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The Same Old Story

The Same Old Story




By Hiranya Borah






Copyright 2016 Hiranya Borah


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You can term this story is a bizarre one or a perverted one. Here an old man married a young beautiful girl of his grand- daughter’s age. To lure the girl, all the properties were transferred to her. However, within three months’ of marriage, the old man was able to garner respect and true love from the young girl! This is the same old story of eternal love with a twist at the end. Some of the readers may like it!

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Chapter I: Loneliness


Eighty-five-year-old Arun Barua is lying on a hospital bed all alone. He is an angry old man! He is angry on himself. He is angry with the society and above all he is angry with his three married sons and their ever busy families. All his three sons are abroad earing in Dollar and Pound sterling. They became so materialistic that they send him money for hospitalization etc. even though he actually does not need any money from his children. They want that their father should stay like a king spending his own money and money they are sending. But they do not know even a king cannot be happy without subjects and his family.

The children do not have time even for a telephone call; forget about meeting. They are busy with their ever demanding families.

Arun Barua lost his wife at the age of fifty-five when two elder sons were already married and youngest one was to marry his fiancée. All the three sons settled abroad with their families. Initially they used to come every year to meet their father for the first three to four years after demise of their mother. Then they started coming in alternate years. Now they seldom come at all. Probably they have not visited him in the last five years.

For few years he was busy with TV, then he was busy in the park with some elderly people of his age. The group was also dwindling over time. He then started keeping himself to his home shouting quite often to his servants and maids. Due to his shouting, very few servants were able to stay with him for more than six months and maids were changed sometimes even after few days of their appointment. The servant providing agencies also started avoiding the old man.

He has lot of money, but he cannot spend those. He is completely bored with his lonely life. Once he thought for committing suicide; but abandoned the idea because he does not want that he should be branded as a coward!

Finally, he started feigning ill to be hospitalized for few days every month to break monotony of his life. Talking to the nurses used make the old man happy up to some extent.


Chapter II: Role of Society


Sometimes society criticizes the sons and daughters for their neglecting behaviour towards their parents. But nobody in the society want to address the problem in a different way. Everyone wants to solve problems in a traditional way. Society always discourages any person who thinks out of box.

The same society ridicules a person if a person remarries at the age of fifty or more. But in the society, particularly no relative will visit the poor fellow how he/ she is managing his/ her life after death of his /her spouse. Sometimes, some court rulings are coming which forces the children to look after old parents. It is helpful, but how many parents approach court for legal remedy?

It is a real problem, particularly when death of one spouse occurs and the other one has to live all alone. The court is looking after those cases where children are not providing financial help. But for the higher middle class and upper class, finance is not an issue, loneliness is the issue; emotional support is the issue. So as a member of the society, you have to think and act on this issue. Hope you will do!

Chapter III: Are Children Selfish Or


All children, including you and me are selfish. As children, we use our parents for our personal gains. So long we are dependent, we will show our all concern for them. As we grow, parents need our help, we started avoiding them, on one pretext or others.

It is universal, so do not blame your children or my children. You put yourself in their place, you will understand their problems. Water flows downwards; so is love! If you want to reverse the direction of water, one must have to use a pump. Similarly, for love also you must have to use some other external forces, sometimes we call them money power, political power, emotional blackmail and so on.

However, why should we only blame our children? Parents are also not free from selfishness. If you are having children, you ask yourself this particular question, ‘why you do not love all your children equally?’ This is because you are also selfish. You see something in your children which can never be common to all of them. You start differentiating them for your narrow gain. So———

Chapter IV: The Decision


Arun Barua, the grand old man finally decided something unthinkable! He would marry a young nurse attending him for last one month. But there was not ‘one single nurse’ attending the old man. There are at least four nurses who are attending him and who are unmarried also. He decided to talk to them openly and in a single group. But that was not possible because of different duty time of the nurses. So he changed his decision and talked to the nurses one by one.

Leena, the first nurse refused his proposal without iota of confusion. Then he talked Reena who told him that she will think over it.

The third nurse, the most beautiful one, Ambika readily agreed to his proposal.

‘Do you understand my proposal properly?’ Arun Barua asked her.

‘Yes sir, you want to marry me and you promised me to give me all the rights of a married wife. Hopefully that includes some of your properties around Delhi?’

‘No, you have not understood properly. You will get entire properties of mind, not some of the of properties. My children who do not have time for me, they do not have the right to claim my property also. Probably they may not need also! For them my properties are only peanuts.’ The old man sighed.

