The Monster Hunter Diaries, Book 1: First Quest


The Monster Hunter Diaries, Book 1: First Quest

Copyright 2016 Mark Mulle

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Author’s Note

This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this “Minecraft Adventure Series” such as Steve, Endermen or Herobrine…etc are based on the Minecraft Game coming from Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch







Table of Contents

Day One: Proper Introductions

Day Two: My Plan of Action

Day Three: Help from Some Friends

Day Four: The Team

Day Five: The First Meeting

Day Six: Practice

Day Seven: The Last Meeting

Day Eight: Practice Makes Perfect

Day Nine: Too Slow

Day Ten: A Divided Team

Day Eleven: The End

Day Twelve: Back on Track

Day Thirteen: The Nether

Day Fourteen: Creepy Creatures

Day Fifteen: Wither Skeletons

Day Sixteen: The Blaze

Day Seventeen: Bait

Day Eighteen: Ghast Busters

Day Nineteen: Putting the Plan into Action

Day Twenty: Helping Fontaine

Day Twenty-One: Another Portal

Day Twenty-Two: Looking for Emily

Day Twenty-Three: The Endermen Discussion

Day Twenty-Four: The Fight

Day Twenty-Five: A Plan for the Ender dragon

Day Twenty-Six: Fighting the Ender dragon

Day Twenty-Seven: Going Home

Day Twenty-Eight: Finishing the Catalog

Day Twenty-Nine: Herobrine

Day Thirty: My Next Adventure

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Day One: Proper Introductions

Dear Diary,

My name is Dean. I’m just your average human, but I’ve got enough curiosity for at least three people. My parents are pretty boring; it seems like they never let me do anything fun. I never had that many toys and even if I did I wouldn’t play with them anymore. I like to think that I’m too old for toys now. It’s the summer right now, and I’ve just finished middle school. I’ll be starting high school in the fall and turning 14 a little after that. So far, I’ve been pretty disappointed with how I’ve been living my teenage life. I thought that once you turned 13 and you were officially a teenager, you would start going on all sorts of adventures, but I’ve been stuck at home all school-year.

Besides just doing something exciting for once in my life, I want to leave home so that I can see what’s out there in the world. Even though I didn’t have a lot of toys when I was a little kid, I did have a lot of books. All of my books told crazy stories of heroes and villains, monsters or hostile mobs, and crazy adventures. Out of all of these stories, I always loved the ones with ghosts and other creepy monsters or mobs as other call them. I like these ones so much because I know that hostile mobs are real, even if I can’t be sure that ghosts are.

Ever since I can remember, I have always believed that monsters are out there, but I’ve been so sheltered that I’ve never actually seen anything more hardcore than a Creeper. My parents are even so afraid of them that they don’t let me outside when they’re around. My parents are afraid that one day I’ll just get blown up. I tried to explain that Creepers aren’t actually that dangerous compared to other hostile mobs, but that just made them worry that even worse monsters were out to get me and my family.

I don’t want to be afraid like my parents. I want to get out and make a difference, or at least, make up my mind for myself. I need to grow up before I start high school, and getting out is just how I’ll do that.

Day Two: My Plan of Action

Dear Diary,

I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and I know that I have limited time before summer vacation is over and I need to go back to sitting around in a stuffy classroom all day, and I’ve decided that if I’m going to get out and find out everything I can about hostile mobs from personal experience, then I need to do it quickly.

There’s nothing worse than being inside all summer away from all of the other kids and away from crazy experiences. I decided to start working on my plan today. I know that I would need to have a concrete plan of action for my parents to let me out of the house.

I decided to look up facts about being a mob investigator/hunter. I took a trip to the library to get all of the information that I could. I guess that my small village had its fair share of mob investigators/hunters over the years, but none of them really ended up anywhere good. Most of them came back to the village with an arm missing, and some of them never came back at all. I never thought that investigating monsters would be so difficult. I never really figured it out until now, but mob investigating comes with a lot of monster hunting. I’m just not sure that I’ll be strong enough to face so many different kinds of monsters on my own.

I know that someone needs to look into the paranormal, even if it is dangerous as can be. That’s why I want to get out of this two-star town. I want to find out what’s really out there. I want to see all of the monsters, and I want to find out if ghosts are real or not. I want my name to go down in history. I want to be Dean, the mob/monster/paranormal investigator. Big title I know but that’s what I want.

Day Three: Help from Some Friends

Dear Diary,

I want more than anything to get out and see the world. I want to track down monsters from all over Overworld, the Nether, and anywhere else that I can travel. There’s just one big problem in my way of all of that—I don’t exactly have the skills to do everything on my own. I decided that I needed to organize an expert team of mob/monster/paranormal investigators. Ideally, everyone will have their own unique skill set that will compensate for what I don’t know how to do.

I have a few friends that might be interested in helping me out, but I’m not sure that they would be right for the job. My friends were cool, but they weren’t especially strong or interested in monsters enough to be of any help on my adventure. Besides, if I got new people in on this trip then I would probably make new friends.

I didn’t really know who I should ask to join me, so I decided to just ask everyone. I mean, I didn’t go door to door selling my idea, but I did cover just about everything in flyers. I wrote on the flyers, “Interested in monsters? Paranormal? Strong and smart? Want to see some action? If this describes you, then I’ve got just the job for you. Dean Santo is looking for experienced people who want to go on the adventure of a lifetime. The goal will be to explore and fight monsters along the way! Come to the town hall at noon tomorrow if you are interested!” I figured that what I wrote might have been a little wordy, but everyone would get the point.

Now I just need to hope that people actually show up tomorrow. I have no idea what I’ll do if they don’t. I guess I’ll just sit around, being bored all summer. I bet someone will come. I need at least one other person. Tonight I’m going to think good thoughts about people coming to my meeting, and hopefully that will help it to happen. Anyway, I’ll update you tomorrow on what happens. Good night, Diary.

