The Motherboard


The Motherboard

A Short Story

2016 Copyright by Ash Bunsee

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The Motherboard

Ash Bunsee

The Motherboard

The coup de etat mounted by them, the evil Wolf people had failed miserably, twenty thousand or so of the Wolf people were made defeated by the great war between mankind and the evil Wolf people and what was left of their entire population of about 20 000 persons existed and comprised as a secret society fiercely loyal to their hidden shadow state and secret agenda.

The evil Wolf people made a hasty retreat deep into their seven thousand mile long catacomb that traversed the subterranean surface of the flat earth. For hundreds of thousands of years these catacombs has been the hideout for this secretive evil infested clan who were banished from the earthly heaven by the strong willed and righteous mankind reasons being of their secret worship of evil spiritual deities, idol worship of the penis, child molestation, human sacrifice, spirit cooking using human excreta and bodily organs together with their worship of their Demon God.


The evil Wolf people were of unsound mind and harboured a sworn hatred for the world as ordained by its Devine layout and function as per the plans and will of the supreme Creator. The Wolf people were the enemy of the world and its Devine life and hated the resonance of pure earthly love, living and Devine vibrancy in all is forms.

The Wolf people developed the doctrine of pure evil by creating the spoken “word” as a sole medium of communication. That evil “breath” The human exhalation that gives rise to the “word” and it is the “word” that gives rise to the various languages which in turn gave rise and carried forth the conflicting and complex traditions of man.

It is from these collections of “Words” that the wizards spin their grand illusion and caste forth the great net over humanity to hold them in their clutch of both mental and physical enslavement. If you think that you are free then my dear friend I ask of you to think again but only very very carefully this time around.

It is from these very languages, these languages that tend to act like a bird set free from captivity that spreads its wings and soars into the big blue sky and so too my friends from the “word” the illusion of the religions, sciences, arts and economics also soar, instead of soaring into the sky up yonder! It penetrates the physical body and soars in the heart minds and souls of virtually all of mankind. Silence is the mortal enemy of the spoken word.

The poisoned chalice of the Wolf people holding within their poisoned “words” of destruction as mankind attempts to quench its innate thirst for its lost knowledge from this chalice of doom. The chalice radiates a stream of words systematically poisoning their minds with fairy tales and lies, disguised as the absolute truth. As mankind indoctrinated with this great body of lies know no better except to walk in the avenue of these lies preying to the gods of religion, the gods of art, the gods of sciences, and of cause the gods of economics all of this is an act of vain superficiality because it is the just the false “word “of the Wolf people and nothing else for it hold no substance of any truth and its believe only resides in the mind of the beholder.

And in the hidden background the secret societies of the Wolf people practised sorcery and anti Devine activities including worship of the penis, anal sex, child molestation, spirit cooking, animal and human sacrifice, and they liberally but cruelly due to their psychotic nature used the religion arts, sciences and economics that lay firmly within the grip of their evil secret societies in order to spin vast nets of illusion just for their own fun and evil outcomes.

The Wolf people preoccupied themselves with the spinning of a web of dark energy, in their continuous but vain attempt to destroy the paradise and transhumanise mankind and their children.

The evil end game being to weaken the physical bodies of mankind and to eventually lock away all humans beings into great robotic like machines that would be under the firm control of them, the Wolf people.

It can be said that one may cure any disease! But never the evil and diseased mind of the Wolf people clan. These are the pathogens amongst the human race and form the bases of all scourges that straddle the earth.

The Wolf people cannot evolve into higher forms of beings. They are not welcomed into all the different higher spheres of the dimensions by Supreme Creator.

They remain on the earthly plane as thieves of pure energy and of various forms of the world’s resources that they have termed assets and wealth.

They have made a secret pact with their demon god to turn the Devine world of the great Creator upside down and away from the intended layout and functioning as ordained by the Creator of all things both past and present.

The Wolf people performed bestiality as a forerunner to genetic engineering and they particularly prized the wolf in order to sexually mate with it and acquire its cunning gene in order to harness the cunning gene of the Wolf into their people. But with this great sinful act many of the Wolf people acquired the features of the wolf which became incorporated into their humanoid form.

