The Sacred Forest of the Spring Water





The Sacred Forest of the Stream Water

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Early Morning

Chapter 2: The Peripheral Walks, First Stage

Chapter 3: The Solution

Chapter4: The Peripheral Walks, Second stage

Chapter 5: Silent Knowledge

Chapter 6: Ora et Labora

Chapter 7: The Bordering Long Walks

Chapter 8: Request of Help

Chapter 9: Silent Walk

Chapter 10: Seven Days of Preparation

Chapter 11: Messengers of the Sun

Chapter 12: A New Forest

Chapter 1

Early Morning


It was six o’clock in the morning. The Sacred Forest of the Stream Water began to wake up. A little frozen by the prevailing cold, two members of the group Don Uriel, Paloma with several months of pregnancy and Agustín her husband, initiated activities after giving at home the last instructions to their children Vicente and Ignacio who would be going a little later to their junior high school located only two blocks away.



After arriving to “Los Colomos” forest, the couple briefly prayed before an imposing tree located in its most sacred core. Paloma discovered this green elder in the past during the numerous occasions they visited the forest to exercise. Afterwards, Paloma and Agustin started their walk in a rush just when the first rays of the sun appeared behind the high tops of the forest trees. It was important to hurry and avoid the peculiar glances towards their white clothes and red strips on their heads from the first early risers’ who would appear soon to exercise in the forest.



As they walked, Agustin was silently recalling in his mind the events that brought them to the forest in that chilly morning and to this particular new adventure:



During our past works of spiritual ecology, – he remembered – we performed ritual long walks on our way to the Zapopan cathedral, and with the group, New Way visited this beautiful place, the forest of “Los Colomos”.

In those occasions, Paloma and I perceived certain emanations of sadness in the forest, as if it were asking for some type of aid before the negligence and abandonment in which it stayed.



This special place was in an imminent danger to lose still more of its already reduced territory to the hands of the unquenchable voracity of developers of “exclusive neighborhoods” for whom the forest of “Los Colomos” was only one more opportunity for personal profit. In 1902, works took place for the construction of its famous “castle” and for the improvement, storage and water conduction of its abundant springs for the benefit of the inhabitants of the city of Guadalajara, Mexico.



In less than a century and although there are registries of its existence since 1597, this wonderful ecosystem, the most important green lung of a high forestry value for his flora and fauna, climatic regulator and main zone of water harvesting for the city of Guadalajara, have lost 132 hectares. More than half of its original extension of 248 hectares disappeared due to illegal invasions and construction of residences product of strong pressures exerted on the forest by real estate companies and developers.



Its present extension corresponds to a fifth part of the Sacred Forest of Chapultepec of Mexico City being the river basin of Los Colomos, the largest hydrological river basin of the city of Guadalajara. However, Los Colomos is the object of frequent threats for its survival before the unwillingness to act of the municipal authorities that along with the state government act as if they were the “owners” of this forested area. They keep authorizing building permits that ignore federal and state laws, international agreements, and approved planning, placing in constant danger these areas that receive an important amount of rain that infiltrates and recharges its reserves of subsoil water and supplies its hydrological river basin.



In order to be of assistance to “Los Colomos” we prayed constantly to our Mother Mary of Zapopan, also known affectionately by the inhabitants of Guadalajara as “la Zapopana” or “la Generala”. As a result, we asked her to give us light to help the forest in the best possible way.



As she always does, our Mother answered our prayers. I remember one day, after waking up, Paloma and I were very surprised when we found ourselves speaking spontaneously about the forest and agreeing on the same strategy to help it. Surely, our dear Generala had deposited in our hearts these intuitions while we slept. Once our perceptions were clear, we concluded that the best way to protect the forest was through a work of spiritual ecology aimed for the establishment and consolidation of an energetic belt of protection for the forest.

This would be only possible by walking ritually and in complete silence whichever times were necessary around its outer periphery, until we could perceive certain energy materially circulating around it.



Due to the challenge that this work meant and due to our small spiritual stature and current reduced number as a group, we decided to ask our little warriors their opinion. We knew very well that in their innocence and purity they were certainly closer to our dear Zapopana and would know how to give us a confirmation or otherwise a rejection to our strategy of work. Paloma, with motherly intuition and taking advantage of the fact that they were “relatively at ease” working on their school homework asked them suddenly: – Vicente, Ignacio, What do you think if we walk around the forest of Los Colomos to help it and give it a little love and protection, do you think it is a good idea? –



Vicente was the first to respond by simply moving with emotion several times his head up and down in approval. Barely after Vicente finished, Ignacio affirmed:



- Yes, of course because this way everybody stays and nobody leaves the forest and nobody can hurt them because it would be very noticeable and everybody would know for sure –



Paloma surprised and in confusion asked again:



- Who is everybody and who would know? –



- It’s the little animals and all the good spirits of course – added little Ignacio. Paloma, very intrigued, and with an enormous curiosity asked again:



Which good spirits Ignacio? –



Ignacio as the only answer looked at Paloma with surprise as if he did not quite get why we did not understand what he was saying and immediately afterwards turned around to Vicente to ask him to return his eraser and continued unmoved writing his grammar homework. Paloma and I saw each other with a mixture of astonishment and admiration before the infantile wisdom and decided not to investigate anymore. We had obtained the confirmation that we requested; now we only needed to start walking.

Chapter 2



The Peripheral Walks, the First Stage



As a rudimentary strategy to start our work, we decided that the startup point for all the walks would always be the green elder. To this site we would return at the end of the enormous peripheral route that would need according to what we could verify, at least two different journeys of two hours of walk for its conclusion. At that specific point, we initiated the forest route walking in a path from left to right and in the same direction of the pointers of the clock.



We soon found out that the peripheral route was sinuous and slippery and would take us from top to bottom of several hills, climbing steep walls sometimes. It also became evident to us that the central section of the forest or first section was limited by the back gardens of luxurious residences and by the streets of the neighborhoods that bordered it. Except for some other areas where the forest was neighboring with public parks or sport centers, schools, malls or in rare occasions open fields – which we were afraid had belonged in some historical past to the forest itself – being populated by numerous trees, now almost extinct.



