The Soul Seller





When childhood, while the day was Wage, we always worried to meet Mr. Timbil. Our fear was equal to see a car named montor pelet, the car with scissor seal which known as child kidnapper. There was a rumor that the car took children’s eyes to make cocktail. Mr. Timbil was known as a soul seller, who had to purchase soul by kidnapped children as the charm.

As a goat broker, he always rotated to follow the java market day: Wage, Kliwon, Legi, Pahing, and Pon. When the market day was Wage, he went to Pedan. When it was Kliwon he moved to Klembon. On Legi day, he went to the market of Jatinom. The Pahing day, he was on Prambanan. The Pon day, he went to Delanggu. No day to rest, except his body was unhealthy. Indeed, he wasn’t only to buy and sell goats. When he had no money, or his pocket was thin, he went to market without carry anything. His habit became a common secret, so there someone always made fun of him, “Mr. Timbil has much money now!”, or, “Mr. Timbil has no money now!” He only smiled and responsed wit a laugh, “Yes, I am!”

He never wore footstool although the road soil was muudy or burning by dry season. But, when the village road was be asphalt, he wore nipping sandal. “My foot is not able to bear with the hot of asphalt!” Mr. Timbil said when someone accosted to him. As if he asked for understandable that he was out fro his habit. He also left his other nature. He never walked to market without goods on his hand. Eventhougt it was only a duckling, a little rabbit, or a young squirrel. While someone asked about his change, he said, “Let me not only depend on nig cattle!” By a long time people became usual, not considered that his new habit was strange.

How was the process that he was called as the soul seller? It was begin when he had a new habit again, that he liked to visit someone who at death-agony. One day, there was a man who was at death-agony on Jambukidul—a village that he always passed if he went to Pedan. The family of the sick man surrendered if he was taken by Him. Mr. Timbil dropped in their house, prayed, in hope the candidate of corpse was given wide and clean road to go to the next world. He also massaged him in order the sick man became nice. When he was massaging the fingers, the dead-agony man moved, opened his eyes, smiled, and woke up. His family were very happy, then they bought Mr. Timbil’s chicken and bred it. Wonder, when the chicken was gotten struck by a motorcycle and died, the recovere man suddenly died too. Maybe it was only a coincindentally, and people forgot it soon.


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But, at another day, when he was leading a goat, there was a woman who very old and sick seriously. She almost died. Mr. Timbil stopped in her house and massaged her. It was a miracle! Her soul that already arrived on the throat end, returned again to the first place. the old woman arose again. People became uproarious. Mr. Timbil’s goat was bought by the old woman’s family for a thankfulness party. But, when the goat was slaughtered, the old woman suddenly fell on her back and died. The thankfulness party became a sadness. And, people remembered the first event.

Two month after, there was a child of very rich man who at death-agony. The child also recovered by his touch. His duckling was bought and bred well. When the duckling was big and the time to lay egg came, it was not permited to lay egg normally. The egg was quitted by an operation, in order it’s cloaca was not broken, in hope the duck’s age was longer. By the old, the duck died. Really, the age addition of the child was similar with the age of the duck.

Since that time Mr. Timbil was considered as friend of God. The prolongation of the soul was in proportion to the animal’s age which was bought from him. But Mr. Timbil still liked the last, his behavior never changed. He always went to market on foot, carried cattle or the other goods, depended on his money, much or not. He also never sold his animal more expensive than the market price. But nobody were reckless with him, though he only carried a butterfly or grasshopper to market. He was known as a holly man who was disguising.

“He is the holly man at the present time!” said a man.

“Yes, he is a real saint who never promote his power on television. There are many people who consider himself have magic power although his power is false! Mr. Timbil is the true saint!” the other said.

“He have miracle. He is the lover of Allah!”

“But he is never linger in the mosque!”

“The clean of heart is not connected with the mosque. You always dawdle in the mosque but your heart is dirty, like rubbish!”

“The soul seller!” someone commented, then the title was very popular.

But title of the soul seller almost defamed. When he success to reanimate a man, his cow was bought. Unlucky, the cow was stolen by thief. The family became very worry. But in a month, two months, and a year, nothing was happened with the man. Suddenly, at the five o’clock of the morning, without a pain, the man suddenly dead. People became wonder. “Maybe the loss cow was slaughtered at the same time!” a visitor said.

The other visitor added, “By the thief, the cow didn’s sell promptly. It was fatted first, in hope the price is more expensive when it was carried to abattoir!”