These sexual mating was done by design upon instructions by there spiritual leaders in order to achieve the master plan of their demon god which was to enslave mankind and the earth whilst using economics as a remote control as a nefarious means to accomplish this.

The false god of money was implanted into the psyche of mankind ensnaring them into the secret agenda of the Wolf people.

It was through this greed for money that Mankind had set them on course o destruction. Mankind slowly adopted the destructive agenda for the earth and it resources.

They had become a people that would medicate itself into complacency. They accepted the hex of the Wolf people. Whilst vast majority of their bodies had lively motion, it was the inner sanctums of their minds that had been regressed into a deep deep sleep. The majority of mankind had been artfully transformed into a population of low function sleep walkers or “Sleeple”

Cleanse your mind of propaganda and lies and loosen the grip that the Wolf people have on you and take a step back! And if you haven’t by now! If and when you do! You too will began to notice the strange peculiarities of the Wolf people as they try to blend in amongst us in order to execute their evil deeds drawn from their unholy secret agenda.

And when your mind has become settled, devoid of the evil grips of their material world! As you watch the world go by, I am sure if you haven’t already by now learned to spot “them” “them” the “wolf people” who disguise themselves as members of the various nationalities that has comprised the cultural world, these evil hypocrites intermingling with the good people of the earth.

A long time ago the secret society of the Wolf people had declared a secret war against the source of earthly life forms, “the Great Mother Earth” The hearts minds and souls of the Wolf people are filled with a non native desire for materialism and evil outcomes.

Whilst mankind accept and live amongst all earthly resources, but no not the Wolf people! By using their unholy concept of money, they preach and practise a strange kind of an inexplicable primitive culture of attaching a monetary value on all of the earth’s resources.

Mankind over time has slowly lowered their guard and now, eventually the vast majority of mankind has allowed themselves to become intoxicated by the ridiculous illusion of this false religion of money and wealth. We live in a mixed up world where everything has become equated to dollars and cents and money in all of its various forms!

Mankind behave like men gone mad, they tear up their very own paradise in exchange for nothing more than these worthless bits of this numbered symbol adorned paper of the beast called money.

It was the Wolf people who have slowly turned mankind into mad men and moulded them through the concept of money into second degree shadows of themselves, the “Wolf People”

Yes it is sadly with a combination of magic and money mankind have slowly evolved to become shadows of the Wolf people who in many instances delight in doing the bidding for there hidden enemies who are the Wolf people.

It is amazing how mankind even attempt through various false and cosmetic means attempt to make themselves look like their captors, the Wolf people!

The Wolf people have made sure that all advertisements for many of their destructive consumer products features the aquiline slender features of the their kind the “Wolf people”

There are many members of mankind that are resorting to any means possible, including cosmetic and cosmetic surgery in order to acquire the look and feature of the Wolf people and even beginning to talk, walk, live and act just like them the “Wolf people”

There seems to be nothing that mankind would not do in order to accumulate the false paper money which must surely rank as one of the most absurd and ridiculous tricks foistered by them the “Wolf people”

The beast of money all the while furthering the secret agenda of the Wolf people in both destroying earth and extracting her material resources for the pleasure of the Wolf people and their destructive hidden agenda.

In mankind’s quest for this thing called money, they equally absurdly dig great gorges and ridiculously using many tools including explosives in order to gouge out a series of shafts, mines, pits and tunnels, in their mad men like quest to extract natures gold, sliver, diamonds, oil, and other precious resources, just so that they could exchange these earthly resources with the Wolf people for their worthless pieces of paper-money.

I will tell you why all of this is the concept of fools and is so ridiculous…there is nothing…not even a single grain of sand that one can be taken out of this earth and conversely there is nothing not even a single grain of sand that can be put back into this earth! Earth has many magical traits of her very own and the one being is that it is unchangeable for in the long run everything will revert back to its original state as intended by its only master and creator… All that is …shall always be!

It can be arguerd that even the most barbaric deed or a heinous crime can be justified in many minds if one attaches the shallowest of reasons and a pleasant sounding name.

