The Power of an Empty Mind: The Secret to Wealth and Success

The Power of an Empty Mind: The Secret to Wealth and Success

By: Enck Kanaj

Published by Archangel Ink

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The Emptiness

The Empty Mind Is The Secret To Wealth

The Pathless Way to Success

Characteristic of an Empty Mind

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[][][][][] Introduction

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The more deeply we investigate the structure of the universe, the more we discover the extent to which it consists of emptiness. The emptiness is not nothingness; rather, it is pure potentiality, the unborn or undifferentiated; it is infinite, unlimited, and boundless or limitless. This emptiness is that which can give birth to an infinite number of other universes. In a similar way, an empty mind is the source of infinite, unlimited, boundless or limitless potential, which can give birth to endless ideas and pathways toward wealth and success. Whoever can access the wisdom and power of an empty mind will achieve limitless abundance.

The nature of an empty mind is a reflection of the very nature of the deepest level of the universe.

[][][][][][][][][][] The Emptiness

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As mentioned, the concept of cultivating an empty mind is simply a reflection of the very nature of the deepest levels of the universe. There are many questions regarding the origin of the universe among scientific circles. Considering the claims of some prominent theoretical physicists that the universe could have been created from nothing, some questions arise:

What is the true nature of the universe? Is it emptiness or fullness?

What if the essence of the mind is nothing at all or pure emptiness, like the nature of universe, as proclaimed in ancient times?

What if the universe that we see is only one expression of the infinite possible expressions that emptiness can produce?

What if our essence and identity are just expressions of emptiness? All of these unanswered questions lead us to step into the power of emptiness.

The emptiness is not nothingness; rather, it is pure potentiality or the unborn and undifferentiated, the sources of the infinite forms of all of the creative dimensions of life. The emptiness is the unmanifested, which can be manifested in an infinite number of forms. The emptiness is formlessness, which can produce any form. This concept interests us at least in terms of the dimension of time, since our lives depend on that dimension. This means we have the power to create in the dimension of time, because beyond time, nothing is created but everything exists forever.

The more we ponder such questions and the more deeply we investigate matters at the very fundamental levels of the universe, the more we face the true nature of the universe, which is the emptiness or the unmanifested. Only an empty mind can uncover the very nature of the universe. This simply means allowing the unmanifested or free-thought mind to manifest from the formlessness into form.

Let us go back for a moment to ancient times and take a look at the concept of emptiness or nothingness. More concretely, let us examine the Taoist cosmology, which tells a story about the origin of the universe. In the beginning is wu chi, an undifferentiated unity or the undifferentiated formlessness. The wu chi is the emptiness. It is represented by an empty circle, and refers to the state of being unborn, before the differentiation into yin and yang, which together give rise to all things or to all of the phenomena of the manifested world we experience. Wu chi is the motionless aspect of Tao and is infinite, unlimited, and boundless. Wu chi should be distinguished from tai chi. Unlike wu chi, tai chi is the dynamic aspect of Tao. Tai chi is a cyclical and continual transformation of Yin and Yang into each other. This stage represents duality emerging out of the undifferentiated or unmanifested Tao. The manifested things we experience emerge from Yin-Yang duality. The Tao is wholeness, the natural and pathless way, as we will explain later.

Let us simplify matters a bit. The principle of Taoist cosmology is valid at the mental level, too, where we can manifest infinite ideas from the empty mind. The empty mind or the thought-free mind is a creative machine. It is the formless and unmanifested substance, which is the pure potentiality for creating any new idea. Just as infinite universes can be born from the emptiness, as physicists say, infinite ideas and thoughts can emerge from an empty mind. The nature of an empty mind is the same as the nature of the basic level of the universe, which is emptiness.

The greatest obstacle to cultivating an empty mind is the concepts-busy mind. When we are certain that something is true, we have already manifested our thoughts. Therefore, we must return to the unmanifested or to the emptiness in order to manifest new ideas. The polarity/dualism of yin-yang is the gate to the unmanifested. To open that gate and return to the emptiness, we must reconcile two opposing ideas or theories in order to access the empty mind, where we obtain new ideas.

