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The Process of Becoming





De Angelo R. Moody



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Chapter 1



War against evil never ends and the process of becoming the best version of you never stops. Growth or decay, you are forever evolving. Why choose to waste away looking back at your decay, when you can go forward and grow? Whoever or whatever you are today, you do not have to be tomorrow. The choice is yours to make!


The first book of The Process of Becoming Series was Purpose. Welcome as we continue to stimulate Millennial’s critical thinking and deeper learning through teaching on the evolution of self. For those of you that have not had the pleasure of reading the first book of the series, we’ve taken the liberty of including a call to action, an explanation of why the series was launched, and how this is affecting us all. This has been put in place of the traditional preface of this book.


In an effort to continue your development of a general outline; along with the necessary tools and mind changing perspectives needed to successfully navigate your process of becoming. We will be starting out with reference to the best science fiction movies ever made, Star Wars Trilogy.


At least that is how I feel about them, so in my mind, that makes it so! Reality is your perspective, and perspective is your reality. How you see it, is how it is, that does not make your reality right or wrong. It only means that your reality is based on that particular perspective. We will be spending more time on reality and perspective, when we get to the, Root for De books of this series.


Fate finds this young farm boy fresh out of high school, living with his Uncle Owen and his wife on the desert planet Tatooine. Here this young man by the name of Luke Skywalker would accompany his uncle to purchase two droids to help with the rigors of running a farm.


Undenounced to Luke and his uncle, these were not just your everyday droids that you pick up from the local dirt mart. These were the personal droids of Princes Leia powerful leader with the rebel alliance, sent to deliver a very important message to a Jedi Master named Obi-Wan Kenobi that had been hiding out on Tatooine under an assumed alias.


The mystery of who the droids were and where they had come from would start to unravel quickly, once Luke got them home and started to prepare them for their duties on the farm. Get this; the droids had names and personalities. R2-D2 was the shorter of the two; he didn’t speak any languages, he just beeped in a way that C3PO and Luke could understand.

C3PO spoke over five million different languages and was a little, scaredy-cat that only did what he was told; he was strictly by the book. R2 was a go getter, daring, and adventurous; that little trashcan on wheels was willing to do whatever it took to get the Princess message to Obi-Wan. In first class form, R2 went off the reservation the first night on the farm he was out like a bandit in the night.


By the time Luke would be informed by C3P0 of his little rolling counter parts absence. Luke deemed it too dangerous to go after him in the night, they headed out first light. Luke knew the area like the back of his hand. They caught up to R2 just in time to be ambushed by the sand people.


As fate would have it, they all would be rescued by Obi-Wan Kenobi. But, not before C3PO would get his arm ripped out of its socket and Luke would be knocked out cold!

Now safely back at Obi-Wan s lair all patched up, R2 plays the secret video message from Princess Leia telling Obi-Wan of the important information many had sacrificed their lives to obtain.


She goes on to explain R2 must be safely delivered intact with the encrypted information and drawings he’s carrying of the empires most deadliest weapon, the Rebellion can devise a strategic plan to severely cripple the Empire. She ends her message with, “You are my only hope.”


The moment the noble, gifted Jedi Master heard and accepted this mission, he turned to the young farm boy and extended an invitation for him come with. He even shared with the young Skywalker the force was as strong within him, as it was his father; and that unlike, what he had been told, the truth was his father was a Jedi that apprenticed under Jedi Master Kenobi.


Now, here Luke was feeling down and unfulfilled; thinking he was going to have to stay behind another year and help out while all his friends move on with their lives.


The opportunity of a lifetime has just been offered to Luke. He can learn the truth about who his father really was, become a Jedi Knight, and live a life of adventure, nobility, and prestige.


Talk about being the man at your high school reunion. Now, how cool would that be? But wait! Luke told his uncle he’d stay back and help on the farm. What would you do? Would you honor your word and stay, or would you go for it? After all it is the opportunity of a lifetime!


Take a moment to reflect on these questions. I want you to recall what we’ve taught on reality and perspective. I know I said that we will be spending more time on these questions when we get to the, Root for De books of this series and we will. Reality is what?

Your perspective. Your perspective is what? Your reality, how you see it, is how it is. This isn’t about right or wrong, so much as it is about, self-discovery, self-discipline, and self-respect.




Chapter 2



The first book of this series, Purpose reveals to you the importance of discovering and living your purpose. What if this is not just an opportunity of a lifetime, but the opportunity of Luke s lifetime. Would that change what you would do? If you were Luke would consider this a no brainer and go?


Wait, wouldn’t you be risking angering, upsetting, or even disappointing the only family you’ve ever known. What determent might your family be facing as a result of leaving them high and dry? And finally, isn’t there something Luke could have done to smooth over things with his family and maybe still been able to go?


Well Luke had to make a definitive decision here. Perplexed, he chose to stay and help his family. He made the call based on reality as he saw it from his perspective. In first class fashion visibly disappointed in his own decision to stay, Luke offers to transport Master Jedi and the two droids to the spaceport city of Mos Eisley; bear in mind Luke still has to return home and explain what happen to the two new droids they just purchased.


In route to the city of Mos Eisley, they come across what looks to be an attack a very large vehicle used to transport people through the dessert, called a jawa crawler.


Luke thought it to be the dreadful sand people, at least that is what someone wanted them to believe. Obi Wan points this out as he revealed this was the work of Imperial Stormtroopers. The Jawa’s were the people that sold Luke’s uncle the droids.


They figured sense no one was left alive; the Stormtroopers must have found out who the droids where sold to. Luke drove his speeder as fast as he could, but they were too late! The Stormtroopers had murdered and cremated everyone; it was awful!


Here are somethings you should know about pain: Pain is a very interesting component of life. Like fire, it can almost seem to be alive at times. It is both a verb and a noun, and it is never pleasant. Mental and physical agony, suffering, and discomfort are just a few of the many different aspects of pain one may experience.