Mankind have shamelessly dulled their conscience with the fermented wine of the Wolf people all the while appeasing their consciences by convincing themselves that their worthless deeds and mad destruction of all that is pristine and beautiful was a necessity.

They have even given it a name; they call it “progress” and its reason? Why! Creating “wealth” and “jobs” of cause! In this self medicated hypnotic trance of mankind they have been made to forget a simple tenet – which is that all of natures really have no owner! And the food and water of nature is quite simply put, free for all to sustain and enjoy! And the sole purpose career and profession of all of mankind is to create from within and emanate unadulterated love and pure Devine energy whilst luxuriating in the beauty of unadulterated nature in all her beautiful forms.

If the supreme Creator intended for man to live in a mechanised concrete jungle then surely supreme Creator has unlimited power, intellect and magic and thus we would have been born into this vision and concept of a mad and poorly designed ghetto instead of the beautiful natural environment that we have inherited!

In reality this term of progress and civilisation in itself are words of ‘magic” and is no more than a slight of hand and the semantic of words, this is nothing more than a barbaric culture marching mankind into the slaughterhouse of damnation and oblivion.


The thirteen grand masters of the destroyers convened a great meeting in their secret church of that comprised their secret society. In order to devise a master plan to steal the heavenly paradise away from mankind and to turn it into a large “motherboard” under their control.

The Wolf people understood that military combat was out of the question as they were outnumbered by a million to one. A concise master plan was devised to steal the reality of earth by covering it with an invisible net of grand illusion! This grand illusion was to be codenamed “civilisation.”

What was this concept of civilisation to be? Civilisation was in fact designed to be complicated software devised by the Wolf people. This weaponized software was to be uploaded from their secret catacombs. The software Civilisation was designed to be many things and one of its functions was for it to be an “Earthly Parasite” feeding of the energies that resided within the heavenly earth, the animal population and its people.

Thirty of the most skilled destroyers wizards who were masters in the art of conjuring majic out of thin air where appointed to the team to developer and to build this great software called “Civilisation”

The implementation of the “Software Civilisation” would quietly steal earthly reality and replace the Devine reality with a dark illusion.

Once planted this illusion would become self perpetuating in the hearts and minds of mankind, in other words mankind would evolve to become their own worst enemy!

The Wolf people were mindful of this fact that mankind must never be alerted to this insidious act! Failing which mankind would seek out the Wolf people for annihilation.

The Wolf people were cursed entities but were skilled in the discipline of Raj Yoga and the secret art of shape shifting through a eugenics programme of its people interbreeding with natural shape shifting reptile’s species.

The software development team of the Wolf people feverishly went to work, working long hours in preparation for this insidious war upon mankind.

When they completed the software and written up the operators manual, which was to become to known as the as the “Word” ( All the earthly languages) disguised as the religion art, sciences and economies and which was to become known as the “The Dharma” in many religious circles or “new way” for mankind. The thirteen grand masters of the Wolf people had become pleased and excited by this fact.

The “thirteen” commanded that a huge ritual be held where thirty innocent children of mankind were kidnapped and sacrificed in appeasement to their demon god of the Wolf people.

The “thirteen” would remain below in their new subterranean parliament, each with a thousand helpers, forming the de facto government of their illusive world whilst they secretly controlled a similar puppet surface government for purposes of cosmetic window dressing in order to keep mankind pacified and fooled.


The head of the Wolf people lit a large candle, who than requested that each of their member place their right hand on the flame and swear a lifelong oath to his duty to their hidden secretive state and their subterranean one world government.

The leader of the insurgents first stepped fought in this momentous occasion for them and held his quivering hand over the flame and swore his allegiance to the demon god, his evil state and its government and soon after the rest formed a procession and followed suit.

When the last man had completed swearing the oath, they quickly assembled in rank and file and recited the secret manifesto of the Wolf people.