In our first long walk and after going up and down through zones of rustic vegetation and slippery ravines, we entered into a flat zone in which it was possible to see the fences, or sometimes no fences at all of the bordering houses with the outside edge of the forest. We also verified that unfortunately the gardeners and the owners of many houses threw the gardening leftovers inside the forest terrain and some even used to throw their garbage into it showing total unconsciousness and lack of respect for this green and sacred lung of the city.



Our first incident a little odd occurred after forty-five minutes of walk.

A small but feisty dog came out with great speed from its garden crossing the iron fence with separated crossbars that allowed it the frank entrance within the forest and rushed to our encounter barking and with doubtful intentions. However, and due to its smallness we decided to ignore it completely and continued undisturbed our walking at the same pace. After about two or three minutes of barking and growling at a few centimeters from our feet, the tiny animal decided that he had protected its territory enough and returned to its garden without stopping to bark at us at intervals. I confess that at the beginning it gave us a good scare.



A very noticeable characteristic of our ceremonial work in Los Colomos was the gradual sensation of the acceptance of the Forest of the Spring Water towards us as well as its loving protection during all our journeys.



I confess that we are very small to have generated solely by our reduced number and spiritual quality the special energy needed in every phase of the work. However, even on spite of us I consider that in the sacred history of the forest existed a kind of spiritual decree that only required that a group such as ours made a formal appearance with good intentions performing through its actions a mythical representation of its sacred history.



Members of the Cocas and Tecuexes indigenous nations that populated the Valley of Atemajac in the past (where the city of Guadalajara is now settled) carried with the necessary regularity this mythical representation in the forest, hence its sacredness. This region depended of the Tonallan confederation or Señorío before the Spanish arrived to Mexico. We managed to re-enact this re-presentation by our humble presence and ceremonial works, which came from our hearts with all purity and honesty.



It united us and still unites us with the sacred Forest of the Spring Water an immense love to its fauna and its flora. Love to its sacred spaces, to the purity and healing properties of its spring water, and to their guardians. Moreover, repeating the words of our little Ignacio, love “to their good spirits” that we are certain overwhelm with blessings on a daily basis everybody that visit its sacred spaces with respect and a desire to develop a healthy mind in a healthy body.



We did not anticipated that more sweaty days and circuits of at least two journeys with a minimum of two hours of ritual walk would have to happen to complete our task. In a beautiful day of Pentecost’s in which Paloma and I were singing in Mother Mary’s sacred shrine and under her feet, our beloved Lady of Zapopan sent us a message to our hearts that we should work harder in the forest of “Los Colomos”.

Our heavenly mother enjoys riddles – I thought immediately – because why is she asking us to work harder at Los Colomos if this is precisely what we have been doing in the last months?

When I shared with Paloma my perception in the Basilica during the day of Pentecost, she asserted with emotion that she had a similar intuition. Although it was evident that somehow we had completed our work in the peripheral circuit, Paloma had the feeling that something was missing and that the work in the Sacred Forest of the Spring Water was not finished and furthermore it was only in its beginning stage. That is why she was totally moved and in agreement when she listened to my perception during that special day.



However, the question was still in the air. Why our dear Zapopana requested the increasing of the work in a circuit that we abundantly walked already? In those reflections we were when maybe by listening to our conversation, our little ones Vicente and Ignacio asked us to take them to ride the horses of Los Colomos and although at the time it was not possible, they insisted during the whole day until they made us promise that we would take them during the next weekend.



As for me, the riddle received from our dear mother of Zapopan was becoming an obsession because the more I thought about it the more confused I became until at mid-week Paloma with “loving resolve” asked me to stop thinking about it at all and focus instead in my daily occupations. I reluctantly accepted and only a few hours after forgetting the whole thing I experienced a great peace and the feeling that a heavy load disappeared from my shoulders.



We decided then to let a prudent time pass away and to pray to ask for inner silence so we could “hear” the solution inside our hearts.

Chapter 3




The Solution



I forgot the subject completely and could have continued like this if not for our small warriors that soon reminded us of our promise to take them to ride the horses of Los Colomos as soon as the week ended. Thus, it happened. Early morning Saturday – a day that along with Sunday and since there is no school, the small ones “inexplicably” wake up early – we made a formal appearance in the horses of Los Colomos, which are always stationed on the bed of a dry and sandy river affluent by the entrance of the forest that is located by Patria avenue. Once I started talks with the guides of the horses that insisted that Paloma and I should also ride horses along with our small boys in the excursion I heard Paloma’s yell:



- Look, Agustín! –



When turning around to my right and a little up I could see what I should have seen before: the wood signboard that indicated the entrance to another section of the forest known as Colomos II that borders a great section of Patria Avenue and the surrounding lots of the Lomas Del Valle neighborhood. That was the solution of the riddle!



Let me explain, it meant that there was another section of the forest that we did not knew at all. Riding on a horse by the periphery of this new section to know its characteristics made a lot of sense now and we decided to add ourselves to the group on a horse. Without saying anything else, I requested the guides of the horses to modify a little the route so we could ride through the periphery of that new section. They agreed with no problem and even refused to accept a surcharge I offered for this change and gave us kindheartedly a half an hour more than the normal duration of their services.


When crossing by the outside of the periphery of this second section of the sacred forest, I understood the reason why our beloved Mother Mary and Lady of Zapopan requested that we should work harder in Los Colomos forest. A new section existed that we had to walk ritually. It was Colomos II, and not only that but once we walked this section enough and its peripheral energy “awaken” it was necessary to unite its energetic power with the energetic power of the first section or Colomos I. In order to accomplish this we needed to walk the two sections, Colomos I and Colomos II like a single section to be able to “link” so to speak the peripheral energy of the whole forest.



If we managed to accomplish this feat, our dear Sacred Forest of the Spring Water would be protected against urban intrusions and institutional negligence and what is more important, its “good spirits” would remain in the forest.



Riding in our horses, I explained my perceptions to Paloma who listened with attention and agreed with the head in approval. After I finished my explanations, Paloma had another and more important explanation for me: Looking at me in the eyes, she only turned her head around to point our small warriors Vicente and Ignacio who were joyfully chatting with their horses, and who were the reason why we found a solution to the riddle. It never ceased to impress me the perennial existence of our heavenly Father in the infantile innocence.