Pain can act as a measurement of how great of an effort one made to achieve a goal or emphasize the effort one went through to stay out of harm s way and avoid trouble. Pain is a purifier and motivator. Pain will not be ignored. It demands respect, and most of all, pain is not fear! Pain is often the result of ignored warnings of danger. Finally, those that don’t fold from pain, tend to change and grow to understand pain is simply an element in the process of becoming and allows it to awaken the sleeper within.


Vowing to become a Jedi Knight like his father, Luke rescinds his previous decision and accompanies his mentor on his mission to safely deliver the droids. They all headed out to meet Han Solo and Chewbacca (Chewie) in the space city.


Upon arriving with in the space city limits of Mos Eisley, they were stopped at an Imperial Stormtroopers check point; they were looking for the droids.


Here Luke would get a taste of what he will be able to do as a Jedi and first hand proof that the force is real. Master Jedi Obi Wan demonstrates the skill of mind control to get them through the checkpoint and later within the bar they were to meet Han and Chewie; Obi Wan chops the arm off of a bully that sought to kill Luke for bumping into him at the bar.


Master Jedi manages to negotiate a ride to the Alderaan system on the Millennium Falcon piloted by Han and Chewie with no questions asked of their business or their cargo, and not a moment too soon.


The Stormtroopers were nipping right on their tails. Arriving at their destination only to find the entire system and all of its inhabitants destroyed, Luke convinces Han to help them to rescue Princess Leia from the Death Star. Luke will learn a lot about himself and the force from this rescue attempt.


What would those lessons be and how would they benefit him? Luke starts to demonstrate exceptional bravery by fighting for something or in this case someone besides himself. He defines what it means to go the extra mile by placing his own wellbeing in harm s way for the sake of others.


He starts to appreciate the huge sacrifices a person sometimes has to personally make for a cause greater than the individual. Finally, in his execution of the rescue, Luke showed initiative and in-depth creativity.


The forces of good and evil are clearly defined in this film. Luke’s spear of influence grows quickly. His sincere concern for others, his tenacity, and pleasing personality of positivity quickly draws others to him.


In what some would call a blink of an eye, the farm boy; bored and miserable with life on the farm, experiences grief, loss of loved ones, a growth in self-discipline, a new found faith, a mentor, and a team.


Which consisted of a Jedi knight, a talented pilot and worrier with a hard exterior, a beautiful and powerful princess that defies all the stereotypes of what a princess should be, a Wookie that would tear the arm off of anyone looking for trouble, and two droids. Luke and his team would be tasked with the incredible mission of saving the universe from the mighty Empire and their planet destroying weapon; the Death Star.


How did Luke go from being amongst the boys to being amongst the men in such a short period of time? This isn’t real, it’s just a Hollywood movie. But, what if it was real? How would deal with all that has happen to Luke? Would you seek out teachers and mentors? Would you build a team and step up to the plate or would you find yourself a corner to go hide and stew? So how does one go from boys to men?




Chapter 3



Frederick Douglass said, “It is easier to build strong children then to repair broken men. How about that? Adult minds tend to be stubbornly made up and highly resistant to change; specifically personal change, which can be a major obstacle to their freedom, happiness, and success.”


A child’s mind is open and more receptive to all of the building blocks of knowledge, love, peace, happiness, and success. One of my mentors and teachers, Bob Proctor said it this way, “Adults have to change their minds and children have to make up their minds.”


Whether you are a child or an adult, our motivations are different. The more the individual comes to understand how the mind works and that through challenge and adversity, the mind grows and develops.


One should not look at failure as defeat, but as an opportunity, a chance to review your actions, thoughts, and environment. Why would you just go back and try to succeed in those areas and places you have failed in previously? Why should I go through any of this? What’s in it for me?


The adaptations of these initiatives and disciplines we are sharing with you give you the chance and the opportunity to make your own paradigm shift in life. A unification of both your sub-conscience and conscience allows you to unlock the genius within!


Whether it is your current environment, you’re thinking, your friends, or a combination of them all; like Luke Skywalker, if you apply what is being taught to your thinking and doing, you will become a Seeker.


They go the extra mile. They do and give more then what is expected. That is what going the extra mile is all about; exceeding expectation. Seekers are leaders. Everyone should become a Seeker!


Looking back at the movie Star Wars, Luke will go on to lead a team of leaders.

Dr. Myles Munroe, a great teacher and mentor believed everyone should be taught to be a leader and I agree. Genuine leaders attract other leaders. Sadly, the current world culture is one of appointed and self-appointed leaders.

A common trait of this kind of leader is they don’t promote, develop, and encourage the majority of those they attract to be leaders. They lead by force, pain, fear, manipulation and deception. Like cowboys, they herd cattle this and that way for grazing and branding; only to wind up at the slaughterhouse.


Leaders of this kind will show how they want things done. They will even promote and call you one of their leaders. But, what they will never do is show you how to be a leader for yourself. Leaders like this don not seek to help individuals like you to discover and develop the leader within. They seek followers to follow them in a direction that is definitely best for them, but not necessarily in a direction that is best for you!


There is a challenge many of us fail to avoid getting trapped in, it’s called the rat race. Here is where you will find many of these follower seeking kinds of leaders. Why is that? Because the rat race is a repetitive system designed for individuals to go to school, get a job, pay bills, look forward to days off for holiday, live in debt, and die!


Individuals that stay in the rat race never discover their life purpose, never develop a vision, and never live a dream. Like a dog chasing a rabbit in circles at the race trap, you’d be chasing a dream while living a nightmare. It’s easy to get trapped by the rat race, most are born in it. Many of our friends, loved ones, and educators are disillusioned from its influence and by its leaders. Know that the rat race has been systematically designed to ensure that you the creative thinking expressionist, the talented, unique looking, talking, walking, and thinking individual that you were born to be…must never, ever come to know your true value and worth!