‘Probably, you are thinking, I am a money minded girl and that is why I agreed to your proposal. I am not hungry for money, but I need money for my widow mother and two younger brothers. Further, so far many rich patients asked me for sexual favour for money, but nobody has proposed me for a marriage. I know all my relatives, my friends will criticise me for my decision and will dub me as a money minded girl; but I am helpless.’ Her voice was choked while uttering the last sentence.

‘Do not worry, once I marry you, I shall look after your family. After my death, which may come very shortly, you will own sufficient money to live a decent life. You need not work as nurse rather you can open a nursing home of your own if you can manage my money properly. Only I want, you should serve me as a wife till I die peacefully. Further, if you are ready for marriage, it should be solemnized as quickly as possible. How about today itself in an Arya Samaj Mandir?’ Arun Barua smiled.

Actually, both were in a hurry. Arun Barua wants, he should live with a young beautiful wife for a few days before an inevitable death. Ambika does not want to lose a jackpot as she knows without a formal marriage she will not get a penny from the dying old man.

Ambika bunked her duties and straight went to the nearest Arya Samaj Mandir to arrange the marriage at the earliest. To her good luck, the priest told that on the very next day there is slot for marriage which she immediately booked.

Next day, in presence of Ambika’s family, they tied the knot and moved to Arun Barua’s palatial house.

Arun Barua became a happy man with his very young wife. To his surprise his sons also supported his marriage and however, expectedly they did not show any unhappiness over the will which gave all the properties to the new bride of their father.

Ambika is a nice girl who served the old man with all devotion of a good wife. She encourages the old fellow to full fill his desires to act as an able bodied husband. His efforts are praised by his young wife sensibly without letting him to feel of dejection nor over sympathy from his highly able bodied wife.

However, their married life, as expected, ended after span of three months. The old man died in the arms of his young wife after a massive heart attack. He died with a satisfied smile in his face!

Ambika did not cry to satisfy his and her relatives. She informed the sons to attend his funeral if they desire. All of them rushed to Ambika’s (now she is owner of all the properties) place to show their respect to their dead father for the last time. Ambika played a perfect mother’s role to the sons of double the age of her. They all went to the crematorium for Arun Barua’s last rites.

At the crematorium, for the first time Ambika cried loudly embracing the dead body of her husband. Why she cried? Did she love the old fellow? His gift to her was much more than she deserved? Or something else?

She cried because, she respected her husband for his open-ness and generosity. He gave her a status, from where she can now dictate some people around her. She became non- vulnerable to the society. Now no one will dare to come to her waiving few thousand rupee notes for sexual favour. He placed her in a position from where she can dictate her leaching relatives. She was crying for losing a good person and a good friend of her. She was crying because she lost a well-wisher who gave everything to her and return, he demanded too little from her. Even with 10% of what he had given to her, he could have lived with another 10 more girls, who might be more beautiful than her. She was crying for losing a good human being. She was crying inconsolably shaking the dead body vigorously.

Chapter V: Realty


Someone was shaking the dead (?) body of Arun Barua and yelling, ‘Dada, get up, it is already 7 AM. You have a meeting with some of your friends to finalize all the works pertaining to Shradh.’

Arun Barua, the 24-year-old, nephew of Prakash Barua, 54 whose wife, Kadambari, 49 died four days ago, opened his eyes and saw his cousin, Maman is standing before him.

Prakash and Kadamari have two daughters and they always treat Arun, son of elder sister of Prakash Barua, as their own son. Arun Barua has recently joined as an Assistant Executive Engineer in a PSU. As soon as he came to know about the demise of his Aunt he rushed to his maternal uncle’s home yesterday.

Yesterday night, before going to sleep there was a heated argument over the issue, whether his uncle Praksh Barua should go for a remarriage or not. Arun and two cousins were dead against for a remarriage of their father/ uncle whereas, some elderly relatives were in favour of the idea of a remarriage. The discussion or argument remain inconclusive.

Arun thought for a while about the long but educative dream and finally decided to tell his sisters to allow their father to remarry at least after their marriages. Otherwise, he will also suffer like ‘85-year-old Arun Barua’ after daughters leave him alone for the sake of their own families.

The author is a Government servant and a man of vivid experiences derived from his official postings across the country, travels across India and numerous visits outside India. He is presently placed at New Delhi.

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The Same Old Story

You can term this story is a bizarre one or a perverted one. Here an old man married a young beautiful girl of his grand- daughter’s age. To lure the girl, all the properties were transferred to her. However, within three months of marries, the old man was able to garner respect and true love from the young girl! This is the same old story of eternal love with a twist at the end. Some of the readers may like it!

  • ISBN: 9781370330416
  • Author: Hiranya Borah
  • Published: 2016-08-24 14:50:10
  • Words: 2258
The Same Old Story The Same Old Story