, we summon Pele and as she appeared we asked her, if there was way to get help from the mighty Prodbless, an d we finished asking, she said “Oh he will help!” she turns around and a vortex opens up and we step through. As we ended on the other side, the mighty warrior Prodbless was there but so were Lolong and his Jacaretingas. We ended in a beach in Papua New Guinea.

It was not long before Lolong noticed our arrival, in a very arrogant manner; she opened both his arms showing his immense body and long hard nails. He grunt and growl before saying a word, then he pointed a Pele and with a croaky voice said “I guess you are here to ask me why I beat up your little brother, and it looks like you brought company….. Well I am not alone.” Then from the sea about 50 Jacaretingas come out. He grunt again and pointing at Pele made fist with his huge hands. The mighty Prodbless did not appreciated the gesture and before we knew it he was flying toward the White Krok landing a double knee to the face of the White Krok and putting him on his butt.

Very quickly the place started getting filled up with news crews, people and helicopters capturing all the actions. The vortex open up again and before leaving Pele said “I’ll be back, I trust you guys got this!” The entire beach got silent and it was as if time itself was holding its breath as Prodbless descended and Lolong landed on his butt. Every person watching the fight was so amazed, watching for the next move.

Lolong the White Krok barely had time to breathe, let alone dodge the attack, but using his tale she whipped himself back up on all 4 legs. It was a testament to his experience in battle that Lolong the White Krok was able to get back up and attack the mighty Prodbless hitting him on his leg almost smashing it and sending him flying into the ground and slamming into a rock. Seeing Lolong the White Krok allowing his opponent to stand up was either brave, honorable or stupid, because there are no rules in fight.

We were so caught up with that fight that we completely forgot that the Jacaretingas were surrounding us. Wingspan takes off running and used his wings to take fly and in mid air manages to start spinning creating some kind of tornado with his wings sticking out I took off running I started tossing Jacaretingas in the air, towards Wingspan. He was kicking the crap out of them. Meanwhile Fairy was creating light screen with her powers and almost blinding them so they would not move while I ran through them.

Meanwhile with the speed of a cat after hitting the rock Prodbless spun his body around and sprung with leap kick landing his shin on his opponents head. The attack was so quick that Lolong the White Krok wasn’t hurt; it actually pushed the massive Krok 2 feet and a half into the air. Lolong the White Krok appeared to get curious, and wondered why that attack didn’t hurt? Lolong did not know that, that was Prodbless intention.

As Lolong was in mid air swiftly, Prodbless rolled forward and halfway through, slid straight, so that he slid under the White Krok and stopped facing the rising Krok’s back. Prodbless cocked both arms back and double punched upwards into Lolong’s back.  Air whooshed from his lungs as he was pushed even higher into the air. As I saw this happen I wanted to get in the action, and while Wingspan created cover, running at my top speed I jumped knee first as well, landing a double knee right on the ribs of Lolong. 

Wingspan continued this attack this time turning himself into a cannon ball that swept about 10 Jacaretingas off their feet, but they kept coming. Then out of nowhere like Randy Orton rocks were flying and knocking them out cold. It nobody was safe including me and Wingspan. We got tagged a few times and almost knocked down. Fairy has crazy powers. The impact from the attack on Lolong gave Prodbless a couple of extra feet between him and the White Krok. Lolong grunt and laugh and with his croaky voice said, is that all you got mighty Prodbless.

Lolong exploded from the ground towards Prodbless in rising form and he grabbed him around the waist, twisted mid air, and did a German suplex almost knocking out Prodbless. Lolong then again grabbed continue to use his wrestling skill by applying a front face lock to Prodbless, draping his near arm over their shoulder and lifting him upside-down before slamming his back into a rock. It was really bad but we had to do something and since fairy had most Jacaretingas occupied took off as fast as I could and landed a hard knee into the belly of the white Krok. Wingspan came from behind him and lay behind him the hard knee was enough to push him back and to fall.

That was enough time for the mighty Prodbless to get up and rush to grab Lolong by the tail and spin him around fast and hard a tossing him head first, towards a giant rock. Lolong the White Krok collided with the huge rock a painful cracking and crunching sound was heard as the rock shattered under the enormous pressure from the attack. When the Jacaretingas that were left saw this, they ran to the sea leaving the rest of their clan behind including Lolong. As Prodbless looked back at the White Krok a brief sadness flashed across his face. 

Lolong the White Krok’s laid flat and bloody for a brief moment, but Lolong the White krok was still breathing. Then someone from a far was heard saying “Now that had to hurt.” Prodbless then looked down at one of his hands and noticed one of his nails bleeding. “Dang!  I broke a nail!”

The vortex open up again and Pele appeared with Kane, the father of living creatures. Kane is the highest of the gods. Kanaloa who was the God of the underworld and Ruler of the ocean came with her. Kane order Kanaloa to grab the Lolong by the head and raise his head. As he did this Kane started to drain Lolong of his power and returning the control of the oceans to Kanaloa. Kane the told Lolong because of your crime against humanity and other creatures, you will spend the rest of your days as a human in the underworld. All the Jacaretingas that were left in the beach were turn to humans and were given a second chance but first they will store all the damage cause, once they have pay their dues then they will return to their Jacare form and return to their clan.

Pele looked at us and said, “thank you and I’ll see you all later.” We then returned home and everything returned to normality. A few days went by and days turned into weeks and weeks into month, no major disasters or dangers that we could handle happen. We knew that our days as the Star kids were counted. School finished and a few days before leaving Hawaii Pele came to us in the form of an old lady at the beach, and she said to us “you are the Star Kids and will continue to be, when you arrive in your new land you will continue to protect and defend all lives, because all lives matter and all lives are precious.”

“New challenges will arise and new foes will come, new enemies and new friends but you will continue to be the Star Kids as long as your heart desires it to be. A new chief will come to you when you activate the Jade clock and give you a new clock to represent their people and their land.” Before we got to say bye to her a light rain came down and she was gone with the wind. It all seemed like a dream, until the plane touch the ground Florida and my sister said to me “We are here!” That was the story of the Star kids of Hawaii…..

The Star Kids of Hawaii

  • ISBN: 9781370413225
  • Author: Dionis Fernandez
  • Published: 2016-12-13 06:05:08
  • Words: 8049
The Star Kids of Hawaii The Star Kids of Hawaii