The Secret Of True Fulfilment



The Secret


True Fulfilment





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‘‘Let there be Fulfilment and Equal Salvation Forever for You and I, and Everyone else in ALYAASHA the UTMOST of all and the Most Kind’’.





For many people, the secret to true fulfillment in life is just but another great mystery which can hardly be answered. Because of that, many people drift aimlessly through life not achieving anything worthwhile. They look everywhere else hoping to find this secret which separate those who achieve and those who fail without success. In this short and easy to read eBook however, I am going to reveal one great secret which is the ultimate key to true fulfillment. Through this secret, you will be able to catapult yourself to that station of life which you desire most. This is power of the utmost kind and the wise ply power behind the fulfillment of a definite major purpose which blesses all with life and fulfillment also. Be wise then and use this power with charity that thou may truly go great.




The Secret


True Fulfilment




It is so impressive to note that many people erroneously believe that the possession of money and a job in the industrial sector will answer all their life problems. To the uninitiated, this belief is as sound as the rules of mathematics, but it is no less impressive to note that, to the well informed in all walks of life and in every profession, the opposite is actually the truth because they know that one’s personal services, found on his major purpose in life, and are rendered in both quality and quantity with a willing spirit, are a precious commodity which anyone can exchange for the provision of any of one’s desires-needs and wants, without suffering any of the joys of living. Yes, money can answer some of our life’s problems, especially economic security but that doesn’t mean that he who doesn’t have it may not attain economic security and fulfillment in life. Yes money is essential for survival but it cannot alone; answer all of life’s problems. There is a space inside every individual’s soul that money or the possession of vast material things cannot fill. Some call it happiness. Some call it inner peace and some call it fulfillment. But whatever you call it, it can only be realized through fulfilling one’s own heavenly purpose which is ‘the word and calling of GOD in your spirit’.



True Power Is In The Word Of GOD


Only the word of GOD can make you whatever you want to be in life or achieve whatever you desire to achieve. If you truly want to experience that state of being called happiness or fulfillment, you must feed your mind, spirit and soul with words that inspires the development of a happiness- develop a fulfillment consciousness. This is a fact true about all areas of life. In everything a man undertakes to achieve, what comes, to begin with, is the consciousness of that desire, followed by the manifestation of its equivalent physical counterpart. This is the reason why the UTMOST want to make manifest His Word in your spirit. We season that consciousness with the word. We take possession of anything from inside out and not the other way around, and only the word therefore can transform the inner man. Whatever we will end up having or possessing physically by the end of the day, whether it’s is a job, a car, a house, a company, a happy family, overflowing bank balances or overflowing spiritual accounts, are all by-products of the real possession that takes effect first in the inside through constant and consistent feeding of the inner being with words dedicated to the attainment of such things as one will end up having. The Word of GOD is a valuable asset, far superior to any amount of bank balances, whose possessor can purchase anything they want in life whether spiritually or materially. It can lead one to the ultimate attainment of eternal life once applied to that end as it would equally lead one to the ultimate attainment of material prosperity and success of endeavour. Yet I will albeit every reader of this book not to aim for one of the end results above only but both. It is my greatest hope that by the time you are through with this book, you would have formed a consciousness seasoned fully for the attainment of both spiritual and material prosperity, for that is the foundation upon which this teaching is found. Lightangelism is a way of life meant to provide not only a reliable but the best formula for the attainment of complete fulfillment in life-total and equal salvation for all. Its soundness is embodied in its applicability. Since its origination, it has been and shall always be the only way that leads to complete unbiased fulfillment for all. This is why it may be envied by religions of the world whom in this book of course we appeal to saying be at easy for Lightangelism is not a religion come to compete with you but an impartial and true way of salvation for all: a faith which acknowledges that we are all the embodiment of heavenly bodies and we must all come to accept that and live accordingly as one family of GOD in truth and in righteousness. Where the UTMOST is, is where total salvation for all equally is, and in the fellowship of Lightangels is where GOD is for all without prejudice. You may not like these facts but sooner or later someone must tell you for your own benefit and I’m glad I am the one among many others entrusted to tell you this. Now, the reason why I mentioned these foregone observations about the word is that, in the house of GOD, regardless of what you choose to do, we all minister to one Master who is GOD, the UTMOST of all through His Spirit. Irrespective of our ministry nature or size, we all attain fulfillment by His grace as He exalts us in respect to the attitude with which we do what we do to honour Him. If you can grip the significance of these facts and observations, you will not miss to understand why you must be inspired to do more with a willing heart to get more in life and doing so with a willing spirit. You will also understand why you will not only have to master the habit of rendering more service but why they must be better in quality also in all your endeavours. Services are a purchasable commodity in every walk of life and if they are better in quality and quantity, the one who offers them stands to benefit equally as the one who would receive them for self promotion.



