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The Single Girl's Life Handbook


The Single’s Girl Life Handbook.

By E.E. Evans
Shakespir Edition
Copyright 2017 E.E. Evans

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The Single’s Girl Life Handbook.

By E.E. Evans





Being single is the best time a girl can have for if she can and the best is that there is a brighter side to the joyful life of a single life. Having to be this age and being single for this wonderful time of a girl life, is when I get how much it meant that I can do so many just all by myself and not feel guilty for being a single girl. When they say 30’s is the new 20’s they don’t get it wrong, I learn that being single and as they say ready to mingle is one of the best experience I have come to discovered.The Single’s Girl Life Handbook I will tell you the benefits and perks of being “single and ready to mingle” and the best of all is you along the way learn to discovered that you are so much more than you could ever think possible. That love is loving yourself first just as you are.






The ever present event of having our heartbreak.The first time you get your heart broken you think is the end of life as you know it. And the worst part is we get this crazy idea that we will never ever fall in love but once you get over that one is back in the game, we are lovable creatures that live to love and be loved. There is a bright side to being single is that no matter if you ever went through one being single gets you the chance to avoid ever having yourself feel bad because you once again fell in love with the wrong guy and once more have to go trough a broken heart. I won’t tell you never to fell in love but the perks of the single life are to love and avoid heartbreak altogether and just love yourself. After all, if you love yourself every thinks is going to fall in place.


PS.Fall in love with yourself first and then love will come by himself when you are ready.




Friends are forever and they are the first to come. They got here first and no boy can tell you to change that because of friends before guys. They have seen you at your best and at your worst. When you are on deep until you feel drowning they were your lifesaver and no one can and will change that. Life put you these stranger in your path because she knows they will be there whenever you need them and even if you are the last friend in the group single they will still love you and will be there if they truly are your friends.

Don’t take for granted a friendship, they are the only people who will accept you just as you are no matter how crazy, moody and irrational you get. And the best of being single you get to go out with them and not caring to inhibit yourself from doing crazy stuff alone because they will have your back and have the times of their life. That is what friends are for, they are your life line to happiness.


PS. Friends no matter where, no matter when and no matter how hard life gets,they are worth more than gold.




Is your body. Do what makes you happy. The best part of being single is not having to shave your legs. I admit that when Christmas come around is hard to keep those pair of fine looking legs all tidy up and all smooth. When being single the best feeling is to not care to shave them , let’s face it is a whole lot of trouble to spend all that time making them look presentable when at the end of that workout they will go to a pair of leggings and privy them of the cold hard winter cold. So for those of you like me that hate the cold and hard work out of shaving, let’s face it, save it for summer and be comfortable with yourself. There is the time when you see this cute boy giving you the eye and we break the rule and shave just to let them have a peek and after the hassle, they were not even looking at your legs. Have courage can’t be free after all is your body and if not shaving for a week makes you happy, then be happy. As always you are first second and third and if there is a fourth it will still be you. Be happy just as you feel. And if being single and not caring to shave makes you, then be you.


PS. Is your body and however, you feel beautiful then let it be. No one has the chance to judge you, be you and let the world burn down and break without you to be a part of it.




Long, shot, bob or however you feel to is your body. The best thing about being single since I was in over high school was not having to do my hair. I have long hair and is a really work out to keep all of that lioness mane tame was the worst part. I had a boyfriend who loves to run his finger through it, I hated when his finger got stuck and to him it was fun to get them out but to me was the worst that meant get up find a brush and start all over and get the mane tame once again.

I love being single because that means I don’t have to spend so many hours doing a hairstyle just because I have to. I love my hair and how it is but is hard to keep it as cool as I want. I love that I can get up in the morning and just put it up in a bun and not care if I look good or like a freak, I love that is my body and I can do with him what I want and If I want to spend hours styling or not style it at all is all up to me. I don’t let society dictate how you look. The worst thing a girl long hair can experience is to spend hours doing your hair to get to a party and can’t enjoy it afraid it will be messy at he end of the night. If you are single sure be pretty and take care of your body, but don’t let society tells you that you can’t have curly hair, when you like it or have to perfect all the time. Is important to keep it healthy and looking amazing but is you want to rock out a bun then do it.


