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The Perfect Dictator Manual

This book is a self-defence manual. Any other meanings found for this book are either false or secondary. Nowadays, humanity is experiencing a terrible fight between leaders and peoples by which the former want to get as much power as possible and the latter aim to liberty and prosperity. The battle for power and control fights using the same means (the differences are purely quantitative) both in a democratic and a dictatorial regime. The peoples’ manipulation is has been practiced since the creation of the state and in order to combat this state of facts I have started to write this work. I like to believe in my “megalomaniac” expectations that it will become as popular as The Red Booklet with quotations from Mao’s works, except for The Perfect Dictator Manual will be (possibly) bought and read by the individual’s free consent. I hope the lines between the covers of this “booklet” will be turned into a useful tool to protect freedom and will contribute to the non-proliferation of the mass manipulation techniques. Success is guaranteed if we are armed with the armour offered by The Perfect Dictator Manual and we can shout like Panait Istrati:”Come to another flame!” The one who believes even only for one second the ideas hidden in the previous pages would somehow come to meet the dictatorship aspirants’ dreams of glory is in a flagrant error. This book is and remains a self-defence manual at the hand of anybody who cherishes freedom.

  • ISBN: 9780463868201
  • Author: Ghetau Gh. Florin
  • Published: 2018-05-19 19:35:08
  • Words: 23993
The Perfect Dictator Manual The Perfect Dictator Manual