Let us take an example from the deepest level of the universe, which is the subatomic level. The duality of the particle-wave nature of subatomic entities is a great example to understand the nature of an empty mind. In classical physics matter was believed to be purely of a particle nature or purely of a wave nature, but never both. Thus, according to classical physics, a subatomic particle such as an electron would be either a particle or wave but never of a dual nature. Particles and waves were thought to be of an opposite nature, let us say. But Heisenberg’s famous uncertainty principle indicated that both the position and momentum of a subatomic particle cannot be known simultaneously. Thus, in simplified terms, the subatomic particles behave as both particles and waves. The very nature of the universe at the subatomic level turns out to be of a dual nature, which is a particle-wave duality. Therefore, to deal with such incomprehensible phenomena of the universe at the basic subatomic level, a new field of physics emerged, called quantum physics. Many scientists who were pioneers of quantum physics found it necessary to revise the existing opposing ideas relating to the nature of subatomic particles. Wave-particle duality became a central concept of quantum mechanics. Furthermore, this duality addresses the inability of classical concepts like “particle” and “wave” to fully describe the behavior of subatomic entities. In quantum physics today, this paradox is considered to be a fundamental property of the Universe, although there are various alternative interpretations that seek to explain this paradoxical duality that we are unable to fully comprehend.

A major implication of the uncertainty principle and the dual nature of the behavior of quantum-scale objects is that the universe is not deterministic; it is probabilistic because we are unable to measure at time zero the starting value of the position (or the momentum). Quantum mechanics is so complicated that the great theoretical physicist Richard Feynman dared to say, “I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics.” His words express a deep truth emerging from the wisdom of an empty mind, because when it comes to quantum physics anyone should recognize that it is a mystery. The empty mind is the only way to deal with the paradoxes that have emerged through the exploration of quantum mechanics. An empty mind free of old concepts is able to cope with the mysteries. Whenever we encounter paradoxes, we need to empty our minds of old concepts and connect to the unmanifested to construct new ideas.

Based on personal philosophy and even religion, countless numbers of people, including many prominent physicists themselves, interpret this new field of physics according to their desires. We should understand, however, that interpretation is not necessarily truth.

Many scientists, including Albert Einstein, have proposed a variety of theories attempting to replace quantum mechanics by deterministic approaches that avoid probabilistic interpretations. “God does not play dice” Einstein said, because he believed that everything is deterministic. He assumed that there must be a deeper structure beneath quantum mechanics and asserted that there must be some hidden variables, and that the quantum theories might be completed when the hidden variables are found.

However, of the hundreds of alternative deterministic theories or “hidden variable” interpretations that have been proposed to replace the current probabilistic approach in quantum mechanics, not a single one has ever produced identical results to quantum mechanics for all test cases. This does not mean, however, that there is no possibility of a deterministic theory being developed in the future.

As of today, the probabilistic approach remains the most acceptable. Said another way, the core of reality is pure chance. Although I don’t like the probabilistic interpretation, I prefer to know the truth rather than to deceive myself. We must distinguish interpretation from the truth. Again, this does not mean that a theory of hidden variables or a deterministic theory will not be found in the future. It might or it might not. To say it is a potentiality emanates from the power and wisdom of an empty mind. Don’t worry, however, about chance in a subatomic universe, because our large-scale inhabited world is deterministic. It is this very discontinuity between the quantum-scale and macroscopic worlds that makes quantum mechanics incomprehensible. Many prominent physicists, such as Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Louis de Broglie, and Niels Bohr, among others, had the need to step into the power of an empty mind to deal with the mysteries they sought to explain. They had more questions than answers. They needed to connect to the power of an empty mind to explain the paradoxes they faced. They had to create new ideas and theories. Perhaps it is not mere chance that this branch of physics, which studies the emptiness that gives birth to endless universes and deals with deepest levels of our universe, requires an empty mind. To solve the problems of quantum physics and concretely explain the behavior of subatomic particles requires the wisdom of the empty mind. Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” The problems were not solvable on the thought-level of mind, instead requiring a deeper level of mind: emptiness of mind.

An empty mind is a mind that generates more questions than it answers. Usually, the less people know, the more they have the impression that they know everything. However, an empty mind is deeper than the thought-level mind and therefore, no matter how much one knows, the empty mind raises questions. The more questions the empty mind raises, the more can be learned. A true scientist is not one who is biased and certain about what he studies, as those who have stepped into the wisdom and power of empty mind find that it generates more questions than it answers and delves into the mysteries of the universe. By generating questions, the empty mind offers us the chance to discover things that “we don’t know that we don’t know.” The maxim that best describes the power of an empty mind is “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” Furthermore, the first philosopher, Socrates, said “I know one thing: that I know nothing.” He clearly understood the necessity of the power of an empty mind in philosophy.