Day Four: The Team

Dear Diary,

I showed up to the town hall a little bit before noon. I wanted to get there early so that I could see everyone coming in. I guess that I wasn’t early enough, though, because the hall was already crowded when I got there. I laid out some snacks on a table and went up to the front of the room. I had a great speech all planned out too.

“It’s nice to see such a good turnout today! As you all know, I’m looking for people who are willing to tag along on an adventure and help me beat monsters along the way. This is going to be some serious investigative work, so I only want serious people tagging along.”

The hall was quiet, which was weird because I half-expected applause after my great speech. “So, how much are you going to pay us?” A random voice called from the audience.

I hadn’t even thought about paying people, honestly. I wasn’t sure how to answer the question, other than “Uh…nothing?” Which was the wrong answer. Nearly everyone in the room left.

Once the room was cleared and the snack table was raided from everyone who left, I was only left with a handful of people in the room. I guess I found my dream team, even if they didn’t look all that professional.

There were two girls and one other guy in the mix. The guy was Fontaine. He looked like he was in high school. I asked him why he wanted to join the group, and he said that a Blaze once burnt down his house, and now he wanted revenge. This scared me a little bit, but I did need some muscle. One of the girls was Blair. She must have been the oldest one here. She told me that she was training to be a professional hunter for her job. She was okay with not getting paid, she just wanted the experience. The last girl was Emily. She had been in my class for years. She told me that she wanted to get over her fear of monsters. I asked her what else she had to offer, and she said she had a tough ocelot named Chunky who could help with the fighting.

I agreed to let everyone in the room, and Chunky the ocelot, join the crew. We’re going to have our first official meeting tomorrow! I’m so excited!

Day Five: The First Meeting

Dear Diary,

We had our first meeting at the town hall. I made sure to bring more snacks and set up some chairs in a circle for when everyone arrived. Today I wanted to talk about what we should do as a group. I knew that I wanted to find monsters and write all that I could about them, but I knew that I wasn’t in on this alone anymore. I had a team now, and I needed to have their input on it.

A few minutes later my new team walked into the room. I opened the meeting casually, telling everyone where the snacks were and then I went on to ask where everyone thought we should go. I didn’t really know where to go, but I knew that I wanted to go somewhere, so I decided to leave it up to the team. “I think we should go to the Nether,” Fontaine said. “I know that Blazes live down there, and I bet a lot of other no good monsters live there too. We would be able to slay—I mean investigate—a whole lot of monsters in no time flat.”

“I agree,” Blair said, “but not for the same reasons. Fontaine is right, there are a lot of monsters down there, and it would give me a lot of practice fighting. The mobs down there are more dangerous than some of the stuff we see here in Overworld. I’m not sure if the rest of you are ready to take it.”

“I think the Nether is a great place to start!” I nearly yelled. Going to the Nether sounded like the adventure of a lifetime. I didn’t exactly know what kinds of monsters lived down there, but I’m sure there was enough to keep me busy.

“I think you would really like the Nether. I know that there are Ghasts there, and that’s pretty much the same thing as a ghost,” Emily said shyly. “I’m just not sure if I’m ready to fight something that tough yet. I think we need to practice fighting some weaker stuff before we go somewhere as dangerous as the Nether.” Chunky growled in agreement.

“She has a point,” Blair said. “Practice would be good for all of us. What do you think, Dean?”

“I think you’re right,” I agreed. “We can practice tomorrow. Same place, same time?”

“Sure thing, boss,” Fontaine replied before leaving with a cookie in his mouth. The rest of the team left shortly afterward. I couldn’t get Fontaine’s last word out of my mind, “boss.” I was the leader of this team. I had never felt so responsible, nervous, and proud all at the same time before now. It’s a weird feeling, but I’m sure that I can get used to it.

Day Six: Practice

Dear Diary,

Fontaine called up the team early this morning. He told us to forget going to the town hall for our meeting. He said he had a surprise waiting for us in the open field outside of the village gates. I was a little nervous to go. Fontaine kind of seemed like a sketchy character, I wasn’t sure whether or not I could trust him yet. The rest of the team was going, though, so I had to since I was their leader.

We met at the gates that led to the outside of the village. By looking at the other members of my team, I could tell that I wasn’t the only nervous one. Both Emily and Chunky looked a little freaked out too. “So…what’s going on?” I asked Fontaine. I’m sure that we were all thinking of the same question.

“Well, you guys said that you wanted to practice fighting some weak monsters before we went to the Nether. Well, I just happened to find some for us this morning right before I called all of you. I figured we could practice on these.”

“What did you find?” Blair asked.

“Some weak Creepers. I think they’re injured. Anyway, I figured this would be good practice for dealing with all of the fire in the Nether. One wrong move and these things will blast you. So, are you guys ready?” There was a murmur of nervous yes’s in the rest of the group. “Great, let’s go!”

We stepped past the gate and that’s when we saw the Creepers. They were bigger than I would have expected. Fontaine tossed each one of us a weapon. I had a sword. First, Fontaine and Blair ran towards the first Creeper and chopped it before it could explode on them. I decided to run to the second one and try the same thing. I hit it, but then it started to glow. I ran away. I thought I was going to get blown up just like my parents had always warned me about. Just then, Emily shot an arrow and hit the Creeper. It exploded just as I was out of range.

All in all, I would say that the experiment/training/whatever it was went well today. Tomorrow we are going to finalize our plans and pack for the trip. This is the start of something great. I can just feel it!

Day Seven: The Last Meeting

Dear Diary,

Today would be the team’s last meeting in the town hall. Tomorrow morning we are going to leave to start our journey. I can only imagine the thrills that it’s going to bring into all of our lives. Today we needed to talk about planning the thrills, though. It was kind of sad that were having our last meeting so quickly, but it was also good that after this, nothing would be boring again.

The opening question of our meeting was, “So, does anyone know how to get to the Nether?” I really should have researched this earlier, but I didn’t have much time. I guess I was just too caught up in being excited for the adventure.