What is my point? Don’t get trapped in the rat race! What if you already are trapped? Let’s revisit Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia in Star Wars. Leia has been rescued and Obi Wan makes the ultimate sacrifice by giving his life to ensure the escape of Han, Leia, Luke, and the droids on the Millennium Falcon.


With Leia and the Empire’s plans safely back with the Alliance, Luke manages to awaken the inner leader that lie dormant within. The little boy that was destined to grow up on a homestead and live a life of wasted talent as a farm boy, manages study the ways of the force and become a Jedi. Save the Universe from the dreaded Empire, and honor his fallen mentor Obi Wan. Well now, how did he manage that?


To start with, Luke was mentored be Master Jedi Obi Wan Kenobi. Master Kenobi was the type of leader that had a genuine concern and interest in his students wellbeing. He sought to help his students find, identify, and develop the gifts they had within.


He taught a leader should not seek followers. A leader should never look to have others feed his ego. A leader should strive to have the heart of a servant and look to go the extra mile for others. He taught Luke how to fight for what is right and to remove the restraints of limitations from his mind.


How did Master Jedi achieve so much in Luke’s development in such a relatively short amount of time? Through what should be one of the strongest and most revered bonds two human beings could ever make (Mentorship).


Then he taught Luke how to remove the restraints of limitations by using the same method one of my mentors (Dr. Myles Munroe) teaches. By converting your entire belief system from that which they taught you to believe about yourself! Whoever, they may be: the community, culture, parents, educational system, media, and politics. This will prove to be a very tuff one for some!


By apprenticing under Master Jedi, the farm boy got a change of environment. This gave him an opportunity so many of us need but often fail to receive. By not being in familiar surroundings or around a bunch of people he knew, Luke was able to stop looking outside of himself for the truths and abilities that lay within him from birth.


Surrounded by his master mind alliance of fellow leaders fighting to better develop themselves and stand for what was right; they now had a dependable source and means to hash out there thoughts and ideas of how best to achieve both their individual goals and their united ones.


In addition to these wonderful benefits, the master mind alliance never had the typical insecurity problems and eagle trips most individuals and groups suffer tend to suffer from. Instead of being about doing to be seen and to develop a following; the members of the alliance were about the doing of what was just and correct, and exemplary achievement.


This led to the final lesson they all would learn from Master Kenobi when he allowed himself to be struck down by Darth Vader on the Death Star. That example taught Luke to trust in him and the abilities he had within. As for the alliance, they learned the importance of going above and beyond.


Those that understand going the extra mile and exceeding expectation is not about being seen or getting others to like you; it is about giving and doing more than what is expected of you! By making this discipline apart on one’s self and a group’s culture; both the individuals and groups actions will result in the truest sense of loyalty and leadership imaginable.


Everyone wants to be recognized and respected. Some will go through life trying to figure out what is missing, others will go with what they have and except what life offers. But, the person that has purpose, that has direction, and focus can see clearly in the darkest of night; and step forward with unflinching confidence when others don’t know if they are coming or going.


So what would they, whoever they are have to gain from such miseducation? Why would a great leader want you to know and be proficiently educated about things like purpose, direction, focus, and passion; when others that may be voted for, or even self- appointed will teach you any and everything but this?


Because if you (the World’s Millennials) were to ever discover that inside of you all is a powerful person filled with talents and abilities the world needs and only you can bring! Not only would the rat race be unable to trap and hold you, the world would have no other choice but to make way for the large and in charge; well-educated and properly skilled Millennial generation!


What must happen to make this a reality? How can we help you? What will you all do to help yourselves? Love, health, wealth, and happiness is something most us want, but what are you willing to do to have it? That is where purpose, direction, passion, focus, and commitment come in.


These are not things and disciplines one can just sit in class and be taught. These require you to go through something. These are not something that is just given to you. You must put in work and earn this. Skills and disciplines of this nature require you to dedicate and commit one’s self to the process of becoming!


That my friend is the moment you all start the process of learning to govern yourselves! What does this mean? Unlike the generations that came before that may have been out of control; you all would become uncontrollable! Know the difference in being out of control verses uncontrollable!




Chapter 4



Moving on from Star Wars to the Empire Strikes back, Luke’s circle of power was successful in their mission to save the universe from the evil Empire by blowing up the Death Star. Han was handsomely compensated and recognized as a hero.


Princess Leia grew more confident in her ability to lead and to serve the cause. Luke also received a medal and was recognized as a hero. It was his new found ability to trust in the force that flowed from within instead of his fighter ships technology.


That allowed him to succeed where other pilots had failed. Luke hit the mark causing a devastating chain reaction that exploded the Empires’ Death Star from within. Also, the young farm boy s faith in himself and the force grew substantially. Through intelligent effort and hard work, they all achieved much greatness on that mission.


The two lessons the team learned that truly impressed me and we will be touching on later in the Root For De section of this series were: was the powerful lesson of personal sacrifice in the pursuit of the greater good, and secondly the importance of not letting ones ignorance and prejudices of those that are different or that can be difficult to get along with prevent them from taking care of the business at hand; not only did they do this well, they went a step further and rid themselves of that kind of foolishness all together. That’s how you end up with an effective team, made up of two androids, a space pirate/captain, a Wookiee, a princess, and a farm boy that knows how to get it done!


Hollywood really knows how to create these make believe works of art both on the big screen and on the idiot box (TV screen). I believe hands down, the Star War Trilogy is the best sci-fi movies ever made! We’ve just wrapped the first part of the trilogy. What have you learn thus far? Have you discovered something new about yourself? Are you enjoying this style of teaching and interaction?


I want to take a moment to reiterate the expectations of the lessons, disciplines, ideologies, and principals being shared. The intent is to ensure that you all are adequately equipped with the proper tools and resources necessary to effectively be able to find and embrace your purpose in life; this is the key to having life mastery.