PS. Don’t let society tell you how to look is your life, be happy you are beautiful just as you are.



One of the joys of life is to sleep. That peaceful and amazing experience of sleep is one of life elixirs. The worst is to get up and not be fully recharge. The pleasure of sleeping is so healthy and have so many benefits, one is that it rejuvenates your body and soul, leaving a mind clear and ready to take on the world. The single life is to sleep all you want and not care that there is someone beside you hogging all the blankets and taking all the space. I love to sleep in till late and just be careful that my baby (my dog) is all cuddle in her bed and all conformable as me. If she is comfortable then I am . I get that is great to have someone to cuddle with when is cold or on those rainy days but you have the right to sleep in until the late hours of the afternoon, but that peace of being all alone and so comfy in bed, that is something you will never get with anybody else. Enjoy it while it last because when you get that special someone and someday a baby you will give anything to have a peaceful night of sleep. And after all, it will be worth it no matter how or with who. Enjoy your space and let life do it course, looking some years younger never do some harm.


PS. Sleep. No comments







The last time I had a boyfriend all the time people was telling me that I had to look after what I ate because I had to look good for him. The ironic part was that he love to eat with me all the junk food and the best part was that we were both fit and he loved that about our relationship. I love to eat, sometimes I eat thing that people may think are gross, and I sometimes I like to eat as healthy as it can get. I don’t care if I get fat or if it to stay in line as they say. Society has this rule that if you are not thin then you are not beautiful. That is the biggest lie that is ever made. If you are thin or chubby, be happy with your body. Is the only one you will ever have so take care if him and if you like to indulge is that triple chocolate fudge piece of cake, then do it. Forget what people think, they are just envied of the pleasure you have and they are losing.


PS. Red velvet will sure be a sin. Let yourself sin as long as you stay healthy.








I have this thing that the more worn out clothes are I swear the best they are to wear. I being a girl love anything that makes me comfortable. I hate so much that girls have to be all perky and in style all 24 hours of the day. I respect that they would like to, but being single has let me open up to be me. I love clothes who doesn’t, but to me being is a pair of short and a tank top with some flips flops are the best outfit I can come up to be as comfortable and pretty I can be. I know that when we are in a relationship we do our best to look cool and have the guy giving us compliments but we too have to be so uptight all the time and enjoy life as best as we want. I have this T-shirt that has so many colors from so many painting since I love to do acrylics and watercolors but even when is all fade and stretch out, to me that is my favorite shirt and to me, I feel so confident that is the best piece of clothing I will ever own. So yeah, get all work up and get that little black dress wait in the closet and just lay out the comfortable ones. Life is to enjoy and being able to breathe in a shirt.



PS. Every girl needs a little black dress, and a pair of worn out jeans to relax once in a while.






There is one thing that we girls hate to do and that explains our self, why we have to tell someone why we were late or why we are girls. Is frustrating to explain our own life. When we are single we don’t have to care if we get in late after a super great party or if we want to go out by yourself. We just don’t feel like it. Is the pleasure that it brings to just do what we want, and not care what other think because they will always talk about us, but is our pride to never let it bother us. If we are free of any commitment is our right to enjoy it and not feel guilty about the choices we make.

I do have one person I do explain myself to sometimes and that is my mother, and even when she Nags me about it most of the time she has a right to know where am I a since she gave me the life to live and she raise me to love her no matter how and if she wants to know why I never got to her house when she asks me to I think she deserves even a little white lie to let her sleep at night.


PS. don’t feel bad because you said no, is a right you have, and you deserve to have fun.