“There’s a Nether Portal in a cave a few miles away. I found it by accident once when I was playing with some friends a few years ago,” Emily said.

“That’s perfect!” Blair almost yelled. This made Emily seem less nervous and prouder of her idea. “How long will it take to get there?”

“About a day or two if we walk,” Emily explained. “It’s still a lot faster than making our own portal.”

“She has a point,” Fontaine said. “I say we do it. Boss? What do you think?”

“I think it’s perfect.”

After the meeting, we all went to our own houses and started to pack for the trip. Blair would be covering the food. I would take care of the research books. Fontaine would bring the weapons, and Emily would bring anything else we could need. I guess that means we’re all set. I’m getting that feeling of being nervous and excited again. I hope this all plays out well.

Day Eight: Practice Makes Perfect

Dear Diary,

I have been avoiding telling my parents about leaving the village to hunt monsters. I figured that they would freak out, and I’m not about to stick around to find out. I know that it wasn’t the best thing I could do, but I decided to sneak out of the house before they woke up. I made sure to leave a note on the kitchen table, letting them know that I was going to be safe. I didn’t tell them exactly where I was going so that they couldn’t follow me, but I wanted to give them enough information to calm them down a little once they found out that I had left.

I met the team outside of the village gates as the sun started to rise. We started our walk in silence, too tired to talk this early in the morning. I guess every part of an adventure couldn’t be filled with thrills. Luckily or not, depending on how you look at it, a little excitement was thrown our way near the end of the day.

A horde of Creepers was in our path. There was no way to get past them without a fight. Fontaine passed out the weapons like we had done in our training. The only difference was, this time, we knew how to fight. Blair and Fontaine ran at the Creepers and took them out one by one. Emily and I stood back, shooting arrows at them from afar. As the Creepers exploded it reminded me of fireworks. It was gross but cool.

After the fight, we made a camp for the night and ate some dinner. Today had been a productive part of our trip. I wondered if every part of the trip would be this exciting. I sure hope it is, anyway.

Day Nine: Too Slow

Dear Diary,

Today the team and I continued our journey to the cave where the Nether portal was. I had never seen a Nether portal in real life before. I wonder if it would look as cool as it did in all of my books. This got me thinking about going to the Nether. I guess it just hadn’t really registered with me until now. I had only seen pictures of the Nether, but I didn’t really have any concrete ideas of what it would be like. I hope I am ready for it.

Emily said that she thought she could see the cave a little farther away. She started to run towards it, and the rest of us followed her. It was weird at first because she stopped way ahead of us for no reason. At least, for what seemed like no reason. When we got closer we could see that a huge Enderman was standing in her path. Emily didn’t look like she knew what she was doing. She had left her weapon with Fontaine, and now she had no way to defend herself. I had never seen her looking so scared in all of our lives.

The Enderman picked up Emily and she started to freak out. We ran towards her with weapons in hand, ready to fight the Enderman. We were too slow, though. The Enderman teleported with Emily still in his hands. Within a second, they were both gone, and we had no idea where they went. We had to save Emily, but we didn’t know how.

Day Ten: A Divided Team

Dear Diary,

I knew that I was supposed to be the one with book smarts, but even I couldn’t figure out where the Enderman would have taken Emily. I had seen them popping up in the village every once in a while when I was a kid, but I’m not sure where they actually lived, or if they lived anywhere for that matter. Even though we didn’t have a town hall to talk in, I knew that our team needed to have a group meeting.

We sat around on a picnic blanket and talked about what we should do. I was a little shocked to hear what some people—cough cough—Fontaine, had to say. “I think we should let her fight for herself. I mean, she got herself into this mess, so she should be the one to get herself out of it. After all, we had the plan to go to the Nether and fight some monsters, I don’t see why her leaving should have to change that.”

Blair and I both gave Fontaine a dirty look, but only Blair said something about it. “We can’t just leave her alone, Fontaine. We need to try and find her. I know that you’re only in this for some weird revenge thing, but the rest of us are in this to fight monsters for a cause. If you don’t want to be a part of this cause, then you don’t need to stay.”

“No, stay,” I said without thinking. “We need the rest of our team to stick together. I know that you want to go to the Nether, and I do too, but we need to save our friend.”

“Kid, do you even know where Endermen live? In The End. Do you know what’s there? The biggest monster out there, the Ender dragon. Even if we wanted to find her, we aren’t strong enough. That dragon would wipe us out,” Fontaine argued.

“I think we need more time to think about this,” Blair said. “We don’t even know that much about The End.”

“Blair’s right,” I agreed. “We need to do some more research before we decide what to do.” Fontaine grumbled but didn’t argue. “That’s settled then,” I said. We are going to bed in the cave tonight. The Nether portal is glowing up the cave, but I think I’ll still be able to fall asleep…

Day Eleven: The End

Dear Diary,

I thought everyone was going to think that I was a huge nerd for bringing a bunch of books on the trip, but it turns out that my teammates thought it was just about the coolest thing ever. At least, Blair thought it was pretty cool. Fontaine figured that he knew just about everything he needed to know about The End from his comic books. Blair and I knew that textbooks would be able to tell us a lot more on the topic. While Fontaine flipped through pictures, Blair and I did the real work.

At the end of our study session, we realized that Fontaine was right about some stuff, but he was pretty off on the rest of it. Endermen did spend a lot of their time in The End, but no one actually knows if they live there or not. Not a lot of research has been done on The End because it’s super creepy and weird. Fontaine was also right about there being an Ender dragon in The End. I thought that he might have been making it up to scare me, but the book said it was real. The book also said that the only way to get out of the End would be to beat the Ender dragon. I wasn’t sure if anyone in the group would be ready for that.

Even though I didn’t really want to agree with him, Fontaine seemed to have a point. We weren’t ready to go directly into The End to find and rescue Emily. We needed more practice fighting.

It’s late now. We’ve spent almost all day studying, and it’s time for bed. We will group up again tomorrow and make a real plan, and hopefully put it into action without another one of us getting kidnapped.

