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The Naughty List




Gary R. Hess

From X-Mas in Shorts

Shakespir Edition

Copyright © 2016

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Gary’s first Christmas abroad was difficult. With no snow nor even cold weather, it was hard getting in the mood to celebrate. After sitting down in his PJs, he drank some hot chocolate and wrote this set of poetry as sweat dripped down his face and “Jingle Bells” played on his radio.

The Naughty List

Old St. Nick sat at his desk

drinking his milk and rum.

He pulled out his list

and moved down it with zest

to see what the boy had done

and plan for the Christmas to come.

He stroked his cottony-chin

and let out a big “Hurumph”

“The boy is at it again!

What shall I do with him?”

He sat at his desk

and contemplated this mess

of what the boy had done.

“Ah-hah! I know what I’ll do!”

He said with a bit of a glow.

“I’ll wrap him a box

full of nothing but charcoal!”

The days went by

until Christmas came near—

when Santa got on his sleigh

and called for his deer.

“Come Comet!

Come Cupid!

Come Dancer and Vixen!

Come Prancer!

Come Donder and come Blitzen!”

The reindeer came as fast as they could

to meet the great Santa

and deliver his joy.

The reindeer ran and leaped up high

to the point of invisible to the naked eye.

They zoomed and swooshed across the land

delivering toys to all the good girls and boys.

As the night went on

Santa’s sack became smaller

and at ten to midnight, the toys were gone.

Suddenly, the sack was reborn

and full of black timbers

for all the troubled little boys.

When Santa reached the house

of this particular boy,

it was different.

Not a tree.

Not a light

nor menorah

nor even a star!

The stairs were dark

and the den was messy.

No milk, no cookies, nor even a crumb.

Santa’s face sunk to his chest

The boy crept down the stairs

and hid behind the chest,

peeking only, while releasing a sigh.

Old St. Nick caught him

in the corner of his eye,

and down came the boy

with ruffled little hair

as Santa sat down

with a distressed stare.

“Dear Santa,” the boy said meekly.

“I’ve been bad this year.

You shouldn’t leave me your cheer.

My mommy and daddy fight so much,

it brings me to tears.

Save your presents

and send them your joy!”

Santa’s beard grew up to his eyes.

“Ho! Ho! Ho!

You’re a good little boy.

He stood up and got the boy’s “present”

from under the tree

and thought he needn’t charcoal this year

but parents full of glee.

He waved his hand

and let out a bellow:

“Ho! Ho! Ho!”

and vanished to his sleigh.

Morning came soon

and all through the house

decorations were gleaming

with stockings on the wall

and mistletoe above them all.

In the middle of the den

sat a fir, ten-feet tall

with stars and glitter

surely, the best of all.

The family awoke

and heard sleigh-bells ring.

The rushed downstairs

and found Santa’s things.

The boy looked around

and saw many toys,

but he still couldn’t feel any joy.

When his parent’s came near

he laughed and cheered.

For a moment he felt

Christmastide was here.

The parents sat together

and watched him play

with smiles on their faces

on this great Christmas day.



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Gary R. Hess


Gary R. Hess is a small town boy from rural Kansas. He grew up loving the countryside and *most* aspects of the state.

Today, Gary is writing poetry and loving every moment of it. He spends his free time in the outdoors and with animals.

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The Naughty List

  • ISBN: 9781370848218
  • Author: Bright Dreams Journal
  • Published: 2016-12-11 03:20:08
  • Words: 856
The Naughty List The Naughty List