Then, it called powerfully to our attention the fact that Vicente was already a master and a friend of his horse existing in this case and evident and complete mutual understanding between rider and horse because the small warrior commanded it with exceptional dominion for a boy of its age. One of the guides came to us to express his admiration for what he also noticed and he did not want to believe us when we assured him that this was the first time that Vicente actually mounted a horse. I could not avoid thinking about the most seasoned horse riders ever known, the warrior Kampas of Tibet.



Everything was crystal clear when we returned the horses to the point of departure; the characteristics of this new section of the forest did not seem to be too irregular as the first section and could “be walked” easier perhaps even in a single journey of two or two hours and a half average. When returning the horses I noticed that the owner was giving a hard time to our guides by their tardiness of a half an hour because there were more customers waiting and they were in danger of losing income that way.


I considered important to intercede and respectfully but aloud to allow that the customers waiting next in line could hear me, I praised our guides before its boss for their excellent knowledge of the forest and addressing the customers waiting I recommended widely their services.



This pleased the owner of the horses a great deal and he immediately changed its attitude towards its employees and even rejected completely our offer to pay the extra time. Ignacio and Vicente gave the final touch to the moment when embracing their horses without fear began to give instructions to the new children waiting for a ride on how to mount them and to take care of them. This concluded a beautiful day in which Mother Mary was always in our thoughts.

Chapter 4



The Peripheral Walks, the Second Stage



The incorporation precisely on those days of Samuel and Tanya to our newly formed group “Don Uriel” could not be more opportune. When in one of our meetings we told them about the work that we had performed so far in the sacred forest and what we intended to do in its second section, they gladly joined to the cause even requesting from us to put a date to start with the second stage.  This was not difficult and we fixed as the start date for the second stage of our work in the Sacred Forest of the Spring Water the upcoming October 12th to dedicate our work in honor of our dear Mother Mary, our Lady of Zapopan who has her religious celebration in this particular date.



The expected day arrived and we merged with enthusiasm into the final part of the sacred pilgrimage or romería that takes place October 12, escorting our Mother to her shrine. Once inside the basilica we prayed at her feet and before her sacred image to request help and protection for our work in the forest of Los Colomos. Filled with the invigorating energy of the numerous pilgrims that every year come together into the basilica, we left her shrine and directed ourselves towards the lateral avenue that connects the basilica with the forest of Los Colomos and initiated our walk towards the sacred forest.



Since it was the 12th day of the month, a feminine date, Paloma would lead in this occasion the ceremonial walk, followed by Samuel, Tanya and myself closing the column. Without any further introduction, Paloma accessed with confident steps the street Eva Briseño who unites sideways and on a direct way the Basilica of Zapopan with the Sacred Forest of the Spring Water. Walking by its narrow sidewalk, we passed alongside of a group of concheros or Nahuatl traditional dancers. They rested seated in the sidewalk and under the shade of some high trees after a full night and a full day of dancing for “the Generala” in the romeria that surely had been exhausting to them.


This was a particularly auspicious day for the beginning of the second stage since the energy of the Zapopana flowed generous from the Basilica and in all directions propagated by the human stream that arrived and left constantly. Our group, having participated that day in the end of the romería, surely would take in a spontaneous and natural way a part from this energy to the forest of Los Colomos for its benefit and protection.



After crossing with the outmost care the traffic loaded Patria Avenue, the group Don Uriel set up course to the central part of the sacred forest to perform at the base of its green elder a prayer asking for permission and protection for the accomplishment of our ceremonial long walk in the section known as Colomos II. This would start the second stage of our work. The fact that this was quite a special day became evident during our group prayer in which Samuel and Tanya participated with ample spontaneity, and also when our group achieved very fast the attainment of the inner silence needed to function like a single entity.



Immediately afterwards, the group commanded by Paloma walked swiftly towards the new section that we reached after twenty minutes. Samuel and Tanya adapted gradually to the peculiar and curious stares of the visitors passing by that found our white clothes with red stripes in the head and our martial and quiet march of one in a row quite peculiar. Once surpassed the entrance to the new section, Paloma rushed the walking pace to move away of the more populated zones of the park and began our peripheral walk on this new route, which compared to the first section was more or less flat but as interesting as the last one.



The forest felt particularly alive in that special day and Paloma tried to take us through the more hidden and less visible peripheral parts of the circuit due to the enormous amount of visitors that came to the forest after their participation in the romería. Curiously, I noticed that Paloma sometimes diminished the pace during some minutes to accelerate it later. Sometimes, we did not seem to touch the ground moving very swiftly whereas others we walked with considerable slowness, as if something delayed our advance. In a given moment when we had been walking for at least one hour and fifteen minutes and were almost reaching the first half of the route at the far end of its northern side, Samuel diminished sensibly its steps until almost dragging materially its feet.



Thanks to the fact that having reached the needed inner silence at that point, we were already walking like a single entity, Paloma immediately detected Samuel struggles to advance and stopped the march. We all surrounded Samuel who was pale, dizzy, and with an upset stomach. Paloma having experienced those situations in the past, with good intuition turned herself in a 180 degrees rotation watching her surroundings with attention.

She soon found a special spot at a distance and took us walking at about thirty meters away to a clear spot in a beautiful and thick zone of the forest out of sight from the people passing by.



Afterwards, Paloma proceeded immediately to give Samuel the necessary aid. Samuel constantly repeated that he was very ashamed by forcing us to stop the march but Tanya reacted giving him an affectionate hug that certainly expressed our feelings. Next and with great speed, Paloma soaked a handkerchief with a little water that we took earlier from the forest public fountains and which she carried in a small canteen. She pressed it against Samuel’s neck who immediately accused an enormous relief and little by little recovered its color and composure. Immediately afterwards, she applied the humid handkerchief in his forehead and gave him later to drink a few sips of water.



Samuel, seated in the ground on a fresh spot surrounded by trees, had almost recovered completely and stood up showing with his attitude and a nod of his head to be ready to continue. Paloma took her right hand to her chin in a doubting signal and at that same moment, a piercing silence surrounded the forest.



Perceiving this event, Paloma formed quickly an energetic circle in where we took each other from the hands man, woman, man, woman to stabilize our energy and immediately afterwards, she took the right index to her ear to ask us to listen to the quiet message of the sacred forest. The strange silence continued because it was not possible to listen to anything absolutely. After about five minutes, we began to listen gradually the natural sounds of the forest first and the muffled voices of visitors at the distance.