Day Twelve: Back on Track

Dear Diary,

I think that Blair is a little mad at Fontaine, not that I blame her. He does get annoying sometimes and I don’t know why he does it. I know that he wants revenge on a Blaze, but he just seems weird being in the group. I feel like he doesn’t think the same way that Blair and I do. Sometimes I think about kicking him out of the group because of his attitude, but I don’t tell anyone that. I know that we need him right now because earlier today we decided to go to the Nether, and now here we are. Let me backtrack for a minute, though.

Blair, Fontaine, and I had a meeting today. We had to figure out what to do about saving Emily. Fontaine wanted to go straight into the Nether and fight monsters and forget about Emily. Blair wanted to forget the Nether and save Emily. I wasn’t sure that we were strong enough to save Emily, but I still wanted to. In the end, we decided to go to the Nether to practice beating monsters so that we can be strong when we finally get around to saving Emily. Of course, I’ll catalog all of the monsters along the way. After all, I wouldn’t be much of a mob/monster/paranormal investigator if I didn’t take notes on my findings.

Once we made this plan, we walked through the Nether portal. Fontaine gave us all weapons in case something came at us right away. Luckily, nothing did. We’re going to stay near the portal tonight in case anything comes at us before we can make a real plan. I hope it works out as well as we thought it would. Diary, wish us luck; we need it.

Day Thirteen: The Nether

Dear Diary,

I know that I’ve read a lot of books, and I’ve looked at a lot of pictures, but I would never have thought that the Nether would look quite as vivid as it did when I was actually in it. The whole place looked like it was on fire. The small amounts of places that weren’t on fire looked pitch black because of all of the burns they had suffered from the lava flowing around freely on the ground. I hoped that I wouldn’t be stuck with the same fate.

Because everything was constantly burning, everything smelled really bad, like, worse than Fontaine. A lot of people use the expression “burning rubber” or “like something died in here” to express a bad smell, but with the Nether I’m pretty sure something literally died in here, and there was probably some actual burning rubber around too. I hope this stink doesn’t stay in my nose for the rest of my life.

I started to catalog everything I saw in the Nether. I jotted it all down in a separate notebook, but what I wrote earlier in this entry pretty much sums it up. I will continue cataloging everything I see. Tomorrow the team and I are going to make a plan of what to do while we’re down here. I know that we are going to fight something, but I never really thought about what we should fight. I hope that Blair has a good idea because I’m sure that Fontaine has a bad one. Diary, keep wishing us luck.

Day Fourteen: Creepy Creatures

Dear Diary,

We held our group meeting on a hidden ledge in the Nether today. It wasn’t quite as cozy as the seats in the town hall, but it would have to do for now. We were trying to stay out of sight from the monsters until we knew which ones we were going to go after. It was best that we find them before they found us. I asked the group what they thought we should do.

“Destroy a Blaze!” Fontaine yelled right away. I should have figured that he would say that.

“We need to be systematic about this; we need to make a proper plan,” Blair ignored Fontaine. “We should sort enemies into categories so that we can go after the weaker ones first and build our way up to the terrible ones. We can’t just do straight to a Blaze, those things are powerful.”

“I agree with Blair,” I said. “I’ve looked up some of the monsters that live down here and I think I know what order we should face them in.”

“Okay, Smarty Pants, what order should we fight them in?” Fontaine asked. I was starting to get sick of his attitude, but I did my best to ignore the snark in his tone.

“Well, I think a Wither Skeleton wouldn’t be that hard to fight, and then we can get that Blaze that you’re after, and then we can take out a Ghast if you guys are up for it.”

“That sounds like a pretty good plan,” Blair said. “It will give all of us a good chance at fighting, as well as a chance for you to catalog some tough monsters.”

“Whatever,” Fontaine sighed. “As long as I get to destroy my Blaze.”

“Then it’s settled!” I excitedly said. “We can start tomorrow!”

Day Fifteen: Wither Skeletons

Dear Diary,

We came across our first enemy today, the wither skeletons. As I already cataloged in my other notebook, Wither Skeletons aren’t all that different from normal skeletons. Well, I guess that there are a few differences that are worth mentioning. For one, Wither Skeletons are totally black. They can almost blend in with their surroundings in the Nether. In this way, they are more dangerous than normal skeletons because they are harder to see, which means that it’s easier for them to see you before you see them. Wither Skeletons don’t go to Overworld, at least not enough to record. I guess I have a lucky experience to get to see them now. Lastly, unlike normal skeletons, Wither Skeletons tend to like swords more than bows, which will make what I’m going to write next make way more sense than it would if I didn’t mention it.

So, since Fontaine is the most adventurous one in the group, he went out and found some Wither Skeletons to fight. There were four of them, one for each of us, even Chunky. Blair told us that Wither Skeletons were decent with a sword, so we would need to be extra crafty if we were going to be able to take them out. Blair jumped down from the ledge to fight first, with Chunky and Fontaine following shortly behind. I decided to climb down the ledge in a more careful way. By the time I got down the ledge, there was only one Wither Skeleton left, and it was looking right at me.

The Wither Skeleton raised his sword and I copied him. My teammates stood back, knowing that this was something that I had to do for myself. I ran towards the Wither Skeleton at full speed and it started walking towards me. Our swords raised high, we aimed for each other. The swords clanged. This was a lot scarier than I thought it would be. With every move I made, the skeleton matched me. I didn’t know a smart way to win, so I yelled “Look over there! There’s a diamond sword!” There wasn’t really a diamond sword, but the Wither Skeleton fell for the trick. I got it in a few swift hits. The Wither Skeleton disappeared. Dropping a few bones. I decided to take them for my study. I can analyze them when I get home. Until now, I’ll use it as a trophy.

Day Sixteen: The Blaze

Dear Diary,

Today was pretty messed up, but I’m going to try to explain it the best way that I can in here.