The only one who is allowed to be in my bed at 3 am is my adorable chihuahua and she is more than happy that I don’t kick her out when that time of the month comes up. We have that little side on our heart that no one will ever dare to touch for our pets. When we are single they will not care if when cry or if we are happy because they will be with us no matter what and they keep us company at all times and most likely will never judge us, even when they look at us as if we are crazy. Pets are true angels that if in our life they ever leave us we sure will be heartbreak. And that is the only one I dare love no matter what ever happens.


PS. Pets should be forever.







The best of living on your own is that you make the mess and when you fee like it and pick up said mess, and if you feel that that mess is bound to be there for a long long time then so be it. The perks of being single and living on your own are that space is all your and no one can tell you that is not right to have laundry all over and trash stuck up on the floor. Is your space and you can do with it whatever you like as long as the landlord says is okay. In overall when you are living the single life, is much easier doing whatever you like and if decorating your house bright pink or scary orange, is fine. You have the advantage that you don’t have to worry what your significant other thinks of your decorating skills. You can finally put that cute lamp in the table coffee and you can get up your feet on said table and don’t care if it breaks because is your own space and nobody can mess with it, only you. And when you do find a guy to live with you can both compromise on things that are good for both of you.


PS. The mess is also creative.








One of the things that move the world is money. When you are in a relationship you have to think more serious how you spend money, because let’s face it. You have a phone bill that goes to up to the sky just so you can stay in touch with him. You have to buy presents every birthday, Christmas and when the anniversary comes around the corner that’s a shopping spree more. When your are single you have more money for you, more to spend on food, music, books and of course more clothes and shoes. Being single is a great thing when it comes to money. And let’s face it, not many of us come from a rich daddy who pays for every little thing you see. When single life comes your way, embrace it and just be happy with yourself as you want to be. When that special one comes then you can be a whole different of happy. So if you have the money to spend on that blender that you most likely never use and can buy it, then indulge your purse and buy whatever you want and don’t care.


PS. Please buy responsibly. This is not a joke.






I love clothes, and Shoes and purses and all that space in my closet are free for be to buy all I want. When you are single you don’t have to worry about leaving a spot for him to put his clothes, or even fight over the one who doesn’t fit because I bought a piece more. Or there is no room for my expensive pair of shoes. I love my space and when the time is right I will be okay to share it with a man. To me, there is more important priority when my home is in the game. As always there is the chance that you will fall in love with a great man but for the time being love your space and feel good buying that cute purse you saw at the store.


PS. Every girl deserves a new pair of shoes.







Since this thing called Netflix came into the world TV has never been the same. I have so many shows that I watch that is amazing. But sometimes I can’t watch them when or where I want to but is great that I can just go anywhere relax and watch that new episode whenever I want and not wait for someone so we can both see it. I love to have it all to myself and not care that someone can spoil it. That rule that says that we have to watch a series together just don’t go with me, and I can say very proud that I will never be so dependable of someone to stay compromise as to wait for someone to watch it. I don’t think that is something to be great about. If I like a show and he likes another then fine by me. If we happen to love the same one well great. But there are so many things wrong with relationships today that makes us just as the rest of the world. They make us average. Life is to live it as we want and not let another one to privy us for that different taste, of things to be ruin by being devoted to a person.







When we are single those special days like San valentines, Christmas or new year could be a great downer being alone. The best I figure was that I didn’t have to worry about not having to make so many plans for different parties or even worry to be with someone and not really enjoy the time. I found that when single I love to spend more time with my family and friends and don’t care to leave early or late because I was with my peeps and my family and that is really what matters. Sure is great to share it with the love of your life but let’s face it if that didn’t work out, that was a waste of time and energy not to mention a lot of money spend on. Enjoy those special days with who really matter and who you really love and want to keep to have a great life. And if love comes under the mistletoe then welcome to your life to. Just have fun and be happy.


PS. Buy something pretty this valentine and eat a lot of chocolates.







I think this is a given, pizza and candy well we can’t argue there, single or not, pizza will always be a must have. And who don’t like chocolate even we have to make like 50 push ups we will always love pizza and chocolate. There is no arguments here.