By having a well-developed vision, direction, and focus; you will be less likely to become distracted, diverted, and complacent by the clutches of life. How many of you all out there are like me? I didn’t learn so well sitting for long periods of time being dictated to, popped quizzed and tested to death. I needed to be challenged.

Mental and practical challenges administered separately served only to aggravate and frustrate me. In order for the lesson to be understood and useful for me going forth; I had to be able to think, see, touch, feel, and do. My in ability or maybe more so, the in ability of my teachers being allowed to show how the subject matter and lessons being taught applied in the real world, left me to struggle to remember the content just well enough to score a passing grade; but never to retain for future use.


However, I found stimulation and freedom with a sense of adventure years later from teachers like Mr. L. Kelly and Mr. R. Sharp. They were what I termed true teachers. Whether they had a teachers manual or note, you were going to learn something in their class. I was in their classes for math, science, and electronics.


Not only did they teach the lesson plans, they showed us how we’d use this knowledge in future jobs and in life. For me that made the knowledge three dimensional; going to class became exciting and interesting.


What I learned I was better able to retain, because I was now able to apply it to my daily life. That is when learning in a classroom became tangible. In my book you are not a teacher unless you can effectively give what you know to your students in a way they can understand and utilize for something more than just doing well on some standardized test!


As we wrap up the fantasy/make believe character section of this series. You will have the opportunity to apply your new found skills and disciplines in the real life scenarios and current adventure section of this series; code named, Root for De. So let’s get back to it!


The Rebel Alliance victory celebrations and peace time throughout the universe would be short lived. Like being in the earie calm of the eye of the storm, the peace and quiet enjoyed throughout the universe would come to a thunderous end when the Empire struck back. The Rebels sustained heavy losses when the Empire obliterated their newly established command base.


This forced the Rebel Alliance to run and find a new planet properly suited for a new command base. Also, this put Han, Leia, Chewie, and Luke, members of the Master Mind Alliance on the run. Through a vision inspiration, Master Jedi Obi Wan tells Luke to seek out Master Jedi Yoda for advanced Jedi training.


Equipped with his life purpose to become a Jedi Knight, a team, a pleasant personality, and initiative; Luke looks to convince Master Jedi Knight Yoda that he is worthy of his time, knowledge, and wisdom. This is something so many students fail to appreciate and take into consideration when presented with the opportunity to be educated and mentored.


Why is that? Could it be foolish pride mixed with a lethal dose of self-entitlement? How about severe insecurity combined with a mountain of ignorance? Whatever it is that inhibits an individual from appreciating the presence of a specialized individual who seeks only to educated and prepare one for a true shot at success in life, can be truly disheartening and mindboggling.


I find this type of treatment especially common among the world’s public educators who ironically tend to be amongst the higher levels of educated professionals, yet the lowest paid I’m just saying!


How do you treat your mentors, teachers, coaches, and parents? Do you appreciate, honor, respect, and listen to them? Or, do you administer one or all of The Triple D’s (disrespect, disgrace, and disappoint)?


After great consideration, Master Jedi Yoda accepts Skywalker under his tutelage and mentors him in the advance teaching of the Jedi. Even though he feels Luke lacks patients and harbors too much anger. Master Yoda gives Luke the opportunity and honor of being pushed to the very ends of his physical, mental, and spiritual thresholds with the purpose of becoming a member of the very elite Jedi Knights.


Interestingly enough, as Luke completes two thirds of his advance training; the two most powerful players of the Empire, Darth Vader and the emperor enacts a plan to capture young Skywalker and lure him to the dark side. The proponents of this plan utilize deception, deceit, leverage, and fear. Now, not to long ago no one was thinking about young Skywalker and there wasn’t anyone looking to recruit him; let alone the top two gangsters of the universe. What changed? Why now?


“You can’t teach a person anything; you can

only help him find it within himself.” Galileo


When one identifies and embraces their life purpose, they get direction, and direction leads to vision. That’s when a whole plethora of really good stuff starts to manifest from within as well as, all types of people and opportunities will be drawn to you as a result of the power and energy you are now putting out throughout the universe.


While change can be great and challenges are necessary; now that opportunity means work and change is hard! The process of change is a part of the process of becoming. Learn to manage your mind and your time!


There will always be people and things making plans to deter you from your goals; especially the activity and goals that lead to self-mastery, self-worth, and self-investment. The plans that the Empire had for the farm boy to be recruited over to the dark side was just one side of the coin. What was the other side?


They sought to do what others will seed to do to you someday; should you ever become a Seeker (seeker of the truth) and strive to embrace your purpose and share your gifts with the world.


In addition to the recruitment, they sought to prevent Skywalker from ever becoming a Jedi Knight. Who does this? Why would someone look to do such a horrific thing to someone? We will be discussing this further, later in the series.


For now that there will always be people and things making plans to deter you from your objectives and goals. The nature of that type of individual is to manipulate you for their benefit.




Chapter 5



Luke excels with leaps and bonds through his training. Master Yoda works hard to help Skywalker with his anger and lack of patience, stemming primarily from father issues. The fact that everything he thought to be true was actually a lie is causing all sorts of mental and emotional anguish for this young man.


In an effort to stave off the dark and dubious plot to turn young Skywalker, Master Yoda teaches him the important of accepting the truth about who and what his father is, and most importantly what he must be prepared to do, should he come face to face with him.


Master Yoda warns Luke not to draw from anger, aggression, and fear. These are the very powerful sources used by those on the dark side. The force of positivity, honor, valor, and moxie is the strength that flows through a Jedi Knight.


The path of wrong is a slippery slope; at first it is exciting and often fun. Then you start to move further down it and the lines of right and wrong really starts to blur, but you pay it little mind. Selfish desires to be feared, respected, excepted, and seen drives you further and faster down the path. That is moment the courtship of allure ends and the forces of darkness latches on to you like the curved teeth of a python.


You find yourself moving faster down the path than you can handle. What has happened? The clutches of darkness are pulling, while you are pushing. With so much momentum, you find yourself unable to stop even if you wanted to. In fact, instead of continuing to push forward, you start to pull backwards. But it is to no avail.