After destroying the Wither Skeletons yesterday, we had planned to beat a Blaze next. While Blair and I were nervous, Fontaine was acting a little too excited. All he had been talking about on this trip was wanting to beat a Blaze, and not that he had his chance he couldn’t shut up about it. Looking back, I should have figured that he would have taken things too far, but it was too late to change that now.

We left our campsite this morning to try to find a Blaze. A Blaze is a creature that pretty much only lives in the Nether. While a lot of Nether creatures only live here, there is something that sets the Blaze apart from all of these other creatures. The Blaze is especially suited to living in the Nether because it is made almost entirely of fire. It can gain strength from the heat around it, and there’s basically no water to harm it here. Of course, Fontaine made sure to bring enough water to fight it with.

We followed a burned path to try to find a Blaze. It didn’t take long to find one; the Nether is covered with them. Before we could stop him, Fontaine ran towards the Blaze with a bucket of water in his hands. He dumped the whole thing on the Blaze. Its flames started to fizzle out. I knew I had to do something. This Blaze didn’t deserve to die.

I ran over to Fontaine to take his bucket. The Blaze looked happy to be saved. “What do you want from me?” The Blaze huffed out. It’s voice sounded like smoke looks.

I decided to make up something on the spot. “We need to know where a Ghast is; we’re trying to hunt it.”

“I’m just trying to hunt you!” Fontaine yelled at the Blaze.

“There’s a Ghast about a mile from here. Just walk back the rock that looks like a Zombie Pigman and you’ll be able to find your way.”

“Thanks,” I replied to the Blaze.

Fontaine looked ready to strike again, but Blair came up behind him and stole his bucket. I had never seen him look so mad since the trip started. I thought he was going to fight Blair, but he knew that she was too strong for him. We walked in silence for the rest of the day, none of us really sure what to say. I guess it’s a good thing that I had this diary to put all of my thoughts it, I know Fontaine really doesn’t want to hear them right now.

Day Seventeen: Bait

Dear Diary,

The Blaze had told us where we could find Ghast yesterday, which meant that it was time to try and find one today. Fighting the Ghast would be our last challenge in the Nether. If we won the fight, then we’re going to go to The End to finally save Emily.

We followed the Blazes’ instructions to find the Ghast. Sure enough, there was a rock that was a spitting image of a Zombie Pigman. Once we passed the rock we didn’t really know where to go. We needed something to attract the Ghast’s attention. Fontaine made a sarcastic comment about how we should just act as bait. This actually gave me the great idea of using Chunky as bait. I knew the Ghast wouldn’t eat him, I did my research, but it should take an interest in him anyway.

We let Chunky walk in front of us so that the Ghast would see him before he saw us. Luckily, the plan seemed to be working.

Within moments, a Ghast appeared on the scene. We stood back, waiting for the Ghast to take the bait. Soon enough, the Ghast picked up Chunky and started petting him. I guess this Ghast must have been a cat-person. The Ghast started to take Chunky somewhere with him. We decided to follow.

What seemed like miles later, the Ghast finally went into a cave. We figured that this cave must have been kind of like its house. We decided to sleep in an empty cave across from its cave. If the Ghast left, we would know. Tomorrow we are going to make a proper plan to fight this thing. After all, a Ghast isn’t something that you can fight willy-nilly. You need a complete plan, or else instead of destroying a Ghast you might become a ghost.

Day Eighteen: Ghast Busters

Dear Diary,

Fontaine is still giving Blair and I the silent treatment for not letting him destroy the Blaze. It’s pretty annoying, but it’s not as annoying as when he was complaining about it, so I guess no talking is better than some talking. Blair and I are still talking, though. After all, someone needs to plan how to attack the Ghast.

I did some research on the Ghast, and I’ll put the main points here. Ghasts are the closest things to ghosts that we know about right now. No one really is sure if they are actually dead or not, but they’re probably alive since they can be slayed. A Ghast floats all of the time, it never walks. The only way to beat it is to use bows and arrows. Using a sword would be crazy because then the Ghast would be able to get too close to you. It’s a really bad idea to tick off a Ghast because it can also shoot fireballs. A few hits of that and you won’t be living to tell the tale.

Since I knew all of these facts and Blair knew all about fighting, we were able to think of a pretty good plan. We would find a way to lure the Ghast out of its cave so that it would be out in the open. Once we had it alone, we would spread out so that the Ghast wouldn’t know which one of us to fight first. We would all shoot arrows at it at the same time to get in as much damage as possible.

I felt a little bad about destroying a Ghast for practice, but I knew that we needed to. We would have to fight the Ender dragon in a similar way if we were going to save Emily, so it was better to practice on a Ghast than try to fight an Ender dragon without any practice at all.

I hope that Fontaine starts talking to us again tomorrow. At least, I hope he will fight with us again tomorrow. I know that we need all of the help we can get. Diary, I wish you could fight too. We need the help.

Day Nineteen: Putting the Plan into Action

Dear Diary,

Blair and I stayed up half the night yesterday trying to figure out how to beat the Ghast. I knew that I was super tired and that I wasn’t exactly in a perfect mood for fighting, but I also knew that if we wanted to save Chunky and Emily that we would need to act quickly, no matter how tired we got.

Since Fontaine was the only one of us that felt well-rested this morning (probably because he didn’t help with the plan at all last night) he would be in charge of making the distraction. He ran out in from of the entrance of the cave and made some loud noises. Within minutes, the Ghast came out of the cave with Chunky at its side. The Ghast saw Fontaine right away. I could see him charging up a fireball, so Blair and I shot it to distract it.

The arrows didn’t seem to bother the Ghast much, which was kind of annoying, but we still had a lot more to keep fighting it. The Ghast started floating towards Blair. I made sure to keep shooting it, but nothing seemed to work. Just then, Fontaine ran up behind the Ghast with a sword in hand. He kept hitting it with his sword. While it looked like Fontaine was making some damage on the creature, the Ghast also looked really ticked off.