PS. Indulge and enjoy.








You are a single person who loves and people love you just for who you are. If being single is what makes you happy then don’t let people tell you is not okay to be alone. No, everyone finds love just as they dream is going to happen. Love takes time and most of all there is a responsibility that comes with devoting and letting someone love you for the rest of your life. To share your life with someone for God knows how long is a big step. Just be you, love you and don’t let that little word”single”get you down. Love comes to those who wait and first love themselves. If you truly learn to love you first and put your needs first. Then I will assure you that love will find its way to you when you least expect it.


PS. You before them.









We love how we feel when we are with that special one. But not all of us find pleasure in having that soul mate and maybe as cruel as it sound, some never find true happiness with someone. If you still haven’t found your true love don’t worry, if you want to be the cat lady, then be my guest is your life. If you find that being that lady who just loves her cats of any pet they have and feel happy and loves being as it is, then that is your life and no one can tell you is wrong. We live life as we think is better for us, don’t let society have any say in how you live your life.


PS. Is your life, do what makes you happy.


Join a dance/sports group.


Well, a tough one. The gym is out of the question because let’s face it, not every one of us can do a gym. But there are more activities to keep in form and have fun too. Dancing is a great way to learn something new and at the same time keep up staying healthy. You make friends too along the way,people that share the same interest as you. You can even get on a new sport. You may not have to be all physical,then try out chess or another table game.there are a whole lot of games. The idea is to try something new that can contribute to your body and mind. Is good to keep your body up active and your mind up to date. Is a fun way to help out and be a more productive and healthier person, don’t waste out a great mind. There are a lot of us who maybe can’t do exercise but we can keep the brain healthy and run in tune. Just don’t go wasting time and life. Have fun and at the same time stay active.





Not all of us have a belief in someone or something, this is a hard one,not many people have it in them to go to church. But we all believe in something. There are many ways to stay in touch with your spiritual beliefs. The Internet can make it possible now with technology. In my experience is good to go to church and just sit there and have peace, stay there calm without being criticized or look upon the shoulder, because let’s be clear we are not perfect,no one is. Somehow going to church can be a great experience to let go of all that is bothering you and have a clearer mind to keep up with all the bad things that go around in this chaotic world. And even if you feel like it, pray a little. I found that saying a thing to God can help take out that frustration that keeps up inside and make me all anxious, just let it out so the wind can take it where it wants to take it and never hear of it anymore . To me, praying is a way to let go things even if the next day I worry again but I know that in some way God is working, I have faith in him that all will be good.





I have this long list of things and places I want to go. I started to make this when I was 21, I think. It was a way to my best friend and me to have fun, with time came up to maybe a hundred things. And became a very important part in my life. I have crossed out a lot of things and I still cross out from time to time. This is a great thing to do when you are single. You don’t have to worry if you have to make time to do it, you make it out as you go and without even realizing it you cross out some along the way. Make up a list of thing to do before your next relationship. Experience new things all by yourself. By the time you realize it you most probably have half or more done. Be positive and do things that will help you be a better person and have fun too. But if you want to be a bit daring and write a more meaningful bucket list,like write a novel or go to Russia. That is your decision. Now is your time to think of how to enjoy this new life of being single.







One time someone told me I wasn’t a proper lady because I farted and I burp whenever I wanted. First of all single or not that is a human normal thing for the body to do. One thing is to do it in a public place with a hundred people, you need to have some dignity and just be a decent person. But when you are starting to go out with a guy there is that time when you just have to hold it and not embarrass yourself. When single do whatever we want with decor but is so much better being all by yourself and just let it rip.


PS. I don’t have anything.








When you are single that is the best time to meet new people and get together with old friends and just hang out.I love that when you least expect it there is an old friend and you reconnect with them and even discover your new best friend. Go out, have fun and make new relationships, and if in the process you lose people, that is just how life is and you can find who truly were there for the other person and who is there because of the mean so much more to you and to them. Being single is all about having the time of your life and discovered that even the single life is fun too. And at the same time, you learn who is important in your life.


