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The Monster Doctor


By Dean Schechinger

Shakespir Revised Edition 2017

Original Copyright 2013 by Dean Schechinger

This book is licensed for your personal use. You may not copy, or reproduce it to give, or sell it to others. If you would like to give the book to someone else, please purchase a copy of this book for them at Shakespir.com.

This is a fictional story and any resemblance to people or places is coincidental.

This is how I became the monster doctor. A sea monster swallowed me while I was fishing.

A pirate ship with treasure was inside the sea monster. How did I escape? I started a small fire.

When the sea monster coughed, I escaped with the treasure.

The sea monster was so happy I ended his stomach ache, he let me sail away.

I used my new fortune to build a castle on a cliff overlooking the ocean.

One day a giant dragon crashed-landed on my lawn. She had a bellyache from eating too much armor knights wear.

I put her to sleep with medicine. Then, I pulled all the metal out of her stomach with big magnets.

She had cavities. She didn’t brush and floss after meals. So, I had her cavities drilled out and put gold from my treasure in her teeth.

Then, a Snot Monster came to see me. She was afraid of children.

“Did you eat something you weren’t supposed to?” ’I asked.

She said she only ate fruits and vegetables.

The X Ray showed me she’d eaten a scaredy cat. That’s why she was afraid of children.

I told her to swallow my dog. She chased the cat out of the snot monster and that was that.

Monster King, Mongo Bongo appeared. “Stop fixing my monsters. They don’t scare children anymore.”

“But, they need help.”

“Stop, or I’ll get you”, he said as he disappeared.

Well, Far Drop the Red Demon came to get me. “You look unhappy,” I said. “Have a milkshake and cheer up. After that, you can get me.”

He drank the milkshake and got a smile on his face.

Then, he blasted off. I never saw him again.

Next day, Bugsy the Enforcer showed up to get me.

“You’re moving awfully slow. Have some sugar water.

It’ll help you move faster.”

He opened his mouth and I poured sugar water mixed with quick drying cement down his throat.

Next day, Mongo Bongo appeared.

“Before you get me, let me take the poison that’s turning you green out of you.” I put a hose in his mouth and filled him with helium.

“Goodbye, Mongo Bongo.”

With Mongo Bongo gone, I went back to work.

“Okay everybody, take a number. I’ll call you when it’s your turn.”

The Monster Doctor

A man becomes a monster doctor after he cures a sea serpent. The Monster King demands that he stop curing monsters because they won't scare children at night anymore. He refuses so the Monster Kings sends his goons to get the Monster Doctor.

  • ISBN: 9781370554539
  • Author: Dean Schechinger
  • Published: 2017-09-01 23:20:15
  • Words: 460
The Monster Doctor The Monster Doctor