You find yourself in a tug of war and quickly realize you were never in control. The harder you fight and struggle to free yourself of its clutches, the deeper the vices of darkness locks into you. The longer you remain in its presence let alone connected to the sources of it, the more your mind, your body, and your soul becomes intoxicated by its many vices. What are some of the vices the dark side might use to lure you into its clutches? Are they mental, physical, or spiritual? Could the dark side use you to hurt yourself? How so?


I have always found it amazing how easily we throw caution to the wind and allow ourselves to be taken down a path that is guaranteed to lead to one’s demise, yet we always think that we are in control and that we know what is happening.

Until that awakening moment we realize we don’t. Unlike Skywalker in his awesome world of make believe, why does so many find themselves lured to the path of darkness? Furthermore, why do so many of us that find ourselves trapped on the path of darkness fail to ask for help? The answer to these question and many others start with this one question: Why Are You Here?


My job, the job of a teacher isn’t to try and change you. It is to help you identify and implement your purpose for being here. Through truth it all must start. Things like blame, jealousy, revenge, greed, envy, anger, and hatred are powerful motivators and drivers the mind must stay free of. They severally limit, distract, and imprison one’s total self; mind, body, and spirit. What can free one from such bounds? Is it money, cars, houses, and jewels? Maybe it is being popular, powerful, and well like by others?


Free the mind and the body will follow. They say it is always darkest before light. In order for one to find their way out of the depths of darkness when you can’t even tell if you are going forward or backward, up or down. One must embrace the calling of their life purpose. It is the compass of life. Where you can’t see it will lead you. When you are spiritually or emotionally lost it will guide you. To embrace one’s purpose is to free one’s mind from the prisons of limitations of fear, doubt, and anxiety.


Next Master Yoda set out to teach Luke one of my favorite lessons; I call it making the impossible possible. Others may know it as mind over matter. Here Luke learns how to move objects with his mind while undergoing extreme physical exhaustion.


Luke looks on with utter amazement as Master Yoda lifts his submerge space fighter from the depths of a mud and vein laden swamp that Luke thought to be impossible to do. While young Skywalker looked on with amazement, Master Yoda points out to Luke, that this is a very dangerous time for him.


As you progress in your development of your skills and abilities, you will find yourself tempted to go over to the dark side. In one ear and out the other, young Skywalker eager to master the art of moving and controlling things with his mind; Luke quickly steps up to make his attempt to rescue his fighter from the swap. That is until frustration and a few bouts of failure jumps on his hind pots.


They move onto his final lesson he would receive before his training would be interrupted. Luke must confront his mental and emotional fears and frustrations. Here he goes on a walkabout where he comes face to face with Vader in combat. He defeats Darth Vader with a lifesaver strike to Vader s face.



Standing over the fallen Vader, Luke looks down at what should have been the exposed face of Darth Vader, but it was not. To his surprise the face behind the mask was his. He stops pushing forward on his walkabout. Luke contemplates what this all means. His mentors help him to seek out the truth of who and what his father and his bloodline actually is. Rock to his core, Luke embraces the fact that former Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker is alive and not dead.


He is part man and part machine. The Jedi Knight once known as Anakin Skywalker, powers were so great that the Emperor lured him to the Dark Side. His mind twisted and evil; Anakin cease to exist as a Jedi Knight and became the Sith better known as Darth Vader. Luke s father is Darth Vader. As a result of Anakin’s terrible decision to go over to the Dark Side and be a servant of evil, instead of good both Luke and his twin sister were raised separately and in secret. Wow! It gets deeper! In addition to just discovering who his father really is. He is realizing that the only female member of the Master Mind Alliance is his sister. Yes, Princess Leia; the girl both he and Han was all googly eyed for is Luke s twin sister. Eww, gross! But wait there’s more!


Master Jedi Obi-wan informs Luke that his task is to keep from following in his father s footstep by being lured over to the Dark Side and to face and kill Darth Vader; his father. Wow! What would you do? Would you do what should be innately impossible and extinguish the life of either of the two it took to make you who you are?


How you react to such an outlandish task? Would you cry, shutdown, and pull back from everyone? Maybe, you would become angry and enraged? But who would you be made at your father, your mentors, and your uncle? Or, would be angry at your-self? Who would you blame for this impossible situation you are in?


Would you look to reconcile and build a relationship with you father? What about you sister? What would you do about her?


This is one of those moments in time where if a individuals emotions are allowed to overwhelm them and their perspective, their reality, their self-governed laws; they have developed, enacted, and committed to abide by must be in place.


Others may know these laws as the ethics, morals, and disciplines one commits to in an effort to maintain the proper mindset; necessary to grow and prosper in life. By thinking before doing, Luke has stumbled onto a new truth; you see changing your life in order to live a dream is hard.




He took the necessary steps to discover and embrace his dream. He surrounded himself with a team he could learn and grow from. He continues to train and work hard at becoming the best and highest form of himself. But what do you do when something rocks you to your core and you find yourself not sure if you can go on? Or, not sure if you can do what must be done?


A mentor and favorite speaker of mine said, “Ask for help; not because you are weak, but because you want to remain strong and don’t stop until you get it!” Les Brown


Pressure points of pain and the conjured up images of fear is how they will always seek to break you. That is why purpose is so incumbent of one that seeks the attainment of success. To know ones purpose is to make focused effort towards ones objective with initiative, imagination, enthusiasm, and discipline.


These are the prerequisites of success. Timeless disciplines such as these will serve you well to learn, embrace, and apply to your life! Clearly Skywalker did not know the answers to all that was being asked of him. What I admired about him in his moment of contemplation, he did not look to embrace indecisiveness.


He still had no idea of his true importance to the Force or the Empire for that matter; much like many of you have no idea of your importance to the world. How do I know? Because if you are not living your purpose, you don t know your value, and if you don t know your value, how can you possibly know your worth?