Opposing ideas turn on the power of an empty mind. Just as yin-yang duality/polarity (tai chi or Tao in motion) emerges from wu chi (motionless/unmanifested Tao), two opposite ideas or thoughts can emerge from and return to the empty mind. In our example of quantum mechanics, wave-particle duality can be considered the tai chi of science. It was this paradox from the point of view of classical physics that produced this development in science, engaging the best scientists. Classical physics could not deal with the dual nature of subatomic particles emerging immediately from the wu chi (motionless/unmanifested Tao).

From a quantum physics point of view, this is no longer a paradox existing at the level of the emptiness of the universe. Instead, this paradox is considered a fundamental property of the universe.

Now, let’s take another interesting yet manageable experiment—take a blank piece of paper or card and write on one side of it, “The statement on the other side of this card is true” and on the other side write, “The statement on the other side of this card is false.” Then, consider the statement on one side as true/false (as you wish), go to the other side, and then return to the first statement, which will turn out to be false/true. In other words, it will turn out that the same statement on each side is both true and false. Through this experiment, the thought-level mind will turn off by leaving you with your empty mind. Now, your empty mind will manifest a variety of ideas that you might never have previously conceived of.

[]The Empty Mind Is The Secret To Wealth

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The empty mind is the source of creativity and new ideas. Ideas are very important in gaining wealth. Without new ideas, it is impossible to acquire sufficient wealth.

It is possible to have a job providing enough income to pay expenses and taxes, but it won’t be possible to build wealth at such a job, which forces you to spend the day in activities that don’t allow for the exploration of new opportunities. In most cases, employees are not able to earn any other income besides the salary paid. The only hope of overcoming such a situation is the power and wisdom of an empty mind, which is capable of producing an infinite variety of ideas from the field of emptiness or pure potentiality conforming to your specific situation.

The empty mind is on the same level as the basic subatomic level of the universe, which is probabilistic. The behavior of subatomic particles is probabilistic and unpredictable. That’s the way the ideas of an empty mind arrive and are being produced unpredictably.

Despite the chaos occurring on the microscopic level, there are orderly patterns in the inhabited world. That invisible disorder creates order. An extremely large number of microscopic elements behaving randomly within a system will result in order within the system on a large-scale. This means that your ideas will be produced randomly, but you will be able to put them in order in such a way as to be in tune and coherent with your living situation. In other words, the ideas arising randomly from within your empty mind will be arranged by your logical mind in such a way that they are directed toward your goal of attaining wealth, in order for the ideas to be in coherence with outside reality in your goal of gaining wealth.

How best to relate the empty mind with the physical brain? I introduced the parallelism between the empty mind and the subatomic level because I believe that the brain, a mystery to science, is a quantum machine. Therefore, only quantum approaches will be capable of uncovering the mysteries of the brain.

The secret of the brain is its ability to tolerate disorganization and to organize itself again in such a way that its new organization is in coherence with the outside world. In other words, the brain can be disintegrated, destroying its neural connections, and can then create new ones in such a way as to be coherent with the outside complex world.

Whenever you visualize yourself as wealthy, the brain enters into a state of “stress,” which is the state of disintegration, in order to connect to the emptiness to produce more ideas and then organize them in an effective way by being in tune with the outer reality or the complex system of society. A healthy brain can disorganize and organize successfully by creating and applying ideas that are fully coherent and in tune with the complex system of society or outside reality.

The more you connect to the empty mind, the more chance you will have to produce new fruitful ideas.

Our world is becoming increasingly complex. The population is growing and people need new ideas or creative approaches to increase their wealth. We need new ways to increase our wealth by helping each other in the context of a coherent and connected system, where the wealth of individuals is reflected in the overall wealth of society. I advise carefully aiming for wealth rather than money, because wealth is more than money. Money is an intangible concept. The empty mind first and foremost creates wealth or adds value to both you and society as a whole, while money can simply be transferred from others to you, such as when winning a lottery, without increasing your true wealth.

The most basic and useful technique for maintaining wealth is “copy paste.” Stated more clearly, this technique involves applying a variety of strategies learned from others, including famous businessmen, trainers, coaches, and so forth. However, if one wishes to increase wealth, the power of an empty mind is necessary to generate new ideas and add new approaches to what is being copied from others.

Most influential persons throughout history, especially scientists, businessmen, and famous people in other areas, have used the power of the empty mind.