The Ghast spun around and shot a fireball at Fontaine. He fell over. I shot one last arrow into the Ghast and it disappeared. Blair and I ran over to Fontaine to see if he was okay. This guy had definitely seen better days, but he wouldn’t see anymore if we didn’t get him out of here, and fast!

Day Twenty: Helping Fontaine

Dear Diary,

Blair and I did our best to help support Fontaine as we walked out of the Nether. It was hard to avoid all of the lava on the floor as we did it. I never thought that playing “The floor is lava!” as a kid would be able to prepare me for the real world.

We found a Nether portal, the same one that we used to come in, to exit the Nether. It was nice to see the sun again and to breathe in air that didn’t smell like someone’s digested lunch. However, I had more important things to worry about right now. We needed to get a healing potion for Fontaine, and we didn’t have much time to spare. Luckily, Blair knew a place where we could buy one.

We walked to the next village over. All the while, Fontaine was mumbling something that neither of us could understand. I almost thought that he was speaking in ocelot roars to Chunky, that’s how strange he sounded.

Anyway, we got to the village a little while later. Blair told me to wait outside with Fontaine while she went inside to buy the potion. She came out a little later, saying that she didn’t have enough money for the potion. Finally, Fontaine stood up. Rudely, he pushed me and Blair out of the way when he did it. He walked into the store on his own and come out looking perfectly healthy again.

“What happened?” I asked. Fontaine didn’t seem like the type of guy to have money on him during an adventure.

“When you destroyed that Ghast I snatched a tear that it dropped. Those things are pretty rare. I was going to keep it as a memento of the time I almost died, but I figured that it would be put to better use if I traded it for a healing potion.”

“So, how are you feeling?” I asked him.

“Better than you look,” he replied. With that rude comment, I knew that Fontaine was back to full health. Tomorrow we will start trying to find a way to get to The End. I just hope that this part of the journey is easier than the last.

Day Twenty-One: Another Portal

Dear Diary,

So, as it turns out, building a portal to The End is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I guess you need twelve eyes of Ender? I don’t even know where to get one. I asked the rest of the team if they knew where to get any, and they all just kind of shrugged. I had no idea what to do, but then Fontaine mentioned, “Why don’t we just go to a portal that someone already made?”

“Where are we going to find a completed The End portal around here?” Blair asked him.

“Well, one of the video games that I have at home is based on a real map of Overworld. The game also just so happened to have a stronghold on it that had a The End portal in it.”

“So, you’re basing everything you know off of a video game?” I asked him.

“I base everything I know off of TV, video games, and comics. If you have a problem with that, then you can search all of Overworld looking for a stronghold, or you can follow me because I already know where one is.”

As much as we didn’t want to follow Fontaine, we didn’t really have a choice. Blair and I didn’t know where a stronghold would be around here. We followed Fontaine for miles, but he eventually did find the stronghold that he told us about.

We walked inside to see it lit up by lava on the floor. Why did there seem to be lava everywhere I went? The portal was huge and took up most of the middle of the room. It looked like it was already activated and ready to use, but no one jumped into the portal.

“We need to make a plan,” Blair said.

“How about this for a plan: We go in, save Emily, fight some baddies, and get out before we die,” Fontaine suggested.

“Sounds good to me,” Blair and I said at the same time.

It’s official. Tomorrow we will enter The End. I just hope this doesn’t mean it’s the end for us.

Day Twenty-Two: Looking for Emily

Dear Diary,

We entered The End this morning. Even though the sun was shining in Overworld before we left, it was jet black in The End when we arrived only seconds later. For a few minutes, we couldn’t see a thing, but eventually, our eyes adjusted to the darkness. We didn’t have a torch to guide our way, so we had to hope for the best.

We didn’t have to walk for long before we could see Endermen popping in and out of The End. There was no doubt, plenty of Endermen were here. There was a pretty good chance that the Enderman who had taken Emily had brought her here. Now all we had to do was find her.

We tried to avoid the Endermen while we were walking. We had no idea what they would do to us or where they would take us if they caught us. I had forgotten to research Endermen before we started our journey, so the only things I knew about them I knew from pictures.

Endermen were tall and thin, completely black, and had glowing purples eyes that made them seem like they were looking right through you. It was best to avoid this creature at all costs. However, we had to approach one of them, but only because we saw Emily by its side.

Blair took out an arrow and shot the Enderman. It disappeared right away. Emily looked back to see who had shot the monster, to see us waiting there. She ran towards us and greeted me with a huge hug. I knew right away that she would have a story to tell us.

Day Twenty-Three: The Endermen Discussion

Dear Diary,

Emily didn’t look the same as when she first got kidnapped. She looked a lot more…hardcore. Emily wasn’t the same old scary-cat that she was when she first joined the team either. By the way, she talked about her time, in The End, she was tougher than all of us put together. She wasn’t the scared one in our group anymore, she was the brave one. At least now we had an actually scared cat to fill the role of the scaredy cat. In no way was Chunky happy to be here, but he looked a little less scared when Emily was petting him.

“We need to fight them, as many as we can,” Emily said, talking about the Endermen that was all around us. “If we don’t fight them before we take on the Ender dragon then we’ll have to fight loads of enemies at once.”

“I think we should listen to her,” Blair said, “Monsters may not like humans on an individual basis, but they are sure to cause even more damage when they are in a group.”

“Same,” Fontaine replied.

With this simple discussion, we decided to fight. Tomorrow, we start a war.

Day Twenty-Four: The Fight

Dear Diary,

It was early in the morning, but we were already prepared to fight. Although we usually plan, this fight was in the bag. We had worked so hard to find Emily, and we weren’t going to lose her, or any other one of us, to an Enderman ever again. It was time to fight them. Even though we weren’t fighting a Blaze, Fontaine was pumped that he was finally getting revenge on something.

“Pass out the weapons,” I told Fontaine, helping the team get ready for the fight of their lives.