PS. Dare to meet new people.





There is nothing more satisfying than do something because it feels good. Helping other without expecting nothing in return, it gives us this feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that makes us be better human beings. Maybe give a meal to a homeless person or even give a couple of bucks to a charity anonymous, is a good deed that most people take as an obligation. When you give to other expecting nothing in return you will feel better knowing that somehow you help make that person life better. Is a great feeling I can’t explain. Just try to help make the world a better place for those who can’t do it by themselves, and be an example to other future generations, We need people with great hearts.





This is a tricky one. Living alone can be a new experience when it come to do all you want and not care if another one of the house hold may like or not what you do with the place. Living alone can be bad too if you haven’t ever lived alone. You could start by taking sometime on a holiday and see how is like to be all by yourself. And think if is a good idea. Living alone can be a great and new experience because you are under your own rules and have some new found freedom in some way. Living alone can too be a bad experience because you may feel alone. I think that is up to you to really decide if that big step is going to do good to you and your life. Just be clear that is really what you want. Hey! maybe you could even get a roommate. Then you can both be single roommates and have a buddy in this new change on life. Is good to make changes and the great thing is that we learn from them,either when they are good decision or they turn out bad,we learn too about them.








Just like Netflix, the TV is all yours and only yours, you won’t have to share it or even watch a boring program on cars or sports. To the girls who like to watch them well good for you. We like diversity. But let’s face it some guys watch some programs that make up wish we were blind, and having to take chances on which one watches what well that is not so much fun now, is it?. Just enjoy your TV, what you want to watch and when you want to watch it.

PS. I am not old for cartoons.








I love to wash the dishes, but there is a limit to the duty. I hate when I just finish and there is once again a single glass or plate waiting and laughing evil at me. The best of being single and not having a dishwasher is that you can either buy take out and you can just forget about it for when you feel like it. I hate doing the dishes but I have to do them unless I want creepy crawlers on my sink. For those who are single, this is so better when there is only a single person living and most of the time there are nothing to clean so great for us single ladies. Beside who need to wash when you don’t even have dirty ones. So enjoy the single life and not caring to see a mountain of dishes out. Empower the single life.


PS. There is a thing called disposable plates.








The best part of being single when you love to read is the joy of buying that new best-seller that came out and sits down and read it without the hassle of finding time and quiet to read only a couple of pages. For a girl who loves to read almost everything, I really do enjoy being single and having time just to go to another world and make belief or even fall in love with a character and not feel guilty about having a non existent crush over someone who is totally in your mind. I mean, who haven’t fallen in love with Noah from The Notebook. Less face it fictional characters are really all that. And besides we are single ladies, less embrace the opportunity life give us to enjoy her.


PS. Tell your friends about this one. (wink)







This place in time there is a lot of social media and web pages, apps and many more things. There are a thing called passwords and without one, well, that doesn’t work. So for those of you who have so many crazy conversations with your friends, and are single, and you happy you don’t have to share that password with someone who may see all the crazy things you write/post. I feel for those who share their account and can’t even do the stupid and crazy things you said when single but I am so proud that you respect your partner’s privacy. But if you do share it, well that is your choice and I respect that too. Just saying that for me being single that is a good thing and I like to keep it like that.


PS. Passwords most have 6 or more characters.







The best thing about being single is that you don’t have to worry about checking out cute guys. Is the best thing. You will never have so much fun sitting out with your best friends and just “guy watch” that is what my friends call it instead of bird watch you just go out to check hot guys and flirt out just for fun, and if one catches your eyes well then so be it. I know that being single is a great thing and some even say is the worst thing too, but when you are as great as you can feel with yourself and you enjoy life, being single is not that bad. And maybe while you are in that place in life that is when you could find the one who truly does loves you for who you are made for and that is okay. But for the time being, have fun and be a cute girl and flirt.