How, you might ask, can we connect with the empty mind to gain wealth? The answer is by simply cultivating the imagination of wealth. Simply imagine yourself being wealthy and successful throughout the day and especially before going to sleep. Prior to sleep, the imagination of wealth and success is a very powerful charger of the empty mind, because when we sleep we become immersed in unmanifested substance (Tao in stillness), which is the source of the universe and all ideas. In the morning, you will have a variety of new ideas. The secret of an empty mind is to not force it. The empty mind provides the ideas by itself. You only need to imagine the end result of wealth; rationalizing how the desired goal of wealth will be achieved is not necessary or appropriate, because you cannot predict, forecast, or plan the path leading to the end result of wealth. The pathless way is the most efficient way to success. This pathless way depends on factors you cannot control. The pathless way must always be in coherence with wholeness or with outer reality. The pathless path is continuously defined in each moment depending on outer conditions, and cannot be predicted or forecast over a long period of time due to the unpredictable nature of outer reality.

[]The Pathless Way To Success

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As mentioned earlier, based on the ancient philosophy and cosmology of Taoism I have had the insight, as others who have translated these works might have had, that the Tao is wholeness, the natural way, and, most importantly, the pathless way. Be vigilant with regards to the term “pathless way.” Let us enhance our insight into the pathless way by understanding the principle of quantum coherence on living organisms.

The best concept in quantum theory for representing outer reality or society is the principle of quantum coherence as applied to the physics of organisms. In ordinary terms, coherence implies correlation or connectedness. Quantum coherent systems have neither space nor time separation. A “collapse” of one part of the system is transferred instantaneously to the other part.

Further, in a living organism, due to quantum coherence, every part of the system on a quantum level can have maximum freedom while remaining in tune with the whole. Due to connectedness, a small change in one part of the system will be reflected throughout the entire system.

Let us consider society as a living organism. We must be in tune with society as a whole. The means of communication are sophisticated, and one change anywhere in the world directly affects the rest of the world. Just like in a quantum coherent system, where the collapse of the wave function of one subatomic particle defines the fate of the other one as well, regardless of being light years apart, our path is being shaped and defined in relation to that of others and of that of the entire community in which we live. We have maximum freedom for choosing our path to the extent that we are in tune and coherent with the wholeness of society. In other words, our pathless way is the path that goes with the natural flow of the community in which we live. The pathless path is flexible because it follows the natural flow of events; it is effortless.

Thus, our freedom to choose our path is as great as the extent to which the principle of being in tune with the whole is not violated. Our path should be shaped to the degree that we desire it to, but this should be done by being in tune with the wholeness. As long as we are part of the system without which we cannot survive, then our absolute freedom to define a long and well-defined path is impossible. This is why it is called the pathless way to success. Your path to success cannot be forecasted or predicted, but the ultimate destination of success and wealth is guaranteed. With the principle of the pathless way, there will be infinite ways to success. The empty mind, rooted in the unmanifested Tao that produces unlimited and infinite ways, will produce an infinite number of mini paths in each present moment for every small step toward success and wealth. I believe that the pathless way is the building block of the motion of subatomic particles and is the basic way over the natural way. For instance, in the “double slit experiment” (if you don’t know what that is, I recommend reading about it on Wikipedia), the location of a subatomic particle is not defined until it is observed. The observation is performed using another particle, such as a photon or electron.

In the beginning of such an experiment, prior to the measurement itself, the subatomic particle (such as an electron) passes simultaneously through both slits; that is, the electron is pathless. We do not observe an electron in a certain position, but a potential electron is described with a wave-function. In other words, the electron does not have a path, but has a potential path or a pathless way. The act of measurements defines the path of the electron or determines which slit the electron passes through by collapsing the electron and its path. Thus, the potential electron collapses into a particle and its potential path collapses into the well-defined slit in order to be in tune with the system as a whole, which at the moment of measurement includes the measurement equipment. There are many interpretations with regards to whether it is the conscious observer or the measurement equipment that collapses the particle, but I am not going into any details regarding this question, because that is to become engaged with duality, and there are even different schools of thought among scientists themselves. My insight is simply that Tao is the wholeness and the way of Tao is the pathless way that is in tune with the wholeness.

In the same way, we have a potential path toward success but not a well-defined path. Why?

Because reality is infinite and extremely complex, with an infinite number of factors and actors all interrelated with each other creating a matrix. Reality changes rapidly, spontaneously, and unpredictably. Reality is extremely dynamic and very unpredictable. Often, a series of spontaneous changes is impossible to forecast. All of this unpredictability is due to the interconnections and interactions of multiple orders in the matrix of reality.