Once the silence dissipated, Paloma requested consensus from us on the course of action to follow based on the quiet message of the forest.



On an inexplicable way, we all turned around to see Tanya, convinced that the Spirit of the forest selected her to transmit its silent words to us. Tanya did not showed surprise at all to our inquisitive but respectful stares and simply affirmed smiling:



- Our dear forest wants us to stop for the day, and rest –



To which Samuel with all naturalness added:


It wants that before going to rest we deposit in this special place the energy that we have transported so far and recapture it from here in another day when we continue our work –



Paloma and I turned around to see each other very satisfied and thankful with our Mother of Zapopan that sent us two perceptive warriors to enlarge the rows of the group Don Uriel.



Guided by Paloma we finished our final prayer asking the forest to preserve the energy we transported in that special place; then, a fresh, surprising and strong wind lowered on us rocking the trees that surrounded us in a sympathetic dance that concluded our journey of the day.

Chapter 5



Silent Knowledge



In our following group meeting that took place Wednesday at seven o’clock in the afternoon and after the usual greetings, we initiated the conformation of our ritual circle setting up the sacred elements of the two main traditions that constitute the Mexican nation with efficiency and respect.



Once finished our ritual entrance to the sacred circle, we decided to pray with fervor asking for light and insight considering the recent events that took place when we started our second stage in the Sacred Forest of the Spring Water.



After praying with fervor a rosary to our Mother Mary of Zapopan, we decided to make a group meditation without a preconceived subject or seed thought, simply with the aim to enter within our own hearts and from there to look for silence and inspiration.



The procedure gave us good results, because when coming back from our meditation each one of us could extract from our inner being a piece of the puzzle we needed to decode the meaning of what transpired at Los Colomos forest. Paloma initiated the conversation:



- You know? I saw a radiance of white light in different places during my meditation – she commented.


- I perceived emanations of energy in several different places but separated from each other – I added.



Next Tanya took part - I was frightened a lot at the beginning of my meditation because I saw with certain clarity something like thick gray blocks and other black and very dense blocks in some parts of my field of vision –



Samuel completed the group report – It is very strange because I instead of seeing something, rather had a strange sensation of a circular movement that sometimes was constant and sometimes almost nonexistent, like in a slow motion –



Once Samuel finished its description, we all remained in silence spontaneously for several minutes. It was a collective perception that helped us to understand that we had to avoid rationalizing at all our perceptions in the presence of the sacred elements. Suddenly, the sacred fire that we had ignited increased its intensity sensibly and emitted a sonorous hiss and next, a smooth but sensible flow of fresh energy traveled our ritual circle in a circular motion from left to right as an unmistakable signal that both an explanation and a strategy existed within our insights.



What happened next was a cataract of intuitive perceptions emitted by everyone without any struggling. As a result, we elaborated a group strategy for our future work with all naturalness and in total unanimity due to the inspiration received from the Great Spirit who animates us all through the intervention of our dear Mother Mary of Zapopan.



Our group Don Uriel through this meditation found what happened in “Los Colomos II” on October 12, the distinctive day dedicated to our Lady of Zapopan. In that day, the numerous pilgrims that visited the forest after being with their dear Mother at her shrine produced a small but perceptible movement of the accumulated “energetic garbage” in the inactive and dirty energetic circle that surrounds the periphery of the second section of the Sacred Forest of the Spring Water known as Colomos II.



The naive and honest presence of our group, along with that spiritual energy distributed generously from the Basilica towards Los Colomos caused the illness of Samuel. A part of that energetic garbage in movement crashed frontally in his body hitting his own energy, as well as the energy of our group.


Furthermore, our group perceptions during that meditation that we described as light, darkness, energy and movement existed in the environment of Los Colomos II as chunks of light on one side and of energetic garbage on the other. Moreover, due to being stored here and there these elements started to move in their periphery. Against our initial perception, the work had initiated with good omens because at least some peripheral energy had been set up into motion and this could lead to the cleansing and creating of an energetic circle of protection in the periphery of Los Colomos II. This meant that it could become operational in due time, and all this, in spite of the “incident” that took place in our first ceremonial walk of the second stage.



Nevertheless, it would be necessary to act with caution and intelligence to avoid an impact again from the accumulated “energetic garbage”. To address this challenge, a work strategy was set up. It consisted on walking ceremonially while praying with fervor to ask for the protection of our Mother Mary of Zapopan and the aid of the guardian of the forest, especially in those sections in where we perceived that our steps became slower and the advance difficult due precisely to the energetic garbage by which we were journeying.



The prayer, we were sure, would be the “spiritual dissolvent” that would carry out the necessary cleansing. To achieve this, many ceremonial walks would be necessary encircling the periphery of Los Colomos II until we could perceive some type of signal that we knew would have to arrive at some time indicating us that the energetic circle would be clean of dirt. Of course, we were more than aware of our spiritual smallness, which incapacitated us of detecting signals coming from invisible and spiritual worlds, but our faith was great and surpassed our own incapacity. The signal would have to arrive and we would not rest until receiving it.



We decided consequently, to carry out our walks of a feminine nature, every 12th day of the month, and our walks of a masculine nature the 21st day of every month. The walks would be, lead according to the case, by Paloma and Tanya or Samuel and myself. The 21st day approached and we agreed to dedicate ourselves to individual prayers to be ready to recover successfully the energy deposited in the special place in where we stopped our advance the past 12th of October. In this occasion, Samuel was going to reinitiate the ceremonial walk.