PS. Love will find its way when you least expect it.










The most awkward thing I ever did was meet the in-laws. I was so nervous and so anxious that I didn’t eat at all for two days and I did had met them for a short period of time, but being in their home and being watch at and proved at by so many members I was truly scared to disappoint him. The best thing about being single you don’t have to impress anyone but yourself and maybe the cute guy over some chairs over checking you out. So this haze is not for you then don’t fret yourself and embrace the single life. There will be time to worry about that later and if you do have a family to impress don’t let yourself be put down be you and only you, they will love you just as you are and not let someone bring you down.


PS. Family you can’t choose but who you choose from the rest of your life will love them just as they are.







The best thing in life is food and music. There are so many songs to play for with each emotion you could ever feel that the list is never ending. Let your mind enjoy the music there is so much that it does to the soul that I can’t even start let alone finish. I love classical music but some of my past boyfriends load them, but to me is my whole life, without music is not the same. If you love music do let anyone tell you to change they should love you just as you are bad to forget it. Being single gives you so much freedom that it is the best, and even I sometimes wish for that special one, being in love is so amazing but single life can be amazing too if you know how to treat yourself to enjoy it. Don’t let people tell you otherwise.


PS. Music is medicine to the soul.








We like to party that is not a secret, but if we party with our best friends, now that is a major thing. We love that person some of us have that couple of girls who are the one that makes us do some crazy thing. When we are single we have the time of our lives every chance we got, and girls night are one of the best nights ever, drinks, food, movies and many much more things to do. The best of being single is not caring if tonight you have a date with your boyfriend, you just go out with our girls and have fun, just because you can and don’t have to make plans or worry to break them. Girls night can be any night you want them to be.


PS. Girls night are to let stress out and relax with people who understand that is to be single.









The only people who will know what single life is all about is those who you call your best friends forever. They has gone through that same experience and even if they are in a relationship they will tell you that being single is the best. They are there when you need them, and even when you don’t need them. They make life easier and more fun. The know what makes you tick and what makes you smile. They choose you over every other person and they know more than you do about yourself. They will be there when you are single and they will be there when you find the love of your life and even then if they are your true best friends they will stick with you no matter what. Best Friends are they true people who know if it is worth it or if is just a fling. They judge you but for the best, they don’t let you do crazy stuff alone and will bury a dead man if they have to.


PS. Friends are forever.










I have this bucket list that I’ve been crossing out things for such a long time and I keep crossing out things. Now that I am single is when I have crossed out a lot more. I like to do new things and try out new things. If you don’t have one because you for whatever reason couldn’t now is the time to do something out of the ordinary and celebrate life and just like it says, do something spontaneously. You be surprised how much you can do and really love it. You can even meet new people and who knows maybe your love. Is all about having the time of your life after all.


PS. You only have one life, make the most of it.







I am emotional train as I say. I can be happy in a minute and the another cry like a baby.is just how I am. The last time I had a boyfriend he was so mean to me because I was a mess when we saw a movie and I have to admit, I hate that, I am just that emotional and people have to accept me as I am. I don’t care if they think is a stupid thing, well to me I can cry whenever I can because that is how I am. And to you is not a big deal but we are emotional creatures and if a boy makes fun of you for crying then I think I am better being single.


PS. Crying cleanse the soul and lift your spirit.









Now here is a pretty fun thing and sexy. When you are in a relationship you really do put so much effort that they match and even buy some pairs to keep the thing going pretty. But you didn’t need to have a boyfriend to buy or feel sexy with some undies. You are so much better than that. And who care if they don’t match, is your body and that is just too bad if they don’t appreciate your body. Buying cute undies are a great opportunity to boost up that confidence in yourself. Who cares unless you do have a boyfriend, now that is your chance, just make sure he loves you for who you are, and make the most of being single.


PS. Feel comfortable in your own body.







