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The River

The River




By Steven Bevell

Copyright 2017 Steven Bevell

Shakespir Edition




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Cover by Steven Bevell

Copyright 2017 Steven Bevell

Shakespir Edition




“Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.” – Isaiah






The sands burned Pedro for days. He lost count of how many passed since the crash.

But there in the distance, there was a river. Pedro’s mouth watered. He could hear the water swell over the rocks and the ring from the river was pure and cold.

In the desert, the river lures people like a moth to the flame.

Pedro started after the river. The man’s mouth was as dry as the desert. And the crash didn’t do him well.

Then Pedro saw something as he travelled. Another person stood guard. A man. He was dressed in chainmail and armed with a sword and shield.

“Help!” Pedro pled and fell to the sand.

But the guard did not help and after a moment rested near a campfire.

“Help!” Pedro called again.

The guard didn’t move, but spoke, “Do you know how hot it gets out here?”

Pedro began to crawl down the dune and towards the river.

“There you go! You know, you’ll never survive out here if you can’t walk!” the guard hollered.

As Pedro crawled closer and closer to the river, the guard became worried. He rushed over to Pedro and stopped the man from crawling with the heel of his boot. The guard pressed hard and Pedro twisted in pain.

“What are you doing?” Pedro cried.

“This river is private… You can not drink!” the guard told Pedro.

“But I am dying of thirst!” cried Pedro.

“Why didn’t you bring your own water…?”

Pedro could not believe what he heard. He stopped his struggle and laid still. The guard removed his heel and sat by the campfire.

Pedro sat in the desert sand and listened to the water swell.

“Beautiful… Isn’t it?” Pedro asked the guard.

The guard only raised an eye brow.

“The water…” Pedro said, “Listen to it…”

The guard listened. All he could hear was the running river. A small smile spread. The man closed his eyes as he remembered wonderful times.

“Can you see it?” Pedro cried, “Look! Those are the biggest fish I’d ever seen!”

The guard snapped back to reality and became curious. He ran over to the river, with his spear, his shield on his back and his chainmail.

Pedro pushed the guard into the river.

“The river can not be owned!” Pedro cried to the guard.

Who struggled to swim. He was pulled under and it required all his strength to swim up. The river always pulled him back down. Pedro watched until the guard no longer broke the surface.

Pedro drank from the river and the water restored him.

He let the river take him down to the nearest village.

The was a brief article in the paper, about the missing guard.

The River

  • ISBN: 9781370211876
  • Author: Steven Bevell
  • Published: 2017-05-19 10:50:08
  • Words: 578
The River The River