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The Saffelia Diaries

'And then, it happens. The rope snaps, the twine disintegrates and, for a moment, when the path back down no longer remains I look at Lucy, at the wildness in her eyes and the way her legs and arm stretch out to the breath of the earth and I realise for the first time in her life she is free.' The Saffelia Diaries describes the hidden plight of a girl growing up facing terrible dangers, but never losing hope of the possibility life offers. The Saffelia Diaries is excerpted from Saffelia Forrest and the Snowfall Grove (2018)

  • Author: Dominic Jericho
  • Published: 2018-09-01 13:05:05
  • Words: 2305
The Saffelia Diaries The Saffelia Diaries