Don’t you just hate to have mother nature come in when you least expect it and your boyfriend is coming over, or that week before when you feel so bad and your mood change and your boyfriend keeps making comments that hurt you and even makes you feel like you want to kill him. That is one of the perks of being single, you can take care of it on your own. And eat as much chocolate or ice cream as you want and nobody can judge you. You can go to bed and get pass those cramps real comfy on the bed. And if you are like most of us that sleep the pain off, you can sleep it off for as long as you can and nobody will make you more cranky than you already are. Being single makes this moment wish you were a man and is okay to think so and even hate them and want to kill them. But to my, single life and that time of the month are better when you don’t have to still pretend you are fine and nothing hurts, but guys need to understand that is how life is and they have to understand that it is just how life goes.


PS. I hate cramps.




When you are single and you have guy friends you can truly relax and even enjoy the company. You don’t have to worry that your boyfriend will get jealous or have to compete with your guy friends. You really have the best time because you are just having fun and that is it. Guy friends will help you out and even will protect you from other guys who can try and get with you. Plus you don’t have to complain about food because they sure understand the mechanics of eating a whole pizza. Guys friends are cute and all, but take it easy too, you can’t fall in their clutches, or you will be heartbroken at the end too. Keep it simple, friendly and remember they may look like angels but we all know some can make the worst choices. Don’t get to attach to them. Guys do break hearts, as we all have learned. You just have to find the right one for you.


PS. I love boys, they are boys.








This is the worst experience you will ever know. Don’t you just hate that? They can put it up but when they finish, why is it too hard to put it down again. Being single you will never get your tush wet because you know and have faith that you will never put the seat up. Simple as that. The toilet seat will never betray you. You are single and your tush will always be as dry and can be. I love it. Guys just please, put the seat down, don’t do things to make us so mad. We love you but we want to sit and do our business free of water.


PS. Is just a traumatic experience falling in there right?






Get that passport out of that drawer and just go travel.go to those places you enter to go and never could. Meet new cultures, and peoples. Make friends and as always enjoy life. If you are single and want to see the world and have the money or whatever you need. Go places.and even if it to that store you saw two states over, well go. You don’t need to get out of the country to see the wonders of the world. Maybe just around the corner, something special awaits you. Meet your new neighbors and sight see your own country, I know you will be amazed at how beautiful you own land is. Take a walk, go to the beach, swim with dolphins or go see the moon at night somewhere different. You don’t have to go far just get out and see the world that surrounds you.


PS. There is a whole new world outside your window, look up.








For those who hate laundry and even doing someone else laundry, is good that you are single. I know is so frustrating when that piece of red laundry gets in your whites and you end up with a whole new pink collection of clothes. I hate that. Being single you can only blame yourself is that happens and since you hate it. Is good that you can just go out and let someone else do your laundry. For us single lady that is one less thing in our minds. Laundry will always hate to be done and the less the clothes the least time doing laundry.


PS. Pink is really not my color.







Freedom can be many things to people. when you get out of work on Friday and you get to have a long weekend, that may be some kind of freedom. in the single life freedom can mean so much, get in and out whenever you want, having all day to do nothing and not care if the house is a mess but you have that kind of freedom to do whatever you can under the state laws. And that time when you get home from a stressful day and let the bra out and you are free from that horrendous piece of lingerie that kills you slowly every time you have to put it on. or maybe that pair of shoes that look so great but every time you put then on, they try to kill your back very slow.

For us, single ladies freedom can be a lot if things and can mean that you can do even more when it comes to laws.








Love is a beautiful thing and even when you think is not happening, that is the moment you get shot by cupid. It is as simple as that when you least expect it love to find a way. If you are single enjoy it do what you want to do and if you are in a relationship, enjoy and love too. There is no way to describe who your love will turn out, but I promise is the best always. And when you are single don’t think about it too much, love will knock on your heart you just have to be patience. I know is hard to wait and be disappointed every time you try and fail, let it be and enjoy life love happens when he wants to happen don’t rush it.


PS. Love yourself.