Merits Of Going The Extra Mile


Some of the merits of offering more and better services and doing so with a willing heart are these that, [***]it exposes an individual to the desirable noticing of such people, both powerful and ordinary, as may offer profitable doors of opportunity for self promotion to fulfillment in life; [***]it elevates mental potentials and skills perfection which in turn enables and individual to command more than standard compensation for his or her personal services and [***]it safeguards him or her that practice it as a matter of a daily habit against job loss during periods of retrenchments, restructurings and economic recessions [***]while elevating him instead to such a level where he attracts the best of jobs in all the areas in which he majors. Verily, the person who only but performs an equivalent to the remuneration or gain he or she stands to receive gets only but that which he or she works for. But the one who, through personal initiative will be inspired to go the extra mile and do more than that for which he is rewarded will earn more, even the goodwill of others, thereby commanding more chances for self promotion. And it should come not as a surprise to every reader of this book to realize why only ten in every hundred people are truly great. Those who succeed enduringly, the greats, are those rare individuals who are willing to go the extra mile in whatever they do. Even though they recognize the achievements they make and the compensations they receive in their endeavours, they count more the services they render for the benefit of others through a labor of love. In serving, they find their greatest satisfaction because that’s their key to self expression through personal initiative; and [***]in everything a successful or great man or woman does, there is nothing so soul soothing and therapeutic than the blessed art of self expression through a labor of love. These are the rare individuals who have learned that [***]the ability to conduct oneself constantly and consistently in a habit of doing more for the benefit of others without hoping to get something in return catapults one to such a state in all human relations where one becomes [***]the centre of attention and so indispensable such that all his personal services receives a price tag greater than standard. They have learnt that [***]this way of conduct is the only secret ingredient of likeability when in competition with others for limited opportunities available for self promotion to greatness in life. They have realized that [***]this is the greatest secret that inspires the development of a positive outlook on life, a sin-quanon for enduring greatness in all walks of life for it inspires [***]the capacity of personal initiative and [***]self reliance. They have also realized that [***]this practice develops definiteness of purpose and [***]equips an individual with the capacity to recognize and capitalize on all profitable opportunities when they arise. Above all, they have learnt that the practice, *when applied as a matter of habit, aids in the seasoning of insurmountable faith and abiding self confidence, the kind which can inspire one to make the best of every open door of opportunity that may present itself without their own initiation or solicitation. Let us now therefore take inventory of some individuals who were catapulted to greatness by the application of this principle.



How Going The Extra Mile Leads To True Fulfillment



Among those who championed this principle and its teachings is Abraham. In the book of Genesis, there is a fascinating account of how when the angels of judgment came to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham went to length in interceding for the survival of any righteous people who could be found in these cities. By any means, there was nothing specific that Abraham stood to gain from the, would be saved. He just exercised his right to a labor of love for his neighbors. Unfortunately the wickedness of the men of these two cities was so gross that there was not found any worthy ten individuals who could sway that judgment. Now, for his toiling, the Captain of the three angels saw it fit to reward Abraham with a favor and commanded him to advise all his beloved in the cities, to include would be sons in-laws of his kinsmen Lot, to leave the cities but they all refused save Lot and his household. Prior to this occurrence, we notice that Abraham went out of his way to invite the angels into his homestead and prepared a quick meal for them, Genesis 18vrs2-8. His willingness to take his hospitality one step beyond the ordinary by preparing an awesome meal for the angels in a short space of time as described in verse 2-8, and doing it excellently and with appositive mindset, returned to him rewards or a compensation equal to none he could have purchased by money or pride, even the blessing of a son from Sarah who was barren and had lived beyond menopause. Someone in the same position would have just greeted the angels and send them on their way. Another one might have even said, of what benefit will it be for me that I serve these strangers that they may afterwards proceed to do their job. Truly I tell you, anyone can think this way and may even be tempted to act accordingly but such a person cannot do so and go great enduringly. This is the reason why many of us remain stuck in unfulfilling states of existence. We are not only selfish in using our material possessions to serve others but we are also selfish with our talents and abilities in serving even the UTMOST of all who gave them unto us and in so doing, we short change our chances of attaining the fulfillment which the Most Righteous foreordained for us. In the same vein, in any walk of life, no man is willing to serve or engage in a form of service in which they stand not to receive pay or direct compensation for the services they render. But it is that unwillingness that denies them of the opportunity to rise on the ladder of fulfillment. Abraham mastered this principle to such an extent that it became his greatest secret in getting his God’s promotion. He adopted it as his terms and conditions for engagement he made whether with God or with men and it paid him handsomely. In Genesis 14vrs7-24, there is evidence of the utmost importance to unveil how he made effective use of this principle and how it lifted him to greatness. We are opened to an account where Lot and his wealth was seized by the kings who had joined forces against Sodom and Gomorrah, and Abraham did more than went to rescue his beloved Lot, he also fought for the whole of Sodom and Gomorrah, when after, Melchizedek King of Salem sought to pay Abraham for his services and he refused, verse 22-23. At the back of his mind, Abraham knew his God had blessed him with something more precious than whatever material acquisitions the king of Salem could have given him among which is long lasting friendship, which is a priceless asset vital for all endeavours of self promotion in any walk of life or profession.