The interconnections take place even at the subatomic level, which may be the reason we live in a state of determinism in the large-scale world while the world at the subatomic level is probabilistic. Due to the interconnections described, the invisible disorder within the subatomic universe creates order in the inhabited world. I prefer to stay in the empty mind and appreciate the previously quoted bold statement of the great physicist Richard Feynman: “I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics.” The laws of physics change every few years. Nobody knows how invisible disorder creates order on the quantum level and the societal level, too, where many orderly patterns appear on a macro-scale, as studied by the science of statistics. Hardly any knowledge exists regarding the continuity of economics and finance. Knowing this is the wisdom of an empty mind.

In order to cope with the complexity of reality, our way to success is the pathless way, which is being reshaped in each and every present moment in such a way as to go with the flow of the wholeness.

For instance, suppose an individual has completed a university education to become a lawyer, but encounters the opportunity to open a business capable of creating wealth for him or her and society as a whole. Suppose this opportunity has nothing to do with being a lawyer. The individual will have to abandon the path of becoming a lawyer, because by opening the other business, whatever it might be, will add more wealth to the wholeness of society or the community.

[]Characteristics of an Empty Mind

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The empty mind often produces raw material and unrelated information relevant to one’s current situation. This raw material can be seemingly useless at the moment it arises, but may become very useful later. The ideas coming from the unmanifested substance may not apply to the current situation but may already be manifested in other parallel universes. We have to remember not to judge the ideas that arise, but to simply let the empty mind produce whenever it wants to. The seemingly unrelated and chaotic ideas will eventually produce an orderly pattern. This is because the empty mind is nonlinear with regards to the dimension of time.

Just as the chaotic and unpredictable behavior of subatomic entities brings order at the large-scale of the macroscopic world we live in every day, the random and chaotic ideas will find their place in the grand scheme; they, too, will fit into the puzzle.

Do not excessively attempt to conform to conventional established ideas and norms, because doing so may destroy the manifestation process of the empty mind. Ultimately, conventional ideas and norms can be seen as the long-ago product of another empty mind. Undoubtedly some logical regulation is needed in order to be in tune with the outside reality. If one reduces the level of the thought-level mind, however, more ideas will arise and more will be developed in the journey toward wealth and success. The empty mind by itself provides the necessary ideas and success, because it channels the wholeness due to the interconnected nature of the matrix of reality. One simply needs to refrain from blocking it.

Usually, students who utilize the empty mind to a greater extent, as long as they have not hardwired the existing theories in science, economics, business, and so forth, are more likely to display innovation and success. Only an empty mind is capable of coping with the fluidity of reality, which is unpredictable and requires new ideas. What one needs to do every day is simply to develop the imagination so as to remain focused on success and wealth, especially before going to sleep or to the unmanifested world. Then, in the morning, waking up will bring with it ideas supporting the journey toward success. This, applied with the principle of the pathless way, guarantees success.

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[]About the Author

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After being an engineer for 6 years and receiving many job offers in the field, my “real job” left me discontent and yearning for more, so I decided to seek the essential things in life—things that cannot be taken by death. It is my passion to devote myself to unbiased research of everything relating to the human experience, including: physics, metaphysics, spiritualism, materialism, psychology, ancient philosophy, religion and more. Consciousness is eternal, and I want to view it through as many dimensions and worldviews as possible.

One day I decided to share my ideas with the written word, and I’ve found that doing that made creativity explode within me! I think that by sharing our ideas and allowing creativity to express itself fully through us, we find our true bliss. It is the highest force of the Universe and gives birth to all phenomena. I have found that the best way to learn is by sharing and teaching others. It’s all about sharing what’s in our hearts and connecting with one another. I have discovered through my own experience and research of scientific literature, that the greatest ideas come from the creativity and spirit of simple people who dare to follow their dreams and intuition. We all have the freedom to share what we’ve discovered, and we empower others by doing so. With that said, I sincerely hope you enjoy the writings I share with you.

Enck Kanaj

The Power of an Empty Mind: The Secret to Wealth and Success

The more deeply we investigate the structure of the universe, the more we discover the extent to which it consists of emptiness. The emptiness is not nothingness; rather, it is pure potentiality, it is infinite, unlimited, and limitless. In a similar way, an empty mind is the source of infinite limitless potential, which can give birth to endless ideas and pathways toward wealth and success. Whoever can access the wisdom and power of an empty mind will achieve limitless abundance. The Power of an Empty Mind:The Secret to Wealth and Success is a reflection of the very nature of the deepest level of the universe. Download today and find your peace of mind! Take advantage of the Universe by considering the other related book Quantum Mystery by Enck Kanaj.

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The Power of an Empty Mind: The Secret to Wealth and Success The Power of an Empty Mind: The Secret to Wealth and Success