There is nothing more peaceful than have a free day of hard work and just lay in bed all day doing nothing. Not caring if the world is ending because you have all the time in the world. when you are in a relationship, most of the time you are either on the phone or out with your partner, and that is great too. but when you have less responsibility you start to think of what other things are out there that you could be doing or in my case just laying out on the couch and flipping through channels on even sat relax reading the book you have been procrastinating so much to read. and even maybe try a new hobby.


PS. There is never a chance to lose, try to just relax once in a while as often as you can.










The best time I chose to take up a new hobby was when I got out of a bad heartbreak, I was so sad because I was with that guy for almost 6 years and after so much we fell and got a bad end to our relationship. That time I started to get all of those feelings of sadness and hurt by writing poems and started even painting. that was the best hobby I ever tried out. To this day I never have given it up. I may not be great at it but to me are the best way to keep up with life and enjoy be all by myself and even reflect on life. If you feel that you may have a chance don’t let it get by that is your opportunity to try and be an artist and who knows maybe that is your call to be who you really ever wanted to be.


PS. Let out that artist deep in you.









This is the time to spoil yourself and reflect on life and have the time of your life, be who you are meant to be. Spoil yourself, there is no better time than this right here. If you need to evaluate your whole vision on how your world works then do it. rediscover yourself reinvent your perspective on life. Be you and help others that need your help. Do what makes you happy and give thanks to all those people that made you be a better human being. Just because you are single it means you will have to look right up to your next love life, take time, enjoy the ride, and take pictures. And most of all remember that love is always out there you just have to believe in yourself and let life do the rest, make the right choices, and if you make wrong ones, get up learn from them and keep going. just have faith, and love.


PS. Go live,laugh.










I have discovered that when I started to be single after so much time I found out that I was a different person than how I was back then. I tried to understand why I change and understood that being in a relationship change us without even noticing. I tried to explain that to people but they don’t know who to understand. with every person, you meet along the way of living you meet people that change us and makes us be a better person, and even when in some cases they change us for the bad is too bad. But I know that I am just how I am and thanks to all I have been going by in life, I will not change those trials because they made me who I am right now. I am a single girl and thanks to my past lovers they made me be a better person.


PS. Change is good when you know what is best for you.


Have a crush.







Nothing more important than this two words; love yourself. If you don respect and value who you truly are then you can’t really believe that someone will truly love you. If you don’t love yourself you will never be happy. You have to be confident, brave and respect yourself. don’t ever let someone tell you otherwise. You are more important than anything in this world. if you are good to yourself, everything else is just a bonus. Love always what you do and what you live for. Never underestimate what you can do, because if you believe in you and most of all love yourself, it doesn’t matter anything else. You are always first, and your life, health ,body and mind should be first no matter what people think.


PS. Love yourself














I come to the conclusion that is not that you are heartbroken or not when life gives us this experience some people get devastated and is sad that they never truly understand that they are given the opportunity to start over again. the chance to love being single and get out there and enjoy life. sure we go and get depress who haven’t, having a broken heart is one of the worst experience we can go through. Life goes one and that person doesn’t value and care for you, just go on life and believe that God will have the right one a couple of steps ahead. Is just a matter of time and no matter, whatever happens, you have a family, friends and so many people around you who love you no matter what. people who care for you and want the best for you. Have the right to cry and get mad and even say you don’t want to ever fall in love but love is not the one to blame, people are people and make mistakes and are not perfect. is not easy but with the right help, you can learn to live again and once more hope for love. So go ahead and love.


The Single Girl's Life Handbook

Being single is the best time a girl can have for if she can and the best is that there is a brighter side to the joyful life of a single life. Having to be this age and being single for this wonderful time of a girl life, is when I get how much it meant that I can do so many just all by myself and not feel guilty for being a single girl. When they say 30’s is the new 20’s they don't get it wrong, I learn that being single and as they say ready to mingle is one of the best experience I have come to discovered.

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The Single Girl's Life Handbook The Single Girl's Life Handbook