Again, it was by no mere coincidence that Joseph the beloved son of Jacob became the greatest man to ever lived in Egypt, a foreign land belonging to the Pharaohs, to which he came as a mere slave. Knowing from a very tender age he was destined for greatness as evidenced in Genesis 37vrs7-10, he took it upon himself to attain such exaltation through unselfish service and he did it with more than courage and personal initiative, but also with definiteness of purpose. The fact that he was a slave of Pharaoh did not discourage him from doing that which he was good at, even interpreting dreams as a servant of his God to any man; and it was by that selflessness that he was lifted from prison where he was cast into after being falsely accused by Pharaoh’s wife to becoming governor of Egypt having interpreted the king’s dream. Again, the fact that his brothers sold him into slavery or nearly killed him did not stop him from serving them with humility when they came down to Egypt sojourning for food.


Search wherever you will for people like Abraham and Joseph and you will not doubt the stupendous power and rewards behind the application of this principle. *It lifts lowly humble men from dismal failure to enduringly successful people; *it bestows greatness upon they who know what they are here to accomplish and what they desire of life. *It inspires the purchasers of one’s personal services regardless of their selfishness, with an obligation to pay a fair compensation to the one who offers the services for fear of losing a valuable service provider; and if truth be said, *this is the only soundest practice that justifies one’s request for more compensation at whatever he does-pay rise or promotion.


Challenge yourself today to adopt this practice and lo! You would have taken hold of the greatest secret to the fulfillment of every desire you have because opportunities for self promotion in life are having and will always have a date with individuals who are inspired to provide more and better services in any undertaking than that for which they are directly rewarded. The strangest yet most compelling fact about this principle is the influence it has on those who live by it. *It crowns them with more benefits than those to whom services are offered through a transformed consciousness which attracts more and more people into their world some of which will provide profitable opportunities for going great in life. *It also inspires self reliance, creativity and determination upon the attainment of a definite major purpose all of which are exceptional qualities of enduring greatness. Explore as much as you can in all stores of human wisdom and then those of GOD for a single well meaning argument against this principle and I assure you that you will not find one. Neither will you come across any single instance of enduring greatness which was not attained in part by its application. For your own information, this principle is not the creation of humanity but of GOD the UTMOST Himself. Evidence to this fact is shrouded in the common wisdom that every form of creation abides by it to survive. Now, we know that when one is born in GOD, grace and favor are poured without measure but the unveiling of this anointing doesn’t justify laziness or the desire to receive something for nothing as many does. With all the grace and favor, all creation still needs to know the part they must play to make use of that grace and favor effectively to receive of the objects of their desires. You may as would anyone else, disagree the soundness of this fact but and the principle by at large but you cannot do so and still hope to enjoy long lasting greatness. The relationship of GOD and a farmer here would be the most appropriate to unveil the soundness of this principle. The farmer goes to length to prepare the patch of land where he sow seed and GOD takes over from where the farmer’s labor ends, make rains fall, germinates the sown seed and develops it into a crop that yields an hundredfold, sixtyfold or thirtyfold. Thus to say, in every seed the farmer throws into the soil and performs the necessary work, GOD applies his divine law of increase by grace embodied in good rains and protection of crops from natural disasters, and magnifies that seed a hundredfold for the benefit of the farmer. Yet not only does He increase the seed for the benefit of the farmer alone but also for His other creatures which feeds on the surplus of the seed. But in all this process, every creature that partakes of this surplus food must labour by leaving its nest or kraal that it may get to where the food is just as much as plants do extends their roots far and wide to reach for richer nutrients for survival. Thus it is evident that even though grace and favour are upon us fully, GOD discourages the habit some have acquired or are erroneously assuming should be their new way of earning a living that of profiting without labour.

