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The Meadow of my Dreams

Mankind was about to be offered an opportunity to realise the next age in their evolution. But before the offer can be made events force those hoping to make this offer to withdraw it. Human kind has set itself upon a course of certain destruction and war rages across the world. A single chance circumstance, the rescue, of one man, Petré, makes an initial contact that was never supposed to occur. This single act of mercy results in far reaching ramifications that threaten not only Petré and his rescuer, but also the separate peoples they represent. Petré suddenly finds himself living amongst an advanced race of beings that through their history show what man could become. Petré’s emotional stasis is tested to the limit as he discovers exactly what these beings represent, both individually and as a society. He finds love and hate, jealousy and admiration, confusion along with the answers to many questions of which he has many, but some of which he is afraid to ask. Overall he discovers a revelation, a way to save mankind from its own self-inflicted extinction. But others have their own agendas and see Petré as an opportunity to fulfil their own dark desires. He must pick his way through the minefield of truth and lies, any variation of which vie for his attention and all of which seek to promise the deliverance of his people. Should he believe, his heart or his head? The heart offers much, perhaps trust and true redemption, but the affairs of the heart work slowly, mankind is under a great threat and may not survive long enough to see it through. So perhaps his head would be a better path to follow at least he would see the promised results in his lifetime. Petré cannot hope to win through on his own. He must decide to either ally with those who offer advanced technology and science, an evolutionary short cut, to win the day; or to trust in those that offer something more than a short-term fix. The fate of mankind lies firmly in his decision. But whatever he decides will have far reaching effects, the results of which will surely form the catalyst that forces irreversible change upon all those involved. He may even herald events that may destroy them all.

  • ISBN: 9780463127841
  • Author: P R Glazier
  • Published: 2018-09-07 16:40:06
  • Words: 151963
The Meadow of my Dreams The Meadow of my Dreams