Chapter 6

Ora et Labora

Surrounding the green elder of the central section of Los Colomos forest, we initiated very early the conclusion of the first ceremonial walk around the well-known section of Los Colomos II, October 21, at six in the morning. The temperature was low and the cold very intense. We dedicated our work to our Mother Mary of Zapopan requesting her protection, and initiated promptly the journey that would take us to the special place where we deposited the energy carried away in the previous walk. After almost one hour and a half of silent walk, we arrived at our destiny in a different level of conscience and with a certain degree of inner silence. Samuel with great dominion proceeded quickly to form a circle alternating man and woman to balance our feminine and masculine energies and asked us to take ourselves by the hands in a ritual fashion, and after a brief silence, he affirmed with a voice flickering by the emotion:

- We respectfully ask of the Spirit of the place, to allow us to recover the energy that we have deposited in this place and to take it around this sacred forest for its protection and in benefit of all its inhabitants. May our journey be the representation of our return to the Sacred, incarnated by nature, creation of God for us who live in a city that turns human beings into machines. May the sacred earth of the forest nourish us, may its free and fresh air inspire us, may the fire of its spiritual energy illuminate the darkness in our minds and awaken our hearts and may the water of its underground and sacred spring purify us. Our motivation is pure and does not seek any personal benefit. We only look for the inner satisfaction of a work well done in favor of our brothers and sisters of the forest and the city. May our humble work contribute to awaken the energy of light stored in this sacred place for the protection of our dear Sacred Forest of the Spring Water, creation of God and heritage of our city -


Immediately afterwards, we raised our hands together at the level of our waist following the silent instructions of Samuel and moved our circle going in a circular motion in the same spot and from left to right during seven times in a row. Then, we lowered our hands united underneath the waist and we quickly raised them still united towards the blue sky. At that precise moment, a strong wind rocked the tops of the trees that surrounded us. With smiles of satisfaction and in complete silence, we formed our column with Samuel, Paloma, Agustín and Tanya closing the walking group.



With firm and determined steps, we marched headed for the peripheral zone of the forest to complete our second part of the route. The wise invocation made by Samuel to the Spirit of the place produced in all of us a mesmerizing effect because our walking turned fluid and synchronized and we reached soon the north end of Colomos II and started the return by its enormous and peripheral border. Although I could not overhear it, I knew we were all praying fervently, and this contributed to the regular pace of Samuel at the front of our walk. We noticed that Samuel was hesitating for some instants and on the verge of stopping the march. The cause of this was that ahead there was a section densely forested and neighboring with Patria Avenue whose contamination from motor vehicles, contributed to form in that segment a species of energetic garbage knot in where the energy was blocked.



Samuel initiated a series of deep breathings intended to fight the nausea and dizziness that he may be feeling in that zone of energetic garbage. I began to feel a little heat and stupor myself, and considered a good idea to imitate the deep breathings that Samuel had just started.



Soon, we all synchronized our breathings with Samuel’s and our steps turned straightforward, and after some minutes, our breathing became normal again. Next, Samuel adopted a slow but firm pace that I can only imperfectly describe like “prayer walk” and in which we all on an intuitive way increased our praying and fervor. On a surprising but quite timely way, Samuel raised its left arm in the direction of the Zapopan Basilica – because he knew that we all were praying with fervor – to indicate that we had to elevate our hearts to the Zapopana asking for her intervention.



After his mark, we all raised the left arm in direction of the basilica in signal of receipt of the indication of Samuel. Once we received and executed his message, our guide lowered down its arm, which we imitated. A few minutes later, our march turned from slow, difficult into fluid, and synchronized. We had managed to go across that energetic stumbling block and what is more important, we knew now what to do in the future in similar situations thanks to the surprising ability of our guide.

After a half an hour more of “prayer walk”, we left behind the dense, dark and moss-covered zone of grass and tall pines to journey again with all speed and synchronization the rest of the route. I could not avoid to notice when walking, perhaps for the first time, of how the prolongation of Patria Avenue towards the north of the city had sectioned the east part of Colomos II.



The rest of the way was pretty even and although evident distinctions existed like the speed or relative slowness with which Samuel guided the group, our constant prayer constituted the essential factor that dissipated the invisible obstacles by which we were crossing. Half an hour later, we arrived at the exit of the second section of the forest or Los Colomos leaving behind its peripheral zone to go towards our departure point in the central part of the forest to conclude there the ceremonial walk.



Almost two and a half hours after our departure, we arrived again, tired but happy to present our respects to the green elder. It was Tanya’s turn in this occasion to say a brief prayer of gratefulness to the Sacred Forest of the Spring Water and to our Mother of Zapopan by the protection received during our day. One by one, we were saying our good byes to the forest promising to return to work for its protection the next 12th of November. When leaving the place in silence, a smooth but refreshing breeze walked with us for some moments.

Chapter 7



The Bordering Long Walks



The ritual walks in Colomos II continued during November, December, January and February the days 12th and 21st of every month under the direction of Tanya, Agustin, Paloma and Samuel without greater misfortunes except for the habitual variations in speed and rhythm due to the “accumulated energetic garbage” in its periphery, which happened less frequently with every new walk. As a consequence, the group Don Uriel began to perceive the forest every time more alive and to have lucky encounters with some species of its fauna, whose inhabitants surely curious of our regular presence came out to watch us. Another element felt by our group was the perception of certain loving energy and the unmistakable sensation of acceptance that we received from our surroundings. It was as if the whole forest was sheltering us and protecting us with a special energy.



I had the task of leading the ceremonial walk on February 21, and we initiated activities at six a.m. in an extraordinarily cold morning. After praying in front of the green elder at the central zone of the sacred forest, we left in a rush towards its second section looking to get a little warm through a vigorous walking in course to our destiny. Not even the twenty minutes that took us to enter into the zone of Colomos II were enough to help us gain some internal heat in that frozen morning of winter in which we were all sorry not to be more covered in the intense cold that we felt. Nevertheless, something extraordinary happened, because as soon as we took our first steps inside the peripheral zone that constituted its energetic belt, a very pleasant heat let itself feel in the surroundings.



Everything seemed to affirm that the energy belt was very clean and working to its full capacity because journeying through it gave us vigor and protection against the cold.

Surprised about what we all surely perceived at those moments, I tried turning aside for some moments with the group leaving the peripheral zone a few meters towards my immediate right and the intense cold started again. Reassured by the discovery, I returned immediately with my column into the energy belt and the cold disappeared completely. We had succeeded! That was the signal! It meant that we managed to restore and clean of dirt the energetic circle that surrounds Colomos II in its periphery.



Journeying through all the route by almost two and a half hours was a true delight in spite of the intense cold prevailing in the forest due to the early hour of the morning. All my companions smiled satisfied while walking, and in that memorable day, the whole forest walked with us because we could perceive land-dwelling and winged animals around us in great gibberish. The inhabitants of the sacred forest were aware of our work and they celebrated it with us participating in our joy.