“We shall by deception cause mankind to believe that the truth is a far fetched lie and ridiculous lies perpetrated by us are the truth”

“We shall do war by deception”

“We shall hide the most important secrets of mankind like their origin, their real power, purpose and existence”

We shall hide through an elaborate hoax that the world is flat to be precise it is earth is a stationery sphere with a single flat disc like surface!” And as above so below for within her great belly below our catacombs, lies a complete solar system, fantastic life forms and vast oceans.

Then one of the “thirteen” chipped in and asked as if to reaffirm this important point! Why is that so? The team answered in unison! It is for reasons that the pseudo concept of science will never ever be able to explain why this miracle of a stationery earth does not fall into its bottomless abyss! It is just this one fact if allowed to get out into the open will cause mankind to realise the great supernatural magical powers of his creator and none, not a single thread of our ridiculous lies will ever be able to stand against this single powerful truly holy truth. This answer pleased the master and he smiled and told the Destroyer to continue.

“We must interbreed with the sons and daughters of the surface gods” in order to increase our population.

We shall be careful not use our gothic names like Arhheiller, Acropolous, Arkoncryptic and the like. We shall each assume common sounding family like names like Smith, Jones and John.

We are to cause division amongst them, tricking them to interbreed with certain chosen animals. This unholy deed shall give rise to various different species of mankind.

This shall be the greatest magical show on earth! And much to our secret delight! Thus each specie of man shall look different, we shall create different eating habits, food and different languages traditions, customs. And they shall think differently too. We are their masters! We shall be gods! We shall be their gods!

All of mankind shall become the slave race to the Wolf people!

But we shall sinisterly coral them under a single umbrella and give them a single name ‘mankind”

We must convince them with dark sarcasms that “all of mankind is the same’ created this way by their god whose deeds and plans for mankind shall comprised of the “word” and a very special string of these words shall comprise the holy word of their god made up of a few exotic languages that few of amongst mankind shall understand. “We shall then plant the idea of religion and give each of these tribes their very own god and believe system whilst sarcastically enshrining the fact that all men are born the same and are equal. Then on top of that we shall create a universal religion which shall act as credence of alternative choice! All the while our true religion of money that is the tool of the demon shall be hidden by the smokescreen of all these other religions and consumerism its consort or a sub religion of money.

We shall establish many commissions to enshrine this lie; digressions shall be punishable by death and severe penalty. This caused the grandmasters to break out in a chorus of evil laughter. ‘This neat trick ought to bewilder mankind for centuries to come” as we systematically place many of our trained experts on their worldly stage to explain to mankind the reason for their origin and existence, each and every experts of these theories wilfully conflicting with our other false oracles in this continuous circus of lies!

This of cause shall be much to their – bewilderment! – We shall use these inherent differences and – bewilderment – to pit one group against another group in a never ending battle in a vain attempt to reclaim their superiority amongst the races.

Religion shall battle against religion; the rich shall look down upon the downtrodden poor and think of new ways and means of exploiting this class of people. The so called smart people shall be encouraged to oppress the foolish. The brainwashed who are the so called civilised shall be trained to look down on the real people of the earth, those of the soil who shall be denigrated as the primitive people. Young against old, white against black, male against female one ideology against fact, and in general it shall be a fight for all forms of subjugate tyrannies disguised as human rights. Brother against brother father against son and son against father. . The woman shall remain in bondage whilst we tantalisingly taunt her with the grand notion of woman’s liberation whilst our great secret doctrine shall enslave her mind and cause her to liberate her body in other words to turn the woman into a “whore”

And hence we will destroy peace in the house of paradise. We shall impose the policy of divide and rule we shall divide them as one divides grains of sand from the small to the minute. Mankind shall be broken down into classes.


The majority resentful drone class will blame the administrative class for their low wages and downtrodden status in life whilst the well paid elite class shall masquerade as unbiased referees and peacemakers that are aloof from all of this petty belittling nonsense that appears to be a hallmark that typifies the lowly birth” of the former two classes!

Further we shall drive a wedge between their limitless telepathic communication between mankind and animal by removing the true wordless silent language of their Devine Creator. . “we shall give them our spoken word and language instead, our false language is so restricted that all of its words shall comprise but a single book called a dictionary henceforth mankind shall become gagged and all their thoughts and speeches shall thus become confined to the words as contained in this small word restricted book. Alas we shall tantalisingly tout them with the freedom and eloquence of speech but the dictionary shall imprison their minds. In other words they will think things that they cannot communicate! Effectively imprisoning the mind which imprisons their body without chains.