Fontaine gave each of us a sword. “For this fight we are going to need to be up close and personal,” he said. “Are you guys ready for this?” Fontaine looked way too happy about this whole thing, but I guess we need a revenge-crazy man on our team when we’re about to fight who know’s how many Endermen at once. Either way, we all nodded to his statement. We were ready to fight, and nothing was going to slow us down now.

We ran into a place where the Endermen would be able to see us. With swords raised high, we made each one of them disappear, one at a time. In a few hours, most of them were gone because of us or teleported to get out of the way. No new Endermen were coming in. I guess the ones that had escaped had told their friends not to mess with us.

Tomorrow we will make a plan to fight the Ender dragon and to get out of here. Until then, we need to rest. Even writing in this diary is tiring me out…

Day Twenty-Five: A Plan for the Ender dragon

Dear Diary,

We had proven to each other that we were strong enough to fight something like the Ender dragon, and we knew a great strategy since we fought the Ghast. Now all we needed to do was make a concrete plan about how to fight the Ender dragon. Now that we had an extra member of the team, it would be easier than I had imagined. I would never have guessed that Emily would be so hardcore either, so that was definitely a bonus.

Since Emily had been in The End for so long, she had a pretty good idea of what went on here all of the time. She knew when the Ender dragon acted up and when it rested. It was best to attack the Ender dragon while it wasn’t expecting it, that way we would have an advantage against the Ender dragon.

We would be especially lucky today because we defeated all of the Endermen yesterday. No more Endermen seemed to want to come to The End, and the ones that did want to come knew better than to try to fight us. Fontaine suggested that we get the Endermen to fight for us, but Blair knew a lot about monsters, and she figured that they wouldn’t want to help us anyway.

Fontaine gave us the weapons. The rest of us all had bow and arrows, but Fontaine wanted to attack the Ender dragon with a sword.

We would try to defeat the Ender dragon tomorrow so that we could get out of here. I just hoped that we would be able to make it out in one piece.

Day Twenty-Six: Fighting the Ender dragon

Dear Diary,

I don’t feel ready to fight the Ender dragon, but I knew that it was either now or never. The longer we procrastinated on destroying the Enderdragon, the longer we would be trapped in The End. My team wanted to fight right away, but I wanted to catalog the Ender dragon before we beat it. It seemed only right; it wasn’t every day that a person could see an Ender dragon and lives to tell the tale.

The Ender dragon is bigger than any monster I’ve ever seen. It’s so beautiful, in a creepy way, that I don’t even know if it would be right to call it a monster. It seems more like a legend than anything else. The creature was almost entirely black. Its wings looked like they should belong to a bat instead of to an Ender dragon. It wasn’t spiked like I imaged it, but it was scaly. It basically looked like a cool big lizard with wings. Its eyes were glowing every time it opened them. I heard rumors that it could shoot lasers, but I guess I’d have to wait to find out.

I held onto my bow tightly before the battle. It would be my job to shoot out some weird things on the top of some columns. We ran into the area where the Ender dragon was. It was time to fight.

Blair and Emily ran out first. They started to shoot at the Ender dragon. This was my cue to run out and start shooting the things on top of the column. They were glowing a little bit so it was easy to see, but with all of the commotion around it was hard to stay focused. I aimed the best that I could and shot my first arrow…and missed. I aimed a second time…missed. A third time…hit! I moved to the next column and shot again. I kept doing this until I got all of them. With every hit, I got the Ender dragon seemed to get weaker. I wondered if these things were the source of its power. I would have to do more research on it later.

The Ender dragon started to fly lower, and now it was time for Fontaine and Chunky to attack. Chunky ran up to the Ender dragon and bit it right in the tail. The Ender dragon seemed to scream, but instead of a noise coming out, a laser did. Fontaine did his best to avoid it. He aimed for the creature’s heart and hit it with his sword.

With the fatal hit, the Ender dragon fell on the ground and disappeared. A hole appeared in the floor. Well, at first, I thought it was a hole, but it turned out to a portal to get out of here. Another thing that appeared was an Ender dragon egg. I kind of wanted to take it, but the rest of the group thought that it would be best to leave it here so that it couldn’t mess up Overworld. After thinking about it for a second, I agreed. We exited The End together. I wonder if I’ll ever come back.

Day Twenty-Seven: Going Home

Dear Diary,

Now that we were out of The End and I had cataloged everything that I could, the group decided that it was time to start heading home. I would miss adventuring with these guys, but I was pretty tired from all of the crazy stuff that we had been up to. While we were walking home we talked about the journey and what we thought would happen next.

“I’m going to continue my monster hunting training,” Blair said. “This was good training. If you can make me a copy of your catalog then I could turn it in to my trainer. With this much fighting I’ll probably get into an even better training program. At this rate, I’ll be able to fight whatever I want. Everyone’s going to want to hire someone who has fought an Ender dragon. After all, I’m not even sure that there’s anything stronger than an Ender dragon out there.”

“I still wish that you guys would have let me destroy that Blaze,” Fontaine complained. “I have to admit, though, fighting that Ender dragon and the other stuff in the Nether was pretty epic too. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.”

“What are you going to do?” I asked Emily. She hadn’t talked much since we found her in The End.

“I don’t know,” she said quietly. “I think I’ve had enough adventure for a little while. I might just go home and relax, try to enjoy the rest of my summer vacation, and do some normal teenager stuff. I did what I wanted to do. I mean, I didn’t want to get kidnapped by an Enderman, but I learned that I could kick its butt, so I’m not really scared of them anymore. What are you going to do when we get home, Dean?”

I hadn’t really thought about what I was going to do when I get home. “I don’t know,” I replied. “My parents will probably ground me for being gone for so long without warning them. Then, once I’m done with college they might let me out of the house again.”

The team laughed. It was nice to be with them again. I wondered when we would all be together again. When we got back to the village we took a huge group picture. It would give us something to remember the trip by, not that we would ever forget it.