Tired but satisfied, we returned with respect into the zone where the green elder is located. In that special place we expressed our gratefulness and shared our joy for the feat accomplished when something extraordinary happened because once Paloma gave thanks with all her heart to our Mother Mary of Zapopan by her invaluable aid, a strong wind came in all around us as an unmistakable signal of receipt from the Spirit of the Sacred Forest. Now we only needed to link the energetic peripheries of both sections to achieve the goal of protecting ritual and energetically the entire forest of Los Colomos.

Chapter 8



Request of Help



In a group meeting and by common agreement, the group Don Uriel decided to wait to perform the ritual walk that would unite the two sections of the forest, until March 21, a month of distance away.



This would allow us to work during that day of spiritual opportunity in which a special energy descend down from the cosmos for the benefit of all our territory during the spring equinox.



This was the reason for a special rejoicing in all of us because by a quite significant coincidence we would also conclude our work in the first day of a new cycle for Mother Nature and for the Sacred Forest of the Spring Water as well.



Instead of walking in the forest, we decided instead to pray during March 12 in the Basilica of Zapopan to ask our dear generala, Mother Mary of Zapopan for inspiration to achieve the conclusion of our work in the best suitable way for the forest.



The peripheral and energetic circles of the two sections of the forest, Colomos I and Colomos II were clean already and with capacity to protect its surroundings.



However, the only guarantee of protection of the entire Sacred Forest of the Spring Water was to be able to unite its two peripheries in a single one, walking ceremonially by this new largest periphery to generate a single new energetic circle of protection.


Nevertheless, one thing was to walk the two sections uniting them in a single periphery and the other was to achieve the feat that required that the energy of both peripheries could circulate in the new energetic circle shaped by our walking.



For that reason and understanding our spiritual smallness as a group to achieve such an energetic feat, we decided to ask again for the intervention and advice of our Lady of Zapopan to be able to make our best effort.



Consequently, we attended mass at seven a.m. March 12, with the best of our attention and inner silence to listen to our Mother Mary that we knew would not abandon us.



After a beautiful religious celebration, the Group Don Uriel made an unexpected group reunion in the atrium of the basilica to share impressions.



- You know what? I was receiving constantly the number thirteen in mass – I commented.



- Well I was receiving also a number, the number twelve, which is peculiar, No? – Tanya completed



- I was constantly thinking about all our friends who have always supported our work – Samuel added



Paloma, with tears in her eyes affirmed:



- Mother Mary asked us to take her with us in our walk



There were no more comments. Only silence and the group commitment to leave those impressions to settle in our hearts and the promise to continue praying until we could meet again at our group reunion the following day that was a Wednesday.



We would try to unravel that day the message of our beloved Mother Mary of Zapopan. Once finished the customary brotherly goodbyes, we left in a rush to our work activities.

Chapter 9



Silent Walk


The following day, at seven o’clock in the evening we started our group reunion and ritual work. Once our entrance, ritual disposition and respectful greeting of the sacred elements of both Mexican traditions was completed, we decided to present to the sacred elements the questions that were crowded in our minds. We bestowed each question with one of the properties of a sacred element, that is to say: the element air would represent the number thirteen. The good friends would represent the element earth. The element fire would represent the number twelve, and the element water would represent the basilica of Zapopan.



Next, we decided to perform a brief meditation to “listen” in our hearts the message transmitted by each element to every person that had originally received a message from the Zapopana the past 12th of March. Thus, Agustín would hope to receive inspiration about the number thirteen, Samuel about the good friends, Tanya about the number twelve and Paloma about the basilica or cathedral of Zapopan.



The result was surprising and revealing because when we finished our meditation, the message of our dear generala could be deciphered suitably and the strategy suggested by her intervention understood thanks to the valuable aid of the sacred elements we had in front of us.



The first one to speak was Samuel: – It was clear to me that we should ask for the help of the prayer and the silence of all the good friends who always have supported our work of spiritual ecology especially at the moment at which we would be performing our ritual walk. I am convinced that it will contribute to achieve our objective – he pointed out.



Next Tanya commented:


- I clearly saw the meaning of the number twelve. We must start our ceremonial long walk in Los Colomos at this hour. At the exact time of the spring equinox, twelve noon because it is when the fire represented by the energy of the Sun will be descending into our hemisphere. It has a lot of sense – No? –



When her turn arrived, Paloma said:



- Our sister water helped me to understand why and how we must carry Mother Mary of Zapopan with us in March 21st. First, she wants to walk with us because being one of her manifestations that of a protector deity, her energy of a feminine nature is compatible with the underground spring water of the sacred forest and her presence will cleanse any obstacle purifying us all as well. Moreover, – she continued – by the simple fact of being with us, her presence will make possible what we cannot do: to initiate the movement of the energy of both peripheral circles into a single one.



Second, although our mother knows that we have her in our hearts and that we can take with us her sacred image, she wants to be present walking also and for this, it will be necessary that her energy can walk with us. Consequently, we must work as soon as possible in the avenue Eva Briseño that connects the basilica with the forest of Los Colomos, with a special emphasis in the crossing of big avenue Patria to create an energetic bridge and connect her shrine with the sacred forest. If we can make it, nothing will be able to stop to us.



After a brief silence, caused by the impact that in all of us had the extraordinary perception of Paloma, it was my turn to speak:



- I perceived in the air a beautiful, angelical and ethereal being of a feminine nature that danced in the sky in where everything was spiritual energy; a muse whose characteristics are to reveal and to inspire, definitely a supernatural and illuminated being – I concluded with emotion.



While listening to my introduction, Tanya and Samuel were looking at me nervously whereas Paloma did not stop watching me fixedly. Clarifying a little my throat, I continued:



- At the beginning, I did not understand the nature of the vision that our brother air provided generously for me and I confess that even before listening to you all I remained in confusion, but now everything has come clear to me.

It has reminded me of Regina! Our dear Mexican Dakini that surely has sent this key to help us understand the meaning of the number 13 and…



- The silent march in Mexico City of September 13, Isn’t it? – Paloma interrupted, whose stare no longer sent flaming flares and had become loving and understanding.



- Exactly – I answered with relief – and it means that we must look for a way to walk in a total and absolute silence during the long journey, no matter the time that it lasts, because that would indeed be our contribution to help for the movement of the energy, being simply good conductors of it. Remember that Regina that September 13, and thanks to the collaboration of more than 500,000 people, managed to fill with silence the enormous main plaza or Zocalo of Mexico city to perform her awakening ritual.