We shall give each of these tribes there very own language that will colonise their minds and their mouths. It is through this insidious manifesto that we shall cause an entire population with eyes wide open to see – but not to register this great illusion that we have spun.

Come the day when mankind see through our charade the vast majority of mankind shall remain silent not because of fear but because there will be no words to describe their realisation and although they will feel the great injustice within what good is anyone who cannot articulate and communicate what they know within freely through the sole medium of communication that we have afforded them! That which is the spoken word?

“We shall poison the air and gain control of their water and food through processing centres called food factories. Through control of these food factories and in conjunction with the sale of our cheaply numbered meals in our chain stores. Tainted it with great evil”

“We shall use the seventy, twenty nine, one rule which is in the indoctrination centres we shall build all over the place. It shall be through these propaganda factories called schools we shall dumb down seventy percent of the intelligent sons and daughters of mankind in the name of education so that these students shall be trained to function and work as drones whilst other indoctrination centres under the guise of more refined education centres shall train the twenty nine percent to act as administrators to the Software Civilisation and the one per cent shall be trained to act as control mechanisms within the Software Civilisation these so called one percent elites shall be answerable to a pervasive master that they suspect exists as evidenced by his draconian laws but none shall meet… ever!

“We shall build huge propaganda apparatus of television, radio and eventuality social media that shall hold mankind’s minds in suspended hypnotic state through the use of selective words effectively brainwashing them continuously day and night.

These apparatus shall repeat the subliminal message hidden in all forms of broadcasts and multimedia to man the majik words shall be “ be calm” “work, work, work” “ obey your master” I am an individual, “ I must conform ” “ I am intelligent… Only I know what’s best…” “I must assert my individualism “earth is bad heaven is good,” “heaven is above,” “I must fear god…” “Fear, fear, fear…” “Work, work, work …” “time exists time exists, time exists…” “Progress is good move faster, move faster, move faster …” “repeat I must be modern, I must be modern, I must be modern…” “When I move with time I am progressive, when I move with time I am progressive, when I move with time I am civilised, progressive…” I must not be a failure to the system… people hate failure… Civilisation is my friend…I shall be destroyed without the Civilisation …” “I must uphold patriotically fight those that threaten the existence of my civilisation and the Civilisation of my family.

“We by deception shall turn them from gods into an empty entity called Sleeple” “we shall turn them into zombies with eyes wide…

“we shall build physical models of a circuit motherboard called a mother city, the nick name for the mother of all cities shall be called the” Big Apple” whose real meaning is to be “forbidden” or “mystical” simply the Wolf people will remain hidden within this hidden concept. The “Big Apple” will function as the city of cities. From this central processing unit shall flow all policies, diktats, ideas, fashion and trends.


All other circuit boards also called cities shall be connected to the motherboard by air sea rail and road. All other smaller cities shall be beholden to the “Big apple” and engage in a game of perpetual catch up to this matrix of endless trends and false ideas.

These so called cities shall be built over the secret entrance to each catacomb, which shall make our entrance and exit into our secret parliament easier and unnoticed to prying eyes.

These cities shall empower the super computer that we shall by deception call the “modern world” “each of these structures in this cities shall function as a component to run the software Civilisation either as a chip, capacitor or as some other functioning component.

The blood of the earth shall be processed into tar and used to build the asphalt roads that act as connectors to these components codenamed “buildings/property” We shall conjure property to symbolise wealth and prestige and mankind shall clamour to invest and develop these properties ironically each and every property developed by them shall be one more component added to the expanding software of their enslavement.

Humans shall be Trans humanised as aggregators to each of these components. Each human shall be programmed in a particular function, the different human beings being, reproductive being professional being administrative being, drone being and elite being.