Ok, I’m getting ahead of myself. Right now, I’m trying to tell you a story. I will revisit this at the end. Luke searches his mind, his heart, and his spirit. He hears his mentors out. Then he made some decisions and took some actions. Skywalker refuses the order to kill Darth Vader. His perspective on destroying his father is a reality he will not participate in. Still he heads out to join in on the secret attack the Rebel Alliance launched in an effort to destroy the renovated Death Star.


He knows the Empire must be stopped and that he must face the Emperor and his father. What he doesn’t know is how: How is he’s going to defeat them without destroying his father. How is he going to prevent himself from being pulled over to the Dark Side of the force.


The entire Rebel Alliance, along with Skywalker and his group set about engaging their individual tasks of a mission to hit the Empire with an overwhelming attack of firepower simultaneously from inside and out.




But when all of the Rebel ships jumped out of hyperspace to commence their attack and Luke had successfully made it to the Emperor and Darth Vader, suddenly it was clear to everyone involved, the Empire had the upper hand. They countered the Rebels attack with their own surprise attack, as for Luke, this was the trap they had hatched to capture him all along.


The Emperor and Vader planned this well. Without a moments delay they go the work on Luke. Like a true puppet master, the Emperor sits on his thrown, pulling the strings and calling the plays. With the Rebels preoccupied, the Emperor gets about pitting his right hand commander Darth Vader and Skywalker against each other. But Skywalker strong with the Force resists the initial attacking advances made by Vader.


The farm boy goes on a full defensive, refusing to fight his father and even pleading with him to search his soul and embrace the good that still flows within him. Basking in what he perceived to be a total victory, his pride blinds him to the possible truth Luke speaks of when he tells his father there is still good in him and he can feel it.


Luke evades and attempts to hide within the Emperors chambers. Like Luke, Vader seeks to get inside of Luke’s head. Understand, this is the chess match of chess matches. They are fighting physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Vader tells Luke “Give yourself over to the Dark Side. You can’t hide forever. Luke it is the only way you can save your friends.” This is a lowdown dirty blow by Vader to appeal to Luke s guilty conscience, it does not bring him out from hiding, but it does cause him to break his concentration and momentarily shift his thoughts to the wellbeing of his team and betray his deepest of secrets to Vader.


He discovers by reading Luke’s thoughts that not only is Luke his son, but he also has a daughter, Luke s twin sister Princess Leia. Darth Vader moves to exploit Luke with his exposed secrets of his love for his friends and his sister.


Vader teases him about his thoughts betraying him. Then he goes in for Luke’s emotional jugular vein, by telling Luke if he won’t come over to the Dark Side, maybe they will just have to go over and seduce his beautiful sister, in some very persuasive ways to come over to their side.


Outside of Darth Vader, Luke’s loving father, Princess Leia is the only living family Luke has. Now what did he hope to gain by attacking that man’s family? Did he think it would break him down and start sobbing? Or maybe Vader wanted Luke to become consumed with blind rage; allowing the darkness to sink its fangs into Luke and infect him with all of that evil the Dark Side has to offer.


Whatever the strategy, I am sure the Emperor foresaw what was to come, but I seriously doubt Vader could have remotely imagined what would happen next.


Vader got the right one this time the moment he fixed his mouth to threaten Luke’s sister. Skywalker must have heard Michael Buffer the boxing announcer saying, Let’s get ready to rumble! When Vader started jaw jacking about what they was going to do to Leia.


Without warning, Luke opened a can of whoop tail on Vader’s hind parts as Skywalker gave Darth Vader the beat down of a lifetime, cherished father figure and esteemed Emperor cheered for Skywalker to finish his prodigy the feared Darth Vader. With Vader s life now in the balance, just moments from Luke delivering the final strike, Skywalker catches the inciting of the Emperor and stops fighting.


Recalling the teachings of Master Jedi Yoda, Skywalker recaptures his emotions and refuses to be the son that destroys his own father. Why wouldn’t Luke destroy his own father? I mean look at who his father is?


Darth Vader, second in command of the Empire, the right hand of the Emperor, and mentee to the most powerful Seth of Seth’s; this part machine, part human is a bad, bad man! Until recently Luke didn’t even know who his father really was, let alone that he was still alive. Wasn’t it Vader’s Stormtroopers that destroyed the man and women that raised young Luke as their own? Wouldn’t he have the right to end him? Why would Skywalker not destroy this man? What would you do and why?


Realizing the Dark Side of the Force had failed in seeking to recruit young Luke Skywalker, The Emperor unleased his personal powers of destruction on Luke right there in his chamber.


Skywalker, having just proven to himself that he can in fact control his emotions and see the truth in others that they cannot even see with in themselves has passed his final test of becoming a Jedi Knight. No longer able to fight back, Skywalker struggles to endure the death delivering pain, as he pleads for his father to save him.


Encompassed by his outrage of Skywalker turning down the offer to join them, the Emperor failed to sense Darth Vader contemplating his son say, there is still good in you, I can feel it and how after years of loyalty. Years of doing the Emperor’s bidding. All of the sacrifices and people he hurt and destroyed, just to please the Emperor, and like throwing away a used tissue; the Emperor rooted for his demise.



I want you to understand something about life. Most will go through life with the wrong outlooks and disciplines guiding them. Their perspectives and realities will not helping them to become the highest and best version of themselves.


It is paramount that you strive not to just go through life, but to grow through life. You must not be casual about how you approach life, for if you do; it is just a matter of time before you find yourself a casualty of life. There will be times in life that will be difficult to determine the good from the bad, right from wrong; and for that matter up from down. These are times you will find you have lost your way and that is ok. It is a natural occurring part in the cycles of life.


This is why life training, mentoring and personal growth is so incredibly important. Like with Skywalker the gifts you have inside you may be numerus, but without faith in something higher and greater than your wants and needs for self. You will find life to be filled with short lived gratifications and plenty of unfulfilling conquest with heaps of frustration on the side.