The oddity of Mr. Timbil teased a moslem institute education to investigate him secretly. The amatuour investigation got a result that Mr. Timbil was a fair man, he never did bad action. Except there was a sign by letter “c” at his identity card, the symbol that he was a former of Indonesian Communist Party. “But there is no connection between a party and the clean of heart. Maybe it was only a mistake. He is only a slander victim!”

“But his son who became a teacher was killed in 1965!” In that year The Communist Party of Indonesia rebelled and hundreds thousand people were killed.

“Father and son are not similar. All people also knew who arranged the murdering of his son. Then the murderer married his son’s fiancé!”

Of course, people didn’t dare to say the title when they faced with him directly. Someone ever asked his powerness, but he denied perseverely, “Ranimate the dead, do you think that I am God?” But people became more curious, so, when there were men or women who at death-agony, Mr. Timbil was invited. As soon as he touched his hand, they were safe.


“How? Are you have meet Mr. Timbil?” Seruni asked to her husband’s men in the sked of Tegalyoso Hospital.

“Not yet,” Lurah Jingklong replied to represent his men’s mouth. He, himself, was unwillingly to lookin for the goat broker. He was inclined to meet him. If there was choice, he was more better to be jailed.

“Why are you not go yourself?” Seruni pressed with a courious of her husband’s seriousness.

“Yes, I’ll do myself!” Lurah Jingklong said reluctantly and moved. By his old car, he went to Mr. Timbil’s village. But his aim was canceled. He turned his car to other place. Then he stopped his car on the road side of middle fields. His face was red. He got out from car then lowered his trouser. Two days he was hardly to urinate. He was urinating little by little and made his knee be pain. Sometimes he had to vibrate when his urin didn’t come out. He thought that Seruni was purposely to embarrass him to beg to Mr. Timbil for the prolongation of his son’s soul. But his son was really at death-agony by an accident. It was a difficult situation for him. He would rather be jailed than to meet Mr. Timbil. He was unforgetable Mr. Timbil’s eyes. The eyes which hurt his feelings, especially when the head of Mr. Timbil’s son was hanging loosely on his father’s lap. Lurah Jingklong turned back his car, returned to the hospital.


“Please, you go to the hospital. Seruni is really pitiful!” His wife persuaded.

“I am not a soul seller!” Mr. Timbil said. His last hurt to Lurah Jingklong was still very felt. In that time, when he lapped the only single son who was at death-agony with the throat was cut, the young of Lurah Jingklong spitted his face as he was an excrement. Not only that, the young man also swinged his sword to his neck. Fortunely, there were several men who able to prevent so he was still alife.

“Go on, please! Seruni’s son is very critical,” said his wife. The woma was more sincere than him. The goat broker kept silent completely. But his mind thought over that Lurah Jingklong’s fate would come soon. His son also would be at death-agony on his face, maybe he would die on his father’s hugging.



“I am not find him,” said Lurah Jingklong to his wife with sadly tone, to hide his lie. Several people also very disappointed. Doctor and nurse were very busy but the ICU became more silent. There was only snore of Seruni’s son who wanted to be divorced with the world.

“Look, that is Mrs. Timbil!” someone shouted when saw the goat broker’s wife went to them. Not longer, Mr. Timbil came hurriedly. Lurah Jingklong was charmed, as if unbelieve. Then he accepted him and let fell himself, hugged Mr. Timbil’s legs, and cried nervously.

“It is OK!” said Mr. Timbil and coaxed Lurah Jingklong’s hair as if he was his late son. By hurry, several men entered Intensive Care Unit. Doctor and nurse came out from the room. Lurah Jingklong accompanied Mr. Timbil to enter the room. He massaged Seruni’s son. Not longer, the young man body became red, a sign that his life began to flow. Then he opened his eyes, yawned, and smiled. Mr. Timbil came out the room. Lurah Jingklong followed him as if worried to be left by his father.

“What is Mr. Timbil carry?” Lurah Jingklong asked.

“A young buffalo. I tied it on palm tree in front of the hospital,” Mr. Timbil replied. Lurah Jingklong kissed his hand, with a hurry, he came out to see the animal. When he arrived the outside, he saw a young buffalo which was tottering. It’s neck was injured and was flowing blood. The hospital became very noisy by that event. And, since that time, Mr. Timbil and his wife disappeared, never revealed until now. (The End)



The Soul Seller

  • ISBN: 9781311793331
  • Author: Setiawan G Sasongko
  • Published: 2016-04-19 06:05:06
  • Words: 1889
The Soul Seller The Soul Seller