The Roa - Spiritus of Truth

The events leading up to my trip to the Great Pyramid took me on a six-year journey all across North America, then to Central America, and finally to the land that was home to the ancient Kemetians. In my explorations, I’ve learned that all locked doors in life can be opened with the right key. As a lock to a safe has pins that release when followed by a specific sequence, so do the doors that have no keyholes or handles — it’s the scale of one’s knowledge that strums the strings of truth. The world today knows very little about the Kemetian people and their wisdom tradition. Most modern scholars still call them the ancient “Egyptians”, which is a misrepresentation. One is not to confuse the Greco-Roman “Egyptians” with the Kemetians. The Greco-Roman period in Kemet officially marked the end of the ancient “Era of Knowledge”, or more commonly called the last “Golden Age”. I have come to know that underneath the surface tremendous things remain hidden from sight — structures, halls, temples, and much more awaits in silence for those who are ready to know them. Their entry methods varied depending on the keepers of their secrets. Some required great tests and customary rites of passage, but above all, a commitment to the study of knowledge before I was entrusted with certain pieces of information. After more than six years years proving my commitment to understanding the ancient customs and teachings of the Kemetian nation, I had been prepared to enter such a place. The sound that was generated was pulsating and all-consuming, then in an instant, a door opened that lead to the inner sanctums. I had been told that if I was found worthy to read the ancient records I would know where to find them. Many artifacts and relics from that ancient era of knowledge are made of unique material compositions, some of which were made of a type of crystalline construct which was then cut into many exotic shapes with seemingly other worldly precision. Some things are made of special mineral combinations that enhance their magnetic, dielectric, and harmonic properties when used correctly. One of the more particularly important things I've encountered in my journeys were writings that were found in Central America among the ancient Mayan ruins. The items retrieved from the pyramid of the sun provided invaluable pieces of information that helped in discovering the master-key that was used to decipher the entire Kemetian legacy and their wisdom tradition. Knowledge and wisdom is always waiting to be found and used by those who can find it — the true knowledge that existed on Earth long ago was merely forgotten in time. The teachings in this book were left by the Ancients to help build a new foundation of understanding once they could be properly interpreted. The teachings herein explain how the Ancients viewed Spiritus, Mind, and the Soul in relation to the natural world. I'm forever grateful to the elected caretakers of invaluable pieces of the Kemetian legacy from all over the world that helped make this book possible.

  • ISBN: 9781370165704
  • Author: Maymay R.K. Myra
  • Published: 2018-04-01 21:35:05
  • Words: 9796
The Roa - Spiritus of Truth The Roa - Spiritus of Truth