Day Twenty-Eight: Finishing the Catalog

Dear Diary,

So, I was definitely right about my parents being mad at me for leaving without really giving them a warning. I mean, they showered me with an embarrassing amount of hugs when I got home because they had been so worried about me, but after they had gotten out a month’s worth of affection they promptly grounded me “until you think about what you’ve done,” as my dad put it.

I guess I’m a little bummed that I’m grounded, but I do have a lot to do with the adventure. I spent almost the whole day writing down everything that I saw on my journey. I guess it’s pretty much just another diary, but with more pictures and scientific details about the monsters instead of just saying, “it looked cool.”

The thing that I’m the most bummed about is that I didn’t actually do much paranormal investigating on my trip. Maybe looking at monsters count, but I want to find a ghost or something as well not just monsters. Maybe a Ghast was the same thing as a ghost, but if that was the case then we probably couldn’t have slayed it.

Tomorrow, if my parents will agree to let me out of the house, I think I’m going to go to the library. I want to see if there are any books on ghosts. If there is, then I might have another adventure to go on. If not…then who knows what I’m going to do next?

Day Twenty-Nine: Herobrine

Dear Diary,

Luckily, my parents did let me go to the library today, but they made me take them with me. It was pretty lame, but I guess I kind of deserved it after the stunt I pulled.

When I got to the library I ran straight for the section on the paranormal/monster. This was my favorite part of the library. It had all of the spooky and strange stuff that I could ever want. I looked along the rows of books until I found a section on ghosts. There were only a few books, but it was better than nothing.

I spent nearly all day looking for stuff about ghosts, but most of the books that I picked up were just stories or legends. There was some stuff on eyewitness news stories, but nothing that I could actually get concrete information from. I was about to quit my search when I saw a footnote at the end of a paragraph. Reading it, the note mentioned that someone claimed to see the ghost of a legendary human named Steve. The witness said that the ghost chased them around. It looked too real to be a ghost, so they gave it a new name: Herobrine. Sightings of the Herobrine were few and far between. There was just enough evidence of its existence that it gave me a new idea…

Day Thirty: My Next Adventure

Dear Diary,

I invited my friends over to my house today. I had some crazy news and I wanted to share it with them as soon as I could. I knew about the Herobrine, and now I wanted them to know about it too. If there was any monster or mystery more complex than the Ender dragon, then this was it.

When my friends showed up I told them everything I knew about the Herobrine. I mean, I didn’t know much about it yet, but I knew enough to tell them how cool I thought it was. I asked my friends if they thought it was interesting, and they thought it was. They just weren’t sure if it was actually real or not.

“Tell ya this,” Fontaine started, “if you can prove that this hero-whatever is real, then I’d gladly join on your next mission. It does sound pretty sick, and summer’s not even halfway over. I need some stuff to do. If this thing isn’t real, I don’t want to waste my time on it.”

“Even though he didn’t phrase it very nicely, Fontaine has a point,” Blair said, “I have a job to think about. I can’t run around chasing something that might not be real. If you can prove it’s real, then I would love to join you.”

I looked at Emily, “I agree with them,” Emily said. “The summer before high school is a big deal. I don’t want to waste it on something dumb.”

“Fine,” I said. “I guess I’ll just have to prove it to you then.” And that’s just what I’ll do next.

About the Author

Mark Mulle is a passionate Minecraft gamer who writes game guides, short stories, and novels about the Minecraft universe. He has been exploring, building, and fighting in the game ever since its launch, and he often uses in-game experiences for inspiration on creating the best fiction for fellow fans of the game. He works as a professional writer and splits his time between gaming, reading, and storytelling, three hobbies and lifelong passions that he attributes to a love of roleplaying, a pursuit of challenging new perspectives, and a visceral enjoyment the vast worlds that imagination has to offer. His favorite thing to do, after a long day of creating worlds both on and off the online gaming community, is to relax with his dog, Herobrine, and to unwind with a good book. His favorite authors include Stephen King, Richard A. Knaak, George R. R. Martin, and R. A. Salvatore, whose fantasy works he grew up reading or is currently reading. Just like in Minecraft, Mark always strives to level up, so to speak, so that he can improve his skills and continue to surprise his audience. He prefers to play massive multiplayer online games but often spends time in those games fighting monsters one on one and going solo against the toughest mobs and bosses he can manage to topple. In every game, his signature character build is a male who focuses mostly on crafting weapons and enchanting, and in every battle, he always brings a one hander sword and a shield with as much magical attributes as he can pour into them. Because he always plays alone, he likes to use his game guides to share all the secrets and knowledge he gains, and who know—he may have snuck some information into his fiction as well. Keep an eye out for his next book!



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GENRE: Children’s Adventure (An Unofficial Minecraft Book for Kids Ages 9 - 12 (Preteen) Dean has grown up knowing that there are dangerous, spooky, and mysterious mobs out there, but he never got the chance to get out of his small village to see them. Now that he’s thirteen, he can finally get out and do what he wants. He can’t look for dangerous mobs on his own, though. He’ll need some help from an expert crew...or a group of teenagers that also want to get out of the village. With the help of Blair, a monster hunter; Fontaine, a guy looking for revenge on mobs that hurt his family; Emily, a girl who wants to get over her fears; and Chunky, Emily's pet ocelot, Dean will be able to accomplish his goals. What is Dean’s goal exactly? He wants to fight some of the most dangerous mobs out there and find out the truth of the world. Are Ghasts really real? What makes a Blaze tick? What does it take to defeat an Enderman? Dean only really wants one thing--experience. He wants to be able to say that he’s done all of these great and exciting things, but he needs to get out and do it first. Will Dean be able to adventure and live to tell the tale? What will he need to risk to get what he wants? Find out in his diary The Diary of a Mob Hunter. Author’s Note: This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this "Minecraft Adventure Series" such as Steve, Endermen or Herobrine...etc are based on the Minecraft Game coming from Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch

  • Author: Mark Mulle
  • Published: 2016-02-15 01:40:11
  • Words: 11318
The Monster Hunter Diaries, Book 1: First Quest The Monster Hunter Diaries, Book 1: First Quest