The enslaved mankind shall spend the quality of their valuable lives in these components as aggregators and only allowed to go to the revitalising mini component which they think fondly as their” home”

The loving adorable wife is in reality the functioning revitalising, reproductive aggregator who is also responsible in producing our newest updated version of slave aggregators.

“We shall tap into the harmonious energy of earth to supply power to these circuit board grid cities in the form of electricity and oil.

Daily we shall entrap all minds of the aggregators that we shall call teams because that what it is … its just one big game and we the Wolf people are in charge of this monolithic game.

We shall turn their lives into a fools joke dependant upon this complicated game that we secretly control from the depths of the catacombs.

We shall task each aggregator team from a hidden or known central command component and automatically they shall formulate and execute the task in the exact manner that they have been programmed to do by our educational indoctrination centres. The higher the level of formal education received by the aggregator the more indoctrinated he shall be most prancing amongst their kind with a pompous aloof aired of superiority.

The propeller for all of this shall be the non existent concept of time, fear and money. Everything shall be time based and for those that disregard time the punishment shall be swift and severe and money shall act as the proverbial carrot on the stick.

A huge ceremony was held at the mouth of the largest opening into the outside world. Bearing in mind that this occurred over one hundred thousand years before the rise of the Roman Empire.

The Wolf people used technology that was readily available and manufactured and released thirty unmanned black dome shaped solar powered perpetually flying vimanas into the atmosphere to continuously circle around the Software Civilisation, these aircraft were equipped with a built in converter that slowly sucked in pure air and changed it into a narcotic sleep like gas that was released into the atmosphere.

The launch of the vimana was the first salvo that had been fired by the Wolf people against mankind! Many of whom at this point where destined to become Sleeple zombies.


The Wolf people shape shifted to look like the people of the surface and quietly but quickly adapted the name and ways of man in order not to arise suspicion. They crawled out from the catacombs in the silence of the night mingle with the species of man.

The cloak and dagger invasion of earthly paradise had began unbeknown to mankind that their enslaved by invisible means had began.


At first the Wolf people kept to themselves and slowly continued their business in their efforts to slowly ensnare and entrap the sons and daughters of mankind into their giant software Civilisation.

They interbred with the mankind and when the new born arrived they shape shifted to their original form and confessed their agenda to their spouse, many spouses attempted to raise the alarm to their kind but were murdered in cold blood for attempting to do so.

Their off springs were secretly raised as a Wolf person and trained with a sworn allegiance to the secret doctrine of the secret society whilst falsely outwardly portraying obedience and love towards mankind.

Then by stealth in this manner and in thousands of years they had swelled their numbers large enough to make a difference in the grand scheme of things. They used this difference to create a faction and drive a wedge between the greater populations of mankind and caused a raging war between the sons and daughters of mankind.


Paradise was plunged into dark days, as the Software Civilisation was fine tuned

Mesopotamia, Babylon, the Iron Age Bronze Age silver oil age to the information age.

Through the thousands of years the aggregators were programmed to accept the different languages religions and traditions and those of mankind that dissented were simply murdered… and there were hundreds of millions murdered upholding the truth.


They began a war on the morality of mankind by introducing them to pornography to cause mankind to become a slave to sexual lust, wine woman and song. And all of this was in conjunction with a hot war of guns and live ammunition.


The hot war raged for many, many years and they wasted no time in gaining a stranglehold on mankind.

They removed and destroyed from areas that comprised the Software cities all of the one hundred thousand nutritious fruit and vegetables that was the source of mankind power and longevity in life. They replaced the more than are more than 50,000 edible plants in the world, with just 15 types of food that provide 90 percent of mans food energy intake.

Mainly hybrid rice, hybrid corn (maize), and genetically modified wheat make up two -thirds of this. Other food staples include hybrid millet and genetically modified sorghum; tubers such as potatoes, cassava, yams, and taro... These plants lacked powerful nutrition.

They covered the land with concrete surfaces and giant concrete components. The abundant food source that grew everywhere was destroyed and replaced by uniform neatly laid out farms whose control was placed in the hands of members of the secret society many of whom masqueraded as genteel landowners and farmers with armed with a secret mission to genetically modernise all food.