It is required of us to fill with our silence the enormous peripheral circle that constitutes Colomos I and Colomos II, which we will ceremonially walk March 21. And this will not be an easy task for at least two reasons – I added – First, for the hour in which we will walk, at noon, in which surely the forest will be full of visitors, and second, for the duration of the long walk, which I consider will take us at least five hours at a good pace –



Good – said Tanya with her habitual optimism, – what do you guys think if we worry about this when the time comes and start preparing instead the way for our generala to Los Colomos? What have you thought about this matter? She asked Paloma directly –



Paloma was happy with the question, because she already had a good idea at those moments of what we should do and answered:



- As you know, the avenue Eva Briseño that connects directly the Zapopan basilica with the forest of Los Colomos, has plenty of energetic garbage and I do not believe it is as simple as to walk it a single time to clean it. Especially in the case of our group, because of the fact that we are far from being wide awake and do not have the energy necessary to make the cleansing in just a few attempts. For that reason, I consider that in our case, we are going to have to work extra hours and we barely have enough time to make it.



However, before going any further, I would like to ask if you are willing to make the effort. Because is going to be extraordinary and will require a great sacrifice from all of us, what do you think? – She asked us all.


Samuel, who had remained pensive all along, hurried to say:



- I believe that I speak for all of us when I affirm to you that the only thing we need to know is the date, hour and place to begin the work –



Is it not? – He turned around to ask us



- You can count on us – Tanya and I affirmed at the same time.



With an enormous smile of satisfaction, Paloma continued:



- Excellent! Then this will be the strategy. Without considering March 13, which is today, we will have to walk during seven days in a row starting from the 14th and ending in March 20th. We will walk the route from the basilica to the Sacred Forest of the Spring Water during seven times every day and without interruption through the avenue Eva Briseño and in complete silence.



Starting in the basilica, touching the forest and ending in the basilica again will complete every circuit. I consider that the seven daily circuits will take us around three hours to complete. If we start every day at seven in the morning, at 10 am we will be ready to resume or daily activities –



- Listen – asked Tanya, but to what extent we will enter into the forest of Los Colomos, into its entrance only?



Before the silence of Paloma and remembering that the ahuehetes are a particular species of trees that we recognized in the forest of Los Colomos thanks to previous ceremonial walks, I considered prudent to suggest:



What do you think if we walk as far as the big ahuehuete that is at about one hundred meters off the entrance of Patria Avenue? -


Very good idea – pointed Samuel – Who better than a tree of the same species of the sergeant of the Sacred Forest of Chapultepec to do the honors of a requested receipt in each circuit –



Paloma smiled pleased. Now everything was ready and we only needed after a good rest, to initiate activities March 14, in the early morning.

Chapter 10



Seven Days of Preparation



The next day, 14th of March at seven o’clock in the morning and after a brief prayer of dedication of our work at the feet of Mother Mary of Zapopan, we left in a rush to the Sacred Forest of the Spring Water. We had decided to repeat mentally while walking a small prayer of only a few phrases that asked for the constant company of the Zapopana, thanks to the excellent suggestion of Tanya who received this prayer in her heart while she placidly slept the previous night. When crossing Avenue Patria, we would intensify at maximum the fervor of our prayers but without losing sight of the cars that circulated.



Once in the forest of Los Colomos and when arriving to the selected ahuehuete, we would surround it with respect scratching with smoothness its trunk to undertake the return immediately after, in course back to the basilica of Zapopan. Once arrived at the basilica, concluding one circuit, we would enter briefly to its interior and we would kneel for some brief instants to watch in silence the sacred image of our Mother Mary, make the sign of the cross over and return to the Sacred Forest of the Spring Water.



The “cleansing” walks were made from the 14th to the 20th of March according to plan, except for the difficulties of adaptation that we all experimented at least during the three first days due to the physical effort and the normal distractions when walking through a very busy avenue and by a very narrow sidewalk.



The main intention was to help clean the connecting line between the basilica and the forest of Los Colomos, and establish an energetic link among our dear generala and the Sacred Forest of the Spring Water. However, our generous Mother gave us all the gift of a more and more increased capacity – as we accumulated circuits and days of walking – to enter individually and as a group into an individual inner silence with certain facility and enough depth.


This situation brought us all an enormous internal peace in as much as that was a good prelude before the challenge that we would have to confront the upcoming 21st of March and that would require the best of our silence in a forest full of visitors in a very long ritual walk.



Another situation that attracted powerfully our attention took place at the seventh day of our walks and when we were on the verge of concluding our 49th circuit of the week. When visiting the ahuehuete for the last time and surrounding it with respect, an enormous babble was taking place above our heads in the top of the tree among a good number of birds that left its branches like an uproarious winged explosion and in all directions in course to the forest.



The event took us by surprise filling us with an enormous hope, because we sensed immediately when concluding our work, that the forest through its green representatives was recognizing our efforts by commanding its winged messengers to interconnect to the whole forest the good news of the now constant presence of the energy of the Zapopana.



When we concluded our cleansing work and returned from the Sacred Forest of the Spring Water for the last time to the basilica, we entered into her sacred shrine and prostrated ourselves at the feet of our Generala of Zapopan. Once there, the Mother Mary gave us generous an enormous effluvium of energy that we all perceived as a testimony that did not left any doubt that our work had obtained its objective, having repaid us a hundred to one the vigor and the energy we invested in the task.



We said good bye asking our heavenly Mother for her blessing and company in the important work that already waited for us the following day, and once in the atrium of the basilica, we all felt more than ready to run right there and then the 100 meters race if necessary.



Our faces of enormous satisfaction and the silence that escorted our brotherly goodbyes in the atrium of the basilica before going to our daily occupations was the best testimony of the success of our seven-day cleansing work. There were no doubts in anyone’s hearts anymore of our good preparation for the decisive long walk of the following day.

