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The Raving Ones


The Raving Ones

By Naomi Muse

Copyright © 2016 by Naomi Muse

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof

may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever

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Jake stumbled through the woods, he was tired of fighting with Yvette. She was ready to settle down, but he wasn’t so sure. She had been planning to introduce him to her mother and her sisters tonight. She just sprung it on him when he got in from work. No thank you. Not that he wasn’t in love. After two years, he definitely was. But, love can fade. There could be something else, or someone else, that he might miss out on. Meeting the family was the first step in playing house. He needed time to clear his mind.

The moon seemed larger than usual. The light from the moon didn’t stop Jake from getting lost. The beers that he had grabbed on his way out of the house weren’t helping. Yvette was the one who liked living here. Jake would take the city over the country any day. That was the main reason that he never worried about the hour commute into the city for work each day. Although he hadn’t intended to, he realized he was walking towards music. As he listened closer, he heard women laughing. A party might be just what he needed to get Yvette off of his mind. He quickened his pace.

He reached a clearing and discovered a group of women dancing around a fire. Beautiful women of all shapes and sizes, without a single man in sight. They were all dressed in white. Jake smoothed his shirt and stood up a bit straighter, trying to appear sober. The women never stopped their dancing. They were all watching him. He was too drunk to care. He set his sights on a brown-skinned woman with an amazing mass of curly black hair. As he got closer, she slowly starting dancing.

“I’m lost,” he said.

“No,” she said.


“You are where you should be. I found you.”

She drew him in to dance with her. Her hair seemed to surround them. The soft curls caressed him. He found her scent intoxicating: coconut and vanilla, with a little something extra that he couldn’t quite place. He forgot all about the other women. He wanted to make small talk, but couldn’t find the words. The only thing that he could think about was her hair. He looked down at her and when she smiled, he became even more dumbfounded. She pulled him closer, their bodies touching.

When she took his hand and led him away, he had no choice but to follow. He didn’t notice their surroundings until she sat at the edge of a lake. She pulled him down beside her and began kissing him, pulling at his clothes. He responded in kind, thinking of nothing but her scent, those curls, and her lips. Her curls seemed to be caressing the side of his face. Her hair was even softer than Yvette’s.


Her name seemed to rise to the surface of his thoughts, like a bubble.

Yvette would be upset.

He tried to disengage his mystery woman. She only clung tighter. The dizzying scent grew stronger. The curls climbed him like ivy vines, everywhere at once. He tried to focus his thoughts on Yvette and pull himself away. She tore his shirt. Buttons flew in every direction. He started to lean back towards her. She bit down on his lip. Hard. The coppery taste of his own blood snapped him out of his trance.

He leapt to his feet, her nails digging into him as he rose. His chest and stomach showed deep bloody scratches. He backed away. She rose to her feet, still smiling. Her hair swirled wildly around her, as if it were alive. She grabbed for his arm, her nails ripping through his skin. He wrenched his arm free and ran.

He heard a piercing scream behind him. He didn’t turn back. Screams rang out through the woods, as if in response. It sounded like a hunting party. The other women had joined the chase. Sober now, he ran faster. Storm like noises crashed in from behind him. He tried to remember how many there were, but he had no luck. The more he thought about the women, the more he thought he should turn back. He missed that coconut vanilla scent. He shook his head. Turning around would definitely kill him.

All Jake could think of was Yvette now. How would he explain this to her? He was bloody and his shirt was ruined. She would never believe his explanation. He couldn’t let these women follow him home. Yvette was the one and he had to keep her safe. But, he was in the woods and couldn’t think of any other landmarks. He just tried to focus on his path in, and flip it to find his way out. The moon was on his left on his way in. As long as he kept it on his right now he should be making his way back out.

He saw the break in the tree line. If he could just make it home ahead of these women, he should be able to get Yvette in the car and get out of here. Hell, he might even burn the house down just to be sure that Yvette never tried to move him back out here. Just as he started to reach the clearing, he stumbled.

He nearly caught himself when his foot hit an exposed tree root. He heard a squeal, closer than he expected. He scrambled on his hands and knees trying to keep moving. Then he felt the hair. That hair he thought was so silky earlier felt like razor wire now as it cut into his flesh. He had almost made it to the edge of their property. Then he saw her.

Yvette. She must have heard all of the screaming and howling. He was straining against the hair that circled his ankle. He was on his feet again. Not quite in a run, but getting there. She saw him now and called out to him. Before he could respond, the hair holding his leg went taught. He fell as she screamed his name. He had to get to her. More of those deadly curls had grabbed hold of him and were dragging him back to the woods. He could only watch Yvette now. He might not see her again.

She reached inside the doorway and grabbed the machete she kept tucked next to the fridge. She ran through the yard, hurdling over their low fence. Her rage filled scream matched these woods women as she ran. She made it to him before he could blink. He winced as she swung the machete down to cut him free of the curls trying to claim him.

“No! This one is mine!” she screamed to them.

The mystery woman howled in protest.

“Touch him again and I will cut off more than your hair,” Yvette said.

“He belongs to no one. I tasted his freedom,” the woman replied.

“That is my business, and I will deal with it. He belongs to me,” Yvette said.

She moved between Jake and the women. The rest of the group had gathered behind the main crazy. His former dance partner nodded, while smoothing her hair. Her curls seemed less sinister now. Jake didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know what had gotten into Yvette. He got to his feet. He came closer to Yvette, who was still staring down the women. Her machete was still clenched in her fist, but she had lowered it to her side. He put his hand on her shoulder. She turned to him.

“I see you’ve already met my sisters.”

About The Author

Naomi Muse is a speculative fiction indie author. Not sure what that means? Lol, that’s cool. Basically, you will find some supernatural, some scifi, and some futuristic stuff too. She learned to read at an early age, which fostered her love for books. It was only natural that she began writing her own stories. She will read almost anything. When she isn’t reading or writing, she likes to plays video games, watches movies, and crochets. Don’t laugh. She loves it.

She lives in Florida with her family and pets. She loves following the daily adventures of Florida Man in the news.

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Website: www.catchamuse.com

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/catchamuse



The Raving Ones

  • Author: Naomi Muse
  • Published: 2016-05-04 06:20:06
  • Words: 1449
The Raving Ones The Raving Ones