Those that ascribe to this nature, tend to be bored and troublesome. You know the type, drama follows them wherever they go.


It doesn’t matter how good they may have it. It is never enough! Their thirst to be liked, accepted, loved, respected, and maybe even feared becomes unquenchable. With time they become cold and bitter inside. Everyone could be playing, eating, and just having a good old time; then like a severe summer thunderstorm, they show up and instantly everything changes. A sense of disease befalls the festivities.




Chapter 6



How can one person bring such darkness? What is that all about? You’re not even afraid of them, yet you feel and are affected by their presents. Why? Look, in life where there is light, there is darkness, and where there is darkness, there is light. We won’t get too deep into this right now. Our focus is to help you become aware of the light that is in the darkness. To prove to you hope need never be lost. There is always a choice, no matter what the situation.


By teaching and showing you through tangible examples and scenarios how one can be lured down the path of darkness and to your surprise, should you ever look up and find yourself encompassed by it; you will have the tools, resources, and skills to get yourself out!


As we move forward with our tour of open forums and debate platform workshops; combined with the books from both The Process of Becoming series and The Root 4 De series, we intend to engage and impact these and many other challenges that are attempting to plague our Millennials with failure and not success.


So for now I will simply points out to you, there are good and bad, right and wrong sources of power we can all draw from. The idea is to make you aware of them all and encourage you to draw from the source they all draw from.


A source that is the highest, purest, and truest of them all; I’m telling you that when you are ready, you will find this source consistent and bottomless. Not only will you find this source unbelievably wonderful. You will discover that this source resides within you and it will reveal itself to you!

But, you must be ready at your highest and best self, and that starts with you becoming a Seeker. For those of you that don’t know about the level of Seeker, I invite you to read one of the other books of The Process of Becoming Purpose. It provides a vivid description of what, who, and why we all should seek to become one that seeks truth in all endeavors; thus, truth seekers or what we have termed Seeker for short.


So, continuing to build on the platform we have been working to establish. Now what is the mindset of a Seeker? What are the disciplines and principles one needs to venture down the path of becoming their best version?



To be effective on a venture of this magnitude, one must become open minded to all the various possibilities, outcomes, and circumstances that will unveil themselves. While you may start with little or no belief in yourself or your value to the world; you must at least have the inkling, the will to want to know why you are here.


Why, out of the 2 to 6 hundred million sperm cells released during conception, you were the one to prevail as the victor on this planet we call mother? The further down this path of exploration and development, the more the students why will grow, along with their levels of self-expectations.


As your understanding of what life is and what your roll in it can be, or more importantly, what you define your roll in life to be, your true gifts and talents will start to reveal themselves in ways you never would have imagined.


The effort you exert towards learning how best to give and share of your gifts, we believe will greatly impact the ideologies, views, and realities of your past and current perspectives.


So stoke the firer that burns within and get to work. Soon your firer will burn like an inferno!




Chapter 7



What action should you take first? Where do we go from here? What is it you need to know right now? Here is what I recommend you do: Nothing! Don’t move, close your mouth and open your ears. Are you listening? Yell out yes! Here is your mission: become a Seeker.


Why? A Seeker knows their self-worth, abilities, and skills are driven by their passion, guidance, and a deliberate, focused effort to take constant and consistent effort toward accomplishing the required objectives and goals necessary to become that highest and best version of themselves with the purpose of giving and sharing with others. Failure to commit this to memory recall and manifest this with in your lifetime ensures, not only will the world not know who you were. Sadly, nor will did you!


Now back to Skywalker and Vader. Have you ever found yourself in a perplexing predicament such as Darth Vader was in? He stood at the Emperors side like some kind of first class fool, I mean he must have felt like a high quality, special type of chump as he watched his suppose it father figure and mentor pit father against son with the hopes of the son destroying the father.


Not yielding the desired results, the Emperor switches up and commence to destroy the son. Wow, this is some really dark matter here, but for our purposes it gives a really great example of why most that are coerced, encouraged, or that chooses to venture down the path of darkness usually never make it back.


Have you ever heard the term all that glitters ain’t gold? The path of darkness is littered with all sorts of people, places, and things that glitter. Like seeing a mirage of an oasis in the desert, the path of darkness masterfully uses the people and things in and around to seduce us to and more importantly down its path. How so and why?


Through our want and need to have subsistence, security, love, fun, understanding, acceptance, acknowledgment, peace, and respect. These and emotional triggers like anger, fear, and despair combined with excitation will alter your behavior and modify your attitude quicker than most individuals could ever hope to effectively process and react to.




Ironically, wants, needs, and emotional triggers such as these are the highly effective tactical points master manipulators and their little minions, groups, and crews use to move you further and further down that path of darkness; while seducing you with heavy doses of charisma, deception, and influence.


The deeper you go into the darkness, the more the doing, thinking, and living a life of wrong becomes fair seeming. Like Darth Vader, you will become eager to willingly do the bidding and building of your manipulators dreams at the demise of your own; even if it means your freedom or your life!


According to Psych Central, Manipulation is a way to covertly influence someone with indirect, deceptive, or abusive tactics. Manipulation may seem benign, friendly or even flattering, as if the person has your highest concern in mind, but in reality it’s to achieve an ulterior motive.


Take a moment and recall all of the lowdown, unethical, and horrid deeds Vader had done in honor of the Empire and the Emperor. Vader committed grotesque acts of destruction, mayhem, and murder just to rise up through the ranks of the Empire and to impress his master manipulator, the Emperor.


What is trying to manipulate you? Could you be a manipulator being manipulated by of other manipulators? What will you sacrifice to become some little puppet on the strings of a master? Will it be your self- respect, pride, your freedom, and your life, self- worth, beliefs, or just your friends and family?