Chapter 11



Messengers of the Sun



The Sun was at the zenith March 21, when leaning briefly our foreheads in the enormous trunk of the green elder of the Sacred Forest of the Spring Water we kept a respectful silence to wish all kinds of blessings from our hearts to the spirit who animates it. After a prolonged silence, and when we were just about to stand up, we listened to the clear and persuasive voice of Paloma:



– Today, we walk with Mother Mary. She is with us, and will guide our hearts, and protect our minds; we should never forget that our dear mother is and has been a walker all her life. She walked long distances whenever she had to serve the Highest one from which we all came. Today we as insignificant servants walk also, but since she walks with us, even we the most irrelevant persons can change the destiny. May her walk be ours because today we are one with her pure and powerful heart. Let us silently follow Mary, because she follows the Christ silently as well, my brothers, go ahead! –



With flaming stares, four spiritual ecologists started in silence the task for which they had prepared. The group Don Uriel did not walk alone because many friends walked with it through their supporting silence, from their houses, their works and their occupations. The secret guardian of the forest of Los Colomos observed us pleased. Mother Mary walked in front of us, blessing everything in that special day.



Even in our smallness, we were initiating an authentic pilgrimage, like the ones performed ceremonially by our brothers the Huichol marakames in the mountains of Mexico and the Hopi elders in the Arizona desert, to preserve on their name and ours, the sacredness and balance of our mother nature, constantly threatened by the human voracity.


Although the ritual walk of that day was the longest ever attempted, we managed to negotiate all its length in little less than five hours and to our own surprise in a good pace and with a good degree of inner silence. The reason was simple; we prepared well for it thanks to the cleansing work in the avenue Eva Briseño completed during all the previous week. This walk was to my understanding very different from any walks of which I had been lucky to participate in the past. Contrary to what we expected and in spite of finding the forest full of visitors that day, walking semi-covered up in its periphery made our passing almost unnoticed. The few groups of people with whom we encountered briefly seemed inexplicably unaware of our presence.



Our impressions during the long walk were extraordinarily similar, because we all managed to achieve the vital inner silence without much struggle and we all noticed a species of “lucidity” in the atmosphere, as if the path by where we journeyed were brighter than its surroundings to say it somehow. Another coincident perception was the experience of an extraordinary “aliveness” in the forest; however, this is a rudimentary explanation of our perception, but perhaps the one that words allow. There was an enormous sacredness in the atmosphere, and we perceived our walking as in a very different trail than the one we had walked previously. Even though it was the same, it was now free of accumulated energetic garbage.



A little before five in the afternoon we arrived at our departure point, the green elder who is located in the central part of the forest. In a very intuitive and spontaneous way, we all surrounded the magnificent tree placing our hands and heads in its enormous and vigorous trunk. I do not have any recollection on how long we did remain in that position. It was as if we arrived exhausted but happy, to fall materially in the arms of our dear brother who awaited our arrival with its open arms.



We remained fused in its love for some time and once I felt recuperated, I tried even with my head still reclined in its trunk to make a mental contact with the essence of the formidable green elder. Immediately after, the powerful impact of the energy I received caused my head to thump the trunk strongly producing a dry noise.



Confused by the blow but immensely happy I became conscious of its receipt of my petition of mental contact. At that same moment, all my companions began to separate from the enormous trunk and on a spontaneous way shaped at its feet a balanced energetic circle to celebrate together the conclusion of our long ritual walk.


There was satisfaction in our faces that were red and burned by the sun as when exposed several hours to it in the beach. Little by little, almost imperceptibly but every time with more strength a smooth breeze began to blow to become soon an enormous gale like I never have seen in the forest and that even caused shouts of surprise here and there between the forest visitors everywhere.



All the trees of the forest that my sight could reach moved from side to side in a joyful dance. We all had tears in our eyes. Our dear generala, Our Mother Mary of Zapopan had fulfilled her promise. A protective belt surrounded our beloved Sacred Forest of the Spring Water and through its enormous periphery the energy of its powerful spirit flowed now generous. Gradually, as it had begun, the wind began to lessen until stopping completely.



Still within our circle, we raised our hands together to the sky in gratefulness and we left the place one by one. There were no commentaries between us, only silence because by a fortuitous gift we continued to be immersed in the sacred dimension of the existence.



When we arrived to our cars in the parking lot of the forest, we embraced ourselves in brotherly silence. The well-preserved Opel Olympic of Samuel was the first to be started. Paloma and I watched each other’s eyes and talked a while in silence. We believed to be serving our dear forest and received from its generosity a one hundred to one.

Chapter 12



A New Forest



After an absence of five years, we returned to the forest of Los Colomos to find a very pleasant surprise because during that time it went through several institutional improvements that revealed the respect and consideration of the importance that this sacred space has for the inhabitants of the city of Guadalajara.



The forest of Los Colomos is under the exemplary care and preservation of the group of Guadalajara Rangers. The day we went to visit, it was not a holiday and we observed at least the double of visitors and enthusiastic sportsmen and sportswoman than those that regularly visited it in the past.



Now it receives more than two thousand visitors per day. Another surprise was to find out that in its sacred core the Mexican flag is present every day. Without a doubt, the fact that attracted more our attention was the joy and light that we could perceive emanating of the forest powerful spirit.



Walking slowly in course to its central part was a true delight and one wonderful experience that evoked in us memories of our intimacy and interaction with its beautiful spirit, which we treasure in our hearts.



After briefly visiting some of the sacred sites located in its central zone and greeting our sister water, we decided to go and say hello to our old and venerated green elder. After some brief moments at which we respectfully asked for permission to be in its presence, we entered under its shadow and located upon its roots that fatherly gave us a good seat.


Immediately afterwards, and with the help of the green elder, we talked briefly with our dear and Sacred Forest of the Spring Water.



Not wanting to disturb its peace and harmonious energy, Paloma and I slowly rose saying our good byes. A strong wind that came out from nowhere surprised us and refreshed us in an affectionate way. Our dear forest also remembered and recognized us and it had us in its heart. We had established a deep and lasting friendship. We were now all together part of the single heart that beats powerful animated by the spirit of Me-xihc-co.


The Sacred Forest of the Spring Water

A peaceful urban forest that gives life to its city is in danger to lose even more land due to the unquenchable voracity of real state developers and the passivity of the local authorities. Agustin and Paloma the tireless and determined spiritual ecologists and their new formed group, "Don Uriel" decide to help the forest performing a work of spiritual ecology as the only way to protect it. They will attempt to create an energy belt of protection in the periphery of this big green lung of the city performing ritual walks around it. In their ingenuity they were far to imagine the huge proportions of accomplishing a feat of this magnitude but their honest motivation attracted the powerful help of a heavenly ally.

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The Sacred Forest of the Spring Water The Sacred Forest of the Spring Water