Now, the practice of doing more than required is just but one of the many principles this teaching seeks to unveil and recommend to the individual who is endeavoring or dreams of attaining greatness. It is vitally important that such an individual assumes *total control over their emotions for he who can or has mastered his own emotions and learnt to express himself through rendering unselfishly useful service for the benefit of others has gone far beyond just the preparation and providence of a dwelling space for the Spirit of GOD, the GPS for greatness in life. The Spirit of GOD commands the finest suite of the individuals’ physical dwelling place from whence it can aid one to greatness without inhibition. One *must also cleanse his mind of all negativity for the unleashing of personal initiative and *unhindered or uninterrupted reception of guidance from the spirit; and with a mind positively developed for the full *expression of personal initiative and uninterrupted reception of guidance from the spirit towards the attainment of a definite purpose, all the other blessings becomes easy to appropriate in their finest measure towards the realization of greatness. Recognition of this fact will be your mental light to understanding why the passion to do more accrues benefits far beyond the accumulation of material prosperity. You will understand also why this principle ranks high among others in this book and in our Lightangels way of living. An in-depth assessment of why should one be inspired to do more in any endeavor and doing it with impeccable excellence will unveil to you that it is hardly possible for any individual to render such service and receive not appropriate compensation which normally come in various forms from various sources, some of which may are strange and unexpected, yet surely, come they will certainly do. An employee, whether in the house of GOD UTMOST or in any occupation in any other walk of life may fail to receive the expected compensation from his immediate employer but not from GOD, especially if that individual is recreated in GOD’s grace and favor are upon his life. Regardless of the failures of the employer to adequately compensate such an individual, GOD will, through grace and favor, open doors of opportunities for self promotion for such a person; and among such opportunities, new and more amicable sources of employment. In this regard, he indirectly rewards his beloved through grace and favor and in case you are serving a stinch master at the moment, I’ll albeit you to serve him the more and do it with a willing heart and put GOD in your trust. Truly, I tell you, every pen will be enumerated. The longer it takes for that remuneration to be paid, the better it works out for you because every one of those pens will be paid to you with compound interest as it happened to Joseph. From these observations therefore, one may note that there are two types of compensation namely wages and skills one attains from experience. This is a form of compensation that often exceeds any immediate monetary or material gain and this, skill and experience, are the workers most formidable tools in trade by which he can be promoted to greater compensation and greater responsibilities; a priceless asset which no man can be cheated of regardless of how selfish one’s employers may be.

The UTMOST and Most Kind of all Himself has given you and every Lightangel power; and its awesome power indeed because there is nothing a man can accomplish without power. It is the secret with which we gain the upper hand in all unfavourable circumstances. Yet one must always guard oneself against the acquisition of the type of power that is detrimental to his own life and the lives of others. It must be the power that gathers others around you and not repels them. Now, since you are a now of the UTMOST of all, this power is fully anointed on you. What is left is for you to unleash it through personal initiative and definiteness of purpose; and the only guaranteed result you will get by using this power correctly is increased returns in your endeavours-more success, more peace, more love, harmony in relationships, honour, loyalty from others, respect, cooperation and greater opportunities for bringing honour and glory to the alter with your purpose. Again, it matters not what type of service you offer and in which area you major, this principle’s stupendous power when actively and correctly applied, has got but only one effect; greatly multiplied returns of everything that you do. Whatever you touch will touch into beacon of blessings. To those of you who are reading this book and are receiving minimum returns yet desire to receive maximum or greater rewards for your services, remember or revisit the stories of revered individuals in your world and supplant them with your own. Therein you will find more than enough motivation and wisdom to apply this principle as a matter of habit in your daily conduct. ‘‘Do the thing and you will ‘surely’ have the power’’ once said Thomas Edison, yet you are no longer in need of power because GOD has given you power without measure through the Holy Tiara, the sacred scripture book of His benediction for all the Lightangels and the foundation of our all embracing Faith. Put aside your limitations and go on to download it freely through the link below and read it meditatively and prayerfully that you might be able to unleash your power and attain all the desires of your heart for in it is contained the fullness of His power unto you in light and in life.




With Love and Faith

In Your

Fulfilment and Salvation;


Minister Crosswell



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The Secret Of True Fulfilment

True fulfilment in life is a blessing available to all people but by cause of lack of knowledge, it remains attainable by only but a handful of people in all walks of life. Herein then in this book is the greatest of all secrets through which everyone can reach fulfiment. Through this secret, no stumbling block is greater for anyone who has a definite major purpose to fulfil. Download this free tool and empower yourself today.

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The Secret Of True Fulfilment The Secret Of True Fulfilment