Over the years Vader had sacrificed his friends and family, his former name, his face and parts of his body to please and honor his new family and crew that in the end only loved and honored what he was able to do for them. In the blink of an eye the Empire and the Emperor was willing to sacrifice him for something or someone thought to be of better use or of a greater want.


What will your crew do for you? Will they keep you safe off the streets, out of prison, and free of murder? Will they help you to discover the truth of who you are and what you were born to do? Will they support your dreams and ambitions even if they are not along the same lines as theirs and are of no benefit to them personally?






What a price Vader had to pay! For what? To be liked? Respected? Feared? Accepted? To be acknowledged or just seen? Whatever the reason, the price is too high, for something individuals and organizations like this could never truly give. Things like love, honor, respect, valor, decency, truth, moxie, and backbone goes against the very core of what someone or something that supports the existence of organizations and individuals like the Empire and the Emperor would never truly stand for or represent.


Fortunately, Darth Vader remembered he was Anakin Walker, father of Luke Skywalker and a super talented young Jedi Knight. No matter how many crimes and atrocities he was accountable for committing or supporting; no father in the universe would stand by the side of a bigger fool and let that clown destroy their child.




Chapter 8



If you don’t learn anything else from me, know and remember, redemption is always possible. It is rarely easy, but always possible! Vader of clear mind and sound logic, made the highest sacrifice a Jedi Knight could ever make for humanity. He saved his son Luke, by sacrificing himself. Yeah baby! That is what fathers do! And that my friend is one few things worth dying for.


Do you even know what is worth dying for? What could possibly be worth the sacrifice of a human’s life? What is the true value of life is it priceless? This is why becoming a seeker of truth is so very important! This process of becoming ensures you will have the greatest number of possibilities and resources to have the right mindset about life and your roll and importance in it.


Remember Seekers make no excuses, we solve and dissolve problems. Life will deal you your fair share of ups and downs. Some of those downs may be you playing the fool, once you realize that is the case, it won’t feel very good, and that is ok. As long as you are willing to acknowledge, be accountable, and grow from these mistakes; and limit repeating them. You may consider yourself moving firmly in the right direction of this journey we call The Process of Becoming.


Once you see yourself start to really challenge and embrace the disciplines and principals we are teaching. Plan to slow down and really strive to answer those questions we have worked to provide for you; like the following: how can I use these principles, ideas, or problems to improve the quality of life for myself and others? How can I develop these habits of success? How do I make these principles and disciplines apart of mine and others behavior? So what is stopping you from starting your process of becoming the best version of you that you can be?


By stretching, developing, and pushing yourself to become better; you’ll start to see solutions and opportunities where others only see problems. Rather than being discourage and depressed from setbacks and failures, like a fighter in the ring slipping a punch, you’ll bounce back quickly and resiliently!






If my book on purpose didn’t encourage you to get started let this one on mindset be the one for you. Let today be your kick off of you becoming the best, highest version of yourself! Let this book be the one that starts your triumphant recovery or separation from all that limits, hurts, and hinders you from having and bringing true happiness and peace in yours and others lives. Let today be your metaphoric birthday of prosperity and success in life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!







Through truth it all must start. These next pages are going to stretch you and allow you to grow beyond your wildest imagination. Allow us to expand your thoughts. Please answer these statements and questions honestly. Use these quiet meditations and moments to help you stretch.

Welcome to the start of your new beginning. Welcome Seeker!


What has bought you here?


What of the past is influencing you right now?


Think of 5 things that if you were to accomplish them it would give you a great sense of fulfillment and self-respect. Write whatever they are down. They could be in your personal, professional life, your friendships, and your family.


Of those five things you were asked to write down which one of them would make your life better. Choose one of them and answer the following questions.


What is the worst thing that can happen if you try but do not achieve your goal?


What are you afraid of!?


Imagine the best outcome. Write it down in detail. How will your goal look? Will you be happy? What will you drive, wear, have?


When you pass away, how will you be remembered? Will you die a member of one or all of the Triple D’s (Disgrace, Disrespect, and Dishonor)?


How do you want to be remembered?


What contributions will you make to your family, your community, and the world?


Are you having a hard time picturing your vision due to your current challenges and circumstances? How would your vision look without these current circumstances?


What steps can you do to remove the challenges? Why haven’t you?


What of your skills, abilities, and resources will you contribute and share with the world?


With all that you will accomplish from this process of becoming, what will you develop or join that is bigger than you?




Letter From The Author



Well here we are, another great adventure is completed in the books of achievement. CONGRATULATIONS! Let this be the start of an ever-growing relationship and the first of many more adventures we take together on your journey through this intriguing thing we call life. DMD Group has adopted a whatever it takes mentality towards ensuring that today’s youth which are tomorrows leaders are equipped with the assets and mastery that is useful, practical, and profoundly effective in their total development as an individual.


I am De Angelo R. Moody A problem solver and a transformer of people overcome by anger and despair. Our point of focus is equipping youth with the transferable disciplines of success and cognitive skills of life.

Examples of our fun and preferred methods of delivery are: solution driven debates and open forum platforms used both with the interactive adventure workbook series Root 4 De, The Process of Becoming and Un-Broken. For the more conventional styled conservatives and those that may require more of a personable, quaint, or discrete setting of engagement; we offer workshops/ seminars, consultations, and custom keynotes.

We re not looking to reinventing the wheel here. We just want to ensure the proper foundation has been laid for the generations of game changers to come. We believe the Millennials in all of their specialness will birth what we ve termed the GCG (Game Changing Generation). Were we went wrong they are going to go right!

Educators, curriculum designers, organizations, and event planners please allow some time to share of your experiences, concerns, and solutions. It is my hope that you all will embrace both me and DMD Groups efforts to provide products and services beneficial to you in both your professional and personal endeavors.

Children that are looking forward to the future are not looking forward to jail.

Thank you in advanced for your time. It is truly an honor to be connected with so many great individuals.



De Angelo R. Moody

Author, Speaker and Game Changer




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