This lack of proper food slowly weakened the body of mankind. The era of disease and sickness that was unknown to mankind were heralded in.

When nutrition starved man asked for a new source of protein the Wolf people disguised as food experts introduced them to the evil and demonic ritual of slaughtering old friends and family! Meaning those creatures from the so called animal kingdom. Fish and dairy were also encouraged as fair game to be eaten by mankind. Even large swaths of the animal population were trained by the Wolf people under extreme torture to become carnivores’.

How can anyone thrive by eating something that is dead? This is an evil ritual no doubt disguised as nutritious food consumption. The situation went from worse to worst and from this point onwards nothing and nobody was sacred or safe.

Paradise sank into a murky pool of great evil practices. But amazingly many of mankind welcomed gleefully this sacrificial ritual killing of animals as a sign of modernisation and progress!

What the Wolf people hide from mankind was the fact that every time that they killed and ate an animal the Wolf people harvested the energy of the animal’s soul. Thus with this rampant killings, the basis of the carnivores’ culinary world was born, made fashionable by useful idiots with slick words, fancy hats and deft butchering skills in order to make the slaughterhouse ritual of life appear as nutritious entertainment.


Thousand years later the first internal combustion automobile was produced from an ancient book drawing. This was sold to mankind as a new invention. Mankind after years of eating hybrid vegetables and meat were losing their sense of reality and becoming easily swayed.

The automobile was not the machine of freedom as espoused by the masquerading Wolf people What the wizards of the Wolf people hid from them was the fact that this was the first step in a long line to eventually trap their bodies into a machine that was controlled by the Wolf people in other words this was the first step in a long line to achieve their goal of transhumanism of earths inhabitants.


Thousands of years later the offspring of the Wolf people stand as the elite class overseen by the old guards of mankind. This is the secret Holy Grail bloodline of the secret government that remains hidden. The software Civilisation is in a constant state of being fine tuned with updated versions


The Wolf people and their band of elites have taken control of the air and piped water source in the Software as they slowly poison mankind through this medium. The food of mankind slowly passes through these processing mechanisms as the food too is slowly poisoned by huge machines emanating radiation or poisonous additives that are incorporated into the food and sometimes it’s a combination of both.


The sublime voice through the mass media cruelly commands mankind effectively bombarding most daily emanating from every multi media device “progress is good progress is good progress is good…” “Move faster…

The tired and exhausted subjects of the Software Civilisation through the mass media are prodded on … “earn more money consume more, earn more money consume more, earn more money consume more…” “Failures are hated don’t be a failure, failures are hated don’t be a failure failures are hated don’t be a failure”


I stopped consuming processed foods and started drinking rain water in order to step out of the Software.


As the morning sunrise waited in the sky I could see the red blood shot like glow of the tail lights infuse into the pure morning mist. I could hear the roar from the engines of the herds of the metal beasts as they slowly worm their way travelling along the connectors. I looked at the connectors of tarmac as the aggregators steered their wheeled metal cages on the tarmac.

The illusion of design had been insidiously implanted into the minds of the aggregators and too many, some of these metal cages actually looked aesthetheicall pleasing, sleek and fancy to their jaundiced eye. But there is nothing that can digress one from the fact that these were purely metal demons dressed with the skin of a metal body and a bonnet that hid underneath a thirsty “black blood” guzzling demon, with fire in its belly whilst exhaling toxins into the pure atmosphere.

The weary bodies of the occupants soothed by the supple skin stolen from the cadavers of countless slaughtered animals to cover the interior of these elaborate cages served no real meaning in their daily adventures. Whilst the driver of these beasts snuggled against the supple hide and felt secure in this false environment, encapsulated in the gas guzzling poison emitting beast that wheeled them to their respective components on the giant board.


Unplugged from the software I swear that I heard the voice of my ancestors speak to me “come on back home!” “For unadulterated nature awaits your return dear child of nature”

I suddenly realised that in order for me to move forward in my life… I had to progress backwards, away from Civilisation…

The End

The Motherboard

  • Author: Ash Bunsee
  • Published: 2016-12-27 17:05:09
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The Motherboard The Motherboard